I always find myself questioning the things I do, even if I was the one who opted to do it from the beginning. I frequently ask myself whether I’m doing the right thing. Whether there’s any good in the things I choose to put myself in. The school I go to, the activities I join, the events I attend, the friends I choose to keep. Are my decisions going to benefit my future or are they just a waste of time? I wonder if I’m really doing anything right these days. You see, I have always had this fear in me. This fear I can’t specifically explain. I often am afraid if I make the wrong choices, especially when I have to make big important life decisions. What if my plans don’t work out? Who will I be in 10 years? Will I ever really figure it out?

I hate self-doubt. You know when they say we are our own biggest critics, they’re hella right.

Sometimes, the plans that I have for myself, are not exactly the plans that Allah has for me. I get myself in a relationship, and it ends tragically. I take up a course I thought I’m good at, and later fail miserably. I apply for a scholarship, but then find out I was rejected. I plan to graduate on time, but got sick and am told to defer my studies. All these circumstances, it all leads to self-doubt. Will I ever be good enough for anything?

A few days ago, I was reading Surah Al-Kahf and stumbled upon a verse that struck a chord with me. It was so beautiful I made it my phone’s wallpaper lol. The verse goes:

إِلَّا أَن يَشَاءَ اللَّهُ ۚ وَاذْكُر رَّبَّكَ إِذَا نَسِيتَ وَقُلْ عَسَىٰ أَن يَهْدِيَنِ رَبِّي لِأَقْرَبَ مِنْ هَٰذَا رَشَدًا 

“Except “if Allah wills.” And remember your Lord when you forget & say “May my Lord guide me to what is right” (18:24)

Perfect timing. This verse isn’t only a do’a but also a statement of optimism. “Asa” according to the arabic language is a verb used to express hope. Subhanallah, Allah is teaching us that the most fundmental thing we need is His guidance. He is teaching us that in the end, He knows best what is good for us and all we have to do is give our best in the things we do. The rest is Allah’s job. I learnt that if we do what is good, our effort will never go to waste, even if things don’t turn out the way we want it. Our compensation is with Allah. 

The verse screams optimism. It says “when you forget” because whenever something bad/failure befalls us, we tend to lose hope. We are bound to feel lost & confused. Been there a lot of time. So this powerful verse is telling us ‘no, don’t give up, hang in there and ask Allah to guide you’. He created us, He created the stars and the universe, so He definitely knows what is best for us. Whatever happens yesterday, stays there. If we have failed in the past, that failure should not dictate our future. 

“Amazing is the affair of the believer, verily all of his affair is good and this is not for no one except the believer. If something of good/happiness befalls him he is grateful and that is good for him. If something of harm befalls him he is patient and that is good for him” (Saheeh Muslim #2999)

So I guess we will never really have all the answers, but it’s perfectly okay, What we do know is that we can always ask Allah to guide us to what’s the best for us.

As long has we put our trust in him, we are in good hands.

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.’ “

-Surah Ibrahim | 14:7.

I found this snippet this morning in a book I keep with me at all times, “Don’t be Sad” by A’id al-Qarni.
I feel it’s quite appropriate to share with you guys especially with the recent tragedies.

“And never say of anything, “Indeed, I will do that tomorrow,”
Except [when adding], “If Allah wills.” And remember your Lord when you forget [it] and say, “Perhaps my Lord will guide me to what is nearer than this to right conduct.”” (Quran 18:23-24)

You can buy this book here:

Whenever you’re about to sin or disobey your Lord, remember this ayah and ask yourself:

قُلْ أَذَٰلِكَ خَيْرٌ أَمْ جَنَّةُ الْخُلْدِ الَّتِي وُعِدَ الْمُتَّقُونَ ۚ كَانَتْ لَهُمْ جَزَاءً وَمَصِيرًا

“Is this better or the Garden of Eternity which is promised to the righteous? It will be for them a reward and destination.”

