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  vulptex (pl. vulptices)

“The idea is that these wonderful sort of feral creatures had lived on this planet (Crait) and had consumed the planet’s surface, and as such had become crystalline. They live within the burrows and within the tunnels beneath the planet,” Neal Scanlan, head of the Star Wars creature shop, says. “So there is a time where their ability to shine within the darkness, should provide a guiding light to our heroes.”

The creatures were designed by Aaron McBride and Pablo Hidalgo came up with their name from the Latin word for fox, and the name of the fox genus, vulpes and vertices (singular: vertex), or the corners of any polyhedron, a shape assimilated with crystals.

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Hi, I'm the person who mentioned on a post about tagging you for Writing Wednesday. I've made a couple of other things over the past couple of weeks that I've tagged you with as well; there's no pressure to do anything if you have seen them, but if you haven't I figure it's a clear sign that the tagging isn't working for you right now.

That’s very disconcerting to hear. 

I want to also be clear that I’ve never been selective about submissions for Writing Wednesday. I always share everyone’s submissions.

So, if anyone is in a position where their work was not reblogged when they tagged us, it’s likely that I missed it so I would definitely appreciate a message or a submission to the direct link to your fic.

For people critiquing Diana’s love of Steve, as excessive, like ‘its been a century chill’ or ‘you only knew him for a couple weeks’ I am going to disagree and here is why: 

First off you need to keep in mind that Diana lived a completely sheltered life where lose wasn’t even something she had to come to terms with. Sure she understood battle loss conceptually but she had no experience with it. Moreover,despite having possible sexual relations (men aren’t necessary for orgasms just a reminder she bi) she never had a serious romantic relationship. 

Next, war amplifies everything, Diana’s entire concept of man is wrapped up in Steve. She is forced to confront the reality of loss so vividly: the villagers, soldiers. She had to understand that millions upon millions died, zero to sixty real fast, this was bloody and painful after her first real personal loss on the island just days before.  

The connections she makes she losses i.e. the village. 

Steve and Diana fall in love, beautifully, they connect, they disagree but they find mutual respect and admiration. Diana see’s hope in Steve not because he is naive, but because he see’s the worst in man and still believes: true faith in being good. 

Diana has the most intense human experience love, in an amplified arena of war, her first love is powerful, but he is also her first true loss in terms of romantic love. It isn’t a case of he dumped or they break up, she feels utterly responsible for his death. He died so she could save the world, she carries the same type of guilt that Bruce does. But Bruce is accustomed to loss. Diana her first experience with death was the day Steve landed on the island she first did battle. All her losses are tied up with Steve. 

Guilt, pain, and responsibly all coupled with a broken heart, it would make anyone want to retreat.

That’s more than logical. The line ‘they are all Steve Trevor’ is so important it reminds us what she is afraid of its not only love but the responsibility that someone will believe in her life Steve did and risk or die for her. 

Also keep in mind that a century for her isn’t that long compared to a human. One world war is plenty to deal with. She has done well. 

People who say that Rey being Obi-Wan’s granddaughter would “betray” Obi-Wan’s character, because he’s a staunch Jedi who would never betray the Jedi ways by having children–

Are we even watching the same series?! Case and point:

“Had you said the word, I would have left the Jedi Order.” Friendly reminder that Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV Show is still considered part of canon, and not part of legends. That means that Obi-Wan canonically had a love interest he would have left the Jedi Order for. 

If you want to believe that Luke would go against the Jedi Code and have children, despite the only relationships he’s had now being classed as “legend”, (whilst Obi-Wan/Satine is canon; “I love you” and all), then it is not a stretch to imagine Obi-Wan having children, too.

It is not a betrayal of his character, and the people who say that clearly make no effort to research Star Wars canon before they start espousing these ideas.

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Fuoror reminds me of Fehlaaur from the Star Wars Legacy comic.

I had to go and look him up ‘cause I didn’t know who he is.

He’s a CUTIE and he has great hair (and cheekbones).  I love his little hair wisps.  Maybe he’s a descendant of Fuoror.  xD 

In all seriousness, his character sounds really cool and I love the list of accomplishments (he ends up the head of Imperial Intelligence???  Awesome!!)  And I love that he’s apparently always the calm and collected and aloof one among all the hotheaded ambitious human Moffs he’s surrounded by (how very Chiss, haha….poor guy, lol).

Is he very present in these comics?  Or more of a background character?  Should I bother reading these?  (Is it even possible to, anymore?)  Hmmm… regardless, I like him already (I’m not bias what do you mean).  Thanks for introducing me to another Chiss character!!  There aren’t enough of them.  :(

“did chris evans actually jump that high to grab onto that helicopter in civil war?”

friendly reminder that chris vaulted with ease over chris pratt after just telling him less than a minute before that he would be able to clear him if he only put his head down.

hey I’m seeing a lot of rose-tinted revisionism of george w. bush so here’s your unfriendly reminder that the man is a war criminal whose hands are irrevocably stained with the blood of tens of thousands of middle eastern civilians so fucking miss me with that please


the war : the power of music tracklist  °☆ :*


He felt Baze’s heavy, familiar tread pound the ground, smelled his brother’s sweat as he leaned close. He wanted to say, Baze! My eyes—I can’t see! but Baze Malbus had always needed comfort more than humor.

“Chirrut,” Baze murmured. “Don’t go. Don’t go. I’m here…”

He wondered for a moment how Baze had crossed the battlefield to reach him. But of course the Force had reunited them before the end.

Baze’s callused fingers rubbed life into the back of Chirrut’s hand. “It’s okay,” Chirrut said. “It’s okay. Look for the Force and you will always find me.”

He tried to smile, but he was no longer sure he could.

The words of the chant echoed in Chirrut Îmwe’s heart once more before he died:

I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.

From the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story novelization by Alexander Freed