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The person asked for Kent taking a selfie with Kit with the sentence “I’m a walking travesty” somewhere on the image. Posted with permission.

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(It’s for a good cause, I need to upgrade my computer so I can draw on it again)

@anyone who did not wrestle kingdom 11 live:

please, p l e a s e, go out of your way to watch the following matches from this ppv -

kushida © vs hiromu takahashi

katsuyori shibata © vs hirooki goto

tetsuya naito © vs hiroshi tanahashi

kazuchika okada © vs kenny omega

the level of action and storytelling and emotion put into these matches is of the highest tier, these are matches that remind me why i’m a wrestling fan to begin with

EXO’s reaction to you asking them to do aegyo and then kissing them

Baekhyun: “Challenges you to an aegyo competition”

Chanyeol: “Ok, let the aegyo master teach you a thing or two”

Chen: “how about we’ll just skip to the kiss” /ft.soochen/

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D.O: “do I have to?…” *flushed*

You: “yes or else I’m calling Baekhyun here to show me”

D.O: *without hesitation*

Luhan:” WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME” *embarrassed, looks to see if anyone is around*

Luhan: *is angry, grabs your hand leads you to the bedroom and locks the door* “now it’s my turn to remind you that I’m a fucking man” /sorry i know it’s fluff but am i really sorry?/

Kris: “HA no.”

Suho: *literally doesn’t stop doing aegyo until you tell him to stop*

Sehun: “Jagi *prepares himself* you came to the right place”

Sehun: “Now where’s my bubble tea?” “Ohh please did you think you could witness the segyo for free?”

Lay:  *causally inserts aegyo*

Tao: “I will do it once and if you’ll speak of it again i will end you”

Xiumin: *gets all squishy and cuddly* “only if you join me”

Kai: “BUING BUIN…” *dies out of laughter*

Kai: “now where is my kiss?”

Catwoman/Selina Kyle has NO problem reminding Batman of Bruce Wayne about their younger lives while engaged in combat (according to the Gotham universe).  Some of Selina’s famous lines are:

“Don’t run off, handsome.  We both know you need my help on these streets.  You will need me.”

“Remember the time I had to practically beg you to kiss me?  Some things never change.”

“You still hit like a pubescent boy.”

“Why don’t we stop arguing and just get something to eat.  You still cook, right?  You make a delicious cake.”

“Please tell me you’re still in the training stage.  I’m dancing circles around your so-called fighting skills.”

“If you’d stop wearing those hideous turtlenecks I might take you seriously.”

“What’s wrong?  You still like me, right?  As in more than friends?”

“You’re paying for this rip in my brand new suit.  How about I take it off so you can sew it for me?”

“Why can’t we go back to simpler times?  You cook for me…I cook for you.  But I’m not talking food.”

“Why are we fighting each other?  You and I both know that I know you better than anyone.  Remember when we were kids?  Let’s go back to that…except forget about all the innocence.  There’s nothing innocent about the way we feel about each other.  I can feel it…literally.”

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MCU Ladies Week 2017: 12th - 18th February: Only 3 Weeks to Go!

Welcome to the brand new official home of the MCU Ladies Week. With only 3 weeks to go until this years event kicks off, I have added a FAQ page to this blog. If you have any questions or can think of something that I could add to it, please let me know, either here or over on @fuckyeahladiesofthemcu

As always, here’s your reminders of the days:

  • Day 1 - Favourite Character - Tell us who your favourite female character is, and why. Do you identify with them in some way? Did they do something special that makes them your favourite? Tell us!
  • Day 2 - Unsung Hero - Who do you think doesn’t get nearly enough attention? Who would you like to see more of?
  • Day 3 - Favourite Scene - What is your favourite scene involving a female character? Do you have more than one? Are there any parallels between them?
  • Day 4 - Actor Appreciation - a day to appreciate the actors who make the characters come to life.
  • Day 5 - Favourite Relationship - Pretty self explanatory, a day to explore your favourite female (canon) relationship in the MCU.
  • Day 6 - Headcanons/AU - a day for exploring your headcanons for the characters and any alternate universe ideas you might have. The only day of the year I will post non-canon/fanfic stuff.
  • Day 7 - To the Future! - What are you hoping for from the new female characters coming to the MCU? Which characters would you like to see from the comics? What do you want to happen to the existing characters?

