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hope, faith, and deserted islands

It’s the lovely @kane-and-griffin‘s birthday so in honor of this glorious day, have a Kabby LOST AU where they are somehow both Jack Shephard.


That was the first thing Abby heard when she opened her eyes— screams and the sputtering of an engine.

Clarke.  Her heart jumped and then she remembered the empty seat next to her on the plane; the hurled recriminations as she walked out of Clarke’s small beachside bungalow outside of Sydney.  Clarke was safe, for now.

Abby sat up and gingerly tested her limbs.  Everything seemed to work properly and aside from a few scrapes and a long gash across her calf, she was in good condition.

The screams continued and Abby jumped up.  Chunks of fuselage littered the beach and other survivors were sprinting around fires and explosions, calling for help, for each other, for their mothers.

She snapped into action.

For two days— 46 hours, to be exact— they made do.  Rescue was coming and all they had to do was hold on.  And then the lawyer walked out of the jungle and informed them he had found the pilot, who lived just long enough to tell them they were a thousand miles off course before promptly dying.  “Help isn’t coming,” Marcus told the panicked survivors in what he clearly thought was an authoritative but comforting tone.  

Abby cut her eyes at him and added another log to the signal fire.  He might have given up hope, but Abby knew her daughter wouldn’t give up that easily.

Griffin women never did.

Four days after that Marcus discovered caves with a fresh water spring a mile off the beach and announced they were moving, and Abby had her first face-to-face argument with the self-appointed leader of the survivors.  They had worked together warily for the first week, with Abby treating people as best she could out of her lean-to on the beach and Marcus taking charge of rationing, but here they found their breaking point.

“No,” she said flatly when he came to inform her it was time to move.

“There’s no water out here— it’s illogical to stay this far from our source and we can’t keep counting on rain water.  You’re a doctor, you know that.”

“We move inland and we could miss a rescue boat,” she replied.  She turned to her makeshift shelf and counted the remaining bottles for something to do.  His gaze made her uncomfortable; it was too direct, too open and vulnerable despite all his attempts at burying his fears under a layer of authority.  Abby had a soft spot in her heart for lost lambs but she couldn’t afford room for Marcus just now, especially not when he wanted her to give up on her daughter.  “I’m not going.”

“If you stay, so will others,” Marcus countered.  “You’re putting lives at risk.”

Abby frowned and started reorganizing her dwindling supply of bandages.  If he were here Jake would gently tease her about needing to keep her hands busy, but he wasn’t.  He was gone and all she could think about was not leaving her daughter alone, even if Clarke hated her right now.  “I’m not making anyone do anything.  That’s your department, not mine.”

“People trust you.  If you—”

“If people trust me, that’s up to them,” she interrupted.  “You might have given up hope, but I haven’t.  And if they haven’t either, I’m not going to make them.  I’m staying.”

Something like doubt flashed in his eyes but then his face hardened.  “So be it,” he bit out, and turned on his heel.

They lost four people to the cave in. 

Four of forty remaining survivors, dead in one day.  Abby had run straight for the caves the moment she heard, Jake’s wedding ring bouncing against her sternum in a rapid tattoo that echoed her pounding heart.  Marcus, she thought first, before reminding herself she was concerned about everyone, not just him.  But she breathed a sigh of relief anyway when she skidded into the cave and saw him covered with dust, heaving rocks away from a pile.  He’d stripped off his shirt and was already soaked in sweat, but Abby had bigger concerns at the moment, so she tore her eyes away and went to see to Diana’s clearly dislocated shoulder.

She found him that night, sitting just outside the signal fire’s light and staring blankly at the bay.  There were empty mini-bottles on the sand next to him— not enough to get him drunk, but enough for her to know he’d tried.  “You were right,” he said miserably as she approached.  “The caves were a terrible idea.”

Abby sat down and dug her feet into the cool sand.  Above them the stars were closer than they’d ever been but that only served to heighten how unreal the past few weeks had been.  Abby’s life was air conditioned fluorescent hospital hallways and antiseptic, not dark tropical heat and rationed hydrogen peroxide.  But the perfume of the jungle had its own kind of magic and despite all her worries and fears, she wasn’t unhappy on the island.  She had been so alone before, ever since Jake died and Clarke walked out in a storm of anger.  Her life had slowly narrowed until it was just the hospital, and it was only now she was noticing it.  Only now, when she had someone to sit next to and watch the waves roll in.  

“You did what you thought was right,” she said carefully.  She absently reached for Jake’s wedding ring and slipped her index finger into it, feeling the metal’s worn curves.  It was comforting, but not in the way it used to be.  “Hauling water for everyone every day would be impractical.”

“People died, Abby.  People died because of me.”  

Abby had experience with that feeling.  It came with being a surgeon and it came with deciding to take your husband off a ventilator because there wasn’t any hope of recovery, no matter how much it broke your heart.  No matter if it cost you your daughter.  “You did what you thought was right,” she said again.  “Sometimes, that’s all you can do.  And this island— this isn’t forever, Marcus.”

It was the first time she had used his name since the castaways split between the beach and cave, and his chin lifted.  “You still think someone’s coming for us?”

Abby thought about Clarke and all that had passed between them in the last two years.  She thought about the pain and anger in her daughter’s eyes when she last saw her and swallowed against the lump in her throat.  You can’t be that angry with someone you don’t love, Jake’s voice reminded her.

“I do,” she said fiercely. “I know she is.”

Idol AU! Jihoon (pt 2)

I hope you all enjoy part 2! This is gonna be super long omf hfslg i hope you guys are okay with that HAHA

summary: pt 1  you a shy person had become best friends with Park Jihoon from Wanna One! 

