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7 Reasons Why

So…. I am currently watching the new tv show “13 Reasons Why” and my mind decided to make a tragically-beautiful connection tooooo can you guess what?? YUP LANCE!! So here are my thoughts once again… hope you enjoy and feel free to comment any other ideas!!
*NOTE* I’m lowkey crying as I’m writing this. My heart isn’t okay. I’m not okay, okay?? *MORE NOTES* So this came out kinda different than the show/book but i hope yall kinda get the idea

  • Lance was dead. Had committed suicide to be exact. And he left his story behind.
  • The tapes appeared from nowhere. No one knew where they came from or where they disappeared to. No one knew that the tapes contained so much in such a small amount of time. No one knew that these tapes would become an ugly part of them.
  • “Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain (KINDA LOVE THIS LAST NAME) here. Live and in stereo.”
  • Lance starts off by explaining his “7 Reasons Why” (hahaha get it? Cuz he’s the seventh wheel?? *cries*) he committed suicide and his two rules.
    • “Rule number one. You must listen to the tapes. I’m not gonna lie. This is going to be hard to do but you MUST LISTEN.”
    • “Rule number two. When you are done, you must leave them where you found them. And if you, oh lets say, decide to throw them away, tsk tsk tsk…. bad things will happen.”
  • “First and foremost, our mighty and heroic leader, Shiro.”
    • “I wasn’t good enought to be praised by you.” Lance explains that Shiro was a good leader, a great leader one might say. Unreplacable, “unlike me.” So why was it that he never told Lance “great job” or “thanks for the help.” Why did he alway care so much for Keith? Told him “great job out there” and patted him on the back after every battle. Why did he always take his side even when he was in the wrong? Why did he treat Pidge like a little sister? Always taking care of them and making sure they were getting enough sleep. Always being so nice and caring to both. “You were always my hero but why did you not act like it?” He never payed attention when Lance didnt get enough sleep or didnt eat or was sick. Always making him work and train. Always pointing out his flaws without helping him improve them. “Why, Shiro, did you not care for me?”
  • “Can you guess our number two?? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me this time. *laughs* First time being number two, our excellent number one paladin, Keith!”
    • “Keith my man, I loved you.” (Klangst? WHY TF NOT?!?) Lance always loved Keith, always looked up to him too. He loved to joke around with him, loved to rile him up, loved to bicker with him because thats how he got to talk to him. He knew that they were playing around so why did it hurt so much? “Why Keith, did you always tell me I wasn’t good enough?” Always telling him to leave you alone, always “you’re annoying me” and never “please stay.” Keith always reminded Lance that he was never good enough, never up to his level, never realizing how lance felt. But how could Lance blame him? However, sometimes Keith, you, took it to far to the point where my heart was too broken to put back together. “I’ve always loved you but you made it so easy to hate you, too.”
  • “My favorite green paladin, my little space sister (female pronouns for this), my gaming buddy, Pidge.”
    • “Pidge, did you even ever realize that I saw you as my sister?” Lance saw his little sister in Pidge. He always, like Shiro, did his best to make sure they stayed healthy. He was always fussing over her eating and sleeping habits. So why did she never appreciate him? “Pidge, you never even said thanks you.” Lance just wanted to be a brother to her. So why did she make him a disposable replacement for her missing brother? Always using him when necessary and then throwing him away when it got too much for her? “Leave me alone Lance. Im working.” Pidge sometimes said really hurtful comments to Lance and she never let him help her because why would she let someone “annoying” help? In, reality Pidge was his sister but according to Pidge, “You are not my brother, Lance. Matt is.”
  • “Hunk, my precious beautiful friend. You did nothing wrong but you also did nothing at all.”
    • “Where to start?” Hunk had always been Lance’s best friend but after Voltron things changed. “I noticed that you and Pidge would hang out together, without me.” Lance just wants to be part of their group again. He tried so hard so join, to contribute, to help. But all he got was “you’re distracting us.” Although they didn’t hang out as much, Hunk was the first one to realize that something was wrong with Lance. “You left me alone.” Hunk saw him getting worse and changing throughout the days. He saw but didn’t do anything. “Hunk, why did you not do anything, if you noticed?” Lance wondered why Hunk left him by himself, why he didn’t try to reach out to him, why he didn’t invite him over, why didn’t he? “You could have helped but you didn’t.”
  • “Our beautiful space princess who will save the universe without moi, Allura.”
    • “Sometimes, your pushing for perfection was too much, not just for me but for everyone.” Lance always felt like the odd one out. Everyone was good at something but he never had a “thing” and Allura’s nagging didn’t help. “Keep up Lance!” Keep up with Keith in the training stimulator. Keep up with Pidge’s new machinery. Keep up with Shiro’s battle plans. Keep up with Hunk’s nee inventions. Keep up. “Again.” No matter how hard Lance tried, Allura was never satisfied. Never complementing him, never saying “good job,” never letting him rest, never telling he was good enough. “Why, Allura, did you never see how hard I was trying?”
  • “Lets talk about our seventh wheel, our number one *snickers* sharpshooter, Me! Lance!”
    • “In my opinion, I was the number one at fault for this occurrence.” Lance hated himself. He hated himself for feeling jealous, angry, sad, homesick, depressed. “I just wanted to be like the rest of you all.” Lance wanted to be as good as Keith and as strong as Shiro. He wanted to be as nice and comforting as Hunk. Wanted to be as smart as Pidge and as powerful as Allura. “I wish I wasn’t so selfish.” Lance thought he was selfish. He wished to get “thanks you’s” from the rest. Wished he get praised from Shiro and Allura. Wished Keith would feel the same way. Wished he was home with his famiy. He wished and wished and he hated it. “I wished I was home.”
  • “My favorite alien, Coran, the one who took care of me and who noticed me struggling. Yes, he tried to help but I guess it wasn’t enough since I’m dead now.”
    • “You let me walk away.” Coran tried helping Lance in his own way. But how could an alien understand some Earthly emotions? “We talked but sometimes it was just you talking.” Coran tried to get Lance to open up to him but failed. He always cut off Lance with his own stories so he never let Lance say what was bothering him. “Coran, you were like an uncle to me.” Coran reminded Lance of his uncle and it kinda hurt him. He was constantly reminded of his family whenever he was with Coran. This made his emotions even worse when he talked to Coran because sometimes Coran didn’t understand him. The day Lance died, Coran had told him to just “move on.” Lance just got up and left but he secretly hoped that Coran would come after him. He didn’t. “You wanted me to move on from this and I did.”
  • “I’m sorry.”
Eight years

A/N- Hey! So I’m finally finished all my exams, thank baby Jesus!! Anyway, I’ve been playing around with this for a while. And I’m excited to show this to you all. There will definitely be a part two for this. 

Hope y’all enjoy! 

Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~

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You got up and did your daily routine, have a shower, eat breakfast and go to work. You loved your job. You worked really heard and it payed off, you were now the CEO’S right hand man in Kim’s industries. Seokjin your boss and close friend, was taking a step back. He was doing so in order to spend more time with his growing family. You were said cause he was a really good friend of yours, and the thought of working with someone who wasn’t him scared you. What if the new CEO didn’t like you? What if you didn’t like him? So many questions and it wasn’t even nine o’clock in the morning. 

You got in to the lift and pressed the number of the floor you worked on. There was a soft melody playing in the back ground, the doors began to close. Suddenly someone stuck there arm in between the closing doors, stopping them from closing and re-opening them. It was a man. He was a masterpiece, he looked like he just walked out of a Calvin Klein ad. He was wearing a black tailored suit, which was obvious because it fit him like a glove.His hair was jet black, swept to the side to show off his fore head. He reminded you of someone, you just couldn’t pin point it. He stopped and stared at you for a moment. You moved a side to let him in. He walked past you and leaned up against the railing. You could fell him staring at you. You felt hot under his gaze. You felt arms snake around your waist. His arms. The beautiful man holding close against his hard chest. You could stay like that forever, but who was he and why did he want to cuddle in the lift?

“E-excuse me, Sir. But I think this is really inappropriate, could you please let me go.” You were a little shaky, you didn’t know who he was. But you could stay in his arms like that forever. Was he going to offer you sex? Like you’d consider it, he was really good looking and you’d say he’d be like a god between the sheets. Y’know what sayin. He chuckled, it was like music in your ears. 

“Really, Y/N/N (Your nick name)? You don’t remember me? He rested his chin on your shoulder, he was pouting. You’d know that pout anywhere. 

“Jeon Jungkook, you’ve turned into such a man.” You turn around his arms, wrapping yours around his neck and giving him a tight squeeze. 

“Handsome, I know right?” He smirked down at you. 

“I think fucking hot. OH MY GOD! Did I just say that out loud.” You try to pull back from him, to embarrassed. But he just pulled you tighter against him, his hands trailing lower down your back. He lowered his face down to your ear, his breath tickling your neck. 

“I think your fucking hot, too.” He whispered in your ear. 

*Flash back* - 

You met Jungkook when you were eight. You became friends pretty fast, never staying a part for too long. It was when Jungkook got his girlfriend that you realised you had feelings for him. As the years went by you understood that Jungkook would never look at you in that way. But why did he have to be so big on skin ship. He may look all innocent and shy, but no, not at all. He was a clingy motherfucker. He was big into cuddling, holding hands, a lot of times his hands would slip onto your ass and he would feel it up. Not that you minded, but you never really thought anything of it, because he was also always touching Jimins ass too. But it’s glories so who wouldn’t. 

The last time you saw Jungkook was at the end of year party, at graduation. He told you he was going to get both of you drinks and to stay right there. When it was hour later and he still wasn’t back, you went to look for him. He was basically fucking the girl that you hated most in the world, she called you nasty names and told you that you would never be good enough for the likes of jungkook. What a bitch. She was the definition of bitch. But your 17 year old little heart broke at the sight, and you ran away. The next day Jungkook texted you, but you didn’t reply. He called, you didn’t answer. He saw you walking down the street home, but you walked faster and pretended not to hear him. Jungkook was a great friend, but you could no longer hold it in. You had to let him go, even if that meant your friendship was ruined. It had to stop. 

*End of flash back*-  

“So how have you been?” He asked. You were relived he wasn’t bringing up the past. 

“I’m good, you?” He smirked, leaning down to your ear again. Does he know what hes doing to you right now? 

“I’m great, now that I’ve seen you.” He whispers. Your breathing hitched in your throat. He smirked…. little cunt. The lift opens, you pull apart from him. 

“It was good seeing you, Kook!” The old nickname rolling off your tongue with ease. He smiled bright, you missed it. 

“Oh, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.” He leans back against the railing, smirking. The doors slowly close. 

You get to your office and sit back in your chair with a sigh of relief. Why did he have to be so good looking. Your heart was pounding and that was eight years ago that you were in love with him. You can’t still have those feelings, right? Right. 

A knock came to your door, and in pops Seokjins old assistant. 

“Miss Y/N, the new CEO is here. There will be a meeting in five minutes up stairs, in the conference room.” She informs you. 

“Okay, thank you.” You sigh taking off your coat and making your way to the board room. You take your seat next to your friend Namjoon. You chat to him till the meeting starts. You were anxious to see whom the new CEO will be. The man you’ll be spending a lot of time with. 

“All right everyone, settle down.” The room comes to silence, the door opens. Your looking at your schedule for today. Someone clears there throat. You look up. 

