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the third wheel

request: Please could you write a piece where Harry and y/n’s best guy friend keep hanging out and she’s feeling left out so they do something sweet for her

questions, comments, concerns


I knew they’d get along, knew it from the moment I met Harry. They had a similar sense of humor and loved teasing me and would die for the same pair of Gucci boots. What I didn’t expect was for my boyfriend to hijack my best friend and vice versa.
“So, tomorrow, me, you, our favorite Thai place and scoping out that new gallery a few blocks over. You in?” Aidan hesitated and I knew before he even said it. “Are you joking?” I groaned.
“I promised him I’d go with him to decide what to wear to SNL.”
I laughed, “Swear to God, he’s cheating on me with you.”
“Oh come on, you know he’s not my type he’s not pretentious enough.”
I laughed but once it died down I said, “I just miss you… Miss you both, really.”
“Babe, you live with him.”
“Yeah and lately if he’s not working he’s with you.”
“Oh come on, that’s not true.”
I pulled out my metro card and swiped myself in, running through the open doors on the subway before they closed, “Yes it is! I can’t even remember the last time I had a real conversation with either of you.”
He was quiet for a moment, “We’ll hang out this weekend, I promise.” I was rolling my eyes on the other line and I think he knew because he added, “I love you.”

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I remember when I went to DC a few months ago this middle aged lady offering my friends and I a job to travel and look at her boss’s website. She had this whole story about him and his comeup , but she couldn’t tell us his name, the website, the company, nothing and it was sketchy af so you really have to be careful and mindful around everybody like these traffickers have very creative proposals and if I had been more naive or failed to ask the right questions who knows what might’ve happened

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Hey there, bless your blog <3 shit happened to my tumblr account and I had to create a new one while previous got deleted. Hopefully your url was written in my heart and here I am now asking for help. I'm struggling to find artists that post (pr posted) Otayuri comics as well as any other artists because I started following them ages ago and now I cannot recall their urls and my dash is dead :c Maybe you could link your favorite Otayuri blogs? Pleeease

HEY THERE MY DEAR ANON!!!!!! ;///7///; <333333333333 

WAHHHHHHHHH, I’m so sorry to hear that…!!! ;-; *hugs you super tight* 

That is so freaking sweet tho??? I’m so honored you remembered me of all ppl >///u///< OMG, I’D LOVE TO HELP YOU!!!!! 8DDDDDDDD Lemme see, lemme see, I want to make sure I don’t miss anyone… I would write a paragraph about each person but I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from ranting forever so I’m just gonna… not even gonna go there hehe… :’D


Favorite Otayuri blogs (mostly Otayuri blogs anyway haha):































@ hawberries (way too intimidated to @ mention *sweats nervously*)

I hope I’m not missing anyone??? Feel free to reply to this if you’re a blog who mainly posts Otayuri so I can follow you HUEHUE 8D

Hope this helped my dear anon!!!! ^7^b <3333333333333

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Are the requests for Zen still open ? If they are could you do a scenario about how Zen would react to finding some of MC's old sketchbooks maybe ? And he didn't even know that MC could draw but when he asks MC about it she just tells him that she's given up on art years ago because she thought her art to simply not be good enough ?

- he spends ages looking through all the sketchbooks

- he’s not very good at drawing and that kind of art, so he’s in awe at your skill

- he’s confused though because he doesn’t remember seeing you draw a lot

- these sketchbooks are clearly yours though, you wrote your name in the covers and signed a lot of the drawings

- he asks you about it at dinner

- you stutter, surprised that he found your sketchbooks but also that he asked why you don’t draw around him

- after a second, you say that you don’t draw as much at all, not just around him

- he asks why

- “Well, I’m just not that good-”

- “But you’re amazing!” he interrupts loudly

- after a second he goes on to explain that he’s never been good at drawing and your art is so much better than anything he could possibly do and amazing compared to most of the art he’s seen

- he finishes by saying that if you love something, don’t stop because you don’t think you’re good, just keep doing it and being happy

- if you do start drawing again he gets so excited

- offers to pose nude all the time

- compliments your art constantly

Welcome Present | Namjoon, You

Photo Cred: adelio

Scenario based off this prompt by @otpprompts

Sometimes love matters more than comfort

Namjoon lugged his last box into his new apartment, sighing as he finally put it on the counter. Looking around his living room, he slapped his hands together, wiping off the dust.

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Ur natsume fics are so ??? Cute and pure??? And I feel like they really capture the essence of natsyuu, the message of friendship and family that's at its heart!! I hope you write more :o just nishimura and kita protecting this soft boy and getting him to come out of his shell (being amazed at sarky natsume) Aaa I just love ur stuff so much

haha you said kita and my brain saw katsumi my bad mY BAD


Katsumi is used to being popular with girls. So when he introduces himself to the bright-eyed brunette by the school gate, he’s entirely unprepared for the way her face goes cold and closed. 

