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What were some of your earliest ships? (Like in general, not just Hetalia-ships)

(Oh man I still remember my first ship like my first love.
When I was 6/7 I had a huge obsession with Bambi and I shipped Bambi and Faline like no tomorrow lmao, I remember I’d doodle them together a lot. I didn’t know it was called shipping back then obviously, but yeah it was definitely my first OTP. ^^)

Sneaking more fanfic onto the interwebs

I was bored at work today – or maybe I just feel so defeated anymore that I didn’t want to deal with the neverending drama that is the newscycle. So I decided to write something nice to distract myself. Unbeta’d. 


“Uh, hi. My name is Darcy Lewis. I’m here to see Sam Wilson?” Darcy said to the young man at the reception desk. He looked younger than her – an intern, maybe. He nodded and pushed a button on his phone.

“He’s expecting you Ms. Lewis,” he said. “He’ll be right out.”

She nodded and took a seat on the sofa. She’d brought a folder with her resume and college transcript. She didn’t know if she needed it or not – but honestly she didn’t know what she was even doing there. She’d been supporting herself after college with a healthy balance of temp jobs and not a little of help from her parents. Her best friend’s boyfriend said a guy he knew from school needed an assistant and encouraged her to give them a call.

The guy was New York’s junior senator. She’d laughed in his stupidly beautiful face, but she’d taken the number anyway.

She’d called and once she explained how she found out about the job they asked her to come down for an interview.

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  • otp: i will love you forever
  • otp: loving you has changed my life
  • otp: we're planning a june wedding
  • otp: i'm getting married
  • otp: you're my family now
  • otp: i want you to marry me
  • otp: i won't let you lost control
  • otp: come home
  • otp: you have me
  • otp: my best friend
  • otp: you saw light in me
  • otp: you'll fall madly in love
  • otp: dance with me
  • otp: i will wait for you
  • otp: and i love you
  • otp: i don't know when it became more than friendship but it did
  • otp: please come back
  • otp: i made a list of all the things i've done since i fell for you
  • otp: all i needed was for you that you felt something
  • otp: you and i have had more history in the last 5 years, than most people have in a lifetime
  • otp: i'm thinking about you
  • otp: you make me happy
  • otp: when i'm with you, i'm happy
  • otp: i thought you were worth having a thing for
  • otp: you may not remember but i do
  • otp: i've been ready for this moment since i first saw you
  • otp: you're going to be at the end of the aisle waiting for me
  • otp: i will love her forever too

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I'd love to know what you love about Pacey/Joey! I remember shipping them when I was young but it's been so long that I don't remember that much about them, so I'm curious! :)

Well, I haven’t watched Dawson’s Creek in a long while but Pacey/Joey was my first OTP, I really didn’t know what shipping was until DC. And Pacey ruined all men for me. I’m still looking for my very own Pacey Witter.

There are a lot of reasons why I love them. First of all, the undeniable chemistry between the two actors. Even before Pacey and Joey were a ship, they brightened up the screen when they were together. I’m also a sucker for the enemies-to-friends-to-lovers trope, what can I do? (On second thought, they probably are the reason why I’m a sucker for that trope.) Then, there’s also the fact that they brought out the best in each other and they grew together, both as individuals and as a couple. I don’t know, with them you had all the grand romantic gestures but also the small, everyday things of couples, you know? They were so great together that the writers couldn’t find any other way to break them up than have Pacey act completely out of character. And even so, they were endgame. 

The more obvious reasons below… (which, btw, still give me butterflies…)

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*comment about how hyun jae stole ji hoon’s crush and didn’t improve his father-son relationship with Ji Hoon instead*

Oh boy…  Let my pettiness begin 

1st: relationship between Ji Hoon and Hyun Jae

“omg he’s his dad why didn’t the show focus more in their relationship as father and son!??!?!?”

Did… did we watch the same drama? Okay so first of all, the Hyun Jae that traveled to 2017 is 1993 Hyun Jae, the Hyun Jae that dated Bo Hee and is actually Ji Hoon’s dad is 1994 Hyun Jae, before that moment Hyun Jae didn’t even know Bo Hee personally (yep it clearly says so in ep 28 look it up). I mean, if my mom time traveled to this exact moment in her 24 years old self she would probably be like “dude what the fuck I just bought my first new car what do u mean saying you’re my daughter” 

If that isn’t enough to convince you, you can totally skip to the 31st episode where ’94 and ’93 Hyun Jae(s) meet and ’94 HJ tells him to talk more about Ji Hoon and in those few minutes shows how much he cares for him (“I miss them.. Gwang Jae, Bo Hee….. Ji Hoon…” AREN’T YOU GOING TO SAY THAT SCENE BROKE YOUR HEART?? AND WHEN HE TOLD ’93 HJ TO GIVE HIS BRACELET TO JI HOON?? Oh my god I’m already crying)

“But still… 1993 HJ is so selfish, even if he actually never hooked up with Bo Hee until a year later HE’S!! STILL!! HIS!! DAD!! AND SHOULD AT LEAST CARE ABOUT HIM!!” Again… did we watch the same drama?

