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Flashes (Part 3)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,012

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, it’s actually kind of optimistic???

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty.

Reader has her first flash, and stumbles upon some intriguing information…

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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Say No To This (M) – Best Friend!Hoseok

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Summary: It’s been a while since you and Hoseok have spent time with each other, but he hasn’t forgotten how hard it is to say no to you.

Warning: Smut, oh my lord is there smut

Word Count: 3.4k

A/N: So I’ve had Say No to This from Hamilton stuck in my head for the past week and it somehow inspired BFF!Hobi sex.

Sequel: Ambiguous (M)

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Part two of this prompt fill for @wayward-authors-kitsune

college!au, angst with a happy ending

Avoiding Cas is surprisingly easy.

All Dean has to do is block him on all social media sites, park his car down the street at a friend’s house so Cas never knows when he’s home, rely more on public transportation to get to campus, and finally just never leave his apartment except for class.

Easy peasy.

That is, until Dean needs to go to the grocery store. He’s been living off Ramen noodles and mac and cheese for weeks now, too afraid to stop anywhere near campus in case Cas is nearby. 

But now he’s officially all out of beer and Captain Morgan and he figures he could probably use some non-microwaveable groceries while he’s out. 

He goes to the little market about four blocks away. He hits up the essentials first: booze, some hamburger, hot dogs, bread, eggs. He considers produce but immediately shakes that thought loose and decides that he’s entitled to some ice cream instead.


Dean freezes,  carton half way to his basket. It takes everything in him to turn around and the moment he connects with blue eyes he really wishes he hadn’t.

Cas looks sick staring back at him, eyes glasses over with a sort of disbelief, like he thinks he’s seeing a ghost. 

He says Dean’s name again but Dean doesn’t respond. They’re both tense, like they’re about to draw on each other in an old western movie instead of standing in a damn milk aisle. 

As awkward as the moment it, Dean almost wishes they could stay like this. Because it’s good to see Cas, the flesh and blood Cas. He’s missed him like you miss air when you’re holding your breath. But he also knows that if Cas talks, if he tries to come at him, Dean will run. He can feel his knees bracing for a take-off and he’s not ready to look away.

But Cas does it. He takes a step forward and Dean immediately takes one back. Cas’s eyes travel down to Dean’s feet and he looks hurt.

“Dean, please, let me-” He takes two quick steps and Dean is speeding past the checkout lines, dropping the basket somewhere alone the way.

He doesn’t breathe again until he’s back in his apartment. He falls on the couch and draws he knees up, settling his head between his legs as he sucks in breaths and lets his head clear.

He’s so fucked. So impossibly fucked. 

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Imagine going to an aquarium with Chris.

A/N: So this was an idea that came after I went to an aquarium in Japan, I’ve just been putting it off ‘cause I’m lazy and I’ve been busy with other one shots, and the mini-series. But no more, I shall get to it before I completely forget how excited the jelly fishes and penguins made me feel.

You browsed the exhibit guide while your boyfriend, Chris, paid for the tickets into The Aquarium of he Pacific. It was his idea for this week’s 'Fri-Date’ after the two of you watched a documentary about Magellanic Penguins. You didn’t stop talking about them once, from the second the documentary finished to the moment he brought you to the aquarium; you talked about how cute they were, how much you liked penguins, how you wished you could have a penguin as a pet like in the movie 'Mr. Popper’s Penguins’. You were lucky you’d been dating Chris for a while now, any other guy would’ve left you at the aquarium and drove away in fear of your incessant penguin talk. But then again, Chris wasn’t any other guy and you weren’t any other girl; you were the girl he found incredibly adorable, as well as the girl he planned to marry someday.

“Oh my God,” you practically squealed when you turned to the page about the Magellanic Penguins. Chris chuckled as he joined your side, wrapping an arm around you so he could steer you towards the entrance. “Look how cute they are,” you pointed at the page and Chris nodded, smiling at how cute you were instead. “I can’t wait to see the penguins, you just know they’re going to be awesome.”

“You know we’re not here to just see the penguins, right?”

“Well, duh,” you retorted and he chuckled because it was not a 'duh’ moment for him.

Chris took his arm off you so he could pass your tickets to the admission officer. When he turned back to you, he found himself shaking his head with a wide smile. You were seriously adorable to him with your head buried in that little booklet, reading all the facts about the creatures you were most excited to see: penguins, jelly fishes, sea horses, sea lions, seals, sea otters, and lorikeets. Funnily enough, fish weren’t your thing; you weren’t here to see the fishes at all. But Chris knew he could make a day of the aquarium anyway because you could spend an hour alone on each of the creatures that you did want to see, the penguins especially.

“Oh my God,” Chris chuckled and grabbed your elbow when he saw that you were still nose-deep in your booklet. “C'mon, nerd,” he teased and pulled you alongside him into the fairly crowded aquarium. “Ow,” he laughed as you closed your booklet, slapping his chest playfully.

“You deserve it, you jerk,” you bit back your smile and slipped your hand into his; that smile escaped when he locked his fingers with yours and gave you one of his signature, pearly white grins. “God, you just know you’ve got me wrapped around your finger, don’t you?”

“If it’s any consolation,” he began as he leaned in to whisper into your ear, “you’ve got me wrapped around yours too.” You giggled and lifted your joint hands over your shoulder, leaning into his now open arm. “Oh definitely, without a doubt,” he kissed your hair, breathing you in, “my candy scented darling.”

“Mm…” You pressed your nose into his shirt and he laughed, squeezing your hand. “You smell nice too,” he raised an eyebrow, asking for an elaboration, “like everything good in the world.” You answered and he laughed louder; you tipped your head and kissed his bearded jawline, smiling.

“Everything good in the world, huh?” He chuckled and you nodded, grinning. “That’s not a scent I thought existed,” he said, only to have you wink in response. “God, you’re such a dork sometimes.” You just giggled, which made his smile reach his eyes. “But you know what, I just love you more with each passing day.”

“Enough to buy me a penguin?”

He laughed, “I don’t think buying you a penguin is the best idea. What would you even do with a penguin?” Before you could answer, he interrupted. “How about we compromise and we get another dog to keep Dodger company, and you name the pup 'Penguin’?”

“A pup named 'Penguin’?!” You gasped; so much excitement filled your eyes, Chris felt as though he’d just told a kid she could have any candy she wanted. “Can you imagine- Oh my God! Yes yes yes, yes to that compromise and yes to a dog named 'Penguin’.” Chris honestly could not contain his laughter, he had no idea how he got so lucky with you. “We need to find like a black and white one, a husky maybe? Or- oh oh, I know-”

“Shh,” he laughed and pulled his hand out of yours to press it against your mouth. “How about you breathe before you pass out?” He chuckled into your ear and you nodded, pressing your lips together. “We’ll go check out the shelter tomorrow, see if we can find a dog that suits you and that adorably ridiculous name.”

“Do you know what I wanted to name my first self-owned dog when I was younger?”

“Yes, because we’ve been dating for four years and I know every story you can possibly tell.” He reminded you and you chuckled, challenging him with your facials though you knew what he said was true. “Okay, you wanted to name your first dog 'Monkey’ because you like Squirrel Monkeys and there was a cute little mixed pug in your neighborhood named 'Monkey’ whom you loved.”

“Well I’ll be damned, Christopher Evans,” you pretended to be shocked and he laughed, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you continued to walk through the first floor. You both gave glances to the exhibits you passed, but seeing as they were fishes- there wasn’t much interest showed. “Do you really know everything about me?”

“Yes I do,” he nodded and pulled away from you, pointing at the Pacific Seahorse exhibit that you were yet to notice. You turned and your eyes widened at the 'Pacific Seahorse’ sign. “Which means I know you’re about to run off to join the other sea nerds and admire those seahorses.”

“You’re very right,” you nodded excitedly. “Bye, baby.” You ran ahead like a little kid, squeezing yourself into a small space between other patrons so you could get closer to the glass. “Wow, you’re huge compared to other seahorses. But it’s okay, you’re still cute.”

You spoke to the seahorses under your breath as Chris watched from a distance, chuckling. He could see your lips moving and even though he couldn’t hear what you were saying, he knew you well enough to guess. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and snapped a quick photo because he wanted to remember this moment, and honestly- every moment with you. His phone was filled with a lot of candid shots of you; some you’d seen and knew about, some you didn’t. He was saving those for your birthday present which was in August, he had a pretty special gift planned; a scrapbook of all your greatest memories together. That was the kind of thoughtful gift you’d usually give him which was why he was excited; there was no way you were going to see it coming and he was sure it was going to blow your mind.

“Babe!” You called out to Chris as he put his phone back in his back pocket. He started walking over, but you reached him before he could reach you. “Jelly fishes!” You pointed to the sign behind him. “Moon Jellies! They’re the ones you can touch because their stings are too weak to hurt humans. Come on,” you grabbed his hand and dragged him with you; he chuckled, speeding up so you didn’t have to. “Are you going to touch them?”

“There are a ton of things I’d rather touch,” he whispered suggestively into your ear and you laughed, feeling your cheeks heat up. He chuckled softly at your reaction, loving how he easily he can turn you on. “But yes, I’ll touch them. I just have a feeling that if I don’t, I’ll hear you talk about how I should’ve and that’ll be insufferable,” he teased you and you playfully shoved him.

“You’re really lucky Moon Jellies can’t hurt people.”

“You going to toss me into the tank?” He nudged you, grinning.

“Don’t tempt me, Christopher,” you giggled. “'Cause I will.”

“Maybe you should,” he leaned in and whispered into your ear again, with that same suggestive tone that you never could resist. “Then you won’t be the only wet human being in the aquarium.” You scoffed and he laughed, grabbing his left pec as you shoved him.

