remind you to breath

Dear you,
You are going to make it through this.
I know it feels like you can’t do this anymore. I know that your lungs burn every time you inhale, the painful reminder you are alive, and I know you want to stop breathing more than you want to see the sunsets you used to love. I know looking at certain people hurts your soul more than your own existence, and the thought of them leaving destroys you even though you know it’s inevitable. I know.
I know the stars that once instilled wonder in your mind have stopped shining, that you can no longer find joy in the simple beauties of this earth.
But one day, you’ll be able to see the stars again.
One day, you’ll breathe in hope and never lose it again.
Keep going.
That day will come.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep going.

(( its been a tough couple of weeks, i think we could all use a little break))

I know we don’t talk much anymore
I’m sorry
I’ve been a bit tired lately

I hope your smile’s as prevalent as ever
I know it’s been a bit hard lately
But you’re still worth more than you know

And if you haven’t had the energy
To light the sky with your sunset smile
If you’re feeling hopeless again
If your hands are reaching for a light you can’t find

Here’s your reminder
To breathe
To get back up
Darling a piece of my heart still belongs to you
You’re gonna be alright

—  //The shattered flower
Reminders for Binders this fall season:

• If you have ANY trouble breathing, feel faint/dizzy, or are in pain: Take your binder off immediately, stretch your arms above your head then to your side, take several deep breaths in a row, cough to loosen any build up fluid in your lungs, and do not put your binder back on.

• If you are experiencing a cold/flu/allergies, and you feel you MUST bind, please consider using a looser binder, or one with a zipper/velcro for quick and easy removal.

• If you know you have a cold/flu/any infection in the lungs/ or stomach bug, please do not wear your binder until your symptoms have passed. (I know it’s hard, but be safe. Throwing up or having a coughing fit with one on is painful and dangerous.)

• When the weather starts to get cold, remember that layers are your friend, but overheating can still happen. Be aware of what you’re wearing with your binder, and keep track of your amount of exertion.

• If you are someone who suffers from panic attacks, anxiety, claustrophobia, etc, try to keep track of your usual signals and be ready to loosen/remove your binder when and where you can. (Again, zipper/velcro binders are the best for this) I would also suggest coats and jackets you can easily remove/open for this exact purpose.

• Again, if you suffer from any sort of anxiety disorder (or even if you don’t) , consider mapping out private spaces and restrooms ahead of time, in case you need to remove/adjust your binder.

• PLEASE do not wear your binder when you are sick. Seriously.

Bind safely, folks.


things have been good lately !! just can’t deal with snakes lol :))))) but other than that ive been okay bahahah + for anyone who needs the reminder: you’ll be okay. i know those words are overused, but i mean it. here’s a reminder to breathe and take care of yourself, you got this 💖

“Do not seek the light.
See it.
Do not look for beauty.
Be it.
Do not search for Self.
Know it.
Let the birdsong teach you.
Let the sunrise break your heart open.
Let every breath remind you of sudden miracles.”
— Jeff Foster

Artist: Charles Crabtree

Reflections // Yoongi

Drabble game request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Word count: 1,562 words

Character: Yoongi x reader

Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/FlashlightsPart 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

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i just love how?? all the characters are just?? truly good people??? because we need to see that more!!! we need to see good people being so genuinely good because it gives us so much faith in humanity and we need that because we live in a world that is constantly making us doubt the goodness of humankind and this show is such!! SUCH a breath of fresh air!! and it reminds you that there ARE so many good people out there and it makes YOU want to be one of those good people, it reminds you that being a good person is the best option, ALWAYS the best option! skam honestly makes me so happy bless bless bless :)) 

Here’s another commission I did for @priyasfinalfantasy!!! thank you so, so much for your patronage, friend!! and thank you for believing in my skills ;;;v;;; ♥♥♥ u are a blessing ♥♥



Imagine Steve grabbing Tony’s tie and pulling him in, and Tony being like “Jealous, Captain?” and Steve being like “just reminding you who you belong to, Stark” his breath ghosting over Tony’s lips.


“I want to share every single one of your sunshines and save them for later. I will tuck them into my pockets so I can give them back to you when the rain falls hard. Friend, I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breath. When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go.”


A lot of people have already posted about this, but I just got around to watching this episode of the Final Station. But wow, this is such a beautiful thing to hear. I love how I can watch a huge bombastic personality playing a game, but then once in a while, when you seem to need it the most, he settles down and you hear him tell you this. Someone simply reminding you to take it easy for a moment and breathe is so helpful. Thank you so much, Jack.

From “The Final Station #4”

How to pick yourself up

So I realized last night that I have this down to a science.

Too busy to shower and feel gross, don’t feel good and it shows outwardly, been cramped inside and no reason to look nice so you put no effort into anything? Same.

1.) Wash and exfoliate your face. Cold water.
2.) Moisturize.
3.) Drink a big glass of water and/or tea.
4.) Put on a few coats of mascara and sparkly earrings if you do that.
5.) Put on a new shirt and leggings or nicer pants instead of sweatpants.
6.) Pull your hair up so you’re not being reminded of its state.
7.) If you can, step outside and breathe deeply. Five seconds in, five seconds out.

8.) Realize that it’s just an episode and your life doesn’t suck. And you’re beautiful or handsome or absolutely rad. Chin up.