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No Matter What

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

 Pairing: Stiles x Reader


 A/N: I’m actually kind of proud of this 🙈 Let me know what you think! 

A huge thank you, to my favorite co-pilot Em @fillthevoid-stilinski, for editing again 💖 


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Shit, I legit can’t believe it. I made it to 1k followers? What the fuck?!!!! God, it was barely two months ago when I was basically drinking my Vodka out of the bottle in celebration that I got 250 people to follow me. And now the number’s quadrupled and I’m in awe! Thank you all so much for putting up with me and my blog-everything-that-catches-my-fancy ass. You all rock and I love each and everyone of you. I do hope I keep putting out the same content that brought you to my blog and that in some way, you will always find something you like or can reblog or just want to save for a rainy day on said blog. Really, you all are awesome! Thank you.

I just want to give compliments to some of my favourite blogs (they are a lot and I tend to wax lyrical about people I like so you’ve been warned). I wish I could give personalized compliments to all my mutuals but as you would soon read I am a geek when it comes to people I like and I will be writing compliments into the New Year if I decided to compliment everyone. So not everyone’s gotten a personal compliment, but know I love you all.

It’s a long post so the compliments begin after the cut.

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Mmm Whatcha Say You Find Out How Lonely Island's Classic 'Dear Sister' Sketch Came About
People probably remember Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” for one of two things: Either because the track featured prominently in the season 2 finale The O.C., which saw Mischa Barton’s Ma…

People probably remember Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” for one of two things: Either because the track featured prominently in the season 2 finale The O.C., which saw Mischa Barton’s Marissa Cooper shoot her boyfriend Ryan’s older brother, Trey — or because the Lonely Island used the song during an O.C.-inspired Saturday Night Live sketch by the name of “Dear Sister.”

The digital short, which premiered on April 14, 2007 (two years after The O.C. season 2 finale), shows Bill Hader’s character, Keith, get shot by his friend Dave (Andy Samberg), kicking off a chain reaction that sees Keith shoot Dave back, Dave shoot their mutual friend Eric (episode host Shia LaBeouf), all three men shoot Keith’s sister (Kristen Wiig), and both police officers who arrive on the scene shoot each other. And with each resounding gunshot, the Imogen Heap song cues anew. (Watch the short above.)

With 10 years having passed since SNL served its own homage to that now-iconic teen show moment — and the sketch continuing to inspire more parodies — EW caught up with Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer to discuss how the sketch, which O.C. creator Josh Schwartz describes as the “ultimate tribute,” came about.

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From 'The O.C.' to 'Saturday Night Live': How Lonely Island's 'Dear Sister' came about

People probably remember Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” for one of two things: Either because the track featured prominently in the season 2 finale The O.C., which saw Mischa Barton’s Marissa Cooper shoot her boyfriend Ryan’s older brother, Trey — or because the Lonely Island used the song during an O.C.-inspired Saturday Night Live sketch by the name of “Dear Sister.”

The digital short, which premiered on April 14, 2007 (two years after The O.C. season 2finale), shows Bill Hader’s character, Keith, get shot by his friend Dave (Andy Samberg), kicking off a chain reaction that sees Keith shoot Dave back, Dave shoot their mutual friend Eric (episode host Shia LaBeouf), all three men shoot Keith’s sister (Kristen Wiig), and both police officers who arrive on the scene shoot each other. And with each resounding gunshot, the Imogen Heap song cues anew. (Watch the short above.)

With 10 years having passed since SNL served its own homage to that now-iconic teen show moment — and the sketch continuing to inspire more parodies — EW caught up with Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer to discuss how the sketch, which O.C. creator Josh Schwartz describes as the “ultimate tribute,” came about.

Mmm… Whatcha say we parody this?

SAMBERG: When “Hide and Seek” aired on The O.C., we all became somewhat obsessed with that song. I remember listening to it on headphones while we were shooting with Jimmy Fallon on the MTV Movie Awards when we were writers before we got SNL. I remember being on a stage at Universal where he was shooting the pre-tapes and Jorma had it on his headphones, and we kept being like, “God, that song is so cool.”

