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We love the arts of @kevinwada so much that we have gathered a crowd of people :D 

Fake Geek Girls cosband loves you, Mr. Wada! ♥

Photo by Ulyana (

Rogue by me ( @dasha-ocean )

Kate Bishop by @florka

Jubilee by Goblin ( )

Phoenix by Hally ( )

Wanda Maximoff by @f1hell

She-Hulk by @useastorydoppelganger

Gambit by Good and happy tallman (

Kamala Khan by @zaira555

Clint Barton by @ohtematema

Rachel Grey by @shieraphoenix

Tommy Shepherd by ksyders (

Siri and the Void

OOC: I don’t know how long gif posts can be before they’re deemed ‘too long; so you only get the first line. Also, I’m tagging @captofthesswolfstar​because she is the absolute best and kept me from having approximately seven nervous breakdown while I was doing this. You’re the best Tara!

Remi looks longingly at a tube of cover-up

In storms Siri, blue in the face and yelling incomprehensively

Siri follows Remi’s breathing patterns and her breathing turns back to normal, hardly even waiting for more air before ranting about her topic

Remi: And why are you telling me this Siri?
Remi: It’s Jamie who this concerns, because it’s her fault you got detention for what happened.

Siri answers by swinging her arms and moaning about Remi not caring.
Siri: As my most deepest, and trusted friend, who is beyond cruel in the most unconscientious of ways, this cruelty strikes me dead.

Siri raises her eyebrow and mutters not quite under her breath
Siri: You worry about what people think of you showing up every month with new scars.