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💋Piercing Theories [Part 2] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  Ethan owns a tattoo and piercing shop and a girl comes in asking to get her nipples pierced and so he says yes and as he’s doing it he gets hard cause she’s super flirty and touchy and sexual about the piercings and once they are done he wants her to come to his house after the piercings have healed so about 2 weeks later she goes over and he fucks her and plays with her piercings a lot and just super rough with lots of dirty talk?  Maybe when she goes in to get them pierced she can say something like “i heard that a girl can cum just by playing with her nipples after they get pierced” and he just kinda brushes it off but then when she goes over to his house he’s like “why don’t we find out the answer to your question sweetheart” and then makes her cum just by that then fucks her

Warnings: Rough sex/Nipple play/Squirting


Part 1

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My nipples look so hot. I gushed at myself as I examined my body in the mirror. I pulled out my phone to map out where Ethan lived. Turns out he only lives a few miles away from the tattoo shop. I wore my maroon crop top with my skin tight black jeans which made my butt pop. You could see my piercings through the crop top which made me feel hella hot. I ran my fingers through my curly dark hair to attempt to brush out some knots from my sleep. I was planning on going to the shop to meet with Ethan and then I assume he’ll lead me to his house. I grabbed my purse and locked my door. I walked out to my car and climbed inside. I blasted Champagne and Pools by Hoodie Allen. I sped down the road and I pulled up to the shop. I noticed all of the lights were off and I remembered that it was Sunday. Tattoo shops are typically closed on Sundays. I cursed to myself, but I noticed someone was inside.

It was Ethan pressed against the glass door. He had his devilish smirk on his face. I could see his tatted arms pressed against the glass. He waved me to come inside. I shut my car off and I walked to the glass. He opened the door with a smirk. “Hey there sweetheart. I’ve been thinking about you.” He smiled to which I smiled myself. “I’ve been thinking of your theory too.” His fingertips traced along the counter.

“Oh yeah?” I asked with a smile. “What have you been thinking?” My tongue slid across my bottom lip as I pulled my lip in between my teeth. He walked up to the front door and locked the deadbolt. “What are you doing here anyways? Shouldn’t you be off at home or something?” He chuckled at my question.

“I had a feeling you would show up here. So I figured I would come and meet you here.” Ethan’s eyes roamed down my body to which I smiled. “How do they look?” He asked biting his lip.

“You wanna see them?” I asked as my hands roamed over my breasts. Ethan strutted my direction and he nodded. I could see the excitement in his smile. I slipped my hand down my shirt, but Ethan stopped me.

“Please. Allow me.” He smirked as his fingers clasped on the hem of my shirt as he pulled my crop top over my head to which he smiled since I wasn’t wearing a bra. There they were. My pierced nipples were hardening because of the cold air and the fact that there was a piercing in them. “How do they feel?” He asked as his fingertips traced my collarbone which sent chills through my body.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” I asked biting my lip smiling. His eyes locked with mine. He chuckled.

“Sweetheart you should know that if I start, we aren’t going to stop.” He said biting his lip. He walked over to the windows and closed the blinds so there wasn’t as much light in the shop and no one could see us.

“I’m okay with that. This is an experiment remember?” I smirked and with that I was pushed against the front desk hard. His hands found my exposed breast which made me shiver. The intense contact hurt at first, but soon I was okay. His lips pressed to my collarbone harshly which he began to kiss roughly. I let a moan escape as he cupped my butt and sat me on the desk.

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His hands found my exposed breast which made me shiver. The intense contact hurt at first, but soon I was okay. His lips pressed to my collarbone harshly which he began to kiss roughly. I let a moan escape as he cupped my butt and sat me on the desk. His lips connected to mine as my arms wrapped around him to pull him closer. My legs wrapped around him too which I could feel his satisfactory smirk pressed against my skin. His lips kissed their way down my chest and he gently kissed my left breast nipple as he played with the other nipple.

“Let’s test this theory shall we? Take your pants off.” He commanded as he began to unbutton my black jeans. I helped shuffle them down my ankle to which he smirked again. He pressed his thumb hard into my crotch. “Damn you’re already so wet for me.” He growled as he continued to play with my nipples. At first we was a little gentle, but soon he started to tug them a little and nibble on them.

“E-Ethan.” I rolled my hips into him to which he smiled.

“Patience baby girl. I know how wet you are okay? Here.” Ethan pulled my panties down my ankles. I felt a cold chill, but soon gasped when Ethan pushed two fingers inside of me. “Does that release some of the pressure sweetheart?” I nodded hazily. His fingers were so long that it felt so good. I could feel my walls clench around his fingers which made me moan for him. Ethan took my other nipple in his mouth as he was sucking. I could feel his tongue swirling around my nipples which made my knees began to shake.