  • so like remember when I said that Jihoon was acting weird around you? 
  • this has increased by like 1000000% and you are just super confused because when Jihoon used to be super chill with you guys doing things that couples would do he now got super shy about it and you’re like 
  • ok be that way jihoon
  • but at the same time he looks really cute when he gets all shy and embarrassed 
  • and when he smiles your heart does leaps as if it’s doing hurdles in the olympics 
  • and then when you both make eye contact you feel yourself just falling more in love with his eyes 
  • and being real you could listen to his laugh for hours on end because its like the best thing to your ears
  • and when he comforts you or just talks to you in general now you just feel so comfortable 
  • and then when you guys hug you just feel like everything is right in this world and that nothing could go wrong 
  • so now all the while being jihoon’s best friend you are also developing feelings for this jeojang boy and you’re just trying to make sure you don’t mess up your relationship 
  • but your members keep telling you on going for it and ask why jihoon is acting weird.
  • so one day you and jihoon meet up at a secluded place that you both usually hang out at. 
  • you both are just chilling admiring the view when jihoon clears his throat 
  • “so why did you want to meet up?”
  • and youre just shot back into reality like lmao you almost forgot that the main reason you wanted you two to hang out was so that you could confess and find out what the heck was up with jihoon
  • “Jihoon I’m only going to say this one so please be prepared because I’m too shy to say it again.”
  • You shift yourself to face Jihoon and he does the same. you look at him straight in the eyes but then your conscious is like 
  • “lmao youre too shy to look at him in the eyes” 
  • and you’re only thinking that because he is giving you the softest look you have ever seen and you just want to get this over with so that you both will either start dating (which is preferred) or you both still be best friends 
  • you immediately shut your eyes and your head tilts down as you start rambling 
  • “okay listen here park jihoon you’ve been acting weird lately and honestly I don’t know what’s that about but I’ve been thinking and I’ve realized that i really like you and i actually cannot push the feelings back anymore and also how i feel so comfortable and safe around you like you could be talking about the stupidest things ever and i would just love being with you. I don’t wanna ruin our relationship so if you don’t like me back it’s okay i just wanna know why you’re acting so sus like don’t think that i don’t notice it because we are best friends so i notice like almost everything.”
  • so you’re still sitting there with your eyes closed and feeling your whole body heat up by itself in the cold because you are very embarrassed and just wanna roll up into a ball and just eat all the ice cream and food and pretend as if life never existed. 
  • but while you’re just kind of suffering on your own wondering if Jihoon is still even there you feel something wrap around your shoulders. you open one of your eyes slightly to see Jihoon still looking at you 
  • you open both of your eyes and see that Jihoon has wrapped his jacket around your shoulders and you put it on fully 
  • “i wasn’t gonna say anything if you were gonna keep your eyes closed.” 
  • he just smiled and you were just left in confusion and slight irritation bc you just rambled out your entire book of feelings on him to him and he’s just there smiling and giving an answer you were not expecting. 
  • “so like is that a yes or a no?” 
  • you give him that look with the one eyebrow raised up and he just laughs and you swear his laugh could cure the world if they listened to it. 
  • but he just casually puts his hands on your cheeks and he comes closer to you which makes your heart race but you’re okay with it because he’s your crush and honestly who wouldn’t want their crush to do this to them?
  • “Y/N I was acting weird lately because I’ve had feelings for you for a good while now and I was waiting for either you to notice and reject me or you to confess to me.” 
  • he gives the brightest smile while still holding your cheeks and you can swear that your heart is beating at an unhealthy rate while your cheeks are also starting to heat up ALOT 
  • “and since i know you like me now i can do this.” 
  • he comes closer to you and you being the awkward turtle doesn’t know what is going on so you close your eyes again. 
  • but little did you know that when you closed your eyes jihoon softly laughed because he thought you were so cute so he kissed your forehead 
  • he was gonna kiss you but you seemed so shy about it he was gonna save it for later 
  • but now low and behold yall are a couple and honestly it seemed as if both of your managers were chill with it? 
  • like your manager later revealed that the reason they asked was bc if you two weren’t going to realize you liked each other they would help HFDKLHF 
  • but yknow you gotta keep it a secret from the company so the managers always help yall with sneaking off to go on a very very VERY secret date.
  • dates are usually at the secluded place you guys confessed to each other at or this pet cafe thats at the top of it’s building so no one would see you two even if they wanted to. 
  • also the workers have agreed to keep your relationship a secret because literally you guys used to go there just to hang out and apparently the workers already thought yall were dating? lmao 
  • but now jihoon is even more cheesy like while yall are having dates jihoon will be like 
  • “you during this date is saved in my heart! (jeojang)” 
  • and you’re just like 
  • “jihoon let’s just take a picture to remember im pretty sure there’s otehr things to remember too” 
  • and when he actually does something super sweet and cheesy you are like 
  • “awe jihoon you’re too sweet im tearing up” 
  • and then he offers to do aegyo and does gugugaga and you’re just like 
  • “moment ruined jihoon pls don’t do that you did it so much on shows alrdy I am immune” 
  • “i HAVE Nothing ElSe Y/N PlS love ME” 
  • “of course i love you jihoon”
  • and yknow when you are able to sneak to each other’s dorms when everyone else is gone consists of cuddling while watching your favorite shows 
  • or just watching videos and reading things together bc you just enjoy being in each other’s company 
  • but jihoon never fails to try and give you the best he can 
  • “jihoon what is this”
  • “you don’t want my innisfree poster?”
  • “i already have five of these at home they gave it to me when I just wanted the face masks”
  • “are you sure you don’t want my poster?”
  • “why do i need your poster when i can see you in ReAL LIFe?!”
  • another case is (this is through text)
  • you: jihoon aren’t you in la rn
  • jihoon: yes why
  • you: why did i receive my favorite food with your name on it pls explain you couldn’t have sent it to me you are in la rn 
  • jihoon: i asked someone at the company to send it to you, you’re starting you comeback promotions soon and I want you to stay healthy and eat a lot! 
  • you: aw jihoon you’re sounding like my mom and that’s what jisung is like towards me but that’s so sweet ily
  • jihoon: i love you too but i miss you 
  • you: okay i miss you too but i’m trying not to think about it smh
  • when jihoon comes back from LA you both will probably hug for a long time and the members will be like 
  • “it’s only been two days calm children”
  • but then jihoon is like
  • “you just don’t know love yet”
  • overall jihoon and you would be the cutest couple every where jihoon likes to bluff sometimes and tease you and you just not having it but yall still have fun together just like best friends with all that added cuteness in between!

ok the end flfh the ending was weird maybe i’ll change it later LMAO

anonymous asked:

I WISH I could see Civil War as you do. But Steve seemed really hung up on the past to me. In Bucharest just from a practical get-Bucky-to-surrender pov, the best thing to say is ‘I’ll do all I can to get you due process, and if you’re innocent I promise I’ll prove it.’ But instead he keeps pressing Bucky to admit he remembers, as if that was the most important thing with the police breaking in. In Berlin even after Bucky has answered his questions there’s no sympathy for Bucky having been

mindraped again. On the quinjet Bucky is practically begging for reassurance the person he is now has worth, and Steve’s reply is stiff and impersonal. When Bucky makes it clear the reply is inadequate Steve is silent. Later Steve does reach out, but tho Bucky is pleased Steve is finally being friendly, to me it came off as Steve primarily wanting memories *from* Bucky, because Bucky’s his last link to the past now Peggy’s gone, changing the subject when Bucky wants to talk about who he is now.            

I didn’t feel Steve understood Bucky’s situation at all. Bucky’s main problem is guilt, not time displacement, and when he lets that show, Steve freezes up. And what does it say that Steve shouts ‘It wasn’t him!’ to Tony (not ‘it wasn’t his fault’) though Bucky’s made it clear that’s not a view he can accept. (‘But I did it’) To me that screamed of Steve being in denial. And I just can’t get past Steve only showing warmth to Bucky when he’s talking about a Bucky that no longer exists.            

Sorry, Anon, I don’t agree. The easiest way to make  sure Bucky LISTENED to Steve (and surrendered) was for Steve to be assured that Bucky remembered him. We have to remember Steve’s last interaction with Bucky before Romania: Bucky was either a silent, terrifying killing machine who didn’t remember Steve, or he was a more passive, scared individual who remembered Steve.

So I don’t think it’s a stretch for Steve to assume that Bucky remembering him equals Bucky being less likely to kill everyone coming for him. Hence why Steve was so hung up on Bucky remembering – that, and he knew Bucky was lying. Despite everything, Steve’s also allowed to be hopeful that his closest, oldest friend is alive. He’s been lonely and isolated for decades. He’s human, and he knows Bucky remembers, so why not push the point?

I also don’t think Steve’s reactions towards Bucky were bad. Fanfiction does not translate into reality: a man from the 1940s, even a liberal man, is not going to wax poetic about his feelings and lay everything on the table, with endless love, support, and encouragement for an old friend. No one does that in real life, Anon – how many people truly sit down and have serious, in-depth soliloquies about how they feel, pouring their heart out and having intimate conversations about their every thought? Then add to that the fact that Steve doesn’t know Bucky anymore, that Bucky is a stranger, and that Steve doesn’t even know WHAT Bucky knows, or if Bucky’s even trustworthy beyond a certain extent, or how far the brainwashing goes (which Bucky doesn’t really know, either). When is it Bucky, and when is it Winter Soldier, and when is it someone inbetween? What actions are the best actions beyond being there for Bucky?

Steve did his best, but he can’t do anything about Bucky’s guilt. He can remind Bucky that it WASN’T him, not really. He can ground Bucky, be a memory for Bucky to latch onto, promise that he’s not going anywhere. But ultimately he can’t assuage Bucky’s guilt, since he has literally no idea what Bucky is feeling guilty about, in any detail – and Bucky was not willing to share.

Always - Isaac Lahey Imagine (Teen Wolf)

Originally posted by tvd-tw-ships

Prompt: Isaac Lahey Imagine where he wants the reader to come over because he’s scared of his dad. The reader stays with him and things happen between them. You decide what happens when his father comes back and see the reader with his son. :)

A/N: I really like this imagine a lot. I remember when I wrote it and I had a lot of fun doing it. It deals with a broken home, but I liked how it ended and hope you guys do too! :) x

As long as (Y/N) could remember she and Isaac had always been the best of friends. She knew that no matter what would happen, he’d always be the most important person in her life. Growing up wasn’t easy for both of them, especially after Isaac’s beloved mother died. His big brother who had always protected him from their abusive and alcoholic father, had left for the army a few months after her death and Isaac was left alone with him. (Y/N) knew Isaac’s father since she was a little girl because both of their families were really close, but she had never seen him being violent infront of his son, at least not when she was around. So when she found out about the bad circumstances her best friend was living in, because of his abusive father, she couldn’t believe it.

But then (Y/N) remembered. She remembered the numerous times Isaac came over for their weekly movie nights with a black eye, telling her it had happened in school during Lacrosse practice. She remembered the numerous times he had called her in the middle of the night, crying in her ear and telling her about the nightmares he had, while in reality he was hiding from his drunk father. Suddenly it clicked in her mind and she knew the rumours were true. In that moment she realized that she was the only hope he had left, the only person who could get him out of that terrifying nightmare.

(Y/N) knew that she had to distract him and keep him away from his father as often as possible. So she helped him to overcome one of his fears and socialize with other people. She introduced him to her supernatural friends and brought him along everytime she was hanging out with them just to make sure he wasn’t alone at home. Her friends Scott Mccall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Derek Hale and Jackson Whittemore had soon welcomed him to be a part of their group and (Y/N) was really happy about that.