It’s something like a window slamming shut bare inches away from prone fingertips, and Katsumi very barely manages not to take a step back in face of the very immediate dislike.

“I, um,” he flounders, then rallies with what he hopes is a charming smile. “I’m here to see Natsume? Uh, Natsume Takashi?”

The girl stands in front of him with narrow eyes in an otherwise friendly face, arms folded, like some kind of security guard. When she turns away, its only to ask her curly-haired companion to please go and get someone called Nishimura. 

But I asked for Natsume, Katsumi protests inwardly, without the nerve to say it out loud. This town is so backwards

A bright, eager voice fills the school grounds whole moments before its owner comes into view. “Taki? What’s up? Tsuji said you wanted to see – You!”

Katsumi is already wincing into the abrupt silence when Nishimura draws up short. He recognizes Nishimura from that first time he came to see Natsume here what feels like ages ago. He remembers the heated way Nishimura sprang to Natsume’s defense the second their conversation took a cold turn. The glaring girl seems to be a mutual friend. 


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I can't seem to ever stay focused in class and as a result my grades have been falling! What do I do?!?

Hi! These are a few things you could try to improve your focus! Discipline yourself each time is going to improve your overall concentration but don’t expect things to change overnight. It might take your a few weeks to really learn how you can focus.

  • make a commitment to yourself - write down a goal of try to stay focused for more than you usually would in one period of time. By externalising your goal, you’ll be more likely to want to complete it. If you manage, reward yourself! If you fail, you’ll have let down yourself and probably feel bad about it. Whilst feeling bad about it isn’t awesome, it’s a good way to motivate yourself to try again next time.
  • don’t bring your laptop unless your need it - I think everyone is tempted to go on random sites, do random stuff, just generally zone out if their laptop is in front of them. I am no different haha! Unless you absolutely need it, it might be worth trying writing your notes. If you do need a laptop, try sites like StayFocusd, FocalFilter and RescueTime. You could even add parental controls between school hours.
  • put your phone away - again, it’s tempting to look at it! Put it in your bag so you can’t just pick it up whenever you’re bored. Or use Forest or FocusNow apps to gamify your time management and help you stop checking your phone!
  • sit closer to the front - it might just force you to pay a little closer attention if the teacher is close by.
  • be strategic with your seating - if you get distracted by your friends, maybe move away. It can be a little awkward but if you tell them nicely “I’m just going to sit here because I’m constantly talking to you and really don’t understand this!” then hopefully they’ll understand. Something I’ve found works well in the past is sitting with someone who is a friend but not a close friend. If you’ve talked before or are close acquaintances you’ll still want to talk with them but you’re not going to be distracted as you would be with your bestie. Since you’re going to try talking, it will generally be about the work and therefore you actually take in a lot more because you’re analysing it and taking it in. I was sat next to a guy in maths that I knew but wasn’t close with and we got so much done. It was honestly the best seating arrangement I’d ever had for a maths class. 
  • be prepared beforehand - try to get ahead of class by checking out any materials that will be coming up. Perhaps read the textbook, scroll through any powerpoints, check out the worksheets. If you’ve got an understanding, it might be more interesting to you and therefore you become more engaged. This can also mean you end up only taking the most relevant notes!
  • drink more water - I remember a study ages ago that measured focus/concentration of students who were drinking water vs coke. It showed that the water was so much better at keeping them engaged. 
  • be active (even if it’s just in your mind) - write down any questions you have or answers to rhetorical questions your teachers mentions. If you’re confident enough to answer or ask questions, go ahead!
  • record and review the class - this could be useful for times when you’ve zoned out completely and lost whatever the teacher is talking about it. If you’ve got a copy, you can review it later. Microsoft OneNote has a great recording feature.
  • have a brain dump sticky note/page/laptop note - if you’re getting distracted by your own thoughts/to-dos, write them down. That way they’re out of your brain and on a piece of paper for future reference. You won’t have that “I need to remember this” feeling since you’ll have externalised what you’ve got to do in the future.
  • have a procrastination sticky note/page/laptop note - similar concept to the above but instead, write down everything that distracts you. (e.g. your friend, a Facebook notification, the window.) You’ll be able to review it after and work to remove them and then get your mind back to focusing.
  • finally, don’t multitask - yes it is so tempting but it’s going to ruin your ability to focus on the actual class. Josh Kaufman says that with multitasking, you’re basically asking your brain to bring whatever you’re doing into working memory. By multitasking, you’re making your brain load and reload contexts over and over. Diverting your attention over and over is just going to tire out your brain and therefore, equal a loss of focus. 

I hope this helps! Good luck with your class! x

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hey idk if this is weird or not but i always associate u and ur blog with like this jacket project thing u did ages ago where u asked people to send u patches to sew onto a jacket and i was wondering the other day if u ever finished it?

