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Shoutout to the houses with ADHD

Here’s to the Gryffindors who can’t remember times, places, and dates, who feel a constant urge to just go, who feel like their nerves are electrical wires, who keep a rubber band around their wrist to snap when they aren’t focused, who don’t understand why it can’t just stop, who constantly say they need to throw something away or go to the bathroom or blow their nose because they need to move, who are accused of being lazy but in truth they just couldn’t remember or figure it out, who constantly feel the dense mixture of burning frustration, lukewarm regret and cold disappointment in their gut, who are fighting it as best they can.

Here’s to the Hufflepuffs who can’t sit through an entire movie, who have to actively tap their fingers to remember anything, who start making something for a friend but then get up and forget about it because they couldn’t concentrate, who are worried that whenever they spend long amounts of times with the people they love, they’re constant need to move will become annoying, who always feel the claws of self-hatred choking them, whose thoughts flit so quickly they say it’s more like a crash at an intersection than a train, who make jokes about their daydreamer tendencies that actually hurt, who just need someone to support and help and understand.

Here’s to the Ravenclaws who study for hours upon hours but can only remember what they crammed seconds before the tests, who start a project but never get around to finishing it, who know they’re smart but can’t help but doubt it because “ then why are their grades so low?”, who should have much higher marks but can’t remember more than 1/3 of the material, who feel humiliation and mortification and hopelessness whenever they look at their work, who find something new they’re excited to learn about, but forget to or can’t concentrate, who think that it’s somehow their fault, who are constantly looking for proof of their brain.

Here’s to the Slytherins who experiment with so many techniques for focusing that they lost count, who have to read one instruction five times before they get it, who fear that they’re a lost cause with no hope, who try working out while the study because maybe if they try to combine the problems, it’ll make a solution, who don’t understand how their classmates can just concentrate, who feel like they’ll never accomplish their goals or make anything out of themselves, who want to know more about their favorite subject, but also want to move and run and feel, who worry that failure is their only path, who can’t imagine a life where they accomplish their goals but feel like its the only possibility, who need help.

All of you are smart, talented, and so valuable, never forget that. You are valid, it isn’t your fault, just get help. I love and am here for you.

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I was reading a fic last night and I seen to have lost it—it was pastel and punk,and this guy named Rob had been cheating his gf with a guy,and made everyone think it was Dan and they beat him up many times/bullied him in general so Phil,Chris and PJ say they can protect him by acting as Phils bf—i finished it(14 chapters)but it's incomplete and I want to bookmark it so I can finish it...Also the title had something about leather jackets if I remember correctly? Thanks​ in advance

An Angel In A Leather Jacket (ao3) - - An argument starts it all. Hell comes after for Dan Howell, the school pastel boy. He only wanted to help, but got backstabbed in the end. From safe position in the school hierarchy, Dan is up to neck in an affair he never had and starts finding threats in his locker. He needs someone on his side if he wants to make it to the end of high school. A mysterious punk boy promises him protection. The condition he needs to meet, though, is far from normal.

- Eliza

  • me: okay, i know i'm not thinking rationally right now, i need to calm down and remember that sometimes things work themselves out over the course of multiple days, i need to just make it through today and revisit what happened tomorrow so that i can look at it in a more neutral light
  • also me: [ grabbing friend ] hey why do you hate me why did you not do this thing why d

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hi, i have a lot of trouble scheduling different commitments that i make— i often find myself realizing that i have two mandatory obligations that overlap only days before it happens or the day of. i am absolute crap at keeping a calendar but clearly i can't trust myself to just remember all of the things i need to do. what are your suggestions?

You need to start using a planner. I know, it sucks, but there you go.

This post talks about how to use a planner.

This post has a link to a planner that’s designed specifically for ADHDers.

Our planners tag also has some posts about bullet journals!


Tarot and mediumship questions

Some of my lovely followers have been messaging me asking many interesting questions for tarot cards and spirit work. So I just wanted to make a post that answered all of them at once ^^ If you see your question here, I’m sorry, I had to rewrite the questions a bit because I couldn’t remember them all word for word off the top of my head. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a big one.

