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Your Voltron head cannons give me life tbh

thanks bud here’s some more

  • lance, after getting a paper cut: “this is it…….. This Is How I End”
    • lance, after getting shot: “lol wild. so like…. can someone stick a bandaid on this or something”
  • whenever the paladins get a little too cocky allura’ll join them on the training deck for a few mins to remind them who’s alpha
  • *betrayed whisper* “space has changed you”
  • if shiro’s alone in the control room he’ll stand in the middle and quote the starship enterprise mission statement
  • *voltron does something right* “haha holy shit that actually worked?
  • keith is that friend that’s unsettlingly Down With Murder
    • not even in like an aggressive, bloodthirsty way but like
    • if you tell him you want someone dead, he’s like yeah okay, here’re some suggestions for weapons, here’s where you can drop off the evidence, and you could dump the body here, here, or here, if you need any more help just hit me up i can clear my schedule
  • “hunk can you fix pidge’s bad attitude” “hunk can you build lance a new personality”
  • coran’s solution to every problem is two dudes in a trench coat + big gun
  • pidge has one of those sound keyboards and is constantly playing sounds that have nothing to do with anything
    • *shiro walks into the room* *duck quack*
    • “guys dinner’s ready” *dramatic guitar strumming*
    • “pidge seriously can you stop-” *air horns*

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I remember Nina once said SE was like the notebook or that she wanted it to be like that and then I notice DE tried to do some thing like in the notebook like that rain kiss, dancing in the street with no music, fighting all the time and then making out but they did it all wrong and it just felt flat. Lol DE you tried (and fail)

Because DE actually aren’t a passionate relationship, they’re simply an exhausting one. The Notebook reminds me of this quote in a movie (a terrible movie that I really love) called The Mexican and it’s this:

“If two people love each other but, they just can’t seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?”


That is supposed to be DE but they don’t earn that, they don’t earn the high highs and the low lows that make their relationship tumultuous enough for that kind of sentiment and The Notebook did that because Allie and Noah like ARGUE

but that passion is also the source of their being crazy-in-love about each other which is why a fight always turns into a make up

and you see that intensity

SE had that but in a different way, it wasn’t arguing so much as, “I should probably let you go” 

to, like, I can’t, I just can’t do it:

and seeing that intensity

a couple of days ago I saw a post cross my dash in which someone explained how their prof had described tumblr politics as a mix between the philosophy of Nietzsche and Christianity, and how that didn’t make sense in their head

I think about that a lot, because it reminds me of my teenage years when at school it was really in fashion to read Nietzsche. all the non-popular kids read Nietzsche and talked about how well read we were and we’d quote Nietzsche whenever possible and wow, we were so pretentious, lol. years later I read his biography and looked into his philosophy again and of course my view on his ideas has changed drastically

but yeah, Nietzsche to me represents a kind of philosophy for people who don’t actually understand philosophy but want to seem very intelligent. you want to seem deep but you also don’t really want to think about yourself a lot.

(needless to say I laughed a lot when the misogynistic mass murderer on The Fall started to quote Nietzsche; I thought it was perfect; ugh, I loved that so much)

and Christianity? everything in Christian countries is soaked in Christian mentality. It’s like air. very, very toxic air, but still. I’m not Christian but I know that Christianity has shaped the society I live in. it’s a subconscious process.

anyway. Nietzsche. I don’t know what that prof originally was referring to but in some ways they hit the nail on the head in my opinion.