rememberingthebread-blog  asked:

i'm trying to open the parachute box in my forest escape but it won't let me open it :/ do you know why??

Right now, I’m pretty sure no one can open the package. I don’t know if it’s  going to be part of a later quest or it’s just a weird problem. I sent in a bug report a long time ago about it, and they told me they were aware of the problem and are working on it. :/

  • The person you volunteer for:  rememberingthebread anything for my favorite blog apparently
  • Your  District Mayor:  adebimpe yes good keep my princess safe from the games
  • Your District partner:  bobies heh
  • Your mentor:  buttpilgrim welp im dead
  • The one who loves you secretly:  lovinglydull scandalous….
  • The stylist that makes an impression:  teacupinastorm
  • Your biggest ally:  anewworldfool
  • Your first kill:  cocorosco r i p 
  • Your last kill before you win:  heroicbrawn yeeeeah you’re going down