Ah, you remember my art punk jacket project! The jacket is still unfinished, as I realized the jacket’s material wasn’t good for studs. All of them just dropped off in a use. I can’t use it after all so the jacket is like half-done. 

Here it how it looks now. I’ve been wearing this during warm seasons and it was with me when I was in London and Berlin a few summers ago.

I’ve been looking for a good leather jacket to transfer the patches and studs into, but so far I haven’t found anything perfect yet. I currently live rather far away from the closest second hand shop (when I started the project I lived in a different part of this city and one of the city’s best second hand shops was just close by my home). Because of that I haven’t really been able to look for a good leather jacket. 

I have some leather jackets already but none of them really fits the art project as I’d like it to haha.

I need more patches for this… People send me so many pins and badges I couldn’t fit them all here.

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I sent an ask ages ago, but goddamn Tumblr must've eaten it! The headcanons you did for s/o during pregnancy and birth (I remember one with 76) could you do one with Jamison, Roadie and McCree, pretty please?

((Ah if you’re talking about the pregnancy support one, I did do Soldier and McCree! If you wanted the finding out in pregnancy and the baby being there, please just send me another ask and I’ll do that one too!))


“Jamie…Jamie …Jamie please stop moving so much.”

The Junker’s eyes were frantic as they danced over you and the monitors that beeped and your face and then back to your stomach. His hands twitched and lightly grazed against you as he tried to figure out a way to help you. Destruction was his expertise, blowing through anything that got in his way, obliterating anyone that dared to try and stop him. But birth was almost the exact opposite of what he was used to; it was brand new life and delicate and soft. He really had been reading all the material and going to the birthing classes but seeing you in pain drove him absolutely insane. You whined pitifully as another contraction hit you, this one snapping at your lower back nastily and making you grimace and flinch. 

His citrine orbs quickly snapped up to look at you, the fidgety man quickly moving closer to you and the head of the bed as your face twisted into a frown of pain. He laced his right hand with your, his other hand lifting shakily, unsure before he touched your face gently. A flicker of a smile touched your lips before he dipped his forehead to yours, eyes still locked on you. 

“Sorry darl, just…excited it all. Y’alroight? Should I get a nurse? Squeeze me hand if you need ta beautiful. You got this, yeah? I know ya do. Just breathe in and out like Hoggy does when he’s been chasing after me.”

You gave a soft snort of laughter between pain, the rolling of the contraction ebbing away bit by bit as Jamie rambled on and on for you. His voice gave you something to concentrate on, his touch solid and sweet and nervous but appreciated. 


“Breathe Y/N. Relax your shoulders.”

Mako’s large hands rested on your shoulder, lightly running his hand over them and lightly kneading at your arms. You listened to his advice, slowly releasing the breath you had been holding, humming low in your throat as his large fingers began to massage at your back. He chased the worst of the pain away with each wave you were feeling, his calm, quiet presence appreciated. You sat cross legged between his legs, your round pregnant belly pressing lightly against his tattooed one. This is the stance you had been in for the last several hours, Mako’s large hands massaging almond and coconut oil into your tense back and legs and feet and arms. Every contraction that overwhelmed you, his hands smoothed over your skin to coax you through them. 

You leaned forward, your head lightly resting against Mako’s stomach as the pain slowly waned away. Your breath shuddered slightly, fingers and toes curling slightly as you fought off the last vestiges of the ache in your spine. You shivered slightly as Mako’s hand smoothed over your hair, slowly drifting down and rubbing in slow circles across the entirety of your back. Haputanga is what he told you this was when had first started at the very beginning of your pregnancy; a Maori tradition to soothe and protect the mother and baby. Every move he made was tender, relaxed, filled with love and affection and a hint of anxiousness for you and the child you carried inside. His hands slowly moved to your sides, resting against the swell of your belly before you hand laid over his, drawing a softly grunt of curiosity from the man.

“Thank you”, you murmured softly, lifting your head to look him in the eyes and giving him a small sweet and tired smile. Maskless, there was no shiled from the myriad of emotions that filled his stormy gray eyes, his gaze going soft as he grabbed one of your hands and pressed it to his lips. 



I’m nipping under the wire with a small offering for River/Doctor day :)

“I don’t see why we couldn’t have just used the Tardis,” the Doctor complained, angrily flipping his hair out of his eyes. “We could have gone to the height of Artatraxil’s golden age, if you’re so curious about it. I took Amy there once, as a matter of fact. Why do we have to dig?”

At a different time—perhaps even earlier that day—River might have waxed eloquent regarding the value of hard work, the thrill of discovery, the need for grounding and permanence, and so on. Now, she just shot him a glare. “I seem to remember you asking that five minutes ago. You—” she poked him in the chest—"need to be more patient, sweetie. Maybe this will teach you.“

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Remember that thing I started ages ago in @homemadesterekpie’s ask and promised well over a month ago would be updated in two weeks?


