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hey there's a march tomorrow in town, 2pm in the garden of remembrance. It was called by United Against Racism. It's against Enda Kenny's pandering to Trump, anti-traveller discrimination and direct provision. Direct Provision is a system for asylum seekers which is set up so as to let the least amount of people in in the longest possible time. People are in the system for up to 14 years without the ability to work, to cook, to rebuild their lives. And families can be separated for years.



where the water flows | july 2017 by R Roarke

In Name Only-Part 12

The Winchesters were the richest family in your hometown of Lawrence, Kansas.  John Winchester has his hands in just about everything in town.  Oldest son Dean helps his father run the company.   Younger son Sam wants nothing to do with the family business and is constantly getting in trouble.  Your parents have just died and you find out that your father owed John Winchester a LOT of money.

Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Donna Hanscum Winchester, Sarah Winchester, (OC Dean and Donna’s daughter), Bobby Singer, Karen Singer, Amy Singer, (OC Reader’s sister), Reader, Jody Mills, Fergus MacLeod, Billie, Dr. Ellen Harvelle

You opened Your mouth to speak, but no words came out. Two pairs of eyes, one green and one blue-green, stared at you, expecting you to have all the answers.  Suddenly the tiny waiting room was closing in on you, and you felt like you couldn’t breathe.  

You flashed back to a different hospital and a different waiting room.  “I……I can’t do this!” You whispered in a choked voice before running from the room and fleeing down the hallway.  You just needed to get outside and get some fresh air.

You made it as far as the little remembrance garden in from of the hospital before you fell to your knees and lost the entire contents of your stomach.  That’s where Donna found you, still on the ground, weeping silently.

“Y/N! Are you okay? Why are you out here?” Donna asked quietly, rubbing your back.

 You felt your stomach roll and you swallowed down nausea before speaking.  “They want to pull the plug on John.  He’s basically brain dead.  Sam and Dean are arguing.  They can’t agree on what to do.  They wanted me to decide.  I started flashing back to when my parents died and I had to make the decision to pull the plug on my Dad. Can you go talk to them please?”

“Wouldn’t you rather I stay with you?” Donna asked quietly.

“They need you now, Don.  I’ll be fine…. I just need a few minutes.”  

“Well okay then,” Donna replied.  She patted you once more and then headed inside.

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what's your "activism burnout"?

Well I hope you like long stories because BOY
When I was 18 you couldn’t drag me away from a pro-choice rally. I volunteered as a steward for the one immediately after Savita’s passing. I went to every. single. event. I roared my lungs out, I shared more of that stuff on this blog even.

I vividly remember the day of that particular march in November 2012. It pissed rain. Everyone was freezing cold, soaked to the skin, I remember being so cold that I couldn’t steady my hands to text someone. I still can’t really take in just how many people showed up against the weather. Thousands and thousands of people marched from the Garden of Remembrance to Kildare street. I couldn’t even see the end of the crowd. We chanted, we chatted, we listened to speakers and cheered. Developing a cold, unable to hold a candle with the shivering, my throat sore from roaring, I thought that would all do something. I thought that those in power would feel some pinch of shame. I thought that nearly four years later we’d be in a much better place than we were.

I kept going to things, but I slowly burned out. I couldn’t handle it. I felt like I was walloping my head against a brick wall and that the government just wanted us to get bored and go away. A few people around me would occasionally pick the argument with me, some of whom have since understood the plight better since then, but it wore me down. My boyfriend at the time would start arguments with me, usually when I’d had a drink and more prone to being bothered, about everything from abortion to street harassment and tell me that it’s not as bad as I think. I didn’t have the energy anymore.

I feel able again. When I see people out campaigning, volunteering, it reminds me of why it all matters. I ran into some ROSA volunteers on Saturday at a Repeal bake sale and I remembered why I almost ran myself into the ground for the cause. Even in the face of defeat after defeat and insult and disrespect, people still fight. We still have to fight, because if we don’t, the pro-life lies win by default, and we risk losing any progress we’ve made.

Back in Georgia, people are buried when they die. There’s a wake and a funeral and a grave to go visit and grieve over. His father had one. It was awful. But it was there. It provided some closure and at that point, he took what little he could get. 

For Jim, there is no body to recover. There can be no wake or funeral or grave. There is no closure. 

There’s a packed memorial at Starfleet headquarters. There’s a stone in the Remembrance Garden. But that isn’t enough. 

Because they were married, he gets credits because Jim was killed serving Starfleet. He gets promoted too for doing all he could to recover Jim on the planet they were forced to abandon his remains on. He gets a scar in his hand after he smashes every old picture frame and glass surface by swiping them to the floor with his hand. 

He gets to be a widower. No longer just a divorcee. 

Sixth months after collecting those stupid, useless credits from Starfleet, after falling asleep every night to a half empty bottle of top shelf bourbon, Scotty’s frantic comm startles him out of a drunken slumber. 