Quoting Hyun Jae: “I didn’t go through it, but that’s still me.” “You know what? I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you. I’m sorry for making you feel lonely. I’m sorry for the things I did to say sorry” ??? Idk about you but that sounds like a real deep apology for me. Plus, it’s not only about him apologizing or making whatever he can to fix his relationship with Ji Hoon. It’s also about Ji Hoon accepting his feelings and not be like “wtvr ure not my real dad bla bla I only have one dad and his name is Gwang Jae” and of course I can totally understand what he’s feeling!! I know what is like to not have a dad present in your life and resenting him because he abandoned you (or in this case, feeling like he abandoned you) but as I already explained before, that’s not the case here!! Hyun Jae did try in many opportunities to improve their relationship (because at the end, he was his future-self’s son). He wanted Ji Hoon to pursue his dream of being a singer, so in ep 13 he actually tried to him so Gwang Jae wouldn’t know he was a trainee. He actually encouraged him to stand up to Gwang Jae and Bo Hee and tell them his real wish and actually stood up to Gwang Jae and told him to allow Ji Hoon pursue his dream (and that actually caused a discussion between them). In other opportunities he kept on showing his support (and in a lot of those opportunities Ji Hoon didn’t want him close… so don’t put all the blame in Hyun Jae) heck, he even fixed the song Ji Hoon had written so he and MC Hammer could debut with it. It wasn’t until ep 28 where Ji Hoon actually confessed how he felt towards HJ and where their relationship actually took a deeper step (because they were sincere with each other u see?? Development is great!)

Should I keep on talking about this subject? Nah let’s move with the second one (and my favorite one lmao)

2nd: “I’m so pissed I wanted Ji Hoon and Woo Seung together but ugh nope Hyun Jae had to come and steal her from Ji Hoon’s arms even though we all knew he had feelings for her for a long time and even worst he’s his father ew ew Ji Hoon is step-son zoned now”

I… I don’t even know where to begin with this to be quite honest…

“Hyun Jae stole Ji Hoon’s crush” stolestoleS T O L E

Aren’t you all the ones who keep complaining about the Nice Guy™ stereotype and how girls in most tv shows keep staying with them just because “they like her so she obviously has to reciprocate his feelings” ?? First of all, repeat with me: A PERSON IS NOT A PIECE OF FURNITURE YOU CAN STEAL FROM SOMEONE, and second: JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE LIKES YOU DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO LIKE THEM BACK (lmao ask my crush) let’s stop with the internalized sexism and cut the shit once and for all. You’re always talking about wanting unexpected twists and not having the girl fall for the first guy that tells her he loves her, yet now that it actually happened and even when Woo Seung was kind enough to say she didn’t share his same feelings but Ji Hoon still came and forced a kiss on her you’re all, again, blaming Hyun Jae for this?, okay…  (REMEMBER THAT AFTER THIS WOO SEUNG PUNCHED HIM AND HE SAID HE DESERVED IT? GREAT JOB WOO SEUNG BBY)

At the beginning Hyun Jae did encourage Ji Hoon to be persistent with Woo Seung, but along the way he realized he had feelings for her as well (“this does not happen in real life omg” believe me, it does) and and what did he do? He told Woo Seung he liked her, and you know what happened?? TURNS OUT WOO SEUNG ALSO HAD FEELINGS FOR HIM WOAAH (but… you know… he “stole” her from Ji Hoon, as in he kidnapped her and put her in the trunk of a car and was like “ B!#CH EITHER YOU LIKE ME OR I’LL SELL YOU TO THE BLACK MARKET aw what a sweet love story”)

NGL at first I did think Ji Hoon and Woo Seung were going to end up together (because I expected a full cliché) but then.. I started to realize things… and started to feel guilty because I liked Woo Seung and Hyun Jae’s interactions more than hers with Ji Hoon… and then suddenly it hit me that I was rooting for them so fucking hard they became my otp)

“ew ew but he’s still his father and that’s gross ew ew” please refer to the first point of this post. I’m done combating bullshit for today

By the way…do u remember in ep 26 when Ji Hoon asked Woo Seung how she felt about Hyun Jae and she said “I’m not sure, I might like him” and Ji Hoon’s response was “what if we weren’t friends to begin with? What if we didn’t meet as childhood friends but instead what if we had met like you and HJ (…) If we had, do you think things would have been different for us? I really regret having met you as a friend.” ?? do u remember that?? Classic.

