“O’ Sethos! Rise up and remember!
Recall the Promise once stain’d in red upon the primal dust of Earth!

By baying dog and moon-beam, by lantern, stave and upright stone
Come fathom the starlit heights of Heaven in the Old Dew-pool of Cain.

Come ring the blood round with the Serpent,
Come turn the skin of time,
Come pace about the corpse of Abel,
here break the Fate of Mortal Man!

Here cast forth the Visions from Yesterday, from Tomorrow, unto Today.
Here open the Way for the Crooked Path, for the Pathway forever to be!

O’ Sethos! Rise up and remember, ‘Til Thy Namesake, the Man of Light, is born!”

Imagery and text from “The Azoetia: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft” by Andrew D. Chumbley (3rd Edition), 6019 Anno Lucis.



AlunaGeorge - I’m In Control ft. Popcaan

Taken from AlunaGeorge’s sophomore album “I Remember”. Video recorded in the Dominican Republic, directed by Emil Nava.

I’m in control

I like crashing waves
But I want to see them at first light
After a long night
And see the sky take shape
But I want to see the stars burn
After I had my turn

And ooh, ooh
You’re working so hard
You played your card
So what’s the payoff?
And ooh, ooh
Big talk is cheap
You gotta go deeper than deep
To get me off

If you’re picking up my call
Gotta tell you once you know that I’m in control
I’m in control
Don’t you know I want it all?
Put your hands against the wall
I’m in control, I’m in control
I’m in control

She a tell me she in control a mi love
Gyal get caught up when mi turn her up
Boy knows she gon start, wind up
Love how she smile when we run, tied up
Baby yuh full o’ action like wide-eyed and
You not dem, like night-night gyal
Bubble like champagne, I spray gun
All night, me a give you love

And ooh, ooh
You’re working so hard
You played your card
So what’s the payoff?
And ooh, ooh
Big talk is cheap
You gotta go deeper than deep
To get me off

If you’re picking up my call
Gotta tell you once you know that I’m in control
I’m in control
Don’t you know I want it all?
Put your hands against the wall
I’m in control, I’m in control

All night, me a give you love

I’m in control

Hey gal
Control of you, control of the master
Tonight me a take off your shorts
I'mma feel up your fat pum pum inna your drawers
All night, mi a watchin’ a the dance
Oh right mi a pray for your legs like a fast
Gyal you di favorite all up in di mass
So you’re in control, but mi a di real boss, gyal
(I’m in control)

If you’re picking up my call
Gotta tell you once you know that
(‘Cause she in control of me love)
I’m in control
Don’t you know I want it all?
Put your hands against the wall
('Cause she in control of me love)
I’m in control

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Vintage Greek Canvases Turned Into Instagram Pictures Serial Kolor

Check out this tumblr!

From the artist: “We, at Serial Kolor, are a creative agency, operating on interdisciplinary levels. We are passionate about telling stories – through integrating compelling designs, motion and sometimes live actions. We chose couple of renowned vintage Greek artistic creations and modified them with insane inscriptions and hash tags. We made it like as the first craftsman transferred those a very long time prior. How about we examine a percentage of the famous canvases from the times passed by and remember them in the light that they ought to have been initially seen.“

Remember to Turn on the Light

Loki was new to Hogwarts.

It wasn’t exactly unusual for Hogwarts to get new Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, something always seemed to happen to them. One was sharing a body with the Dark Lord himself, one had accidentally erased his memory via a broken wand, and one turned out to be a werewolf. These were just some of the examples of what had happened to them all, but that was, by no means, enough to scare Loki off.

How he ended up at Hogwarts was a bit fuzzy. The last thing he remembered was falling from the Rainbow Bridge. His father had told him he wasn’t at all good enough and Thor was begging him not to fall. That was meant to be a suicide, he was supposed to die, but instead he woke up in a field just outside of Hogwarts, a witch by the name of McGonagell at his side.  She had been attempting to wake him for almost an hour and his head ached something fierce. She had taken him in, to have him checked over in Hogwart’s medical ward, but eventually he had been invited to stay.