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Are requests open?? My friend got me in Captain America, and I thought about how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to a Winter Soldier!MC? Or Black Widow, whichever you like. It could be angst or not, I will leave it up to you, thanks 💜💙

A/N: CIVIL WAR IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES AND STEVE ROGERS AND BUCKY ARE SOME OF MY CHILDREN F CUK (i hope this doesnt have any spoilers for you or anyone else who isn’t as far into the marvel universe as i am oops) ((and i cant do angst, double oops, sorry)) ~Admin 404


               -You’re so cute and innocent, just like him and he loves it!

               -Except uh you aren’t…. exactly…. innocent? wow 404 so original, i didn’t see that coming

               -The two of you don’t keep any secrets from each other!!

               -So, that being said, you decided that he NEEDED to know about your past

               -You sat him down and explained how, in the past, you’ve gone through intense training growing up

               -“?? What kind of training?? Like for sports?”

               - oh, no sweetheart

               -Wait, you’re a spy?? Like you do the stuff Saeyoung does??? waIT YOU KILL PEOPLE TOO, WHAT THE

               -HE THOUGHT YOU WERE INNOCENT BUT APPARENTLY NOT???? It takes him a while to re-adjust due to shock (like a few weeks of not talking to you kind of while), but he still loves you nonetheless. He holds on to the belief that!! It’s something you had to do!!! You had to do it all to survive!! And you’re here with him now, that’s all he cares about

               -Though he is REALLY sad about not being able to have children with you because of your training. It takes him a couple of months to come to terms with this but over time, he decides that he’s just happy to be with you (and that adopting and making a kids life is perfectly okay with him!!!)


               -You’re more flexible than him, holy shit

               -“MC! How! Were you in dance? Are you in dance now?” eyebrow wiggle, wink wonk

               -You tell him that you’re flexible because of your job

               -So when he asks about it, you casually drop that you’re previously known as a Winter Soldier; You had to be flexible for combat

               - im sorry you whAT

               -“Combat? What kind of combat? MC? What’s a Winter Soldier?? MC!” calm down stop yelling

               -You told him that you were basically an agent who’s powerful enough to be used as a weapon if the government wants you to be (because let’s be honest with ourselves here, that’s what they are), he FLIPS OUT


               -It takes DAYS for him to process this and come to terms with it. You’re so dangerous! But he still loves you. But… you can be in serious danger at any given moment and just!!! MC!!!

               -He loves you though. He promises to do his best to protect you no need zen but thank you and he just wants to help his MC! Everything that’s happened is behind you, and he just wants to be in your future, happy and safe! So he comes around and starts to make jokes about it when he’s comfortable again you can come play with my guns mc, wink wonk


               -She keeps folders of everyone in the RFA but how in the world did this piece of information get past her?

               - because its a secret jaehee, ya dont announce to the world when you’re a spy ya goof

               -Extremely taken back by the announcement. A spy? An assassin? What the FUCK


               -But almost instantly, she’s asking you to teach her some moves

               -She knows judo but doN’T STOP THERE MC, SHE’S GOT A FIRE INSIDE

               -Always really worried for you? You can just leave the house for some groceries and she’s worried as hell

               -Tries her hardest to always be there for you- you wanna talk about something, she’s there. No matter how brutal or extreme the story is, she’s here for it

               -Once, you tried to compare your work to Saeyoung’s and she immediately shut you down because “You take your job seriously, MC” saeyoung crying in the distance

               -Also wants you to teach her how to be as flexible as you are because holy s h i t MC that’ll make everything so much easier for her


               -Immediately knew something was up and that you were hiding something from him

               -Did he know what? No. Was he going to find out? Obviously

               -He’s extremely straight forward, so casually asks what you’re hiding from him

               - though he could have waited until you were done drinking?? Because choking on wine iSN’T FUN

               -But you decide that there’s no point in hiding anything when he straight up asks you about it, so you tell him that you might…. have been trained as a Winter Soldier

               -“Ah, I see. I suppose that explains why you know so many languages”

               -I’m sorry but uh?? Where is the shock??? The emotion??? juMIN THROW ME A BONE HERE

               -He has literally NO REACTION? Like he just doesn’t care? You are who you are and he loves you anyway

               -He does try not to get on your bad side though because he does NOT want to see that training in action no thank you mc

               -Also tries to stay away from anything Russian because who KNOWS what could set you off?? He obviously doesn’t know and he’s not about to even attempt it


               -I’m sure he’d find out from his background check

               -Sure you can try to hide it but he’s really good at his job

               -But he’s SHOCKED AS HELL to find out that you’ve basically gone through the same training as him?

               -You know tons of languages, can fight, AND you’re a spy

               -“MC WE’RE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER” saeyoung what are you talking about

               -He likes to mess with you though, and bring up the fact that you’re a Winter Soldier every chance he can get

               -“Hey does being a Winter Soldier mean you won’t get cold so i can keep my jacket to myself?”

               - saeyoung you and i both know that’s not what that means

               -He does worry about you a lot though, since obviously someone somewhere could be out to get you.

               -Silently vows to protect you at any cost! Overall it doesn’t really bother him because??? He’s done a lot of the same stuff, if he judges you then he’d be a hypocrite


               -I think he’d know because of Saeyoung’s background check

               -But he’d wait until you were ready to tell him about it

               -NEVER EVER wants to force you to tell him something like this because?? It’s extremely personal?? And it’s a lot to handle?? And he truly doesn’t blame you for hiding it and not just flaunting your job title around

               -That being said, he isn’t surprised by the news at all

               -“I know, MC. It’s alright” what

               -He’s done some terrible things in the past and he regrets them all, but you’re willing to accept him for who he is and not dwell on what he’s done

               -So he does the exact same thing for you! He just really loves you MC

               - plus you’ve done the things you’ve done for work or something of the sort not because youre fucking crazy like rika im not even sorry for this

               -The two of you will talk about what it means to be a Winter Soldier every now and again but nothing further than that

               -If you’re ever feeling down thinking about the past, he’s always there to remind you that it’ll be okay! You don’t have to let it get to you


               -I’m sorry you fucking what?

               -He’s killed some people but yoU? YOU’VE DONE IT TOO? WHAT THE

               -You??? You’re so…cute? And not threatening looking to him at all? How the fuck

               -He isn’t angry about it per say but he’s shocked as all hell and expresses it similar to anger my poor bby

               -It takes a while for him to come to terms with the fact that you’re literally a trained assassin

               -“So you’re like a spy or some shit, right?” I mean yeah technically

               -“Then I picked the perfect person to infiltrate the RFA why the hell didn’t it work?” because rikas a fuckin bitch and u deserve better

               -He’s actually okay with it in the long run? Like you can’t take back what you did, and neither can he

               -So it’s better to just move on from it all, and that’s what he’s trying to do and hopes you do too

               -Also okay with the fact you can’t have kids because of your training. He’s always afraid of having kids, if the two of you want to have kids y'all can adopt, he’s cool with it


                    i’ve had this blog for what    ╾╾    three to four days    ╾╾    and there’s already 100+ of you little  (    yet wonderful   )  shits following this blog ?    so many amazingly talented people ???    following my good    made to shitpost    motherly blog ???    aw hell to the no !    y’all gotta get outta here !!!    I’M KIDDING,    i’m kidding !    i love and appreciate every last one of you,    even if we may not speak ooc or have a thread going yet.    trust me,    it’s a scientifically proven fact.    but anyways,    enough of my rambling !    it’s time to    ╾╾    kick katsuki out of my god damn house    ╾╾    i mean,    roll out the red carpet !

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A Rough Day

Summary: The reader has had the worst week, and it’s only Wednesday. She calls Sebastian over and talks to him. 

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader 

Warnings: Reader has a shitty boss and a shitty co-worker 

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: This was requested by @firstgal34, 18 and 21 with Sebastian Stan. I hope you like this, sweetheart 💕​ 

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

It has been the worst day of your entire life, it felt like someone had put a curse on you. First of all, the elevator in your building was out of order, making you take off your heels to save time and run down the flight of stairs. Second of all, your boss is truly the devil. He asked for a report and you stayed up late the night before to finish and when you went to hand it in, he simply said that you were too late and handed shoved the report back at you. You just stood there in shock, how early did he want it? The office opened thirty minutes ago, at this point you were twitching, you felt as if was coming steam out of your ears. It felt as at any moment you were gonna start ripping your report in front of his stupid, smug face. Instead, you quietly left his office, holding back the tears that were threatening to come out. While walking through the office, one of your stupid co-workers spilled coffee all over you, not even bothering to apologize. Finally, the time came for you to go home, and maybe that was the only good thing that happened today.

Arriving at your apartment, you threw your heels by the door and dragged yourself to the kitchen, looking for something to suffice your headache. You knew you had to change but you were too worn out to do so. As you were rummaging through your cabinets, you found some cookies that Sebastian had brought last time, mentioning that you never have the good kind. Smiling at the memory; you knew what, who could make you feel better. You reached for your phone and dialled Seb’s phone number, waiting impatiently while picking at the cookies.

“Hello Y/N” Sebastian’s sweet voice instantly making you feel better.

“Hey,” your voice coming out chalky, clearing your voice you continued, “Are you busy?”

“No, not all. I was just looking over some scripts, the usual. What’s up?”

“Guess what I found?”

“Mmmm, my cookies!” He answered excitedly and correctly, “You better not eat them.”

“I won’t, don’t worry.” You responded with a chuckle while shaking your head.

“What’s wrong? Don’t say nothing because I know you and I know that you would say something sassy just to be funny, so what’s wrong.” Sebastian confronted, knowing that something is truly hurting you.

“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..” You said with a sigh hoping he would be able to come. It made you sound selfish, needy but you didn’t care, not now.  

“I’m on my way sweetheart, just stay there. And don’t worry I’ll get the drink and more of my yummy cookies,” Sebastian said without any hesitation, grabbing his coat and car keys. You both said your goodbyes and you told him to prepare himself to use the stairs. You headed into your room to change out of your work clothes and into a pair of sweats and a over sized sweater that belonged to Seb. 

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pegasusdragontiger  asked:

I know it has been a while but I am just thought I asked, if you are busy it is okay! Reader/Sebastian Stan- he tries to help you while you suffer from sinuses as it is spring time! while trying to occupy the kids and the pets? P.s hugs love ya hope everything is going well!