Anyway here’s a 24k update of wildly indulgent feelings and fluff and a lil sex and a lot of histrionic metaphor in the name of love, posted three weeks late because I am a garbage person.

Part One l Ao3

Float Until You Learn to Swim // Part Two

Derek never meant to end up in D.C. Had never even been, before he moved. It was just something that happened, that he decided not to fight, for the first time in his life.

He spent those first few months after leaving on the road, going from sight to sight with Cora. Trying to relearn how to be a big brother, remember how to be something other than a soldier.

They didn’t say much, in the beginning. The car was mostly quiet, just a gentle hum of the tires on the road and the rush of the breeze through an open window.  Occasionally, Cora would look up from her phone, scrolling through Pinterest lists of road-trip recommendations to suggest a destination. Derek would grunt his assent and enter it in the GPS, driving until the sun set.

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Eternal: Prologue

Originally posted by b-witched

Genre: Vampire!AU series with the whole package of eventual fluff, angst and smut!

Summary: At the age of 8, defenseless and powerless, you watched, hidden within a closet as the silver-haired woman in red drapes whose eyes glowed bright red as she stole the life of your parents. Disappearing without a trace or clue, you promised to avenge your parents and train to become the strongest vampire hunter who would make sure to protect and fight for her loved ones at all costs…even if those loved ones are vampires themselves. 

Word Count: 2483

Written by: Smuttyfairy

A/N: So here’s another au/series I started that I may or may not finish or write consistently for (although I will definitely try to for this one because I actually thought of a full plot, beginning to end and I will also put the other two AUs on hold)! All members of BTS will be mentioned here, with a special appearance of Monsta X’s Wonho. I also may or may not have just written this more for myself and have really taken some time to think deeply about whether I wanted to include the title “noona” in it or not because that’s who I am to maknae line BUT for the sake of all the readers who read this I decided it would be best to keep it relatable! ^_^

Parts: ProloguePart 1 (M) | Part 1.5 (M) (soon) |

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I Missed You Too, Mom

Request: Dick & Batmom fluff


A/N: Figured after Happily Ever Afters, this will make your heart tingle with even more feels!


Dick Grayson was missed by you, Alfred, and even Bruce. No matter how tough and emotionless your husband acted every time the name of your son was brought up, you knew that he yearned for Dick’s presence just as much as you did.

It’s been over a year since the fight between the two, a whole year since you’ve last spoken to him.

You heard he was living in Blüdhaven now, patrolling and protecting the people of that city with a new mantle: Nightwing.

You’ve seen pictures of him, of course. You had to keep track of your son somehow, and you can honestly say that blue suits him much better in his adulthood than red, yellow, and black.

But you miss the days when he was that innocent eight-year-old boy you had the privilege of meeting at the circus prior to his biological parents’ demise. You miss the sound of his laughter as he played basketball outside with Wally. And you especially missed hugging him close to you as you read him his favorite bedtime story.

“How do you think Dick’s doing, Alfred?” You asked the butler—more like surrogate father-in-law—one day as you sat on the couch, reading the newspaper while the elder man dusted the shelves and whatnot.

Alfred paused his dusting at your question “I would not know, Mrs. Wayne.”

Sighing, you flipped through the pages of the Gotham Gazette, “I just hate how I don’t even know my own son anymore.”

“That is incorrect, my dear girl.” Alfred said, shaking his head as he continued with his daily chores. “We may not have seen Master Dick in quite a while, but it doesn’t mean we don’t know him as well as we used to. His maturity is incapable of changing like his height, as you know.”

You chuckle at his response. “All I want to know is whether or not he’s mentally and physically okay. Go get coffee with him or something and discuss random topics like we use to.”

“Then, may I ask, why don’t you?” Alfred questioned.

“Do you remember the night he stopped being Robin?” You asked, “He was absolutely furious with me for not speaking up on his behalf.”

“That was ages ago, he can never hold a grudge for longer than a week. Besides, he didn’t mean it, Mrs Wayne. He was just angry at Master Bruce.” Alfred said, dismissing your point. “Would you like for me to suggest a solution to your problem?”

You looked up from the newspaper and smiled at him, “That would be amazing, Alfred.”

The butler sets down the duster and glanced your way. He opened his mouth and simply said, “Talk to him.”


You cursed the bipolar fall weather as you stood outside Dick’s apartment door. It was a cold and windy November evening and the lone coat covering your long-sleeved shirt and leggings was not enough to keep you warm.

At that moment, knocking on the door and marching inside didn’t seem like a bad idea.


Your head snapped towards the direction of the voice and your eyes immediately met the starling blue of Dick Grayson’s. He was wearing a Gotham Guardsman hoodie with grey sweatpants and a pair of Nikes. In his arms was a paper grocery bag.

“Dick,” You spoke, smiling while shivering slightly. It was good to know he knew how to operate at a grocery store.

Seeing as he was trained by the greatest detective in the world, Dick caught the instinctive movement and quickly made his way over to the door and unlocked it.