We couldn’t let go of the O.C. thing and that song, because Akiva, Jorma, and I were obsessed with The O.C. [The sketch] was 100 percent because of that the season 2 finale. It’s a classic moment, and we love doing digital shorts about movie and TV tropes. The “Gunshot That Happens Off-Camera, and Then Everything Cranks Into Slo-mo and Someone Realizes They Have Blood on Their Hands When They Look Up” is a move done a bunch of times, and we always really loved it.

We actually started shooting a version of that short before we got hired at SNL. But we never finished it. We got hired pretty soon after that. And one week when we were particularly desperate, I think I said, “Why don’t we try that O.C. thing again?”

TACCONE: We’d only gotten three or four gunshots in our version. Right?

SAMBERG: Yeah. Up to where Shia was in the SNL one.

TACCONE: It was originally me on the couch and Andy entering and shooting me.

‘We have a weird idea. Just show up.’

SCHAFFER: I don’t think we showed [that O.C. scene] to anybody [on the cast]. We just said, “Trust us. We have a weird idea. Just show up.” When Fred [Armisen] and Jason [Sudeikis] showed up in their cop uniforms, they literally had not even been told what they were doing. We just told them, “You guys are cops. Show up at this place.”

SAMBERG: Bill [Hader] loved it. For a lot of the early stuff, we would be working with Bill since we have a very similar sensibility to him. He’s a super cinephile as people now know. But he understood and loved it immediately as I recall… But we didn’t really have to explain that we were parodying The O.C. because the song was the only thing that made it 100 percent from the show. Everyone else kind of got the reference from other stuff too.

SCHAFFER: We knew that most people wouldn’t know the O.C. reference so we weren’t like, “This is only for O.C. fans.” We figured it was funny on its own to some degree. But we also knew it was just kind of a strange art piece cause it doesn’t really have a necessarily beginning, middle, and end in a traditional sense. It is kind of surreal and just taking apart a trope as opposed to telling a story in any normal way that someone would think of. It’s not a traditional sketch.

‘We’re gonna go artsy today…’

SCHAFFER: There wasn’t even any preproduction involved. The fake gun isn’t even from SNL props. It’s one that we personally owned. I forgot where I bought that plastic gun, but it was something we’ve had for years.

TACCONE: [The shoot] was pretty last minute overall because we really hadn’t come up with the ending of the sketch until we were in the room together actually shooting it, right?

SAMBERG: That’s so crazy. I forgot that.

TACCONE: The fear of not having an ending inspired us.

SAMBERG: How much of that ending did we come up with at that moment?

TACCONE: We had the cops come in, obviously, because we had the costumes and all that stuff. Then we just came up with the cacophony of sound thing on set… Did we have an alternate ending?

SCHAFFER: I think that was it. During the editing, I kept layering music and going, “Ooh We’re gonna go artsy today… This is like an independent film.”

SAMBERG: When we were editing there was a moment where we discussed whether it should go on for three times as long, where the cacophony of sound just continued and we made the audience sit there for a minute and a half while it played out.

TACCONE: We did shoot till pretty late. Right? Not as bad as some of our other shorts.

SCHAFFER: I remember [Jason] Sudeikis in his police uniform asleep on one of the beds in the hotel suite. I think we shot until four.

SAMBERG: That was one of the first times we went really deep.

‘Shout out to Shia!’

SCHAFFER: I don’t remember this but did we show Shia our original half-finished one? Or did we keep that one a secret?

TACCONE: I think we didn’t even have that available to show him. Was that on another computer in L.A.?

SAMBERG: I don’t think we did. I do remember that we tried to get him out of there before we shot the rest of it because he was hosting… But I feel like Shia was just like, “Cool!” He was really, really chill when he hosted.

