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As much as I love Klance, I don’t want them together until after season 5. 

Ya’ll wanna make this relationship happen fast, but I say w a i t.

Remember Robin and Starfire from the good Teen Titans?

Remember how well written that was? How good it felt when they did get together?

C h i l l

This needs to stop

The point of hate is pointless, not everyone even has all the pages. Please understand that we are all human, no one is perfect, but threatening to kill people is unacceptable. 
To those who are sending hate to remember that you may not have all the pages of the story, you are only getting one side.

@ask-littlebendy has been getting unnecessary hate. I have been speaking with her and it is affecting her health greatly, please have respect for everyone. Hate is pointless why send people hurtful words, all you are doing is making it worst. just let it go and ignore it. Please stop being children. Everyone needs to support and take care of everyone.

Please send them some more -positive messages and asks. Please stop this nonsense 

Alec is good at the big things.

He’s good at defying the world for the right to be himself, at trying to be fair and just and wonderful, and gods above he’s good at loving Magnus. Words can’t describe how happy that makes Magnus, how full it makes him feel, and yet…

In the small things, in the in-between moments, Magnus remembers that this is Alec’s first relationship, that he’s never done this before, and maybe that explains why he throws out words and gestures that hurt without knowing.

Today, he’d said, “I need you there, Magnus, but as a warlock representative… not as my boyfriend.”

Not as my boyfriend.

Not as my boyfriend.

Not as my boyfriend.

Magnus understands, he gets it, but still… There have been too many people in passing centuries who have pushed him aside, too many people who have wanted him, but not as my boyfriend, for Alec’s words not to pierce his skin like hooked barbs that pull at the flesh until it rips, again and again.

His thoughts are interrupted by Alec, who snuffles as he buries his face into Magnus’s chest, a runed arm wrapped possessively around his waist as he sleeps. His own Shadowhunter, his own Head of the New York Institute, casting aside every lesson burned into his mind since birth for the right to do this.

They need to talk. There’s a conversation that needs to happen soon, a conversation that will be raw and real and painful, but for now… for now, Magnus presses a kiss to Alec’s hairline and closes his eyes, trying to drift off to sleep as he pulls Alec a little closer, holding on tight until there’s no room for air between them.

QoAaD probably:
  • Cristina: So where did Isabelle go?
  • Simon: Oh, I think she said she wanted to make something for the kids to eat- *realisation strucks in* OH NO!
  • Dru: Oh no what?
  • Simon: Get the kids and get out, call Alec or Jace if possible.
  • Diego: Why though? What is happenng?
  • Emma: *remembers what Clary has told her about Izzy* OH NO!
  • Cristina: Oh no what again???!
  • Emma: We need to stop her before Julian gets to her.
  • Simon and Diego: Why?
  • Emma: He loves his kitchen more tha-
  • Julian: *from the distance* BY THE ANGEL!! MAAAAAAARK WAS IT YOU AGAIN???
  • Cristna: OH NO.
  • Emma: We better hide Mark first!
  • All: *hear Mark screaming*
  • Dru: OH NO!
  • Kit: *enters room, looking sick*
  • ALL: OH NO!!!

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Alpha/Beta/Omega verse sheith. AlphaKeith and OmegaShiro. Keith awkwardly tells Shiro that he would like to scent-mark him. Its Keith's way of confessing his feelings to his friend, & Shiro flushes cause though he got a lot of Alphas admiring him back at the garrison he never expected Keith to ever love him. Shiro stammers that he isn't who he used to be since he believes that Keith deserves a less corrupted omega than himself. Keith hears none of it and kisses Shiro quiet.

 Somehow, Keith always thought things would be different. It was a stupid, naïve thought. He remembered burning with need back in the Garrison, watching Shiro with a yearning he didn’t know how to put into words. It was a mess of emotions, each one strong enough to make him feel like he was being torn in two. He’d been too inexperienced to know what they meant or understand why it felt like he was on fire every time Shiro smiled at him or put a heavy hand on his shoulder.

It flared hotter whenever another alpha would pay attention to Shiro, which seemed like every time they were out in public. He was a desirable omega, strong and brave, a hero to the Garrison and one of the best pilots they’d ever had. It was why he was picked for the Kerberos mission, representing Earth at the farthest reaches of the solar system.

Shiro never let it bother him, shrugging off the attention with a smile and a word, but Keith could never quite smother that flame of jealousy. He had no right to Shiro’s affections, they were friends and he was happy with that, risking the only friendship he’d ever had on anything else was dangerous. And yet, when Shiro leaned in close, the two of them sprawled comfortably on the common room couch, Keith could breathe in the scent of him and imagine what it would be like to mark him. To claim him. To make the whole world know that Shiro belonged to him. Someday, he kept telling himself, he would be brave enough to take that step.