“E-Ethan.” My fingers squeezed the back of his head as he continued swirling his tongue. I feel his fingers wiggle a little which sent me over the edge. “Ughhhh Ethan.” I moaned as my nails dug into his shoulder. I thrusted forward as Ethan pulled away from my nipples making a popping sound.

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“Well how was that?” He asked as he stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean and once again, pulled his fingers out of his mouth with a pop. I couldn’t say anything, but Ethan knew what he did. He was smirking as he pulled his shirt off. “Come with me.” Ethan scooped me off of the desk and he carried me to the back to where a tattooing chair was. 

He laid my naked body down as he pulled his pants off as he was smiling. “Are you ready for this?” He asked which I smirked. “Good. Get on your knees and turn around.” I didn’t hesitate. I spread my legs a little as I gripped the head rest of the chair. Ethan smacked my ass which made me let out a yelp. “Moan for my dick baby girl.” Ethan then slipped his hard cock inside of me which made me moan.

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“Fuck Ethan you’re so big!” I moaned as he started to thrust into me. I started to move my ass against him as he slammed into me. I moaned as I felt the pressure building up. Ethan tangled his hand in my hair and pulled back hard.

“You’re such a fucking slut to let your nipple piercer fuck you in the back on his shop.” Ethan growled as he pulled my hair back so I released my grip on the chair. He smacked my ass hard which made me moan again. I let my body fall back against Ethan’s chest, but continued to stand on my knees. Ethan started to suck and nipple on my shoulder which I knew would leave a bruise like all the ones before. His hand found its way down to my clit as he rubbed vigorously. I started to whine, but a good whine.

“Fuck yes Ethan. I’m your little slut.” I moaned as he continued to rub my clit and suck harshly on my neck.

“Fuck!” In one swoop somehow Ethan flipped me around and continued to rub harshly and then he started to eat me out. He was jacking himself off as he was eating me out hard. He nibbled on my clit as my hips rolled on his face.

“Ethan I’m close.” I felt the pressure build up as Ethan’s tongue slipped all around inside of me. In and out over and over again. He pulled his face away and started to rub me hard again on my clit which made me whine and moan.

“Cum for me you little slut. Come for daddy.” Ethan growled which threw me off guard. If I would have known about his daddy kink I would have been calling him daddy this whole time. “Scream my name. I want everyone in LA to know I make you feel this good.” Ethan said as his three fingers rubbed my clit hard and fast and soon I came.

“Fuck Ethan! Oh yes daddy!” I moaned and my body did something different. I squirted out all on Ethan’s hand which I heard him moaning again as he continued to jack himself off.

“Fuck Y/N that’s so hot.” Ethan said as he jerked himself with his now wet hand and soon he came all over my stomach and thighs. We were both just panting and now we were both wet and extremely tired. Ethan kneeled down and kissed my clit again which made my body jolt.

“Ethan stop.” I laughed as I sat up.

“You taste so good.” He chuckled as he walked out of the room leaving me on the chair.

“Ethan? Can you bring me a towel?” I chuckled as Ethan walked inside the room with two towel and a dark shirt.

“Here.” He tossed me the towel and a shop shirt. I dried myself off as he did the same. I slipped the shirt over my head as I started laughing. Ethan slipped on a pair of boxers and some jeans. “Alright I’ll say it. That was fucking hot. Best sex ever. First time I’ve ever made a girl squirt too and that was extremely fucking hot.” Ethan laughed. I attempted to fix my hair as I stood up from the chair.

“Thanks. You’re the first guy to make me do that.” I chuckled and so did Ethan.

“I think it was the piercings. Your theory is true sweetheart, but you should know we should test it a few more times just to make sure you know?” He smirked which I giggled.

“We’ll see Ethan. I have to be able to walk too.” We both started chuckling as we walked back out into the front of the shop. I gathered my clothes in my arms. I didn’t worry about putting them on since the shirt went down to my knees.

“Well you have my number so make sure to give me a call if you ever need any more piercings or have any more theories to test.” He smirked which caused me to roll my eyes.

“Oh I’ll think about it.” I said, but Ethan turned me around and pressed my back against the door as he kissed my lips again. He slowly pulled away smiling.

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“What about now?” He smirked as he bit his lip.

“Yeah yeah I’ll call you.” We chuckled as I opened the door to leave the shop. I could feel Ethan’s eyes on me as I walked out to my car. I waved goodbye to him, but then my phone rang. I saw Ethan’s name flash across the screen. “Hello?” I asked confused.

“I just realized you didn’t have my number so I figured I would call so you could have it.” He chuckled which caused me to giggle as well.

“Bye Ethan.” I said but Ethan coughed loudly. “Oh sorry. I meant bye daddy.” I giggled and so did Ethan. I hung up the phone as I drove back home realizing my nipples really fucking hurt.