remember when we thought he was the love interest

Heys Guys Remember When..?

Hey guys, remember when we all thought Yurio didn’t need a love interest, then Otabek appeared?

Remember how everyone thought Chris was going to be the evil one, and now he’s actually Victor’s best friend?

Remember when we all joked about Victor and Yuuri being the married couple, and now they actually are?

Remember how we joked about Yuuri being a power bottom, and now he’s most definitely a power top?

Remember when we thought the round gold thing couldn’t possibly be a ring and it fucking was!?

Remember when we all joked about a sexual drunk yuuri and boy is he sexual?

Remember when everyone thought Victor had an evil motive and the motive ended up being love at first sight?

Do you remember 10 weeks ago, when everyone had chronic depression, anxiety and no reason to live and yoi cured us?

Yeah, me too. :)

I love Cecil’s character arc bc like I’ve seen people say “omg we thought he was dark and mysterious and he’s actually just a huge dork” which is sort of true but i relistened to the September Monologues recently and the fact that Steve mentioned that Cecil never used to do anything besides hang out at the station is so interesting?? bc im remembering back to [Best Of?] and he was obviously SO dedicated to being the best reporter he could be but he also seemed really fucking detached when I think about it?

I think at some point, the whole immortal deal just got to him, yknow? It’s established in that episode that he’s been around since the fucking beginning of Night Vale (not that he remembers much of it, I guess). dude watched Josie grow up and I think he just kept himself separate from people in general to avoid being absolutely wrecked by their mortal existence and inevitable deaths. it’s not like he was miserable or anything, he was just super fucking invested in his work.

and then Carlos comes along and out comes the dorky emotional radio host we know and love. this theory also ties in with how devastated he was when Carlos got stranded in Desert Otherworld because god dammit, he finally let himself get attached again and now he’s lost it all so soon.

tldr; I want to give Cecil Gershwin Palmer a really big hug.

alright so real theory talk here

what if juno and/or aphrodite put a love spell on jason?? not trying to be anti jasiper but hear me out

its why he couldnt concentrate on anything else? when he tried thinking about his past his thoughts always led to piper, esp one time he tried remembering reyna, a possible love interest. but like, its totally normal right? not really if its someone you just met a couple days ago

and it would be beneficial because its incentive for jason to stay sided with the greeks?? because with how little we know about his past its entirely possible he could have been racist to the greeks

and the way he acted in new rome was just ??? like boi we know u got a gf but one of the ONLY PEOPLE YOU REMEMBER is RIGHT THERE and yours in the PLACE YOU GREW UP and he doesnt even try to find out anything from his past, he just shows piper around and acts dickish to reyna, which is pretty ooc

tl;dr im petty abt jasons character development


Congrats to Fox and everyone involved especially Deadpool’s daddies, Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld as well as all the great creators like Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness who have made him the man or whatever he is today. And a special shout out to Director Tim Miller who’s love for comics is truly resonating with movie goers.

Most people may not know or even remember but close to 10 years ago Tim and I worked on a Marvel project together.

As we at Marvel began plans on the first Iron Man movie our focus group research showed that we had some serious awareness issues with the character, especially amongst kids. One of the major takeaways was that kids who had zero knowledge of the character had no interest in him because they thought he was a robot. But when they found out that there was someone in the suit suddenly interest went off the charts and they wanted to know all about him and who could build no less kick ass in such awesome armor. Information like that helped us sculpt a plan to build awareness way in advance of the movie.

In early 2007 Marvel assigned a small group of us to create what would eventually be called Iron Man Advertorials: Three animated shorts with a simple clean story that would introduce Iron Man to younger viewers using our two most recognizable characters at the time as bait. Our marching orders were to…

1- Clearly demonstrate that there was a man inside the armor.

2- Show off his wide range of cool powers.

3- Position him clearly as a hero on the same level as Spidey and Hulk by having those characters show how cool they perceive him to be and valued him as a peer.

We also felt that if we really wanted to grab kids attention we needed to go high level CGI and Marvel gave us the budget to do it. This was a huge vote of confidence at that time because things were still tight in those days. That’s where Tim and the incredible team at Blur came in and knocked this assignment out of the park. Working with Tim was a joy (you’d have trouble finding a nicer more creative guy) and immediately his love of all things Marvel and comics was evident. He took the scripts and created beautifully visceral action scenes while never forgetting to keep things lighthearted with the classic Marvel sense of humor running throughout. Attached is episode one, two and three to follow. Considering how long ago these were created and how far computer graphics have come, I think the shorts hold up pretty darn well and what always makes me smile when I watch them are the little bits and pieces that would later come to influence certain moments in our films. See if you can spot them. What’s also fun to see is how even back then Tim’s wonderful and mad cap directorial skill was clearly evident.

Congrats Deadpool, congrats to the  creative teams and congrats to the comic industry, fans and pros alike. Over the last decade comics have changed the face of popular culture and none of this happens without you. Deadpool is just another example of what the industry, it’s people and its ideas are capable of.