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

The sound of the baby crying is always the first thing to wake me on a Saturday. Normally Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. The one of the few days I get to spend with Sebastian as well as all the kids, but when I woke up this morning with the inability to breathe through my nose I knew it was going to be a rough one.

“Seba” I croak, finding that my throat has also grown sore overnight. He rolls to face me, a look of concern taking over his previously relaxed features.

“Are you okay?” he runs his hand over my forehead, checking for fever before continuing down my cheek.

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Tips and reminders for the signs

Aries: have you eaten today? Strawberry banana smoothies are very nutritious and tasty. Add a few strawberries, a chopped up banana, and some plain yogurt then whip it all around in the blender. If you have energy, you’ll feel better. Please don’t forget to eat. I love you and I want you to take care of yourself. It’s always really exciting to find something new to be passionate about. Maybe you could experiment with making your own soap! The Internet has tons of cheap fast recipes for it and molds aren’t very expensive. You need to find something to get excited about, find something that makes you feel alive again.
Taurus: the days are very busy, but you need to find time to take care of yourself. Have you brushed your teeth this morning? Combed your hair? What about putting on those really comfy socks you like? It’ll make you feel better. Every step you take will be a squishy, soft step on a cloud. Maybe when you get lunch you could make yourself a little treat. Like chocolate cover strawberries! Those are wonderful and you deserve it. Eat two. And don’t you dare feel guilty about it. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself and taking care of your mental and bodily health.
Gemini: start reminding yourself everyday that what you have to say matters. Ignore all the people who want to judge you based on your sign. You’re cooler than them anyway. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re less than you are. Go to the store and buy yourself a brand new pillow. It sounds stupid but at the end of the day we all just want to be comforted and a super fluffy pillow will make you excited to come home. My brother taught me that, and it has helped me so much. You have to have something to look forward to.
Cancer: don’t forget to call your family if you live away from them. They love you and miss you and you aren’t alone. Maybe you could go outside and find some cute bugs and name them! I have a bumble bee in my yard that I’ve named Bernie. It’s always really exciting to see him, it makes my day better. Maybe having a little buddy outside could make your day a little better too. Don’t isolate yourself. You need love too.
Leo: don’t forget to change your bedsheets. I know it’s aggravating and it feels like it takes forever, but I promise when you lay down tonight in your cosy clean bed you’ll feel refreshed. Maybe make a little time today to go out buy yourself a sun catcher to hang in the window. Sometimes we forget how beautiful things are and little things like sun catchers can help remind us. A little beauty goes a long way.
Virgo: when was the last time you did something for yourself? Go online and find a few coupons and go out and buy yourself some nice smelling bubble bath or new soap or lotion. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but sometimes we just need something to look forward to. Even if it’s just a bubble bath with your new soaps, it’s exciting and you can stay in the bath for hours to read and relax. You could use some relaxation. Don’t push yourself so hard. You’re doing just fine, I promise.
Libra: it sucks, but maybe a little de-cluttering is what you need. Rearrange your room. Change something. Get rid of all that clutter that has been nagging at you in the back of your mind for months. Clearing out some space to work or dance or draw will help you so much. You’ll feel productive and proud of yourself and you should be proud of yourself. You’ve made it so far. We’re rooting for you. We’re all so proud of you.
Scorpio: please please please get out of the house. I know things seem pointless and exhausting but you can do this. Go look at the sky, go have a picnic or see a movie with friends. You aren’t alone, don’t let your mind trick you into thinking that you are. Buy that neat new thing you’ve had your eye on, you deserve it. Don’t forget to let yourself be happy. I know you feel strange without your sadness, but you deserve everything life has to offer. You’re going to be okay. You’re going to be better than okay.
Sagittarius: you don’t have to do everything that is expected of you. Learn to say no. I know that it makes you feel like a disappointment, but no one should have the the right to make you do things that make you unhappy. Slow down, life is passing and you don’t want to miss it. Find something beautiful and let it make you feel beautiful too. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Stop living for the future, it’ll make you miserable. We believe in you. You can do whatever you want. You are enough.
Capricorn: when was the last time you actually sat back and relaxed? Wal-mart sells wonderful flower bouquets for pretty low prices. Buy your favourite and put some flowers on your table or your bed-side nightstand. Read that book you’ve been pushing to the side. Make time for yourself. Your life does not have to take the backseat to your career and you are more than you think. Go to the farmers market and buy some of your favourite fresh fruit and vegetables. It’ll give you something to look forward to. You deserve to be happy.
Aquarius: stop trying to be what other people want you to be and start being who you are. You are magnificent and we all love you. Wear that outfit that you’ve been too afraid to wear and rock it. Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. A lot of places have U-pick farms where you can pick fresh fruit. Look up the closest one to you and go. There’s something so wonderful about picking your own fruit; it makes you feel proud of yourself and I know you could really use that feeling right now. Maybe you could bake yourself a pie with your fresh fruit and watch a new movie while you eat it. Learn to enjoy your own company.
Pisces: no one knows you better than you know yourself. It’s time to put your foot down and start standing up for yourself. You deserve to be treated better and you know it. Get out of bed. Laying down and thinking all day will only make you feel bad. Go to Hobby Lobby buy a new candle. Their app has coupons and you can get one product for 40% off if you’re tight on money right now. You need to let go. You are your own worst enemy and I think it’s time for you to put that part of your life away and become your own best friend. I believe in you.

anonymous asked:

Hey (°∇°)ノ if it's not much trouble, how about RFA+ V and Saeran learning that MC had an abusive family and was bullied in school to the point she became terrified of people and afraid to leave home for years? ._. after much therapy I'm less afraid, but seeing people i went to school with or knew my family on the streets still makes me freeze - sometimes I can keep it together till I come home, but either way I'll end up crying and shaking t_t have a good day thoヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)

A/N: Oh no, my nonnie o(;△;)o I’m glad to hear you’re doing at least a little better!! That’s a start!! But I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through that! I’ve been in a similar situation, so if you ever need to talk or just rant about it, just shoot us a message! <3 ~Admin 404


           - yandere yoosung (can you tell i love that concept? oops)

           -How could anyone be so mean to you?? To make you fear other people???


           -WHO WOULD DO THAT TO YOU ;A;

           -When you come home upset, he immediately gets upset too

           -He feels so bad when you’re crying!! He can’t help but cry too!! BUT! He’ll suck it up and be strong for you

           -Wraps you up in a ton of blankets so you’re comfortable!

           -Makes a lot of comfort food that his mum used to make for him whenever he was sad!

           -Will put in your favourite video game and play against you!!!!

           - Says he let you win so you would feel better but in reality he totally got his ass kicked


           -HELL NO

           -NOT HIS PRINCESS!!!


           -He’s a pretty famous actor, so he’s always surrounded by a ton of people

           -Loves when you go out with him!!!!! But also respects when you can’t because you’re too anxious

           -Will always protect you from others! The moment he notices you’re uncomfortable in public he will rush you home

           -If you come home crying, he’ll run you a hot bath and let you soak in it for as long as you need to calm down!

           -Then, he’ll ask you about your day and if there’s anyone he needs to punch

           -His singing voice is so calming to you!! So he’ll sing to you for hours if needed

           -Makes you sing along because it’s so therapeutic! Even if you sing silly Disney songs, it helps you so much and it makes him happy that you can turn your frown upside down!!


           -The first time you told her about your school and home life, she felt so bad!!

           -You don’t deserve to be treated like that?? You’re a great person, they all suck

           - Lemme teach you judo, MC, so you can fight them

           -She had you describe a few of the people who would cause you to have a panic attack in public, so if she sees any one that fits even a FRACTION of that description

           -She’ll turn you around and immediately speed walk the other way

           - but jaehee the coffee shop is that way???

           -On days that you come home and break down, she immediately gets started on making you a nice cup of coffee

           -Pops in a Zen DVD, makes popcorn, and cuddles up on the couch

           -Makes you put your head on her lap! Let her wipe your tears away while you rant about your day, MC

           -She’ll research multiple different ways to help you cope with this fear, because she just wants to help and understand you better!!


           -When you first came home and broke down in the doorway, he was ready to murder someone

           -Not even hire someone to do it, just straight up do it himself

           -Who upset his Kitten? They’re as good as dead now

           -He knew about your family history, but never about the school bullying

           -He assures you that you won’t see any of them when the two of you go out, because it’s usually exclusive parties or restaurants

           -Doesn’t want you to leave without body guards! They can protect you!

           - Not to mention that you’re the nicer half of the relationship so holy shit they love you they will protect you no matter what


           -He’ll have the three of you cuddle close together in bed, and he’ll mindlessly run his fingers lightly across your body in random patterns as you describe your day

           -He’s still not very good at emotions, but he tries to comfort you the best he can!! He’ll listen with 5000000% focus, and wipe your tears away





           - okay but??? you didn’t deserve what you went through too, saeyoung;;;

           -Hacks into every single account any of these people have had on the internet

           -But never tells you about it because??? He doesn’t want to get scolded just let him protect you in the best way he can MC

           -The moment he sees even a glimmer of tears in your eyes, he’ll sweep you off your feet (literally) and carry you everywhere around the house, acting silly

           -He’ll put in your favourite movie and make stupid voices and comments about it to make you laugh

           -Kisses every single tear away if he doesn’t catch you soon enough

           -PILLOW FORTS!


           -Omg no why did you have to go through this

           -He’s a pacifist but?

           -Honestly still wants those who hurt you to feel harm themselves

           - omg that was mean of me im sorry mc

           -He likes to pick beautiful, secluded places for the two of you to visit and hang out!

           -Heartbroken when you come home crying though!

           -Will hold you close, and whisper sweet, comforting words against the top of your head

           -Holds you for hours on end, like seriously the two of you have stood in the middle of the living room holding each other close for about two hours once

           -But if you’re still crying, or if he sees your eyes slightly teary, he will not let you go, you will stay in his arms until he’s positive you’re okay!!!!

