remember when they were my first otp

It has been a year since Barn Mates had aired in the U.S.(sadly I live in Asia, but still gonna celebrate this official date)

I remember when snippets of the episode were leaked months before airing and there was a heck ton of theories about them(Lapis and Peridot).

It has become my third favourite episode next to Mr. Greg and Giant Woman, but why?
Because this is the first time Lapis and Peridot had actually interacted so much on screen, this is the first time I saw Peridot say such significant things like:
“This place, doesn’t exactly feel like home yet. You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like! Oh wait, I do! “ 
and “ We’re the same, except! you don’t have to be alone..”. (this is actually my fave Peri-quote)
It was glorious, though kinda sad since Lapis decided to break Peridot’s precious tape recorder and tell her to leave, but Lapis in the end listens to Steven and give Peridot a chance hence she saves both of them from the Roaming Eye.

also if you’re curious:

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Sometimes there's a vibe where I feel like they were trying to set up Yang as the somewhat more Experienced and flirty one in the show and then I remember she has not flirted with anyone but Blake and has shown exactly zero (0) interest in anyone since she's met her and I'm just-

I was gonna make another shitty gif for this, but I have to study for a final so.

But watching Yang’s facial expressions change when she first sees Blake is fascinating. Wait, I can do it with screenshots, that’s a lot faster.

So before they notice Blake, Yang’s smiling sweetly at Ruby after reassuring her that she’ll be able to make friends.

Then after Blake lights her candles and they start to look over at her, Yang’s making this neutral expression.

And once she sees Blake, but before Ruby mentions kind of knowing Blake, she starts smiling again. And it’s like. Yang, why are you smiling at this random girl who isn’t even looking at you?

It’s also a more “smirky” smile than when she’s smiling at Ruby (although that could be because of the angles), so it looks kind of like she’s being like “Hey, pretty lady.”

The self-indulgent part of me is like, this is when Yang realized she’s into girls and she was like “Sweet, more people to potentially date.” Then she got to know Blake and was like “This girl is the only person I want to date.”

There’s also that huge smirk she gets when Ruby says Blake saw what happened with Weiss earlier, but that could either be “Thank you for giving me an excuse to talk to the cute girl, little sis” or “Sweet, a friend for Ruby!”

I’m gonna choose to believe it’s a combination of both

  • otp: i will love you forever
  • otp: loving you has changed my life
  • otp: we're planning a june wedding
  • otp: i'm getting married
  • otp: you're my family now
  • otp: i want you to marry me
  • otp: i won't let you lost control
  • otp: come home
  • otp: you have me
  • otp: my best friend
  • otp: you saw light in me
  • otp: you'll fall madly in love
  • otp: dance with me
  • otp: i will wait for you
  • otp: and i love you
  • otp: i don't know when it became more than friendship but it did
  • otp: please come back
  • otp: i made a list of all the things i've done since i fell for you
  • otp: all i needed was for you that you felt something
  • otp: you and i have had more history in the last 5 years, than most people have in a lifetime
  • otp: i'm thinking about you
  • otp: you make me happy
  • otp: when i'm with you, i'm happy
  • otp: i thought you were worth having a thing for
  • otp: you may not remember but i do
  • otp: i've been ready for this moment since i first saw you
  • otp: you're going to be at the end of the aisle waiting for me
  • otp: i will love her forever too

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When did you start shipping Daisy and Robbie ? :)

Ooh, fun question!

Alright, so I technically started to ship them after the first episode, but I was totally against it! I remember a lot of people like myself were expecting the show to put these two together, and I was just like no! Not another love interest! (I only just started watching AoS the summer before and I was hella upset about Trip and Lincoln ;w;) But Chloe and Gabriel’s chemistry is outstanding!

So, low-key, I started to ship them after the first episode because of their chemistry and god all of the sexual tension. It was fun and exciting!

The moment where I was like “okay, this is my new otp, these guys need to be together” was in episode three. When Robbie came back at the end with bandages and medicine for Daisy. Oh my god, the look on his face! He was so concerned about Daisy it just touched my little shipper heart! <3 It’s like, bruh, you just tried to kill her a few days ago and now you are super worried about her health? Episode three was just such a good episode. Seeing them team-up together was the best!

So yeah, I've been shipping Daisy and Robbie since boy first rolled on to the scene, but episode three is what sealed it for me :)


I remember when my otp first showed up on my dash.
They were so cute.
I contacted a many of people…
My best friend of many years was like
“That shows on netflix, watch it”
And I did.
I then went to tumblr.
(After binge watching EVERY EPISODE ON ONE NIGHT)
And there it was…
The glory of my otp.
I found
Fan art and fan fics
Aus and Alt. Personalities
Gender queer characters
Gay as hell characters
A lot of use of the word “hella”
The fluff,
The angst
And the smutt
Oh god the smutt

And in my head swear to god and my otp,
I could hear it…

Everyday I look for new fics and art
Listening to my head now sing
“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home”


And now I have a serious problem and I should really seek help.
I will…..

After I finish this last chapter.