“Good morning, I’m Jeon Jungkook, the new CEO of Kim industries.” Your gobsmacked. No fucking way. This can’t be happening! He can’t be the new CEO. The meeting starts and everyone is in awe with Jungkook. Where as you are counting down the seconds till you can leave. And you thought work was a great place to be…. 

When the meeting finally ends, you  practically run back to your office. You want to try. You lay your head on your desk. You heard a faint knock at your door. “Come in.” You shout, not lifting your head from the table.

“Wow, your office has a great view!” You shut your eyes tight hearing his voice. He was no where for eight years, when you longed for him. And now he’s everywhere. You straighten yourself up. 

“Is there something I can help you with, Mr Jeon?” His smile fades at your words. 

“Y/N, you don’t have be so formal with me. We used to be so close.” He smiles taking a seat in front of you. 

“That’s true, but I’d rather if we kept this a professional relationship.” You give him a light smile. 

“And we will. But before that, I want you to answer a few questions for me.” Your heart starts to pound. Why is this happening to you? Why did the world hate you? 

“Okay.. go ahead.” You play with your fingers, a nervous habit. Jungkook smirks at it. 

“Why did you stop talking to me eight years ago?” You sigh. 

“Do you want the truth or the easy white lie?” 

“The truth would be preferred.” You take a deep breath. 

“Okay, well.. I was in love with you.” You laugh. “I am, I saw you making out with that fucking cunt that I hated, and it broke my heart. I didn’t want to put myself through pretending that I was okay with it, when I obviously wasn’t. So when you called and text I ignored them, and eventually you stopped. I never wanted you to know, so I stopped talking to you.” You sigh, it was nice getting that out after all those years. 

“Did the boys know?” You finally meet his gaze. 

“Just Yoongi and Jimin.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me? Things could of been different.” He states. 

“I told you I didn’t want you to know. I was afraid it would ruin our friendship, with my one sided love.” You giggle. “It did anyway.” You laugh again, not really knowing why. 

“Y/N, things would have been, could be different, because I-” Jungkook sentence gets cut short as your assistant comes in. 

“Miss Y/N, Mr Lee is here.” You sigh. 

“Already?” You get up smoothing out your skirt. “I’m sorry, Mr Jeon. But I have work to do.” You grab Mr Lee’s file and leave Jungkook in your office. 

“I love you, too.” Jungkook sighs. 

A/N- So message me if you want a part two. I’m quite happy with this. Hope you all enjoyed. Thank you from reading and for reaching 200 followers!! I love you all, thank you xx 

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Hi! I'm writing a story about a nearly 2,000 year old Vampire scout and his enthusiastic human apprentice. I'm having trouble making them interact comically, without having to completely throw away the stoic Vampires character. Any advice?


You could argue that just the enthusiasm mixed with the stoic personality itself invites comedy, without you having to put in any special effort. The vampire will often be irritated with his apprentice, and the apprentice will probably often be fascinated by who he works for and the fact that he was fortunate enough to snag this job. If you really want to make some funny conversation, you could make your apprentice a history buff – the vampire will likely have been around for a lot of history, and his apprentice could constantly ask him about what happened when US troops stormed the beaches at Normandy and if Napoleon was really only about 4′11″ and if Greek cities smelled bad because they didn’t have indoor plumbing.

Also, your vampire would probably be cynical, after living so long and seeing humans do so many despicable things, and he’d probably feel intellectually superior to his enthusiastic, optimistic apprentice. He might even hold his apprentice in contempt, because he might think of his apprentice as a fool. 

I can also give you a couple of dialogue prompts to start you off!


“Hi! What’s on the schedule for today?”

[Your vampire] hissed and backed away. “Did you have garlic for lunch again?”

“Oh shit! Yeah, I did.”

“You idiot!”


A knock at the door brought [your vampire] out of his thoughts. “What?”

[Your apprentice] walked in, holding a history textbook. “Sorry, I hate to interrupt you, but I have this really important question that really can’t wait and I-”

“Get on with it.”

“So, was Cleopatra really all that stunningly beautiful? Or did she just have a great personality?”


“You know, it’s humans like you that make me wonder why I stick around.”

[Your apprentice] laughed. “Don’t be stupid! You stick around because you have to. You can’t die, remember?”

“Oh yes, my immortality slipped my mind. Thank you ever so much for reminding me, how would I have remembered without you?”

“… Is that sarcasm?”


I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven


idk i’ll just keep adding to this every now and then

1. “i’m not here because i want to be. i’m here because i made a promise, and i keep my promises.”
2. “i remember; we did that all the time when we were younger.”
3. “i didn’t mean to break your heart.”
4. “i didn’t mean for it to go this far.”
5. “i hate you. you’re everywhere, and i can’t escape you. i can’t go anywhere without being reminded of you.”
6. “i know you don’t love me, but please, just lie to me once more.”
7. “no matter what, i’ll always remember you this way.”
8. “let’s go for a drive.”
9. “because even if it hurts, i can’t bear to see you unhappy.”
10. “save me a dance, will you?”
11. “but everyone’s watching”
12. “even after everything, i don’t regret loving you.”
13. “i can’t believe you just said that.”
14. “i wish you didn’t have to go.”
15. “remind me again of how much you love me.”
16. “teach me.”
17. “can i hold your hand?”
18. “would you mind? i just need someone right now.”
19. “you never let anyone in, and that’s why everyone leaves.”
20. “i promise i won’t let you fall.”
21. “please don’t ever do that again.”
22. “what’s wrong with me?”
23. “how did we get here?”
24. “i love you today, and i’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that.”
25. “pretty please”
26. “look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t love him/her anymore.”
27. “i’ll go if that’s what’ll make you happy.”
28. “i don’t need you. i don’t need anyone.”
29. “now, don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me already.”
30. “you’re so pretty.”
31. “help me understand.”
32. “i can’t live like this anymore!”
33. “why do you keep lying to me?”
34. “it hurts to look at you.”
35. “she/he and i were friends once.”
36. “that’s bullshit and you know it!”
37. “it’s 3 am. wanna go get some pizza?”
38. “a milkshake with two straws? how romantic!”
39. “someone once told me that we fall in love with beauty.”
40. “we all make mistakes; we’re human. it’s what we do.”
41. “prove me wrong.”
42. “i’ll do it myself if i have to.”
43. “take me anywhere but here.”
44. “you already have all of me.”
45. “all i know is that the stars have never looked brighter than in this moment with you.”
46. “for you sake, i hope you’re wrong.”
47. “i did everything for you.”
48. “i’d give away everything i own if it meant i could be with you.”
49. “i wish i could capture this moment in a bottle and keep it forever.”
50. “i wish we could go back to when you could be you and i could be me.”
51. “you’ve never looked more beautiful than you are in this moment.”
52. “yeah, my heart does that when i’m around you.”
53. “keep it in your pants!”
54. “is that a drawing of me?”
55. “sing for me?”
56. “will you be here when i wake up?”
57. “tell me, did you even love me?”
58. “will you think about someone else for once?”
59. “i can’t believe you thought i ever loved you.”
60. “people always leave me. you’re the only constant person in my life.”
61. “you’ll leave me eventually; they all do.”
62. “hypothetically speaking, what would you say if i asked you to marry me?”
63. “oh cmon, everyone’s got a story.”
64. “i know your secret.”
65. “i’d be careful if i were you.”
66. “what’s wrong with guys/girls like me?”
67. “it’s so easy to fall in love with you.”
68. “you got what you wanted; now go!”
69. “i wish we could go back to the way things used to be.”
70. “congratulations, you’ve finally managed to break my heart.”
71. “would you like an award for that?”
72. “i’m completely and utterly in love with you, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.”
73. “thanks for, you know, sticking with me.”
74. “it’s you and me against the world, kid.”
75. “i hate you, and i wish we never met.”

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60! :))

I combined the prompt 60. “Oh, do that again.” with @leiascully exercise challenge. 

Set after “My Struggle” most likely; around that time anyway. 

His fist raised to knock, Mulder pauses a moment, realizing he’s never been here before.

Scully’s apartment.

The first time they were partnered, before they were ever anything else, how long did it take him to come to her place? A week, maybe? Two? He can’t remember. The forgetting, he realized early in his treatment, is a side effect of his medication. Some days he curses it, like he curses so many things. Other days, he accepts silently, almost joyously. When it comes to Scully and their past, though, he doesn’t want to forget even the most insignificant moment.

He knocks, finally. His knuckles tingle as he waits for her to open the door. Gone are the times when they lived in the same place, coming in and going out with a kiss hello or goodbye; gone are the days he has a key to her place. Scully has invited him over, though, for the first time in almost a year so maybe this means they’re making progress. Or she is just tired of constantly driving out to their – now his, as she likes to remind him – house. Either way, he won’t complain. He won’t ask either, though. Mulder is not sure he’s still allowed to ask; their relationship, in whatever form it is, twists anew at every turn and right now he can’t tell where he is, where she is. Where they are. So he stays quiet, masks it with a smile, and he is certain she does the same. He’s learning to take baby steps, do one thing to get to another. The days where he jumped in, no questions asked, no action thought through, those are gone, too.

“Oh hi.” Scully greets him when the door finally opens. She stares him up and down as if she’s been expecting someone else.

“Why are you dressed like that, Mulder?”

“I’m wearing casual clothes.” He explains slowly, looking at her. Of course she’s dressed for the occasion already: tight black running shorts and a very form fitting, short sleeved running top in a deep, dark blue. Mulder tries not to stare, tries not to react, but he’s like a Pavlovian dog when it comes to her. She clears her throat and he swears he hears her amusement. Some things simply never change. His eyes meet hers and the twinkle he sees there lets him think today might be a good day for them.

“Why are you wearing casual clothes, Mulder? You can’t run in jeans.”

“I can run wearing an Armani suit, Scully, so the question is I can’t or you won’t let me?” Just like that her mood shifts; there’s the slightest quiver around her lips that would go undetected by anyone who hasn’t spent the last twenty years observing her, loving her.


“I know, I know,” he apologizes, “I just didn’t want to scare away my Uber with my tights.”

“Mulder, you need a car.” She finally opens the door wider and Mulder, albeit hesitantly, steps in. The apartment, he realizes, is not at all what he expected or feared. There is nothing here that screams Scully at him. A few picture frames are up and the book shelf carries a few medical journals, a couple of books. There are no personal trinkets. He sees none of the novels she still claims not to own, the ones that are full of fairytale romances, tropical settings and atrocious writing. Mulder stumbled upon one of her dog-eared paperbacks a couple of days ago when he tried to tidy the place up. Just in case, he tells himself. In case she ever wants to come home.

“That’s why I took this job, Scully. Skinner promised me a car.” She rolls her eyes while massaging oil into her legs. The smell reminds him of lazy Sundays years ago when she, not him, wanted to go running. Just in case, she’d told him. In case of what, he’d wondered even then. Unbeknownst to them it had been the beginning of the end. Yet, the sweet scent fills him with a longing. At least back then they’d been living together, sharing their lives, such as they were.

“If you want to keep said job, Mulder, you need to get back into exercising.” She pats his stomach, which he believes is still firm enough.

“Are you saying I look fat?”

“No,” she continues her pre-run routine with stretches that make Mulder hot for entirely different reasons than exercise, “I’m saying you need to get back into shape. Which is why I’m asking you again: why are you wearing this? Where are your running clothes?”

“Like I told you,” Mulder says, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans patiently and slowing down even more when he sees Scully watching him intently, “I didn’t want to scare away the driver. I came prepared.” Taking his jeans off all the way reveal his running tights. Scully bought them for him a couple of years ago and he protested, preferring his much looser shorts, but she told him to try it anyway. He’s been wearing the tights ever since.