And if you’re stuck for inspiration, the last two events are archived over here.

So my dear subconscious, we're gonna need to have a talk,

When you let me dream about a celebrity could you please pick a man I’m already crushing on instead of throwing random guys at me out of the blue?

Last month you pulled this shit on me with Chris Evans (who previously did nothing for me).
And need I remind you that this is how this Seb thing started too?

But last night you went too far.

Don Saladino?! How? Why? Where on earth did you come up with this one?

In my dream Don (who is Seb’s trainer for those of you who don’t know him) worked in a clothes shop. He was very friendly and very helpful, not to mention charming and flirty.
And for some (obvious) reason I kept touching his biceps while we talked.

He didn’t seem to mind and kept coming back to talk to me, until we started talking about food and all of a sudden he got really pissed at me for ‘not eating healthy’.

Dealbreaker, apparently.

I stormed off angry and spent the rest of the dream waiting for him to come get me, which he never did. (Yeah fuck you Don, I eat what I want)

But, this is the best scenario you can come up with, subconscious? You couldn’t throw in some gym porn for me? At least put some plot into it or a decent ending.

I am a writer for god’s sake!

You can do better, I expect you to do better and give me something really good next time, preferably with Seb, okay?



  • I liked that all the couplings were essentially “not the norm” pairings, although I do get why Liszt and Sousuke had to pair up but I’m a stickler for “adults with adults please”. But Sousuke having a crush on Liszt after this more like SIGN ME THE FUCK UP
  • Tchaikovsky seemed to know exactly what was happening and that in itself is really interesting and YEP JUST REMINDING ME I NEED TO DO A PART 2 TO THE MUSIK POST DAMNIT
  • Someone in that animation team ships BeetoKanae and I am laughing because my favorite character is the canon bicycle thank God
  • Glad to see that no matter how you see Tchaikovsky, they are just not straight. At all.
  • The preview just /bleeds/ Mozart episode and I assume it’s because someone on the production team threw a fit that Mozart wasn’t in this episode enough and I respect and love that person

God bless this weird ass show. God bless.

this is some dumb ass, 5am white castle fueled rant about the jonas brothers buckle up and get ready

okay so hold THE FUCK up. i got some shit to say about year 3000 by the one and only jonas brothers. yea it’s a bomb ass song and truly the most Iconic of our time, but why does No One talk about how unrealistic the lyrics are? year 3000! this song was released in fucking 2006. so you’re telling me in 904 years, the only shit that’s changed is living under water? or that you only have a great great great granddaughter? OR THAT THEY WERE ONLY ON THEIR 7TH ALBUM??? they released 4 studio albums between 2006 and 2009 but in the remaining 900 years, only released 3 more. Okay. i call Bullshit but o-fuckin-kay. and what kinda family is it to there in almost 1,000 years, you only had a great great great granddaughter?? that’s only like 5 generations?? that can take as little as like 100 years unless you all have kids hella late in life okay. and even then that’s super Unrealistic. get it together, joe. also another point, why do we all just believe that boy bands are gonna be Everywhere in 1000 years??? boy bands are a dying race let me tell ya. like yea let me just Preach on kpop for a minute: all these groups are Killin it with their shit, but at the same time, it is Disrespectful to compare kpop boy (AND GIRL) groups to “boy bands.” shit is DISRESPECTFUL. also plot hole, the song never even went platinum, much less multi-platinum lmao.

BUT WAIT SHIT GETS BETTER WHAT THE FUCK??!?!!!?!?! while doing some dumb ass research about this damn song, APPARENTLY it’s a cover??? they stole this shit from Busted. and while the jonas brothers did it better, they stole this shit from three other basic white dudes. truly Iconic.

anyway that is all. i just want nick and joe to know i really and truly enjoy the song. it’s a classic one. i’ll sing it till the day i die. but tbh fuck kevin no one liked him anyway. i hope we can all still enjoy the beauty that is year 3000. thank you.

The D.I.D posts on my dash kinda became depressive

Let’s fix this, with some D.I.D positive things… I know they’re not relevant for everyone, but please add to this list.

