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  • Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

1. My mom wanted me to be fully prepared for kindergarten, so she started doing flash card drills with me when I was four. By the time I entered kindergarten, I could read and write fairly well. We had a “kindergarten test” where they had us write and draw and color, match letters and numbers, and stuff like that. One of the tests was to pick out two things that were “alive” in a box of items - a car, a baseball, a baby doll, a hat, a coin, a flower, etc. It was the only question I got wrong. I chose the baby doll, but didn’t realize that a flower was also “alive.” I remember trying to argue that a flower wasn’t alive after it was picked, but that didn’t seem to mean anything to them. I was also the same kid that argued that “restroom” is a stupid name for a bathroom, because there’s no bed in a bathroom.

2. The first book I read by myself was Go, Dogs, Go by Dr Seuss. My favorite book was a hand-me-down storybook from my big brother, and it was a bunch of stories about trolls. I don’t remember any of the stories, but there was a really neat picture of a ton of trolls trashing an inn. My mom also read poetry to me when I was little, and my favorite poem was called “The Umbrella Brigade.” I was also very fond of “The Potatoes’ Dance” about an Irish fairy and dancing potatoes, and the Irish lady loved the sweet potato best of all so the other potatoes got mad and threw him in a coal bin and he cried forever.

3. Although I have half-siblings, I was raised as an only child. I’m my father’s only child, and my mother’s third child. I spent a lot of time playing by myself. My favorite games were the make-believe “hiding from the cops” and “running away” games. I would play pretend for hours and hours and hours, hiding in “caves” and trying not to get “caught” by the police or the cruel orphanage owner or any number of similar scenarios. I blame the movie Annie for it.

4. One of my fondest memories was using the VCR Rewinder, which was a little machine specifically made to rewind VCR tapes faster than the VCR could rewind them. When it finished, it popped open and would scare me to death kinda like when the toaster pops out a piece of toast.

5. My favorite childhood movie was called Swans, and it was made by Just4Kids - a company that died out in like 1995. It was an English remake of an old Russian movie called “The Wild Swans” and I can still sing songs from that movie. I have no idea what happened to my copy, and I have literally been searching for this movie for two decades. If I ever find it, I think I would weep for joy even if it turns out I don’t like the movie anymore. “See the swans, they don’t know where they belong. They fly through the night all alone. See the swans, they are lost in a dream and their tears fall like raindrops from the sky.” I absolutely loved the move. Watched it hundreds of times, easily.

6. My mom almost died when I was in the second grade. We took her to the hospital, and she recovered, but she was home sick for a while. My dad didn’t know how to take care of me, and he often forgot to pick me up from school and church events. I got in a ton of trouble for walking home by myself at night when my dad was thirty minutes late, even though I made it home without any incidents. Part of me thinks Mom made such a quick recovery because she was legitimately afraid to let my dad keep trying to take care of me.

7. I was painfully shy as a little kid. Very shy, very quiet, very bookish. But I was very independent, and very compassionate. I used to teach other kids how to roller skate and swim, and I would carry bandaids and candy just in case somebody fell down and got hurt. But I was so horribly shy. One of my biggest regrets was that I rarely had the courage to stand up for people when they were being bullied. Sometimes, I would. But most of the time, I stayed quiet because I didn’t want to be targeted too. I don’t do that anymore. Now, I’m very outgoing and outspoken when I need to be. I wish I could tell my younger self to do more than just comfort people; to actually stand up for people, and make it so that they didn’t need comforting in the first place.

That one also ended up really long. Sorry friends, I suppose I’m in a very talkative mood tonight! I’ll blame the medication and this lovely Neuro Bliss drink I picked up at the store earlier today.

*~ The time when you received your diagnosis ~*

For me, this was in year 2004, I was 13 years old and I would finish 6th class of middle stage school.
Before that… I was about a child living in my own bubble, I didn’t understand how I could meet people at school or not even in my family. I thought I was the only person in the world who was really weird and was different, unlike those other school mates. I yelled, swore, and said the words in the wrong times totally oblivious. :/
In 4th class my teacher was aware of how my behavior was and she talked to my parents about to contact habilitation and BUP to conduct an investigation.
It took two years until I got my diagnosis and I remember like it was yesterday when me and my dad sat in the car as he was driving away one round, but then he said to me, “Anna. .. I have to tell you something. You know these tests we have done for you, and we have received an answer. You have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.”

I haven’t idea what it was and I assumed it was like cancer, that I didn’t have so long left to live. Which result that I wanted to cancel the contacts around the people and I got chaos in my head. 

How did you react when you received your diagnosis?

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Look at the new photos of jl in yhe mc the photos where he's sitting in an opened car... is it just me or he really looking sick idk why he lost a lot if his muscles but if u look at his bidy and his sholders u can see he's not really feeling good.. than I remembed the anon who was saying that jl has given her the grandpa vibs when he was carrying his bags.. ugh I wish I could know what's wrong I hope im wrong

He does look very skinny.

First I thought it might be because we got used to seeing him so buff and like a real life He-Man that now he looks like a malnourished teenager by comparison. But I dunno…

Maybe he´s just too busy to eat properly.