“Pugs Not Drugs”, Prishtine, Kosovo. Collaboration with Drino. 

“He had this thing, where he would start liking the things I liked. He seemed to believe that since people thought of me as interesting because of my likes, they would think of him as an interesting person too. And of course, he started to like Pugs, because I liked Pugs. We started talking about how we’d get a Pug when we’d move in together. The Pug was no longer just a dog, rather it became a symbol of our love and of our future together. Then he started doing more drugs. Then he left me. I was so angry at him, yet I said nothing. I remembered when he had bought me this pen, and told me that my pen, my art, was my lethal weapon. So I figured I’d use the weapon he gave me, and my art, to destroy him. And I started doing so by telling, that he made the wrong choice.”

wolfsbane m+g!!!

omg so i really ended up coming to wolfsbane! and i managed to get into the meet and greet! unfortunately no photos but ummm the highlights:

- stephen lunsford is way nicer than i thought he would be lol. (i told him this because i have no filter) but interesting fact - apparently he was brought on as a love interest for Allison but then they suddenly decided he was going to kill a bunch of people haha.

- ian was shorter than i thought he’d be? haha and he showed up in sweatpants cause apparently he had just landed and didn’t have time to get changed. he didn’t tease much about s6, just said we miiight generally be happier about his character’s behaviour.

- TYLER REMEMBERED ME! (kinda) like he obviously didn’t at first but then when i said where i was from he was like oh yeah! and hugged me!!!! i’m still starry eyed. i asked how many times he had to shave for supergirl and he was like “twice a day, everyday.” haha and he said that was the worst part so now he’s rebelling and has been growing out his scruff for 2 weeks. he kept tugging at it and i really wanted to touch it he’s just really beautiful.

- gideon was nice but it was a little awkward? like i don’t think anyone at my table really knew what to ask him! haha but i think someone did ask if he prefers being a villain or ally and he was like well he thinks he should be pissed at Scott cause he just left him to bleed out.

- adam fristoe is super tall. like. crazy tall. i had a neckache looking up at him! he’s also very much more…american?? in his speech than you can tell from when he’s Harris.

- gage is so beautiful and lovely and sweet and just. i love her. i can’t even fully recall what we talked about because it was just a haze of me being starry eyed.

- cody is another tall mofo. and really sweet although i suspect a little that he was tipsy? i tried to get him to climb a table cause he said he did it last time but i guess he was sober enough not to.

- i also love shelley much more than i thought i could?? she’s really down to earth and like showed us a couple things on her phone including her dancing and some stuff she wanted to post to instagram. plus she is crazy gorgeous like wow.

- ryan was another one i ended up liking more than i expected! really friendly and he made fun of the others a fair bit, like stephen and shelley. (in a good natured way!!) he told us to come up with crazy poses for him and he would do anything.

so excited for the rest of the weekend!!

Growing up, my parents refused to buy my sister and I a game console. I don’t really know why, especially since they both knew we loved games and I regularly played stuff on the computer. Eventually my dad got us Game Boy Pockets, and my only games were Pokemon Blue and fuckin Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2. I wasn’t a fan of Crazy Castle. My sister got Pokemon Red and Super Mario Land 2, which she shared with me occasionally. We were both big Pokemon fans during the craze but we lost interest a little while after Gold and Silver came out.

We have a family friend who invites us over to Thanksgiving every year. Their son was a teenager when I was a kid, so he had all the latest game consoles. My sister and I loved playing Smash Bros on his N64, and we thought it was pretty much one of the best games ever. I remember thinking Captain Falcon was really funny because he shouted his moves in a funny voice. On a side note, he also had a Dreamcast and I remember thinking Sonic Adventure was really weird but also liking Crazy Taxi.

When the sixth generation of consoles was rolling in, my sister, my dad, and I all went back and forth over which console we should get. I originally wanted an Xbox because I saw it had Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on it (I didn’t know multiplatform games were a thing back then), my dad thought we should get a PS2 because it had a DVD player in it, and my sister wanted a Gamecube because she didn’t like the other two. For Christmas in 2002, my parents decided to give us a Gamecube, with Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, and Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

For the first year we had it, I don’t think a single day went by where someone didn’t turn the Gamecube on. I remember coming home after school every day and playing something on it until dinnertime. Smash Bros Melee got so much usage it’s almost completely covered in scratches, though it still completely works to this day! The same can’t be said for that original Gamecube, which suffered from the unfortunate misaligned disc reader problem. It was hilariously out of warranty by that point, so we had to say goodbye. I used the money I got for my birthday that year to immediately buy another one, which I still have.

I think I’ve talked before about how playing games like Wind Waker and Animal Crossing really solidified my love for video games. You’d think a kid who was growing up playing Doom, Quake 3, Max Payne, and GTA III would hate “kid” game, right? Nintendo really showed me that games that didn’t aim for more adult themes could still be extremely engaging, entertaining, and just downright fun. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

People criticized Iwata for the poor sales of the Gamecube, but anyone who owned one knew it was seriously something special. I owe Iwata and Nintendo a lot for helping me form my taste in games.