Day Three Hundred Ninety Nine.

All day
Words echo through my tired mind
Loud and violent
Without pause
Constant reminders 
That refuse to cease 
I am more
Than a number
I am more
Than what you make me out to be
I am more 
Stop putting me through
This endless torture
Stop telling me 
That I’m not

Reminder: The only way to get over a painful experience is through. You can’t go around it, and you can’t avoid it. You’ve got to feel your way out of the pain. You’ve got to hurt until you no longer do. 

♡  trans people who don’t take hormones are still trans  ♡

♡  trans people who don’t have surgery are still trans  ♡

♡  trans boys who dress or act feminine are still trans  ♡

♡  trans girls who dress or act masculine are still trans  ♡

♡  there’s no right or wrong way to be trans  ♡

♡  you are “trans enough”  ♡

♡  you’re just as valid as every other trans person  ♡

♡  take whatever path makes you happy  ♡

support trans kids with “cool names” or unique and different names

support trans kids with common names

support trans kids with names that relate to their culture and/or heritage

support trans kids who can’t change their birth name

support trans kids that don’t want to change their birth name

support trans kids with their names by calling then whatever they have chosen

support trans kids by not deadnaming them 

support whatever decision trans kids make about their names because our names mean something to us and don’t dismiss it because you don’t think it’s important.

It’s National Coming Out Day tomorrow and I just want to remind everyone of a few things:

  • You do NOT have to come out! You should never feel pressured to. 
  • Only come out IF you are safe and accepted.
  • There is no “CORRECT” way to come out. Everyone is different and there’s no perfect format for the dialogue.
  • You’re allowed to change. Don’t feel like the identity you come out as is permanent. Some people find one label and it sticks, some change their label before finding the correct one, some never do and some don’t believe in labels. 
  • Most importantly: YOU DO YOU. There are no rights or wrongs.

Be safe lovelies and I am sending my best wishes for you all.

here’s some body positive reminders for u cutie buns!!

  • u a lil chubby??? amazing!!! u r so cute!!!
  • u a lot chubby???? beautiful!!! ur cute af!!!
  • u not so much chubby??? lovely!!! ur a cutie pie too!!!
  • have a body that’s a bit out of proportion or in between sizes??? incredible!! u r unique and super frickin cute!!!
  • have any sorts of scars??? that’s ok!!! they are not flaws!! it’s proof that u have lived thru and survived something tough!!! u can fight whatever life throws at u!!! ur so  cute and tough!! 
  • have stretch marks???? stunning!! look at u and ur beautiful tiger stripes!!! ur lil lightning bolts!! heck yes!!
  • have acne?? u guessed it, ur still super frickin’ cute!!! acne does not change ur value!!! it is out of ur control do not let anyone make u feel bad about it!!
  • literally u r cute no matter what ok i love u