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We love the arts of @kevinwada so much that we have gathered a crowd of people :D 

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Rogue by me ( @dasha-ocean )

Kate Bishop by @florka

Jubilee by Goblin ( )

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Wanda Maximoff by @f1hell

She-Hulk by @useastorydoppelganger

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Kamala Khan by @zaira555

Clint Barton by @ohtematema

Rachel Grey by @shieraphoenix

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unkn0wnlifef0rm  asked:

I just saw the tweet that you've named your Braixen cosplay Kana! It really has a cute ring to it. Is it ok if I would like the know the origin on how you've come up with the name? :3

It honestly was just a case of deciding on the name after I had gotten more experience with performing in the costume, and had a chance to discover what personality/poses seemed to fit her best. I told people for a while that I actually couldn’t decide on the gender, but during Anime Expo I realized there were a LOT of times when I defaulted to a more sassy, confident, sometimes even smug position with my body - and many of the best pictures included these poses as well. A few potential names that seemed to fit this personality popped up, and my ‘test group’ of folks I pitched them to overwhelmingly liked “Kana” most (and so did I).

Some people think it’s a sign that I’m treating it like a “fursuit” but the fact is that I just like (nick)naming things that have significance to me; I nickname each of my plushes, I nickname my Pokemon, etc. Doing this actually deliberately helps me to separate their identities from my own, because with their own names they become individual characters instead of extensions of myself (the latter of which has never been my goal).

I’m in the process of ‘applying’ for another Pokemon cosplay featuring midnight Lycanroc, and this time around I’ve already cemented how I feel he’d perform should I be approved; “Remi” is a typical prankster with a bit of a ‘confident hero’ streak, who likes to LOOK cool as often as Kana simply knows she’s cool.


It’s Faun/Satyr/Goat week on fuckyeahmonsterenbies! WOOOOO~

This is Remy Hockshank, and they are a non-binary, gray asexual Faun! They have aspirations to become a Fae Knight like Lord Rook Knothorn! 

Remy has a sibling named Shimmy, and the two of them are more inclined to pranks and sneakiness than to actual combat - their wanting to be a Knight is more an ideal than something that will become a reality. 

They like to help people, and they often work as a guide for travelers through the Deepwoods, where they live.

Tell Me Your Troubles (Part One)

(OOC: Thanks so much to the lovely @the-moon-and-stars-my-love for being such a wonderful Jamie. I’m so glad we are finally posting this thread after talking about it for like a month!! hehe anywhoo hope you all enjoy! <3)

Jamie: Tell me your troubles

Remi: I couldn’t talk to Siri about this anyway…

Jamie: That’s because Siri is an actual mess. She thinks she’s slick, but she’s really not.

Remi: Here’s there thing…

Remi: So that’s saying something…

Remi: *Muffled voice* It’sSiri

Jamie: Oh for merlin’s sake, Remi. Of course I’m okay!

Jamie: Okay so, first things first…

Jamie: Let’s get one thing straight.

Jamie:  So I’ll give Siri the same speech later. Don’t you hurt her, Remi. Don’t you dare. If this doesn’t work out between you two….I’m gonna have to choose…

~To Be Continued~

All I Want For Christmas

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