remember when this use to be a quality blog

I feel like its almost natural for fans of any long running series to get defensive against fans that joined at a turning point. Even though I don’t appreciate it when FE fans still give me the “older games are utter perfection in comparison to the 3ds games” speech, because no matter what, I simply can’t go back and have the exact experience you did, nor have it to the same revering degree now after they’ve been placed on such a high pedestal. However I still completely understand why people can react like that sometimes, since I can be pretty much the same way with another franchise. When a game series becomes something different and/or declines in quality, it can feel like there’s two different types of people being placed under the same collective group of fans, and you’re less likely to relate to others like you used to. But we need to remember to take a step back and be welcoming, instead of just scaring people off, which is why I like this blog~

Spoonie Sigils: sigil #2:

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long time no see. Here is the long awaited #2 in the Spoonie Sigils series (say that 3 times fast!)

Anyway, this sigil is titled ‘energy’ and is intended to give you a boost of energy when the fatigue is too real and nothing is getting done. Think of it as a coffee, but just the magical symbolic version. 

Remember, as with everything on this blog, this is not intended to replace your normal medical or self care routine, just to be used as well as. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns with your heath!

p.s let me know if you would like me to make a post on how I make and charge my sigils, and I will!

p.s.s sorry about the image quality, I don’t know how to make cool digital images or stuff like that! I’ll try more in the future to take clearer images :)

Remember when I used to draw quality stuff? Yeah, me neither 

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YEAH I KNOW!! I remember when I first watched voltron and heard the word kerberos, I screamed bc being the huge nerd that I am it was so cool that they actually reached that far??

- Mod Keith

(Side note: Please guys.. I love to answer these questions but that’s not what the blog was made for, I would continue but I haven’t talked to Mod Allura yet, so if any of you have asks like this to send us please do it on our main accounts bc  we can do whatever we want there)

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You are literally my favorite blog to check on tumblr, your gifs and posts always make me smile. Thank you for all your hard work.

Anonymous said:Omg, without your gifs, i wouldn’t be able to look at the boys doing the same cute face over and over again, your gifs are a blessing to everyone, and i am eternally grateful for you (and them)! Please never stop making them!

Anonymous said:I found your blog because of your BV videos BUT I stayed for the quality blog ^^ You’re one of the blogs that made me decide to make a blog and I’m not even jimin/taehyung biased haha. I’ll follow you forever because your blog is quality everything, and you’re an amazing person for doing so much for this fandom. Thank you! We don’t deserve you ;;

Anonymous said:Also I remember I really loved that you had smyang on your music playlist on your blog back when you used to have music on your blog :’)

oh yeah i miss the music :(

and you guys are so nice i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve such amazing followers but thank you all! all of this really keeps me motivated to continue to run this blog and be active in the fandom <333

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hi *waves*

I made a follow forever not too long actually but because I love kyungsoo and jongin (and kaisoo) so much, I had to make a special one for this number (I’m the zero in the middle, bc I’m a loser :))

thank you so much for following me, for talking to me, for tagging me in things and for reblogging/liking my gifs/edits/drabbles *throws hearts* you’re all precious cinnamon rolls and I hope you all get your bias’ photocard, that your otp has lots of cute moments together and that you’ll randomly find money on the street tomorrow (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ. alright, let’s get to it, shall we?

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i don't think we've actually done any threads but i have been following your blog for ages. i just remember always getting a really positive energy from you. despite us never doing threads you have always been extremely kind. i always admire your blog when i see you're on, because you're so damn quality. i think your portrayal of probably mike is the best i've seen. seeing your url on my dash is just, a really nice thing. keep doing you dude.

No, we haven’t. Clearly, this needs to be fixed. You know those memes that go around asking what kind of vibe a blog gives off? I was tempted to reblog once but didn’t, so being told this is nice on its own. Thank you, when I saw I had an ask in my inbox waiting I had no idea it would be such a thoughtful and kind message. I ended up copy pasting this to a friend and saying how shook I was lmao like this is beyond complimentary to the point I don’t know what to say…I’m floored, thank you again. The pup here is well loved as a choice to portray and so there are other great Mikes out there too. But to be considered a personal favorite portrayal of someone’s and have my url be viewed in such a positive light is on another level. Thank you again, we really gotta write together!

ERMAGERDH! brutamod lost his blog to tumblr-bot!

if you dont know who brutamod is his one of my favorite tumblr blogs out there if not THE favorite! all his art and comics are filled with so much quality and soul and blood and butts. he has been putting out quality content as long as i can remember. he used to be at his biggest when i didnt even know how to draw. give this awesome fedora-bro a follow.

his currently trying to build up his blogs again. also WARNING his blog can be very nsfw and contains alot of sjw bullshit. so dont follow if your sensitive to that sort of stuff.


love you senpai-brutez

Remember when I used to actually make quality posts and didn’t just reblog and shitpost?

I wish I still did. I really want to get this blog going again. So look forward to that.

Also, since I’ve been mildly inactive some blogs have died off and I need new ones to follow.

If you’re a blog that posts Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus or Cow Chop, reblog this! I’ll check you out and probably drop a follow. You can like it instead, but a reblog is much appreciated so I can find more people to follow.

In Memoriam

My friends… I have tragic news…

Tonight, as I went to heat up some cold spaghetti… a terrible thing happened. Sorry, this is really hard for me. I put the spaghetti in the microwave oven and started it…

When I went to check on it again… The spaghetti was still cold.

I checked the temperature, tested again, but still cold, and now I started to panic. The light turned on, the plate spun, but it was a mere shadow of the microwave oven’s former life and warmth.

