remember when we hugged for ages and you wouldn't let go of me

BTS (Rap Monster): Lies

 Previously JK/YG/SJ

“Although, i want to stray.”

Namjoon is a successful business man, being the CEO of the biggest manufacturing company, he sure is to have many girls throwing themselves at him. Maybe it's  because of his wealth, maybe it’s because of his aura, maybe it’s because of his looks. The all in one package. You sometimes wonder how you got to know and married such a wonderful man.

  Now, you are used to him having flings and even groupies. Not that you aren’t jealous but if anything. Relationship was built on trust. But trusting was giving the person the power to hurt you, believing they would not do so.


  “Babe. I made breakfast. Come and eat before you go.” You suggested.

  “(Y/n)-ah. Sorry i have an important meeting. I can't  eat with you. I will be home for dinner though.” Namjoon cooed, before giving you a peck on the cheeks and leaving the house. Not again.

   Did he know today was your 3rd anniversary? He probably forgot. Again. The only time he remembered was  your first anniversary. It was the most beautiful moment in life. The candlelit dinner, followed by a night cruise, cuddles and well. You know what.

  You decided to make the most delicious okay maybe palatable dinner for him today. They say the way to a man heart is through his stomach so why not. Since you know we extremely love to eat meat, beef in particular, you decided to cook steak together with his favourite red wine. It might not be much but you have brought him a tie of his favourite brand using your own money you secretly earned behind his back. He never allowed you to work because he wanted you to enjoy life.

  You have been waiting over 2 hours for him to come home. You sat infront of the large dining table with a card, a box, a cake and dinner on it yet an empty chair faced you. Seeing that he is probably busy with work, you decided to bring dinner to him instead.

Namjoon’s CEO office

  “Miss. I would like meet Namjoon.” You asked the receptionist.

  “Miss. Did you have a appointment?” The receptionist  questioned.

  “No. I did not but he wouldn’t mind.” You replied, trying to walk in.

  “Wait miss! He is busy right now. Do you mind waiting ?” The receptionist replied frantically, stretching her arms to block you.

  “Oh god. I am his wife. Will you let me in now?” You enforced the fact that you are his wife.

  Since she didn’t tried to stop you. You just decided to go ahead. You were met with an empty secretary table. Weird. But at least no one to bother you now.

  His office door was left slightly open. Curious, you decided to take a peek into the crack totally not expecting to see Namjoon hovering on top of an almost naked woman. Their hair dishevelled. Tears immediately well up your eyes and you drop your handmade bento and bottle of his favourite red wine.
So much for believing. They immediately turned to the sound and the woman shamelessly stared down at you. She was pretty. Gorgeous even. You immediately ran out of the office, into the rain. Maybe heaven was crying with you. You looked back towards the towering building as if it was mocking you.
Because as much as you hope he would catch up with you he didn’t.

Namjoon POV  

  I didn’t think through my actions before i acted. I just wanted some fun with my secretary because who wouldn't  want to sleep with such a sexy, jaw-dropping woman. Not that i don’t know she just wanted my money. But i have more than enough. I never wanted to leave my beautiful wife. Never thought of it. Never going to do it.    

  “Get out.” Namjoon dismissed,  the overly clingy woman.   

  “You weren’t that cold to me when you are doing it. Joonie. Come on. I am more than enough.” The girl confidently wraps her arms around me.  

   "I won’t say it twice. Leave.“ Namjoon seethed, putting on his clothing.  

   The woman scurried to put on her clothes that were strewn all over the office and slightly kicking the toppled bento when she leave.   

  Namjoon went over to the shattered wine bottle and bento which reflects both your relationship and maybe just his feelings. He saw his favorite food that you so meticulously put together for him even though you aren’t a very good cook. He swore his heart broke a little.   

  Namjoon was definitely not the man to apologise but he needed to talk to you. To explain. To save this relationship. He wrote a simple text, ”(Y/n). Let me explain.“ In which you didn’t reply but he understood that. He decided to wait for you at home.  