(This isn’t me trying to ‘glorify mental illness’, this is me saying I’m so sick of being told how bad my mental illness is and never having anyone mention happier moments. Sometimes I need to be reminded this illness isn’t the end of the world and it has it’s ups with it downs and that’s why I need to make this post. Because it’s 1am and I can’t think of a happy DID list and I need one)


-Sing alongs with the system
-Group bad dancing
-Those alters who make the best sassy comments
-Those alters who have the best jokes
-Littles who get excited and do cute things
-Littles who buy you presents when you’re sad
-When friends buy your Littles things and take photos (I hope you all have friends like this, who love your system, you all deserve them)
-That alter who leaves sticky notes of love (do this for your system, they get happy and excited and it’s great, it stops us dissociating from stress too, just the reminder we’re real and loved helps)
-The alters who bluntly tell people to leave you alone when they become toxic.
-The alters who bake/cook the best food and share it.
-Finding teddy bears and switching out to find your Littles where playing tea party.
-Those alters with really good social skills who makes sure you don’t lose friends.
-Knowing there’s usually someone who’s got your back.
-Leaving other alters happy surprises and becoming really good friends with your system.
-Those alters who take lots of notes.
-Those alters who keep you feed and clean and provide the body with basic self care.
-Alters who plan everything and keep you organised.
-When your system is so close you’re family.
-System artwork
-A constant knowledge your bodies brain is so powerful it will always keep you safe from pain by giving you the gift of a constant presence that you can learn to love.

anonymous asked:

I remember you once said something about having the same moon sign as someone's sun sign makes the moon sign person kinda dependent on the sun sign person because the sun expresses what the moon feels. I loved it. You think you could explain it a little bit deeper?

I don’t remember saying that but if I did please remind me caise I can be forgetrful but this makes sense though but I feel it’s not in all moon signs though, it happens if the moon sign is in fire signs or fallen or detriment as in Scorpio or Capricorn, also Aquarius and Gemini .

Cause these moon signs done feel comfortable as a moon sign cause I think they know why aren’t about emotions and feelings, they more about the self. Like fire moons can envy or look at people who have sun in a fire sign as Kings cause they have their ego feelings comfortable and good cause the sun loves shining and having their seem big but fire moon instead of shining and have strong egos they actually end up with a functional egos because the moon as you know changes and is unstable.

Capricorn moon can look at a Capricorn sun as a leader or authority cause it so badly wants to be like it but they are stuck feelings things they don’t know how to process, they have to consider their and others emotions and Capricorn is not made for that.

Hope this made sense

anonymous asked:

your Oya dream made me Smile. I have had Oya present herself to me in dreams to give me visions or make me experience things but she has never spoken to me, I dont talk about it much because Oya is not "properly" a part of the tradition I am in (Haitian Vodou) so I'm worried about my Papa scolding me for crossing my paths. I did tell him about the dreams once but we have never spoken of it again other than a reminder that I am not to speak to the Orisha.

Oh Anon thank you for reaching out to me! I’m not sure why I’m just now seeing this but if you read this please message me I would love to talk to you about a few things! 

Same goes to any of my other followers who work with Oya.

anonymous asked:

why don't you ever take requests based on another posts? i remember sending you one and you never made the edit :(

Anon, please don’t be angry at me! I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding here. I’ve never said no to a request, not even once. I swear that if I didn’t take your request, I either forgot it or I never got it. Did I answer you when you asked me? Because if I did I forgot about it. There was a time when I got so many requests per day, that it is possible that I may have forgotten one (that’s why I write everything down now). If I didn’t reply then Tumblr probably ate your message. It happens. Please send me again. 

Friendly reminder to everyone that sends me requests. If I don’t respond within a day or don’t make the gifset at least two days after I said I’d do it, please feel free to send me another ask to remind me because I probably forgot it or I never got your request. 

A Stupid Thing Called Love

Originally posted by sugaglos

Genre: Angst

Rated: G

Word count: 987

Group: Got7

Member: Im Jaebum

I Final I

“Y/N, can’t we go back to the apartment and watch a movie there? If we get caught, people will spread rumors. I don’t want you getting hurt,” he whined as you dragged him by his wrist down the parking garage towards the entrance doors to the mall.