P.S Don’t think I’m hating on Ji Hoon lmao, the thing is his development started way after everyone else’s and that’s why –at least for me- in most of the situations I quoted he isn’t exactly my cup of tea. However, as I previously said, his development actually began in the last episodes (I could say it actually started with Hyun Jae’s conversation in ep 28) and at the end he was the sweet guy I first fell for in the first episode.


So I just read the last comic of W.I.T.C.H. And I’m crying. Like, really hard.

These five girls, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, represent my childhood and everything I am today. I grew up with them, I loved them.

The lasts sagas were not as good as the firsts ones, but still. They were my best friends, the best friends I ever had. They taught me how to be brave and to trust my friends because friendship is the strongest bond in the universe. They taught me that its ok to be myself.

I started reading it when I was about 6 years old, all my friends were collecting the stickers and I decided to give them a chance. I bought the 10th issue and after reading it, I wanted to become one of them. I hurried and bought the first two books and whatever merchandising they released (which was a lot). I have a schoolbag, the diaries, the specials, books, notebooks, pens and I still keep all the presents that were given with the comics. I read everything in it, from top to bottom, I sent letters and drawings, I used to imagine that I was one of them.  I remember when they stopped selling them in Spain and how angry I got, it’s true that I didn’t like the new power saga and the followings as much but… but they were my girls! There were things happening to them and I wanted to know them all! I had to fight with them! And then, there was the TV series, which felt a little odd as the characters’ behaviours, the plot, nothing was the same but I enjoyed it too, and the videogame! How many times have I played the videogame?! too many, that’s for sure. And re-read the magazines? like a thousand times each issue? when I say that I love something, I really mean I LOVE something. Oh! I remember that when I was little, I used to think that when I turned 13 years old (the same age as them), the Oracle would call me to become a Kandrakar Guardian. And how sad I was when I read the chapter were they were shown what would happen if they rejected their powers. 

I remember Hay Lin’s addiction to aliens and big glasses, her two ponytails, and her habit of writing things on her hands (remember when she created W.I.T.C.H? “There are our initials. W.I.T.C.H.! Isn’t it a good name?”). I remember Taranee and her alternative look, her braid, how shy she was and how much she loved photography. And Irma and her amazing magical bathtub, her funny jokes and her obsession about Karmilla. And Will and her conversations with the refrigerator and alarm clock, how much she enjoyed swimming and Lirón/Mr. Huggles (I CRIED A RIVER WHEN HE DIED) and her frogs. I remember how beautiful and rational Cornelia was and how smart and strong she was, breaking every stereotype. I didn’t a have a favorite, but Irma was special because she and I were too similar (and water was my favorite). And Elyon (which was my favorite secondary character) and Orube. And the Oracle and Yan Lin, and Caleb, Matt, Nigel, Eric (Hay Lin x Eric my first OTP), Joel and Martin, Vathek, Cedric, Uriah, Collins, and please, MISS KNICKERBOCHER and their families, their astral drops and the rest of the school. And their enemies, they really were badasses. And my favorite, the story about the origin of the Heart of Kandrakar:  Xin Jing and the Four Dragons.

W.I.T.C.H. means a lot to me. They had an asian cutie and a black nerdy girl, a chubby and a skynny girl and a gorgeous blond hair girl who was definitly not stupid (they messed this up a bit with the TV series, I hated how they made Cornelia). They had normal teenage problems and they had to go through them like any normal girl. The got their hearts broken, family problems and there were times when even their friendship was tested. And something that  I really loved is that Taranee and Cornelia had times when they wondered if they wanted to be guardians, because that shows that they were human and teenagers, actually, and being a magical girls was difficult and dangerous, but still they kept their powers and fought bravely.

And now… they are gone. I already miss them a lot…

good bye, my friends.

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Why did you pick the name(s) you are using?

I chose the url michonnejennings for my two favorite female characters currently on tv, Michonne, and Elizabeth Jennings from FX’s The Americans. I chose the url for my writing sideblog, reciprocityfic, because my first url was infinite-reciprocity and I wanted something associated with that, but reciprocity is also my favorite word so I liked that I used it.

When did you start writing?

I’ve always liked writing, since I was a kid, but I think I started writing actual stories in 5th grade.

Something you think will surprise most people about you?

I really love singing and performing and theater, which surprises people sometimes because I’m super shy and I’m terrified of public speaking. Also, I never consumed any Harry Potter media of any form, books or movies, and most people I tell that to are shocked, especially because I was right around the age they were marketed to when they were published.

