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The Edge of Tonight - Dean Winchester

Summary ;; when y/n realises that the mark of cain is slowly turning dean into something that he’s not, she’s immediately there to be there for him and to reel him back from the seemingly inevitable edge.

A/n ;; gifs aren’t mine x

Warnings ;; angst, violence, death, season nine spoilers

Words ;; 2.1k

Published ;; 21st april, ‘17


Stay safe + ily 🌇

“Look - we want to gank this Abaddon bitch, right?” Dean arched an eyebrow in askance, looking over and you and Sam with clear annoyance lacing his tone at the both of your persistence to be hesitant about the plan. 

When the two of you nodded your heads slightly, he rolled his eyes and added, “Great, and this is the only way in which we can do that, so we stick to the plan. Crowley will hand Abaddon over to us, more specifically - me, and they’re in that very building,” He jerked his head to the side, referring to the 5-star hotel that stood tall next to the three of you. 

“But, Dean, the mark-” You started, worried for the outcome of this so-called ‘well thought out’ plan that Dean had conjured, but, your excuse was severed short by Dean’s hand reaching out for yours as he gently tugged you away from Sam and closer to himself.

“I know, (Y/N/N). But this is our only option, okay? I gotta do this. You have to trust me,” He let out in quiet mumbles, his deep green eyes that you loved so much peering down into yours as his thumb gently ran back and forth across your knuckles.

You hesitated for a moment, still uneasy about letting him go through with this. However, you knew that he was right, you were defeatedly running out of options on how to kill the Knight of Hell who so desperately wanted to begin her crusade to take over and rule Hell and Earth.

Eventually, you looked up at him with loving, (y/e/c) eyes and let a quiet sigh escape. “Okay, I trust you,” Your whispered words brought out a small twinkle in his eyes and a smile playing at the corner of his lips as you sent him a little shrug of your shoulders.

“Thankyou,” He pressed his lips to yours softly in a short but sweet and lingering kiss, his hand coming up to lightly cup your jaw and a wave of heat blossomed over the apples of your cheeks, settling you aglow due to the gentle PDA that he so rarely showed. 

He pulled away slowly, his eyes casting over at Sam - catching his younger brother’s attention as he spoke up, “Crowley mentioned that he saw some demons head into the basement for whatever reason so (Y/N), you and Sam go check that out. I’ll take the main floor.” Then, he grabbed the First Blade which was currently wrapped in a thin, brown cloth from the Impala before turning on his heels to face you once more.

“Be safe,” He mumbled, pecking your lips gently one last time before he took his entrance through the hotel doors.

You glanced over at Sam, your features clearly showing your apprehension and concern but your legs carried you towards him, nevertheless. “Let’s just get this over with,” You let out in mutters, sending him a tight-lipped smile before pushing open the glass doors and trundling casually down the corridors with your best friend, unwillingly searching for the basement.

“Nothing out of the ordinary, no traps, no signs of struggle, no traces of sulphur - nada,” You let out a huff in exasperation after checking over every inch of the dusty room three times consecutively; your mind reeled with confusion as you wondered why Crowley had told Dean that he saw demons venture down into the basement when there clearly hadn’t been any in this vicinity.

“But…” Sam’s voice trailed off as his eyes darted over the basement once more, his eyebrows furrowed quizzically until eventually, he seemed to connect all the dots in his head and he spun to face you quickly.

Sharing instant worried looks with Sam’s hazel eyes through the darkness of the desolate basement, you knew that you had both been struck with harsh realisation that Dean had lied to the two of you about his conversation with the King of Hell and if that was the case, he was probably doing something regrettable and rash at that very moment.

“Crap,” You cursed and the two of you pivoted rapidly on your heels and turned to the stairs, your feet taking every other step until you reached the top with Sam hot on your trail. You flung the door open and rushed into the lobby, not perceiving the odd looks that were thrown your own as you ran to the stairs, knowing that there would be no time for the elevator.

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Hey Ennun! I've been following your blog for a long time and I really really love your art. It's so beautiful. I recently went through your whole Halloween AU, and it's so cute. Could I ask for some quick Taegi Drabble -a shy Taegi trash anon

Yoongi didn’t really know why he was acting like this. Why he was so… attached. By all means, he had never found it easy to trust or get close to others. Might have something to do with his damn father and his constant guests around the mansion. He had learned to have a guard up at all times. 

Trust issues. 

He had been aware without Namjoon pointing it out, in all honesty, but, somehow, hearing it with his own ears had made him dislike it, rather than just accept it like usual. He didn’t like that it took him close to years to become comfortable to people he considered friends. He’d felt like shit when he couldn’t open up to Namjoon about anything for the first decade of their friendship. 

But that was just how he was. He had only ever had full, 100% trust and faith in Hoseok. Because he knew him and he knew Hobi was on his side, no matter what.

He had learned, over the years, to accept that yes, he would always require an absurd amount of time to be able to talk to someone without feeling the need to hold back information. 

And then Taehyung appeared.

Maybe it was because he was just a child, or maybe because he was so hurt and weak and quite literally on the edge of life and death when Hoseok had brought him home that he had never felt the need to hide himself. What could a kid do? What need did he have to hold his guard to a child who couldn’t even hold his tail still when he smelled food? 

“You sure that’s the only reason?” Namjoon had asked him one day, when Taehyung was playing around with Jungkook, only slightly limping. His smaller bruises had all healed, but his bigger injuries were still a problem. 

“What do you mean…?”

“Don’t you think” the mummy started slowly, as if if he wasn’t careful, he might somehow anger the other “that the reason you feel so attached to him is because, well… he reminds you of yourself?”

No. He had never thought that. How could… what possible similarities were there between them? Taehyung was clingy, needy, always looking for someone to be next to him, whether living or not. He cried easily, he whined and made people sleep with him. Yoongi had never been like that. He had always been independent, always pushing people away and making himself an oversize personal bubble. 

“I fail to see in what ways we are similar. We’re nothing alike. Are you sure that smart brain of yours hasn’t expired?”

Namjoon only snorted in reply before moving his gaze to watch Jungkook get tackled by Tae. “You’re more similar than you like to admit.”

“Namjoon, I really think yo-”

“Actually” Both men jumped at the sound of Hoseok’s gentle voice. They forgot he was there “he does remind me of the young master. It’s rather cute.”

“Oh my god, not you to!? I seriously feel like I’m missing something, how does he remind you of me in any way? He acts nothing like I do! Or ever did, in fact.”

“Ah… but it’s not the way he acts that reminds us of you” Hobi smiled, watching as Tae quickly made his way to them, immediately jumping on Yoongi’s lap.

“I beat Jungkookie!”

Yoongi smiled, chosing to put the discussion behind for now “You sure did.”

“Will you play with me now?” Tae asked excitedly, his still somewhat poor tail wiggling behind. Yoongi didn’t bother answering, instead grabbing the child tightly and getting up, much to Jungkook’s dismay “Hey! No fair! That means it’s just me against both of you!?”

“Suck it up kid! Now run, before I take back your ten seconds advantage.”

“What, only ten!? With two people who can track!?”

“7… 6… 5…”

“I’m running! I’m running!”

Hoseok smiled to himself, watching Yoongi drop Tae and both of them sprinting towards a still-yelling Jungkook. Indeed, his little master was not similar to Taehyung in how he acted, but in what they wanted.

Yoongi had always had problems with giving or receiving affection, even though it had always been obvious he craved it, whereas Taehyung just went for it with no restraints. 

It was good that he had found Tae all those weeks ago. He hadn’t seen Yoongi smile so much since he could remember.