Isaac didn’t know how to thank her; she was a real blessing to his life and helped him through so many moments already. He suddenly was part of a group, part of a world he’d never imagined himself in and that only because of her. (Y/N) was the reason why Derek had turned Isaac into a werewolf and Isaac knew that he’d always be grateful for that. Not only did he have heigthened senses, super strength or speed but he finally felt confident about himself.

Isaac thought that he’d finally overcome the abuse of his father after he was turned into a werwolf but he was wrong. He had no chance against him no matter how strong or confident he was. Tonight was another night where it was going to be bad for Isaac. Mr Lahey was having another bad day and he was blaming his son for it again. Isaac had just come back from Lacrosse practise, his father drunk and angry, yelling at him for being late. He called him names like useless, failure or mistake - names Isaac was used to hear from him. While Isaac had to deal with his drunk father again, his best friend (Y/N) had to deal with a studysession for her upcoming spanish exam.

(Y/N) hated spanish more than any other subject and she knew that she would fail the test whether she would study for it or not. Even though she wasn’t in the mood she knew she had to at least get a C to not fail another one of her classes. Right now she was in the middle of creating a list of vocabularies she had to learn for the test, when suddenly she heard a buzzing sound from her nightstand. It was her phone. She stood up from her desk and walked over to the side of her bed, grabbing her phone. A smile appeared on her face as she read the name on her display - it was a message from Isaac.

I know you’re in the middle of a study session, but could you please come over? My dad freaked once again and I’m just scared that he might put me in the freezer again. He just left to get some air but I know he’s coming back soon. Isaac

But after reading the message she frowned and knew she had to get to him as fast as she could. She looked over to her desk, which was full of books and papers she had got from Lydia and sighed. I’m gonna fail the test anyway, (Y/N) thought to herself before shutting the lights out and leaving her room.

I’ll be there in 5 minutes xx (Y/N)

She send the message and ran down the stairs as fast as she could, yelling “I’m at Isaac’s, Tell mom and dad I’ll be back soon,” to her little brother before leaving the house and jogging over to her best friend who was living just a few blocks away from her. As she reached his house, she grabbed the key that was hidden under the door mat and let herself in the Lahey household. A familiar scent of alcohol and cooked vegetables embraced her as she entered the floor. “Isaac?” She called with a worry in her voice as she walked around, searching for him in the different rooms of his house.

“I’m here,” She heard a familiar voice say and instantely turned around to see her best friend standing at the end of the stairwell. He smiled as she turned around and approached him, his heart almost beating out of his chest at the sight of her. Isaac had always been in love with (Y/N) but he was too stubborn and scared to admit it. She was the most important person in his life and the only girl he ever wanted to be with.

(Y/N) felt the same way about him. She always had. She wanted to be more than just friends with him but she was too scared of losing what they both had just in case the other one wasn’t feeling the exact same way.

(Y/N) embraced Isaac in a warm hug and rubbed his back softly. “Are you alright?” She whispered into his chest, still holding on to him. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just couldn’t handle being on my own.” He responded while pulling away from the hug so he could face her. “Thank you for coming over, (Y/N).” Isaac smiled at her. He knew that his best friend had other things to do then always being there for him and he definitely didn’t take it for granted that she backed off her plans whenever he was in need of her presence. Actually, he rather felt guilty about it. I’m such an idiot. She needs to study for her test, why am I always being so selfish? He thought. “What are you thinking about?” (Y/N) asked him, bringing him out of his trance. Isaac smiled at her and put a string of hair out of her face and put it behind her ear. “You,” He whispered. She looked at him with an expression of awe on her face, her mouth a little agape. “Why?” She questioned, starring into his eyes.

“Because I’m always thinking about you, (Y/N).” Isaac confessed as he put both of his hands on each side of her face. “You are there for me in every possible situation and you back off your own plans everytime, just to come and see me. I feel like an idiot for keeping you away from studying, even though I know how important the test for you is,” He caressed her cheek with his thumb and she smiled at him. “You’re my best friend, Isaac. Of course I’m there for you. I would do anything to make you happy.” She responded softly. “How come that I deserve to have someone like you in my life?” He asked as he looked at her. (Y/N) felt her heartbeat increasing and bit her lower lip nervously. Isaac noticed the change of her heartbeat and smiled. This is your chance, Lahey. Just kiss her already. He thought to himself before he finally leaned in and connected his lips to hers.

(Y/N)’s whole body felt with electricty the moment his lips met hers and she knew that this was all she ever wanted in her life. She pulled away from the kiss and rested her forehead on his. “Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to do this?” She asked as she opened her eyes again. Isaac looked at her surprised. (Y/N) giggled at his reaction and wrapped her arms around his neck, her hands playing with his curly hair. “Yes, I’m in love with you Isaac, god I’ve been in love with you for so long.” She finally admitted as she looked up to him, starring into his ocean-blue eyes. Isaac had the biggest smile on his face now. “I’m in love with you too (Y/N).” And by that he kissed her again. This kiss was different though, more passionate, more heated. Isaac’s hands wandered down to her waist, lifting her up and placing her on the stair-rail. Kissing him made (Y/N) feel complete, something she had never felt before.

The sound of someone opening the door broke them from their kiss and Isaac’s eyes instantely filled with fear. “It must be my dad,” He mumbled, looking towards the door. “You need to hide (Y/N). He’s going to freak when he see’s you.” Isaac looked back at her, his hand still on her waist. (Y/N) jumped down the stair-rail and her feet were planted with the floor again. “No Isaac. I’m not leaving you alone with him again,” She reached for his hand and intertwined it with hers. She squeezed his hand lightly and nod at him, a comforting smile on her face. “It’s gonna be okay, I’m here with you.” Before Isaac could respond to her, the door flew open and a drunk Mr.Lahey entered the house.

At the sight of (Y/N) and his son, Isaac’s father froze. “What the hell is she doing here?!” He yelled, his fists tightning on his side. “Mr. Lahey,” (Y/N) spoke, a forced smile on her face as she looked at him. “Oh, don’t act like you’re happy to see me, cause I know you’re not.” He replied, glaring at her. “Not even my own son is happy to see me. He’s so ungrateful, you know?” Mr.Lahey looked over to his son, who was standing still, starring down at his feet. “I raised this stupid, useless kid on my own and he’s not even grateful for the things I’ve done for him,” Mr. Lahey continued. He walked towards the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of whiskey that was standing on the kitchen counter. He took a zip of it and let it burn down his throat and body. “He keeps runing my life. This stupid kid keeps ruining my life.” It was the alcohol that was speaking of Mr.Lahey’s mouth, but Isaac knew without a doubt, that his father was telling him the truth. At least it was the truth about how he really felt about him.

(Y/N) felt Isaac’s hands getting sweaty and even though she didn’t had heigthened senses she knew his heart was beating fast and unregularly. She looked at him, her hands still intertwined with his. Mr.Lahey took another zip of his whiskey and looked back at his son. “You really think I care about her being here? She can’t protect you son. No one can protect you from me, you know that.” Mr.Lahey stepped closer to the both of them. “You’re killing me, Isaac. You’re killing me.” Mr.Lahey said, his voice full of frustration. “You’re killing me and you killed your mother. You hear me? You killed her.” Isaac’s head immediately shot up. His eyes were filled with anger and he could feel his claws coming out. (Y/N) looked at him with a worry in her eyes and held on to his hands tightly. “Isaac, calm down. It’s gonna be okay,” She whispered to herself, knowing that he could hear her with his werwolf-hearing. “Calm down Isaac, okay? You are going to shift, do you really want to shift infront of your dad?” She asked, her voice above a whisper.

“Oh, you’re getting mad? That’s good! Get angry, yell, even attack me if you want. You’re such a wimp. You’ve always been a wimp.” Mr.Lahey laughed and threw the empty whiskey bottle in his hand against the wall behind Isaac and (Y/N). The glass shattered and hit (Y/N)’s face. Isaac’s eyes widened in shock and he instantely looked over at his best friend. A little bloodstain appeared on her face as blood was running down her cheek. He touched her cheek with his thumb and caressed her face softly. “Isaac, it’s okay.” (Y/N) whispered, forming a small smile with her lips. Isaac shook his head and clenched his jaw. His hands curled up into fists, his knuckles turning white. He felt his claws come out and felt his eyes changing their colour, but he managed to control his shift because he knew he couldn’t change into a werwewolf, at least not infront of his father.