Which is your favorite story that you’ve written and why?  

For The Walking Dead, my favorite story is definitely Fires. I just really love the way it flows and love the moments I’ve chosen to write. (And I’m going to post the last chapter soon, I promise!) Outside of The Walking Dead, I’d probably pick a fic I wrote called Remember Me, which takes place in the DC Cinematic Universe and is set right after Man of Steel (2013). It’s one of my longest stories, and the character I tell the story through is pretty close to an original character, because I don’t know anything about her in the actual DC world other than her name and her hometown. Plus, I just really love Clark Kent/Superman, so it’s fun to write.

How did you become a fan of The Walking Dead? 

My dad is super into anything and everything zombies, so I almost involuntarily became a fan of the zombie genre. Growing up I ended up watching basically every zombie movie that existed, and doing other weird things like visiting Evans City Cemetery, where part of the original Night of the Living Dead was filmed. (I have a picture next to a tombstone featured in the film, my family is weird, okay?) So of course my dad started watching The Walking Dead when it was on, and I immediately fell in love with Rick, and really got hooked on the show because of the characters and their stories. Plus, I weird zombie related stuff keeps popping up in my life, which also keeps me interested in that aspect. George Romero is an alum of the university I attend, and I actually took a class my freshman year called The Neuroanatomy of Zombie Minds, taught by a professor who has actually had stuff published about zombie behavior and how it parallels certain mental disorders.

How did you discover fan fiction?

I can’t remember exactly when, but I know I was pretty young and that it was through the tv show Lost. Jack and Kate were my first real otp, and I think I was just looking through shipper stuff for them on the internet and kinda stumbled across fanfiction by accident.

If you could bring back any guest star and make them a main part of the cast, which one would it be and why? 

No one really comes to mind right away. But I guess Patrick from the prison was kinda cool? It was nice to see Carl have a friend around his age. I also thought Violet the Pig was cute, I wish she hadn’t died and instead the group decided to not eat her and keep her as a pet.

If you could rewind and rewrite any episode you feel depicted one or more of the characters unfairly which one would it be and why? 

This might be an easy answer, but I would for sure go back to 6x16/7x01 and have Glenn survive. I feel like there was a lot more the show could’ve done with his character in the future. Also, Glenn is my favorite character on the show, along with Rick and Michonne.

Who is the hardest/easiest character to write for? 

I mainly write Rick and Michonne, so I’ll focus on them. I think I find Michonne a little harder to write for, maybe because I just haven’t written from her point of view as much as I have Rick. Plus, I love her character so much that I’m always afraid I won’t do her justice. I feel more comfortable writing from Rick’s perspective, for some reason.

How long does it take you to write a typical chapter?  

I really get in grooves where I write a ton for a little bit, and then go through a drought where I don’t really write at all. But when I’m on, I usually get a chapter written in one or two days.

Which of your fics are you most proud of, and why?  

Again, I really love Fires and Remember Me, for the reasons stated above. But I’ll also say a story I wrote called Buried Deep. It’s a Fringe fanfic, and is the first creative writing piece I ever put out there for anyone to read, in real life or on the internet. That was a really scary thing for me, and still is at times, so I’m proud that I was able to take that leap with that story.

Team Family Face off

Rick -vs- Shane

Rick, for sure! I fell in love with him immediately, and he’s one of my favorite fictional characters ever.

Daryl -vs- Lori

Lori. I always liked her character, and thought she faced unfair, harsh criticism.

Judith -vs- Andre

Judith. I love Andre, too, but we know so much more about Judith, so I feel more attached to her.

Beth -vs-Carol

Carol.I liked Beth, and related to her in a lot of ways. But Carol has been there from the beginning, and is a really interesting character, so I have to pick her.

Hershel  -vs- Tyreese

Hershel. I adored his character, what he brought to the show, and his relationship with Rick so much. I miss him, and so wish he was still around.


I remember when my otp first showed up on my dash.
They were so cute.
I contacted a many of people…
My best friend of many years was like
“That shows on netflix, watch it”
And I did.
I then went to tumblr.
(After binge watching EVERY EPISODE ON ONE NIGHT)
And there it was…
The glory of my otp.
I found
Fan art and fan fics
Aus and Alt. Personalities
Gender queer characters
Gay as hell characters
A lot of use of the word “hella”
The fluff,
The angst
And the smutt
Oh god the smutt

And in my head swear to god and my otp,
I could hear it…

Everyday I look for new fics and art
Listening to my head now sing
“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home”


And now I have a serious problem and I should really seek help.
I will…..

After I finish this last chapter.

