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Mingyu x reader Fansign

Summary: You attend Seventeen’s fansign without him knowing.

Genre: Fluff

You were sitting quite near to the stage in your boyfriend’s fansign. He didn’t know you came as you didn’t tell him that you would be coming. You wanted to give him a surprise. You wore a cap and a mask to disguise yourself. It was your turn to go up and see them up near. You brought the lunchbox you prepared for Mingyu with you when it was finally your turn.

You went up the stage and Seungkwan was the first to greet you. He furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head but didn’t ask you anything. As he signed your album, you pulled down your mask and smirked at him. He made eye contact with you after he finish signing and his body jerked out of surprise with his mouth wide open.

“Does he know you’re here?” He asked after he composed himself.

“Nope.” You shook your head.

Seungkwan noticed the paper bag you brought with you. “What’s that?” He asked while eyeing the bag.

“Lunch for Mingyu.”

“Do I have one too?” He asked with his hopes up.

You scratched your head, “Sorry?”

“How could you do that to us?” He pouted.

“Next time. I promise to prepare one for you next time.”

And it was time to move along the line.

“Bye _______, see you later.”

You moved along the line and the members were shocked of your presence. Jeonghan even asked you how’d  you get in. You were just lucky you were picked with 4 entries. You were also getting closer and closer to Mingyu and you pulled your mask back up. Your boyfriend didn’t suspect anything when you were finally in front of him.

“Hi.” Your boyfriend smiled at you. “What’s your name?”


You saw him raised his smirk on his face. You put the paper bag ,with the lunch box inside, on the table.

“This is the lunch box I made.”

“Thank you.” He peeked into the paper bag.

“It’s getting hot in this room.” You mumbled to yourself and pulled down your mask.

You saw his eyes grew large and covered his mouth with his hands. he then rested his head on the table.

“Why are you here? How’d you get in?” Mingyu whispered.

“I’m here to bring you lunch and I got myself tickets.” You reached out to his hand and laced your finger with his.

He rested his chin on his free hand and looked at you with his puppy eyes. “You must be very tired then.”

“Not as tired as you are.” His thumb started soothing the back of your hand. “Remember to eat the lunchbox. I cooked your favorite dishes.”

“You need to move along soon.” He pouted as he saw the fan next to you is saying goodbye to Hoshi. He gave your hand a light squeeze and let go of you.

“I’ll see you tonight.” You mouthed and pulled out something from your book bag. It was a headpiece with cat ears on it.

You leaned over and put it on his head. “There. Now you‘re perfect.”

Your boyfriend chuckled and pat your head. “Bye, ________”

You shoot a smile at him and moved along the line.

Mingu ate his lunchbox during the event and spotted you as he was chewing his food. He couldn’t hide a smile and held up his thumb. You couldn’t help but smile, fans around you were cooing him to eat more and said he was cute when he was eating, but you know he was looking at you. Your boyfriend couldn’t help but glance at you every now and then.

Although it was great seeing him, having him all by yourself at home is the best.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes.

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Imagine Garry as Ib's babysitter
  • Garry singing Ib to sleep. Also Garry accidently waking her up and singing in panic to hopefully make her fall asleep again.
  • She asks him to read the same story every night, Alice in Wonderland. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. Ib loves it because he does voices as the characters when he reads. Garry doing voices, I repeat Garry doing voices.
  • The two of them making pancakes in the morning. Ib accidently drops an egg on the floor and feels bad for it. “Nono, Ib, it’s ok! Don’t worry about it.” Garry drops an egg on purpose to make her laugh. Also Garry saying Whoopsie Daisy.
  • On fridays he brings macarons for breakfast even though her parents are very strict with sweets on weekdays. “Just don’t tell your parents.” Her parents doesn’t suspect a thing.
  • Garry styling her hair in the morning aka Garry playing hairstylist. “Now, what would the young lady like today? Pigtails? Yes, pigtails it is then!”
  • Garry walking her to school and acting like a total big brother or parent when leaving her. “Did you remember your lunchbox? Your bag? Your homework? Perfect! And Ib, if those bullies do anything mean to you again, you have to tell me. Promise? Ok, of you go! I’ll pick you up when school ends!” Also Garry giving Ib the biggest smile before leaving and giving the bullies a death stare.
7th period.

I made my kids in 7th period, our last of the day, put their heads down with the lights off for two minutes with soft classical music playing so they could decompress a bit from their long day before we began class. One of my brightest kids told me at the end of it, “I like decomposing.”

Later one of my basketball player boys asked to go look for his copy of the Flowers for Algernon short story we’re reading in his locker because he couldn’t find it in his class folder. I let him go. Many minutes later he returned with a yogurt, a spoon, and no short story. His reasoning? “I couldn’t find my story but then I saw my lunchbox and remembered I was hungry.”

We have stability balls in my room and Big Joe, a giant beanbag chair, that are all hot commodity seating. After some silliness not related to their seating options with about five of my 7th period boys I informed everyone in that class that I’m banning the yoga balls and Big Joe for the next week. Later, after academic team practice was over, three of the boys weaseled their way down to my room from the girl’s basketball game they were attending, looked as innocent as could be at my door frame, and informed me, “We’re here to plead for you to lift the ban.”

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When I was a kid I broke into this other kid's house because he was an asshole and stole a huge jar of change and went to a CoinStar and turned it into cash. It was around $65. I bought Pokemon cards.

you’re savage xD

when i was a kid we would use pokemon cards as currency to trade for stuff.

i remember trading my nice lunchbox for a shiny card lmao

Don’t Forget Where You Belong

@iliveinlouisass prompted: Chris is a single dad to a five year old little girl who he adopted after the death of his best friend. Darren is her kindergarten/music teacher who Chris HATES with a passion because his daughter adores Darren and Chris is scared of being replaced. Happy (belated) birthday, Heather! I hope you like it <333 7.5K [AO3]

Of all the plans Chris had for his life, becoming a parent at the age of twenty-three certainly wasn’t one of them. He supposes that’s what he gets for thinking he could control the uncontrollable. When Rebecca, his best friend from the time he was eight, sat him down and asked if he’d agree to be her newborn daughter’s legal guardian, he’d said yes without hesitation. He was already Annabelle’s godfather, so it didn’t seem like much of a leap to make. Besides, back then they’d assumed Rebecca’s cancer was entirely treatable and Chris never thought it would actually come to that. He’d signed the necessary papers for her will and immediately pushed the thought to the back of his mind. Little had he known then that in six months he’d be given the ultimate responsibility: caring for a new human life, all on his own.

The first year was without a doubt the hardest. Newborns were infuriatingly complex creatures, requiring endless reserves of patience, the ability to read their tiny minds, and the endurance to make it through an extremely mundane daily routine without burning out. Chris was determined to give Annabelle the best life possible, so his entire life got put hold for those few first years. There was no time for dating or a social life. The only writing that Chris accomplished was during Annabelle’s nap time and even then, he fell asleep at his laptop more times than he cares to admit. Being a parent was the hardest work he’s ever done, but seeing Annabelle begin grow and thrive made it all worthwhile.

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