remembering the encores


“when did this happen !!…..h-how do i call it back ?!!”
((it’s the second time i’m using this hermit purple [on avdol] joke i’m done))
discovering stands and their abilities…………….


Remember listening to that incredible concert intro for the first time, not knowing that it was the introduction to BANG BANG BANG until a month later?

Remember waiting for the intro to finish and then laughing when Fantastic Baby exploded out of the speakers instead?

Remember not quite believing that bigbang were real and singing and you could hear them?

Remember being confused with all the audio from the videos we couldn’t see?

Remember Paul?

Remember hearing the kvips sing Wings before the encore?

Remember Seungri’s ridiculously smooth rendition of Happy Birthday?

Remember how happy they sounded to be back?

Even if you don’t remember that first concert, or joined us after, you can always remember today. Today is special.