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Audrey Jensen + weapons


        It’s her first day back to school since
                 the infamous meltdown.


Eddie Redmayne as Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is Incredible

but guys…why weren’t doug and chad a thing?

MTV Scream Season 3: 'Audrey might die?!' Reactions/responses

So, I’ve been seeing this go around lately and felt the need to give my two cents on the situation.

There is a theory going around that Audrey Jensen might die in Season 3 of MTV Scream and while this is a possibility (as no one is safe in Lakewood, especially the original survivors) I do not think it has anything to do with the fact that Audrey is ‘Bi-curious’. 

Part of the show is losing characters because it is a murder/thriller TV show. While there have been characters on the minority spectrum die such as Riley, Zoe, and Rachel - I do not think that their deaths are a representation of the show being cliche in a negative sense towards minority groups. 

We have lost other characters like Nina, Will, Piper and Kieran who are not necessarily on the minority spectrum but they still died because it was essential to the plot and kept the tension high. So, saying that Audrey Jensen can not die solely because she is a part of LGBTQIA+ community is not fair to the writers or creators of the show.

I am a huge fan of Audrey Jensen and loves that she is bi-curious! I, like many others, would be devastated if she got killed off in season 3. However, I acknowledge that if she does - that’s the nature of the show and I will know that it will be relevant to the overall plot in one way or another.

Just remember to please be nice and respectful to the show, creators, and actors/actresses!! :) 

We all love this show and should continue to show our support no matter what.