SCHAFFER: He was just kind of up for anything.

SAMBERG: I remember when we started editing, we were all really impressed with how realistically Shia let his head hit the ground.

SCHAFFER: That’s a real actor. He kept his eye for the shot of his eyeball. We were like, “This is a real actor.” I remember thinking that not ironically.

SAMBERG: Shout out to Shia.

SCHAFFER: Yeah. We’re big Shia heads.

The Force It Awakened

SCHAFFER: I remember feeling pleasantly surprised that people got it. I’m not even sure what there is to get. But the audience seemed to enjoy it and cheer when it was over. That was a relief and somewhat of a surprise to me.

TACCONE: And that song holds up. Bon Iver did his own version of it on that new album.

SCHAFFER: We’ve never heard from Imogen Heap [about the sketch] but we’re sure it’s helped sell more singles.

SAMBERG: We have heard from their camp that we can’t have the sketch on Hulu.

SCHAFFER: That was just not for any real reason except that we didn’t pay for the rights. That was back before the Internet mattered. So when NBC would clear rights to a song they would clear it for broadcast and for reruns, but not for the Internet.

SAMBERG: It actually wasn’t originally called “Dear Sister.” The internet named it.

SCHAFFER: That is true. It was before things got put on the internet right away on SNL. We didn’t get to name it ourselves. We called it “The Shooting” all week and it was called that in the SNL rundown. But then because it wasn’t posted by anybody at NBC, it was only posted by fans and one of them just called it “Dear Sister” and that stuck to the point where we started calling it that as well.

TACCONE: There are a lot of copycat videos, which is cool. Homage videos on YouTube. People do it with other movies and they would make their own and stuff, which is awesome.

SAMBERG: It’s pretty great. There’s Platoon, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. All these moments where somebody gets killed, where you don’t see a gun.

SCHAFFER: Did somebody do it with Kylo Ren killing Han Solo?

SAMBERG: Oh my god. That’s a perfect one. Also, spoiler alert!

SCHAFFER: [Looking up the video] That’s not a real YouTube view count on the sketch at all. Look at the date I put that up compared to when it came out. That view count would be much, much higher had that been posted at the time. This was me a few years ago realizing that, “Oh, it’s nowhere online.” So I just went and grabbed it and threw it on our YouTube channel just to have it up somewhere. So that 14 million is what it got this far after it’s popularity. But I guess that is a testament that people are still looking it up if it got that many since the last three years.

😊Little Things (Both x Reader)

Summary: Can you do a grayson/Ethan imagine based on the song Little Things by 1D n reader is their best friend thx sm xx

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry it took awhile to post! Working on part 7 today!

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Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me
But bear this mind it was meant to be
And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me

“I freaking hate my freckles. They’re literally all over my face. Do you know how much I spend on concealer and foundation to cover them up?” I asked Grayson and Ethan as I was putting my makeup on trying to cover all my imperfections on my face.

“Y/N I don’t know why you hate your freckles so much. I honestly think they’re super cute.” Grayson smiles as he stands behind my vanity. I chuckled at him as he puckered his lips to me.
“Thanks Gray. Will you pick out a shirt for me to wear? E you can pick out whatever jeans you like.” I offered and they both nodded. They darted straight to my closet and started rummaging through everything. I laughed at them as I went back to my makeup. I noticed my eyes were wrinkling in the corners which made me feel kind of old. I felt gross to be honest. Grayson turned towards me and noticed I was frowning. I then felt his arms wrap around me in a hug from behind.
“You’re beautiful okay?” He pressed his lips to my cheek as his hand grabbed mine and he kissed the top of my hand. “Your hands are so soft Y/N.” He exclaims trying to cheer me up. His hands were so big compared to mine. “You hand fits so perfectly in mine.” He smiles which causes me to giggle.
“Hey Y/N how do these jeans look?” Ethan held up a pair of light washed high waisted blue jeans. I nodded standing from my vanity and walking over to my closet and I grabbed the outfit the boys had picked out. I walked into my bathroom to change.