1. Do the meanings of tarot cards stay the same, or is it ok to apply my own meanings?
This depends how you are reading. To really connect with your client or querant, you need to be reading intuitively rather than just with the memorised readings. While the general meanings of the cards can be helpful, they don’t always apply and this can make your querant disconnect from the reading because they cannot see themselves in what is coming through.
To read intuitively, the first step is to read what is around each card rather than reading each card by itself and then interpreting as a whole. Often tarot presents you with a concept over 2 or 3 different cards and the cards will be interrelated.You may also find a particular card may have a feature on it that stands out to more than anything else, be it an animal, a pair of wings, or even a color. And these symbols will usually have a meaning to the querent in some way or another, but it is up to the reader to interpret them through intuition.
If you are reading the cards intuitively you will also find the meanings of the cards will change for you on each reading. You’ll find that one card means waiting for one person, but may mean something entirely different to another person you are reading for. And this is all determined by your intuitive feelings that you receive during the reading.
2. Do you have to be born psychic?
All of us are born with intuitive abilities, it’s a survival instinct. You ever have that feeling that you know what someone is going to say or you know that something will happen? Some people even know when their phone is going to ring before it even begins ringing. Or maybe you’ve had a time when you’ve been given a choice to do something, and you don’t know why, but you just know that you really shouldn’t make that choice. This is called your gut instincts or your intuition. This is the basis for really growing your psychic abilities. The beginning step here is choosing to trust your intuition more regularly. If you believe something is wrong, don’t do it. If you believe something is right, then do it. Choose to trust it, because trust helps to give a solid foundation that your intuition can grow on. 
To further grow your intuition, you need to begin practising meditation more regularly. Meditation can mean different things for different people. Some people can’t sit still, so walking meditation or yoga are really good ways to meditate if you can’t sit down for more than a couple of minutes. Buddhist temples sometimes offer free meditation classes in your area, so google around your home or city for some classes if you want to learn traditional meditation techniques. Don’t just stop at one class either, go regularly to make sure you really master it, even if you are told the same thing every lesson. Meditation takes practice, and even seasoned meditation practitioners can struggle sometimes. Be patient with yourself!
You can also try singing or chanting meditations to assist you in your tarot readings or spirit work. Youtubing mantras will return some beautiful songs to you sung by many different artists. Find the ones you like and practice along with those. The English translations are gorgeous, so make sure you read the translation so that you understand the nature of what you are singing. They are all gorgeous, seriously.
3. How do I find out who my guides or deities are? 
This is up to you. Your guides can be any one, they can be Deities, Angels, Fairies, Ancestral spirits, nature spirits, etc. Literally any one can be a guide for you. I have a friend who went to a public park here in Sydney, met a tree spirit, and now regularly works with that tree for spiritual guidance. I have several goddesses, fairies and ancestors who are my guides for readings, however this varies for each reading.
You don’t have to wait for deities or spirits to contact you either (although they will, trust me.) But if you are drawn to a deity or you like a deity that you have seen before, it is perfectly ok to approach them. Be careful here because if the deity is from another culture you will need to make sure that you work with that deity in a manner that is well researched and respectful to the culture. Please ensure that any deity you have approached is also not from a closed culture as well. 
The same idea applies to other types of spirits like fairies, angels, ancestors etc. It is perfectly OK to approach them first!
4. How do I connect more with the spirits or deities etc?
Again, regular practice. You need to meet them half way! Make sure you are regularly practising prayer rituals, even if that means you just quickly light a candle before work and say hello. Give offerings of incense, food, or anything you feel they may like. Write them letters, sing or play music to them, just make an effort to connect. Just like any relationship, things wont be amazing from the get go. It may be awkward at first and you may feel uncomfortable. Persistence and time are all that are needed there. It wont be like angels descend and sing praises while you receive a blessing from a god. It will be a slow progression and growing of a really beautiful friendship. Give it time.
But just as much as you speak, you must always listen as well. Meditation again is key to this, as it allows you to quieten the mind and focus on your guides. Practice is super important. Seek their presence and their energies and learn to recognise the energy “stamp” of a particular spirit. With regular practice daily, you should be confident within a few weeks to a month at least to begin feeling the energies of these spirits and who they are.
5. How do I work with spirits and deities in my tarot readings?
Once you have begun to practice regular contact both speaking and listening with your spirits or deities, and you have begun to recognise their energy signatures, you can simply ask them to join you for a reading. A lot of the time though, they may show up unannounced.
Regular practice in recognising energies when they arrive to a reading and practice with listening and seeing their messages can help you to also identify spirits or deities that you have never met before who may be working with your querent. When you are doing a reading, write down any images, ideas or words that you are seeing or hearing, even if you aren’t sure if it the relevant. It may become relevant later in the reading or not at all. All that matters here is that you acknowledge the messages and trust yourself.
6. Do tarot cards have a yes or no meaning?
Yes they can, kind of. The best way to get a yes or no answer is to ask the question and then pull at 8 cards to look at the issue overall. When you see the overall issue, continue pulling cards until you see the end of the “process.” The end will have the yes or no answer.