           -Always rubbing your back softly to comfort you, and remind you that he’s here for you no matter what


           -Hey, he’s been through a lot too

           -He’s also afraid of people

           -So he’s understanding if you don’t want to go out often, it’s no problem for him!

           -If you come home crying, or he sees a panic attack coming on, he takes you to the comforting privacy of your bedroom

           -Holds you so close that you can physically feel his steady heartbeat

           -He’s not very good with words, but he’s researched a few things to help you calm down

           -Makes you recite 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, etc. to help ground you

           - i’ll kill anyone who hurt you MC, let me at them

           -Runs his hands through your hair and will lull you to sleep so you can wake up in his arms, home, relaxed, and safe!

           -“I’m not very good with emotions or words but you’re amazing MC and the people who hurt you will have to answer to me.”

Memories [Pt 2] (Ward Meachum/Reader)

Woah, double update, you guys! I just really love Ward, don’t blame me;; Enjoy

Taggin them nice peeps that seemed to like part one (which is HERE): @bekaperk @ladybella-l @decaffeinatedeaglefart @favrielle @vandrheim

Warnings: Talks of breakup, flashbacks, Ward being nice??, diners (again), food, alcohol mention, drug mention, reminiscing, and even more swearing

Words: 1229

“He doesn’t deserve the crying, (Y/N)… Here, look, dad gave me my allowance early, so I’m going to stay and get something, too,” he had said, giving you a small, supportive smile. You could only nod slowly and watch him call the waiter over.

“What will you be having today?”

“Can I please get the biggest, spiciest burger the cooks can make with a side of the crinkly cut fries?” You had been so confused— Ward hated spicy food more than he hated math class, which was a ton, so why was he getting something that he wouldn’t like?

“Will that be all?”

“Yes. Oh, wait, (Y/N)?” He turns back to you, then asks, “Do you want anything else? Really, anything on the menu. I’ll pay for it.”

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hi everyone! so, it’s that time of year again - many of you will be feeling relaxed and others will be nervous wrecks (just as i was!). 18th August 2016 marks the start of a new journey for you, how exciting! I want to assert that it’s okay to receive a grade that wasn’t expected. Whether your grades are good or bad, you will lead a beautiful life and either way - there can be positive outcomes, if you just sit down, relax and clear your head. Good luck everyone!!

For results day, you will need…

  • Your grade sheets (GCSE, AS, A2)
  • A mobile phone
  • A bottle of water
  • Perhaps a laptop?
  • Phone charger/laptop charger
  • Scrap bit of paper 
  • Pen
  • A list of universities and their numbers
  • A clear, positive mindset

1. (A2) Write down a list of clearing/adjustment numbers for the universities you may wish to call. Here’s to staying organised - be prepared if things don’t turn out the way you had planned. Writing a list of clearing numbers will be extremely useful, it will ensure that you don’t waste time looking for their numbers and you can get straight into calling!

2. If you get the grades you wanted - GO CELEBRATE! Well done! You’ve just passed one of the most difficult parts of your life with flying colours! It’s time to celebrate, honestly you probably worked extremely hard for it, and you deserve it!

3. (A2) If you got better grades than you were predicted - go through adjustment. This is the process of calling up your dream uni and asking for a place - you’ve excelled and achieved the grades for their entry requirements, it’s well worth a shot! Obviously, universities like Oxford and Cambridge do not participate in clearing or adjustment. 

4. (AS) Choose which subject you want to drop, wisely! A-levels are difficult (if you haven’t already noticed this by now). It’s really important to stick with the subjects that you enjoy as this will keep you motivated. You may wish to drop the subjects that you didn’t do so well in. Do not come into peer-pressure, this will only make studying difficult for you in the future!

5. Be positive, and remind yourself that whatever happens, there is a solution! if it helps, i didn’t quite achieve the grades that i wanted to. Now, i’m at a good university studying neuroscience w/ psychology, i got in through clearing. Positive things happen to those who have a positive mindset, be practical and do not let yourself be disheartened. You will get the grades that you want, and if you don’t - well, your grades DO NOT define you.

6. Speak to a teacher. I cannot stress how helpful this was for me, it’s always useful speaking to a teacher as they’re aware of what you could do with the grades that you have achieved! They will not only be extremely informative, they will help to calm you down and help keep your chin up. 

6. (A2) Clearing is not scary. Have a list of your GCSE, AS and A2 grades handy, you will need them! Okay, so you may need to go through clearing - i assure you, this process is not scary at all, you will be speaking to university students, not professors! You will be asked for the grades you got and might be asked a few questions about your chosen course - they’re not trying to intimidate you or trip you up

7. (A2) Clearing - universities will tell you straight away if you’ve got a spot or not! You won’t have to wait a long time before they tell you whether they’ll give you a spot or not. If they do, brilliant! You can tick it off on your list, perhaps you might still want to continue calling other uni’s. If not, it’s not the end of the world!

8. (A2) THINK - do you want to change your course choice? This is one of the most trickiest decisions you will make. It’s worth it having a plan B before you get to this stage - I had to make it too! Before opting for neuro w/ psych, i wanted to do biomedical sciences. If this is the case, you might want to update your personal statement and make it relevant - universities might ask you to email it to them! (do this beforehand). 

9. (A2) Your clearing universities have offered you a place - time to choose! Don’t feel pressured by this stage, you don’t have to choose a university straight away. Usually, you will have a few days to think about it and pick wisely. However, if you’re the type to want it over and done with (like i was), you can pick your university via your UCAS account, under clearing.

10. Rest, rest, rest! Whatever happens will work itself out. The main thing is that you’ve worked exceptionally hard! Give yourself a pat on the back and look forward to university! Even if you’re not going to university after results day, it’s okay! There are tons of other ways to be successful - and there are lots of alternatives to university. Apprenticeships, gap years, perhaps studying overseas, taking extra qualifications, re-doing a few modules etc. Don’t worry!

A friendly reminder that your grades do not define you! Whatever happens will be for the absolute best, and you will end up hopefully loving what you do! Remember to keep positive, even if things don’t seem to be going your way - good things will come! Explore your options and do not be closed minded! Good luck everyone! xo

Jungkook’s Honeymoon

And last but certainly not least, to finish us off like he always does is the second half of the Busan line, our darling maknae who is doing way too much in this comeback like one of his fucking shirts basically peaced out mid performance, another was riding up like can you fucking not those shirts are trying to leave the fandom and they are having zero luck welcome to our world once you’re in you’re in, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This is going to be part of the wedding series, I’ve done Jungkook’s proposal (here) an alternate version to that is youtuber!kookie’s proposal which you can find here, kook’s wedding (here) and husband!Jungkook (here)
  • It isn’t required to read the others, you can v v easily read this without the others but if you want the full story and all the fluffy stuff, you can click any of those links
  • Okay but I love husband!kook I’m so here for this
  • He’s gets one of two ways when you call him your husband and it all depends on how long you’ve been married
  • During the first few weeks, it’s a l l blushy!kook like his cheeks turn all pink and he can’t look you in the eyes and it reminds you of the first time you called him your boyfriend tbh
  • But it’s actually really cute bc you two have been together for a good chunk of time, you’d think all of those butterflies would have gone away but nopE they’re still alive and kicking
  • Shy!kookie is just really cute bc he gets this sheepish smile on his face when you tease him about it and he gets all “I’m noT s hY” even though both of you know damn well he turns back into the kid who had a crush on you and couldn’t look into your eyes for longer than ten seconds
  • But after a while of being married (a few months) he turns into smug!kook about it
  • You know that smirk he gets sometimes and he does that eyebrow thing that’s smug!kook when you’re introducing him to someone or doing anything where you mention he’s your husband bc daMN RIGHT I AM
  • Like he stands a bit taller and he tries to act cool by just nodding his head at whoever you’re talking to when they say hi but then he’d get all !!! when he thinks they aren’t looking bc he pretends like being called your husband is just casual like not a big deal but it’s actually a hug e deal to him
  • I think kookie would wanna go somewhere that you two could be romantic but also have fun
  • Okay but idk why I just see him going to Disneyland for his honeymoon
  • It wouldn’t all be just disney, you two would go explore the area and the beaches and you’d get ice cream so much ice cream you honestly wonder how a single boy can consume so much ice cream after eating so much ramen
  • Kook isn’t into a shit ton of PDA but a lil bit of hand holding is A okay in his book that is some gooD SH I T bc he can feel your ring against his finger and it just reminds him that you’re married like holy fuck he still can’t believe you said yes
  • Okay but kook would wanna go on every single ride ever to exist
  • “I’m not going on the teacups”
  • “You’re going on the teacups”
  • “I’m going on the teacups”
  • He would turn into this lil kid again which you love seeing bc sometimes kookie gets s o into his work and gets stressed out bc he’s so passionate and wants everything to be perfect so he deserves to have a few days of mindless fun
  • And plus you just love seeing a smiley!kookie bc even though he whines about how his cheeks are so sore and asks you to massage them when you get back to the hotel, seeing his lil bunny smile and hearing his laugh the entire day is so worth spoiling him with affection later on that’s not even a bad thing bc you get to just sit there and kiss his cheeks all night
  • Side note I feel like kookie is such a cuddler at night like especially when he’s half asleep, he just clings onto you and ends up not letting go all night bc “warm”
  • I mean we’ve all seen his arms who’s gonna complain about being “trapped” between those two while they sleep plus you get a sleepy kookie burying his face into your neck and wrapping his legs around yours and basically just wrapping his entire body around you
  • But back to Disneyland, he wants picture with all of the characters and he gets a high five from Aladdin and literally feels like a boss the rest of the day
  • Like when you’re playfully telling him to cool his ego down bc he’s strutting around he’s just all “I’m sorry did you get a high five from the coolest prince here nope that’s actually me”
  • Also food he eats all the food he sees and you once again wonder how one boy can eat so much and still have abs and those amazing muscular thighs that are s o fucking nice especially when they’re in the tight jeans and you just see all of it and it’s wow I can write an entire thing on thighs alone
  • He would definitely wanna see the pictures they take when you’re on the roller coaster and he’d be laughing for twenty minutes at your face until you point out his is even worse then he really loses his shit and is full on on the floor
  • There would be a beach visit or two as well
  • He would s o bury you in the sand like you’ll be chilling there and all the sudden he’s shoveling sand over your legs
  • But it’s okay bc he lets you bury him too
  • “We’ll just have to shower together to get all of this off”
  • “What’s wrong with your eyes?? Did you get sand in them?”
  • “No I was winking”
  • “Don’t”
  • “Got it”

anonymous asked:

Could you do RFA (+ Saeran & V) when MC plays piano but cannot seem to play a difficult part in one song; they get really stressed about it and even skip meals to practise and stuff? I hope that made sense. Thank you ^^

Hey Nonnie!!! I hope this fits what you wanted. I don’t know much about piano so I had to keep the piano part of it generic, sorry bby ;~; But I did my best since I knew two people who are learning piano and I just wanna give them big hugs so I went based off that. I hope you enjoy it!!! ^^ ~ Admin 626 


  • he was so excited when you started playing piano!!
  • He just thought it was a really cool way for you to express yourself
  • One night he wakes up at 2 am because he’s thirsty and he sees you practicing???
    • “MC wtf you need to sleep”
    • “No! I need to get the rhythm of this song down!!!”
  • You seemed really irritated so he backed off
  • But over the next few days he notices you haven’t been eating either
  • And boy oh boy this little hoe takes charge
    • he DRAGS your ass away from the piano
    • he refuses to let you do this to yourself
  • “MC, learning an instrument isn’t something that you can get in a day or two by practicing as much as you can. It’s going to take time. It’s going to be frustrating. It’s going to make you want to pull your hair out. But if you’re not healthy, it’s going to make things so much harder on your brain and body.”
    • thefactthatYoosungistheonelecturingyouonselfcarewakesyouup
  • He doesn’t let you go near the piano for a day or two, he wants you to remember that you have a life outside of piano!!!
    • So many snuggles and kisses omg he’s trying to kill you with his cuteness
  • After that, he sits with you when you practice so you can talk to him about your frustrations with the song your practicing
    • Hetriestolistenbutyoulooksoprettywhenyouplaythathegetsdistracted


  • Honestly he’s in charge of all your self care
    • He buys all your beauty products (only if you want that kinda stuff tho!!! You’re hot af with or without them), he makes sure you go on walks, he makes sure you eat a decent meal, etc
  • He honestly loves when you start learning how to play because he can help you!!! Hahaletspretendhecanplaypianofornowokay
    • but you wanna do it all on ur own so you refuse his help
  • but he noticed right away when you became obsessed with a certain song
    • You just weren’t acting like yourself…?
  • Usually when you didn’t get something, you’d give yourself a break and come back to it but you were obsessively playing
  • When he noticed you didn’t eat a meal, omg this boy went HAM
    • You’re his princess, he’s not gonna let you do this to yourself
  • When you wake up the next day, the keyboard in his apartment is gone
  • You are so, SO angry at him, you don’t talk to him for a few days
  • ·      You finally give him a change to explain himself becausehearinghiscrieswasheartbreaking because you wanted to hear his side
    • The keyboard was at Jumin’s house!!!
  • “MC, I just don’t want you always playing it… You’re my treasure and I hate seeing you so worked up over it. I thought maybe if you had some time away from it, you’d feel better and you’d be easier on yourself.”  
  • Cue ugly crying because the song made you feel like a failure and how could you forget that you’re the world to Zen and he would do anything for you
  • You take it easier on the piano and when you are frustrated, Zen helps you and gives you tons of kisses to help you feel better


  • Listen,,,this precious soul,,,does not deserve this,,,,
    • She loved that you were playing piano
    • Allshecouldimagineisyourcutieassplayingpianoinhercoffeeshop
  • But it wasn’t worth it if you were going to stress so much!!!
  • She’d never say anything if you slammed your fingers on the keys in frustration because she knows learning an instrument isn’t the easiest in the world
    • But when you start skipping meals??? Oh my gosh this lil lady gets SO worried about you
  • But she never wants to say anything to you because you seem so passionate about playing piano
    • She knows what it’s like; she’s been there. Her high GPA didn’t happen bc she was smart, it was because she WANTED good grades and dedicated herself to it
  • But you stressing out stresses her out??? It’s actually taking a toll on her??? omfghowdareyoudothistoher
  • “MC, please…please realize that you can’t force the song into your fingers. The slower you go, the faster you’ll get there, okay?”
  • baeheeyouretheonewhopassedoutletuscomfortyouomg
  • You finally notice how self-destructive your behavior was? You lost like 10 pounds? MCwhy
  • Now when you get frustrated, you use your fingers for a lil something else to remind you how good they are


  • This boy is so happy when you express interest in wanting to play piano??
    • Helovesimaginingyouplayingforhimafterhehasaharddayatwork
  • He hires u a fantastic teacher
  • hE BUYS YOU A GRAND PIANO??? Omfg someone give this boy a spending limit
  • But the fact he went so far for you puts a lot of pressure on you
  • you’re skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, you’re barely even going outside udumbhoe
  • your piano teacher notices how bad you look and tells jumin!!!
  • This lil sweet bean is so mad at himself
    • Did he do something wrong???
    • How did he not notice something was wrong to begin with?!
  • While there’s a hurricane of feelings in him, he’s really straight forward with you
  • “MC, please take a break. Eat something, get some fresh air, anything…please?
    • “I can’t, Jumin. You spent so much money on me, I need to work as much as I can to the best I can be!”
    • omfg this is what she’s worried about, how silly of her
  • “I want to make one thing clear. The money does not matter, okay? This isn’t an investment. You’re not an investment. You’re human. I just wanted to be part of something that makes you happy. Right now, this isn’t making you happy, and I will not let you internalize this and act like it’s normal, okay?”
    • jujubeursosweetomg
  • Jumin keeps SUCH a close eye on you after this
  • He’s there for you at any sign of distress and will whisk you away to an animal shelter so you two can have fun socializing with the animals
    • Cuteness overload helps with stress!!!


  • This boy doesn’t even know that you take up piano
  • He’s holed up in his room on another project that takes him WEEKS to finish
    • He does notice that you’re not nagging him to eat or sleep but he figured you knew he wasn’t going to listen?
  • When he comes out and he sees you at the piano, he gets so excited!!!
    • “You’re learning piano? Well, that’s just grand”
      • wait why did you stop playing
  • ·When he finally gets a good look at you after you’re done crying, he can tell you’re definitely not okay, you look like what he looks like after a project
  • He drags you into the shower and omg so much love from this lil dude, he washes your hair and everything
    • Makes you eat and he covers the piano with some space themed sheets he has, he is not letting you near that thing for awhile!!!
  • He takes you to bed and you end up on top of with your face nuzzling his neck, his arms wrapped around you
  • “MC, I know you don’t wanna hear this right now, but when I heard you playing, it was really good. You poured your feelings into that song and that means so much more than hitting a wrong note, okay? Not everyone has the ability to play as passionately as you.”
  • isSaeyoungbeingreallysweetandseriouswhatisthis???
    • “Plus this relationship can’t have two people with really unhealthy habits, that would be a lot of treble”
    • Nevermindhesadumbass


  • Omg this boy thinks you’re an angel when he sees you seated at the piano
    • Thinks you’re a goddess when he actually hears you playing this little cinnamon roll can’t handle how amazing you are
  • But you look so frustrated? Why do you look so frustrated, you’re fantastic, what
  • He doesn’t really say anything because if something as wrong, you’d tell him
  • Except you don’t? You didn’t wanna bother him with something so small
    • Mcifsomethingisbotheringthisboywillgototheendsofearthforyounomatterhowsmallitis
  • Even if this little edglord™ pretends not to take that much interest in you, he actually keeps a close eye on everything you do to make sure you stay okay
    • He says it’s so you won’t be a weakness in the RFA
    • Hejustwantsyoutoalwaysbealiveandhappyandlivealonglife
  • Honestly this boy doesn’t even let you get as far skipping a lot of meals
  • When he sees you skipped two meals? It’s like u lit a fire in this boy he wILL NOT STAND FOR THIS
    • He pretty much gives you an ultimatum
  • “MC, I love you, okay? I want you to be healthy. I think you’re amazing at piano and I would love to see you continue on playing. But if you keep up with these bad habits, I will destroy the piano.”
    • Saranwrapplsdontbesoscary
  • But this definitely did wake you up
    • Edgelord McGee said I love you?? He expressed care for you whatisthis
  • He sits in the room with you when you play now, and it actually helps you so much???
    • The serene expression on his face when you play floods your chest with warmth and you don’t get so frustrated when you hit a wrong note anymore


  • Haha you’re kidding yourself if you think this boy will let you indulge in any sort of self destructive behavior
  • Been there, done that, never letting that happen again
  • When you’re late for dinner, he finds you at your apartment playing the piano???
    • But when he left in the morning you were playing
  • he drags coaxes you away from the piano so you can rest and get a good meal
  • This boy will give you sooo much love
    • Cooks your favorite comfort food, lights some scented candles to clear away all the negativity
    • He carries you princess style to the bed??
    • Vyou’renotZendontbesodramatic
  • “it’s not like you can hear how bad it is anyway, you’re blind”
    • “… hear with your ears…not your eyes..”
    • “Haha oh yeah you’re right”
    • didyouloseyourmindwhileyouwereplayingwtfMC
  • “The piano is an amazing instrument, and don’t forget that you’re amazing for playing it, okay? You can’t push yourself to your limits. Your health is so much more important than getting a song right. Take your time and it’ll be better for your playing AND your health in the long run.”
this doesn’t make sense wow i tried though

I feel like I’m not as interactive with my followers as I want to be, so I decided to write up a little post updating everyone on my life and to wish everyone a good day/night. 