So I just read the last comic of W.I.T.C.H. And I’m crying. Like, really hard.

These five girls, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, represent my childhood and everything I am today. I grew up with them, I loved them.

The lasts sagas were not as good as the firsts ones, but still. They were my best friends, the best friends I ever had. They taught me how to be brave and to trust my friends because friendship is the strongest bond in the universe. They taught me that its ok to be myself.

I started reading it when I was about 6 years old, all my friends were collecting the stickers and I decided to give them a chance. I bought the 10th issue and after reading it, I wanted to become one of them. I hurried and bought the first two books and whatever merchandising they released (which was a lot). I have a schoolbag, the diaries, the specials, books, notebooks, pens and I still keep all the presents that were given with the comics. I read everything in it, from top to bottom, I sent letters and drawings, I used to imagine that I was one of them.  I remember when they stopped selling them in Spain and how angry I got, it’s true that I didn’t like the new power saga and the followings as much but… but they were my girls! There were things happening to them and I wanted to know them all! I had to fight with them! And then, there was the TV series, which felt a little odd as the characters’ behaviours, the plot, nothing was the same but I enjoyed it too, and the videogame! How many times have I played the videogame?! too many, that’s for sure. And re-read the magazines? like a thousand times each issue? when I say that I love something, I really mean I LOVE something. Oh! I remember that when I was little, I used to think that when I turned 13 years old (the same age as them), the Oracle would call me to become a Kandrakar Guardian. And how sad I was when I read the chapter were they were shown what would happen if they rejected their powers. 

I remember Hay Lin’s addiction to aliens and big glasses, her two ponytails, and her habit of writing things on her hands (remember when she created W.I.T.C.H? “There are our initials. W.I.T.C.H.! Isn’t it a good name?”). I remember Taranee and her alternative look, her braid, how shy she was and how much she loved photography. And Irma and her amazing magical bathtub, her funny jokes and her obsession about Karmilla. And Will and her conversations with the refrigerator and alarm clock, how much she enjoyed swimming and Lirón/Mr. Huggles (I CRIED A RIVER WHEN HE DIED) and her frogs. I remember how beautiful and rational Cornelia was and how smart and strong she was, breaking every stereotype. I didn’t a have a favorite, but Irma was special because she and I were too similar (and water was my favorite). And Elyon (which was my favorite secondary character) and Orube. And the Oracle and Yan Lin, and Caleb, Matt, Nigel, Eric (Hay Lin x Eric my first OTP), Joel and Martin, Vathek, Cedric, Uriah, Collins, and please, MISS KNICKERBOCHER and their families, their astral drops and the rest of the school. And their enemies, they really were badasses. And my favorite, the story about the origin of the Heart of Kandrakar:  Xin Jing and the Four Dragons.

W.I.T.C.H. means a lot to me. They had an asian cutie and a black nerdy girl, a chubby and a skynny girl and a gorgeous blond hair girl who was definitly not stupid (they messed this up a bit with the TV series, I hated how they made Cornelia). They had normal teenage problems and they had to go through them like any normal girl. The got their hearts broken, family problems and there were times when even their friendship was tested. And something that  I really loved is that Taranee and Cornelia had times when they wondered if they wanted to be guardians, because that shows that they were human and teenagers, actually, and being a magical girls was difficult and dangerous, but still they kept their powers and fought bravely.

And now… they are gone. I already miss them a lot…

good bye, my friends.

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First of all, thanks to you, karlsana is my one and only otp right now but I've just realised that when Sana was reading the "Remember there isn't just only one person out there for you" article; the captions for the other articles in you may also like section are "8 Signs of a man who will never ever stop loving you", "8 Signs of fake nice people you need to be aware of" and "18 signs you've found your SOULMATE". We were only looking at "the other persons" part but the whole clues were there

karl is four letters. multiplied by two is eight letters. “8 signs of a man who will never ever stop loving you”

remember the first time Jem Carstairs met his future wife Tessa Gray and the first words he spoke to her were “Will? Will, is that you?”

remember when the love of Will Herondale’s life Tessa Gray told him she was engaged to Jem and his first response was “Jem. My Jem?”


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-11: a scene/part you keep rereading

(Addicted After All chapter 21: throwback to Lily and Lo’s first “wedding”)

“Do you remember the Cayman Islands trip?” Lily asks, staring at the water in reverence.

My heart pounds, an added beat, happy it’s her. Here. With me. “When we were seven?” I think hard, trying to wash away the blurry haze of our childhood.

She nods. “Our dads had a business trip for the week, and they brought us on this yacht.”

It starts coming back. We were carted around to most of their meetings instead of being kept in daycare. Just us two and a ton of older cigar-smoking men. “We built a fort in the bow with couch cushions,” I recall. I smile at the image of her thin build and big eyes. She was quiet and shy and when the stewards came around to ask us if we’d like any drinks, she’d whisper her order in my ear.

I also can’t remember a night where we didn’t sleep in the same bed. Innocent sleepovers. At first they all were, and somewhere along the way, we changed. I fell in love with her.