After trying everything, turning the dials back and forth, starting and restarting… I consulted with my dad, and we decided it was time to pull the plug and let the microwave oven go, putting it out of its misery.

I’ll always remember you, microwave oven. You were coming up on your 12th birthday. (Just two more months!) You were a gift. …From my uncle for my dad’s 50th birthday, which is the only reason I remember when we got you. You were our first. You’ve moved with us, you’ve been with us through ups and downs.

We’ve had some good times… Cold dinners reheated. Popcorn popped. Taco wraps warmed. Even water for cocoa or instant coffee boiled, back before the kettle joined our family. We’ve had our quarrels too. That thing you did to my brownie-in-a-mug? Yeah… But we always made up. It’s gonna be difficult letting you go. Hopefully I’ll learn to love again, when dad goes and buys a new one tomorrow.

Goodbye, old friend.

I guess quick bullet points for 10x10 even though I probably covered half of this in my live blogging :P

  • So.. Metatron’s a douche.
  • That’s not a meta point just a fact.
  • But also he clearly knows nothing about getting rid the mark and wanted nothing more than to rile Dean up and force him to go dark side faster.
  • Because once again Metatron is. a. douche.
  • Several references to ties tonight, first with Rowena looking in Crowley’s tie wardrobe and again with Claire telling Cas she likes him better in a tie. Not really sure what connection to make there, other than when I think of ties I think of formal attire or uniforms… buttoning up and playing your role or performing your duty perhaps?
  • Cas 100% plays the “it’s for humanity” card when freeing Metatron, as if Dean is just another monster that needs to be taken care of, but when it comes to dealing with Claire he’s unable to vocalize or even consider that Dean could be a monster, even if doing so means keeping Claire safe and in his presence.
  • Cas just really loves Dean a lot okay.
  • Also it’s canon now that Cas likes texting and emojis and can sense longing for him and therefore it is 100% implied canon that Cas texts Dean dirty emoji laden messages when he senses he is longing for him bye.
  • That is some really good meta right there look at that meta.
  • Do you guys remember when I was a respectable meta blogger yeaaaaaah fun times.
  • Do you think Cas types in all proper sentences with perfect grammar and punctuation or do you think he’s a fan of abbreviation?
  • Anyways I am an adult with at least half a brain so let’s get back to the pseudo-intellectual points… >_>
  • I loved the symbolism of Dean with the axe being able to stop himself from killing those kids who attacked him. The Tin Woodman remembered he still had a heart in there…
  • Rowena with the first blade, yeah nothing at all can go wrong there…
  • If Cain is the source of the mark and the metaphorical river ends with him, how is he going to help Dean remove the mark exactly? I saw neven-ebrez suggest Dean might have to kill Cain with the blade, but I wonder how that will work? Since Cain already tried killing himself with the blade and all that did was bring him back as a demon, I wonder if the only way for it to work is if another bearing the mark and wielding the blade stabs him? I guess they’re free to take the canon wherever they want here, but it seems a bit too easy even if Rowena ends up keeping the blade hostage…
  • Also trying to wrap my head around why Metatron would blurt out those words as Dean was torturing him? He clearly wasn’t trying to help him…
  • Maybe just maybe he was trying to say that the darkness in Dean ends with Dean? That he is the source and the river of his darkness begins and ends within him. In that case I’m thinking Cain will be helping Dean learn to live with the mark, and we all know what helped Cain stop…
  • Dean is sad and I am sad bye.

Remember when my blog was made up of poor quality webcam photos? The beginning days of FLTL. (that’s the first time I used that shortcut, btw)

I’m actually blogging from a computer right now which is something I haven’t done in a hot minute. Now i want to write tons of posts, leave lots of comments, and send fan mail for days because its so much easier to type on a keyboard. 

Speaking of the beginning days of FLTL, I was going through old albums on Facebook and came across this collage. It was one of the first blog headers I ever made. There was a comment on it from my Mom saying “It’s hard to believe that not too long ago you were not running at all. I am really proud of you.” And I just had one of those moments where I realized that at one point in my life just being active was a major accomplishment and something new and now it’s something I enjoy and try to incorporate into my life often.

I’ve always had this blog for myself. The community has been a wonderful and amazing part of my journey and not to mention literally why I am where I am today. Shout out to Tumblr Crush Tuesday for someone posting Kevin’s blog so I decided to follow him. I got a little distracted there but what I meant to say is that this has always been a blog that’s been an expression of my thoughts and happenings in my life. Over the past few years I have written my posts in a very specific way to where any feelings, decisions, and advice I give is always geared towards myself. I’m not out to tell people what to do or have anyone tell me what to do.

Seeing that photo set just really reminded me of the heart of why I started this blog: to find the joy in living life.

Sometimes I forget very easily that that’s why this blog is here. And for as long as my heart stays in it, I plan to keep using this blog to do just that. 

Ignore the ugly banner I tried to make.

Hey, so I meant to do this when I hit my first 100, but … I don’t know. Time passed really fast? I used to be a sideblog and I remember I had over 500 followers, so I felt really burdened when I remade my blog into a main blog. However, I regained my followers and more! So, because I’m already really close to 700, I decided to make a follower forever (’:

Thanks to everyone who follows my lame blog even though I don’t really do anything except make low quality icons and I haven’t even done that in a while. I don’t talk to a lot of people on here, but I promise I know all of you and I really appreciate everyone! Thanks to all the people who follow me, reblog my terrible edits, and support Astro! Ily. ♥

Usually when I make these, I bold mutuals but since mostly everyone is a side blog, I’m just going to bold my favs. in the end, i bolded all of them because i love all of u and i didn’t want to leave anyone out bc i’m a nerd

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