7. How do you use tarot to look at deeper subconscious stuff?
If your querent is struggling with something like mental illness for example, you need to look into their past for the answer. Often times they will not remember the particular issues in their past that have caused part of the illness because the subconscious buries this stuff as a coping method. But if you look at their thought processes, you can take each thought process one by one and question what created this thought cycle. An example would be “I am not good enough”. What made that person think that? You need to look at their past and see what they were exposed to. Then you can challenge the thought process by looking at the actual evidence. Did that event actually dictate the self worth of that person? Nope. Most likely what happened was caused by some selfish dickhead and in reality, the behaviour of that selfish dickhead has nothing to do with the self worth of your querent. It is just that their mind misunderstood the issue due to a variety of factors at the time. You can then change the thought pattern by using energy healing and positive affirmation. (It takes fighting to defeat these things, so the querent will need to put in regular effort to heal whenever the thought cycle arises. But once the painful experienced deep in the subconscious is brought to the surface, it can be dealt with easily with persistence. It is best to suggest a positive affirmation is practised every time they experience one of their symptoms.)
8. Is tarot a doorway to evil?
No, that is what religious parents tell their children to stop them getting involved in “evil occult” practices. It’s just like saying marijuana is the gateway drug. These kinds of statements don’t really help anyone. If someone wants to do drugs they will. In the same way, tarot has nothing to do with the choices of someone getting involved in some of the darker crafts. In the end, it is that person’s choice, and blaming tarot isn’t helping people.
On the contrary, I find tarot to be a very healing tool. You can use it to understand not only situations, but also yourself and other people. It has helped me numerous times to figure out what on earth is going on with my own mental illness, and I use it to help others in the same way. Tarot has nothing to do with darker crafts, demons, satan etc. They are instead a wonderful tool to contact healing guides, goddess, spirits etc and bring love and light to many people who need it. 
9. How do you know that you are not just schizophrenic?
Schizophrenia has a lot more symptoms than just hearing and seeing things, and there are many types of schizophrenia. If we keep accusing people who hear and see things of being schizophrenic, then we are only helping to spread ignorance and stigma around this debilitating illness, which doesn’t help anyone who actually suffers from this illness or knows someone who does. There is a clear line between a psychic medium and a schizophrenic. Psychic mediums can receive information from spirits that they wouldn’t other wise know, and this helps to confirm who they are contacting. Often, someone’s ancestors pop up in readings, and a psychic medium can confirm details of that ancestors life that only the querant will know. This kind of information can be anything, but some notable examples I’ve experienced are being able to describe the exact speech patterns of a deceased relative, their mannerisms, and past childhood experiences of that ancestor that I would not know otherwise. This kind of information will not be available to someone suffering schizophrenia, rather they will suffer with false delusions that cannot be confirmed.
Additionally, psychic mediums can control the information coming in. If we do not want to hear or see anything, we can simply say no. This allows us to lead very normal lives, while some suffers of schizophrenia can really struggle to do so (Not saying they cannot lead a normal life, but it is very difficult, just like it is with any other mental illness.) Schizophrenics may also struggle to turn off these experiences in the same way that a psychic medium can, which is why the condition can be so debilitating. Rather than just accusing everyone who claims to be able to hear and see spirits of being schizophrenic, it is better to educate each other on the symptoms so that we can learn the true nature of this illness.
These are some of the symptoms below. As you can see, it is more extensive than just seeing or hearing things.
Behavioural: social isolation, disorganised behaviour, aggression, agitation, compulsive behaviour, excitability, hostility, repetitive movements, self-harm, or lack of restraint
Cognitive: thought disorder, delusion, amnesia, belief that an ordinary event has special and personal meaning, belief that thoughts aren’t one’s own, disorientation, memory loss, mental confusion, or slowness in activity
Mood: anger, anxiety, apathy, feeling detached from self, general discontent, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, elevated mood, or inappropriate emotional response
Psychological: hallucination, paranoia, hearing voices, depression, fear, persecutory delusion, or religious delusion
Speech: circumstantial speech, incoherent speech, rapid and frenzied speaking, or speech disorder
Also common: false belief of superiority, fatigue, impaired motor coordination, or lack of emotional response
10. What if I see evil spirits and demons when I do a reading for someone intuitively?
This can happen sometimes, and this has happened to me. Sometimes this person has an evil attachment on the astral, or you may find that during a reading you are actually attacked on the astral by this attachment. You need to make sure you have protective crystals with you, such as pyrite, obsidian arrowheads or black tourmaline. Make sure you have protective spells over you if you practice witchcraft, and that you can cleanse the evil you are experiencing. If you are using crystals during your readings, stop using your clear quartz or celestite (whatever it is you are using to help you get there) and switch to your protective stones until whatever is attacking you goes away. You can then cleanse with fluorite.
This comes from personal experience, I did a reading and got attacked by some sort of flying demon thing on the astral that was attached to this person I was doing the reading for. I was like K WELL FUCK OFF BRO and immediately swapped to my black tourmaline, started burning sage in the room, and placing white energy over my client to protect them. The demon left, but I had to do a pretty thorough cleanse afterwards. Like fuck off you demon fucktard, can’t you see I’m busy? GOSH I don’t have time to deal with your shit today.

