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Today is... My Birthday! :D

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(soundtrack - though probably obvious. :P)

Another year lived! Another year ALIVE. These days I don’t think so much about aging; I think about surviving. It’s been quite a year for me (and maybe eventually I’ll go into detail, because I do think there’s value in sharing), but I’m in a much, much better place than I was on this exact day last year. Here’s to another year of moving forward. To living, to being alive. :)

   just a reminder that we’re all perfectly flawed but that’s what makes us beautiful. yes, we have things that we want to change about ourselves but just know that you are beautiful. i, too, am still trying to accept my body tbh. i so wish to have a flat stomach & toned EVERYTHING, but i’ve come so far in how healthy i am. you have to give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. LOVE YOURSELF. there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOVING YOURSELF. every flaw, every stretch mark, every thing you consider ugly, it is actually beautiful. you are wonderful <3

Drarry Meets Scorbus

Albus: Umm dad… I’m gay and I’m dating Scorpius.
Harry: Cool
Scorpius: Dad… I am in love with Albus.
Draco: No surprise there.
Harry: So our sons are dating huh?
Draco: Yeah. Kind of reminds me of the old days
Harry: Oh yeah. That. Should we tell them?
Draco: Probably not.
The End


Levi knew it was his weakness. Immediately Archer pulled back, gasping softly as he felt the singer’s nails grazing against his skin. You fucking tease, the blond growled, their lips colliding as if a force greater than either of them had taken control.

And it had. Though they both knew how wrong their encounters really were, nothing could stop the magnetism between them. For as long as either could remember, they had been attracted to each other, pulled together with a desperate need to be close. As wrong as this moment may have truly been, everything about it felt so right.

His was the kiss that he craved when he laid alone at night. Archer was the one his mind wandered to during quiet moments throughout his day. Considering the random messages, reminders of his love & his desire, he knew the dancer felt the same.

Three years. That was how long it had been since everything had seemingly come crashing down. Three years since Levi had walked away. Yet somehow, when they were together like this, it felt as if no time at all had passed. The same love & the same passion that had always been there remained. Their incredible need for one another had never wavered. Levi had tried throughout this time to replace him; to find the one man who could help him forget. In the end, this is where he found himself. In Archer’s arms, he felt like he was right where he belonged.

Without breaking their kiss, Archer’s foot reached around his lover’s legs to push the metal chair away from his desk. The loud sound of it scraping across the floor made the brunette laugh quietly into their kiss. Rearranging, are we?

Sit, Archer breathed, lust in his husky tone. But first… He paused, looking the brunette deeply in his soft brown eyes before winking & grasping at the hem of his t-shirt. Swiftly he stripped him of it. Stepping back slightly as he tossed it onto the floor at the front of the music room, he eagerly drank in the sight of the man’s toned form before his lips dove in for more.

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Can you to Reaper, Error, and Ink's reaction to Bendy and the Ink Machine?

I don’t like Bendy and the Ink Machine guys! It’s a great game and the graphics are cool, but I’m personally not a fan! (So please stop sending me them, I won’t do a good job) 


Death likes the lack of color and the old style animation and graphics, yet it’s somehow nice and clear at the same time. It reminds him the old days where he took a certain famous person’s life. 


He finds it boring to constantly look for hidden objects and switches. The first episode where the main character had to find all these sacrificial items was a nightmare to him. 


He loves it! Ink finds it very creative and different from the recent indie horror games and he doesn’t really get scared easily he appreciate the magnificence without getting freaked out. He’s also listens to Build Our Machine on repeat. (And so do I. I may not like the game, but I can appreciate the fan songs) 

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RTC question: does Loki play any instruments? That article I linked the other day about Wanda's room in CW reminded me that she has a guitar, and I suddenly love the idea of them in Wakanda awkwardly bonding over learning to play some kind of Wakandan instrument.

hmmm, I have not actually thought about if Loki knows an instrument! I can kind of see him go either way on this - I’m not sure it would be his type of creativity exactly? but I can also picture him setting himself the challenge of learning an instrument just to show that he can. 

I feel like he’d like piano. I’m not sure why, I don’t have a good explanation, just a feeling. maybe it’s the hands. Loki definitely has piano hands.

Wanda I definitely feel like would learn instruments. like, more than one - I feel like she’d pick up instruments like Loki picks up languages. she’s bored or anxious and picks up a new instrument to learn. 

…now I’m picturing Wanda, who in my headcanon in RTC has been making friends with the Dora Milaje, trying to convince one of them to teach her how to play a common Wakandan instrument (what would it be? needs more worldbuilding). 

Loki shows up for one of their magic sessions and Wanda’s like “okay okay just sit over there, I wanna show you something” and is so excited to share this new instrument of hers with someone

ughhh loss of powers when sneezing is such a good concept man. reminds me of my x//men days where i used to write young!mag/neto (bc i’m in love with mich//ael fass//bender huehuehue) having sneezing fits and essentially sending metal flying EVERYWHERE lmao 

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Hi!! ♡ Could I trouble you for some McCree? Like, what makes this guy's heart just melt? (It's vague, I know, I'm sorry, but I just want a soft, happy McCree.)

Send me prompts!
No it’s great!!! I love this !!!

A nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning. It’s not so much the drink itself as it is the familiarity of it and the fact that it’s often drunk at the breakfast table with the rest of the agents

  • He loves the buzz around the base whenever he gets back from missions. Everything from the other agents’ excited talking and Angela fretting over him reminds him of his Blackwatch days and reminds him that they’re still succeeding in making the world a better place.
  • Old memories will generally make him happy, if only in a bittersweet way. Usually they’re ones told over a drink with Genji, Fareeha, or Angela, or old pictures he finds lying around, usually of Gabe or Genji’s old look– which McCree just loves to tease him about
  • Fareeha definitely makes his heart melt a little every time he sees her. She looks so much like her mother all grown up, and how far she’s gotten and the woman he’s become makes him so proud
  • Lazy mornings in bed with his S/O are definitely at the top of the list. There’s something so sweet about your tired face and having the person he loves snuggled up against him
  • Finding his S/O in one of his shirts or wrapped up in his serape
  • PDA will definitely make him all flustered and embarrassed !!

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Nikk I'm so happy you always check the source and reblog the post with credit! And thank you for constantly reminding your followers about this. You're a gr8 dude, have a good day!!


reminder; today ( April 24 ) was holocaust rememberance day. keep in mind all that were stripped of their lives at a age that they should have seen plenty more years pass. all those that never married, never fell in love, never saw their children again, were separated from their family, and murdered for simply being who they are. keep in mind those millions of lives that sit beneath the soil and the lost souls that drift through the smoke.

(( to be clear, april 24 is Yom Hashoah, which is the holocaust rememberence day in israel ))