reminded me of how much i miss my baby


151227 Gayo Daejun

Luke and Jason

when i saw my friend’s go look up @seventhdemigod he’s fucking awesome fanart of Jason and Luke they look the same


blonde hair
blue eyes
scar on the face

and it made me think about Thalia

it made me think of Thalia missing her baby brother who is literally the only reason she put up with their mom
and when he was gone Thalia knew that that wasn’t her home anymore.

it made me think of Thalia meeting this boy
who must’ve reminded her so much of her lost brother. 
how she found home in a different but familiar face

it made me think of Thalia waking up and finding out Luke turned against them
how Luke is trying to destroy the home Thalia sacrificed her life for them to get to. and she is just so lost that she cant help but blame herself for not being there for Luke. Maybe she could’ve talked this out with him before it grew into complete hatred towards the gods

it made me think of Thalia thinking about how her heart breaks when she heard about Luke dying, and how prod she was that in the end he did the right thing. but she just cant help but feel shattered by how broken her home is

it also made me think of Thalia finding Jason. How she forgot about being a huntress for a moment because this is Jason. Her Jason. Her little brother. who once was her only home. But looking at him hurt. looking at him strikes an arrow at her heart. She can’t help but see how he looks so much like Luke but lighter. how he didnt carry a chip on his shoulder. how this could’ve been Luke i only thalia was there

it just really made me think of how Thalia has gone through a lot of shit and all she ever wanted was to have a home.

im not crying
im just sweating through my eyes

“I miss you” by adele is about TIF

when they already know harry is leaving for his intership, but they are not talking about their feelings. they are  just suffereing in silence, but they dont stop sleeping together bc thats their last bit of connection. Louis just cuts all the emotional aspect of it. they are in same place, but they already miss each other so much and they are fucking misserable

you gotta listen t the song not just read these lyrics. its the perfect angst-sex tune

“Bring the floor up to my knees,Let me fall into your gravity
Then kiss me back to life to see,Your body standing over me

Baby don’t let the lights go down

I miss you when the lights go out, It illuminates all of my doubts
Pull me in hold me tight don’t let go Baby give me light

We play so dirty in the dark Cause we are living worlds apart
It only makes it harder baby It only makes it harder baby”

i talked about how “when we wre young” reminded me of “empty skies” and “all i ask” was about “jump before we fall”. i will make 25 about larry fics