People always think that at some point (often in Drarry fanfictions), Harry would get jealous of Ron and Hermione and what they have and would get tired of third wheeling. I get why. But just. Imagine. Harry being Romione #1 shipper and always being next to them like “awww how cute MY OTP IS !!! LOOK. LOOK AT THEM” and asking the awkward questions like “when are you getting married? How many kids do you want? Their names? How about.. Harry. Cool, right?” and always being the first to tell embarrassing stories about them like “hey remember that time you were snogging Lavender and then Hermione attacked you with birds. Yeah, kids, BIRDS.” I don’t know, I love the idea.

Rules: tag 10 followers you want to get to know better.

I was tagged by: several people, so I thought I’d finally give it a go.

Do you have any nicknames? Most people call me Lee or Leah (which are just shortened versions of my full first name), and a lot of my online friends just call me Mynsii.

How old are you? 24.

Star sign? Capricorn.

Who is your favorite fictional character(s)? Prompto Argentum, Vegeta, Raditz, Beth Greene, Bulma Briefs and Kate Marsh. 

Where are you from? Wales.

Who were you first childhood crushes (real or fictional)? When I was a kid I had an embarrassingly HUGE crush on Tien/Tenshinhan from Dragon Ball/Z, and I was obsessed with Brenda from the teen-scream movie ‘Urban Legend’. I also vaguely remember being attracted to both 17 and 18, as well as Spike from Buffy.

Name 3 OTPs: Prompto/Noctis (promtis), Bulma/Vegeta (vegebul), Kate/Max (marshfield)

Write a brief headcanon for  each of your OTPs:
- Noctis will do literally anything Prompto asks of him, to a fault. Prompto tries not to abuse this power, but sometimes he can’t help himself.
- Vegeta totally fell for Bulma first, and was probably the one to initiate their affair, but because he’s the crowned prince of assholery and repressed emotion, he tried (and failed) to distance himself from her to avoid showing ‘weakness’. 
- I don’t really have a head canon for Kate and Max D: 

Name 4 characters you have a crush on: I don’t really have any at the moment.

One of your favourite fandoms to be in and why? Probably the Vegebul/DBZ fandom as it’s the least toxic of all the fantoms I’ve ever been in.

Have you ever talked to anyone on tumblr that you could see yourself dating/having sex with? If possible? Yes. I used to get crushes on mutuals all the time, and I met my ex through tumblr.

Where is the furthest place you’ve been from home? The states. 

What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom? What fandom was it? I guess technically the Dragon Ball fandom? As I’ve been a huge fan for about 18 years (though I only recently became an active participant, so I guess it doesn’t count?), or the Kingdom Hearts fandom. Because I’m nearly 15 years in and still going strong (although I don’t really get involved as much as it’s a pretty toxic fandom). 

A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships: Android 17 and Launch (DBZ), and Victoria and Warren (LiS).

I tag: @xladyg228x @okami @sarahw-world @anxiousheart @im-immortal @satoshihiwatari @honeydewg @amazingmeplusone @silverbuttercups @jbae654

Occasionally I would day dream of when I discovered my first ever otp, and it came from a kids movie. They were unorthodox, pushed the boundaries of what’s acceptable because this was in 2012 where as now people stopped caring. People claimed it was necrophilia, bestiality, pedophilia and we reason a constant amount of hate but the community of shippers behind it was amazing.

I love jackrabbit to this day. Sometimes I think of my favorite fanfic from it. Everything felt so simpler back then. The artists we had were so amazing, I remember going crazy over all of their new pieces. I remember my favorite writers and their amazing stories that motivated me to write for a while. I remember when it started to slowly die and people stopped talking to each other.

Sometimes I wish I can go back to those times and escape from today. Where fandom stayed in the fandom but now it’s becoming pop culture and starting all sort of drama that actually affected the source material.

Maybe one day it’ll feel simple again

rules: tag 10 followers you want to get to know better

Tagged by @angiewingie @lesleytonyb thanks for the tag these are some good questions

Do you have any nicknames? I have a few… V, Ron, Vashs

How old are you: 29 ( 30 in November 25th)

Star sign: Sagittarius (very proud Sag to boot :P)

Who is your fave fictional character? Gohan…he’s my anime husband ^^;

Where are you from: Texas! :D

Who were your first childhood crushes? Earliest one I can remember was when Pocahontas came out and I was like just omg John Smith

Name 3 OTP’s: Well my main one is Kakavege Karrot as a Seme and Geets as a Uke. Vegehan again Geets is Uke. Goku X Bulma and Bulma and Yamcha.