That’s it for the questions, I hope this huge post helped some of you lovelies who messaged me~!

What I need from the Infinity Wars when it comes to Scarlet Vision...

-Wanda saving Vision

-Wanda holding an injured Vision

-Wanda awakening Vision’s innocent sexual desires

-The Mind Stone being taken away, but replaced with something else that makes Vision not remember Wanda or human compassion

-Wanda swearing to bring Vision back

-Scarlet Vision angst

-Vision making StarLords entire ship and crew phase through another ship that it almost collides into (I just think that would be cool)

-Scarlet Vision Space sexy times

-Wanda kicking Thanos butt


-For this movie to be only about Vision and Wanda

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do you have any tips for coloring dark skin? like, super dark almost black skin, because a few of my ocs are super dark and i have no idea how to color it

Focus on highlights!!! Please do not be afraid to color dark skin lol like experiment and make the line art dark (in the beginning) ….um….yeah and also don’t make the whites of the eyes or teeth straight up white they need to have a tint to it or else it looks weird. (Tht goes for any skin tone tbh) also remember dark skins can have a variety of undertones like red and yellow etc. study how dark skin is affected by light!

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Today is Mother's day and this year it fell on the anniversary of my mum's passing, I am trying my best not to break down, and I think I would have done well, if I wasn't being dragged round my aunts, who I don't get along with. Please, help me find a way not to burst into tears at the dinner table.

I’m really sorry, that’s absolutely horrible, just remember the good times. But also if you’re struggling ask to be excused, explain that you’re having a hard time, that you just want to leave the table for a minute, ask to go to the toilet and have a few moments to yourself. 

You’re allowed to ask for a time out. You’re allowed to leave the table and spend sometime looking after yourself. It’s not going to be easy, but ultimately if you need to leave the table and go to a separate room then do that, make sure you look after yourself okay? It’s not going to be easy and i’d be lying if I told you that, but you can do this. You’re going to be okay and there’s not shame in crying, no shame in needing to leave the dinner table. xx

An embarrassing story

Last night something really funny happened that is somewhat embarrassing for myself but it’s so hilarious I’ve been cracking up about it all day. Thus, I must share it.

I dreamed I was trying to concoct a recipe for banana daiquiris. I knew it needed to have bananas and coconut rum in it, but there was an elusive third ingredient that would really elevate it. I tried as hard as I could to remember what it was.

The answer came to me and I jolted awake. I nudged my sleeping husband and whispered excitedly,

“Yacker cranity!!!”

And as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I realized that, holy shit, I have no idea where they came from, because I knew it was supposed to be vanilla yogurt. So I hastily tried to correct myself while my husband muttered, “What are you talking about,” but he was probably asleep the whole time anyway. I was so surprised I had to write the words down in my phone so I wouldn’t forget. Even throughout the day I had to go back and look at it, because I couldn’t remember what I had said.