Still, he was angry. Very angry. He run towards his father and tackled him, pushing him against the cold livingroom wall. “YOU BASTARD!” Isaac yelled angrily. He placed his hands next to Mr.Lahey’s face, curling them back into fists. “I know you would never hit me, Isaac. You’re just too scared about the consequences, aren’t you? About me, locking you into the freezer again,” Mr.Lahey laughed bitterly, provoking his son. Isaac’s claws came out again and the anger inside him took over his whole body. He hated him. He hated his father so much. All the pain he had put him through his entire life, all the terrible things he’d said to him, all that came back into his mind as he was looking at his father infront of him. “You disgust me,” Isaac stated, inching closer to his father’s face. “You never even cared once in your life about me, about mom, about our family. The only thing you ever cared about is yourself! Drinking your dirty ass off and absuing your children because you’re frustrated about your own life, that’s what I’d call a useless life.” Isaac exclaimed, his voice full of hate. “You’re not worth it, Dad. You’ve never been and you never will. But I’m warning you, if you ever dare to hurt, touch or even talk to (Y/N)  again, I’m going to kill you,” Isaac backed off his father and glared at him. “You heard me?”

(Y/N) had managed to stand still this whole time, looking at the situation that happened right infront of her eyes. She wanted to stop her best friend at first, but something inside of her had told her not to. He was doing the right thing. “Stay away from me, alright? Just leave me alone and never talk to me ever again. I don’t need you in my life, I never did. Go and keep drinking your ass off, I don’t care anymore. Just stay the hell alway from me and her, I mean it. I don’t want to come back and make my warning reality.” Isaac said to his father coldly. He grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and a few other things he needed, before he left the house and slammed the door behind him. (Y/N) and Isaac ran away as fast as they could. All they wanted was to escape and get away from this place. As they finally reached (Y/N)’s house, they both breathed out and sat infront of her doorstep.

Isaac was the first to calm down and speak. “I’m sorry you had to see me like that.” (Y/N) looked at him and took her hand in his. “Don’t be. I’m proud that you finally spoke up. He deserved it.” He sighed and looked back at her. “But you got hurt. It’s my fault and I’m sorry.” He caressed her wound with his thumb. “Isaac,” She put his face in her hands and starred into his eyes. “Stop blaming yourself, alright? It’s okay, I’m fine.” She rested her forehead against his and smiled. “I love you, Isaac.” (Y/N) whispered as she began rubbing small circles on his cheek with her thumb, calming him down. Isaac finally looked up to her and a small smile appeared on his face. “I love you too (Y/N),” He also put his hands on her face, pulling her closer to him. “So, so much.” (Y/N) smiled and leaned in, connecting their lips once more.

Isaac and (Y/N) both melted into the kiss, making their lips synch in the same rhytm. Isaac smiled into the kiss and cupped her cheeks softly. (Y/N) felt the butterflies in the pit of her stomach and she knew that’s the way she always wanted to feel. As they both felt the need of air, they slowly removed their lips from each other, breathing heavily. She felt the warmth of his breath against her lips and smiled. “I wish any of us had said something earlier, you know. Telling the other one about his feelings,” She mumbled, tracing his bottom lip with her thumb. “Cause if we had we could have done this sooner.” With that she pecked his lips once more, causing Isaac to smile even wider. “It’s been you. It’s been you the whole time. I was just to stupid to admit it,” Isaac laughed a little and wrapped his arms around her. “But I can’t hide my feelings anymore. I want to scream out loud to the world how much I love you.” He kissed her forehead and pulled her closer.

“You don’t have to hide them anymore, because I feel the exact same way about you. I always did.” She whispered into his chest. After a break of silence she spoke again. “Where are you going to stay over night?” She asked, looking up at him. “I don’t know. I guess I have to figure something out.” He responded, playing with a string of her hair. “We can talk about it tomorrow at the pack meeting,” (Y/N) said. “But until you have found something, you can stay with us.” Isaac looked down at her. “Really? I don’t want to bother your parents.” Isaac mumbled. “My parents love you Isaac, especially my mother does. Oh and don’t start talking about my brother. He admires you.” (Y/N) giggled as she thought about the way her little brother talked about Isaac and always mentioned how cool he was.

“Hey, I like your brother. He’s really cool,” Isaac laughed. “Thank you, (Y/N). You saved me once again.” He kissed the top of her head and stroke her hair. “You always save me, (Y/N). You are my superhero.” Isaac said, cupping her jaw and forcing her to look up. “And you are mine, Isaac Lahey.” (Y/N) whispered, kissing her best friend and boyfriend on the cheek. Both of them knew that no matter what would happen, they would always have each other. Always.


Hello, there might be some things missing because I can’t remember them haha please forgive me (and forgive me if it sounds boring, I tried my best to put all of my thoughts into it)! It’s just a little over 1k words, have fun reading my experience at Diamond Edge in Chicago! ♡

Before you start, here’s a quick summary in case you don’t wanna read it all:

  • Hoshi couldn’t attend;;
  • Seventeen were doing their best in speaking English
  • There were lots of waving at carats in the balcony
  • Every stage was amazing :’) 
  • If I stage would make you cry
  • We gonna appear in GOING SEVENTEEN!!!
  • Beautiful and heart-felt ending ments 

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Things I Wish I Knew Early On

I’m entering my junior year of college and have been creating a list of things I wish I knew earlier than now, like back in middle school or high school. Learn from me with these things, and feel free to add-on whatever you think fits!

  1. Buy Victoria’s Secret underwear and bras. The quality is way better than anything else and definitely worth the money.
  2. Go to the movies by yourself. It may seem weird at first but it really isn’t. Plus you don’t talk anyway. Treat yo self.
  3. Begin saving money early on. Save it all up. Travel with the savings.
  4. Don’t waste all your money on cheap clothes. Don’t solely shop at stores like H&M and Forever 21. Get the latest trends from there and that’s it.
  5. Spend more money for higher quality clothes. Especially for jeans. But don’t buy $200 jeans. $50-$100 is plenty.
  6. Work hard. Get a job. Even if it’s crappy. The experience (and money) is important.
  7. Study hard. Even if it sucks. I regret not trying harder in high school and am pushing myself more now in college (thus this studyblr). Learn all the things.
  8. Simple basic items for clothes look cleaner and are easier. Don’t wear tons of patterns.
  9. Buy yourself a flannel. A good, soft one too. Flannels are amazing.
  10. If someone doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, don’t spend time with them. It’s not worth it.
  11. Don’t keep tons of knick knacks. You don’t need them.
  12. Keep a decorative box and put small memories in them each time you do things. Ticket stubs, wrist bands, fliers. Then when it’s full, go through it and enjoy all the memories. Then, throw them out after and start over.
  13. You don’t owe anyone anything. No explanations. No apologies. (Except maybe your family). When you choose to give them those things, it will mean more because you will actually mean it and want to mend your relationship.
  14. Watch the sunset. It’s fucking beautiful.
  15. If you are not comfortable, don’t do it. Leave the situation.
  16. Learn the balance between school, work, social, and personal lives. Put equal time into all four. Even your personal life.
  17. You are your own best friend and will have your own back, so spend time with yourself. Treat yourself (but not too often) and enjoy your own company.
  18. Talk to yourself. It is good to be able to have a conversation with yourself and think things through fully.
  19. Sometimes you have to be impulsive. It takes just three seconds of spontaneity to get yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes this means making new friends or overcoming a fear.
  20. Life will tear you down sometimes. It is okay to cry. But just remember, when you hit rock-bottom, there’s only up from there.
the signs as friends that every squad needs

Aries: The Hypeman. No one can quite start a party like an Aries.

Taurus: The Doc. Smart and practical. The mastermind behind everything.

Gemini: The Flirt. Beautiful and fierce. Geminis seem to be able to get away with anything.

Cancer: The Chef. Cooks the most amazing food. Definitely go to a Cancer’s for Thanksgiving.

Leo: The Royal. Rich or not, everything a Leo does exudes grace and majesty.

Virgo: The Ace. Pretty good at everything, whether they think so or not.

Libra: The Sherlock. Good luck lying to a Libra, they can see right through any nonsense. Gives the best advice.

Scorpio: The Dark, Tall, and Handsome. Scorpios know it. We know it. No one will ever admit it.

Sagittarius: The Adventurer. There’s no such thing as boring when you hang with a Sagittarius.

Capricorn: The CEO. Somehow gets everything done while styling out.

Aquarius: The Artist. An Aquarius’ “not so good” is better than your masterpiece.

Pisces: The Therapist. Pisces will be the shoulder you cry on and the hugs you remember.

MORNING AFTER WITH BTS || Friends version

waking up next to your best friend after a drunk one night stand can’t be good… right?


