remembered this and needed to make it

♡ Gemini needs an Aries in their life to let their inner child loose, and have somebody that can keep up the pace and be mischievous and sassy with them

Gemini needs a Taurus in their life bring them back down to earth and talk common sense into one of their minds, to keep them calm when nerves take hostage  

Gemini needs a Cancer in their life to nurture the inner child when they don’t know how to do it themselves, to feel a sense of stability 

Gemini needs a Leo in their life to laugh with and be lovingly protected, to amuse the inner child with 

Gemini needs a Virgo in their life to make sure that they show up on time and remember the plans they have made

Gemini needs a Libra in their life to listen to their ideas and grand schemes and understand their indecision, to see the genuine person behind the personality changes 

Gemini needs a Scorpio in their life so they meet their match when it comes to figuring out a complex individual, so that the lies they tell themselves and others are challenged 

Gemini needs a Sagittarius in their life to see the world from the opposite side of the mirror, to create divine unity  

Gemini needs a Capricorn in their life to help them materialise their ideas into reality so they become something more than thoughts 

Gemini needs an Aquarius in their life to talk about anything kooky, unusual, and curious with, to be able to walk through each other’s minds and see how far they can fly 

Gemini needs an Pisces in their life to let down their guard and feel like they can accept nurturing and being dependant, so they have somebody they can sit in comfortable silence with, so they can laugh together when they forget their phone or lose their keys again    



Transparent templates along with a semi-unscathed background to layer it over when you change the colors to what you’d like them to be. c: Just place the altered templates over the ones in the background and have a riot with whatever hellspawns your mind can think up. 
If you want to make it look KIND OF authentic remember to save the final product with transparency; the rounded corners will sharpen with white corners if you don’t. You can alter the template colors with a hue slider! 

PLEASE don’t credit me for this template, I didn’t make any of this background originally and therefore I don’t need OR want the recognition.

whenever you feel unimportant, unloved, or forgotten; just remember!

  • the sun wakes up every day to keep you warm,
  • your body has held you up from day 1,
  • your heart never stops keeping you alive,
  • the world keeps turning for you,
  • the stars come out to make sure you aren’t lonely at night,
  • the moon shares her light to wish you sweet dreams.

no matter how alone you feel in this world, just remember that you are loved and you are important.

someone loves you, someone needs you!

maybe you don’t feel it just yet but,

the sun needs someone to bask in its light! your heart needs someone to keep alive! the moon needs someone to tuck in at night! 

so, thank you for being here, little warrior. we all appreciate it.

Bon Voyage

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters this month, and actress Kelly Marie Tran’s life will be turned upside down overnight. When the spotlight comes, though, she’ll be ready – with her travel bags packed if she needs an escape. 

Marie Claire, Dec 2017

AGE 28. 

LIVES IN Los Angeles. 

YOU KNOW HER FROM The Star Wars hype machine. Tran is making her feature-length film debut in The Last Jedi as Rose, a maintenance worker in the Resistance. (Spoiler: She does more than just fix stuff.) 

WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR DOWNTIME? Travel. After we finished filming The Last Jedi, I completely fell off the face of the planet. I just wasn’t ready to be in Hollywood. I wanted to go away and remember who I am. Most recently, I went to South Africa for two months and volunteered with endangered animals. I also went to Vietnam for a month and volunteered with orphans, and then flew my parents out. They’re from Vietnam and hadn’t been back in 40 years. I think we met, in total, 13 aunts and uncles, plus cousins. It was really cool to be there for that and have them show me what my life could have been like—with the added filter of “I’m in a Star Wars movie now.” 

PRE-CELEBRITY PERKS? I go to LA Fitness or Trader Joe’s, and nobody knows who I am. I still have this Hannah Montana life. It’s kind of beautiful. 

REAL TALK? Traveling taught me that all these things I thought I had to be are just social constructs that we buy into. I’m sure a lot of stars have that weird fear, where they’re like, Can I go out in sweats? Check with me later, but I’m still trying to go out in sweats, even after this movie comes out. 

FOLLOW HER I don’t do social media—even before Star Wars, I didn’t have Facebook! 

