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The Surprise Visit

Part Five (1,605 words)

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It hadn’t taken long for Cas and Bobby to find your house and for everyone to settle around the dining table, enjoying the meal you and Sam had created. To your left, Dean sat with Mary completely ignoring his own plate as he helped Mary with hers in attempt to make less mess. He was hilariously failing at that. Bobby sat directly opposite you, devouring his meal. Every now and then a small groan of happiness escaped his lips making you wonder how it had been since someone had cooked him a good home made meal. Then finally to your right were Sam and Cas. Obviously being an angel Cas wasn’t eating, he was simply staring around, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. Sam on the other hand was picking at his plate, pleased that everyone was enjoying the food he had made. His eyes every so often flickering to Dean and Mary in front of him, a huge smile on his face at the sight. The group’s laughter floated around the house and you couldn’t help but sigh in complete bliss. When Bobby and Castiel had arrived Mary was just as excited to meet them as she had been with Sam and Dean. Her little eyes almost popped out of her head when Castiel had told her she could call him Uncle Cas if she wished, an offer she took up straight away, excited to have gained two Uncles that she could now play with not just one. Bobby had suggested the same, but Mary didn’t seem to like the idea of that. In her words, Bobby’s beard was too grey and he was too old to be an Uncle. After gaining a few laughs, Mary insisted that she call him Grampa Bobby, something she stuck by even after you explained that he definitely wasn’t her grandfather. Despite your protests, Mary continued to call him it and much to your surprise Bobby was fine to go along with it, stating that it would be his honour. If you were honest, the whole scene had made you cry causing the rest of the group to make fun of you.

After dinner was finished and everything was cleared away. Mary made everyone sit around the living room floor with her and participate in a tea party. She made sure everyone was included with their own individual plastic tea cups and pretend pieces of cake. You were pretty sure that the sight of four strong men sitting in a circle would have looked hilarious to outsiders. After an hour, it was eventually time for Mary’s bath, something Dean offered to help you with. He laughed happily alongside you as she slashed about in the water, bubbles flying everywhere as she successfully drenched both you.

When it was her bed time, Mary made sure that she said goodnight to everyone one, her little arms clinging around their necks as she hugged them. You were pleasantly surprised when you were about to read her a bed time story and she insisted Dean do it instead. You stayed to listen to him as he voiced the characters in different tones to make her laugh. It had only been a few hours, but you could tell Dean was going to be fantastic Dad. From the moment they’d met, Dean had been extremely good with her, something that had taken you back slightly. When the story was finished, you kissed her forehead good night and joined the others downstairs. However Dean stayed at her bedside, watching over her until she fell asleep.

When he eventually joined the rest of you, you automatically handed him a beer, already slipping back into old habits. It was then that the five of you really talked. You told them everything about your life since you’d come to town. You told them about Amelia and Millie and everything you could think of about Mary. In return they told you about everything that happened while you had been gone. Your heart was in throat when you learnt about the Leviathan’s and how everyone just about escaped with their lives despite the fact Bobby had been shot and Dean and Cas had been dragged to purgatory. You listened to the intense story of how they both eventually found their way out surprising with no help from Sam who chosen to stick to promise he had made with Dean. You wondered how you would have managed to cope if you had decided to stay with a hospitalised Bobby, a missing Cas and Dean and an awl Sam. Eventually the night came to an end when Bobby let out a loud yawn.

“Well I don’t know about you guys but I’m beat so maybe it’s time to head off.” He suggested, shifting the cap on his head.

“Did you guys find somewhere earlier?” Sam looked between the angel and the old hunter, not quite ready to leave yet.

“Well no, the places we tried were fully booked, but there’s some on the other side of town we could try?” Cas asked, remembering some of the motels they had passed when they first came into town.

“You could always stay here?” All four eyes snapped to you in surprise, but they all seemed grateful for the offer.

“You sure?” Dean smile was already big at the thought of getting to spend even more time with Mary. Even if you weren’t sure you could never say no to that.

“Yeah, Bobby can take the spare room next to Mary’s. Cas doesn’t sleep so he isn’t a problem. You can take the sofa and Sam can bunk with me.”

“How come Sam gets to bunk with you?” The question slipped from his lips before he really thought about how it sounded. A blush crept up on his cheeks as he realised it was way too late to take it back now.  

“Because I don’t think she wants to share with me son.” Bobby laughed, attempting to draw away from the awkwardness that had been created.

“Dean has a point, maybe you two should share you have things to talk about.” If looks could kill, you would have murdered Sam at the very moment.

“Sam!” You hadn’t expected him to be the one pushing this.