   Namjoon unlocked the door, as he walked in he was overcome by the romantic smell of a scented candle. He walked further in to see a blown off candle and a pale rose with a box and letter right smack in the middle of the dining table. He took out the note.

  Dear my dearest joonie, (he smiles a little at your childish tone)

 If you forgot again. Today is our 3rd anniversary. I would love it if you remembered but it’s okay if you don’t. All i need is for you to be happy. Please don’t work so hard. I know you don’t like me working. But i wanted to give you something that comes from me not you. So i worked behind your back. I know this isn’t much but i know you love this brand the most and i hope you like it. Hoping to have more happier days with you.

 -(Y/n) Kim, loving you till the end of time.   

  Namjoon, just wanted to pull you into a big hug but you weren’t there. So he decided to wait for you. 

 2 days passed.

 You didn’t reply him nor return home. He was getting worried and restless.   He sat on his chair and turned on  the news. 

  Breaking: A young woman of age (y/a), height (y/h) and weight (y/w) was found dead at gangnam near a river. We are currently unable to identify the person. If any of your relatives are missing and suits this description please come down to verify. 

   Staring at your marriage photoframe given to him on your 2nd anniversary that he forgot, on his enormous desk, your smile had something bittersweet mimicking his feelings, empty and bitter. 

At the corner of the frame states: Just remember i love you.   

Please tell me no. He prayed. 

 Although i didn’t want to stray  but i did.

 And it's  too late.

A/n: Hey guys! I am so sorry for those waiting for weeks for me to update this fanfic as i am too into my gang au but. Hope you like it! ^^


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Wouldn't Change a Thing

I thought for sure someone you give me this prompt for Zimbits, but nobody did… so I wrote it anyway! This is a future fic (when he’s about 28) where Bitty bumps into someone from his past. I hope you like fluff! Enjoy!

7. I wouldn’t change a thing… except when you vomited on my shoes.

“Hey… Do I know you from somewhere?”

Bitty was used to people recognizing him from “somewhere” a lot nowadays. He looked up from his phone to find a tall man with dark brown hair standing beside his table. “Oh?” He actually did look familiar. “Um, maybe?”

“You’re a hockey player, right?” The man asked.

Bitty let out a burst of laughter. Nobody had called him a hockey player in years. He had enough trouble convincing people he was even on the team back in college, and now someone was recognizing him as a hockey player? “Sorry. Yeah, it’s been a few years, but…”

“You played for Samwell, right? Um, Aaron? Button? Bittens?”

“Bittle. Eric Bittle,” he said with a smile, and waited for the spark of recognition that usually followed his name nowadays. He was spared the usual ‘I’ve seen you on TV!’ reaction this time around.

“Right! Sorry, I knew it was something like that. I guess it’s been about 10 years or so now? I forgot.”

“Ten years since…?” Bitty asked. “I’m sorry too, you look familiar, but I cannot for the life of me place you. You went to Samwell? Did we share a class?”

“No, we uh– oh god. It’s so embarassing, you probably blocked me out,” the man stumbled through his reply. “I was a year or two ahead of you. We, uh, we got set up for a date once? For Winter Screw?” He whispered the last word, a little embarassed to be overheard saying ‘screw’ in a busy cafe.

“Oh? Oh!” Bitty gasped as the memory flooded back to him. “My shoes!” He laughed and nudged the chair across from him away from the table. “Sit!”

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Here is the place where I love you

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: T

(so I know it’s late, but this just wouldn’t leave my head and I figured what the heck, I’ll submit it anyway)

The cottage isn't anything like I was expecting, tucked into a copse of trees, the roof nearly obscured by moss. From the outside it’s little more than a scar on the pristine lakefront, a shack unworthy of note.

The inside, though, is all Effie; shelves of porcelain teacups and starched white doilies, shades of pink everywhere.  But it’s snug and bright and well appointed, with indoor plumbing and modern appliances.

I didn’t even know this place existed until a month ago, at the reading of the will. Eccentric aunt Effie had no children of her own, and while I wouldn’t have put it past her to leave her worldly possessions to Buttercup, her crotchety old cat, I wasn’t too surprised to get a call from the executor.

