remembering the colours of summer

I’m just saying, if you ever want a girl to fall head over heels in love with you just tell her all the little things you remember about her.

Tell her about how you remember that her favourite colour was yellow.
Or how when she watched movies she’d cry about happy endings, and quietly understood the bad ones.
Tell her that you remember how her freckles would come out in the summer and hide away during the winter.
Tell her about how you remember how her hugs felt better than everyone else’s.
Tell her that you cannot forget how much you love the corners of her smile.

But don’t say these things if you don’t intend to fall head over heels in love with her right back.

—  S.A // How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You
for daisies do not lie

For @antiquebabe and @grrangvr // you’re both blog goals // also unapologetically inspired by @jiilys ‘the flowers in james’s ribs’

He loves me

Izzy Jones is five and three quarters when she decides she will marry Harry Potter. They are sitting at the painting table and he is telling her about all the dragons he’s seen and he has got red paint in his hair and she thinks he is the funniest person she has ever met. At lunch time he gives her his orange because Finley Denvers sat on hers and she starts talking about the cat circus she wants to build and he is listening to her instead of laughing like her brother did. His mum picks them both up after school because Izzy’s is stuck at work and she isn’t shouting at Harry about his hair and Isabelle thinks Harry must learn all his niceness from her. (She tells Mr. Potter about the circus later and he says that he will buy a ticket. She thinks that maybe Harry gets his niceness from him too.) At school the next day, he tells her that he likes her sparkly shoes and she feels sparkly inside all morning even though he plays football during break instead of sitting with her.

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i wish they wrote a guide to forgiving the good people who have come and left.

will i heal in the morning like a simple wonder of nature?

the sun rises, i wake up and i don’t start remembering how the sun looked shining on her skin. i go down for breakfast and i stop seeing her sitting on the countertop. i go outside and the sky stops looking like her eyes. i start walking and i don’t suddenly feel her hand in mine or her voice calling my name.

they tell you to let go of the little things till you’re far far away but i still remember the exact shade of her backpack in the summer. i still remember her three favourite colours in order (that one’s easy, they were the same as mine). and when i close my eyes i can only see her.

her her her i am drowning in her

every time i talk think see i am looking for her. and i can’t stop finding her.

i find her tangled in my hair and in the crooks of my neck. she is stuck to my chest like a temporary tattoo that wasn’t so temporary. she is the sand stuck under my fingernails at the beach. she is the whole goddamn beach.

she comes knocking at my door. i let her in, she tells me she can only stay for a minute. i forget (i do not want to remember). i let her fill me up with every single ounce of joy i could imagine. she leaves. she told me so.

alone was so much better before her.

—  tenderness

At midwinter, in the shortest, darkest days of the year, the Atlantic gales continued to rage. Algy took cover in the shelter of the rocks and watched the sea seething and churning all around him. The air was thick with mist and spray, and the world had turned entirely grey; it was hard to remember the lovely colours of spring and summer now. For many weeks past, the wind had almost never stopped howling, and the rain had almost never stopped pouring - if you can call water travelling horizontally at high speed “pouring”.

But Algy knew that the world would turn again, and if he could just find a sufficiently sheltered spot to protect him from the excesses of the winter storms, the days would soon start to get longer and lighter, the flowers would begin to peep out from among the grasses on the dunes, and eventually it might even stop raining and blowing quite so vigorously…

Happy Midwinter, everyone, and if you should happen to live in a stormy place, as Algy does, he hopes that you have a nice, warm, cosy spot to shelter in xoxo