“Len, my lad, you might want to come down here.”

He’s rethinking staying on the Enterprise for Jim’s benefit, because Jim would want him to stay with their family, their friends. He could be in Georgia, sleeping off his hangovers and trying to forget the color of his husband’s eyes or the happy sigh that Jim used to give out when they settled in for bed. 

“What is it?” He growls, ignoring the pain in his head from the bright lights of the transporter room and the way everything is slightly off. 


Bones blinks. Standing there, with a beard as matted as Bones’ own recent attempts, and clothes that look like they only manage to cover ten percent of him, is Jim. 

“Scott. Tell me this is some transporter fuck up. Tell me right now and I can walk away and not break your neck.” He swallows down some bile and winces at the light that attacks his eyes when he turns to Scotty. 

“Len, it’s him." 

"It’s me, Bones. Promise.”

Jim steps off the transporter pad and takes a few steps toward Bones. They both sort of fall into each other and Bones reaches forward to touch Jim’s cheek, feeling him solid and warm and alive. 


Jim nods and Bones just crumples. He takes a large gasp of air he didn’t know he was holding in at same time a sob escapes him. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Jim is saying, running a hand over Bones hair and burying his head into Bones neck. 

Bones pulls away enough to kiss him, tasting salt and and Jim’s parched lips and knowing that he needs to check him out, wake the others, alert Starfleet but right now all he wants to do is be here.

Bones widens the kiss and moves his hands around Jim’s neck, secure in the knowledge that he gets to be Jim Kirk’s husband again. 

"Stop" (1D)+(5sos) 9/9

Niall: “(y/n) please stop hone.” You were biting your nails again, a habit in which you picked up from Niall. It started on a day you two got separated in a crowd of fans. You stood still and just started biting your nails, when Niall found you he slowly grabbed your wrist and led you to the vehicle. Once safely inside and secure he brought your knuckles to his lips and kissed each one of them. Niall never thought you would catch onto the habit, he just thought it was a one time thing so whenever he sees you biting you nails he will tell you to stop, grab your wrist, and bring your knuckles to his lips kissing each one gently, just like the first day he caught you.

Calum: ’Food is set. I’m looking half decent. The house is clean. What else, what else?’ You’re pacing around Calum’s house waiting for his parents to come over for dinner. You spent all day yesterday preparing a meal and cleaning the house. You wanted to impress them so bad and it’s just stressful. Calum noticed your pacing and came up behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist kissing your shoulder and stopping you from continuing your walking. “Stop baby. They’ll love you.”

The dinner went great and when Calum’s parents left he whispered in your ear “told you there was no need to worry.”

Zayn: ”(y/n) will you just stop and let me explain?” Zayn yelled catching up to you on the sidewalk. You and Zayn have been non-stop fighting for a couple days and you have finally had enough. You walked out of his house in tears, just fed up with fighting and you can’t even remember what you two were fighting over anymore anyways! He grabbed you wrist and turned you around so the two of you were face to face. When he saw the tears his face softened. He did that. He made his baby cry. Zayn softly wiped the tears from your eyes and began to speak.

"What were we even fighting about?" You shrugged your shoulders and shook your head, Zayn then pulled you into a hug "come back home babe.” And with that the two of you walked back home. Talking out all your problems and cuddling on the couch.

Liam: “Liam please stop.” Pushing him away from you, you have finally had enough. Liam was feeling touchy today and to his unknowing you were on your period. So after a while of saying stop and him continuing you started getting frustrated. As you walked into the kitchen Liam had followed knowing he finally pushed you to your limits. He rested his hands on your hips before kissing your cheek and apologizing. You shrugged him off turning around and looking him in the eyes. “I’m on my period…”

His eyes widened and he felt worse now, he stuttered a bit before asking if you needed anything. All you said was a hug and he gave you a giant bear hug.

Michael: You’ve noticed Michael was having issues dealing with the hate people were giving him. No matter how hard you’ve tried he always seemed to believe them over you. So when you came home to find the house quiet you began to worry. Walking into the living room you saw Michael on his laptop. You walked up to him and closed his laptop, talking it away, and placing it on the coffee table. You then sat down beside him and sat there in silence. “Michael, you have to stop believing this stuff, it’s not true.”

The silence continued until he asked you “why are people so mean?”

You lifted your head off his shoulder and looked at him “They’re jealous. I mean look at your life. Anyone would want to travel the world doing what they love to do and have millions of people pretty much worshiping their every move!”

Michael smiled but it was soon covered by another question “Do you get hate?”

You sighed knowing the answer was going to make him more upset. “Yeah”

"how do you deal with it?”

“Well there’s a couple ways. I always tell myself that the fans that hate on me are just jealous, like I’m dating you and ‘you’ to all of them is Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer. But also I know I have an amazing boyfriend who would help me get through anything, and who also supports everything I do. And I hope he knows that I’m there for him and I support him 99.9% of the time”

Michael smiled and this time it stayed “What about the other 0.01%? And I hope you know that I love you.”