- [25:15]

you’ve fallen once more.
you’ve failed yet again.
he tells you ‘you’ve lost,
give up, that will be
what’s best for you’.

but in that moment of despair,
remember that your Lord
is the Most Merciful,
and no matter what Shaytaan
tells you
He will always forgive you.

you may fall,
and fall a thousand times
over, but always remember:
never will the Mercy of your
Lord cease to reach you
unless you stop asking
Him for it.

—  diaryofaniqaabi // He will always forgive you
Antis @ Shiro or Keith

Mod Hunty Pastel Lance, who is sadly only a mere filthy lightskinned Asian & not a spicy Latino or big booty African goddess, who are the much more superior races, would like to teach Antis that there are other more honest words besides “lightskinned” to describe the hateful race traitors that is the Asian race.

In the form of a children’s hand game~:

I went to a Chinese bakery
To buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread
She asked me what my name was
And this is what I said, said, said

My… name… is…
Ching Chong Charlie
I know karate

Punch you in the body
Oops, I’m sorry
Chinese, Japanese, Indian Chief

For this last verse, you should tug the corners of your eyes up and down as to mimic what you have described as “Shiro’s eyeliner”.

Remember, your Lord and Savior Hunty Pastel Lance forgives all even when it’s targeted at people like the mod themself!

anonymous asked:

Salam, can you tell me what's the point of prayer? Because we're ordered to pray, it's just becomes a habit that we bother understanding why. Like what does prayer do to our life? Why did God order us to pray 5 times a day?

Walaikom Assalam friend,

Allah knows best and Allah’s commandments are in our best interest.

Consider these scenarios;

You start your day with your remembrance of Allah in Fajr. You’re reminded that this dunya is temporary. That your ultimate goal is the akhirah.

Then you go to work/school and you deal with the stressors of life. You get in a huge fight with your sibling/best friend/mom. Dhuhr comes, and you are brought back to Allah, reminded that His mercy is so abundant, so why isn’t yours. You quickly fix your issues with your loved ones and move on.

You’re rushing around finishing housework/assignments and you’re so busy. Asr comes and you bow down to your Lord, remembering the real importance of this life.

Are you seeing a trend?

5 times a day we are commanded by our Lord to worship Him. We are slowed down to take a few minutes to remember who we are supposed to be. It serves as a barrier between us and greed, selfishness, arrogance, hate. Those who consciously pray recite the words of Allah and reflect on these meanings, implementing them in their lives. We as humans quickly forget, but salaah keeps us on our toes. It keeps us accountable.

Regardless of whether we pray or not, Allah will STILL be the most Powerful. Allah will STILL be the Lord of the universe and all of mankind.

Salaah benefits us! It is a gift for us!

We expect certain things from Allah. To answer our dua, to keep us safe, to grant us and our loved ones jannah .. but we can’t give Him, our Lord, 5 salaah each day? We expect his forgiveness & we expect a connection with Allah, but we don’t want to worship him when all he asked from us is 5 times? Allah originally commanded us to pray 50 times a day, but this was lessened and yet Allah still rewards us 50 times for 5. With salaah, you’re showing Allah your belief & commitment.


  • elevates our soul
  • protects us from sinning
  • reminds us of our goals
  • humbles us
  • brings us benefit spiritually & physically
  • will attest for us on the day of judgement
  • teaches us discipline/self-restraint/routine
  • promotes unity amongst our ummah

And who is further astray than those who, instead of Allah, pray unto such as hear not their prayer until the Day of Resurrection, and are unconscious of their prayer (46:5)

Recite that which has been revealed to you of the Book and keep up prayer; surely prayer keeps (one) away from indecency and evil, and certainly the remembrance of Allah is the greatest, and Allah knows what you do. (29:45)

Watch this.

I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, let me know ❤︎ 

Many brothers and sisters tell themselves that they will only take one aspect of fiqh or hadīth or some other science, from the scholars of the Tawāghīt.

How is it possible for one to have kufr in the Tawāghīt yet be so eager to learn from their scholars? The righteous believers of the earlier generations would refuse to even listen to an āyah from a person of innovation lest they distort, twist and misguide, so how do you think they would treat those scholars who are always sitting at the feet of the Tawāghīt, defending and justifying their kufr at every opportunity?