Yeah, sleep is weird, dreams are weird, I am weird. Life is fun!

I was tagged by @wiledwolfstar <3

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Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 5′4″

Last thing i googled: ‘How to make a tumblr blog private’ for a thing i’m doing with @cats-tea-and-poetry because tumblr settings are bloody hard to navigate at times

Song stuck in my head: Calling All Skeletons - Alkaline Trio

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What am i wearing right now: Black jeans, white shirt

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Why did i choose my url: Quinly was originally picked because I needed a username for a website many years ago and I was in my Harley Quinn loving stage of my life. Then the reveries part came from the song Plans & Reveries by Black Gold and because well, I daydream a lot, so it made sense.

Religious or spiritual: Spiritual I guess

Fave color: Light blue and dark red

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Lucky number: I don’t really have one

Favorite character: Remus Lupin

How many blankets i sleep with: Two

Dream job: Writer/novelist

Tagging: Anyone that would like to do this. I’m sorry if I tag anyone that doesn’t like this kind of thing (please just me know and I won’t tag you in the future) or anyone that has already done this. @cats-tea-and-poetry @the-moon-and-stars-my-love @askthehufflepuff @thatonehuffledor @nachodiablo @ask-themaraudersmap @elise-da-duck @ravenclawslittleplush @thedannywholived @sadnessandteabiscuits @notjustaterran @stopbeingartsy (this isn’t twenty but it will have to do o.o)

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1, 42, 44!


1. What was the first fandom you got involved in?
Oh man, it was this super emo German band called Tokio Hotel. I was like 10 or so and read lots of self-insert fics. I remember getting into fights defending the band members from hate. I’ve been discoursing online for like ten years, i was honestly born opinionated and can’t be stopped. :D

42. List and link to 5 fanfiction authors who are amazing:
Well, no surprise you’re one of my favorites, is it? I also really admire @firethesound, @dictacontrion, birdsofshore, @femmequixotic and @noeeon. That makes six actually, but let’s conveniently ignore that, shall we? 

44. What ship do you feel needs more attention?
Teddy/James! I seriously love those spunky, wonderful boys and their love for each other. For some reason the pairing didn’t fully make the move to tumblr from LJ yet, so i’m always happy to see new content for them. ❤️

fandom questions!

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I do not talk to you and have not read your fanfic for years, probably because I stopped reading fanfic for a while (because I was a bit addicted and needed some time to write my own fanfics) and now I see that you keep writing about The designation: Miracle, but I dont want to sound rude, but you talked about how long ago about an AU of AU (in case of designation: miracle) more fantasy focused(i think) did you let this idea behind? i remember that i kinda make a fanfic of this AU just 4fun(1/2

You have actually inadvertently stumbled upon the main reason why I never start posting fanfic until after I finished writing it, friend!! Because sometimes I don’t actually finish writing the fanfic.

So, first, I am actually pleased and surprised that you remember me talking about that story and that it was something you were interested in reading, so thank you for asking! Just as a clarification, that story was not related to Designation: Miracle in any way, it was just a different AU with a fantasy focus instead of a SciFi focus.

I have not left that idea behind at all! In fact, I started writing it, and I have about 60K of unfinished story.

I try not to get too personal or political on this blog, since I figure no one is here to listen to me talk about the various going-ons and decisions in my life, but since your question hits on that, please forgive me for explaining what happened with that story.

It ended up being, in many ways, a much more somber and sad story than Designation: Miracle, with a lot more built-in angst. Which is quite surprising, when you pause to consider “how can something have MORE angst than the human experimentation upon children?” But the pain in that story was somehow more *real* than D:M, because it was grounded in reality, with the primary theme of adults who realize their life has not turned out at all they way they thought it would. And in many ways, it was getting sad to write, even though I knew it would end up in happy place, because all my stories do.

So I was writing it, but then, let’s just say, the November 2016 election happened and suddenly I was very sad and no longer wanted to write sad things. More to the point, I felt that even if I finished the story, I wouldn’t want to *post* it, because reality was such a sad place that I didn’t want to inflict more sadness upon my readers. I really wanted to just write happy things for awhile, so I put that story on hold and finished “When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears” instead, and then “Promiseland” and then came up with the next big arc for Designation: Miracle and I wanted to write those stories instead.