I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I’ll love them endlessly

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I could really see my thighs bulging in my jeans. My stomach felt suffocated under the shirt and jeans. I just felt so sick looking at myself. I did a turnaround to examine myself better in the mirror. I couldn’t understand how the boys were friends with someone like me. My hair wasn’t long and blond. My hair was short and quite dark. I had my nose and lip pierced and I was really short. My instagrammed was constantly spammed by fans saying things like ‘I don’t see how the boys are friends with someone like her. She’s not pretty enough for them #sorrynotsorry. And she’s like 20? Umm pervert much?’ While there were definitely more encouraging words than negative ones, somehow the negative ones controlled my emotions. I heard a knock on the bathroom door.
“Y/N? Can I come in?” I recognized the voice as Ethan’s. I could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes. I heard the handle jiggle as Ethan entered the bathroom. “Y/N come here.” He pulled me into a hug and he just held me. “Look I know you’re feeling bad about how you look, but you shouldn’t. Grayson and I have seen the comments okay? We don’t want you to let fans decide who you are. We love every little thing about you. I love your dimples and crinkles on your face all the way to your dimples and scars to your feet.” I smiled and started to blush. “Also Gray and I love your thighs. Like honestly goals.” Ethan says hugging me tightly.

You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea
Maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep
Though it makes no sense to me
I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape
You never want to know how much you weigh
You still have to squeeze into your jeans
But you’re perfect to me

“Hey guys! It’s Grayson and Ethan and we’re the Dolan Twins!” The boys cheered as we stood in my bedroom editing the video. We did the best friend tag and it was a lot of fun. I remembered why I adored these boys so much. They were honestly so sweet and amazing.
“Okay when did Grayson get his first kiss?” Ethan asked in the video which made me start to laugh. Oh my God. My laugh.
“Ummm he was like in 6th grade?” I answered as my voice sounded high pitched and crackly. I hated my voice on tape.
“Delete that. Cut me out.” I ordered and the boys looked at me confused.
“What? Y/N no.” Ethan says sternly.
“Yeah Y/N why do you not want to be in it? This video was funny and you look great.” Grayson says pointing at my outfit on the screen. I didn’t say anything and we continued the video.
“Okay who talks in their sleep?” Ethan asks as Grayson and I both wrote my name down on our whiteboards. I covered my face embarrassed as Ethan started telling the story of how one sleepover I was talking about how attractive this guy was in our class in my sleep.
“Guys please. I’m not good enough for your channel and your fans will definitely hate me.” I complained as I tried to click out of the video, but the boys pushed me back.

I’ve just let these little things slip out of my mouth
Because it’s you, oh it’s you, it’s you they add up to
And I’m in love with you (all these little things)
I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if it’s true, it’s you, it’s you they add up to

“Y/N what the hell has gotten into you?” Ethan snaps at me. “I’ve never seen you act like this before.” He stammers as he sits next to me on the bed. Grayson sat next to me on my other side with his hand on my thigh.
“I just hate how I look. I’m too old for you two. I look so fat in the video and in pictures. My voice sounds like a dying cat, and I sound crazy when I talk in my sleep. How the hell are you guys friends with me? I’m me.” I huffed. The boys looked at each other. Grayson turned my face towards his as he held my hand.
“I love the crinkles by your eyes. I think they show you’ve lived a happy life with always smiling. I think your freckles are so cute. They are who you are. I think your voice sounds so sexy, especially in your sleep. All the conversations we have had, the comments you’ve made about me, they are my favorite conversations. Probably some of my favorite memories.” He kisses my hands and then my nose which makes me giggle. Before I could say anything I feel myself being turned towards Ethan.
“And I just adore your thighs. I love all your dimples and your scars. Each scar is a story. Like this one above your eye. I remember you, Gray, and I were playing outside in the snow and I pushed you and you fell on a tree stump that was hidden under the snow. Sorry again.” Ethan laughs which makes me laugh. “In the end Y/N it’s you. You’re our best friend and we absolutely love you. All these little things make you you.” He says as he pulls me into a hug. “Gray get in on this.” With that, Grayson hugs the other side as we fall back on the bed laughing. I did feel better. I didn’t care about how I looked or about my age. You’re always going to have hates, but a hater is just a fan who is scared to admit it. The boys posted the video the following Tuesday and constantly told me how much I meant to them and all the little things they adored about me. In the end of their video they even asked for #Y/Nlittlethings to trend. Where fans would tweet little things they loved about me. Which made my heart swell with all the positive things they trended