He ushered you inside and slammed the door shut before setting the groceries on a nearby counter.

“What are you doing here so late? You know it’s not safe for you to do that, especially in Blüdhaven. And also why are you wearing a coat that literally screams ‘mug me’.” Dick exclaimed, worriedly.

As the heat of his apartment slowly warmed you up, you placed your purse beside the paper bag and just simply looked at him, not even bothering to answer any of his questions.

“Mom, are you okay?” Dick asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

You released a breathy laugh, “Funny. I was going to ask you the exact same thing.”

“What do you—”

Before he could even finish asking you what you’d meant, you already had your arms wrapped around him, successfully pulling him into a tight hug.

There was a brief moment of stillness, signaling that he didn’t expect the sudden embrace. He soon leaned down with a soft smile to return the hug to the woman who had practically raised him to be the man he was today.

“I missed you too, mom.”

Part one of my contribution to tonight’s Coran Week theme. Whether it’s fully poly or a shared relationship is up in the air (for reasons I can’t say without spoiling). Part two here.

“-ran? Coran!”

His head was throbbing when he cracked one eye open. But rather than searing pain he had been expecting, he felt… soft?

Coran weakly raised his head and found himself in what seemed to be a copse of some sort of flower vines. Bluish pollen dust coated his clothes and hair, and when he stirred more up trying to push himself up onto his knees, he sneezed.

Above him, laughter filtered through the noises of the birds in the trees.

He froze.

He hadn’t heard that laugh in-

A hand appeared in his field of vision to help him up, and he stared at it dumbly for several seconds before looking up.

“Are you just going to sit there in the lillika knots forever?”

She had more of the pale pink streaks that had sprouted in her hair after Allura had been born, and the markings under her eyes had evolved with age, changing shape slightly to something even more exotic. But… but it was her.

Even though it couldn’t be her.

“Illyere?” Coran asked, voice weak and barely audible even to his own ears. “How are you here?”

The vision in front of him arched an eyebrow, mouth quirking slightly in an expression he still knew so well. “We all got here with Yellow nine cycles ago dear; are you alright?”

Yellow? The Yellow Lion? Feeling sick with confusion, Coran raked a hand through his hair, trying to make sense of his thoughts. He remembered a maze of caves - the Paladins - Allura - a mission - … what had…

Illyere touched his shoulder with an expression of concern and, almost on reflex, he yanked her down, wrapping her in a fierce hug as he buried his face in her shoulder. “Illyere… am I dead? Is that where we are?”

“You’re starting to worry me, Coran,” she said, gently pushing him back to check his eyes. “Did you fall? Were there any pichal spores in the flowers?” She took off her gloves and cupped his chin in her hands, and he thought he might cry at the familiar prick of her sharp little claws. “You don’t feel feverish-”

“No,” he rasped. “I don’t- it was… just a nightmare, I think. It was just a nightmare.”

“All the same, might be best if you rest a bit and don’t go exploring again for awhile. Come on.” She stood, dusting pollen from her skirts and offered a hand again. “I’m sure Allura’s played herself into an appetite by now.”

He swallowed, still feeling strange and confused and kind of dizzy, but let her pull him up and link their arms together and they headed off, presumably back down the path she’d come to find him. A blur of bright green flashed past his vision, and he turned his head to see an Emerald Tirpaeki Bird land on a nearby branch, fluffing out its four wings at them in a threat display. “Arus? We’re back on Arus?”

“Oh, are you starting to get your bearings back?

Except… he was sure Tirpaeki of all colors were extinct now, weren’t they? The updated computer sweeps on Arus had said so. They had died out when…

When the…

“Aipa! Mama, you found him!”

The dizzy feeling washed back over him in force, making his legs buckle as Allura, looking barely as old as when she’d first begun her training, ran out from under an archway, a hard light miniature holo of Yellow on her heels.

Aipa… Second Father… What was going on…?

“Allura, sweetbug, go get your papa, would you? Aipa Coran came across something on his walkabout that left him not feeling well,” Illyere said, her hold on him subtly tightening to keep him on his feet.

The little princess -his little princess?- gave him a look of worried confusion, but nodded and vanished around a corner, and Illyere pulled him over to sit on a large chunk of stone.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” he mumbled weakly.

“What’s the matter, old man? You get attacked by marchak venom?” The question was joking, but the concern was real, and as another pair of hands -strong, warm, familiar hands that couldn’t be there- settled on his shoulders to hold him steady, it seemed like his mind was falling apart for a moment.


“I’m here. We’re all here. We’ve got you. Yellow, run a diagnostic on him, would you?”

The holo rumbled an affirmative, and Coran watched her as she sprouted several little screens, all of them directed at him. He did remember this protocol from medics, and let Illyere take off his left glove for a tiny blood sample.

“Looks like we were both off, darling,” Illyere said, reading the results screen. “It’s not pichal or marchak. A vikapal must have bitten him in his sleep.”