“Come on. No one should be awake at this time of night. That’s why we agreed to watch a movie. Just as long as it was late at night,” you reminded, still dragging your best friend. “You promised me we could watch this movie.”

Jaebum sighed. “I was hoping that when we did watch it, it could be seen at home. Not the movie theaters.”

You stopped in the middle of the dead parking lot and turned to face him. “Please, Jaebum. Let’s watch this movie together. I’ll never ask you to go somewhere in public with me again. Please.” You cocked your head to the side and pouted.

You could tell he was struggling not to give in, but you were persistent. You moved your body side to side.

He groaned. “Okay, fine. Let’s go watch this movie.”

You smiled happily and walked alongside him towards the entrance doors.


“What?” You stared at him in disbelief.

He was avoiding your eyes. His head was down, never moving anywhere else.

“Say it again, Jaebum. Say it to my face. Not the damn ground,” you demanded.

“Y/N. Please…” he trailed off, but still never looked up at you.

“No,” you began, eyes blurry with tears, “you agreed to this, so you should tell me face-to-face. I won’t believe you if you’re looking at the ground, Jaebum.”

He continued to stare down at the ground and said nothing. With every second that passed, you were slowly feeling yourself become more vulnerable. You were breaking down. Unable to keep your stable expression any longer.

“Tell me damn it! Look at me and say it again, Jaebum!” You were giving in to weakness.

He finally looked up and stared at you.


“Just chocolate?” he asked.

“Just chocolate,” you confirmed, wiping your mouth with your napkin.

“Vanilla,” he slightly questioned.

“With chocolate syrup,” you answered, taking another lick of your ice cream.


“With chocolate syrup,” you repeated.

“Mint chocolate chip.”

Your face contorted into a disgusted look. “Eww,” you stated.

He looked at you as if you had offended him. “You don’t like mint chocolate chip?”

“No. Who likes mint ice cream? They ruined chocolate chip by giving it mint. That’s so dissatisfying to even think about.” You shook your head as you took another lick of your rocky road.

He chuckled. “I’ll just leave a self-reminder not to give you mint.” He took a lick at his strawberry ice cream.

You smiled. “Just chocolate please.”

“What about cakes?” he asked.

“Vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet,” you stated immediately.

“So no mint?” You could hear the teasing sound in his voice. You glared at him, and he chuckled again. “Nothing mint in general. Got it.”


His eyes held a stern look as he stared at you. You were trying to see any emotion that held in his eyes, but your vision was blurred by your tears.

“I want to stop…” he trailed off before taking a deep breath and continuing, “I want to end our friendship.”

The two of you were quiet for a moment as you waited for him to show some sort of sign that he was joking. Any little sign that said he didn’t want to end your four-year long relationship.

But nothing was showing.

You let out a dry laugh. “You’re not joking.” You ran your hand through your hair and looked off somewhere–anywhere but in his direction. “You’re being serious. You just want to call this off.” You laughed.

“Y/N,” he said in a low voice. You could hear the slight distress in his tone.

“No,” you began, finally looking back up at him, “I get it. She doesn’t want us to be friends anymore. She doesn’t like it.”

“That’s not the reason–”

You interrupted him. “That is exactly the reason why you don’t want to be friends anymore. You were never like this before. All your previous relationships never lasted that long because of the same situation you’re in now. Why now–”

“Because I love her!”

You stared at him in shock. He had never told you he loved another person before. Loved someone that wasn’t his family.

You could feel your body tremble, and your eyes becoming blurrier. You were trying so hard not to cry even more, but you weren’t winning this battle.

“Wow.” Your shaking hands moved to wipe your tears. “Who knew love could change someone so easily.” You took a step back the second he took a step forward. “What am I talking about? I changed, too.” You laughed, trying so hard to stop the tears from flowing down your cheeks. “I’m an idiot. I really am.”

“Y/N, what are you talking about?” he asked in a whisper.

You ignored him. “I fell in love and didn’t even realize how much I was changing. I fell in love with my best friend.” You turned around and made your way towards the door.