I’m in love with you, and all your little things

Kiddos will never forget

@ask-corrodedcrank remember when I sent you that ask about making you something? Yeah, well, I didn’t forget~ 

Yeah, it isn’t much, but the little sentence up top holds a lot of meaning. Basically, it means that even if you do fade someday, or if something were to happen to you, that we Kiddos would never forget you. That you have given us many wonderful things to remember, made us feel wanted when we felt like we weren’t, or made us smile when nothing else could. 

You’ve protected me, stood up for me, and been there as a light and joy in my life. I, as a Kiddo, will most certainly never forget you.

Thank you for everything, Crank.

- Sav


Cactus and the Bottlemen; Smol Cheesepuff edition

(Bondy / Van / Bob)

Hi guys,

Since I just got 5 hate-anons (I deleted them, btw, so if you’re waiting for me to answer your ask, you can stop now and do something a lot more fun with your time, like join in here!) I decided this fandom needed a dose of positivity and love so I’m hosting “Fandom positivity-weekend”!

How it works is simple, really!

You simply do one of the following:

  • Send me an ask with your love for a member of this fandom (on or off anon) and why you think they are amazing, and i’ll post it tagging their account.
  • You can also write an ask with your love for one of the crew-members/characters in this show we all love.
  • Or, if you’ve written/made an edit for something that you’d like to share then you can send me a link for that in PM or in an ask (though remember Tumblr sometimes eats those asks, so make sure you use spaces when you paste it so it arrives in my inbox).
  • If you’ve just read a great fanfic that you’d like to share some love for, feel free to sned that/rave about it too and I’ll share your love for the author to see and most likely fangirl with you!

Let’s spread some love together this weekend and make some people smile! <3

a thing about fic writing

Okay, so I want to say a thing and I hope it comes across right. 

This is in regards to Codename: Cupcake but it really could be said about all fic. I’ve been thinking about how we as writers love interaction with our readers, and for most of us, it’s really what keeps us going. First, of course, there’s the love for the source and the fandom, but the thing that keeps you going is the knowledge that what you’re writing means something to someone, and I’ve had the AMAZING fortune of having people read and sometimes love my fics and for the most part, the comments and interaction is amazing. Obviously, I’ve met some amazing people because of fic, like my fellow author of Cupcake and lover of sweet papanasi (Romanian doughnuts), @leftylain

Thing is, sometimes writing just comes in these waves. One week you might find that the stars are aligned just right and you find yourself with lots of time and inspiration and the muse is practically writing the chapters for you, but then other times you can barely churn out a word. 

And so when it’s been awhile between updates, and I mean, a good long while, it could be for so many reasons. I haven’t abandoned any of my fics, for example, even though For the Laughs remains woefully unfinished, I still plan on finishing it, because it is like my child. Loki is just lost to me right now, and hopefully I’ll find him with the first Ragnarok trailer I see. But if I finished it right now, somehow Darcy would end up with Bucky Barnes, and that is just not meant to happen, so … 

I remember reading Tori Amos’ autobiography a few years ago, and in it her husband was talking about how she’s always working on songs. He’s seen her write a song in an hour, practically pulling it out of thin air … and he’s also seen her work on a song for years. It’s the same thing here. 