“Damn. Nothing to do for that but let it work its way out of the system. Sorry, old man. Looks like you’re going to be feeling rotten for awhile.”

“No, no, my own damn fault,” Coran said with a weak little laugh, relief washing through him sickly. The nightmares, the confusion, the memory dazes, it all made sense now. “Should have paid better attention to where I was going.”

“Does that mean we have to go home?” Allura asked, peeking over the rock he was resting on.

“After all the work it took to get us all a day off? Not a chance, dolly,” Alfor replied, ruffling her hair affectionately. “We’ll just have to change plans a bit.”

Infinity (Pietro x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted a fic in a while, I went back to school and getting back into the groove of things has been crazy. I start midterms in a few weeks, so I won’t be active too much, maybe popping in here and there on study breaks. Anyways, I was going through some old stories and I found one I think you guys will like. As always, feedback would be much appreciated. Enjoy! :)

Summary: Three years after The Battle of Sokovia, the Avengers are back in the small country evacuating the people. When Pietro goes to into a building to rescue someone, he sees it’s someone who he never thought he’d see again.

Other Characters: Wanda and Clint

Warnings: Argument, angst/sadness

Word Count: 1K+

Originally posted by agetrortega

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Sharing something personal

This letter is from family I have in Melbourne, Australia. For those that question the truth about trans people, here is a beautiful story about a little boy who thankfully has a compassionate, loving family to support him. I’m so damn proud of my extended family.


You will probably remember, some five and a half years ago, we celebrated the birth of our beautiful grand-daughter Ivy. We watched the little tomboy grow up, always preferring to wear her big brother Archie’s hand-me-downs then the prettiest dresses her parents and grandparents bought for her. She preferred to play with Archie’s train sets while her dolls lay in the corner.

At the age of three she asked her parents to get her beautiful, long hair cut short, “…just like Archie’s…” Mark and Jen tried to put off the silly little 3-year old by promising to do it on her fifth birthday. Over the next few months she told her parents “…when I was in my mummy’s tummy I was a boy, but when I was born something wrong happened and I became a girl…” In the Jewish kindergarten she attended, on the Friday afternoon play-Shabbat she insisted on playing abba (the father) and refused to be ima (mother). She started referring to herself as Jake, and later Jacob – we still do not know where those names came from, possibly her favourite TV character.

Mark and Jen, perplexed, went from one child psychologist to another, from one support group to another. There is a specialist group within the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital to investigate, support and advice on cases of transgender manifestations in very young children. Their conclusion was very definite – Ivy is a strong, intelligent and determined little boy in a girl’s body. They also said that in the case of children of such strong determination at such a young age there is less than five percent chance of the child will ever “revert” to their birth gender.

So what now? As promised, Jake had a short “boy” haircut at the age of five. He asked for all his girl clothes to be taken out of the cupboard, is excited about his new middle name Jeremy (after big zaida Yura, Jeremiah). He wanted his original name Ivy to be given to a little girl that has not got a name. While we went through a period of mourning for our little grand-daughter we saw a great little self-assured, confident, competitive boy bloom in front of our eyes. Our whole family formed the strongest ring of love, admiration and protection for Jay Jay (Jacob Jeremy), Archie and their parents.

Calling My Name Part 1- A Peter Pan and Killian Jones One-Shot

Title: Calling My Name
Request: Could you do a Peter x reader but the reader is killians daughter and Pan watches her grow up and slowly begins to fall in love with her, she has a special gift that would soon one day…
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader x Peter Pan
AN: I decided to make this 2 parts, since I want to put a lot of details into so it’s not to rushed. Hope you don’t mind! Part 2 will be up Monday.

“Come on little one, time to go explore the island.” Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones said, picking up his 4 year old daughter and putting her on his shoulders.
“Will we find pretty stuffs?” Y/N exclaimed.
“Aye, I’m sure we will love.” Killian responded.
Y/N giggled, and set her chin on her father’s head.
They walked above deck, the sight of a strange island in front of them.
“Welcome to Neverland, my little Y/N.” Killian said.
“Yay!” Y/N exclaimed.
“Don’t be top excited, this place is dangerous. The boy that runs it is mean, and you don’t need to talk to him. We are just here to look for some food, them we’ll leave.” Killian said.
“Ok daddy.” Y/N responded quietly, holding onto her father tightly.
The island was amazing to Y/N, even though she was very young the island resonated with her.
She wanted to know all about it, all about the people living on it too.
Killian, Y/N, and his crew found their way to the base camp on the island.
“Hook!” Peter Pan, the leader of the island, exclaimed.
“Pan.” Killian responded.
“Hi!” Y/N exclaimed.
Peter smiled at her, “Hi little one. I’m Peter.”
“I’m Y/N. This is a cool place!” Y/N responded.
“Y/N, shh.” Killian said.
“Sorry.” Y/N giggled.
After a few minutes of talking, Peter gave the crew food and they all left.
“I want to go back.” Y/N begged her father.
“No, love, sorry.” he responded.