“I love you too.” He smiled down at you and brought his lips to yours giving you a loving and passionate kiss.

Louis: Awhile back you and Louis found out that you were pregnant. You both were filled with joy and happiness, and when you told your families they were all happy for the two of you. You guys bought everything, from the crib to car seat, to clothes and bibs. It felt like your lives would be complete in a couple months. But one day walking down the stairs you fell. Louis rushed you to the hospital where the two of you got the worst news of your life. You had a miscarriage. You found out a week ago, and you still haven’t moved, you’ve barely eaten or had something to drink. You blamed yourself! It was your fault! Or so you thought. Louis on the other hand blamed himself for the loss. He should have been there to help you walk down those stairs. But he wasn’t. Louis was still upset but he had to move on and he went to his rehearsal today. When he came back he brought Chinese food because he knew it was your favorite and he was hoping you might eat something today. When he walked in he heard muffled cries coming from the bedroom. Sighing he rushed up to the room. Opening the door to see you lying on the bed heartbroken. His heart broke more, it tore into four pieces instead of two. He wrapped his arms around you lying down with you while whispering sweet nothings in your ear. “Shh sweetheart shh, I’m hear, I have you.”

You clung to his t-shirt for deer life, as if he would just leave right from under your nose as well. “It’s my fault Louis, it’s all my fault-“

He cut you off “Stop! Please stop blaming yourself for this. It is not your fault. Stuff like this happens. And our little Tomlinson wouldn’t want to see you like this if you wont stop for me then stop for him.. or her. (y/n) we will get through this together but you have to stop blaming yourself. Okay?”

You nodded your head in his chest just thinking of the little Tomlinson. Louis then continued “I promise you that we will have a family someday, but we both have to get over this first.”

“Can we get something in remembrance?” Louis liked that idea so when you got back to eating properly you and him built a small garden in remembrance. All your family and friends came over when it was done and placed a flower pot in the garden. That was the first step for you and Louis to moving on and soon enough you two would have that family you both dreamed of.

Luke: You and Luke are having a crazy day. Everything you’ve been doing today has been either loud, idiotic, or both. You guys were now dancing around the living room like idiots and singing so off key it was ridiculous. The radio song changed and ‘Don’t Stop’ came on. Luke went crazy and started singing all the words to you while you just laughed and danced like a monkey. And yes that’s offensive to monkeys everywhere, that’s how bad you danced. “Don’t stop doin’ what you’re doin’…” 

He grabbed your hands and spun you around like this was the last day on earth. You guys just enjoyed the moment for what it was and didn’t complain! What an amazing day!

Harry: You and Harry were having a pool day all to yourselves. Harry was swimming around pretty much begging for you to join him. You just wanted to tan for a while longer, what’s the harm right? Relaxing and tanning is always good once in awhile. Harry was getting annoyed and went up to were you were tanning, blocking your sun you got upset. “Harry move please.”

“Come swimming!”

“No I want to tan.” Just then Harry picked you up and through you over his shoulders! “Harry put me down!”

“You asked for it babe.”

“No Harry stop please! Harry!” You laughed out wanting him to put you down but it was too late. Before you knew it Harry jumped into the pool still holding on to you. After the both of you came up from under water you splashed Harry’s face. He swam after you and you swam away from him. He caught up to you in no time and wrapped his arms around your waist. “See babe the waters nice!” 

You splashed him again and that started a splashing war. You finally gave in and Harry gave you a kiss.

Ashton: It was a cool autumn night, you and Ashton decided to take a romantic walk through the park in your old home town. The night was so cliche, you to walked hand in hand, sat on a bench, he gave you his jacket to keep you warm when you shivered, and after all that he gave you a sweet kiss on the lips. You where walking again and you came across the old playground you had so many memories on. You sat in one of the swings and Ashton stood behind you. He started pushing you gently, and you were fine with that. That is until you started going higher, you were deathly afraid of heights and Ashton never knew. So when your swing swung to high you began to panic “Ashton please stop.”

"You aren’t even going that high (y/n)”

“Ashton please stop!”

“Come on live a little!” You knew Ashton just wanted to have a fun time but you were scared. 

“Ashton no! Please stop!” After hearing the panic in your voice he grabbed your swing and slowed you down until it was completely stopped.

“You okay?” He asked sincerely worried.

“Yeah, I’m just scared of heights.”

“You should have told me! I wouldn’t have pushed you that high!”

You hugged him and he hugged back Whispering another apology in your hair.     

Hey guys sorry my computer crashed and I had to redo niall, calum, zayn, liam, michael, and louis. Hope you like it! feedback? request stuff :D umm I really like michael’s it’s cute and I know Luke’s is really bad I’m sorry! -Tayler😏