“They still fit?” Her voice, as well as her eyes, soften, the memory though unspoken seems almost palpable in the small room. Afraid to break the spell and unable to form words anyway, Mulder just nods.

“Well then,” Scully raises her arms into the air, her top riding up and revealing the slightest peek at her stomach. The need to touch her there is almost unbearable and he straightens his own shirt to distract himself and his hands. Scully lowers her arms and the moment is gone, leaving only the lingering sense of longing. “Let’s go?” Her hands are on her hips and she’s staring at him, challenging him. Some things really do never change, he thinks, and nods.


They return an hour later with Scully hobbling on her feet and clinging to him. Mulder offered to carry her and upon receiving the eyebrow withdrew his offer and instead put his arms around her. He’s essentially carrying her this way, too, but he knows she lets it count because her feet are still on the ground. Her body is warm, hot even, after their intense run. She tried to outrun him knowing that despite her smaller physique, she is in much better shape. They didn’t speak at all, just ran, and somehow always fell into step with the other. Until they suddenly didn’t.

“I’m fine, Mulder,” she’d told him through gritted teeth, trying to stretch her left leg and keep running. “We can keep going.” She’d said then, her wet, teary eyes betraying the strong resolve in her voice.

“The only place we’re going is your place – and slowly.” She had not protested then, except for when he tried to carry her, and now here they are. Scully lets go of him and he almost reaches out to stop her, not ready to lose the close contact, and wobbles into her bedroom. She doesn’t tell him to follow and Mulder stands there, half in, half out. His eyes wander about, searching for his jeans, so he can leave. Maybe. He doesn’t know what the protocol is in this situation.

“Mulder?” A muffled voice comes from the bedroom. He takes a few steps and stops in the doorway. The room is as sparsely decorated as the living room, maybe even more so. It reminds him of a hotel, not the ones they used to stay in, in a very sterile, very impersonal way.


“Could you, uhm… I hate to ask this of you, but…” Scully is sitting on her bed; she’s taken her shoes off, but she is still wearing the rest of her running gear. She looks young and cute and as much as Mulder wants to voice this, his feelings for her, he keeps quiet and waits for her to go on.

“My leg really hurts and… it’s just a kink. I had it before and uhm, the best way to get rid of it is a massage.” She’s unable to meet her eyes so his grin goes unnoticed. He clears his throat and nods. Which of course she doesn’t see either.

“Sure, Scully. Just tell me what to do.” She sends him into the tiny bathroom to get oil. There are several small bottles and Mulder doesn’t want to think about why she even has them. He picks the one that smells like peppermint, knowing she prefers that for her after run routine. At least he hopes this still rings true. By the time he comes back, Scully has taken off her running tights. The sight should not paralyze him like this; it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before, touched before. He used to kiss down her legs, tickling her behind the knee and making her laugh out loud in delight.

“Mulder? What are you doing?” Her question jolts him back to the present time.

“Nothing. I just got the oil.” He joins her on the bed and wonders if he should take off his own clothes. He is positive that he reeks. But his hand lands on her thigh and she moans – loudly. Mulder forgets everything else after that. He uncaps the small, green bottle and pours some of the oil into his hands. He’s done this before, of course. As he puts his hands on her soft skin and starts kneading gently, he can’t help but think of other times they did this. When she moans again, in a way that reminds him of a different situation altogether, he closes his eyes as if in pain only to realize it’s even worse, his mind feeding him unwanted memories. No one, least of all Scully, taught him to navigate this; the remains of their relationship. I need time, she had told him once when she came by the house to pick up a few things, and you need to get better without me here, she’d finished, leaving him again, alone and waiting. No manual to sift through; even if, as Scully would most certainly remind him, he never reads the manual anyway.

“Oh, do that again!” Scully moans and that’s when Mulder stops.

“I can’t do this, Scully.” His hands remain on her leg, warm and firm, oily and soft.

“You’re doing great, Mulder,” she assures him, her face sideways on the pillow, her eyes closed, “Just keep going, please.”

“No, I mean I can’t do this, whatever this is.” One eye opens, then the other as she shifts to look at him. “Why did you even ask me to come here? I can go running at home, you know. You used to do it there, too. It’s a much nicer neighborhood.”

“You’re right,” she sits up with difficulty, “Maybe I wasn’t completely honest when I asked you come here to exercise together.”

“Are you going to make me guess?” Mulder asks when he can’t stand the silence any longer; his therapist implored him to work on his patience, and he has, but right now, he can’t wait when his heart beats faster with a sense of hopeful longing he hasn’t felt in a while.

“Maybe I finally wanted you to see this place,” Scully admits, biting her lower lip; he knows her, reads her easily, and he knows she’s still holding back something, and so he waits, one eyebrow raised, “Do you like this apartment, Mulder?” For a moment he considers lying.

“No. I hate it.” He tells her honestly and she nods.

“I hate it, too,” she admits, her eyes never leaving his, “I miss our house,” she hasn’t called it that in a long, long time, “But I wanted you to see it and well, give you a key. I didn’t mean for my leg to be this bad. This – the massage was not part of my plan.”

“You had a plan?”

“Kind of,” she chuckles, “I thought I’d give you a key so you could consider this your home away from home, too.”

“That’s what this is for you? A home away from home?”

“No,” she takes his hand into hers and stares at his fingers, gently running her own over the back of his hand, “It’s a refuge. I needed one, Mulder. At least for a while. I’m keeping it because… it’s so much closer to work than the house, Mulder.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.” Scully rolls her eyes at him, but then smiles.

“I want us to stay here during the week and then… go home for the weekends.”

“Together? You want us to live here together?”

“Unless you don’t want us-”

“Scully, as long as there’s an us, I want it all.” She grins at him coyly then and lets go of his hand.

“You’ll keep going to therapy, though.” It’s not a question and he nods. “You’ll keep taking your meds.” Another nod follows as a huge grin appears on his face. “We’re not… we still have a long way to go, Mulder.” He wants to take her into his arms, hold her tight and never let go, kiss her and never taste anything else ever again, but he stays put, waits for her.

“You came up with this whole you need to exercise ploy to make me come to your apartment? Scully, you know you could have called.”

“I know,” she tells him, leaning into his space and he can’t wait until they’re ready to take the next step, when this is not just banter but foreplay, “but let’s face it Mulder: you really are out of shape.”

“Says the woman with the leg injury.”

“It’s not an injury, it’s just – why are you grinning like that, Mulder?”

“No reason, Scully. No reason at all.” It’s happiness, he knows, and when she returns his smile he knows she sees it, too.

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four word prompt: is this the end

Is this the end?

Harry still remembered how you had nodded when he asked, nearly in tears, but holding them back because you didn’t seem upset.

You didn’t love him the way he loved you. You had said you weren’t even sure if you loved him at all.

And now months had passed and he had moved on. Or, he thought he had until he heard your voice on a voicemail.

“Hey, um, I heard you were in town. I figured we could maybe grab a coffee or something?” You had paused here, “I understand if… if you don’t want to see me, um…” You blew out air between your lips, he could almost see it in his head, something you did when you were anxious, “I miss you.” You said so quickly, he thought he might’ve imagined it as the line cut out. Over and over he played the message, drowning in the sound of your voice, a melody he was sure he’d never hear again.

He put his phone down and rested his head in his hands, unable to stop seeing you behind his eyelids no matter how hard he rubbed them. He was past this, past you. You had left him wondering why he wasn’t enough. No one had ever made him feel unworthy, but with you it was like he didn’t deserve love and he didn’t want to feel that way again.

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a lot of the time i find myself in a rp whit a shit load of potential, but dying for no reason. everyone has a lot of muse, everyone is saying how they “hate how this is dying like how can this be happening”, everyone obviously logged on, yet there are only a couple people who dare to actually attempt to keep it alive. i wish i can say this has only happened once but lately i find myself in this position a lot, and by all the complaining in the rpt tags i know i am not alone on this. so, i decided to make a little rp helpers guide or whatever cause some people obviously need this. 

so here is:


  1. don’t complain about the rp dying

i always see this and it always gets on my nerves. i’m not talking about those who post a starter and in the tags say “where is everyone at?” cause even though there is some complaining  involved in that, they are still doing more to try to keep it alive, actually posting a starter. i’m talking those who are obviously on the dash cause you see them post an ooc saying “this is dying i’m so sad :( :( :( “. that is not being active, thats just complaining, and being annoying (well a least for me. and if you really were so sad you would actually do something about it, maybe reply to a starter, then make one of your own, or something. DON’T BE THE COMPLAINER, THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

       2. don’t blame the admins

although it is an admins job to run a rp, rarely is it ever actually an admins fault that a rp dies. keep in mind that along with running it, they also have parts in the rp, and like all of us do, they have lives outside the internet. if the main isn’t active for a day or two, so what? that doesn’t mean that the rp is dead, it means that the admins may have something else in their lives going on, or maybe even, that are participating in the rp, and doing their part to keep it alive? 

      3. don’t only reblog muse shit

in the past year or so, muse blogs have really made a difference in the rpc. now, we have a place to find things that can relate to our character, or a plot that they currently have with another character, and reblog them, giving people more of an in-depth sense of our chracters, from more then just statistics or a bio. i would be lying is i didn’t admit my love for this, cause it truly has made a difference. but, i cannot tell you how many times i have seen a rp slowly dying and there is that one person or in some cases, multiple people, who you know are on the dash, cause they are reblogging stuff, but instead of reblogging starters and replies, they are reblogging musings, or pictures. has this ever happened to you? you post a starter, and you worked hard on it, thinking of starters that are original is pretty hard, but you finally do it. how ever long after you see that little one thing on the tumblr refresh thing, telling you that there is something new on the dash. excited, you go, click on that refresh button, and when your dash reloads, its a quote, a picture, a gif set, something along those lines. now knowing someone is on the dash, you wait for that response, but it never comes. instead, your starter gets buried. #stopburyingstarterswithmusingshit2016. i’m not saying stop reblogging muse shit, please, if i did, that would make me a hypocrite. but mayb,e while your on the dash, and you happen to see a reply, or you happen to see a starter, or you see how no ones made a new starter in a day or two, why not make make posting actual rp stuff your priority?

     4. do be active 

this one is kind of a given, but i fee. as though lately, some people need a reminder. in order to keep a rp alive, you must simply be active! i know, i know, its hard to if no one else is on the dash, but, if your not gonna be the one to break the dead rp ice with a starter, then who is? what i have found out over my time in the rpc  is that activity is almost like a chain reaction. most of us are on at the same time, or at least once a day, yet for some reason everyone seems scared to post a starter, or even a reply, no one wants to be first. its like at a buffet or something, no one wants to be first in line, yet everyone wants to eat. so what can you do? be the first in line! start the activity up again! when it seems as though no ones on the dash, who cares? just post a starter, and reply to your other replies, and i’m sure the rest of the rp will start to be active again.