By the time Keith had found his words, it was too late.

He buried the feelings deep under grief and shame, settling himself into a world that didn’t have Shiro in it anymore. It took a long time to accept that. His best friend had died out in the depths of space and he would never get a chance to make his confession. But then Shiro had returned and they’d been flung into space, part of some destiny he could barely understand, and then everything had changed. Everything except the one thing Keith had hoped for.

The castleship didn’t seem big enough and the quiet, pining need had only grown worse since Shiro had returned from the dead. Shiro’s scent seemed to drive him wild and no matter how he distracted himself with missions or pushing his limits in the training room, he couldn’t get the lure of it out of his head. It was a selfish want, there wasn’t time for stupid distractions when they had a war to fight.

“Keith, you okay?”

He realized Shiro had been calling him for a while and he ducked his head, scowl already set. “I’m fine, don’t worry about it. Just thinking about things.”

“Interesting things?” Shiro sat down next to him, always so easily confident and trusting. Damn him.

“No.” Keith’s answer was short, but his eyes slid over to rest on Shiro who lounged on the bench, completely relaxed. His scent said otherwise. Keith sputtered as his brain registered the early sign of heat, his own body flushing in immediate response, and it took all of his self-control to hold himself still. Shiro thankfully acted like he didn’t notice, but it was hard for Keith to think about anything else. All he wanted to do was tip Shiro’s head back, nip along the pulse of his throat, slide his hands down the hard muscle of his body and mark him like he’d always wanted. He must have made a small frustrated noise because Shiro raised an eyebrow.

“It’s nothing.” Keith snapped before softening his tone. “You’re just close. You know, close.”

“Oh.” Shiro was immediately contrite and pulled away. “Sorry, it’s been so long that I wasn’t really thinking about how it would affect you. I can keep my distance for a few days, you won’t have to worry-”

Keith caught his hand and pulled Shiro back down. Instinct screamed at him, overriding conscious thought as he took Shiro’s hand and rubbed his cheek across his friend’s knuckles. “Don’t go?” It was a question, not an order, and far more vulnerable than Keith wanted to be. When he looked up, Shiro was watching him with wide, dark eyes.

“I know there’s not a lot of options so far from home, but you don’t have to do this, Keith.” He said gently, and Keith thought there was regret in Shiro’s words. “I know I’m not-, I’m not what I used to be.”

A laugh bubbled up from Keith’s chest, shocked. He’d been so used to his own hesitant self-doubt that he couldn’t imagine Shiro could ever feel the same. “Are you serious? You think you’re not good enough for me?”

“What the Galra did to me…”

“You think I care? Jesus, Shiro. I’ve wanted you since we were in the Garrison, I was just your friend. I didn’t know how to tell you how I felt.”

“You are my friend.” Shiro said, never doubting that for a moment. “My friend and something more. I didn’t want to take advantage, you were still in training and I was being sent out on a yearlong mission. Not really the best time to tell you I wanted something more. I thought if you hadn’t found anyone else when I got back from Kerberos, I could finally tell you.”

“Who else was I going to find?” Keith pressed his lips to Shiro’s wrist. “I want to mark you. Can I? Everyone will know.”

Shiro flushed at the thought, trying in vain to remember how to speak. When Keith leaned over and kissed him, he gave up and surrendered to his alpha’s touch.

“Yes, please.”

some gentle reminders for today, in case you need them

jane would want you to stand up for what you believe in - even if they come after you, even if they call you ‘Hanoi Jane’ and get bumper stickers saying ‘Goodnight, Jane. Goodnight, Bitch’ - even as they continue to attack you for not being perfect in your efforts. to remember that you can make mistakes but that does not take away from any of your beautiful, good decisions. to accept that empathy and understanding are painful but so very, very necessary. to kick your bad relationships to the curb and never look back. to learn to love yourself, and forgive yourself, no matter how long it takes.

lily would want you to be open about who you are. to not let anyone - your friends, bosses, family - tell you how to live your life. to never hide your own heart to make others more comfortable. to enjoy and relish every opportunity that you have now, but realise that these are (hopefully) not the best years of your life. to always bring laughter everywhere you go, because people need it, and so do you. to never apologise for the weight of your radiance. to help make others more aware of their own brilliance. to never take yourself too seriously.

grace would want you to hold your head up high, but realise that no matter what, there are always places inside of you that can grow softer. to realise that you can become a better person by letting down your walls (however sturdy they may be). to be ambitious and feisty but draw, always, from a reservoir of deep values. to not listen to the limitations that others try to place on you. to remember that sometimes you outgrow your friends, but that you will make better, healthier relationships as you evolve. to remember that mean only ever attracts mean. to refuse to give up.

frankie would want you to embrace who you are - to channel whatever deities or sources of power that you draw from to comfort and soothe your soul. to make no apologies for how you keep your little heart happy (even if that is just with tacos and bad tv). to feel the fear and do it anyway. to commit to a path of learning and changing. to love others more than you ever thought possible. to know that families come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can make your own if you need to. to give out as much light as you can. 

these amazing women are looking out for us and they would be proud of you little pumpkins and so am i. please message me if you ever need an ear.