“Don’t look at me like that, you know it makes sense, you guys need privacy to make some big decisions.” No matter how much you wanted to fight it you knew he was right, you and Dean need this talk no matter how much you tried to put it off. Bobby patted each of the boys on the shoulder as he said goodnight, planting a kiss on your head before following your directions to the spare room. When Bobby had gone, Castiel explained that he would spend the night doing something more productive than simply waiting for everyone to wake up and disappeared within a blink of any eye. You made sure Sam had everything he would need to be comfortable for the night before making your way to your bedroom with Dean. Once the both of you change, you slipped between the sheets.

“So.” The single word that had come from your mouth made things even more awkward, not that you thought that was possible. You never imagine in a million years that you would be sharing your bed with Dean Winchester again.

“We have to talk about what’s going to happen when I leave here.” Dean cut straight to the point, he didn’t want to dance around the fact that he would only be here for a few days before leaving again.

“Well you’re welcome to come by and see Mary whenever you want.” However the look on his face told you that a simple drop by now and then wasn’t enough for him.

“I want you guys to move into the bunker with us.” Dean had decided not to ask, but simply state what he wanted instead. His words surprised you; you should have seen it coming.

“No way Dean.” How could he possibly think that you would up root your life to move into some mysterious bunker after struggling to keep your daughter away from the supernatural world all this time?

“Why the hell not?” Dean was clearly offended that you had shut down his idea without any consideration.

“Did you not listen to anything I said earlier? There is absolutely no way that Mary is ever going near anything supernatural, including that bunker.” You continued to protest against the idea. The guys had told you everything about their newly found home from the men of letters legacy to the demon dungeon. “And I’m sticking by that Dean.” He was about to argue back when the bedroom door creaked open, the hallway light spilling onto the carpet.

“Mommy? Daddy?” Her small voice echoed through the room as her feet padded across to the bed.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” All the anger you had felt moments ago washed away as concern overwhelmed you and you pulled her up on the bed.

“I had a nightmare, the monster got me.” She sniffled a sob as she crawled onto Dean’s lap, burying her tear stained face into his chest.

“Oh honey its ok, Mommy and Daddy here now, I’ll fight away all the monsters.” A smile appeared on your lips at his sentence. You weren’t sure if it was because it was incredibly sweet or because it was stupidly ironic.

“Can I sleep in here tonight?” She looked up at you through wet eyelashes.

“Of course you can baby girl.” You scooted over, allowing her room to slide in-between you both. Dean placed a kiss on her forehead before settling back down, within minutes her she fell back asleep, nestled into his right arm. However none of this could make you forget the conversation that had been taking place before Mary had appeared.

You and Dean had a lot to talk about.

Part Six

a/n: I wrote this back in November and at the time I intended it to be longer but I like it as is and I don’t want to ruin that so I’m going to post it now (i may regret this decision so there may be a second part to this). It was lowkey inspired by There Is by Box Car Racer. Feedback is cool if you’re so inclined :-)  wc: 1010 / masterlist

“Babe, I’m hungry,” Luke’s voice was a shallow whine in your ear, gruff from the nap he was not long awake from. “Let’s get food, forget about that.” He leaned down to nudge his nose against your jaw, trying to distract you from the roughly folded pages you’d found among the mess of clothes in his suitcase, your name clearly printed in the corner.

His teeth fiddled with the black loop curving through the pink of his bottom lip, an exaggerated sigh huffing between his lips while you read. The loose grip of your fingers between his tightened and you lifted your joined palms to drop them back against his chest, “Shh, don’t distract me.”

“You really don’t have to read it…” He trailed off, glancing at you when you rolled your head to the side to look at him; lopsided smile sitting nervously on his face obstructed by his teeth hard against his bottom lip.

“Luke,” Your voice was stern but your eyes soft, ruining the toughness you were trying to exude. “Just shut up and let me finish.”

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A Day In the Life Of Thranduil

“Ugh.” Thranduil groaned as Bard’s alarm started blaring from the other side of the bed. “Please shut that damn thing up.”

But Bard never did, he was usually up and out of bed before his alarm went off and he always forgot to turn the damn alarm off before he wandered into the bathroom.

Or the bastard just thought it was hilarious to leave it going when Thranduil could have at least and other half hour in bed.

(Okay that was a lie Thranduil was always late to work).

Thranduil whined and grumbled to himself as he rolled out of bed, he was completely devoid of his usual elegance in the mornings and staggered over to turn the bloody alarm off. At least it wasn’t as bad as the way Bard insisted on getting up before noon on the weekends, honestly it was like he didn’t know the weekends were for.

Although having said that he had never failed to reappear when Thranduil was finally waking up, mischievous glint in his eye as he slipped back into bed for some sleepy morning sex.

So maybe he did know what weekends were for after all.

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