I’ve been okay, but under a lot of stress so I keep forgetting to take care of myself. I hope everyone’s doing a better job than I am at self-care, haha. I’m not entirely hopeless, though, one of my friends is keeping me accountable and reminding me to eat and be nice to myself. 

I just wanted to let you all know that I care about all of you so much- even though, sometimes, I feel like I don’t deserve all these followers when there are tons of other lovely simblrs that deserve them more. Whether I deserve them or not is moot; I’m just grateful I’ve had the chance to get to know so many wonderful people. 

School is overwhelming right now because all my upper division classes are starting to pile up on each other. It feels like I’ve been taking exams since school started and I’ll be taking them every week until school ends. I can’t wait for summer.

Good luck to anyone taking exams right now- I hope you’re remembering to take breaks and breathe when studying gets stressful. School is important but one’s health is more important. I think that goes for any thing, really. 

Anyway, I’m writing this up at work because I forgot my textbook so I can’t study. I’ll answer the asks I have this weekend and hopefully at least get some scenery shots in game to queue for next week. 

Remember to eat well, drink water, take regular breaks from the computer, and always focus on your health more than anything. (I’m everyone’s mother now sorry)

I legit wanted to end this like a letter and write “Love, Kenia” but that’s sappy omggg bye im sorry for rambling

RFA: date with mc at the museum

This is a really cute request @defender-of-kawaii-707 :D


  • Jumin experienced the harshness of life and he is conditioned to make sure everything is perfect. For the first date, he was planning on renting out an entire 5-star restaurant for just the two of you, so you guys can enjoy fine cuisine and excellent conversation. However, he needed to make you didn’t have food allergies because he doesn’t want to see you fucking die on the first date. He didn’t want to ruin the element of surprise so he was trying to be casual as possible
  •  (y/n) do you have any food allergies I don’t want you to die
  • you: what ? um no im okay, I just don’t like seafood that’s all
  • and you continued reading your magazine. He noticed you kept reading that magazine ever since you moved in and he decided to look at it in when you fallen asleep. He open the magazine and say many sticky notes saying “HERE” “BUCKET LIST” “SOON” and he removed the sticky notes to see that it was museums around the globe. It was 1:05am and he called Jaehee 5 times and when she finally answered “Assistant Kang I need a report of a certain museum called ‘The Museum of Tolerance’ in Los Angeles Californina, United States. I need plane tickets for this afternoon and a week stay at the finest resort with limo service ready.” Jaehee: really wow that’s all you have to say Mr. Han its 1:07 am” Jumin: “sorry, good morning” beeeeeeeep
  • He called the gaurds for the morning shift and told them to pack bags and everything. He got Elizabeth 3rds luggage ready and everything was done by 3:23am. He wants everything to be perfect for the both of you. He surprised you with the plane tickets when you woke up and bam the next day you two had the museum of tolerance as your date. When you two go there, you started to cry and you were telling him about the history of the genocide and everything. He was paying close attention to the way your words came out of your mouth and how your expression changed when you meet a holocaust survivor.
  • You were dragging him everywhere telling him about the history of ever artifact and he was just staring at you. He loved how you lost yourself in history and in that moment, he knew he wanted to be your past, present, and future.


  • She knew you loved the usual coffee dates whenever she had time to do so, however she was beginning to feel like it was a routine and she wanted to do something spontaneous
  • She wanted to get out of the routine for a while so she begged, like legit begged, Mr. Han to give her 2 days off. He agreed so because he knew she needed to rest to continue working well. He even gave her a bonus and with that bonus she got a hotel that was hours away. She wanted a mini vacation and when she showed you the plans you had your suitcase ready.
  • You two got to the far away town ready to explore what the town had to offer. It wasn’t a heavy tourist site, but it did have interesting buildings to go and explore in.
  • You saw a museum and you dragged her inside with you. You paid for the tickets and you waited for the tour guide to show you around.
  • You were enjoying the history of the town but when you looked at your girlfriend, she was more into it than you
  • She was examining the artifacts and documents through the glass and noticed that the world is such a bigger place. That there is so much to explore and she only seen so little.
  • She kept asking the tour guide questions because she really wanted to grab a feel for the place, to understand and appreciate the town.
  • When the tour was over, you both took pictures with the tour guide and you two had the biggest smiles :,D


  • You were kinda tired of your dates being just at home, you wanted to explore the world with him… not through a computer screen. So you had a shit ton of convincing to do because once he heard the word ‘museum’ he tensed up a bit because It reminded him of his history courses…. He doesn’t like talking about his history courses….
  • The day finally came to go to the museum and he was not excited because you knew he was putting on an act for you. You were disappointed because you always do what he wants to do and its rare for you to even ask for anything.
  • So you two were in silence….. it was pretty awkward because he was still sulking saying ‘are you sure you wanna go’ don’t you wanna go to the beach’ and you just looked out the window not saying a word.
  • You guys arrived at the museum and he held out his hand and you just put your hands in your pockets and kept walking D: okay he is feeling really bad. You walked ahead of him and paid for the tickets. He knew he fucked up and he didn’t want to cause a scene so he kept his distance group chatting the RFA. He was asking for advice and Zen told him he fucked up while Jaehee said he made a mistake while Jumin said he is surprised he actually has you as his girlfriend.
  • He was feeling soooo bad, but he followed you around like a small puppy :3 He was taking pictures of you enjoying the art work and statues. He then realized holy shit.. he knows these art works. He saw it in his humanities class. He walked next to you and was telling you the history and you were impressed. With every art, he kept telling you the story and you were hooked to every word coming out of his mouth
  • (y/n) look I know I can be a crappy boyfriend at times but I thank you for everything you have done for me… you saved me and you do the things I want to do and I know I don’t deserve you but thank you.. and im sorry…… please forgive me
  • You looked at him and he was already crying D: you cleaned his tears and you kissed him
  • He knew he was forgiven and now, the relationship was more balanced


  • He didn’t want to take you to his musicals, movies, or other area where you guys have been to many times. He wanted to take you somewhere he always wanted to go to. You got home from work one day and instead of you coming home and making dinner, dinner was already made for you. You. Were. Fucking. Shook. You saw your boyfriend pull out the wine and everything and the both of you enjoyed a nice home cook meal.
  • You weren’t going to lie to yourself, because you were thinking something is about to happen because he rarely and I mean rarely cooked dinner for the both of you. You were giving him suspicious glances and all he did was smile. He finally told you that he had the day off and he already had the whole day planned for the both of you.
  • He made breakfast for you and took it to bed and picked out an outfit for you and everything c:
  • You two got in the car and ended up in a museum and you were surprised he didn’t take you to a movie or something. He loved your surprised face because he knew he did something right. Something unexpected because he wanted to show you a side of him that not many people knew…. His love for the arts, not the musicals, plays, sonnets, but real art. That Baroque period, the Impressionist and Post-impressionist period and everything. He wanted to show you a whole new world. He took you by the hand and guided you, shit you didn’t even need a guide tour because he was exlpaning everything and you never knew Zen had this side of him. You snuggled yourself closer to him when the ‘tour’ ended and thanked him for having trust in you to see every part of him. He grabbed your hand and interlocked it with his fingers and caressed it with his thumb. He brought your hand closer to his lips and kissed it gently. He looked at you with his beautiful orbs and you swore, you never saw his red orbs the same way. It had purity and innocence, something you haven’t seen before


  • You wanted to surprise him for your 1st year anniversary. He always talked about space stations and everything but you realized he has never actually been to one. You were honestly shooked because he always talked about it like he has been there but he only hacked the security system and browsed around thru camera :/
  • You felt so horrible you wanted to cry D: knowing this precious baby never been to a space station and your goal was to change that. In order to pull it of, you asked vanderwood for help and because you are amazing, he agreed c: 
  • He got the coordinates for yall to sneak into fucking NASA LMAO. Don’t ask how vanderwood managed for yall to go… he just did what he was asked to do xD
  • You told saeyoung to have full faith in him and to trust him * he was blind folded okay * and he agreed. He was still making jokes even on the plane and sometimes you gave him a break and let him see you and that’s all he ever wanted… was to see your face
  • When you were about to land you put the blind fold on again and Vanderwood was there waiting for you guys to sneak in. He was going to disrupt the security system for 30 seconds so yall had to get in quickly. You took the blind fold off and he was shook. He wanted to cry because you went thru the trouble for him :,D
  • You guys sneaked in and this man became a legit child. He had googly eyes and he was touching and taking pictures of everything. You guys were on the vents looking down and the main area where the control system is located and he was just happy? Like he never knew he could be that happy
  • The trip was cut short because the monitor in the main system was showing a rocket and he screamed because he thought it was beautiful and you guys had to run out of there
  • When you two finally managed to get back to the hotel room, you gave him a present a small red box. He looked at you with a puzzled expression wondering what you got him and it was a ring. You gave him a promise ring and tears were forming
  • Saeyoung Choi, ever since I entered the messenger, my life has took a big 180 and I could of never been so happy to have gotten the privilege to talk to you. I thank you for all the amazing memories we have done together from us talking as 707 to you showing me your true self…. For showing me who saeyoung is. I love you no matter what and I will always thank god for letting my guardian angel be my soul mate”
  • He cried even more


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
 hiya can you do a oneshot where the reader goes to Bucky’s house in tears and he comforts her after her parents emotional abuse becomes too much for her to handle. Thank you so much! (Sorry my English is really bad!!)
Warnings: Emotional abuse, Swearing
Notes: Heya! I know it’s been a super long time since I’ve actually posted a request so here is one that is quite close to my heart. I also just wanted to let any of you guys that are going through anything like this then I am always here if you need to talk! I know what it’s like to have a shitty parent and know just how emotionally draining that can be. Anyway enjoy!