Stop Attacking Wale

because Namjoon is a fucking ADULT and he can take care of himself, whether you think Wale is using him or not doesn’t matter. What you’re doing is ostracizing him from Wale and any other artist that may want to work with BTS or a single member. You’re taking amazing opportunities, THAT HE WANTS, from him.
I don’t consider you a real ARMY if you were a part of this, and perhaps you’re not. Maybe you are actually just an Anti-Fan, and if you are, you are sad and pathetic.

You guys have to remember that BTS are ADULTS and they don’t need us to fight their battles. Our jobs are to support them and the content that they make for us, vote for them on award shows, etc.

Just stop attacking people who interact with BTS, because they probably genuinely love them like we do.

Note: I think their reactions would vary depending on if they haven`t seen their sister in a long time or not. I tried to find a middle ground and say they haven`t seen eachother for a couple weeks.


Would be startled to see her there but would quickly remember that he can`t act all too familiar with you. However he is quite charming to all the fans so it wouldn`t be too obviouse if he held you hands and gave you a few finger hearts. He`d write an extra message on whatever you brought with you for him to sign and would probably be a bit sad when you have to go. 

On the paper you would see some kind of message going: “I really miss you. Take care of yourself and remember to call me lots.”


He`d be super happy to see you almost juming from his seat but he knew he needs to calm down. He`d try extra hard to make you laugh and smile. If you`d get a bit sad, he`d know why immediately and would try to lighten the mood with a few funny faces and phrases. 

“So what does a cute girl like you do in a place like this?”


He might be the one that temporary would forget that he has to act like he doesn`t know you and would jump up from his seat when he saw you. He`d calm down quickly though acting as if V did something to scare him to gloss over his reaction. He wouldn`t stop holding your hand almost forgetting to sign whatever you had taken with you. He too would write a message to you.

The paper would say something like: “Rest a lot and eat even more so your big brother can be proud of you. I miss you a lot!”

Sometimes I catch myself thinking “This is why I’m single,” or things along those lines when I’m in the middle of scream singing Taylor Swift on the drive home or when I start dancing to the radio in between reps when I’m lifting or when I see a beautiful sunrise and start to tear up because of it. But, you know what? Those are the little things that are going to make someone, the right person, fall in love with me one day. Someone is going to see all of my weird, quirky habits as endearing and will love me so much more because I choose to share them rather than hide them. And that’s what I need to learn to remember. Because I am done hiding pieces of myself, of who I really am, to make other people more comfortable or to ensure that I’m well-liked. I love the real me (most of the time) and I think other people should get to know that person, too.

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Sorry if you already answered this but I think maybe I have ADHD or ADD but my psych says it's impossible because I read a lot. Can I be ADDer and enjoy reading?

Absolutely! I just finished a book today! :)

ADHD can make it harder to focus on reading and to remember what we’ve read, but at the same time it can also cause us to hyperfocus on reading. If that’s your psych’s only reason for refusing to even assess you, they need to re-examine their understanding of what ADHD actually is.

Ask again, and ask for better reasons.



Naomi and James’ parents, Alex and Meg, run a bakery when they’re not too busy making music and it’s also the main spot where the gang likes to hang out. After all, they’ve been going there since they were kids. 

Also, a big thank you to @something-wicked-sims for letting me test some of her great talking poses that us storytellers really needed!  ❤

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Someone made a post about gay rep in tv shows and then put fucking klance in which the actual gay rep like fuck u when I look at those post it's to find shows that actual have GAY REP IN THEM not ur fucking shipper goggle view of it that's so offensive for all we know lance and Keith are BOTH STRAIGHT(I ship both btw) why would u put them with all of this AMAZING rep??????? That's so misleading like just why!!???!?

I remember a post one time talking about trans characters in shows and they’d put Pidge in there and when I pointed out to them Pidge isn’t actually trans in canon they got so mad at me like if you’re going to make posts about representation in canon you need to use actual canonically LGBTQ+ characters bc otherwise you’re just baiting which makes people feel like shit they were just like “she’s clearly coded as trans” like just bc you interpret her as trans doesn’t mean she’s actually trans and everyone sees her that way you can’t tell people there’s an LGBTQ+ character in canon and get their hopes up and then make them feel really disappointed when they realise it’s not actually canon like that’s just baiting it’s not a good thing to do

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Hiya. If its possible could you do the DA:I companions and advisors reacting to an Inquisitor who had family die during the Chantry explosion in Kirkwall?

