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Winter hiatus is OVER. Congrats fandom. It was a bumpy ride with all those spoilers out there, but we made it!! 

If you were away, welcome back! You were missed! Feel free to catch up on the blog. I wrote a bunch of posts you may find interesting. To those who hung out with me during hiatus - thanks friends! You saved me from utter boredom!

BLIND ITEM ALERT: “Fandom Meltdown Coming” Points to KC Exit!

White Canary Promo Analysis (further evidence for the Death Theory)

The Code Name Controversy

Felicity *Spoiler* Discussion

The Art of Storytelling

Is Thea The Season Big Bad?

If you get a second… can you please cast your vote in my poll? I’m trying to guage interest in bringing back my Ask/Submit button. Your input would be greatly appreciatiated!

Mid season is always when the rubber meets the road. The darkness rolls in and we are forced to buckle up. Just remember… the destination isn’t the point. The journey there is. Let the story wash over you and enjoy the ride!

And remember… all roads lead back to Olicity.