Most people learned to deal with their shit. Whether it was past trauma, school bullies or first loves gone awry. Not you. For some reason your past had sunk a hook into you and just wouldn’t let go. You could pretend everything was okay, like it was all just some big joke that no longer bothered you, but it was all just lies. Lies that were wearing you down like a 50-ton weight resting on your shoulders. Things looked like they’d gotten better for you, and they had, good friends, an awesome job and the best boyfriend in the world, but your clusterfuck of a past just kept holding you back. The thought that you were about to ruin it all, merely by being yourself, plagued your mind and haunted your dreams, reminding you that you just weren’t good enough for the life you’d built around you.

“Hey doll.” Bucky smiled, kissing you gently on the forehead as he headed to the kitchen for a drink after his latest mission. “Hey, did you kick all the bad guys butts?” You asked, following him into the kitchen, decked out in a pair of pyjama shirts and one of Bucky’s worn out Henley’s. “Course!” He grinned, wrapping you in his arms as you leant up to kiss him on the lips. “I’m so proud.” You smiled against his lips. “Well, I had real good motivation to get home as soon as possible.” He murmured with a smile. “Hmm, and what’s that exactly?” You hummed in response, running your hands down his broad chest. “That leftover pie Steve brought round.” Bucky said with a chuckle as you shoved against his chest. “Of course.” You laughed, rolling your eyes before planting a kiss against his cheek, “Food is your kryptonite, I just hope the people never find out.” You whispered in mock concern, making Bucky chuckle and shut you up with a kiss.

Going into the centre of New York was always a slightly nerve racking thing for you. Your team thought it was because of the possibility of one of their enemies finding you when you were alone and vulnerable, but that was not the case. You knew when walking around on the streets there was a very high chance of running in to them, and that was something you just couldn’t handle. So you tended to avoid it as much as possible, ordering most things online and making excuses to stay in rather than go out on the town. But there were some things that were more important to you than hiding away from your past, your friends for example. Tomorrow was Wanda and Pietro’s birthday and you knew exactly what you wanted to get them. There was a small bakery in downtown Brooklyn that you’d taken them too when they’d first arrived in New York, it held special memories for the three of you and you really wanted to get them some of their cupcakes, if that meant a possible run in with your past then you were just going to have to risk it.

Walking down the bustling street, you couldn’t help but look over your shoulder every few minutes, paranoia building and making it impossible to think about anything else. You knew you should have accepted Bucky’s offer to accompany you, but you really wanted to do this yourself, and anyway it was one of his much needed days off and he deserved to lay around the apartment for as long as he wanted. Fiddling with the sleeves of your sweatshirt, you quickly dipped into the bakery before emerging with a box of brightly coloured blue, red and silver cupcakes. Proud of your achievement you let your guard down and enjoyed the cool breeze that was blowing and the warm sun that was beating down on your face. A tap on your shoulder had you bursting out of your bubble and spinning on your heels, face draining of colour when you saw who was stood in front of you.

***5 Years Ago***

“Why do you always have to ruin everything?” She scolded, eyes angry and mouth twisted in a grimace. “You can’t do anything right can you, you just have to make everything about yourself.” She continued, ignoring the pain that flashed across your face at her hurtful words. Sighing angrily, your mother stormed out of the room, leaving you with tears running down your cheeks and wheezing jagged breathes.

Things were always like this, she acted as though she loved you more than anything in front of other people, leaving them with the picture of a perfect family. Then behind closed doors she would take her anger and frustration out on you in the form of poisonous words and snide comments. Reminding you of how little you really mattered and blaming you for every little thing that happened.


“Y/N!” The painfully familiar voice greeted, a fake smile plastered on her face, “Oh how long has it been since we’ve seen each other, I love and miss you so much baby.” She cooed, bringing tears you knew were fake to the surface, holding her arms open as if for a hug. Stumbling back from her you could barely choke out a single word as she advanced on you further. “Oh darling, what’s wrong?” She asked in mock concern, knowing full well it was her presence that was causing you to freeze up. Everything she’d ever said to you flashing through your mind and the familiar prickle of anxiety settled in your chest. Without another thought you turned and ran, clutching the slightly squashed box of cakes against your chest as you stumbled through the streets of New York that now seemed just too small.

Crashing in through your apartment door, your breathing shallow as you slumped down at the door, the box you were holding sliding across the floor. “Doll?” Bucky’s voice called out, obviously hearing you arrive back home. “Y/N?” He called again, more worried when you didn’t reply. Walking out into the hall he saw you, slumped on the floor, tears running down your cheeks and your hands gripped on your thighs. “Doll…” He whispered, running to your side and squatting down in front of you. “What happened? Are you hurt? Who did this?” He asked in quick succession, wiping the tears from your cheeks and gently prying your hands away from the death grip you had on your own skin. Shaking your head, you tried to indicate that you weren’t in any physical pain, knowing that Bucky would only begin to panic more if you did nothing. Sitting down by your side, Bucky wrapped his arm around your shoulders, letting you cry against his side as you tried to calm down.

What seemed like hours later, you’d finally got yourself back in control, with your face buried in Bucky’s neck and your hands clenched in his shirt, trying to hold him in place for as long as possible. “Doll?” Bucky whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “What happened?” He asked, leaning his forehead against yours as you looked up. “I… I ran into my mum…” You murmured, breath hitching slightly as you spoke. Bucky looked slightly confused for a moment, mainly due to the fact that you’d never spoken about your mum, choosing to pretend she’d just never existed. “You know… I told you I left home about 4 years ago…” You mumbled, brushing your nose against Bucky’s collarbone as he nodded slightly in acknowledgment. “Well… I left because my mum made my life fucking miserable.” You sighed, clinging slightly tighter to his middle. “She would always say things that would make me feel like shit and then act like our arguments were all my fault. She made me feel like I was crazy and that my emotions were invalid. I had to get out, but we didn’t leave on great terms. I ran into her on the way home and she did what she always did. Act like everything was fine and she’d never done a damn thing wrong in her entire life.” You gushed, a few stray tears leaking from your eyes as you spoke. “Oh baby.” Bucky murmured, wrapping you up even tighter in his arms. “Why did you never tell me about this?” He asked, peppering kisses against your skin. “Because she made me feel so shitty about myself and it’s not a time of my life I like remembering.” You whispered, as Bucky hooked his arm under your legs and pulled you into his lap. “Doll, you never have to talk about anything you don’t want to. But just know this, if you ever need to get something off your chest or just need someone to unload on, then I am here. I love you more than anything and I will help you in any way I can!” He whispered against your skin, jaw clenching slightly in contained anger for anyone that had ever hurt you. “I love you too.” You whispered, leaning your forehead against his. “How about we got watch that shitty film you like and stuff our faces with popcorn, ice cream and sweets?” Bucky smiled, cupping your cheek in the palm of his hand. Nodding you pressed your lips against his and murmured a thank you. Things weren’t going to be automatically better for you, but unloading some of your problems made you feel just that little bit lighter, and knowing that you had Bucky made you feel like you could conquer anything, whether it was gun wielding baddies or your vicious relatives.

Press Play {Jerome Valeska.}

Jerome’s POV: (holy shit i never wrote in Jerome’s pov..) 

It’s been two weeks since she took her last breath. I haven’t laughed, smiled, or even killed anyone. I haven’t left this room or place. Theo’s place. My princess is dead and I, sadly, can’t change that. Theo knocks on the door. “Jerome.. you have a visitor.” I roll my eyes, Theo can’t leave me alone can he? Sometimes I wonder if he’s gay. “Let em’ in.” Theo opens the door and let’s Edward Nygma walk in. Ed was Y/N’s best friend. “Ed? What are you doing here?” He looks down at the box in his hands. “I.. I found something at Y/N’s. I thought you should hear it.” He sits next to me and awkwardly hands me the box, with a Walkman. “They’re cassette tapes?” He nods and stands up. “I’ll leave you be. Goodbye, Jerome.” He walks out the door. Leaving me confused as ever. I open the box to see  cassette tape and tons of pictures of me and Y/N around it. I sniffle and wipe my nose. I slide the tape into the Walkman and press play.  “So you pressed play. I’ll admit. I don’t know who’s listening to this. It is either me, reminding me why i’m with him.Or.. It’s you. ‘you’ can be anyone. The GCPD.. My best friend. Edward Nygma.. riddle man.” she chuckles on the other end. “Or you’re Jerome. My baby. My adorable ginger. Now I know.. you probably found this and like to be a nosy ass…” I smile at her ‘compliment.’ “Or, something bad happened to me or J. But if it is just me listening to this, I’m just going to get straight to the point.” My eyes fill with warm tears. I blink them back as i continue to listen. “I made this for my favorite ginger ever.. Jerome Valeksa.” Theo knocks on my door. My head shoots up and i press pause quickly. “You okay?” I sigh at the question that i get asked EVERYDAY. “I’m fine.” No. I’m not fine. My princess just died.. how am i suppose to be ‘fine?’ Now stop asking repeatedly. “dinner’s going to be ready soon.” I shake my head. “Not hungry.” I hear Theo sigh, and walk down the hall. I press play again. “Jerome I love you so damn much. Our relationship might be a crazy one, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I remember when I was in 7th grade.. I fantasized about having a cheesy boyfriend who would buy me anything I wanted just for some stupid kiss or a good reputation.” She laughs. “What a moron I was.. but baby.. You are and mean way more to me than that. I remember on Valentines Day.. you bought me like.. I don’t know.. 30 chocolate bars. And every time i offered you one.. you refused and said, ‘nope. they are yours. now eat them.’ I, of course, rolled my eyes and just ate them all because what was the point of trying.. ya know? You also gave me a jar that had red little scraps of paper. You told me they were reasons why you loved me. And the jar was full to the top. I know right, cheesy.” I remember that. It took me hours to do. “I completely freaked. No one. I mean no one, ever did that for me.” She couldn’t stop crying after I gave it to her. Then she smiled her beautiful smile. the one i fell head over heels for. “What did i do to deserve you?” You didn’t do anything. I didn’t deserve you. I brought you into my crazy life and that’s how you ended up dead. It should be me. Not you. “You just smiled and kissed me. The smile i completely fell for. Now a note for myself.. If you and Jerome are in a heated arguement, don’t leave him. 1) he will probably get pissed and kill like over 5 people just to find you. 2) it will get better. 3) you still love him. No matter how much you tell yourself that you don’t.” But you did leave, Y/N. You left me here alone. Why’d you leave me? “And Jerome.. if I did.. leave.. I’m so sorry. But i doubt I chose to leave.” No gorgeous.. you didn’t choose to. Jim Gordon let you die in that alleyway. Because he would rather watch you bleed to death then save you.. Just because I killed stupid commissioner Essen. “Now, Jerome.. baby.. if i was.. killed.” she pauses and I hear her breath hitch. “I know you’ll kill them. Worse. Painfully, hopefully.” She sobs quietly. A warm tear slides down my cheek. I don’t bother wiping it. I hate it when she cries.. and knowing she was crying when I wasn’t home and how i can’t wipe her tears anymore.. kills me.  “If i did die.. you’ll forget about me baby.. You life will go back to normal. You’ll meet someone. Have kids. Be a great father. Even though it breaks my heart to say this.. i know you will.” No, Y/N. That’s where you’re wrong. I can’t move on from this. “It isn’t going to be easy.” It hasn’t been easy. “But you’ll get through it. I know you will.” No princess. I won’t. I hear a door open and shut in the background. “Gorgeous?” someone calls.. me. “speaking of Jerome.” i remember that. She was sitting on the floor in our living room. “there you are princess!” I can picture myself grinning and hugging her. “Hiya Babe!” “wat ya doin?” She chuckles.. “memories babe.. memories.” I break down when she laughs as i hear me kissing her all over her face. I miss her so much. “You’re too adorable.” “I know.” she chuckles. “Say goodbye baby.” “Byeee. OH! There’s nothing more contagious than laughter.” I hear my laugh, which caused her to laugh. I’m not laughing, but the past us is. I hear a click. The tapes over. I sneak out of my bedroom and go into Theo’s supply closet. I grab a camera and sneak back into my room. I prop it up on the desk. “Hi.. most of you know me.. I’m Jerome.. Jerome Valeska. And um.. my baby girl… died a couple weeks ago..” I wipe my eyes. “No, I’m not committing suicide. no matter how much I want to end this pain and misery.. I have a job to do first.” I grab the Walkman. I breathe heavily. “I am going to play this tape.. I already listened to it but you get to hear it.”