★you and jin had shared a bed many times

★so waking up next to you wasn’t something that bothered him

★he was used to waking up with a dead arm because you were laid on it

★what did bother him was that the two of you were naked

★he’d scrunch up his face trying to piece the small bits of memory he had together

★the panic would rise slightly as he tried to remember if he was protected

★that would soon be quashed when he saw the foil wrapper on the bedside drawers

★he’d then begin to panic over what would happen when you woke up

★would you leave and never talk to him again?

★over something the two of you couldn’t even remember?

★he decided to just treat it like any other time you two wake up together

★he carefully moved you from his arm and onto a pillow

★pulled on a pair of pyjamas

★and went to cook breakfast for the two of you

★when you finally woke and went to find him in the kitchen he’d offer you a small smile

★’you’re making omelette?’

★’it’s your favourite’

★’no egg pun with that?’

★’my egg puns aren’t craking today’

★’oh thank god. i thought you were going to be off with me’

★’why would i do that?’

★’you might see me different after last night’

★’i do see you different’


★’i see you as a god/goddess. now sit down and have your breakfast’

★the two of you ate while talking about the last thing you remember from last night

★'it isn’t as bad as they make it look in movies. we haven’t screamed at eachother, nor do we regret it’

★’you don’t regret it?’

★’i got to sleep with the most handsome man in the world, what’s to regret?’

★’you’re such an idiot’


★more like afternoon after 

★you woke before him

★and decided it would be best to let the poor guy try get as much sleep as possible

★when you move to get off the bed to dress and leave, he’ll groan as his sleep was disturbed

★he’d watch you pull on your clothes then clear his throat

★’so that’s it? you’re not even going to tell me how i was?’

★’how do you not know how you were?’

★’i was drunk’

★’so was i’

★’well we’re just gonna have to do it again’

★when you threw a piece of clothing at him he’d laugh and sit up

★’you want to go get breakfast?’

★’it’s two in the afternoon’ 

★’we’re breaking the fast, Y/N. therefore it’s breakfast’

★’here’s me thinking i would have breakfast made for me’

★’i’m just as disgusted about last night i deserve compensation in the form of food also’

★when you frowned at his words, he’ll reach to pull you back onto the bed

★’it’s called a joke, love’

★he’d wrap the covers around you along with his arms

★he’d nuzzle his face into you

★and his hands would come to rest on your stomach under your shirt

★’i was serious about the doing it again thing. i’d like to do it again many times’ 

★’is that your way of asking me to be your friend with benefits?”

★’no, that was my way of asking if you’d be my girlfriend/boyfriend’

★’will i get breakfast in bed?’


★’then it’s a no from me’

★’you little shit’

★you’d both stay laid in bed until your stomach growled

★he’d order food from his phone

★’i could cook’

★’it would require you getting out of bed’

★’we can’t stay in bed forever’

★’not with that attitude you can’t’

★he really loves to play with your hands???

★he’ll trace shapes, lyrics, his shopping list

★when it’s time for you to leave, he’ll kinda just stretch out on the bed 

★and pout

★’take me up on my offer of going out with me’

★’why should i?’

★’because i never want to wake up without you again’


★softest gentleman to ever live

★when he got out of bed, he’d wrap the covers over you so none of you was exposed

★he’d go and start breakfast and make you both coffee

★when he returned to the room to see you waking up he’d turn to mush

★’breakfast is cooking. do you want to join me for a quick shower?’  

★’that would be lovely’

★’i’ve only got shower gel for me, so you’ll have to smell like me for a while’

★he’d help you out of bed and walk you to the bathroom  

★when under the water, he’ll massage your shoulders and back 

★’i could get used to this’ 

★he’d laugh and pull you back to him 

★’do you want to get used to it?’

★he’d sway with you in his arms

★’we should go eat’

★helps you get dried 

★let’s you wear something from his wardrobe

★gushes over it

★is a big ball of mush for you

★sits you on the sofa and spoon feeds you breakfast


★he’d warm with joy when he wakes up to see your naked form curled into him

★though his smile would quickly fade when he saw the bruises that decorated your skin

★his fingers would run over one slowly

★you’d give a groan in response and he’d move away quickly

★’why did you stop?’ 

★you moved to look up at him

★a frown of your own on your face when you saw his expression

★’do you want me to leave?’

★’no! no, it’s just that I made a mess of you’

★you’d look down to your chest and giggle at the purple spots you now adorned

★’it’s not funny! you should’ve stopped me!’

★’why? it obviously felt good’

★’it looks painful’

★’i think it looks pretty. a souvenir, if you will’

★his mood would lift back up at your laughing 

★he’d move to hover over you and kiss all over the marks  

★he’d help you get dressed 

★would try his best to brush you hair

★but ends up getting the brush stuck

★so he gives up and lets you take over

★this poor pup can’t cook for his life so out to mcdonalds you go

★he’d wrap his arm around you while you walked 

everything happens for a reason, you know’

★‘yeah, it was always destined for you to take me to mcdonalds for lunch’


★jimin took good care of you as your friend

★but after you’d been intimate hot damn be prepared to be treated like royalty

★you’d wake up on your own

★but a few seconds after you’d see him walk through the door with a tray in his hands

★’you’re not leaving until I’ve fed you’

★’who said i was planning on leaving?”

★you’d both giggle alot

★after eating breakfast together in bed, you’d flop next to him and sigh

★’tell me how much you liked it~’ 

★’it was alright’

★’alright? alright wouldn’t have made you moan like that’

★’how do you remember that?’

★’you don’t forget the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard’

★’shut up’ 

★he’d lay over you to stop you from getting up

★’are we still friends?’

★'you wanna be friends after i had you a quivering mess beneath me? i don’t think so. we’re walking away at least friends with benefits. but me being your boyfriend would be ideal’

★soft bub would turn red when you agreed to the whole dating thing

★he’d move to pin your arms on the bed and straddle your stomach

★’tell me you love me’

★’i don’t’

★’then why’d you say yes?’

★’you got a nice butt’

★would attack you with kisses


★if you think you could sneak out of bed think again

★he’d have his limbs wrapped around you so tight while you slept

★so when you woke up, you’d try to shimmy out of his grip

★but gave up shortly after 

★so you just laid and waiting for him to wake up

★and when he did you’d be smothered in kisses

★he’d be so happy that you’re still here

★’you didn’t leave?”

★’how could i leave when you’ve got me in a death grip?’

★’oh, sorry’

★he’d free you from the cage his limbs made 

★so you can finally stretch

★upon stretching you finally feel the numbness in your lower half

★b/c my boy goes h a r d 

★when he hears you wince, he frowns and pulls you close to him

★probably says ‘sorry’ 2343223 times

★will run a bath for you to ease some of the throbbing

★but ends up joining you 

★hums while washing your hair

★when you’re dried and dressed he’ll cook for you

★and by cook i mean make toast for you

★he’d sit opposite you, watching you eat

★’is there something on my face?’

★’you’re glowing’

★he’d giggle as your cheeks turned red

★’you look very pretty in the morning’

★’you’re very greasy in the morning’

★he wouldn’t let you out of his sight

★for some reason he thinks you’re ten times more fragile after sex

if another member comes near you he’ll wrap you close to him


★one huge misunderstanding

★you’d had to leave for whatever reason

★so when he woke up to find your side empty he frown

★and kinda just lay there

★trying to remember as much from last night as possible

★he thought you regretted it because you left

★so he wouldn’t text you

★he didn’t want to feel uncomfortable

★and you thought he didn’t text you beause he was ashamed 

★the two of you would just mope around

★the other members would be upset by the shift of mood

★they’d plan to lock you in a room until you sorted things out and things could go back to normal 



★’you alright?’

★’missed you a bit, but i’m good’

★’you missed me?’

★’yeah, not having you to talk to is awful’

★’i thought you were ashamed’

★’and i thought you were embarrased’

★’we didn’t speak for two weeks because of a misunderstanding?’ 

★’well when we’re done here you’re coming to the dorms and staying until further notice. I have two weeks to catch up on’ 


Originally posted by stylesinthewild

  Harry Styles was the clingy type of boyfriend. When the nights came that you were finally able to share the same bed, Harry would sleep with an arm draped over you. During the night, the heat would make you want to pry his arm off of you, but every time, he would wake up and put his arm over you once again. He’d never tell you the reason why, but it was due to paranoia. Paranoid that one day you’ll be tired of having to sneak around, of having your relationship hidden, of not being able to show the world, how much you both loved each other. He felt that if you were to leave him, you would do it in the middle of night. He knew that even in your most selfish moment, you would think of him and not be able to let him see you walk away. Therefore, he never let you go.

