remembering lunchbox

7th period.

I made my kids in 7th period, our last of the day, put their heads down with the lights off for two minutes with soft classical music playing so they could decompress a bit from their long day before we began class. One of my brightest kids told me at the end of it, “I like decomposing.”

Later one of my basketball player boys asked to go look for his copy of the Flowers for Algernon short story we’re reading in his locker because he couldn’t find it in his class folder. I let him go. Many minutes later he returned with a yogurt, a spoon, and no short story. His reasoning? “I couldn’t find my story but then I saw my lunchbox and remembered I was hungry.”

We have stability balls in my room and Big Joe, a giant beanbag chair, that are all hot commodity seating. After some silliness not related to their seating options with about five of my 7th period boys I informed everyone in that class that I’m banning the yoga balls and Big Joe for the next week. Later, after academic team practice was over, three of the boys weaseled their way down to my room from the girl’s basketball game they were attending, looked as innocent as could be at my door frame, and informed me, “We’re here to plead for you to lift the ban.”