“I told myself to never fall in love with a best friend or an idol.” You opened the door. “I guess I failed to follow that one rule.” You turned around to face him. You could see the confused look on his face as you took in his features one last time. His brown hair, the lips that held a smile that made your heart flutter, and the way his eyes told different emotions all at once. “Love is a stupid feeling.”

You closed the door to his dorm and made your way out of the apartment complex. Having hope that he would chase after you. Beg you not to leave.

But Jaebum never did.

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Amnesia minkey fanfic please?

i actually wrote a fic based on a similar prompt some time ago but strangely, i got inspired to write something different yet maybe equally cheesy and cliché again. dear anon, i hold you entirely responsible for all 3000+ words that i spent the day writing. think i went a little crazy cause it just got longer and longer but i hope i did your prompt justice! thanks for reminding me why i love writing. it’s been long since i’ve felt this satisfied with something i’ve written. happy reading everyone~ enjoy! ^^

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Back in highschool, I started a little manga called Nabari no Ou. I stopped because, well, it did. About a week ago I decided to pick it up again and found out it finally went off hiatus a whopping two years later. But regardless, reading it again reminded me of why I loved it so much as a teenager, and the ending was just ohhhhhm’gosh. good manga/10 please read it i’m begging you.

What Happened Last Night? Texts | Starter Meme (Some are slight NSFW)
  • [text]: No more alcohol for you. You do crazy shit when you're drunk.
  • [text]: Please remind me why all my lampshades are scattered on the driveway.
  • [text]: I woke up to next to some random naked chick today. Should I be worried?
  • [text]: Did you really try to fuck your sister while drunk? She told me you kept hitting on her. All. Night.
  • [text]: Your friend is still asleep. At my house. With no pants on. Come get him NOW.
  • [text]: Your brother wanted to me to tell you he's kicking you out of the house cause of the mess you made. I told you it was a bad idea, but nope. You didn't listen.
  • [text]: My pool is now officially 1% beer. Thanks dipshit. Now I can't invite the neighbors for a BBQ.
  • [text]: Get up from bed now. The house is a goddamn mess and it'll take me days to finish. I don't think my parents will be happy to see the aftermath of that event.
  • [text]: My kitchen tile is drenched in lube. Wanna explain?
  • [text]: Why is there a dildo on my coffee table? I don't remember buying one. Like, ever.
  • [text]: I come back home to find a good chunk of my fence is broken and condoms all over my backyard. What the fuck did you do?
  • [text]: Thanks asshole, my fridge is empty. Now guess what? As punishment, YOU'RE BUYING ME FOOD. AND YOU'RE ALSO PAYING FOR THAT BROKEN WINDOW AS WELL!
  • [text]: I don't wanna tell what happened, but let's just say I hate pickles now.
BTS As Things My Friends Have Said

Jin: “I swear if you tell me that I look ugly again, I will shove you into an alternate universe in which everyone looks like my gorgeous self.”

Suga: “If you need me, I’ll be laying amongst the pizza in my room for the next week until exams are over. Probably listening to Fall Out Boy and occasionally going to the bathroom.”

J-Hope: “Whoa, I just became your special friend. Being your special friend makes me feel special. Everyone should have someone special make them feel special too.”

Rap Monster: *friend is playing Professor Layton* “Oh my god professor how many puzzles do you know? Even my left eyebrow probably reminds you of a f*cking puzzle.”

Jimin: “Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of my amazing sexiness. All haters please leave the room, the door is on the left.”

V: “Why on earth is this boy staring at me? Did I do something weird, did I fly to the moon without knowing, is he offended by my amazing fashion sense? We will never know!”

Jungkook: “Could I survive walking up Everest? I mean my uncle went to the base camp and he’s alive. I know I haven’t done any exercise except for Wii Fit, but those are skills. Right?”

We finally get to see Towa and Kanata’s parents in the 40th episode preview. So, we have a pale-skinned father, and a dark-skinned mother. Toei, did you just create the first biracial Cure? If so, that’s great, really. Now I completely forgive you to make Scarlet’s skin extremely pale. (The parents and the children even share the clothes, the accessories and the hairstyle (the mother’s is gorgeous, kind of remind me Game of Thrones ladies). Can’t wait to see when they’ll reunite after all these years.)