Varric will feel like he’s partially to blame for it… he was there, after all. He should have known what Anders was planning. He’ll offer his shoulder anytime they need it.

Cassandra will do her best to try and cheer them up whenever the Inquisitor would remember their family. That’ll usually include badmouthing Anders, and probably hitting something, but she’ll do her best.

Sera can understand, she didn’t have a mom or dad, but she can understand loss. She’ll try and make them feel better when the sadness overtook them. She’ll play some pranks and try to get a smile on that glum face.

Cole would feel the hurt, reach out and pull the strings to untangle the pain. He would ask questions if he was more human. “what were they like?” He had heard from Varric that sometimes talking it out helps get the feelings sorted out. He hopes he’s doing it right.

Leliana is probably the most sympathetic of all. She had friends at that chantry. To see a mage destroy it just because the grand cleric didn’t anything to stop the already crumbling city from falling apart? It boiled her blood, so she gave her all when it came to comforting the heartbroken Inquisitor.

Cullen will act similarly. He hated Anders, what he did was incredibly stupid. He’ll comfort the Inquisitor the best way he can. He’ll suggest walking the battlements, or going with him to train troops. It’s what he does when the world gets too heavy for him, so he hopes it works for them, too.

Vivienne will talk to the Inquisitor about the good times they had with their family before Anders. She’d remind them that they were free of this war Plagued world, hopefully with the maker.

Solas will lend a warm shoulder to cry on when the feelings from before hit the Inquisitor hard. He’d offer kind words, and ask if they didn’t want to be alone that night. Anything to see them smile again. Anything.

Josephine will offer to do favors for the Inquisitor in mourning. She’ll show up to their quarters with comforting gifts she’d think they’d like, like food and clothes and soap and whatnot. She may not be able to understand fully what they are going though, but she’ll do all she can to help them.

Dorian will do his best to help them laugh, and forget for even a few minutes. He’ll pish-posh about something ridiculous he had seen/heard (mainly about solas) making his best attempt at distracting them from how they’re feeling. He understand well how hard it is to shake off despair.

Blackwall (with their consent) would hold them close, embrace them and rub their back, allowing them to cry into his chest. He’s not so good with words as some others may be. He’s much more felt, and he’s hoping that holding them, soothing them, will do something to help their healing.

Likewise with Bull. He understands loss, and despite not having an actual family like the Inquisitor, he has lost many friends that were as close to family as their parents were to them. He’d hold them until they’ve stopped crying, asking the Inquisitor if they wanted to be alone, or wanted a warm night sleep in his arms. He wouldn’t try anything, except for comfort.

Yo if you truly, for sure, want to criticize Lucas Sinclair for his behavior, you need to keep some things in mind:

- Because “he was mean” or “didn’t need to act that way” to your precious (white) fave need to think of a legit reason because that’s not one.

- Do you need a reminder that he’s a fucking kid??? Remember back when you were young, you for sure didn’t make all the right decisions, and for sure, no one was an angel.

- That he’s literally the only one who acted rationally with neeting El. She is literally some creepy stranger they found in the woods at night. He is rational with not keeping her in someone’s house as a secret, because as far as they knew, she could kill them in their sleep. (Also, his parents could not have ever agreed to amy of what happened, possibly. Take into account what it would look like for a Black family harbouring a little White girl. Take into account the racial differences. Think of how much more danger he knows that he is in just being involved.) He makes complete sense with the things he accused her of because she’s a mysterious and blank canvas to them. She could have just as likely been bad as much as she was good. He was being careful and guarded and suspicious, rightfully so. He wasn’t being mean or judgemental just to and what some users have given as a reason.

- Don’t be fucking ugly with your poorly excused “bias.” You can like your White characters, but that gives absolutely no reason to trash and demonize the characters of color, nor to put them on a shelf and ignore. They too are characters in the story.


I’m a bit late but EID Mubarak to all my fellow Muslim sisters and brothers. May Allah bless us all with health, love, and guidance; ameen. We face a lot of hatred and Islamaphobia in this world and it only makes us stronger and closer to Allah. This week we will feast, provide for charity, and give gifts to our young ones. Remember, pray to Allah even when you feel you have everything you need; start each day with bismillah and end each day with alhamdulillah. For this special occasion I will leave you all with this beautiful passage from the Quran: “Let there be no compulsion in religion.  Truth has been made clear from error.  Whoever rejects false worship and believes in God has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks.  And God hears and knows all things.” (The Heifer:256)

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