  One night, many thoughts roamed your head. Fans were beginning to speculate about your relationship, and as much as you loved Harry, you knew that when the date came to go public, you would not be able to handle the new found attention. As you kept on thinking, the clock kept on ticking, and Harrys’ hold kept getting stronger. The hold that once made you feel at home, began to feel uncomfortable. Those arms weren’t only yours, they belong to millions of fans as well. Fans who would not welcome you. Whose words were capable of taking away those arms from you.

 Suddenly feeling overwhelmed by those thoughts, you’d try to release yourself from his hold, and Harry kept waking up, securing his hand around you once again. It went on for about an hour, going from every twenty minutes, to every ten, to every five. Neither of you were getting the sleep you needed, and by four o’clock, you were fed up with it. His hold was suffocating you, and one last time you’d try to pry his hand off, and that time he did not put them back on you. You turned around to face him, to study his features, knowing this would be the last time you’d be able to see them up close. Moving with what was probably the grace of a predator, you got out of bed, quickly and quietly, trying to not wake Harry up, not knowing he was up with you.

  Feeling the bed move, Harry woke up, thinking his worst nightmare was actually happening. You were going to leave him. When he saw you enter the restroom, he quickly sat up, not daring to move. You’d be able to hear any sudden movements, seeing as it was early in the morning. He kept trying to think of different ways to convince to stay. They ranged from “First thing in the morning, i’m going to go up to the management, and tell them we want to go public” to literally begging on his knees “I’m sorry, angel! We’ll find a way, I promise.” He wasn’t sure exactly what he was going to say, but he didn’t care. He was simply desperate to get you to stay with him.  

  You were sitting on the bathroom floor, reading the letter you had wrote months back, not believing that a day would come when you would actually use it. You smiled as you read your letters vividly remembering the events you wrote on it, when you heard sniffles coming from inside your room. As quietly as you could, you got up from the bathroom floor, and tried to quietly walk back, when suddenly, the lights came on. There, in front of you, stood Harry, with puffy green eyes, the ones that you had fallen in love with, and a red nose. His watery eyes met yours, his mouth moved, but all you were able to make out was “please… I love you… you’re the best thing to ever happen to me… I love you.” Harry kept mumbling things after, but you were unable to make out half of what he was saying.

 Harry was a mess, he knew it. But seeing you calmly staring back at him, made him become even more heartbroken, knowing that no matter what he said, he would no longer be able to change his mind. Turning away to wipe his tears, a black object in the closet caught his attention, your suitcase. The suitcase he bought you when you went on your first ever trip together. The suitcase that you brought when you moved in to his house, the one that had become yours and his home. Harry could not believe an object that once held some of the happiest memories of your relationship, could now hold the saddest memory… the ending. He saw you walk up to it, and he quickly tried to snatch the handle from your grip, only to loose his footing, and ultimately fall down.

 You saw Harry lying across the floor, and as much as you wanted to help him up, you knew that whatever he told you next, would cause you to stay. Knowing that staying here would only bring you harm, you grabbed the handle, and started to walk out the door, when you heard Harry say, “I love you, isn’t that enough?” Not being able to look Harry in the eye, you shook your head, and left the room, leaving the note in the bathroom, and ignoring his pleas for you to stay with him.

 Harry cried for what felt like hours. And once he finally decided to get up from the floor, he noticed he had slept with the watch that you had given him on his last birthday. The watch had been gifted as a joke, as Harry would say that time would stop when he was around you. You had told him that with that watch he would be able to see how time would keep ticking and it would show that no matter how much time would pass, you would still be by his side. That watch had been the first thing to come in contact with the floor, causing it to break and forever read the same time, 4:18 a.m.

 You left him at 4:18 a.m.

A/N: Hi guys! This is my first one shot, and hopefully the first of many! I originally submitted this story to another blog ( @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy ) and i decided to post it, and begin writing other fan fiction. Please let me know what y’all thought :)

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic about Scott getting werewolf drunk with Derek and accidentally letting it slip that Stiles is on love with Derek. (In honor of your drinking) ;)

“Scott, I’m going to kill you!”

The door of his apartment banged open and for the first time in years, Scott jumped in shock. His coffee mug hit the kitchen tile and shattered, piping hot coffee splashed over his bare feet, and he suddenly remembered Stiles saying at some point that he was learning how to mask his presence from werewolves.

Apparently he mastered that particular skill.

And how to magically and silently open a deadbolt.

Normally Scott would pick up Stiles’ familiar heartbeat two floors down, and his jeep while it was still a ways down the road, but this time, there had been nothing. No heartbeat, no jeep, not even footsteps in the hallway—until suddenly there was everything. Elevated heart rate, clouds of anger wafting through the apartment, Stiles stomping closer, furious for some reason, and Scott could do nothing to prepare himself because for the first time in his life, he was hungover.

Really hungover.

He was dying, because just the night before, he discovered in the stupidest way possible that yes, werewolves could get drunk with the right tools and a little determination. And the right tool was some crazy strong alcohol Stiles brought back from Poland last year that could punch straight through even an alpha werewolf’s metabolism. And what did he do with that discovery?


Like a college freshman away from home for the first time, buckling under immense peer pressure.

He was hungover, he was dying, and he was an idiot.

An idiot who Stiles was apparently about to murder, judging by his murderous expression when he turned the corner and locked his wild, murderous gaze on Scott. His hair was tugged up in every direction, he’d probably slept in that loose and stretched shirt, and he had the manic energy of a man who’d been roaming the streets looking for vengeance.

It had been years since Scott last felt any kind of inkling of fear towards his best friend, but right then, standing in his underwear in a puddle of hot coffee, feeling nauseous and fuzzy and somehow bloated—he was horribly aware of the mountain ash that Stiles always had on him. It was the emissary’s favorite threat towards werewolves who pissed him off, and while he rarely ever followed through with it, that murderous face promised no empty threats. Just revenge.

Scott stepped out of the puddle of hot coffee. That was really all he could do to improve the situation.

“You told him,” Stiles accused, eyes narrowed with rage as he stalked closer. “You actually told him, I can’t believe you would tell him!”

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Just a lil side note: i almost failed maths in grade 5-8. Now, I’m doing 2 Maths subjects (straight A+’s) and ranked the third highest in my class for the harder maths subject (out of 20 students). You can do anything if you set your mind to it. Be persistent. Happy studying! :)

1. Keep up do date with the class

Even if the teacher doesn’t set homework, there is always an expectation that whatever excercise isn’t finished in class, you do at home! My maths class moves very fast (we do about 3 concepts/excercises each class) and so its crucial that the first thing I do when I get home, is finish off my maths questions! This is particularly important in the learning process, because if you understand it when you learn it, you will be far ahead of anyone else in an upcoming test- all you will need to do is revise!

This means:

- don’t sit next to anyone distracting

- work efficiently in class

- the time that your waste in class, is the time you will have to spend at home

2.  Do ALL the practice questions in your textbook

In my harder maths class, there are about 20 questions per excercise/concept (100+ per chapter) and so we might only get told to do about half of that. But, I strongly reccommend doing all of the questions! It is great practice and really consolidates your learning! 

ALSO, as the questions go on, they tend to get harder. DON’T GIVE UP IF THEY’RE TOO HARD. Ask the teacher’s help, persevere, or look for a video on YouTube. These are the questions that will most likely be in your tests/exams.

If you can do the hardest question, you can most likely do all the questions!

If you get a question wrong, do AT LEAST 5 more of the same style, make sure you know it well!

3. Practice is everything

You cant really study for maths the same way that you might study for science. There is nothing to memorise (apart from formulas, but the best way to remember them is to practice). Studying for maths IS doing practice questions. That’s all there is to it.   

 - listen to some tunes (music with lyrics is fine for maths!)   

 - put on a movie ( just try to not get too distracted)    

- find a comfy space   

 - just start studying.

4. How to study for maths when you’re sick of it all

Humans are creatures of habit. We like routines and we stick to them. BUT, studying maths can become tedious if you are constantly doing the same thing every time.


    - ditch the notebook and pencil. Buy some non-permanent glass markers and do some maths on your windows or mirrors! I do this ALL THE TIME! It’s actually really fun and it makes me feel like Russell Crowe from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (haha). Alternatively, you could also use a whiteboard if you have one!   

    - study in the library or another part of your house! 