Justice League Barry Allen Headcanons

-Barry has ADD and dyslexia making it hard for him to focus on a lot of things, when he became The Flash it only got worse

-he has a constant need for stimulation or he will be incredibly bored

-people say you can’t multi-task and retain all the information but everything that he’s watching he will remember

-that doesn’t mean he’s not prone to sensory overload, he actually hates walking around the city because of all the people and bright lights

-he’s not good at talking up people, having been socially isolated by his peers for most of his school life because of what happened to his mom

-Barry’s playlist is mostly K-Pop girl groups, his favorite at the moment being Sistar

-Rick and Morty is one of Barry’s favorite shows and he can quote any scene word for word

-he actually has a small hoard of Szechuan sauce that he’s been auctioning off online for money

-Bruce and the rest of the team do not get any of the references he’s makes

-Barry has been playing the viola since he was eight, he remembers his mom used to play it for him when he was little

-the reason he hates brunch so much is because every Sunday his mom and dad would take him out to IHOP for brunch and it became a bitter memory after his dad was sent to prison

-while he doesn’t like bugs he does like spiders, they’re what kill gross bugs

-he actually gets along with Aquaman the best, Barry even got him to watch Rick and Morty

-he’s Jewish which confuses Diana when she see’s him setting up a Christmas tree

-“Just celebrating the Christmas spirit. Don’t have to be Christian to celebrate the holiday.”

-he knows Bruce has pictures of him from middle school, back when he had braces and huge glasses and hopes nobody else ever sees them

Cascada — Everytime We Touch Album  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Need you by my side.“
  • “I’m still in love with you.”
  • “I’ll show you how to go on.”
  • “Please, let me be your girl.”
  • “You’re still a part of my life.”
  • “I don’t know where I belong.”
  • “Be my bad boy, be my man.”
  • “You are all I can remember…”
  • “Would you catch me if I fall?”
  • “Why can’t true love be forever?“
  • “So, tell me where I went wrong.”
  • “Kind hearts don’t grab any glory.”
  • “Could you believe in love, again?”
  • “I don’t need you in my life, again.”
  • “I love you more with every breath.”
  • “How can I make you understand?“
  • “A single touch would stop my pain.”
  • “I still feel your touch in my dreams.”
  • “I can’t let you go. I want you in my life.”
  • “I never thought that this could fall apart.”
  • “I’m not leaving now, honey, not a chance.”
  • “And every time we kiss, I swear I could fly.“
  • “No one I know could ever keep up with you.“
  • “You left me drowning in the tears of memory.”
  • “I want to know that you believe in love, again.”
  • “Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky.“
  • “This moment I knew I would be someone else.”
  • “I’m running around but there’s no place to hide.”
  • “And this was more than I had ever been afraid of.”
  • “My heart was always searching for a place to hide.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be good if we could wish ourselves away?”
  • “And ever since you’ve gone, I found it hard to breathe.”
  • “Everything surrounding me is nothing but a fake disguise.”
  • “The good and the bad times, we’ve been through them all.“
  • “Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why without you it’s hard to survive.”
  • “I’ll be your dream. I’ll be your wish. I’ll be your fantasy. I’ll be your hope. I’ll be your love.”

In one of my past lives

I was a manager of a grocery store. This is one of the reasons that dislike holidays to this day!

I remember that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was the busiest day of the year. This makes me wonder why u can’t find fresh cranberries on one of the only days that a grocer would actually need them!

Finally on the THIRD different grocery store I found a bag in the organic section! That’s right, I went to 3 different grocery stores before 8am this morning!


How To Make A Anti Edit Tutorial

Nobody asked me to do one but I did one anyway :D So this is how I make a anti edit but you can do it however you want :)

Note: I use photoshop for this edit and not so good at english but feel free to ask if you dont understand :) (I also use the swedish version of photoshop)

So first you need a picture of Jack so you can transform the cute green bean to a horrific glitchy monster

Looking good. Moving on here is a good tip on how to make glitch effects. Oh and always remember to duplicate the original picture in case you dont like the changes or want to start over.

You take a glitch image (probably from google), save it as a psd file. We will use this image later. Now press Filter > Distort > Displace.

This litte box will pop. Depending on how much you want the glitch effect to be just change the numbers. I got mine on 2 horizontally and vertical. Begin with smaller numbers and then increase if you want more. Press ok and now it wants you to choose a image for the displace. Select the saved glitch image I talked about before. Here is a nice picture on it:

DUNZO! Im pretty happy with that result so Im keeping it like that. Now you can mess around with different shadings, filters and colors so it looks more like Anti.