Years later, Killian, Y/N, and the crew returned to Neverland.
Y/N was now 10.
She had really learned to fend for herself, she was a sight to see.
Beautiful, strong, brave, she was the perfect daughter her father wanted.
“I remember this place.” Y/N said as she got off the ship behind her father.
“Then you remember it’s dangerous? Don’t wander off, don’t talk to anyone.” Killian responded.
“Alright.” Y/N responded.
They once again went to Peter Pan’s base camp, like years before.
“Peter, supplies if you would.” Killian said, obviously in a hurry.
“Of course.” Peter responded.
He looked at the crew, then to Y/N, “Y/N?”
“Hiya Peter.” Y/N smiled.
“You’re not the little girl from years ago.” Peter added.
“Well unlike you, I age.” Y/N laughed.
Killian was glaring at his daughter.
“What?” Y/N asked him.
Killian looked away quickly, grabbing the food Peter handed him.
“Let’s go.” Killian said.
They all quickly walked back to the ship.
“God, I love this place for some reason.” Y/N said, “It’s like it’s calling my name.”
Peter, back at his camp, had his mind stuck on Y/N, “She’s beautiful, young for me, but still. It’s like every time I see her, my heart is calling out my name.”





Edmund x Reader: Not Going To Be Easy

Anon asked: Could you do one taking place in VODT where Edmund is basically jealous of Caspian bc he sees Cas & the reader talking & laughing although neither Caspian or the reader are interested in each other & in the scene where Ed finds the treasure it’s really bc he wants to impress the reader & when Caspian and him start fighting Ed acts like he just wants power and a kingdom when it’s bc of his feelings for the reader & when the crew camps at the island at night there’s fluff between Ed & the reader?

So sorry I took so long! Besides being incredibly sick it took me forever to get my hands on this movie to rewatch what I forgot what happened.

Also in this Caspian never showed any feeling for Susan, since it would get in the way of Edmund thing they liked each other. All but the follow the events of the film since I haven’t been able to read the book again.

-During the Voyage of the Dawn Treader-

Edmund was thrilled to be back in Narnia. He was glad to be back where he wasn’t treated like a kid like he was back in England. He remembered that before he, Lucy, and (Y/N) had gone to get groceries for his uncle. (Y/N) had gladly gone with them. He had tried to enlist into the war to help, but couldn’t since he was underage.

Lucy and (Y/N) smirked once he came out grumbling. He kept rambling about how he has fought wars and lead armies.

“Not in this world,” (Y/N) told him.

(Y/N) was very well educated on Narnia since she had luckily been sent to the Professor’s house with the Pevensies during the aerial bombings. She was also there last year when they returned to help out Prince Caspian overthrow his uncle. She was Queen (Y/N) the Loyal. She remembered clearly her crowing alongside the Pevensies in what seems like so long ago.

“To the brilliant shining stars, Queen (Y/N) the loyal.” Crowned after Lucy and before Edmund. She and Edmund had nearly gotten together but then they came back to England and those feeling seemed strange at the age they returned to. Both were the same age actually.

(Y/N) had realized she had drifted off in her memories until she heard Edmund ask Lucy, “What are you doing?”

Lucy seemed to snap out in wherever she was and told him they should head back.

“Are you coming (Y/N)?” Lucy asked her. (Y/N) nodded and smiled.

Now they were back in Narnia and abroad the Dawn Treader as Caspian told them.

He would’ve been ecstatic and overjoyed, but something came into his mind instead. Jealousy. They had been lead to Caspian’s office as he showed them there was peace all over Narnia for three years since they’ve gone.

“And in those years have you found yourself a Queen?” Lucy asked him.

Caspian chuckled and shook his head. “No, I haven’t.” He smiled at them and inconveniently stopped his gaze on (Y/N) which made Edmund a bit suspicious.

If only that had been the only thing that had happened to trigger his jealousy. Yes, after they first got back from Narnia his feeling for (Y/N) had diminished, but after the time had passed he seemed to rekindle those feeling for her.

Whenever he would see (Y/N) and Caspian talking and laughing an unsettling feeling in his stomach would surface. He couldn’t get past his jealousy to realize they didn’t like each other at all. They had just become good friends the last time they were here and great friends now. They saw each other like as if they were the siblings they never had.

Edmund sat by himself on the ground. They had decided to dock on an island for the night. (Y/N) got up from where she sat with Lucy and Gael.

“Hey Ed!” she smiled as she sat beside him.


(Y/N) frowned. “You seem off. Is anything wrong?”

“Fine. Why do you ask?” he told her rather harshly. (Y/N) looked hurt and looked down. Edmund sighed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

“It’s okay. I get it. It’s been rather exhausting. Just being on a ship and islands.”