    5. if you don’t have muse, either try to get some or just leave the rp

i know some of us get very attached to some of our characters, and feel as though we can play them forever, yet, there always those times where are use just isn’t as high as it was before. it happens to the best of us. but, that doesn’t really give you an excuse to just abandon the rp. in my eyes, there are two ways to go about solving this problem. 1) you take a day or two, make an ooc saying that you just need a day or two but you promise to come back soon, let the admins know, and take that day or two, and try to develop your muse again. whether is that just taking that time to be off the dash, in the real world, looking through muse blogs, making photoshop shit for them, plotting with more people, i don’t know! but if you want to stay in the rp, with muse, i recommend doing this.  2) if you have attempted this last step and it just didn’t work, or you really just want out of the rp, just leave then. simple! i’m sure all the admins would understand, plus, i’m sure there is someone out there who will be more then happy to fill your role in the rp with whatever muse they have. 

    6. don’t ignore starters

this may seem like common sense, but i have seen this happen way too many times, where someone pot a starter, and then the complainer comes on, or the muse reblog person, orrr those people who mean well, do replies, but just for some reason don’t reply to start starter, instead make one of their own. part of keeping an rp active is being inclusive! sure, that person may not be your favorite, or you just don’t get their chara, or your muses don’t get along well, so what? if you want to keep the rp alive, your going to have to include everyone, thats just how it goes.

    7. promote!

this one may seem like it should only be reserved  for the admins, but it is not! promoting the rp to your friends or the rpc, either by talking about it, posting a link on your aim updates, posting a link to it on your rph/rpc, reblogging a main promote post on your rpt/rph, the list is endless. this way, your friends can join, people you met on aim yet don’t talk to anymore for whatever reason can jojn, those who are too lazy to go through the tags and just look at the rpt or rph tag for some reason can join, anyone can really! 

    8. try to get online

i know we all have outside lives from the rpc, but joining a rp, you are making a commitment to stay active. if something happens and you need some time off, thats when you ask the admins for a hiatus, and i’m sure they will understand and let you have some time off. but, if you find yourself bored, the dash slow, why not get involved, be active!

i know i’m going to get a message or two once i post this saying “ugh this is so annoying, this is all common sense blah blah blah,” but, lately from my own experience and from what i have seen people complaining about on the tags, i feel as though people need this reminder. also if majority of the rpc follows these tips, i’m sure rps would last a solid amount of time, and people can stop complaining. also, if anyone has any more tips, feel free to reblog and add them, or message me them!

The Labyrinth Chapter 25

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 2.3k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along.

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The other man ~ Part three

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A/N ~ This one is too good to keep you waiting, you must suffer with me. You guys can thank @tabis-eyebrows for starting a war with me that ended with this smutty jewel. Now strap yourselves in, your in for one hell of a ride, literally.

Pairing ~ Kwon Jiyong x Reader x Choi Seung hyun

Theme ~ cheating/infidelity/love triangle

Rated ~ Smut/fluff/angst

Warnings ~ Smut, smut, smut…. oh and daddy kink

Series Masterlist

It had been three weeks since your time away in Singapore with the guys and you had managed to stay away from Jiyong the whole time but he had not left your thoughts, you decided it was best that you stay away from Seung hyun for a while, at least while you tried to rid yourself of the poison the other man had inflicted on you. You gave him some bullshit excuse of having to sort out the work you had backed up and you would let him know as soon as you had finished, he wasn’t exactly happy about it but he understood and had left you to your own devices for the most part. It had just hit a little over a week since you had last seen him and in the last two days he had started to become needy, texting and calling to try and get you to come over, you were beginning to run out of excuses.

Your phone chimed as you sorted through the photos on your dinning table, you picked it up and saw it was from Seung hyun.

- “What are you doing Jagi?”

You sighed as soon as you sent it, you shouldn’t be so cold to him, he didn’t do anything wrong, you did.

- “But you have been working for over a week”

- “I’m sorry oppa but you know what it’s like”

Your heart skipped with his message, he did call you whenever he could while he was working or away on tour.

- “I’m sorry, I’m almost done and then we can see each other. I miss you too”

- “You promise?”

You giggled as you placed your phone on the table, he was so loving and cute, you couldn’t believe you had even thought about another man let alone what you did with him. You decided on a few photos you would release and headed into the dark room to develop them. You preferred the old method over the digital, you felt it gave a more intimate feel to your work, a connection of hand crafting something. That was also the reason you picked the apartment you were in, it was a little run down but it had a spare room for you to set up a dark room and the fact it was run down was perfect, it meant it didn’t matter if you spilt any chemicals. You developed a few photos and hung them up to dry before heading out to grab your phone and send a quick text to Seung hyun.

- “Almost done, I will be about an hour and then I’m all yours, are you able to pick me up?”

You placed your phone back down and headed back to the dark room, just as you reached the door you heard your phone chime with a response but you ignored it, you just wanted to finish up so you could be in the arms of your boyfriend.

You finally finished the last photo, you pegged it up with the others, you stood with your hands on your hips looking proudly at how good they turned out. You let out a sigh and headed back out the door to grab your phone, you giggled when you saw multiple texts from Seung hyun.

- “And don’t think you can run off again, I’m going to hold you captive in my bed for days”

“Shit” you said out loud, he was the last person you wanted to see, before you could reply another text came through.

Just after you read it you heard a knock at the door, you threw out a quick fuck before heading to answer it. You opened the door to see Jiyong leaning against the frame with his forearm, a smirk forming on his lips as soon as he saw you. He was wearing a snap back and dark sunglasses to hide his face, you were kind of glad he did, you weren’t sure if you would be able to handle his stare.

“Are you going to invite me in or just leave me standing out here?” his voice held an almost seductive tone.

“Come in” was all you replied before walking away and leaving the door wide open, you were too scared to say anything else, in case you would fall victim to him once again. “I’m just going to go pack some stuff and then we can go”

You didn’t wait for an answer instead you retreated straight to your room, you grabbed your over night bag out of the closet and began packing, you turned around to get some underwear out of your bedside dresser and almost jumped in surprise. Jiyong was sitting on your bed, his glasses were now off but his cap still on, his back was against the bed head as he looked through the photos you kept on your dresser. He held one up in front of his face holding it so the picture was facing you.

“You keep a photo of me by your bed?” he asked as he pulled it down a little so he could poke his eyes over the top of it.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I have more of Seung hyun” you said as you reached out to snatch the photos back, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you on top of him.

“Why did you have to hurt my ego like that?” he asked as he snaked one of his hands around your waist and gazed into your eyes.

“Because he’s my boyfriend” you replied as you returned his gaze, how was it that he always got to you.

“Don’t remind me” he whispered as he reached up and brushed your hair behind your ear.

“Ji, please don't” you said as you tried to get up but he pulled you back, he ran his hand through your hair before gently pulling your head down to meet his lips.

You grasped at his shirt as soon as your lips touched, they felt like silk against yours, his hand roamed down your back and over your ass before pulling your thigh up. He released your hair with his other hand before doing the same, you were now laid on top of him with your legs spread, the only thing separating you were the underwear you were wearing and his pants. You could feel his cock hardening between your legs, his hands slowly made there way up your thighs under your dress making you moan in to the kiss. He took the opportunity and stuck his tongue in your mouth, applying the right amount of pressure against yours as he roamed around it with his. You got lost in the kiss and grinded against him, as soon as you did his kisses got rougher, more needy. He grabbed at the flesh of your ass as he began to guide your hips back and forth, pushing them down as he did. You grabbed his hat and threw it to the side of the room before returning your hand to run through his hair as you deepened the kiss, every fibre of you felt as though it needed to be closer to him. You grabbed at his shirt with both hands and pulled him up to a sitting position before returning both of them to run through his hair, he groaned as he quickened the pace of your hips, his lips never leaving yours. You moaned and sucked on his bottom lip, giving it a light nibble as you did.

“Fuck it” he growled breaking the kiss, his hands grabbed at the sides of your panties and pulled on them until they broke before pulling them off you. He wrapped one arm around your waist and pulled you up slightly before reaching down with the other to pull down his sweat pants. You threw your head back with a gasp as he lowered you on to his cock, the feeling of him filling you up as he stretched you out had your hairs standing on end. Once you were all the way down he returned his hands to grasp at you ass, guiding you up slowly as he squeezed your cheeks before bringing you back down again.

“Ji” his name slipped from your lips, he had your body going crazy and your mind foggy. You crashed your lips against his and forced your tongue straight into his mouth as you quickened your pace, you took over, bouncing up and down on him all on your own, making sure to get all of him inside you every time.

“Shit” he groaned as he broke away from your lips for a moment before crashing them back with extreme passion, your teeth colliding in a mess as you panted and moaned into one another. Goose bumps spread across your body, like tiny jewels adorning your skin. You snaked your hand through his hair until it got to the back of his head and grabbed a fist full, tugging on it slightly as you sped up again. He pulled away letting your hand tug his head back so he could watch your face as you moaned while bouncing on his cock.

“Say my name” he commanded as he tilted his head to the side, his dark eyes were boring straight through you, you shook your head at his request. “Say it or daddy will have to punish you” he said as he gave your ass a tight squeeze, his finger tips digging in to your flesh so hard you were sure they went white.

“Jiyong” you moaned, your body gave a slight jerk when you called out his name, the sound sent waves of pleasure right through you. “Oh god” you moaned as you pulled on his hair earning yourself a groan from him.

“What?…… Is my baby close already?” he asked panting before sinking his teeth into his bottom lip, still watching your face as you moaned on top of him.

“Yes” you managed to moan in response, you could feel yourself on the edge and you needed more then anything to fall over it.

“Good…. come on daddy” he commanded, you threw your head back with a long throaty moan, Jiyong seizing the opportunity to lick a long line from you collar bone up to your chin.

“Fuck” you growled before placing your hands on his chest and pushing him back on the bed, he licked his lips as he watched your hands move down to his stomach and lift yourself up. Your hips moved on there own, pounding at an incredible rate as you began to scream. The position had is cock hitting your g-spot with force each time you came down, you could feel your legs start to shake from the pleasure.

“That’s it baby….. fuck the shit out of me” he growled from under you as he placed his hands on the head board to keep himself in place, you were fucking him so hard that his body kept creeping up the bed.

“Oh god….. Jiyong…..” you screamed as you continued fucking him hard and fast, your hips beginning to buck from the pleasure that was ready to explode inside you. “ I’m gonna come….”

“Fuck your so hot…… fuck me….. make a mess baby” he groaned biting his lip, you could tell he was close too. “Come all over me”

“Oh god, oh god, oh god” you screamed, somehow your hips sped up even more, an explosion burst inside your abdomen and spread over your body causing you to see stars. “I’m coming…… I’m fucking coming” you screamed as you clenched around him but your hips wouldn’t stop, they just kept going on their own.

“Fuck baby” he hissed as he flexed his muscles, his body became rigid as he tried to fight the urge to hold on to you. “Daddy wants to hear is name….. scream it”

“Jiyong” you screamed as your hips continued, you could feel your juices pouring out of you as you continued to come, your head was becoming light and you weren’t sure how much more you could take but he made you feel so good.

“_____” your name fell from his lips as you felt him come inside you, his hips coming up to meet yours whenever they lifted off him. You continued for a while, slowing the pace as you came down from your highs. Once his spell wore off you came to your senses, your hand coming up over your mouth as you realised you had done it again, you had betrayed Seung hyun, with his best friend.

“I need a shower” you said quickly before jumping off him and retreating to the bathroom.

By the time you finished washing all trace of him off of your body and came back out, he was gone from your room, you quickly got dressed before grabbing your bag and heading out.

“I’m ready, lets go” you said as you grabbed your phone and your keys from the table and headed straight for the door. Jiyong didn’t say a word as he sprang up from his seat on your couch and followed you out the door.