I turned down the colors, added a slight green filter and made his eyes green. Then I added a 3d effect to make it more interesting. For the final I just add the glitch filter and bam!

… a bit too much. Delete some of the effects around his face so it becomes more clear and NOW DONE! There are tons of differnt effects you can apply on this edit to make it more realistic or spooky. This was a quick edit for this tutorial and remember to always add your name/username so no one can steal it :)

Perfect :D You probably noticed that I had a lot of fun making this tutorial and this is only one way of making a Anti edit. I hope that this tutorial makes sense and have fun creating awesome Anti edits :)

Tutorial to A Day With Darkiplier edit

This is my open letter,
This is something to remember.
I won’t be buried before my time,
I’m not searching for forever,
I’ve got my eyes opened wide,
I’ve been searching under rubble from the past,
Just looking for a reason to make your life last.
No need to look skyward for you to find hope,
No need for redemption to be saved from the rope,
Fuck, no!
—  The Amity Affliction, in “Open Letter”

To: Kaylor Anons who send ask/hate to Anti-Kaylor blogs


I understand the need to protect family and the need to voice out our stand. But please remember, these blogs feed on hate and will say anything even if it makes zero sense to make us feel like we are the worst. These people obviously can’t make themselves known without being bitchy..

Collective analysis is never wrong especially if you can provide answers to How’s and Why’s (I believe most Kaylors don’t agree at each others analysis every single time). Brains and common sense is important. Don’t let them take it away from you 😗😗

FFxivWrite Week 3 Recap

Hey, writers! Week 3 of the FFxiv 30 Day Writing Challenge has concluded, and we are now in the final week! The Holidays make writing a bit more tough, but remember that Thanksgiving Day is a freebie/catch up day! More info can be found here.

419 entries were submitted for week 3!

If you’d like to participate, you can do so and jump in at any time! There’s no need to start with the first prompt. There are no length or skill requirements, and songs & poems are just as welcome as stories!

6 Artists have volunteered to add to the Participation Prize at the FFxivWrite2017 project’s conclusion

That’s right! The Participation Prize has gone from 1 single prize winner at the end, to 1 weekly prize winner and 6 prize winners at the end!

If you are an artist in the FFxiv community who would like to offer your skills to one lucky drawing winner at the end, shoot me a message and let me know! There is absolutely no pressure, of course. Art prizes can be simple as the point of this project is to all write together – not to get cool art. ^_^ Fancy screenshot edits count as prizes, too!

WEEK 3: weekly participation prize winner is @ffxiv-swarm

Congratulations, friend! @ffxiv-swarm wrote a total of 7 entries during week 3 and was randomly selected from all those who participated for that week. They will receive a stylized black & white portrait drawn by yours truly!

More information about the participation prize drawings can be found here

Don’t be discouraged! <3

Remember, there are no length or skill requirements. Songs, poems, stories – anything in written form is welcome! This challenge is made for you in an effort to give you a chance to brush off the ‘ol writing chops and have some fun!

You know what I hate? When people who ship the same as me feel the need to post hate for another character just to try and make our ship look good. Like No! Stop that! Our ship is already good and valid stop hating on another character just cause she potentially provides a roadblock, you just make all of us look petty when I know for a fact we aren’t.

Also just cause something ain’t canon doesn’t mean you can’t like it. I remember when “canon” was considered boring. I miss good old crack ships (proper crack ships not anti interpretations of crack ships), those were fun and didn’t take themselves too seriously. The Naruto fandom used to be full of them until everyone gave into the fandom police.

I’m sure not many people remember that I make gifs and stuff bc I haven’t made anything in ages lol but I think I’m going to have to call it quits on gif making as a whole (or at least not to call myself an editor). I’m actually quite sad to say that but I have no time anymore and whenever I try to make something I’m always unhappy with the result. I don’t want to rush into making gifsets just so I can get notes and feel an ounce of happiness. That’s not me. I’m not that sad lmao. So yeah…. sorry if anyone is disappointed, being an adult really sucks :(((

Path of Radiance Chapter Analysis 9: Gallia

I dont know who took all these map screenshots for the wiki but they keep doing it when the unit dots arent lighting up so you cant really make out enemy formations.  Oh well, I’m just stealing these images anyway so I cant really complain. 

