remembrance rose


Pandora Hearts Love Month
Flowers: Statice, marigolds, forget-me-nots, blue roses; Remembrance, grief over loss of loved one, true and undying love and desire for the unattainable.


I have finally finished the undertale rose project that I’ve been working for a while now! Each character represents the color of roses.

Click on the images for the full caption!
I also don’t mind if you these as icons, just as long as you credit me!

Also bonus character under the cut! :3c

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why I will always choose yennefer

So … sigh. I made the mistake of looking at a thread about the Triss vs Yennefer dilemma. I generally avoid those, because they’re always full of misogynistic guys who hate Yennefer and don’t understand her and feel the need to rant about how terrible she is.

I call Yennefer haters misogynistic, because they only hate her because they expect a woman to be a weak, damsel-in-distress who isn’t allowed to have sex with anyone other than Geralt – despite the fact that Geralt has been cheating on her for, like, forty years or something.

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[ITEM] Rose.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: 薔薇
Romaji: Bara

User: Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion/Moonlight Knight
First appearance: Episode 1
Last appearance: Episode 168
Status: In use.


  • Tuxedo Mask never used roses as a weapon in the manga.
  • These roses could pierce almost any surface.
  • When under Queen Metalia’s influence, Tuxedo Mask’s roses turned black. Black roses do not exist in nature. Hybridizers do try to create ones that appear black (i.e., dark red and dark purple), though. Others make them black by soaking the petals in ink.
  • Moonlight Knight’s roses were white. It is believed that white roses represent remembrance and purity.
  • While the last time Tuxedo Mask used a rose was in episode 168, Seiya did throw one in a similar manner in episode 194.

anonymous asked:

Just imagine that Giorno goes with his father to visit modern day England, and DIO can't help but comment on how his country has changed in a century.

I like to think of an AU where Dio, with his mysterious cache of riches, has manors in places just to have them. It comes in handy if he needs to hop cities and still have this completely intimidating, unapproachable demeanor. A villa in Italy with its own orchard. A victorian manor hidden away in a small but affluent English town. Maybe he’s got a nice house in Norway or Iceland because ‘fuck it, three hours of daylight means twenty-one hours of Dio Time’.

Either way, England would be different but familiar. The slums he once knew, gutted and gone, almost completely. Shabby buildings in some places, sure, but infinitely nicer and downright hospitable than what he remembers. The landmarks at least remain, but even how recognizable they are, they’re still meaningless to him.

He expected the graveyards from his time to be torn up, dug up, and built over, but by some shred of a miracle, his father’s bones stay in the same place, as did his mother’s. The headstones are nearly too worn to read by now, but he remembers the placement. But only barely.

Giorno sinks his fingers into the earth of his grandmother’s grave and springs up zinnias (in remembrance), deep crimson roses (in mourning), and white poppies (grief).

I’m always fascinated by losers. … They are more interesting than the winners.

Italian author and philosopher Umberto Eco speaking to NPR’s Scott Simon last October. Eco died last week at age 84.

Born in a small Italian town in 1932, Eco is perhaps best known for his 1980 mystery novel The Name of the Rose, which is set in a monastery in the 14th century. It was an unexpected international bestseller, launching his career as an author.

Italian Author And Philosopher Umberto Eco Dead At 84

Reaction to RWBY4 Ep 2

Newest episode is out and so here’s my run down of it.

As always, Do Not proceed if you don’t want this episode spoiled for you,

DanganRonpa references are abundant, so prepare yourselves.

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Life Needs Things to Live (original poetry from prompt)

(So I’m in a ‘Writer’s Guild’ at school and we get given a writing prompt each week. Awhile back the prompt was ‘Life Needs Things to Live’. In the end, what I wrote was heavily inspired by this piece of Inktober artwork by @treestan (sup btw) and so I figured… yeah why not share it here? I haven’t posted any of my writing online a pretty long while so I’ll see if maybe I do this a bit more in the future.)

A thing of nature
Whether flora or fauna
No one knows

A fleeing deer
With antlers like branches
All over him red flowers grow

Poppies for remembrance
And red roses for love
All sprouting from twining vines

But poppies are drugs
And roses have thorns
It’s not even between the lines

The shadows stretched
And then they awoke
Smiling with too many teeth

They lined the grasping shadows
Guided by a dozen eyes
Watching from underneath

Something is lurking there
And you look like a tasty treat
Run, deer; don’t yet accept defeat

Flee as fast as you can
May those vines not trip your feet
Less you be dead meat

So run, deer, run
In the shadows of summer’s final hour
A newborn creature shall flower
But first it needs to eat

Run, deer, run
There are certain things it’s life will need
Nature demands that it must feed
And one of you will pay the price

So run, deer, there is no running from this
Life needs things to live
I will not tell you twice
It is not something pretty
It is not always nice

Hey guys and gals, its rant time again! Or rather, more a rant than the previous story but whatever let’s just get through this.

So, I’ve been hearing people talking about Triss again, the one who’s oh-so-sweet and nice and would never be “bitchy” like Yennefer, because if there’s something people can’t get past it’s justifying that their own choice is better than other people’s choices and they have to be right and prove they’re right through brute force. So, let’s take a look at some facts, and for funsies I’m going to be using the lore present within the video games as opposed to sticking with the books as well since goddamn people just love to come up with the justification that the books don’t count even though the games continue the story that the saga finished (which I could rant over in and of itself, but now’s not the place).

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