remi and mona

Shin・Chocolate Jiken ~Otome & Mikuru Ver.~
Remi and Mona from STAR☆ANIS
Shin・Chocolate Jiken ~Otome & Mikuru Ver.~

It’s an unexpectedly perfect super trick
Ah… my heart is going to melt
Is this love?

Just like chocolate, I won’t stop
Even if I’m defeated- NO! NO!!
A taste of chocolate, that choco choco feeling
I won’t rest, I LOVE YOU YEAH!
Even though it’s chocolate, it’s a tiny bit bitter
Though an abrupt encounter, give me back my stolen heart

Things that were confirmed on 4X20
  • Spencer (because of her drug abuse) often sleepwalks - and even sleep-DRIVES to places, doing things she later on cannot recall doing (like calling Emily at 4 AM, like going to school and falling asleep at Ezra’s desk)… her parents say that she does things without even being aware of doing them.
  • Spencer had this problem before, 2 years earlier. Probably around the time Ali went missing (because it would go along very well with the fact that she was the only one awake while the other girls were asleep in the barn… and because she looks totally sketchy and confused when she tells them that she can’t find Alison…) This will explain why and how Spencer knows more about that night than she can remember and has “2 personalities” - please don’t confuse this with MPD or being bipolar or anything like that, that is not Spencer’s situation. She has sleep disorders because of her pills, and sleepwalkers can do crazy things while sleepwalking (eyes open and all!) and not remember a single thing when they wake up (like Marlene cleverly showed us with Remy on Ravenswood).
  • Mike bets Mona was a cute baby.
  • Ezra thought he got Alison pregnant. (but like, wait, he didn’t actually confirm this… Aria says that (because that’s probably what she read in the pages she found) and his response is that he was writing a book about her. Does that mean some parts of the book are fiction? Another thing Aria says is that Ezra wanted Alison dead (!)… Again, she got this from the book, but is the book all real? I think it is but Ezra is acting like it isn’t, like he just wrote for the sake of writing, not confessing.
  • Ezra found out (for sure) that Alison is alive only when he and Aria broke up and went back to writing the book. Meaning, he didn’t know she was alive… but like, yeah, that’s what he’s telling Aria, so I dunno.
  • Lucy Hale is 100% preciousbabysadcheeks