4 characters you have a crush on: Well….outside of Kakavege Gohan is really the one I obsess about…ever since I was 14….but if I think about my past ones. Shadow was one…ugh Gambit….omg Gambit yass. Link the Hero of Time is another one.

Have you ever talked to anyone on tumblr that you could see yourself dating/ having sex with? Well one I’m married and when I started this blog I wasn’t expecting to make friends but now I do! So Im here for the Kakavege and Frands! :D

Where is the furthest you have been from home? Well I’ve been around Texas but never really left out of Texas but then the hubby gave me some news today that might change that……………………I really don’t wanna leave Texas lol

What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom? 15 years in Dragonball but mainly for the Kakavege XD Ill dabble in other fandoms but I always come back to Kakavege. I don’t stray for long lol

Well betweent the two that tagged me in this pretty much tagged who i was gonna tag but thats ok so I encourage my followers to do this! I’d love to know a little bit more of my followers! :3

Badass!Reader Part Three! Request: One where Dean catches the reader reading Dean x reader fanfic? Request: DeanxReader where she has a panic attack or s/t and so she goes to his room at night and he calms her down and helps her get back to sleep and just lots of fluff? Thank you love

Word Count:5328

Pairings:Dean X Reader

Warnings: Nightmares, panic attack, non graphic death

A/N: Soooooooooooo this part is done, kinda used a few requests in this one so I can get the list down a little while I’m working on this series. I am still taking requests and if you want me to add anything to this series, just send in a request :) There will be another part of this, as I want to explore the readers past, but thats really the only plans I have for it right now, though that could change at any time. Like I said, if you have any ideas, hit me with requests (only gently though, I bruise easily)… and while we’re on the subject, if any of you guys have tattoos and wanna show, that’s awesome. I love tattoos and am thinking of getting my first pretty soon. So yes! Anyway, I’ll let you get to reading :) Hope you enjoy :D

Part One

Part Two


It was during your third week of living at the bunker that you heard a knock at the door. 

It was the middle of the morning and both brothers were in the gym, sparring to pass the time. 

You’d been with them, but you’d ran up to the kitchen to get some water from the fridge, and on your way back through the library, you heard a banging on the door. 

Everyone was home, Cas included, so you picked up a gun before you proceeded to the door, knowing that you could never be too cautious living with the Winchesters.  

The door banged again, just as you opened it, and you found yourself face to face with a slightly nervous looking man, with curly hair and a beard, his eyes darting up at you before he returned to looking over your shoulder, even though there was nothing there. 

You were just about to ask who he was when he smiled shyly at you and put his hand on your shoulder. 

“Hey Y/N. It’s good to see you,” he said in a soft voice, sounding friendly enough, but you frowned and tried to remember if you’d ever met him before, but you were drawing a blank. 

“Do I know you?” You eventually asked, and he smiled and shook his head.

“No. Not yet. I’m Chuck, the prophet….” 


You didn’t even have time to look before somebody was barrelling into you, almost taking you off your feet. 

All you managed to see was a head of flaming red hair and a Harry Potter tee before you were suddenly being hugged. 

You stood there for a few seconds, “Chuck” giving you a sympathetic and tired look over the head of the girl who had ahold of you, before you got too weirded out. 

You broke the grip of the person hugging you and held them at arms length, slightly unnerved by her huge grin and the way she seemed to bounce around, even when standing still. 

She reminded you of a puppy. A slightly adorable, very excitable, red head puppy. 

Chuck sighed and looked at the girl. 

“Charlie, let her go. You’re freaking her out… She doesn’t know who you are yet. Even if you know everything about her…” 

He was right, you were seriously freaked out. You’d never met them before but they were standing outside your door and talking about you like they knew you.

Luckily you were saved as Dean walked into the library, having come to investigate what was taking you so long with the water, and he heard voices, so he jogged up to you. 


You yanked your arms back as the girl screeched and attacked Dean with a hug, which he surprised you by catching her and hugging her back, laughing at her. 

Chuck stepped into the doorway, but as Dean clearly knew them, you let him pass. 

“It’s good to see you, Charlie…” Dean smiled and Charlie stepped back and then looked at you, nodding her head at you so Dean would get the idea.

He caught on and gestured to you. 

“Charlie, this is Y/N, and Y/N, this is Charlie. She’s the annoying little sister we never wanted, and she’s also our computer geek.” 

You smiled at her, trying not to look too freaked out, but she was still smiling at you like she knew all of your deepest secrets, and it was unnerving you. 

“Good to meet you,” you tried, and she beamed at you, so you smiled back and then excused yourself, deciding to go find Sammy and tell him that you had guests. 

He was still in the gym, doing press ups when you walked in, but he stopped once he saw you, so you told him that you had guests and he nodded. 