I chuckle as i press the blade to his neck. “I SAID that’s ENOUGH!” I turn around, removing the blade from Bruce Waynes neck. Theo glares at me. Next thing I know, a knife is plunged into my throat. I whimper at the sudden impact. “I know, I know.. it’s not what we rehearsed.” I choke on the blood that starts to dribble down my chin, as theo lies me on the ground. I smile wide. “Tha-nk Y-You..” I mutter. Theo looks at me confused, then he realizes what I mean. I smile as wide as I could. It then all goes black.. 

 Holy wow. This is um.. depressing and horrible. PERFECT COMBINATION!! Anyhow! How’s yall day? Mine is just fucking peachy. 

anonymous asked:

1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 19 for Magnus Burnsides

ANON WHAT THE FUCK okay okay okay i’ll do it i asked for this i guess gog dang. i love my boy mango, so. sorry this is late but thats the price you pay for asking ten q’s about my beloved boy mango. no cut because fuck you all <3 

  • Their physical weak spots

his dick. i’m not even kidding you kick that boy in the nads,  that’s your best bet at throwing him off guard.

  • Their emotional/moral weak spots

hell of a lot of them. boy might be a brick shithouse but he’s an emotional marshmallow

i think the first canonical one is obviously his fear that he’s not strong enough to protect people, and i think that’s probably the easiest weak point. the second is that he has to do everything alone – boy has a martyr complex that’s super easy to exploit.

other than that - the wellbeing of his friends.

and morally - i think magnus can be stubborn. real fuckin stubborn. and he thinks that he’s right, and sometimes he probably has a tendency to think that viewpoints other than his own are bad. i think maybe he thinks in moral absolutes.

also, the guy trusts people too easily.

julia’s death is a huge weak spot. he doesn’t want to talk about it, i think. hell, i dont think most people know he even had a wife other than that he still wears a ring, and it’s this huge event in his life that like, disproportionally fucked him up.

  • Scars or painful spots

like, emotional or physical? emotional — well, look above, i guess.

physically: he’s got nicks and lil scars on his hands, lots of scars from when he blocked weapons with his arms or hands.  i think he’s probably got more than one facial scar, not just the one over his eyebrow. he’s got a couple of really big scars on his chest and stomach, too.

but after he gets his new vat-grown body i think he’s got pretty fresh skin w/o that many marks, and that sort of unnerves him, but also reminds him of the stolen century.

  • Their vices (physical or emotional)

I think Magnus likes drinking, tbh. getting rowdy with the boyz and having a pretty good time at the tavern or w/e.

other vices: magnus is like that kid who will put anything in his mouth and Eat It. see- the philosopher’s stone. I bet this happens a ton, like this deffo is not the first time he’s done this. its bad. its probably a meme among their friends by now.

emotional: i dont know if this is a vice but i think for a long time after julia, he tried to keep himself from getting too attached to people, and did the whole ‘lone ranger’ thing, and this is one hell of a self sabotage, because magnus is the sort of guy who needs/deserves/wants lots of people to care about and who care for him.

but added onto that, i think magnus actually….really likes physical contact. i think he’s that guy who’s pretty handsy with everyone and doesn’t have a personal space bubble and listen, on another dude this would be kind of creepy? but magnus is just. so genuine and wholesome about it? like it’s not creepy touching, it’s just like, idk he knows you for an hour and gives you a bear hug and you’re like “okay there big guy?”

((listen. travis touches all the npcs. relisten to taz and you’ll notice that most of the time travis just. touches the npcs.))

  • Bad memories/experiences

i mean i think we all know about the canon Bad Memory re: ravens roost so there’s no point of me going down the trauma train re: that

i think probably once they had a dog on the starblaster because magnus found a dog on one of the worlds and kind of just, smuggled it on board? and everyone got really attached to the doggo and magnus loved it very much but eventually, the dog died. and they buried the pupper on a new planet and after that there were no more dogs because they realized that there would always die and the team would keep living. and that sucks.

also i think tbh magnus’s parents died sometime when he was a teenager? or a couple of years before the starblaster journey- and i think they were really good parents and loved him very much and died in an accident or something, and magnus was sort of alone in the world for a couple of years. and that was really, that was really shitty.

  • Humiliating memories

i dont think magnus is embarrassed by much, tbh.

i think the first couple of times he lost a fight as a teenager were pretty humiliating for him

at the end of the beach year when everyone ganged up on him and spent like a week sneaking up and yelling MAGNUS! in his ear was pretty funny but a lil humiliating but also he completely deserved it.

and okay this isn’t actually humiliating but i think the first time him and julia sparred (bc julia is most deffo a fite girl) julia won. julia won so hard. julia knocked him on his ass in front of everybody and magnus looked at julia and was like, holy shit, that’s the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me, im gonna marry this woman.

  • Fears/phobias

spiders. just like travis. big ones? small ones? doesnt matter the size, fam he’s gonna scream and make someone else catch it.

i think behind his desire to protect people, he’s really scared of being the reason somebody else he loves gets hurt? which is why he’s such a fuckin meat shield all the time, god, what an idiot.

i think he’s also actually kind of scared of being alone and losing everything again. well, most people are, i suppose.

  • Grudges and vendettas

hm. magnus holds grudges i think, but very….inconsistently. like, either he forgives you instantly or he holds a grudge forever. and i think he holds really silly grudges over really silly things. (i mean we could talk about kalen but thats canon yanno)

- that one guy who told him that his Beautiful Chair Son Sitboy1 wasnt anything special. magnus hates this man forever.

- some adventurers who asked him why he was adventuring with taako and merle, anyway. fuck that guy for insulting his friends

- one of julia’s friends who said that julia was too good for him. because excuse me? magnus is perfect. magnus knows he’s perfect.

- also i think he hates the vogue elves forever. not just for taking stuff from him, but from taking stuff from his friends.

  • What gets them flustered

not that much, actually. magnus is kind of a black and white thinker in some ways so faced with most problems or situations i think he just makes a decision and fuckin goes for it.

i think julia got him flustered. julia got him real confused. not that he was confused about liking her, but he wasn’t sure how to approach her in a way that made sense. and i mean, i’m writing this whole fucklong multichapter about that whole deal, but i think magnus fell in love with julia a bit before she fell in love with him, and julia had wanted to leave town before the whole revolution happened and they both got involved in that, so faced with a situation where what he wants and what someone he loves wants are different things, he gets kinda flustered.  

  • Ingrained habits/forces of habit

he’s a real fidgety boy. always needs to be doing something with his hands, or bouncing his leg or something — this stops a lot after he takes up carving, because he channels that energy into whittling lil things.

also he’s one of those people who like, has to work out every day. he started cause it was like, you know, important to be fit and ready to fite, considering his job, but it’s part of his routine at this point.

also i think that whenever he sees something cool he kind of thinks “wow, julia would love this,” and then its like “oh. she isnt here” and its just a reflex thought that he never really shakes, even decades after her death.

  • People they’ve hurt or indirectly killed, and how it affected them

tbh. i think magnus, being magnus, feels like he got ravens roost destroyed. i think he thinks its his fault that his wife is dead – even though really, i dont think he actually did anything wrong. i think probably this haunts him for a long time, and i think canon is a lot of him forgiving himself and realizing that hey, one man army isnt a thing, and things arent always about you. i think his belief that he indirectly destroyed the town by not killing kalen probably made him more ruthless re: killing. i think he probably thinks that maybe he should stay away from people. i think meeting up with the boys and their adventures (except for phandolin) kind of makes him change his mind.

i think he also probably feels really guilty about every planet that they couldnt save from the hunger.

i dont think he consciously thinks about this too much, though. he tries not to dwell on the sad shit, but it definitely affects how….impulsive, and savior-complexy he can get.