Remember how I was complaining a few parts ago how FE chapters that have multiple paths usually don’t give you a reason to take both on at once?  Well, here we have an exception! Since you need to move fairly quickly to reach the houses before they are destroyed and your mounted units have stunted movement on the beach there’s a perfectly valid reason to send Titania and Oscar south while everyone else goes to take on the foes on the beach.  Oscar by now is likely pretty tough if youve been training him and Titania will also be fine (it goes without saying.)  You also have Lethe and Mordecai as other units.  If left on their own they will also go south but you can bring them up to the beach to help if you prefer.  Just make sure Ike hasnt moved yet if you want to give them commands because infuriatingly they cant be given orders otherwise.  Thank god they fixed this in Radiant Dawn but it sure is annoying here.  Overall, I would call this a pretty solid chapter, my only real complaint is that Ike needs to seize but he always seems to be up on the beach still dealing with the bandits and houses by the time Titania kills the boss so its a bit tedious to get him to the throne.  But thankfully Marcia joins this chapter so she can carry him where he needs to be pretty easily.  Mist also joins this chapter, she starts at level one unpromoted which is a bit annoying all the way at chapter 9, but a staffbot can always contribute and if you train her up it does help with a certain fight later.  Nobody else of any gameplay value joins this chapter. 

Titania Scale:

Titania can do everything by herself

Titania can clear the chapter by herself

Titania can’t clear the chapter by herself

Maybe its possible to save the houses with just Titania but I feel like the sand would slow her down enough to prevent that.  If you want to test it out so you can tell me I’m wrong, go right ahead.  I love being told I’m wrong.  But other than that uncertainty, she can take the rest of the chapter easily. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! This is a very different question, but have you ever had to get over a failed relationship? How did you do it? I'm really struggling right now. All the best!

Hi there, I’m sorry that’s happening to you, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world for sure. There’s really not one way to get through it, because we are all different, but I can share what I’ve learned from mine and others’ experiences.

First, it’s important that you remember it will take time. It’s impossible to say how much, but even if now it feels like you’ll never get over it, you will. You just need to ride the wave. I would suggest though to avoid contact as much as possible with your ex, because staying in touch, trying to be friends when there’s an open wound, will only delay the healing and put you in a position in which you make bad decisions. I know this is easier said than done, but it’s good to keep it in mind.

Second, I recommend not to try to bury the pain or procrastinate it with endless distractions. A breakup requires mourning, so mourn. Cry when you need to, listen to pitiful music and all the cliches. Really, I know this sounds like weird advice but it’s super important to just let that pain out in some ways. Just don’t extend it more than necessary, and don’t let it take over your whole life, of course. A wise woman I greatly respect, told me once that when she found out her husband was cheating on her and they separated, she would cry every day. Then she made some sort of schedule, she would give herself one hour each day to cry, wallow in self pity and all that, then would try to be productive doing other things. After a while, she stopped needing that mourning time and was able to move on without lingering bitterness. I don’t know if that would work for you, but I throw it out there because I’m a firm believer in exploring all options.

Third, and this is something that’s kind of hard to realize when you’re in the middle of it, but try to remember that, like any failures in life, a failed relationship is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow. There’s a reason why great creators have gone through hardships. Something useful will come out of what you’re experiencing now.

Fourth and very important is to learn to enjoy your time with yourself. While it’s good and necessary to go out, see friends and family and talk to someone when you’re going through this, it’s also a chance to get some proper me time. I don’t know what you like to do, whether it’s reading, writing, traveling, doing sports. Take care of yourself in whatever way you need and makes you feel better (hopefully it’s not something self destructive though), and give yourself room to be self indulgent every once in a while.

Fifth, if you have the means, go to therapy. It helps. Doesn’t have to be a psychologist, you can find an alternative (like reiki or floral therapy), as long as it’s a little space that will let you recharge.

Another advice I could give you that’s got me through difficult times, is to find someone who needs your help. Maybe a friend of yours is going through a rough time too, and when you focus energy in trying to pull someone up, it gives you some perspective on your own problems too. Now I realize that this isn’t something that would work for everyone, but maybe it will for you.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to message me or write a letter to a blog like @dearmyblank when you need to vent. Just remember what I said above, you will get through it, but you’ll have to be a little patient and live through the bad part first. I wish you the best and hope that you feel better soon!