The car ride was full of silence, tension thick in the air. You had gotten sick of his side way glances at you so you decided to just stare out of the passenger window, praying he wouldn’t breath a word for the rest of the trip.

Your phone rang, you rummaged through your bag, once you found it your heart sank, it was Seung hyun.

“Hello” you answered with a chirp, you didn’t want to make him aware that something was wrong.

“Jagi where are you? You said you would only be an hour but it’s been two” Seung hyun whined at you, you could tell he was still drunk.

“I’m sorry oppa, it took longer then I thought and then I needed a shower, we are almost there, just five more minutes” you said as you looked down at your lap, you felt bad for lying to him, you never meant for any of this to happen.

“Hurry up, I need you, now” he ended the last word with a growl.

“Seung hyun” you scolded him.

“I can’t help it, I miss you, I love you”

“I love you too” you heard Jiyong scoff beside you at your words “I will be there soon” you said quickly before hanging up.

“Do you really love him?” Jiyong asked suddenly, you looked over at him, his eyes were still locked on the road.

“What kind of fucking question is that? Of course I do” you snapped as you furrowed your brow.

“Really? Because you were fucking me thirty minutes ago” he replied with a scoff.

“That was different”

“How so?” he asked as he glanced over at you, his face was sour like someone had just forced a wedge of lemon in his mouth.

“That was fucking, nothing more”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it was just two people with a pent up sexual frustration of one another”

“Is that all I am to you….. a pent up sexual frustration?”

“Ji, don’t do this” you said as you shook your head.

“Answer the fucking question” he snarled as he pulled up to Seung hyun’s pent house.

“I love Seung hyun, he means the world to me” you answered, Jiyong let out a bitter laugh.

“I guess that’s my answer then” he said as he looked over at you, his face was cold and indifferent.

“This thing between us has to stop, I can’t lose him” you said as your eyes began to fill up with tears.

“Don’t worry, it wont happen ever again” he said in a monotone as he looked ahead, your heart sank a little at his words, you wanted it to stop but hearing him say it almost hurt.

“Good bye Jiyong” you whispered before getting out and heading towards the house. The front door opened and Sung hyun walked out, holding his arms out as he smiled widely.

Jiyong watched bitterly as you ran up to his friend and practically jumped into his arms, your lips crashing down on his straight away, kissing him just as passionately as you had kissed Jiyong not even an hour ago. He scoffed as he watched Seung hyun’s hands make their way down to your ass and give it a squeeze before picking you up and carrying you inside.

“Fuck” he screamed as he punched his steering wheel, how could you be with him and then less then an hour later be in the arms of another man, it wasn’t fair. Jiyong put the car in gear and sped off down the road, using his car to unleash the rage of how betrayed he felt.

Love Me Again 1 || Newt

Summary: The reader and Newt used to be together until he was sent into the Glade. Years later, the reader sees him again and tries to restore his memory of her. Multi-chapter.

Feel free to request.

Enjoy, lovelies!

“Alright, Group A is in,” Janson announced. “Your assigned subjects are listed by the door. Once you know where to go, a file of their history is available once you enter the lab. Good luck.” He exited the room.

You bounced on your feet in anticipation. Some of your friends looked at you nervously for the same reason. They knew of your little work romance with Isaac. Your superiors tolerated it as well, Isaac being the charming man he is. Well…

You haven’t seen Isaac in years.

And here you are, about to see the list that was about to determine whether that’ll change or not.

One of the seniors in your group, Jon, took the list and read it aloud.

“Listen up, guys. I’ll only say this once.”

The crowd of junior nurses hushed.

“We need two people to hold Subject A2 down. That’s Thomas, as we don’t use their real names anymore. Bella and Mike are going to do that.

For Subject A7, Minho, we have Paul. He doesn’t need much supervision – he seems to be calm since he got here.”

As names of your coworkers were being mentioned, they nodded and entered through the door behind Jon.

“Right. Subject A6, Newt.” Jon glanced at you briefly. “We have Y/N.”

You’re going to see Isaac again.

“Just a note for you, Y/N, Janson was quite hesitant to assign you to Subject A6 for obvious reasons. Don’t initiate emotional contact. Stay professional. If you do anything suspicious, I’m going to have to reassign you to another subject, probably Subject A7. Understood?”

You didn’t mind seeing Minho, but of evidently, you wouldn’t want to see him over Isaac.

“Got it, Jon. Thanks.” You breathed deeply.

“You got it. Good luck.”

“I’m gonna need it,” you muttered, entering the lab and searching for Isaac’s file.


You made your way down the hall, scanning for the familiar head of blonde locks you haven’t seen in forever.

You saw Minho first, running a treadmill. He met your gaze calmly, and his brows knit when you kept your eyes on his longer than he expected, but he didn’t say anything

He was your big brother figure before he was sent into the Glade. He always looked out for you, took care of you. He was the closest thing you had to a family.

Now, all he was was a pair of suspicious eyes and a guarded demeanor.

You let your gaze drift back to the lab. It was mostly closed curtains, but one.

“Newt? You inquired.

The lanky blonde turned to you.


He was definitely taller – he built more muscle, his face was rougher, his gaze harsher.

The Maze ruined him.

“Yeah.” He responded silently.

You swallowed your tears down as you walked closer. It felt like trying to swallow pebbles.

All you wanted to do was kiss him. Hold him back from harm’s way.

“I’m here to check you,” you announced, setting his file down.

“Check me?” he repeated.

“Yes.” You breathed deeply. “You were very much deprived of a lot of things out there… I’m here to make sure you’re all right.”

Your words probably sounded creepy to him, but you didn’t care. It was sincere. It didn’t cover how you felt, but you settled for that.

“Who are you?” his voice was threatening. It wrung your stomach.

“My name is Y/N. But I doubt that helps at all.” You began setting your tools out. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I mean well, trust me.”

He scoffed. “I’ve been lied to bloody enough, thank you.”

“I guess I can’t do anything about that.” You sighed, picking up the syringe, keeping it out of his sight.

“How do you people know our names?” he demanded.

“I’m not allowed to say,” you mentally face-palmed. Letting your guard down in front of Isaac was inevitable. He saw through you, always. He knew you as well as he knew himself.

But this wasn’t Isaac.

“Huh.” Was all Newt said.

“Anyway, I’m going to have to check a few essential things… weight, height, blood pressure…”


“Please just go with it. No questions, because I won’t answer them.” You pulled him up to stand. You gestured to the height scale. “Please stand there.”

You took a notebook and tried to level it with his head. You stood on your tip toes.

He was definitely taller.

You decided to savor this moment – it’s probably the closest you’re going to be to Isaac, having your nose almost touching his chest.

He smelled different, too. You barely caught a hint of his old smell.

Snapping you to reality, he cleared his throat, annoyed.

“Right… I’m sorry. 5 foot 10.”

He hummed.

You then checked his weight, eyes, and tongue, trying to stay focused as Newt was practically glaring at you.

“I have to check your heartbeat now. Please sit.”

He obliged.

It was pretty hard to stay professional at this point.

Then you remembered…

“Would you mind if I lift your shirt? It’s… how people check heartbeats.” You finished lamely.

“Do whatever you need to do.”

His shirt rode up as the stethoscope explored his back.

Then his chest.

It was more toned than you remembered, but taking note of his glare, you stayed focused.

Or tried to, at least.

“You watched us in the Glade?” he asked, his tone still strained.

“No. That’s not my job. I work here, in the lab.” It’s not fault he asked you questions, right?

“You knew Thomas?” he asked after a long while.

Of course, you knew who he was referring to. You hesitated, but it’s just Isaac, after all. But what he knows could be used to escape WICKED, thus might make you lose your job.

Screw that.

“Yes. We weren’t close, though.”

“And Teresa?”

Teresa was a reserved girl. She didn’t talk to anyone at all, except Thomas, whom she had a small, brief romance with.

“We weren’t friends, either.”

“And they’re the only people from our group that you worked with?”


You sat down beside him and began to update his file with information.

“You’re not wary of the fact that I’m fishing for information?” his tone started to grow warmer.

“No. It’s normal, isn’t it? To ask questions?”

“You expect me to ask questions, then?”

“I’d like it if you didn’t, but yes.”

“One last question, then.”


“You think trapping people in one place and wiping their memory out is good, like they claim it to be?”

“No. But I don’t have any other choice.” You sighed, stopping your writing to meet his eyes.

“Why not?” he leaned backward as if to criticize you.

“I have nowhere else to go.”

“Come with us.” He suggested. “Help us find a way out.”

Sheer terror filled your veins.

But running away with Isaac always has been a plan between you two. Weeks before the day you two planned on running away, you were discovered and he was sent into the Glade.

Running away now still sounded oddly appealing.

“Well?” he licked his bottom lip.

“You don’t know me, Newt. And I technically don’t know you.” You hoped he’d catch on to your hint. “I can’t trust you.”

It was true. He could abandon you once you helped them out. He isn’t Isaac. He doesn’t love you.

“You think trusting you is easy for me?” he retorted. “And you said technically, what are you on about?”

You stayed silent, not knowing what to say. Why did you even hint on anything?

“You know me, don’t you? We were friends before I lost my memory.”

And then, you were reminded that Isaac was a smart guy. Beyond humanly smart. He was an asset to WICKED.

“Who are you?” he demanded.

“Please don’t make me answer that. I could lose my job.” Being honest with Isaac was never wrong, that couldn’t change, right?

“Then come with us.” He pleaded. “Then tell me who you are.”

“Please know that it isn’t easy for me.” You reminded.

He nodded.

“You’ll be coming back here tomorrow for a follow-up interview with me. I’ll be sending up one of my friends up your room after you all have been interviewed. Just follow him and move fast. He’ll lead you to me.”

“How are you so sure your friend won’t tell on you?”

You and Isaac had a lot of friends who supported and offered to help with your plan of escaping. You already had a game plan ready, all prepared by Isaac beforehand. All you have to do is tell your friends when to play the plan out.

“I trust them. Are you in or not?”

He looked around warily, then nodded.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”

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take this burden - part 11

[ wastelands - amber run ]

‘I know you’ll fall in love again.’


He Tian was lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling, trying to put a finger on what it was he was feeling.

He checked his phone.

Two hours before work.

Under normal circumstances, he’d be down the hall with whoever was off work.

He didn’t want to be alone at the moment, and the only thing stopping him from seeking the company of his friends was an idea that he’d put in his own head.

How fucking stupid.

He opened his conversation with Jian Yi five times, considering texting him to ask if he was welcome.

Also stupid.

After this long, he knew there was no point that he was unwelcome.

Even when they got busy, he simply put his headphones in and retreated to the guest…into Mo Guan Shan’s room until they were done.

Still, he hesitated.

Every part of this, from two days ago until this very moment, decisions he’d made.

Fuck this.

He gathered his things for work.

Let himself out.

Locked the door.

And made his way down the hall.

When he opened the door, he was met with two familiar smiles and a look of, what almost seemed like relief.

He was surprised to see Zhengxi.

‘What, not enough crime in the city today?’

Zhengxi laughed.

‘I guess not.’

He sat on the couch, a few feet from Mo Guan Shan.

‘What’s up jerks?’ He asked the room.

‘Jian Yi didn’t burn the building down.’ Mo Guan Shan informed him.

Zhengxi smiled.

‘Always an accomplishment.’

‘Oh, god, did you let him cook?!’ He Tian demanded in sarcastic horror.

‘He didn’t leave me much of a choice, he won’t let me stand up.’