Unfortunately, what eventually happens for many is that naturally their heart inclines towards these priests and rabbis whether they intended it or not; they begin to occupy a soft spot in their heart, and in the end, out of the respect, love and admiration which is inevitably developed, they end up traversing the same crooked path.

Remember the words of your Lord in Sūrah Hūd:

ولا تركنوا الى الذين ظلموا فتمسكم النار … وما لكم من دون الله أولياء … ثم لا تنصرون !

And do not incline towards those who do wrong, lest the fire should touch you … and you have no protectors other than Allāh … nor would you then be helped !

Never play with your dīn, because by Allāh it is an expensive matter!

‎نسأل الله العافية

DAY 132 of 365
[Part 2 of 2]

Weekly Theme: How to keep Christ at the center of your thoughts.

Daily Theme: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. - Is. 55:8

My dear sister,

1.Don’t let that guy in your life (or the lack of a guy in your life) get to your head! It doesn’t matter if he thinks you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen or he’s never looked your way, never let what he thinks of you outshine what God thinks of you.

2.God has called you His child that He loves and cares for more than anyone else. As we see here in the book of Isaiah, God’s ways are higher in every possible way…including the way He sees you, His daughter! So just because that one guy isn’t as serious about you as you thought he would be, you can’t let that translate to, “oh, he stopped talking to me because I’m not as pretty or outgoing as that other girl,” or “I must be wrong for desiring a godly relationship because the good guys in my church are taken or are flirts.” When you allow yourself to meditate on these things, you’re allowing other people’s thoughts to influence you. God is our all-knowing Father so shouldn’t it be HIS thoughts taking priority?

3.Don’t buy into the lie that you have to dress a certain way or play some game to get in a relationship. Don’t succumb to the pressure that you have to date around in order to meet your spouse. Remember Whose thoughts are higher! Remember your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who wants the best for you. Focus on Him more than you focus on who isn’t texting back, who doesn’t want to date you, and who didn’t compliment you. Dig deep into His Word day and night, and let your mind be filled with thoughts that bring Him glory!

4.Of course we all want love and hearing someone we care about say “I love you,” means the world, and as we see in Song of Solomon, a book about a King, his bride, and their love, there is nothing wrong with desiring to be loved! But know that God loved you FIRST, and that’s why He sent Jesus! THAT’s the way that God thinks of you on this very night. So Hold onto Him more than you hold onto anyone else.

Biblical context + further reading: Is 55, Jn 3:16

ـ الإمامُ‏الباقرُ أو الإمامُ‏الصّادقُ(: لايَكتُبُ المَلَكُ إلّا ما يَسمَعُ ، قالَ اللّه‏ُ عزّوجلّ: «وَاذْكُـرْ رَبَّكَ في نَفسِكَ»: لا يَعلمُ ثوابَ ذلكَ الذِّكرِ في نَفسِ العَبدِ غيرُ اللّه‏ِ تعالى.

‪Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘The angel only writes down what he hears, but when Allah, Mighty and Exalted, has said, “And remember your Lord within your heart…”, no one knows the reward of that remembrance in the heart of the servant except Allah, most High.’

—  [Bihar al-Anwar, v. 5, p. 322, no. 7]
With the aid of Allah all will be well

Certain things are destined to happen to you,

trials sent by Allah to test your eemaan,

you either let them break you or make you,

with the aid of Allah all will be well,

don’t let a moment of sorrow take over,

because there are better days to come,

and if you feel like there is no hope anymore,

take sometime to remember your Lord,

for His remembrance is the cure,

to any pain you will ever endure,

He is The Merciful Al-Raheem,

The Forgiver who will pardon your bad deeds,

He is The All knowing Al-Aleem,

so when the shyataan whispers take heed,

the darkness you feel now will leave,

when you realise the only happiness is with speaking to your Lord,

Allah Al-Samee’ Al-’Aleem Al-Rahmaan Al-Raheem.