She left my sister, Prim, her New York apartment, packed with a lifetime’s worth of antique furniture and tchotchkes. To our cousin Johanna she bequeathed her Miami condo. But to me she left a derelict cabin, deep in the North Carolina woods.

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22. Don't hide from me
  • Harry: "I'm bored." Darcy stops playing with her Barbie dolls and sits beside you, reading The Notebook for the -nth time. Harry was just on his iPhone, tweeting fans and random things. "Let's play a game." He suggests. "What game?" You put down your book, but still wearing your reading glasses. "Hide and Seek!" Darcy shrieks. "I'm game, (Y/N)?" "Who's it?" "Me." As soon as Harry started counting 10, you were scurrying for a hiding spot. "Basement, mommy." Darcy whispers. You carried her downstairs softly and hid behind the couches. Time passes, around 30 minutes, and you and Darcy are relaxing in the back, laughing and all about his search for the both of you. But as the door creak open, you and Darcy jump and hide once more. "I heard noises here, or I'm just crazy." Darcy peeked over to see Harry, but you pulled her down, creating noise in the back of the couch. "Shit." You mumbled softly. "Don't hide from me." His footsteps get louder and nearer, "Gotcha!" His head pops out to see you two, and yanks you out of your hiding spot, spinning you around. As he puts you both down, "Oh, damn." "Hey!" Harry covered Darcy's ears. "Cursing, (Y/N)." You rolled your eyes. "Oh, dang, Daddy caught us!" She stomps out with a mad expression, only to be enlightened as Harry carries and spins her around. Cute you thought.
  • Liam: "(Y/N), what is this?!?" Liam rages as he dropped a tabloid about you and Ashton Irwin, who happens to be your ex-boyfriend, but Liam thinks otherwise. He's never like this. "Are you cheating on me?!?" "What?!? Give me a reason why I'd do that!" "First of all, you've been spending a lot more with Irwin rather than you're own boyfriend!" "Excuse you, but I have other friends I wanna hang with, besides, I read an article on you and your ex Sophia! Tell me about that would you?!" "Sophia may be my ex, but she is my friend." "That's exactly what I mean about Ashton!" "Oh really?! Is that so with the picture in page 30?" You picked up the tabloid and flipped it to the picture of you and Ashton kissing. "This picture is photoshopped and fake." "I don't think so, it looks very realistic. "How can you not trust me, Liam? I know that this picture is a fraud." "Then why would the writers publish this information?" "Maybe because they want to ruin this relationship and making me realizing how much of a untrusting and aggressive douche you can be!" Those words caused a huge pang of pain through your cheek. You were tearing up while Liam realizes the wrongness of that action. "(Y/N)." "Save it Payne." You walked of the flat and to the top floor, where a garden of flowers were planted and were a good hiding place. As you were crying your heart out, "(Y/N)?" Liam's voice echoed, making you crawl under the bushes so he won't find you. "Don't hide from me." His feet pitter-pattered and rushed as his eyes saw yours. "(Y/N), about a while ago, I was scared, scared to lose you, and almost did. My mum and sister would be infuriated if they found out I slapped you. Forgive me, please?" He flashed his familiar puppy eyes, winning you over as you hugged him. "Don't touch me like that ever again or we're done." "Promise." He kisses your lips gently but sweetly.
  • Niall: Growing up, you had abusive parents, that would explain your bruises you had in almost every part of your bodyeveryday. People thought you were a freak, except this one blonde-haired boy named Niall. He was basically your only friend in high school. You guys were together one day after school, when you both said your goodbyes, your parents were by the door, furious like they always were. "Where the fuck have you been?!?" They grabbed your by the hair, and begun kicking you in the stomach. Weak at the their eyes, they brought out a gun. "We want you gone." They said in unison. You were massively afraid at this point. "Niall!" You shouted. "Aww," Your mother caressed your cheek. "Don't think he'll save you, darling." Your dad aimed the gun by your temple, closing your eyes with tears streaming down. Then the door was crashed by the police. You ran quickly, hearing gun shots when you exited the house. You ran towards the park beside your house to the tree you grew up loving. "(Y/N)!" You heard Niall calling your name, seeing the light shooting from the flashlight. "Don't hide from me." In a few minutes, you felt the light on your face. "(Y/N)!" He hugged you tight as you did too. "Are they dead?" "Yes." "Why?" "I-I called the police when I heard you screaming from the pain when you were being kicked around." "Thank you, thank you so much." "Your welcome." He plants his lips on your lips passionately. "What was that for?" "I love you, (Y/N), and I swear that I promise to keep you safe and that I'll never lay a harsh finger on you." "I love you too, and thank you."
