#Repost from @haki_kweli_shakur — #RememberThisName #TaneshaAnderson … Cleveland police officers recently killed a 37-year-old African American woman who died after police slammed her head on the concrete, just outside of her family’s home.

Her brother explained that Tanesha Anderson was pronounced dead at Cleveland Clinic after the by assault the

pronouncement came

two hours after the police “take down” caused Anderson to bash her head on the concrete outside of her home. sister,“ my killed "They

Tanesha’s 40-year-old

fought back tears. "I watched it.” Officers came to the house after a call from a family member who thought the police could calm the bi-polar Tanesha down, during an argument.

Police came, responding to the situation as a “disturbing the peace”

everyone agreed Tanesha should undergo an evaluation at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, police sources told us.

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