Loki now went by the name ‘Professor Locke’. No one truly knew anything about him, but he was rather skilled in Defense Against the Dark Arts. This was really more an illusion on Loki’s part. His magic was more powerful than these Midgardian wizards and he didn’t need a wand to preform said magic, but he did channel his magic through his wand to make it appear as if he were actually using one. He also needed to spend hours studying these Midgardian spells so he knew exactly what he was meant to be teaching his students. It was quite a bit of work to fit in, but he was comfortable. This was an opportunity to start fresh, to have a new life away from Asgard. He could be very happy here.

Unfortunately not many of the students seemed to trust him. No one knew where he truly came from, no one had any records of him prior to the war. Some believed he was a Death Eater that never took his mask off. Unfortunately for that theory, no one had ever seen a Dark Mark upon his arm and he often wore his sleeves rolled up to the elbows. He was a mystery more than anything, and with mysteries came theories and rumors.

Currently Loki happened to be preparing for a class full of seventh years that would be flooding in at any moment. Chalk wrote across the board by itself, outlining what they would be working on that day as Loki passed out new packets for the something that wasn’t covered in their text books. A few students had already started to trickle in and, from the sounds of it, they were muttering to one another, possibly about hi. Loki was growing used to ignoring them completely. 

“Good morning,” he said as students started to assemble, the first being a boy who was several inches shorter than him with brunette hair. 

#Hourglass Strobe Lighting Powders. Worth it or just hype?

These swatch extremely “blah” on the hand and look like they would be a bit sparkly, but turn out to be great for a soft-focus filtered glow that doesn’t look cheap and metallic. Not a must - but if you are a hardcore highlight-aficionado you should definitely check these out at least once.

I have Brilliant Strobe Light (soft champagne gold) and Iridescent Strobe Light (soft mauve pink). Stop by to see a couple of comparison swatches.

#Chanel Allure eau de parfum - an old comfort scent I just revisited; I remember loving this fruity soft luxurious and warm scent as a teen
#Ettusais BB Mineral Cream SPF30 PA++ - in the mood to wear something light on the skin
#EsteeLauder Double Wear Waterproof All Day Extreme Wear concealers - unexpectedly natural looking and non-cakey
#LauraMercier Infusion de Rose face oil

#highlighter #makeup #goodskinday #strobing

I’m Real [Rap Monster/Namjoon]

Genre: Light Angst; Mentions of death

Members: Rap Monster/Namjoon; Reader(You)

Part: 1/1 Oneshot

Requested by: Anonymous. 

Summary: He wouldn’t go away until you knew exactly what he knew.

“Hey.” He whispered, brows raising in surprise when you deliberately turned your head from him. “Hey, I’m talking to you.” He stepped closer to your hunched body, staring down at your bowed head. “Why are you ignoring me?”

Biting back a scream, you weakly replied,“You’re not real.” You don’t remember exactly when you had started seeing him, but the moment you looked him in the eyes, it seemed that he had made up his mind to stay. Coming and going at odd times, you were never sure when he’d make an appearance, but whenever he showed he made sure to pester you until you gave him your full attention.

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I pick up my newly arrived English language Blu-ray copy of Evangelion 3.33. The plastic wrapping crinkles softy in my hand as I grip it hard enough to turn my knuckles white. I take a deep, shaky breath and look straight towards the light blue box, my voice low and gravelly from two years of weeping.

“You can’t show up now,” I scold it, trying to keep composure and be the bigger person of the two of us. “You can’t just show up two years later and act like nothing happened. It doesn’t work that way.”

The Blu-ray box does not respond.

“Remember when I placed that pre-order, in December 2013? Remember what it said? It said I’d get you that following February. I thought I was only gonna wait two months.” I can’t mask the pain anymore, and my voice cracks as I try not to sob openly. My eyes sting with tears. The Blu-ray box does not respond.

“It’s been two years! Where were you? They told me they needed time, time to make you better, but you came back the same! Why didn’t you tell me the real reason you wouldn’t come? What makes you feel like you can now? Why won’t you speak to me?!”