  • Louis: You got a text message from Paul this morning about how Louis has been missing you so much since the Where We Are tour and that he's getting annoyed whenever he talks about you, a lot. You thought on planning a visit to him in Atlanta, the next venue for the band's concert. Booking tickets and getting on the plane, you were more than excited to see him, it's been way to long. Paul fetches you from the airport and straight to the backstage part of the arena, where you saw the rest of the boys and Lou Teasdale. You were walking down the backstage corridors, then hid behind the trash can as you saw Louis talking to Harry and Zayn a few doors further. "Louis!" You called out, his face shot up. You crawled quickly and ran for it. You heard a few footsteps running from behind, but luckily you made it to the backstage area in a matter of seconds. Behind the curtains, "Louis!" You called out again. He was looking annoyed. "Don't hide from me!" You ran going to the other side, but only to be stopped when two strong arms were around your waist, spinning you around. "You have no idea how much I missed you!" He showered your face with kisses that were getting sloppier by the second. You wiggled yourself out his grasp and running again away from him, playing the game once more. But it wasn't as easy as it first was.
  • Zayn: It was 9 o'clock on a Wednesday night, and you were stuck in a argument with your 16 year old daughter Adrianna. "Adrianna, it's a school night. Your father will be mad if he finds out." You warned. "But mom, it's gonna be the party of the year! Everyone's gonna there and if you were me, you would go, right? Please let me go?" You were seconds away from saying no, but then you remembered yourself when she was your age, and you'd definitely do anything to any house party. "Fine, but just this time. I'll cover for you." "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" She soon rode with her group of friends. Around 11, Zayn comes home from the studio, falling on the couch with so much exhaustion. You were just on the kitchen counter, drinking some tea and heating a while ago's dinner. Zayn got the guts to sit on the dining table, eating the food you prepared for him. As you were heading upstairs, "The kids are asleep, right?" He asks. "Yes, right on curfew." "Oh, I should still go up and check on them." Remembering Adrianna, "Actually I just checked on them minutes before you arrived." "But I haven't seen them all day." "You wouldn't wanna disturb them." "Are you hiding something from me?" You panicked and ran going to the stairs, "Stop where you are." Zayn was by the end of the stairs. "Don't hide from me." You sighed and explained everything. "I'm gonna kill this girl." He got his car keys and to the house party. You're screwed for doing the right thing.
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The Bad Future

In which Cullen is surprised by Laurel’s reaction after In Hushed Whispers

Cullen prowled around the war table, ignoring the amused glances from Josephine and Leliana.

“The Herald should be returning today, Commander,” Leliana said, not for the first time - and probably not for the last. “I only got here last night because I rode ahead.”

“It’s not her delayed return that has me in a state.” He stopped his pacing and planted his fists on the table, eyeing the pieces on the board - and the new ones indicating their alliance. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about allying themselves with the Mage rebellion. The Templars would have given the Inquisition more respect - the people respected the Templars, despite the Order’s shortcomings.

Yet there’d been no word from Therinfal for three days. The whole blasted fortress had gone silent. He’d held out hope that just maybe, they could gain the trust of both sides. He wasn’t completely blind to the notion that both parties had their portion of blame for the war, and neither ‘side’ was wholly right or wrong.

It was, after all, one of the reasons he’d left the Order. To be a part of an organization that was working to heal rather than destroy.

But the rebel Mages had allied themselves with Tevinter. He wasn’t so sure they were the types of allies the Inquisition needed.

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