With Cupcake, it’s really just a matter of circumstances. There’s two authors and we both have lives and muses and different shit going on. I know that there was at least several weeks when I couldn’t write due to the political climate, and I know how stupid that sounds, but it’s true. I just could not concentrate long enough or let my mind get into a zone where I was able to transport myself into that world. All I could do was read the news. And then a few weeks ago, everyone I worked with got sick except me, so work was crazy and I had zero energy to create coherent thoughts or to make any sense of writing. 

My Ivar fic was lucky because I had written so much of it in a fit of creativity and broke it up into a few chapters, and was able to coast for a little while just doing some editing. He’s also lucky because I haven’t made his plot super-complicated, but I digress. 

See, when us fic authors get comments like “RIP Codename: Cupcake, it was nice knowing you”, like we got yesterday … it feels shitty. Because we honestly feel bad about not updating. We really do. There’s this constant nagging thing in the back of our minds at all times saying HEY REMEMBER YOUR BABY? You’re neglecting your baby! 

You don’t need to remind us. I promise. 

I never want to discourage commenters, but trying to be deliberately hurtful? To get us to write? Not cool, man. 

Let me tell you a thing that happens. When we start getting these kinds of comments, we DO really want to update, I promise. But we start feeling like we have to, it becomes an obligation, it becomes less fun. It starts to feel like pressure … it starts to feel like a job

And then it starts to feel like a job that you’re not getting paid for, and that will kill a muse faster than … well, really fast. 

Here’s the thing. We love writing, we live for it. It brings us so much joy, you don’t even know. And interacting with readers and being able to talk about these things that WE LOVE SO MUCH and these characters that WE LOVE SO MUCH is such a gift. Seriously, such a gift. 

But it can’t feel like a job. Comments can’t start making us feel like we have 20 bosses coming up to us and asking for TPS reports. We start getting all glassy eyed and would rather go fishing. 

And I mean, hey, if someone want to donate to my paypal account, I’ll write ya some words, otherwise I have to give my full attention to paid gigs that keeps my cable package going and a roof over my head. And the moments left over before I fall into bed, exhausted from running a marathon all day through my life, those are mine, and I get to do what I want with those because they are precious, and a lot of that time, it does involve writing fic, because it brings me so much joy and fulfillment, but sometimes … life man. 

Anyway. TL;DR … don’t be a dick in a comments section. Come at me about the story, come at me with critique, come at me about character development, I can handle it, but don’t come at me with passive aggressive bullshit about us not updating fast enough to your liking, unless you’re actually the one signing our checks. 

Title: Dear Maisie (Part 6.)

Part 1. - Part 2. - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5.

Pairing: Denny Duquette and Maisie (original female character)
Summary: The fifth letter.
Word Count: 2,203

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

Song: The Night We Met by Lord Huron

I awake today not wanting to do anything. I could feel Denny’s arms around me. I could feel the scratchy stubble running along my neck. I could hear his quiet breaths in my ear.

I thought I was making progress in grieving the right way, but I was wrong. I spend the entire morning lying on the bed, curled on my side. I know I should get up to start my day, but somehow, I feel glued to the bed.

I had taken the letters and photos from the fridge to place on the bed; it remains scattered. I glance at a few of the polaroids and shut my eyes, tears immediately falling from my eyes.

“I can’t do this, Denny…” I mumble to myself, clutching the blanket closer to my chest.

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we are all in the same boat

We all stand together
holding hands at the end of all times
floating above the water
but remember this:
we won’t be called saints
in the next edition of The Bible.

There were times when
our feet wandered about steady ground,
and at times like that
we didn’t even need to hold hands.

we used them to make fences
and forge boundaries.
We used them to build homes for ourselves
and make sure no one else could get in.

We made our houses impenetrable
to save ourselves from the end.
We were pushing people off the edge
and letting go of begging hands.

We were the animals inside the ark
that hadn’t learned how to be human
and the world got flooded by
the tears of the ones we left behind.