Courier comes down to make breakfast, and he’s a good enough cook for someone who never saw an egg before the age of thirty-five. You’d think he would want to make the most of his time with the other vault-dweller– but you know, too, how sharp the past can bite. The destruction of a people is best remembered in small doses. He doesn’t mention the graveyard, and neither do you. Needed to see it for yourself– that’s enough.

You watch him work. “Thought you had machines for that, Courier,” you say. You’ve looked outside, seen the securitrons. Courier has no human guards; Vegas has no human soldiers. You can’t say what else the city’s replaced with machines.

“A ‘tron cooking?” He makes a show of mimicking a robot’s pincers with three fingers, trying and failing to grasp the spatula. His laugh has no trace of the graveyard’s bleakness. “Cass could sell tickets for that. Cooking With PDQ-88B 3235-J.”

“Following in the Old World’s footsteps.” Courier shoots you a surprised look over his shoulder, so you add, “Old World used libraries for more than books. Not rare to find holotapes in them.”

“My ten-great aunt brought some cooking show tapes with her to the vault. They were good for learning the basics, but Hilda Kendal never thought someone two centuries down the line would need to know how to cook yucca. Poor planning on her part.”

He’s still grinning as he serves you, then himself. Isn’t often you see him without his dark glasses, and you don’t mind the change. You can see where his eyes are: on you, more often than not, like he’s seeing your full face for the first time.

Isn’t the first, but he’s forgotten that bit of history. You let it rest in the Divide where it belongs.

anonymous asked:

So this interview happened today: youtu(.)be/8UTcRSvolzo And I really liked it. Got a lot of perspective into how SS felt playing such a monstrous character, why he continues to call it a toxic "love story" and other good tidbits. What are your thoughts, mod?


So, thoughts: S admits that he had to view it as a love story in order to find any way into the character, so it makes sense how Margot has said that S played Jeff in a more sensitive way than anyone else did. It would be easier to play Jeff as a one-dimensional villain, but clearly S wanted to find an alternative understanding of the character – he wanted to find a way into the character where he wasn’t only judging him for his actions from the outside, like the audience would/will be tempted to. 

Ultimately we need to remember that S was trying to get into Jeff’s head, and was seeing the story from Jeff’s perspective. He needed to find Jeff’s justification for everything. And arguably Jeff might’ve seen a lot of what happened with Tonya as simply coming from a place of love (even if the audience would disagree). So that’s how S played it. He’s not esteeming it as a love story, or trying to explain that outsiders should view it that way; he’s just explaining that from inside, it could’ve been twisted up into something like that. 

x M

“You are doing a good thing.  The greatest thing.  This is why we are tolerated, why society allows and accounts for the capes that walk the streets and fight in its towns.  

Those pesky capes can play their little game, as long as when it really matters, they put their lives on the line to protect everyone from the true threats.

Because we are needed for situations like this.  With your assistance, we can forestall the inevitable.  Your efforts and, if you choose to make them, your sacrifices, will be remembered.”

Even those of the villains? I mean, you did bring up the villains who had sacrificed their lives in the past in this meeting, but I mean by the public. Will the public remember their sacrifices? Or will the Protectorate gloss over it like they did with the villains’ efforts against the ABB?

He looked to Armsmaster.

Okay so in response to “sacrifices”, I was thinking of maybe repeating that I think Armsmaster might end up performing a heroic sacrifice (and if he doesn’t, he still has a huge death flag). I decided not to because it seemed a bit redundant, but that was before Wildbow put this immediately after a line about being remembered for one’s sacrifice.

My doubt is dropping. I think Armsmaster is going to sacrifice his own life in a way that may be critical to the victory of this battle.

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey love,I'm not sure if it will be of much help, but I've heard that Earl Grey,Cranberry and camomile tea helps with headcolds and sinuses and making you feel relaxed. Remember to relax and take breaks often and sleep when you need to,I hope you get better soon ❤🀄

Thank you love! I have Earl Grey and Chamomile so I’ll have some later. So sorry I didn’t reply to your RPs yesterday, I’ll try better today. Love you, hope you’re well too!!! 💕💕💕💕