    - buy some different stationery (this is always so fun)

5. For an upcoming test…

  1. do all the chapter review questions in your textbook. These tend to be a compilation of all the most important questions you will need to know. Take your time, don’t give up.
  2. Seek external resources for questions. I own other revision books for maths that isn’t part of my school’s recommended material. These really help when you need more questions to test yourself on.
  3. Do practice papers. THESE ARE CRUCIAL. Most of the time, the material that they test you on will be from past papers, the questions are the same, but they change the numbers!
  4. Take a deep breath. Drink some water. Focus. Time management is the issue for most people (including me :)), so when you feel like a question is too challenging, move on, come back to it when you finish with a fresh mind!

anonymous asked:

fkwkskfkd I never send things to the blogs I follow like this but I kinda need help with a lot of things but what if I want to give up on art? I love drawing but,,,, nothing looks good I'm just getting worse and worse and idk what to do I have no inspiration and nothing comes out as planned dkkfkdkskfnfnakxkfk

Ahh, I’m so glad you reached out! Honestly I seriously love giving advice so I’d be happy to help you out. Every single creator has doubts, even famous illustrators and artists, so I’d be happy to share what I and others have done to help ourselves out. 

Firstly, remember that practice is key. When you’re in an art block or frustrated with art, break the mold and do something that’s a bit different. What I tend to do is draw flowers from reference pictures or go outside and draw a tree or something. Other times, I’ll do thumbnail sketches of compositions like these.

You could do a still life, sketch only the part of a body you’re comfortable with, or do gesture drawings (which intentionally don’t look great). Heck you can even trace art, color someone’s line art, or things like that (obviously don’t share without artist’s permission though)! Looking at art tutorials can be a great source of inspiration too. 

Once you’re a bit more like “okay, I like this even when it doesn’t look great!” then you can start practicing the weaknesses you see in your art. For me, for instance, I tend to go with more stagnant poses and I’m not very good at drawing mouths and intense facial expressions. So I started googling references and just sketching them. When you treat it like a study, there’s less pressure for it to be perfect. You’ll notice some will look better than others but, when you walk away and then have to draw that part again, you’ll notice that it comes to you easier. 

Now, here’s the most important thing to remember when you feel like you’re getting worse. You’re not actually getting worse, you’re becoming more in tune with your art and noticing things you want to improve more. This is progress!! Awesome super fantastic progress! It only seems like you’re getting worse because you’re noticing the areas you want to improve more. So, all you have to do is start practicing those areas. 

While you’re doing this, celebrate how much more aware of the awkward anatomy and compositional errors and weird things you are. This is the best guide towards becoming a better artist–to be critical of your own work. But, to make sure you don’t knock yourself down with self-criticism, remember to be compassionate and honor what that teaching voice is sharing with you. Work together to become a better artist, to learn and grow. 

Lastly, remember that all of your favorite artists started somewhere and gosh did we start somewhere horrible lol. We all doubted our work (I still get frustrated sometimes!) and felt like we’d never be on par with our favorite artists. But we kept working–both on improving our artistic confidence and skills. 

So long as you keep trying, you’ll make it to where you want to be. That’s the only thing you need. 

For bonuses (lol) let me show you some of my old art compared to my newer stuff so you can see how bad I used to be (and most of these art was after about 5 years of study anyways!!).  

That piece is from seven years ago, so it took me seven years of doing art most days of the week to get to this sort of work: 

Now here’s a super old watercolor (from late 2011). It’s muddied and the composition is poor and it’s generally not a good piece looking back. 

About six years later, though, this old watercolor was transformed into pieces like this!

How I got here was practice. I kept trying. I notice what I wanted to work on, what parts about my art bugged me, and I studied them. Slowly but surely I improved. And you, lovely anon, you will too. 

Help me fundraise for a service dog? I only need another $333 to reach the halfway mark! <3

pretty girl ✧ peter parker

summary : peter parker may be a bumbling wreck around you most of the time, but when it comes down to it, his ability to shower you in his affections is unparalleled. 

wc : 1.6k

author’s note : i took part of @iusethistoreadfanfics aka liz aka the sweetest person ever’s request and an anon’s request for a pretty boy part two and turned it into this :) can be read separately it’s not a /direct/ sequel. 

   There was a moment, when you and Peter were at a standstill between not quite dating yet not quite just friends, when he understood with the entirety of his heart that simply calling you his best friend was not enough, nor would it ever be. He remembers the way he does every memory that involves you; as if he were stepping back in time and reliving it, clear as day, still so fresh in his mind that it could have happened just twenty four hours ago. 

   It was still the summertime when it happened, albeit one week shy of September and two weeks until the start of tenth grade for the two of you. Nevertheless, it was August, and school had been the furthest thing from your mind when you had begged Peter to accompany you to the beach, just an hour’s ride on the train from his apartment to the Rockaways. He had argued that it was more September than August at this point, that the ride would take forever, but you had insisted and because it was you and he was just another lovestruck boy with an affinity for making you smile, he agreed. He hadn’t gone with the intention of actually basking in the sunlight or standing at the edge of the water the way he knew you would, he just enjoyed your company. Then, he saw you standing there on the sand, staring out into the ocean in a pensive sort of way, and maybe it was the way the summer sunshine was illuminating you in an odd sort of way, but he knew he was in love in that simple moment. In love with the little freckles that spotted across your shoulders and the huggable way your body had been shaped and in love with the everything and anything about you. He had been well aware of the strange limbo you were both in- acknowledged feelings for each other hanging there but neither of you making a move to shift the balance in favor of a romantic relationship. 

   He was floored, to say the least. He barely blinked when you looked back at him, smiling brightly at him. “What are you looking at it?” You had said, standing next to him. He raised a hand to trace over the little stars, the freckles, on your shoulder with his finger, an unabashed grin beginning to make its way across his face. You knew what he was he looking at, and he didn’t want to be embarrassed when he told you. 

    “You,” he had breathed, an ever dreamy sigh. “Always you.” 

     Pretending not to be as shy as you were quickly becoming underneath his intent gaze, you looked down at his hand, still sitting at your shoulder before dropping awkwardly to his side. You met his eyes again, and his cheeks were burning bright red despite the confidence he had found within himself. He was still the dorky, easily flustered Peter underneath it all. He just wanted to be capable of giving you a compliment without stumbling over his own words. “Why’s that? I know I need to start doing crunches again but-” 

   “Don’t even finish that sentence.” Without saying much else for fear of not being able to coherently explain how utterly stunning he found you, he took your hand in his and pulled you over to the water. You two sat down there, and he had wrapped his arm around you hesitantly, but it wasn’t in the friendly way he had done it all those years, and you both knew it. Peter leaned over to rest his head on your shoulder. “I don’t think we’re just friends anymore.” You nodded, turning your head to the side so you were face to face with him, your hand slipping under his jaw. “What do you think, pretty girl?” 

   It was the first time he had called you that, though it wouldn’t be the last, and you had known it from the second his eyes lit up at the way you had ducked your head to hide the shy grin on your lips and the pink blotches on your cheeks. His smile was dazzling before he kissed you, and yeah, maybe you loved dorky Peter, but the confidence was ever so endearing as well. 

    Every part of Peter was impossible not to love. Even the parts of him that lived to embarrass you endlessly. 

    He took pride in being the sole resident of your heart, and because of this fact, he was the only person to ever be capable of making you blush like he’s never seen. Of course, he was the champion of being blushing like mad after receiving a compliment, but sometimes, you had to relinquish your control and just let the boy call you every term of endearment under the sun and watch as his sweet smile shined for you alone. 

   Pretty girl was your weakness. It was the weak in the knees, flustered grin, shying away sort of weakness. The sort of thing that made you hide your face from him only to have your hands grabbed and pressed against his cheeks as he waited for you to look up at him again.  

   Naturally, he tried to say it as often as possible. 

   “Psstt, pretty girl,” he kept his voice at a whisper, "D’you have the geometry notes for today? Think I lost mine.” He bit the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling when he saw you sink low in your chair in English class, staring down at your book. 

  “No.” You rested your elbow on the table, your cheek in your hand to hide most of the blush. “You have the notes. I saw you give them to Michelle. I need to get back to reading.” He nodded, plopping his own novel on his desk and propping it open, pretending to be reading when in reality he kept glancing back up at you. “What?” 

   “Nothing, nothing at all, pretty girl.” He laughed to himself as you placed your head on the table, and he laughed all the way to lunchtime as you blatantly tried not to look at him. Peter Parker is, however, unavoidable, no matter how hard you attempt to ignore his advances and happy little smiles when he catches you still all flushed pink from an earlier encounter, and in his head, he compares it to the blush of a rose petal. 

   After school, he meets you in front of your locker, leaning against the one next to yours like a dork and wiggling his eyebrows at you when you finally slam your door shut. “You’re coming over, right? You’re not too upset with me for making you all blushy and cute today in class? ‘Cause, like, really Y/N, if you were me, it would’ve been totally worth it. You were adorable.” Because it’s Peter, you can never be mad for too long, so you shake your head no and slip your hand in his. “Okay good, I wanted to get ya something.”  