You shrugged and pulled a face.

“Charlie and Chuck? They just showed up at the door… Friends of yours?” You asked, your eyebrows raised, and Sammy laughed. 

“Yeah you could say that. Charlie helped us with the Leviathans, and Chuck is just… Well that one’s a little more complicated. He’s a…” 

“Phrophet?” You guessed, remembering what he had said to you, and Sam nodded, looking like he was going to say something else, but then decided against it. 

You walked back up to the library together, and when you walked in, everyone seemed to be a little calmer, so you took a seat next to Dean, which was opposite Chuck, and joined in the conversation. Chuck was telling the brothers about something that you didn’t understand at all, so you grew bored and went over to Charlie, who was doing something on her laptop, so you plonked down next to her and she turned to you and grinned, slightly less enthusiastic than she had been earlier. 

“Hey, Y/N… I’m sorry if I freaked you out earlier… Its just that I’ve wanted to meet you ever since I read about you, and you’re exactly how I imagined, and you and Dea…” 

“Whoa, Whoa, whoa… What?” You asked, suddenly very confused again, and Charlie seemed to know what you were on about as she smacked herself in the head. 

“Of course! The boys wouldn’t have told you anything… Chuck over there is much more than just a prophet… He is also a writer, and he has documented the boys lives, and so on that fateful day when you met the brothers, your story met theirs, and ever since, you have been a regular…” 

That was all a lot to process and you looked over at the boys and saw Chuck looking back at you, giving you a sympathetic look, so you turned back to Charlie, kind of curious about it all, even if it did boggle your mind a little. 

She was loading something on he laptop, so you waited for a second and she turned it around to face you. She was on some sort of website and had typed yours and deans name into the search bar, along with the word “Supernatural”, and suddenly there was hundreds of results. 

 “Holy shit!” You yelled as you saw some of the stuff on there. Charlie quickly scrolled down, trying to get the “fan art” off the screen, but your mouth was still hanging open, not quite believing what you had just seen. Your shouting had drawn the attention of the boys, so Charlie closed her laptop and stood up, pulling on your arm so that you’d follow her. 

“Maybe we should take this somewhere more private?” She hissed in your ear, but you were still in shock from the picture you had seen, so she just dragged you along with her, heading for the room she stayed in when she visited, two doors down from yours. Her room was so much brighter than yours, and she had decorated it to her own taste, and it even had a TV and a few games consoles plugged in. 

In the whole time you’d been living there, you hadn’t once known that her room was there. 

She put her laptop on the bed and then flopped down next to it on her stomach so that she could reach under the bed to grab a heavy looking box and pulled it out, blowing dust from the lid in a dramatic fashion, making you roll your eyes. 

When she sat back up, she scooped things from the box, and she placed them on the bed in front of you. 

“These, my dear, are the Supernatural stories. The boy’s lives from “Dad’s on a hunting trip”, all the way till… Wait no. I shouldn’t really tell you anything. It’s your future. Spoiler alert and all that…“ 

You were slightly lost, but you had no time to say this before Charlie threw the first book at you, ordering you to get reading. 

You pulled a face but thanked her all the same. 

"It’s cool. You don’t come in till a while later, but at least you will know what the boys have been up to so far, and what you’ve got to look forward to,” she shrugged, opening her laptop again, and smiling evily as she scrolled through pages and pages of fan fiction, and fan art about you and Dean. 

“Holy shit!” You exclaimed again, in complete amazement about how much there was on there about the pair of you. Charlie just chuckled and kept scrolling. 

“Yeah, a lot of people in the fandom ship you and Dean. Myself included. You guys are my OTP.” 

You frowned, wondering what language she was speaking to you in, but you thought better than asking as she was scrolling like she was on a mission, so you picked up the book she had thrown your way and got comfortable.

Opening it to the first page, you began reading. 

Two hours later, you closed the book and put it down, feeling a dull ache in your chest at how it had ended. It only hurt more when you remembered that all the events in the stories were true, and your two best friends had been through that all. 

Looking around the room, you realised that Charlie had left at some point, and you had been too absorbed in the book to realise, so you stood up and left, still feeling pretty down. 

You’d only read one book, but so much had happened to the two brothers that it made you slightly reluctant to keep reading, but you knew you would. Just later though. You needed a break, and to see them both, and make sure that they were okay. 

When you walked into the library, Sam and Charlie were geeking out over a computer, but there was no Dean or Chuck in sight, so you headed for the kitchen, knowing that that was where you were likely to find Dean. 

As usual, you were right, and he was leaning against the side, a cup of coffee in his hand, and he was laughing at something Chuck had said to him. 