‘Why?’ Zhengxi asked, oblivious.

‘He has some broken ribs.’ Jian Yi told him.

‘Jesus, since yesterday? Are you in a fight club?’

‘Why is that the go-to question for the two of you?’

‘It’s his favorite movie.’ Jian Yi explained.

‘The book is better.’

‘Shut up, He Tian.’ The couple said in unison.

‘What’s your opinion on this?’ He Tian asked Mo Guan Shan.

‘They’re barely comparable. They’re so different-’

‘Right?!’ Jian Yi interrupted.

The four of them spent the next hour and a half comparing movies to their books.

‘I gotta split.’ He Tian told them.

‘Are you going to come back?’ Mo Guan Shan asked without thinking.

The other two went quiet.

‘Do you want me to?’

Without hesitation.



He Tian arrived at the club, following the manager around while she explained a bunch of useless things he didn’t pay attention to as he signed the papers she’d handed him.

They ended up in his office.

It had really become hers at this point.

‘Are you going to work the door?’

He considered that.

‘Isn’t the new guy doing that?’

‘Yeah, but I’m sure I can find something else for him.’

‘It’s all good. Let’s finish up here and I’ll just float around for awhile. I might be leaving early.’


‘Why don’t you take the night off?’ He offered.


‘Why don’t you go spend the evening with your boyfriend?’

‘Because we broke up six months ago.’


‘No, I’m lying.’ Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

‘Just take the night.’ He insisted.

‘And do what?’

‘I don’t know. Find a date. Go see a movie. Go home and get a real night’s sleep for once in your life.’

She looked at his quizzically.

‘Or just hang out here. Have some drinks, dance. The paperwork can wait until Monday.’

‘What the hell happened to you? You’re leaving before we close? You want me to take the night off? Did you hit your head or something?’

Her voice was only slightly joking.

He shrugged, sick of answering that question.

‘Go before I change my mind.’ He said sternly.

‘Are you serious?’


She watched him doubtfully.

‘If you say so. Call me when things fall apart.’

‘I will.’ He assured her. ‘Text me to let me know you get home safe.’

She shrugged, grabbing her purse.

‘Will do.’


He Tian finished up what paperwork he could before making rounds.

He worked behind the bar for a bit.

Checked in with security.

Talked to the new bouncer for a bit.

He ended up at the bar, watching the crowd, lost in thought, fighting the urge to leave until the second manager arrived.

He waited for her ‘home safe’ text and left at midnight, spending the shortest amount of time there he had since they’d opened.

Several employees met up when he did, wondering what the fuck was going on. 

He decided to walk home, ever grateful for his permanent parking spot and how close he lived.


He was shocked to find Mo Guan Shan sitting in the hall.

‘What on earth are you doing.’

‘They got a little handsy and I thought I’d leave before they started having sex on the couch.’

‘Yeah, they do that.’

A moment passed in silence.

‘Do you want to come over?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded, pushing himself to his feet.

He Tian wordlessly gestured towards the couch, as concerned about his ribs as Jian Yi was, but less tactful.

‘Beer?’ He asked, walking into the small kitchen.


He grabbed two bottles from the fridge and joined him in the living room.

‘I thought you were working late?’

‘I left early.’

‘I guess you can do that, as the owner.’

He Tian looked away.

‘Jian Yi told you?’

‘Yeah, was he not supposed to?’

‘No, it’s fine.’

‘Well, how was it?’

‘It was fine. Nothing special.’

Mo Guan Shan shifted uncomfortably in his seat, having used his only prepared conversation topic.

‘Well, how was your evening?’ He Tian inquired.

‘It was ok. I mostly just watched them get drunk and argue.’

He Tian chuckled.

‘Was it interesting, at least?’

‘It really was.’

More awkward silence.

‘I’m not really sure what to say now.’ He Tian admitted.

‘Neither am I.’

‘Is it always like this? Trying to get to know someone.’

‘Not really.’

‘Oh. Ok.’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head, searching for words.

‘I don’t mean it like that. I mean, most of the time, when I get to know someone it’s all fake and forced and the majority of the time it doesn’t end up meaning anything.’

‘I don’t know what to say to that either.’

‘I’m doing so badly here. What I’m trying to say is, I’m so used to meeting such fake people and making no attempt to really get to know them or making friends…’

‘So, you’re trying to get to know me?’

Mo Guan Shan gave him a small smile.

‘Yeah, I suppose I am.’

‘Alright then, let’s play a game.’

‘What’s the game?’ Mo Guan Shan asked apprehensively.

‘We’ll take turns answering questions. No boring questions. No lying.’

‘Is it a drinking game?’

He Tian suppressed a smile.

‘Do want it to be a drinking game?’

‘Yeah, kinda.’

He Tian thought for a minute, giving in to the smile.

‘Alright. Any time you want to lie, take a drink.’

‘What if I don’t want to answer the question?’

He Tian stood, walking away.

He came back with a bottle of liquor and two shot glasses.

‘If you don’t want to answer, take a shot.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

‘Thank god I don’t have to work in the morning. Let’s do it. You start.’ 

Mo Guan Shan felt a little bit guilty for already knowing the answers to the questions he’d normally ask, despite how boring they were.

He Tian gathered his thoughts.

(He Tian’s questions are odd numbers. Mo Guan Shan’s are even.)


‘How old are you?’



‘Where were you born?’

‘Vegas, baby.’


‘Where were YOU born?’



‘Have you ever considered moving somewhere else?’

‘I used to. Before I bought the club.’


‘Did you move here for your boyfriend?’

*Mo Guan Shan drinks*



‘Are you seeing anyone?’



‘Have you talked to your ex since the other night?’



‘How many people have you slept with?’

He Tian glanced at the bottle on the table with a sigh, weighing his options, settling with a drink of beer.


Mo Guan Shan tried not to look surprised.


‘How many people have YOU slept with?’


It was He Tian’s turn to force nonchalance.


‘Were they all men?’

‘All but five.’


‘Have you ever been with a woman?’



‘How the hell did you get to forty? I don’t even know forty people.’

‘They tell me I’m a bit of a slut.’

‘Who tells you that?’

‘Only one question per turn.’ He Tian reminded him.


‘How have you only gotten to three?’

‘I’m a serial monogamist, I suppose.’


‘When was the last time you had a boyfriend or girlfriend?’

‘Thirteen years ago.’

Mo Guan Shan was stunned but kept his mouth shut.


‘What has Jian Yi told you about me?’

Mo Guan Shan looked away, reaching for the bottle on the table and pouring himself a shot.


He laughed.

‘No, I just wanted to take a shot.’


‘Mostly that you’re a huge dick.’

‘I can’t argue with that.’


‘Why did you help me, He Tian? Please don’t say you don’t know.’

*He Tian takes a drink.*

‘I…heard you two arguing. The way he talked to you. You sounded so…scared.’

His voice was soft and sincere.

Mo Guan Shan nodded, sensing it would be best to move on, despite his intense curiosity.


‘Do you have any siblings?’

‘I have an older sister.’

He didn’t point out how boring that question was.


‘Do you get in a lot of fights?’

He didn’t know how to ask that in a way that didn’t sound childish.

‘Not so much anymore.’


‘What was your job? Most recently, I mean?’

‘I was a really bad bartender.’


‘Was owning a club your career goal?’

‘Not even close.’


‘What do you want to be?’

That question made him feel like a kid.

Like he should say astronaut or princess.

‘I wanted to be a scientist.’


‘Are you…happy?’

‘What, like. In general?


‘Not really, no.’


‘What do you want to do now?’

‘I have absolutely no idea.’

‘What about the-’

‘One question.’ Mo Guan Shan reminded him.


‘Why are you friends with those two?’ He realized how shitty that sounded.

‘I don’t mean-’

‘I know what you mean.’ He Tian told him, formulating his answer.

‘I met them when they moved here. They were remarkably confused and lost. I took pity on them.’

His smile told Mo Guan Shan he was joking.


‘Are you going to stay in Vegas? Now that you’re not with him?’

‘Honestly, I hated it here at first.’

‘That’s understandable. It’s not for everyone.’

There was an odd edge to He Tian’s tone that he couldn’t place.

He continued.

‘It’s starting to grow on me, though.’

‘Oh yeah?’

‘One question.’


‘Is it weird that I’ve moved in with your friends?’

‘You already asked me that.’

‘You could have lied then.’

He Tian nodded slowly, taking a drink.

‘A little bit.’


‘It this weird for you?’

‘Which part?’

‘All the parts.’


He Tian poured them each a shot, telling him that their honesty had compromised the integrity of the game.


Mo Guan Shan coughed as the tequila went down, forcing himself to voice his question.

‘Why wouldn’t you sleep on the bed last night?’

He Tian took a long drink, looking to the bottle on the table.

‘Because I don’t trust myself.’


‘Why did you ask me to stay?’

‘I don’t know.’

He knew that sounded like a lie.


‘Do you want a job?

Mo Guan Shan furrowed his brow.

‘Like…in general?’

‘At my club.’

He had several, very sound, arguments as to why that was a bad idea.

‘I’m a terrible bartender.’

‘I’m sure we can find a place for you.’


‘Is this a bad idea?’


EXO Reaction when they are being rejected by their crush

This was requested by the lovely @sarangkaeyon Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Definitely questioning his existence* “What did I do wrong? It was going okay…we were having fun together…”


*Too proud to admit he is hurting inside*


*Trying to get this off his mind by spending time with the boys* “I’m going to eat until my heart is content!”


*Not sure how to handle his emotions* “Did I just get… friendzoned?”


*Can’t stop crying* “Hyung.. tell me it’ll be fine… tell me there’s someone out there for me”


“Yes… we can still be friend… I just… need some time you know…” *Really hurt*


“Don’t go…. give me one chance… please” *Really really depressed*


*Sleeps all day for days so he doesn’t feel the sadness in his heart*


*Suffering* “I should have waited.. why did I tell her… I can’t live without her… no I don’t think I can”


*Needs some time alone* “Maybe.. I should leave for a few days… clear my mind… yes… everything reminds me of her here…”


*Thinks of her 7/24* “Maybe she likes someone else? Maybe… she’s not ready? But she even held my hand before… I’m so confused”


“I gotta be strong I gotta be strong… no I can’t… I need a hug*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

sherlock starters ( season one episode two.)