“Yeah, that’s it” Edmund mumbled even though that wasn’t the reason he was upset.

Just seeing them together would rattle him up inside. In the morning when she and Lucy were captured by some creatures with huge feet he had gone hysterical. Both his sister and (Y/N) were gone. He had been so relieved when they found him. He however became again very jealous as Capsian hugged her when they were found.

Edmund then would try to impress (Y/N) every chance he got. Except one of those times had gone to far. The four of them had found an enhanced pond that turned things to gold. Edmund had saw this as an opportunity to impress (Y/N), but he couldn’t do it so obviously since Lucy and Caspian were there too. So he devised a plan to do so.

He retrieved the sword and handed it to Caspian.

“He mustn’t have known what hit him,” Lucy told them referring to the lord in the water.

“Maybe,” Edmund said, “Or maybe he was on to something.”

“What are you talking about?” (Y/N) asked him.

The three watched as Edmund bent down beside the pool of water and got a shell and dipped in into the water. He quickly took it out and placed it on the ground as it turned completely into gold. He picked it up and stared at intenty as his plan hit him.

“What are you staring at?” Lucy asked him.

“Whoever has access to this to this pool, could be the most powerful person in the world.” Edmund told them. They all looked at each other puzzlingly.

“We could be so rich. No one could tell us what to do or who to live with.” he said as he looked at Lucy and (Y/N), but mainly the latter. “We could be treated like the king and queens we are,” he stared intently at (Y/N) as he spoke.

“You can’t take anything out of Narnia Edmund,” Caspian said.

“Says who?”

“I do.”

Edmund stood up and stared at Caspian. “I am not your subject.”

“You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you, to challenge me? You doubt my leadership!” Caspian told Edmund.

“You doubt yourself,” Edmund snarled.

“You’re a child!”

“And you’re a spineless sap!”

“Edmund-” Lucy tried to grab him and stop him but he pushed her away.

“I’m tired of playing second fidle. First it was Peter and now it’s you. You know I’m braver than both of you. And why did you get Peter’s sword? I deserve a kingdom of my own! I deserve to rule!” All Edmund wanted was to impress (Y/N) but he wasn’t realizing the look of confusion and disappointment she was giving both him and Caspian. They were letting the evil mist consume them.

“If you think you’re so brave-prove it!” Casian challenged him. Both he and Edmund had drawn out their swords ready to fight.

Before they could clash swords, both Lucy and (Y/N) rushed in between them.

“No. Stop it! Both of you!” (Y/N) yelled. Edmund’s eyes softened at she glared at him and Caspian.

Lucy the spoke, “Look at yourselves. Can’t you see what’s happening? This place has tempted you. It’s bewitching you. This is exactly what Coriakin was talking about. Let’s just get out of here.”

Lucy stormed out of the cave. Caspian followed after her. (Y/N) looked disappointedly at Edmund and followed them.

Edmund frowned. His plan hadn’t worked and now he had caused this unnecessary problem. Even though he was trying to impress (Y/N), he couldn’t help but the things he said weren’t a total lie. To make himself feel even more terrible he had learned his cousin had been obliviated, but luckily wasn’t and just turned into a dragon.
That night as they camped on the island he looked up the stars. (Y/N) layed beside him copying his actions.

“To the brilliant shining stars, Queen (Y/N),” Edmund murmured as he fixed his gaze on (Y/N). “You’re not mad anymore?”

She turned her head to look at him and frowned. “No. At least not as much as I was. And I was upset not angry,” she told him. She turned back to look at the stars. “And you forgot something.”


“Queen (Y/N) the loyal.” She hummed. “You can’t get rid of me even if you tried. I’ll always be here for you Edmund.”

“I know.”

She turned her head to look at him again. She was now smirking. “I don’t think you do.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m not as oblivious as you think, Ed. I know you haven’t been off because of our surroundings.” She was glad they were far enough from the others not to be heard. “Now I’m not going to say why because I want you to tell me yourself.”

Edmund knew exactly that she knew he was jealous, but she had always been way too nice to him to tease him about it.

“Just don’t take a long as you did the first time because after you finally admitted it to me, we went back to being kids,” she smirked. Guess she wasn’t as nice to him as he thought.

He couldn’t help but smile. “If that’s the case then why do I have to admit it if you already know?”

She rolled her eyes. “Because I can’t let you go off that easily. I’m telling you Edmund, I’m extremely loyal. I don’t like Caspian and I would never because I’m loyal to you.”

“Prove it,” he challenged her with a smile as he leaned forward.

She giggled and backed her face away. “I may be loyal to you but like I said, I’m not going to make it easy for you.”

“Fine,” he smiled. He looked down at her hand and held it. He looked up at her and smiled. “Is this okay, at least?”

“It’s perfect,” she smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Edmund definitely knew she wasn’t going to make this easy for him, but that wasn’t going to stop him from treating her like the true Queen she is.