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We love the arts of @kevinwada so much that we have gathered a crowd of people :D 

Fake Geek Girls cosband loves you, Mr. Wada! ♥

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Rogue by me ( @dasha-ocean )

Kate Bishop by @florka

Jubilee by Goblin ( )

Phoenix by Hally ( )

Wanda Maximoff by @f1hell

She-Hulk by @useastorydoppelganger

Gambit by Good and happy tallman (

Kamala Khan by @zaira555

Clint Barton by @ohtematema

Rachel Grey by @shieraphoenix

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Tell Me Your Troubles (Part One)

(OOC: Thanks so much to the lovely @the-moon-and-stars-my-love for being such a wonderful Jamie. I’m so glad we are finally posting this thread after talking about it for like a month!! hehe anywhoo hope you all enjoy! <3)

Jamie: Tell me your troubles

Remi: I couldn’t talk to Siri about this anyway…

Jamie: That’s because Siri is an actual mess. She thinks she’s slick, but she’s really not.

Remi: Here’s there thing…

Remi: So that’s saying something…

Remi: *Muffled voice* It’sSiri

Jamie: Oh for merlin’s sake, Remi. Of course I’m okay!

Jamie: Okay so, first things first…

Jamie: Let’s get one thing straight.

Jamie:  So I’ll give Siri the same speech later. Don’t you hurt her, Remi. Don’t you dare. If this doesn’t work out between you two….I’m gonna have to choose…

~To Be Continued~


It’s Faun/Satyr/Goat week on fuckyeahmonsterenbies! WOOOOO~

This is Remy Hockshank, and they are a non-binary, gray asexual Faun! They have aspirations to become a Fae Knight like Lord Rook Knothorn! 

Remy has a sibling named Shimmy, and the two of them are more inclined to pranks and sneakiness than to actual combat - their wanting to be a Knight is more an ideal than something that will become a reality. 

They like to help people, and they often work as a guide for travelers through the Deepwoods, where they live.


Remi: Who’d you piss off this time?

Sirius: It’s not my fault Rosier is a bitch.

Remi: What’d she do this time? Did she make fun of your jacket?

Sirius: I’ll have you know that jacket took a lot of work. I have to defend her honour, but no. 

Remi: Then what happened?

Sirius: She made some crack about scars and certain girls with scars.

Remi: ….

All I Want For Christmas

(OOC: Happy holidays to everyone!! This is my first thread wooooo! BIG THANKS TO @queer–pansy FOR BEING SUCH AN AWESOME SIRI LIKE 10/10 I hope you guys enjoyyyy I have some more stuff planned soon mwhahahah)