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NOTP...Sumia and Chrom.... I just love him so much lol..He's mine

no he’s mine lol

my NOTP too | I don’t ship it | it’s okay | I ship it hard | OTP

i think sumia’s and chrom’s supports were badly written tbh. the writers could of put more effort into them considering how much they shoved sumia/chrom in your face :/ i remember when i first played awakening i thought you had to pair them together since the game itself ships them

send me your notp

I know we’re all really excited that Stiles and Lydia are going to be getting together, but I think I’ve been so focused on the fact that my OTP was finally happening that I forgot the fact that we’re sort of losing something.

Everything in the last eighty episodes of Teen Wolf has been building up to this moment for these two, but for us as a fandom, it’s more than that. We come onto this website and we theorize. We fangirl. We make best friends. We daydream about what’s going to happen when they finally get together. We’ve thought about thousands of different ways their first kiss could go.

We’ve also ached and agonized and screamed over these two. I remember when people were constantly coming into my inbox asking me if I really thought Lydia was in love with Stiles or if it was just a pipe dream. Do you remember when the last time anybody in our fandom questioned that was? Because I can’t.

All of these moments of hoping and talking and feeling like it could never, ever come fast enough and we never realized that it finally happening would mark a huge turning point. Because what’s it going to be like when it doesn’t feel like this anymore?

I feel like we could never find a way to get close enough to these characters except for watching the episodes over and over and loving them with everything we had. The songs, the dialogue, the innocent touches. We went into each episode full of hope and sometimes we were disappointed. Sometimes we were exalted. But now it’s going to be over– sure, we’ll still be here producing content and talking about Stydia. But it’s just not going to be the same ever again. The clock is running out, and I’m not sure if any of us ever actually thought about what it would mean when we got to right here, where we are.

Something is over by nature of something else beginning.

So enjoy these last seven days, guys. Talk to your Stydia friends. Read your favorite fics. Write out some head canons. Because after this, it’s never going to be quite the same ever again.


 Okay. Let’s get started, am I right?

Clexa for me is a lot of things. It is not only representation, but it is also something I can connect to on so many different levels. Every time I pick up a book or watch an LGBT+ TV show or movie, It is constantly the same story. It’s always, “Girl falls for her best friend, the other chick goes along with it, and at the end it ends badly and they never get together for real.” There is never a sense of adventure of a hero who is bisexual or lesbian or trans or etc. We don’t get the ‘Prince charming’ and ‘happy ending’ type of stories. We never get the hardcore adventures, we never get that normalized slow burn that straight couples get all the time in movies, tv shows, and books. 

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“Remember my first summer in D.C.? You and I just started hanging out a lot and this one night we met for a beer.
Well, I had gotten a job offer in San Francisco but we were having such a good time that I decided to wait to tell you I was moving until after our drink.
And when we finally got to your door I started to tell you about my job but you were distracted looking for your keys.”

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i. do you remember the first time we kissed? you were crying. i once kissed a crying girl. this was much better. you were better. i dont think i loved her, but i was fifteen and what was i supposed to do? i wish it had been you. i like you more. you had to pull away when the hiccups started. you giggled as you sobbed into my shoulder, finally recognizing the hilarity of this whole thing. i wish i'd kissed you sooner. //q.s.s. [can you tell what OTP this is based on? i hope so]

((OOC: drarry?))

The Immortals Quartet by Tamora Pierce

  • As far as plot goes, I did and still do prefer this to the Alanna quartet. Give me a dose of politics and a war or two with my fantasy/scifi any day.
  • Numair. You’re great. A lovely nerd. But you’re also thirty fucking years old. Please do not canoodle your sixteen-year-old student. She’s half your age. You met her when she was thirteen.
  • That said, this was pretty much the height of romance to me at age nine. They were elementary school me’s first OTP, really, as far as I remember. I have no idea how many times I reread the canoodling scene when I was little, but it must have been a bunch, because the moment I saw the word “canoodle” the entire passage came flooding back to me. Did I remember the plot of any of the books? Heck no. Did I remember canoodling? Yep.
  • When you’re nine, sixteen just seems sufficiently grown up, I guess. But now that I’m no longer a teenager, sixteen-year-olds freak me out a bit, tbh. (No offense meant if you’re reading this and happen to be sixteen. My sister’s turning sixteen in a month, and she’s very nice usually. Grumpy, though.) The mere idea of making out with sixteen-year-olds when thirty is kind of horrifying.
  • At least there weren’t any sex scenes. I’m not sure I could’ve taken that.
  • It’s weird what you remember after over a decade of not reading a book. All these years I remembered Daine’s little friends as “darklings,” but apparently it’s “darkings.” (I still think darkling is cuter, though. And a real word, which is probably why I remembered it that way.)
  • And some bits it’s not so much remembering as just knowing exactly what’s going to happen next, to the point where I’m not sure if it’s remembering, foreshadowing, or obvious plot points.
  • I was going to say I wanted to know more about Numair’s past, but apparently there’s going to be a series about exactly that in a year or two, so hey, I’m ready.
  • And the gods are all douchebags.