The Blu-ray box does not respond.

I scream in anguish and use all of the force I can muster to throw it across the room. All of the resentment I had built up comes out in that movement, and I feel a euphoric rush of adrenaline and relief when I finally let myself release it.

The Blu-ray box hits the wall, dropping down to the floor seemingly unscathed.

It speaks. I cannot tell where its voice comes from – it simply lingers in the air with omnipotence.

It screams a demand at me.



Looks like it’s been a rough day/night for everyone, but before I depart for the night, let me say a few things.

Take a deep breath, get yourself back to the way you want to feel, wether it’s through reading, drawing, drinking tea, or watching your favorite show, just take a break from your current state of being and compose yourself.

Remember that tomorrow is another day, and that tomorrow is another opportunity to make the future brighter.

While you can’t solve everything in one go, just take small steps, one at a time, to get things settled back down to where you need to be.

So if it’s late, turn down the brightness on your screen, or put it away, do something by soft lighting, let yourself relax and remember.

Breath, tomorrow is a new day

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It’s written in my dreams
I see you when I breathe
Color me in pain
Color me in heartache
You left in December
And I can only remember
The way your hair looked like
From the back when you were
Walking out the door
And the way you smiled when
You said goodbye
Because it didn’t reach your eyes
And we can listen to
Teen suicide all night if you want
With the lights turned off

Tidy up. You can’t study if your desk is a mess, and I don’t recommend studying in bed unless you’re energized.

Set the mood. If you like candles, light some. If you like to listen to music while you study, queue up your favorite playlist. Get yourself in the study mindset.

Prepare your work. Make a list of all the work you want to get done. Remember to be realistic! Then collect all the notes and books you’ll need, separate them by subject, and put them in a pile on the corner of your desk. This way you can go from subject to subject without fumbling through papers.

Get rid of distractions. If you can’t turn off your phone, put it far away, or download an app like Forest. It’ll encourage you to stay off it. If you’re like me your computer is also a distraction. Unfortunately, you can’t always put this away when study time comes. I recommend extensions like SelfControl. You can block unproductive websites for certain periods of time. Set it up to block Tumblr, YouTube, and others during your study session.

Layout your materials. This includes snacks and drinks, not just your school work. You shouldn’t have to get up from your desk unless it’s for a break. I find that once I stray from my desk I jump into my bed since it’s close and sooooo cozy.

Now get to work! That pile on the corner of your desk won’t finish itself~

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omG can I pretty pls have a deadpool with 12 and 30??? :))


Wade Wilson + Early Mornings“I love you”

The sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon, a small beam of sunlight shining through the window overlooking your bed. A few chirps echoed from overhead, followed by the shout of an angry drunkard and a loud car horn. The noises from outside weren’t enough to disturb the peace lying over you and Wade. He held you to his chest, one hand running down the smooth expanse of your back in a calming gesture. Your fingers were tracing patterns on his chest, your eyes connected in the dim lights.

“Sleep well?” You asked, your voice lower than normal.

A deep chuckle rumbled from inside his chest, his lips turning up in a smirk.

“I don’t recall doing much sleeping.” He teased with a heated stare.

You rolled your eyes affably, remembering all too well what you’d been doing in place of sleeping. If your memory didn’t serve you correctly, the marks littering your collarbone would.

“And you wonder why I’m always tired.” You laughed, listening to the steady thrum of his heart beneath your head.

“It’s not my fault you look so beautiful all the time. How am I supposed to keep my hands off of you when you look like that?” His hand paused on your lower back, pushing you even closer to him. “And you brought home chimichangas yesterday. If you didn’t want me to take you on the table, you shouldn’t have brought them home.”

“You’re crazy.” You said on a giggle, nuzzling your head against his chest. He hummed in agreement.

“But I’m your crazy, right?”

“You’re my crazy,” you affirmed, closing your eyes.

He leaned down, careful not to move you too much, and placed a soft kiss of the crown of your head.

“I love you.” He stated, his lips moving against you. “You and your ass.”

You breathed out a laugh, mumbling a soft, “I love you too,” before drifting off.