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I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

do you ever just think that one of the reasons Lance “hates” Keith so much is because he and Shiro were likely friends in the garrison and he was jealous that he wasn’t as close to his idol, whereas Keith was

Going off of this post, even if bitty’s parent’s weren’t homophobic (which I think they are), it’s really hard to come out even if you know you’re going to be supported. Like even if you know your family is cool you start thinking of the smallest ways that they could reject you and it’s terrifying. Like I have a lesbian grandma that is accepted and loved in my family and I was still scared. People need to lay off bitty for being scared of rejection, because he obviously isn’t in a safe environment (and even if he was it’s normal to be scared shitless). 

I’m sensing a pattern here.

GX ended on a strong note, so there was a lot of hope and excitement for 5Ds.

5Ds didn’t end too strongly; that, combined with other factors (Yuma’s age, initial lack of maturity) made folks wary of Zexal.

Zexal (from what I’ve heard) had a great second half and ending, so the hype was real as fuck for Arc V.

And because it looks like Arc V will have an okay ending at best, people are only… cautiously optimistic about Vrains.

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I can't find an KOBB Fics, do you know any good ones? Btw, your art is amazing! Especially the KOBB art!

That’s cause there hardly is any, welcome to suffer with me. No but really there is some really nice ones. Just go to like Ao3 but here’s some of ‘em i really like
First (nsfw kinda, also they’re based on my humanformers design), Second (nsfw) , Third, Fourth
Also thank you, that’s really nice of you!


he hasn’t gotten one yet, but the idea is tempting. whatever he gets, it wouldn’t be large or distracting. just something small to keep his favorite memories / people around and close to him. 

he would get the nakama mark on his arm without question. because even though she’s far away, vivi is still a straw hat to him.

but he would definitely get something to represent his partner. something that is a symbol of theirs, or something for the both of them. it would be small, too, but somewhere he can easily see it and get that little rush of happiness when he sees it.

Quick heads up

Hey everyone. I am back from ISFiT and feeling completely exhausted and totally overwhelmed. These were hands down the best 10 days of my life and I will be processing them for a while. I will write a longer and more thorough post about the festival soon, this is just to let you know I am safely back in Bulgaria and have had a blast in Norway.