I really, really want to finish that story, though. I mean, if for no other reason, I wrote 60K of that thing, and I would hate 60K to go to waste.

I think I will most likely try to finish that story after I finish this current Designation: Miracle arc. I think enough time will have passed that I feel better about finishing and posting it, that I won’t feel like I’m just inflicting more pain into the world.

So thanks for your question, friend! I will finish it someday.

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i just got enrolled for a new school and i came out to my mum a few months ago and told her my preferred name and everything. she then wrote down my dead name as my preferred name :/. any advice to try and get her to realise that my dead name aint my name?

I’m so sorry your mom did that. That’s really shitty of her.

If you haven’t already, it could be worth trying to sit her down and explain to her how much it hurts to be deadnamed and how important your chosen name is to you - and that it is important to you that she at least tries to remember and respect that.

Since you came out fairly recently, it might also be a good idea to let her know that it’s okay if she slips up sometimes - that you understand that it might take a while forher to get used to your new name. But also that she can’t use that as an excuse for constant deadnaming. She needs to make a serious effort to use your new name.

New OC that popped out of nowhere this morning, and I remembered her a little while ago!!! She’s a precious lady who dreams of adventure but never goes on one because she has the stats of your common NPC. So she stays in Flipside, always excited when a new adventurer arrives! She’ll offer people a place to stay and food and stuff if she sees people need it.

Basically, all she wants to do is make sure everyone is okay. Protect her, please.

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Okay, so, here's my top two favorite fics of yours. The Soulmate Phenomenon - i loved the whole thing...up until the ending. and i love the emotion that was packed into it. my heart was ripped, i loved seeing Gon just screaming for Killua, as much as that makes me cringe because i love the boys so why do i like it when they're in pain? but im a sucker for happy endings. PLEASE CONTINUE IT! I need them to be OK! First Name Basis - OMG. I can't even say what i feel. I love it! <3 <3

That means so much to me that you love Soulmate Phen even though it has that…ending haha ^^; I remember writing the final scenes for that fic and not being sure if I was writing it in a way that properly conveyed the total devastation Gon was feeling at that moment. So I’m really happy that emotion came across!!!!!! :D

I WANT TO CONTINUE IT, but I don’t have any ideas D: I’m a sucker for happy endings too but that’s where the story took me and I can’t figure out a way to make a squeal that would match up to the original T^T I’M SORRY!!!

And, oh my god, First-Name Basis was so much fun to write. Fun fact: I wrote and edited that whole thing in one day! It’s a really great fic I love it so much

Thank you for the message, this made me smile so much!!!! :DDD

Send me your favorite moment from one of my fics! ^-^

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Seriously Wada looks like a fucking toddler in the manga which is really sad :/ Why does DSP make their female characters lolis and damsels now?

because thats all females are um dont you remember???? uwu

tha ts sarcasm i promise sjkfhlk i fucking hate that. before long kurotsuno is going to be ~saved~ by sullivan or some shit……i would personally kick an ass if kurotsuno is made into a cute girl needing to be protected


-mod kichi

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So just so you know, I ended up contacting one of the hotlines you gave me and talked to my therapist, and I just wanted to say thank you, you've helped me before in the past and you're just someone I've always been able to trust when needing help.

You don’t know how happy this makes me. I’m really glad you were able to find help. Remember, my inbox is open absolutely anytime. Sending love!

Friends, follow Tumblrinos, lovers of X-files and Gillovnys

Remember Smokey the Bear (non-US folks, it’s a reference to a cartoon forest ranger bear created as a public service announcement)? He said “Only you can prevent forest fires” as a way to make people aware of the dangers of smoldering coals and tossed cigarettes. I say we need to employ this philosophy in the fandom. Stop fanning the flames of the ‘Other Side’. Why do we keep adding fuel to their fire? Douse the fire and they will stop flaring up. Don’t talk about what we don’t believe or condone. Stop bringing them into the conversation. Hateful anons and their messages should be blocked and/or not posted. Oh, what joy they receive when we acknowledge that they got our goat (Texan phrase, sorry). Only we can take back the fun and joyful side that we used to know. If those creating drama stop receiving attention then they have nothing to look forward to and the spiraling will stop.
Only you can prevent fandom drama!