We all stand together
holding hands at the end of all times
floating above the water
ready to drown.
And when the water gets in
we are all in the same boat.

anonymous asked:

I love your Off Limits fix I don't think I've ever found a Seokjin fix so enjoyable. I don't mean it in a way to scold you or anything but there was a moment when Jin says "it's like your dick was made for me" and I couldn't help myself and laughed. I don't know why I thought " when the dick is so good you yourself grow one" I swear I'm not 12 I'm actually 21

let me edit that and pretend it never happened…. but for real though, i SCREAMED. just my luck bc as i was editing it i was giggling to myself when i remembered dee writing “handsome gay” in one of her recent fics and i was like “damn, i hope i don’t do something like that” and here we are… the oc grew her own dick 😓😓


“Thank you for stopping me from shooting him.”

“You did that on your own.”

My First impression of Soul:

I honestly don’t even remember when i started talking to her loll it was obviously after the first GC was made but to me it kinda feels like we’ve been talking forever! We have a lot in common and we think a lot alike which is why we’re called the Sin Twins. I guess my first impression was just finally there’s someone like me! hehe



I’m Proud of You

I still remember the day we first met, when you saved me from an overdose alone in the streets. I woke up to see you saving my life. I’ll never be able to repay that debt to you. But hearing you say those words? Made me feel like I had someone to call a friend, someone looking out for me. I’ll make sure you are never forgotten. - Alessa Shepard

clarygaywood  asked:



So like I remember our first conversation ever and it’s quite different from how most first convos I’ve had on here. I had accidentally posted an edit that was quite white washed and you messaged me pointing it out and asking if I could delete it. Of course I took it down immediately and we started talking and now here we are today, but that’s when I realized how you don’t just stand around and not say anything. You may be young, Karina, but you have a voice and you are mighty. You are proud of your heritage and of who you are and it’s so inspiring to see that and just…you’re brave and you’re poignant and you donMt let people push you around. You’re mature, so so mature and I love talking to you. You’re hilarious and come up with the best headcanons (Alec in drag is still my favorite) and and you post quality shadowhunters content, as well as important posts, such as making people aware of and not forget the Armenian Genocide and to be proud of who they are during pride month. AND YOU ARE SO SWEET! YOU ALWAYS WISH YOUR FOLLOWERS A GOOD DAY AND CALL THEM CUPCAKES AND I LOVE YOUR MESSAGES SO MUCH. You always ask if I’m okay whenever I post some angsty personal text post and you let me rant to you and you listen and you give excellent advice (it really means a lot). You go along with my crazy ideas and you’re a gift. Also, you are gorgeous like MY LITTLE SISTER IS SO BEAUTIFUL😍😭❤️ so yeah, gorgeous person inside and out and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU SMART COOKIE! btw it was implied but you are SO SMART SO SO SMART and I’m sure you aced that test you just took! I want to be YOU when I grow up💕❤️💗💜💙

Send me hearts and I’ll compliment you or someone else!


Omg remember in 2011 when we’d all post selfies with our faces hidden away and people would be like “😍 wow ur so hot x” but like your entire face was hidden away lmfao. Well I’m bringing that back to Tumblr in 2017.

Edit: just made one of these my twitter icon (w no emoji of course cause my twitter is full of irl friends anyway)

and then i discovered this. it turned me into a monster, obsessed with power, when all I really needed was you.


“I first met Emily on our third episode, she was suppose to be in one episode and it was my first opportunity as the lead in a series to try to make a guest star comfortable. It was my first real scene where I had lots of dialogue with somebody that wasn’t a core part of our cast. - I remember thinking here’s my opportunity [with Emily] to really try and make her feel at home, and happy, and comfortable. And when we shot that scene when she did her little things for the first time and I laughed, that was legitimate like I was not expecting it, and it just made me crack up. - So it was right from the start we’ve always just had a nice easy time doing scenes together.”