  • “ the more a tea-pot is used, the more beautiful it becomes.”
  • “ four hundred years old. they’re letting you use it to make yourself a brew.”
  • “ some things aren’t supposed to sit behind a glass. they’re made to be touched.”
  • “ sometimes you have to look hard at something to see it’s value.”
  • “ i don’t suppose, um… i mean… i don’t suppose that you… you want to have a drink?”
  • “ you wouldn’t like me all that much.”
  • “ can i maybe decide that for myself?”
  • “ i can’t. i’m sorry. please stop asking.”
  • “ could you maybe keep your voice down?”
  • “ yes, all right! i’ve got it!”
  • “ you took your time.”
  • “ yeah, i didn’t get the shopping.”
  • “ what? why not?”
  • “ because i had a row in a shop with a chip and pin machine.”
  • “ you… you had a row with a machine?”
  • “ sort of. it sat there and i shouted abuse.”
  • “ have you got cash?”
  • “ you could always go yourself, you know? you’ve been sitting there all morning, you haven’t even moved since i left.”
  • “ not interested.”
  • “ i sent them a message.”
  • “ don’t worry about me, i can manage.”
  • “ is that my computer?”
  • “ what, and you couldn’t be bothered to get up?”
  • “ it’s password protected.”
  • “ took me less than a minute to guess yours. not exactly fort knox.”
  • “ you need to get a job.”
  • “ listen, um… if you’d be able to lend me some… are you listening?”
  • “ hiya buddy. how long has it been, __ years since i last clapped eyes on you?”
  • “ you need anything? coffee? water?”
  • “ right… you’re doing that thing.”
  • “ it’s not a trick.”
  • “ how could you tell? you’re gonna tell me there’s a stain on my tie from some special kind of ketchup you can only buy in manhattan. or it was the mud on my shoes.”
  • “ now, i’m glad you could make it over without a break-in.”
  • “ someone broke in late last night.”
  • “ well, that’s where this gets really interesting.”
  • “ find it, and we’ll pay you. five figures.”
  • “ i don’t need an incentive.”
  • “ you said that just to irritate him/her.”
  • “ so you think we should sniff around here for a bit longer?”
  • “ got all i need to know already, thanks.”
  • “ they’ll lead us to the person who sent it?”
  • “ so what do we do now? sit here and wait for him/her to come back?”
  • “ nobody ever does that.”
  • “ hi, um… i live in the flat just below you. i don’t think we’ve met.”
  • “ no, well i just moved in.”
  • “ actually, i… just locked my keys in my flat.”
  • “ yeah, and can i use your balcony?”
  • “ you okay?”
  • “ yeah, any time you feel like letting me in.”
  • “ thanks, i’ll take your word for it.”
  • “ problem?”
  • “ i’m not desperate to root around some bloke’s dirty underwear.”
  • “ oh, good, you follow.”
  • “ yeah, i know who you are. and i’d prefer it if you didn’t tamper with ___”
  • “ yes, it does seem the only explanation of all the facts.”
  • “ wrong, it’s one possible explanation of some other facts.”
  • “ you’ve got a solution that you like, but you’re choosing to ignore anything that you see that doesn’t comply with it.”
  • “ amazing you didn’t notice, all you had to do is look around this flat.”
  • “ good, you’re finally asking the right questions.”
  • “ he’s left trying to sort of cut his hair with a fork, which of course could never be done.”
  • “ it was a threat, that’s what the graffiti meant.”
  • “ i don’t think this can wait. sorry.”
  • “ lost five million a single morning, made it all back a week later.”
  • “ i hired you to do a job. don’t get sidetracked.”
  • “ you’re a bit overqualified.”
  • “ i said could you pass me a pen? about an hour ago.”
  • “ didn’t notice i’ve gone out, then.”
  • “ this ___ might move a bit quicker if you were to take my words as gospel.”
  • “ you are not serious… like spider-man?”
  • “ why did they die?”
  • “ where are we headed?”
  • “ i need to ask some advice.”
  • “ what? sorry?”
  • “ you heard me perfectly, i’m not saying it again.”
  • “ i’ve got two minutes before a community support officer comes around that corner.”
  • “ can we do this while i’m working?”
  • “ what about the symbols, do you recognize them?”
  • “ not sure it’s a proper language.”
  • “ what, this is what you’ve got to go on?”
  • “ are you going to help me or not?”
  • “ no. no, wait, wait - it was not me who painted that, i was just holding this for…”
  • “ bit of an enthusiast, are we?”
  • “ you’ve been a while.”
  • “ yeah, well, you know how it is. custody sergeants don’t really like to be hurried, do they? just formalities. fingerprints. charge sheets, and i’ve got to be in magistrate’s court on tuesday.”
  • “ me, in court, on tuesday! they’re giving me an ASBO!.”
  • “ can you print me out a copy?”
  • “ what about the day s/he died, can you tell me where s/he was?”
  • “ your friend… he’s an arrogant sod.”
  • “ whatever you say, I’m behind you one hundred percent.”
  • “ how can you tell?”
  • “ you want a lucky cat?”
  • “ but why did they die? i mean, it doesn’t make any sense.”
  • “ remind me, when was the last time that it rained?”
  • “ do you leave your windows open when you go on holiday.”
  • “ do you think maybe you could let me in this time?”
  • “ can you not keep doing this, please?”
  • “ somebody’s been in here before me!”
  • “ what are you saying?”
  • “ i’m wasting my breath.”
  • “ any time you want to include me.”
  • [mockingly] “ no, i’m ___ and i always work alone because no-one else can compete with my MASSIVE INTELLECT!”
  • “ the, uh, milk’s gone off and the washing’s starting to smell. somebody left here in a hurry three days ago.”
  • “ you’ve gone all croaky. are you getting a cold?”
  • “ found something you’ll like.”
  • “ tuesday morning, all you’ve gotta do is turn up and say the bag was yours..”
  • “ forget about your court date.”
  • “ if you want to hide a tree, then a forest is the best place to do it, wouldn’t you say? people would just walk straight past, not knowing, unable to decipher the message..”
  • “ if we’re going to decipher this code, we’re gonna need to look for more evidence.”
  • “ answer your phone! i’ve been calling you! i’ve found it..”
  • “ i don’t understand. it-it was here … ten minutes ago. i saw it..”
  • “ somebody doesn’t want me to see it.”
  • “ hey, ___, what are you doing?”
  • “ shh, ___, concentrate. i need you to concentrate. close your eyes.”
  • “ no, what? why? why? what are you doing?!”
  • “ i need you to maximize your visual memory. try to picture what you saw. can you picture it?”
  • “ how much can you remember?”
  • “ well, don’t worry!”
  • “ because the average human memory on visual matters is only 62% accurate.”
  • “ yeah, well, don’t worry, i remember all of it.”
  • “ yeah, or at least i WOULD if i could get to my pockets! i took a photograph…”
  • “ god, i need to sleep.”
  • “ fancy a biscuit with that?”
  • “ centuries old. don’t wanna break that.”
  • “ you’ve been clever to avoid him/her so far.”
  • “ who is s/he? have you met him/her before?”
  • “ careful! some of those skulls are over two hundred thousand years old, have a bit of respect!”
  • “ how many murders is it gonna take before you start believing that this maniac’s out there?”
  • “ what are you thinking? pork or the pasta?”
  • “ oh, it’s you!”
  • “ i’d stick with the pasta. don’t wanna be doing roast pork. not if you’re slicing up cadavers.”
  • “ don’t eat while i’m working. digesting slows me down.”
  • “ you’ve… changed your hair.”
  • “ no, it’s good. it, um, suits you better this way.”
  • “ do you mind if we have a look at them?”
  • “ what do you want?”
  • “ we’re still no closer to finding them.”
  • “ wrong. we’ve got almost all we need to know.”
  • “ are we collecting for charity?”
  • “ anything else i can do? to assist you, i mean.”
  • “ some silence right now would be marvelous.”
  • “ i’m sorry to keep you waiting.”
  • “ this is taking ages.”
  • “ what’s the point of making an appointment if they can’t even stick to it?”
  • “ um. what’s going on?”
  • “ i’m sorry, that’s not very professional.”
  • “ so, um. what were you doing to keep you up so late?”
  • “ i need to get some air. we’re going out tonight.”
  • “ actually, i’ve, er, got a date. it’s where two people who like each other go out and have fun.”
  • “ that’s what i was suggesting.”
  • “ oh, dull. boring. predictable. why don’t you try this?”
  • “ thanks, but i don’t come to you for dating advice.”
  • “ it’s years since anyone took me to the circus.”
  • “ a friend recommended it to me.”
  • “ you couldn’t let me have just one night off?”
  • “ come on, ___, behave!”
  • “ i need your help.”
  • “ i do have a couple of other things in mind this evening!”
  • “ you are kidding.”
  • “ what’s so important?”
  • “ you said circus. this is not a circus. look at the size of this crowd. this is… art.”
  • “ did you see that?”
  • “ come on! let’s go!”
  • “ you don’t know?”
  • “ i’ve done everything you asked. ___, s/he seems to think your advice is worth something.”
  • “ please tell me i’ll have something to show for it. other than a massive bill for overtime.”
  • “ well, i think perhaps i should leave you to it.”
  • “ no, no, you don’t have to go. you can stay.”
  • “ yes, it would be better to study if you left now.”
  • “ is it just me or is anyone else starving?”
  • “ so this is what you do. you ___  for a living.”
  • “ what are these squiggles?”
  • “ oh, right! yeah, well, of course i should’ve known that!”
  • “ i’ve done punch and a bowel of nibbles.”
  • “ ___, you’re a saint!”
  • “ oh, we must’ve been staring right at it!”
  • “ um, shall we get a takeaway?”
  • “ do you have it?”
  • “ forgive me if i do not take your word for it.”
  • “ yes, that’s not actually mine. s/he lent that to me.”
  • “ i realize what this looks like, but i’m not him/her.”
  • “ what? did i really say that?”
  • “ i s’ppose there’s no use in me trying to persuade you i was doing an impression.”
  • “ if i wanted to kill you, i would’ve done it by now.”
  • “ i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • “ please. please, listen to me.”
  • “ i’m not… i’m not ___. you have to believe me.”
  • “ i haven’t found whatever it is you’re looking for.”
  • “ i don’t believe you.”
  • “ you should, you know.”
  • “ how would you describe me, ___? resourceful? dynamic? enigmatic?”
  • “ that’s a semi-automatic. if you fire it, the bullet will travel at over a thousand meters per second.”
  • “ if you miss, the bullet will ricochet. could hit anyone. might even bounce off the tunnel and hit you.”
  • “ it’s all right. you’re gonna be all right. it’s over, now. it’s over.”
  • “ i go where you point me.”
  • “ hang on; a hairpin worth nine million pounds?”
  • “ i will not reveal your identity.”
I Don’t Say No To This (Philip x Reader) (Pt. 4)

Summary: Why is this so long?! Why am I like this

TW: Death, abusive parent/spouse, swearing, mentions of sex

A/N: If I am in anyway insensitive, please let me know. It is not my intention.

Masterlist Part One Part Two Part Three

Philip took the call that night. You were still asleep, and he didn’t want to wake you. After his mom having seven other kids, each of whom has broken at least one bone, he became good at recognizing the hospital’s number. As soon as he heard the receptionist tell him that Maria was dead, he saw you turn, as if you were having a bad dream. It was almost like you knew what happened. He crawled into bed next to you and held you close to his chest. “I’m sorry.”

Philip’s POV

“You know that Reynolds girl?”

“Yeah, what about her?”

“Her dad got arrested for killing her mom.”


“Yeah, apparently he’s been beating her, too.”

“Wouldn’t surprise me. If I were with her all the time, I’d beat her, too.”

I slam my tray on the table and storm over to Eacker. “What the hell, man?” I yell as I shove him slightly. There is so much more I would rather do, but I would rather not get expelled.


“You know exactly what I’m talking about!”

He smiles smugly. “Oh, yeah. That girl that you’ve been ‘dating’. I’m not sure why you care so much. We were only stating the truth.”


Eacker moves closer to me.“What? Just because I said she deserved it? We all know it’s true. I’m shocked you even talk to her. Especially after what her mother did to your family. Tell me what it’s like to constantly be reminded of what happened. Although, it wouldn’t surprise me if you were in it for the sex. She’s got a great body. I’d deal with her whining for a few hours if I got to fuck her.”

I’m about to punch him, but I feel a hand on my back. “(Y/N)-”

She bats her eyelashes. “Philip, can I talk to you for a second?”



I sigh. “Of course.”

Second Person

You grab his hand and lead him to the back of the cafeteria. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why were you trying to defend me?”

