Nonostante la brutta giornata, devo ricordarmi di apprezzare questa cosa: un mio amico oggi mi ha vista giù di morale ed è venuto a chiedermi cosa ci fosse che non andava e dopo si è pure lasciato abbracciare (a lui non piace il contatto fisico)

highlights of the bloopers video:

- the contrast between phil’s amazingphil voice vs actual phil lester voice aka deeper

- the amount of times they groomed each other and made wishes on each other’s eyelashes

- the fact dan thought he was getting a phonecall but it just being a phone timer

- seeing the copacetic moment once again aka one of my fav ever gaming channel moments

- the diet coke accident at the end bc phil goes into dad mode immediately

- the gradual transformation of dan’s hair

- the usual domesticity just fullscreen and uncensored

- the warmth i feel in my chest after watching it

I just wanted to let you know that you are completely loved and supported by the universe,
during each and every second,
Until the very end of time.

You will never be alone.

As tired, drained, and as exhausted as you are;

You do make a difference.

No matter how many mistakes, mess ups, or failures that you’ve had;

You do make a difference.

The world would be lacking if you were not here. In every aspect. In every way. Why?

Because you do make a difference.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
The Houses Remember


The house from wild moor remembers that courage doesn’t always mean to stand up against the enemy. Sometimes it means to speak up and against a close friend. The lion remembers that sometimes the smallest cub can grow to be the strongest of the pride. The one who will let his roar echo through the eons of this earth. And the ones wearing red won’t forget that friendship sometimes comes disguised as rivalry.


The house from valley broad remembers that it takes sacrifice to build a life worth living. That sometimes it isn’t enough to sit and hope, that sometimes you have to break the rules in order to find justice and fairness. The badger remembers that even the lovliest rose has its thornes which are needed in order to survive. And the ones with the yellow crown on their head will always ache with the knowledge the treason comes from the one you considered your friend.


The house from glen remembers that not even a peregrine is faster than a word spoken in anger. That a broken bone can mend and heal but a broken soul can not be fixed as easily. The eagle remebers that it is his decision whether he wants to fly with the wind of change or let his feathers be ruffled. And the ones waring the blue crest on their chest will always keep in mind that there are more important things in life than books and knowledge.


The house from fen remembers that if you want to speak the truth you will need a fast horse, because the truth might be good but it is rarely gracious. The snake remembers that stars can only shine in darkness and that the night was made for healing. That sometimes it is the darkness and the cold that are the ones that soothe your mind. And the proud ones carrying the green banners have it carved into the dephts of their souls that sometimes heroes are those who have died in vain.

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