    His surprise gift his a bouquet of pink roses that he says reminded him of you the moment they caught his eye early this morning, and he presents them with a long winded explanation of why to him, they were you. He watches your eyes crinkle at the corners, your hand squeezing his as your other hand takes the flowers from him. “Thank you, Peter. They’re- they’re very pretty.” 

   He shrugged, trying to play it off cooly even though inside he was utterly ecstatic that you had appreciated the flowers. He wasn’t always sure that he was getting this whole boyfriend thing down. “Pretty flowers, my pretty girl, no big deal.” But it was, at least to you. He holds your hand all the way to his apartment, enjoying the sunny glow on your cheeks that makes his own face burn in the best way. 

   May reminds you both to keep the door open when you get to his apartment, just because she’s the aunt and she has to remind Peter of those sorts of things, but neither of you mind. 

   He puts on his playlist for you when you drop your bag on his bed, motioning for him to come over and sit with you as Hearts Don’t Break Around Here softly fills the small room. Peter places his arm around you, the way he did three months ago at the beach for the first time when your feelings were new and wild and rushed. He starts singing quietly, always so shy about his voice even though he knows it’s your favorite thing to listen to. You can almost feel yourself falling asleep against him, but he shakes you gently to make sure you’re awake when he murmurs the next few lines. “Every night I’ll kiss you, you’ll say in my ear, oh we’re in love, aren’t we?” He lets Ed take over the remainder of the song as he looks down at you, and it’s a look that any girl or boy would fall for in a heartbeat. “We are, right? In love?” 

   “So in love,” you reply, kissing him soft as ever. Gentle. 

    “Good,” he whispered, his hand trailing over your face. “Sometimes I- I have to double check. Just make sure that I’m not… like, dreaming, or something. That I’m not driving you away with complimenting you so much, ‘cause I know you hate when you blush but I just can’t resist. You’re my sweet girl, my pretty girl. I need to tell you. Is that okay?” He’s got that nervous expression on his face again, so to put his mind at ease, you pull him against you again. 

    “Peter, that’s okay. As long as it’s you, it’ll be okay.” He relaxes under your careful touch, practically melting against you until you smirk a little and say, “I’ve got more of the power anyway, pretty boy.” And suddenly a red face Peter Parker is pulling away from you, furiously blushing and cursing the day he ever decided he was going to fall madly in love with you, except not really, because it was arguably the best day of his life.   

    The cycle then repeats. 

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I remember everything.
I remember how you used to pretend to be happy thinking no one could see through your act, but i did. I saw it all.
I remember how you opened up to me bit by bit, & i was so blinded by your strength that i didn’t realise that you weren’t getting better. You just got better at hiding it.
I remember how many times i had to talk you out of suicide & you promised me you wouldn’t go through with it ever, but little did i know you had crossed your fingers behind your back.
I remember how you called me at 4am that night & told me that no matter what happens i have to be strong, for you.
I remember how you said you loved me to death, i didn’t think anything of it. I should’ve realised what you meant by that, but i didn’t.
I remember how my heart broke as i read the note that you left me, telling me that you were sorry for leaving like this and that i was the best thing to ever happen to you. So why wasn’t i enough to make you stay?
I remember how angry i was at you for being selfish and for not thinking how this would affect me. How was i supposed to carry on without my best friend?
I remember how every little thing would remind me of you, of us.
I remember how as time went past, i slowly accepted the fact that you’re gone, that you’re finally happy, even if that meant without me.
I remember how i bumped into your brother the other day, & when he mentioned you, i smiled and for the first time in ages, no tears came out.
I remember how you used to tell me to follow my heart, so i did & it still led me to you.

i hate having such a bad memory lmao it makes me feel like such a shitty person when i can’t remember things about people i care about…. it’s not because i don’t care !! i just genuinely cannot remember !! please stop being condescending and making me feel shitty about not knowing things !! even if you have told me before !! i promise i was paying attention as best as i could !! i promise i care !! i just !! i can’t remember things !! please don’t hate me !!

Was, Wasn’t.

Summary: He was never really yours anyway.

Warnings: ANGST. SO MUCH ANGST. and swearing, light smut.

A/N: wooo it took me two days to write this. this my entry for @whothehellisbella‘s Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge! 
My song was Final Song by MØ and I hope I did it justice

You never noticed how the grey clouds highlighted the sky.  How through their shadows and darker outlines only made the white, the purity, stand out.

The rubble that had fallen on you had no effect anymore. Your body had become numb a long time ago, something you assumed was the last gift the world presented you with. Making sure your death wasn’t that painful.

You were aware of the body next to you, groaning and crying out in pain, in despair for some kind of help, but that’s all it was. Despair.

 He too had been there with you, he too had been under the rubble, but his strength prevented him from giving up. His lower body was probably as crushed as yours was, but all you could do was watch the sky. 

All you could do was watch the sky.

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Professional Behavior, Please

Request: @hmltntrsh51  Prompt 18 with Bucky? Maybe smut? (That parts up to you) But congrats on 2,000 followers!!!!!!!

@widowsfics   And also a smut one with 13 and 18 with Bucky pleasee

Prompts:   13)  “You can hurt yourself with that- *uses weapon skillfully*
You were saying?”

18)  ‘Let’s talk dirty to each other.’ ‘Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.’

Words: 1327

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Today is my birthday but you are the ones who win this gift.


Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me

Credit to the gif owners

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Visiting Bucky at work was one of your favorite things to do, you love how he kisses your cheek when he sees you, how he introduces you as his best girl to every single person that you to meet in the halls and how he always has his arm protectively around you.

But for sure your favorite part is watching him train, seeing his muscles move and how much he gets into what he is doing makes you feel things that you shouldn’t feel at your work place “Come on, babe kick his ass. Finish him and I will kiss you all over that beautiful face.” You said cheerfully, making him pin Steve down in seconds on the floor.

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Shawn's Pittsburgh Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn writes a lot about love because he says he finds it easier and natural to write about
  • Shawn would never get tattooed one of his own lyrics
  • "Do you like Jacob Sartorius?
  • -Idk much about him to be honest with you"
  • Shawn said cereal goes in before milk and you're doing it wrong if you put the milk in first
  • Shawn would love to play drums
  • If Shawn was invisible, he would go out into the streets completely naked
  • "If I could wish for one thing right now it would be for a certain political climate to die down" -Shawn Mendes
  • "How many points were taken off during your road test?
  • -I don't remember but, I know I was very close to failing"
  • "How's your mom doing?
  • -she's doing good probably missing me a little"
  • "We've seen signs that the fans are being recorded, what for?
  • - A documentary"
  • "pet peeve?
  • -I dont like when people don't understand personal space"
  • "Best Year of your life?
  • -This year has been the best"
  • Shawn would love to collab with John Mayer for his upcoming album
  • A fan asked Shawn if he would mind supporting her foundation for children and he said that it would be awesome!
  • Fan: If I ever become a famous singer, can we collab?
  • Shawn: Sure, you dont even have to be that famous, just send me some songs.
  • Fan: If I ever become a famous singer, can we collab?
  • Shawn: Sure, you dont even have to be that famous, just send me some songs.
  • After Grey's Anatomy, Shawn doesn't know what TV show he should watch next, but his sister is obsessed with Riverdale
  • Shawn said one of his best memories was the Nashville show. Hunter Hayes came to the show and he's always been a huge fan of him
  • Shawn said the best part of being famous is when companies like Toblerone send him free chocolate
  • There was a little boy that started crying during the Q&A so he had to leave and Shawn goes "bye little baby"
Things not to say to your gay friends

“Ew I hate gay guys, but like lesbians aren’t gross.”

“Gays are disgusting. Oh! No, not you, you’re the exception.”

“Yeah, I support gays! I just think they shouldn’t get married.”

“But you’re so pretty……………… For a lesbian:)”

“Oh yeah you’re a lesbian. But like, wouldn’t you hook up with this guy??? He’s so hot am I right?!”

“I’m sure it’s just a phase. I remember when you used to have a crush on this boy [blank] years ago.”

“You’re totally my best gay friend. But like not my best best friend. Get it? Out of all the gays you’re my fav.”

“If I were a lesbian I would toooootally do you.”

“Yeah being gay is totally okay as long as you don’t rub it in our faces.”

“You’re a feminist, of course you’re gay!”

“I don’t feel comfortable with you discussing anything that is related to the lgbt community.”

“But you can’t be Christian now.”

“Wait! You don’t happen to have a crush on me right?”

“Since you came out you’ve been acting more… gay.”

Feel free to add