“Because, I love you so much, and I am not going to let people like Eacker talk shit about you,” he explains.

“It doesn’t matter. He’s still going to think that about me. Besides, we’re out of this hell in three months. I can assure you that Eacker is not nearly smart enough to get into anything other than community college.”

Philip smiles slightly. “I’m still pissed.”

You giggle. “Just please don’t do anything stupid.”


You lay with your head on Philip’s chest, while he absentmindedly plays with your fingers. “I love you, you know that?”

You smile and kiss his cheek. “And I love you, Philip.”

“I mean it. I don’t care about what happened with my dad. I mean, I’m still kinda mad at him, but I will always love you. No matter what.”

“You’re starting to scare me.”

“I was just thinking about how yesterday you said you didn’t want to get married. I promise, nothing like that will ever happen with us, and if it for some horrible reason does, then you have every right to leave me as soon as you feel uncomfortable.”

“You are nothing like him, and you know that will never happen. Tell me what’s really bothering you.”

He shifts slightly. “Eacker said you deserved what you got, and that I don’t really love you.”

“Is that true?”

“No, no, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I just- I don’t know. I can’t stand him, to begin with, so when he said that about you, I couldn’t handle it.”

“Three months, Philip. Three months. After that, you will never have to worry about him.”

He smiles and brings your hand to his lips. “I just can’t stand that people think like that.”

“But you aren’t going to do anything, right?”

“Not unless you want me to.”

You smile. “Just cuddle with me. I’ve had a shit day. I want a hug.”

He pulls you closer to himself. “Sweet dreams, my love.”

You smile and kiss his chest.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a bughead oneshot where they don't talk about the first kiss and dance around it for a while. Suddenly their schools Shakespeare company is doing a production of Romeo and Juliet (ironically) but the thing is Juggie doesn't get the role of Romeo (like Reggie or Archie does) and he interrupts the show midway through by reading the dialogue at the first meeting scene. Sorry it's super specific but I love your oneshots

This one was really fun to write, hope you enjoy it!

“I need everyone to quiet down!”

The theatre director stood backstage in the middle of chaos - costume pieces flying every which way, scripts fluttering across the hardwood floor, actors and actresses practicing their lines in their not-so-inside voices.

“Reggie, stop putting the props in Chuck’s ear, what did I say after the last time?” She hurried over to the boys standing by the props table, her long hair whipping over her shoulder as she frantically ripped the tiny object out of Reggie’s hand.

“I can’t believe we’re being forced to perform such an archaic piece of literary garbage. It’s so outdated,” Veronica whined, tossing her script onto a folding chair by the side of the stage. “I mean what teenager nowadays would climb up to someone’s window as a way of declaring one’s affections for them?”

Betty’s eyes went wide as she glanced at Jughead, her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

“No one,” Betty said almost too quickly, fiddling with a fraying piece of fabric on her costume and avoiding Veronica’s gaze.

“Exactly, B, glad to see you’re on my side on this one,” Veronica beamed at Betty before pulling on the arm of her dress and frowning. “Although, the fact that you’re our Juliet isn’t really helping the cause.”

Jughead gently pulled Betty away from Veronica, leaning in close to her ear so no one else could hear them.

“Bets, are we ever going to talk about it?” Jughead whispered. “It’s been weeks.”

“Talk about what?” Betty feigned confusion as she turned away from him to busily flip through her script. 

“You know what,” Jughead muttered, lowering his gaze to give her a knowing look.

“Alright, that’s enough!” The director’s voice rose above the chatter, signaling to to the group that it was time to meet with her in the center of the stage. “Gather around everyone, we don’t have a lot of time!”

“You said to pretend like nothing happened,” Betty reminded Jughead, looking back at him struggling to keep of with her as she hurried to join the rest of the group. “So that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“I didn’t mean-”

“Jughead, honestly, the faster you’re done wasting my time, the faster I can be done wasting yours,” the director sighed, turning to the students staring at her with bored expressions and taking an annoyed breath. “As you all know, our first performance of Romeo and Juliet is tomorrow. You all have put a lot of work into this and I expect that you will treat the performance with as much respect as it deserves. In other words, if you make a mockery of this program, I will see you in detention for an entire month - I’m looking at you Reggie. Okay, let’s get this over with!”

“Betty, I didn’t mean for us to skirt around each other like we were never even friends,” Jughead explained, taking her by the elbow and spinning her around slightly to meet his gaze. “I miss talking to you.”

“I miss you too, Juggie,” Betty admitted, her lips twitching into a faint smile as she allowed herself get lost in his eyes for a moment.

“Juliet, wherefore art thou Romeo? I know that’s not what that really means, but- oh never mind,” the director stammered, but stopped abruptly when she realized a dozen eyes were staring at her like she was crazy. “Seriously, Betty, where is he?”

“I’m here, Ms. Machin!”

As if on cue, Archie Andrews burst through the stage door to join the rest of his classmates on the stage.

“Sorry, I had music rehearsal with the pussycats and-” Archie struggled to catch his breath as he quickly tried to explain himself, but was cut off by an aggravated Ms. Machin shoving his costume in his face.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’ve put so much time and effort into other activities, Archie, but we have a performance tomorrow,” Ms. Machin reminded him. “So can we please run through this play before I start ripping my hair out of my head?”

“Yikes,” Veronica winced. “Sounds like someone needs a good long bath and a bottle of merlot after this horrid play is over and done with. And I don’t just mean me.”

“So are we okay?” Jughead asked, turning to Betty as she watched the group disperse in front of her. “You and me?”

“That depends,” Betty shrugged. “What did the kiss mean?”

“Bets, why do we have to decide that right now, I don’t-”

Rolling her eyes, Betty turned away from Jughead, already tired of hearing this answer, and made her way across the stage to look up at Archie putting one arm through the jacket that accompanied his costume.

“Arch, can we go over the blocking for our last scene together one more time?” Betty asked. “I just want to be sure I have it down perfectly.”

“Yeah, let’s do it,” Archie agreed, tugging on the hem of his jacket and smiling down at her as they headed off to a quieter location to practice.

“Okay, what is going on with you two?” Veronica emerged from somewhere behind Jughead, gesturing towards Betty with a raised eyebrow. “You’ve been dodging each other for weeks. Seriously I watched Betty dive into the girl’s bathroom just to avoid running into you last week. Something happened between you two didn’t it?”

“I don’t know,” Jughead muttered, rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably and staring at a spot in the hardwood floor. “Maybe.”

“Oh my god, I knew it!” Veronica exclaimed, her face brightening at the thought of an unexpected romance. “But wait, then what’s the problem?”

“A few weeks ago, we kind of had…” Jughead fidgeted in his spot, lowering his voice so he couldn’t be heard by any unsuspecting ears. “A moment.”


“We kissed,” Jughead admitted. “And afterwards I kind of… freaked out.”

“Like you ran screaming in the other direction like a five-year-old afraid of those people in the creepy character costumes at an amusement park?” Veronica asked, her brows drawing together as she tried to comprehend what he was saying.

“No,” Jughead sighed. “I just - I panicked and didn’t think she wanted it to happen. I mean, it was kind of out of the blue. But then again, it really wasn’t. Anyway, I told her just to pretend like it didn’t happen and now…”

“Now she’s treating you like you’re a piece of gum on the bottom of her shoe,” Veronica finished for him, nodding as if she understood exactly what he was talking about. “I mean you try to ignore it, but it keeps making itself known every time you walk and it sticks to the floor.”

“Kinda harsh,” Jughead scoffed. “But essentially - yes.”

“Well lucky for you, Ronnie knows how to fix even the direst dating woe,” Veronica assured him, her lips curling into a devilish smirk. “And believe it or not, this situation is not that dire. Here’s what you need to do - you need to show her that you really do want to be with her. Make some grand gesture, do whatever it takes to get her to believe you.”

“Well, how do I do that?”

“That part’s up to you my friend,” Veronica told him, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder as she turned to Archie and Betty at the other end of the stage. “But if I were you, I’d do it soon. Her Romeo is literally her dream Romeo, so I’d act fast.”

With that, Veronica crossed the stage to talk to a few of the girls in charge of the set decoration, leaving Jughead to watch as Betty laughed at something Archie was saying from across the stage.

“But he’s not,” Jughead muttered to himself, thinking back to the day he crawled into her room and kissed her like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Okay, let’s run through the balcony scene before we do a complete run-through!” Ms. Machin directed the group, gesturing for everyone to get into places with frantic hands. “Let’s go, people, the clock is ticking!”

“Okay, Juggie, it’s now or never,” Jughead whispered under his breath. “You might not be her Romeo in the play, but you were her Romeo when you climbed through her window the other day.”

“Alright, Act 2, Scene 2,” Ms. Machin clapped her hands together as the actors began to file into their positions. “Juliet appears on the balcony above, Romeo is below when he spots her and-”

Archie stepped onto the stage, glancing up at Betty with a look of longing as he began to deliver his lines.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the-”

Jughead couldn’t wait anymore. Before he could talk himself out of it, he hopped out from behind the lighting booth and made his way onto the stage.

“It is the east and Juliet is the sun,” Jughead finished the line for Archie, causing dozens of eyes to look to him with curious -yet intrigued- expressions.

“Jughead Jones, I will not have you make a mockery of-” Ms. Machin’s face was beet red from anger, but Veronica stepped behind her to place a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Let him finish!” Veronica insisted, nodding for Jughead to finish the line as he stood in front of the balcony, looking up at Betty.

“Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou fair maid art far more fair than she,” Jughead continued, meeting Betty’s gaze with a look of regret and sorrow. “I messed up Bets. I should have told you how I felt about you a long time ago, but I was scared. I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way so I kind of - freaked out.”

“Juggie, all you had to do was talk to me,” Betty told him, taking a step closer to the edge of the balcony and leaning over it to smile down at him. “You can talk to me about anything.”

“I know,” Jughead met her smile before turning to everyone watching them and taking a deep breath. “So I’m asking you this now, in front of our entire class - will you go out with me?”

“Of course I will,” Betty answered, and a roar of cheers coming from the cast made an embarrassed giggle escape her lips.

Before anyone could protest, Jughead started climbing up the ladder meant to look like vines crawling up the side of the building and hoisted himself up and over the balcony to join Betty.

“Mr. Jones, that set it to be handled with care don’t you-” Ms. Machin yelled from the stage, but Jughead was already up and over before she could finish her sentence.

“Now, that’s the kind of play I would be excited about performing,” Veronica muttered to herself, clapping her hands together happily as she watched her friends smile at one another with goofy grins.

“Feel familiar?” Jughead asked as they stood in front of the hand-built window, his hands on her waist as she took a step closer to him.

“No yet,” Betty breathed before closing the space between them and placing her hands on his cheeks, their lips meeting with a kiss that was even better than their first.

jackbum + sexual tension

 soooo this pretty little anon requested it -also gonna include what this other person asked for ;)- i’ve been wanting to do it for SO FUCKING LONG so why dont we get our hands dirty (literally) already??? BRACE YOURSELVES


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A Love Like War (Asa x reader)

Anonymous said: Could you do an Asa imagine where he’s your nerdy best friend and he’s desperately in love with you but he thinks the feelings aren’t mutual (even though they totally are)? Thank you!! Love your imagines!!! xx

This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for reading, I’m glad you like my imagines! It means loads! Here’s one for you! x

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Trust Pt. 4

A Jared/Joker x Daughter Crossover Fic

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


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