remember when we made edits like this

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I don't want to come as a freak, but I've followed your blog since a couple of ppl started to see potential in captain swan. I remember you and few others made mishaps and edits of them together with only short scenes and one episode, and now look where we are (,: I mean I can't believe it. I also remember people saying it wouldn't happen, but look Where we are AT!. I'm legit crying. Thanks for all your beautiful edits for this beautiful couple. 💕

omggg you’re not a freak wth i’m crying!! i cannot believe you remember how long i’ve been on this hell site and how long we waited for CS to happen. like we’ve definitely come far. when you’ve been watching literally week after week since 2x05 aired & seeing your otp fall in love? i feel like you appreciate them more. but anyways thanks for this message!


I’m Proud of You

I still remember the day we first met, when you saved me from an overdose alone in the streets. I woke up to see you saving my life. I’ll never be able to repay that debt to you. But hearing you say those words? Made me feel like I had someone to call a friend, someone looking out for me. I’ll make sure you are never forgotten. - Alessa Shepard


Why so sad?
Remember we made an arrangement when you went away
Now you’re making me mad
Remember, despite our estrangement, I’m your man

You’ll be back, soon you’ll see

You’ll remember you belong to me

You’ll be back, time will tell

You’ll remember that I served you well

Well lookie there. A Funko Felicity. Huh. Wonder what made them do that?

Could it have been this?

Or this?

Or these?

Are you seeing my point?

Or maybe the incessant tweets (remember when they had a Q&A and asked for any other questions that didn’t have to do with Felicity Smoak?), Reblogs, Facebook likes - whew! We as a fandom worked hard.

But no one worked as hard as THIS LADY. I just want to give a shout out to her for these UNBELIEVABLE edits that she created and shared on Tumblr, Twitter, AND Facebook to get Funko’s attention and give us our Felicity Smoak to round out Team Arrow! Her page is HERE - why don’t you drop a little note?!?! It was a labor of love, for sure, but still a labor - and it’s FINALLY happening!



Hello there, fellow snowbarries! We here at snowbarrysource would like to thank you all for your patronage and support of this blog. In return, we have decided to come up with a little snowbarry apprecation week for all of us to be able to enjoy! The week will start on August 14 and run all the way to August 20! This is just so we can showcase everyone’s love for our favorite ship on The Flash and we want to be able to showcase your talent for it!

How do you do it? It’s simple! There are going to be set days below with prompts and we would like for you to either make gifsets, edits, fanfiction, etc and tag #snowbarrysource or #snowbarryweek when you post. Remember, we’re only reblogging things you have made yourself.

Let’s get right down to it! The days are as follows:

  1. Day 1 (August 14): The Moment You Started Shipping Them
  2. Day 2 (August 15): Favorite Snowbarry Episode(s)/Scene(s)
  3. Day 3 (August 16): Favorite Little Thing (like quirks they share, the hings that we as shippers tend to notice)
  4. Day 4 (August 17): Favorite Snowbarry Quote
  5. Day 5 (August 18): Favorite Hang Out (like your favorite location for them)
  6. Day 6 (August 19): An AU/Headcanon
  7. Day 7 (August 20): Free Choice!

Good luck and have fun!

remember when i included dean/lisa in a fic and straight up said in the author’s notes “don’t talk shit about lisa to me or else this will literally turn into a dean/lisa fic” and of course ppl commented like “ugh when is lisa going away so we can get to the dean/cas” and so i just kept adding in dean/lisa sex scenes and had dean and lisa date for like four chapters longer than i intended and then made dean and lisa bffs after they broke up and then made the fic into a series and immediately made the series dean/cas/lisa 

if i ever claim to write for any other reason besides spite, remind me of this

Another Alison clue?

So I’m pretty much going to stick with Alison killing Charlotte and edit a few things along the way. After re-watching some scenes and episodes i just realized, who else is good at pushing people off thing in church and then making it look like a suicide? Alison.

Remember when Alison told her story to the girls about how she was the one who ‘‘saved’‘ Spencer?

Although she claimed that she didn’t know who took Ian’s body or who made it look like a suicide do we really believe her?

Anyone else starting to see the pattern? Just like Charlotte.

She was killed and the pushed from the roof making it at time seem like a suicide attempt.

I did a thing. So I thought to myself ‘lol what if my models had faces? And was like ‘wELL THAT’S NEVER HAPPENING’ and then I remembered you can do texture expressions and so on. 

So I just duplicated the visor twice, so I have that clear visor, and the face. Fixed up the face some, did me some textures, made an inside black piece so it looks like a mask over his head. And there we go! A tiny lil Donut in his armor. 

I might do this with the rest of my models. Gon be a little hard because I did this one the basic model of Donut, so I’ll have to edit it for the special headcanon models. But eh. When I have the time and motivation. -shrugs-