remember when this show

Remember when on Stevens universe they showed someone kissing someone else’s like titties and neck that was so fucking weird !

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What do you think about that first commercial of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger? A lot of fans of those hospitalized masctos didn't bode well with them but I still find it really hilarious because it was so out of character of TY. Really was a bold commercial.

I remember being shocked when EA first showed it to us. But quickly decided that it was bold and poking fun at the whole mascot thing, much like the Early Crash Bandicoot ads where they had a guy in a suit out front of Nintendo. So I said I was OK with it but they had to fix the announcer’s voice. The one they first showed us had this really bad attempt at an Aussie accent that made me really cringe.

Also let the record show that we did get offered a Crash Bandicoot game and a Spyro game. The missed out on Crash but we made TWO Spyro games. So there’s that. I totally would have mad a Sonic game if it was offered.

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Sin I need your help! Me and my band made it into the talent show and I thought I would be really excited but I'm starting to freak out because it's tomorrow. I have horrible anxiety and I don't want to chicken out, help!!

Remember those feelings you had when you tried out for the talent show? And your goal was to get into it?

Think of those feelings, because that’s the reason you went to begin with. Don’t back out now, you were obviously good enough to get in, now go wow the audience.


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)

N̡ͫ̚e̊̊͒̆v̨̔̌ͬͧ̎̋ͣȇ̌̓̃ͦ̌̂ȓ̄͘-̐̃Ė͋͂ͩ̓͛͏n̽̎̃̈̃ͫ́dͮͮͮͯ̅̀ͪi̅͗ͤ̆̉̍͝n̈́̀̉ḡ ͐́ͦ͋N̛ĩ̓̉͋̓̌ǵ̏̾ͬh̴̔ͯ̿ͭt̂̊m̈́̏ͪ͐ͥ̚â̶̊̂͆̿ͪrͦ̂̃ͬ́̄̈e̵͆̊̎


steven universe (marble madness & open book) » his dark materials trilogy (plus that one movie)


Whoniverse: Class - a Quill an episode for the BBC America broadcast (1x01)


        It’s her first day back to school since
                 the infamous meltdown.

sometimes i think maybe ive over exaggerated in my head how gay BBC Merlin was, but then i remember that when dying, Arthur literally caressed Merlin’s face whilst saying “Just…Just Hold Me” and im reassured that no, i haven’t over exaggerated anything