“Someday when they’re not a band anymore you’re gonna look back at your old tumblr and twitter and camera roll and remember when Michael dyed his hair and Luke’s lip ring and Ashton’s giggles and Calum’s sass and how you screamed when you went to their concerts and how beautiful you thought they all were and you’re going to realize that these are the dreams you left behind, these are all the memories they never can escape.”

Stepbrother pt.2

Masterlist PART 1

After that incident in the kitchen, I began to feel awkward around Luke. I can’t look at him without the thought of him between my legs. And he definitely wasn’t helping me right now, as he was sporting a black tuxedo for the wedding of Mom’s sister. Since they were all too busy helping with the wedding preparations, Luke and I were left alone to pick our dress and suit for the wedding. The theme was very random, aunt Jessi told me to get any cocktail dress I want, but for Luke, he only had two options: a suit and necktie or a tuxedo. He decided to go with the latter and I was glad that I was the first one to see him wear it.

“Y/N. How do I look?”
“Good. Y-you look really good.” He gave me his infamous girly dimpled grin. I remembered the way he tugged on his lip ring when I showed him my dress. It was a baby blue colored dressed with long sleeves, round collar, and a belt to complete the look.

“Since we’re done here, should we go now?”
“Yeah. They must be waiting for us  in grandma’s house.”

The ride inside the car was quiet. I felt a little sleepy because finding a dress wasn’t very easy. Luke wasn’t even helping seriously earlier as he kept on choosing dresses that are too much revealing for my taste.

I stretched my arms a bit as I shifted to another position. I can feel Luke’s eyes on me as I did so.

“Fuck it.” I heard him say and suddenly the car went in a unfamiliar direction.

“L-Luke! What are you doing?”
“Finding a spot?”
“Why? The way to grandma’s house the other highway–what’s the spot fo–”
“I’m finding a spot for us to have sex!” I stared at him dumbfoundedly.

“What?!” I swear I could feel myself blushing as Luke parked the car infront of an abandoned building.

“Get in the backseat.”
“What? No!”
“Y/N, get in the back seat now! My boner fcking hurts!”

I managed to go to the backseat by climbing over between the driver’s and passenger seat. However, I blushed from embarassment when Luke slapped my ass and said something I never thought I’d hear from him.

“Hurry up Princess. Daddy can’t wait to fuck you senseless in this car.”

Luke attacked me with kisses as he pushed me down the backseat. His mouth dominated mine, his hands groping my ass and boobs making me feel more aroused than before.

“Fuck Princess. Come on, kneel between my legs.” He hurriedly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. He hissed in relief as his member sprung from its confinement. He made a make-shift ponytail and tugged it in front of him.

“Suck me off Princess. And no teasing or there will be a punishment.” Teasing wasn’t even one of my options as he immediately pushed me down, forcing me to take all of him. I closed my eyes as I gagged on him, letting him pull me up and down as he fucked my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes! Your mouth feels amazing princess!” After a few more thrusts, I felt him shoot jets of spurts down my throat. I swallowed it and surprisingly, it doesn’t taste so bad.

“You were a good girl for me baby…” He lifted me up and kissed me, pushing down the back seat once again.

“Here’s your reward.” He said as he thrusted inside me harshly.

“L-Luke, oh my god!” He lifted my legs up to his shoulders, and slapped my ass again.

“What did you say? That’s not my name baby girl.”
“W-what do y-you m-mean–oh! There! oh my–fck!”
“Do you want Daddy to punish you?” He slapped my ass two times.

“N-no daddy! Fck, please fck me harder daddy!” He sharpened his thrusts, filling me very deeply. I was a moaning mess underneath him.

“Daddyyyyyy…I’m so close…”
“Hold it in princess.” He started rubbing my sensitive bundle of nerves while his other hand grabbed ahold of my breast and pinched my nipple.

“Fck fck fck! I’m coming Luke!” I scratched my nails down his back as we both came, our juices mixing with each others.

We were breathing heavily, sweat gathering on both of our foreheads. I ran my hands through his hair, and he bent down, capturing my lips in a passionate kiss. I stopped him half-way and stared directly in his eyes.

“Luke…about this…what are we?” He smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

“Whatever you want it to be.” I pulled him in for another kiss, not caring if our parents and relatives were already searching for us.

but remember when luke had a 4inch quiff and the sides were always too long and made him look fluffy. remember when luke first got his lip pierced and instead of the black ring it was just a black stud. remember when luke would always wear his smiley face tshirt with his all black vans. remember when luke would get pictures with fans and would always stick his tongue out or scrunch up his nose. remember 2013 luke? :(