• Me in early 2015:I can barely run down my street without getting winded. I can squat 40lbs and bench 30lbs. I don't even know what deadlifting is.
  • Me in late 2016:I ran a 5K in under 28 mins. I can squat 145lbs, bench 100lbs, and deadlift 168lbs. I'm planning on doing two to three more 5Ks and a 10K in 2017. I also plan on doing a powerlifting meet in 2017.

things I just heard in my creative nonfiction class in which we did not talk about creative nonfiction:

-one girl’s mom had a hamster in college and it ate an entire bathrobe and then literally exploded. hamster bits everywhere

-“elephants are kind of scary”

-(to the teacher)“how often do you wish you had knives for fingers so you could wrap them around people’s necks?”
-“that would be nEVER”

-“no, really, how can we relate a hamster exploding to life so you can write an essay on it”

-“i want to learn japanese so i can call my grandma and just talk to her”
-“so you’re a quarter japanese?”
-“no, but my brother is. i’m a quarter african-american”
-“you suRE ARE”

-“fish don’t have sensors to tell then when to stop eating so they’ll eat until they die”

-“i left a hand-shaped bruise on my mom once”
-“how are you still alive?”
-“she spanked me for backtalking so i spanked her back”
-“how old were you??”