He looked up when you walked in, his smile fading when he saw the look on your face, and he put his cup down and was about to walk to you when you just fell into his chest, your arms circling him so that you could hold him close.

Immediately he hugged you close and asked you what was wrong, but you didn’t answer for a few seconds, and so Chuck took that as his cue to excuse himself, leaving the pair of you alone in the kitchen. 

Dean rubbed your back soothingly, and a moment later, you looked up at him. Seeing how worried he looked, you told him what was up, trying to ease his worry a little. 

“I just… I’m so sorry, Dean,” you whispered and hugged him closer. 

He was confused by your actions and wondered what you’d done that you felt you had to apologise for, chuckling nervously as he asked you. 

“What for?” 

You pulled away from him and took his hands, looking up into his face as you spoke. 

“Everything. What’s happened to you and Sammy…” 

You felt your eyes water, but you blinked the tears away and continued talking, your voice not betraying you. 

“You went to Hell, Dean. And I read what they did to you down there, and it hurts so bad. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you, having to live with those memories every day…” You trailed off and Dean frowned. It hadn’t taken long for him to establish that you’d been reading the supernatural books, so he silently cursed Charlie, but then looked back down at you and stroked your hair back off your face. 

“Y/N, I’m fine. Sam’s fine. We’re all okay… If the books are gonna affect you this way, why don’t you stop reading them? Believe me, you don’t want to know what happens in your story. It spins you out because you can’t change it…”

You shrugged, knowing that it would drive you crazy if you knew how and when your story ended, but at the same time, you were interested in learning everything that had happened before you had met. It almost felt like a breach of privacy, but you realised that if Dean had wanted to hide anything from you, he would have asked you to stop reading. 

 It still made you feel a little guilty as Dean didn’t know everything about your past yet. You hadn’t told him about the way your mom had died. You wanted to. You needed to, especially now that you lived with him, but you wanted to forget about it, and just hope that he never caught up to you…

The next two weeks went by without any hunts coming up, so you spent a lot of the time in the bunker, hanging out with Charlie and the boys, or reading the supernatural stories. Dean was getting pretty used to walking in and finding you lost in a book, or playing video games with Charlie. 

If you were honest, it was nice to have some female company for once. Even though you loved the boys, you couldn’t talk to them like you could to Charlie. It had taken a while to get over her cheeriness, but now you realised the it was all part of her charm, and you actually enjoyed having her about. 

You had just caught up to the Supernatural book that told the story that ended when you moved into the bunker with them, and you suddenly felt like you had nothing to do, but Charlie would not give you the next book. 

“Spoilers…” was the only thing she would say to you when you asked for it, and she’d even hidden the rest of the books so that you couldn’t read them anymore. So you were sulking on her bed now, Charlie actively ignoring you as she scrolled through “tumblr”, the site she spent most of her time on. The same site that had loads of fanart of you and Dean, a lot of which made you uncomfortable, but some of them were pretty badass. 

You hadn’t mentioned the site to the brothers as you were slightly embarrassed, but also interested. 

“Come on, Charlie! I’m getting withdrawal!” You whined, half debating praying to Cas so that he’d bring you a copy of the next book, but explaining could be awkward, so you would wait. 

It turned out that Charlie would take pity on you, and after a few more moments of silence, she turned her laptop around and showed you the page that she had loaded up. She was still on tumblr, but she had searched for yours and Dean’s names, and once again, you were confronted by hundreds of results. This time though, they were all text posts and once you looked a little closer, you realised what Charlie had done. 

She wasn’t going to let you read any further into your story, but she had given you more reading material. 

“Fan fiction? As in, fans write stories about us?” 

Charlie nodded enthusiastically and you rolled your eyes, but pulled the laptop closer so that you could scroll though. 

You actually got pretty hooked, and after a while, Charlie announced that she was going to hang out with Sam for a bit, and to look out for the “steamy” stories. 

Slightly worried by what she meant, you nodded and then carried on reading. 

It soon became pretty apparent and you found yourself blushing at some of the things people had wrote about you doing, going into too much detail. 

“Dude, what the hell?” You frowned as you saw a story about you and Sam, and reading the first half alone made you uncomfortable enough to not be able to look Sammy in the eye ever again, so you quickly scrolled past the rest, not bothering to read it. 

Once you found a story about you and Dean again, you got comfortable and started reading again. 

“…Hey, Y/N, are you ever gonna…” 

You screamed as Dean walked into the room, hitting the refresh button and hoping to hide what you had been reading all afternoon, but it only took you back to the top of the dash and the drawing of you and Dean was back, making you scream again and slam the laptop closed as Dean came closer, wondering what the hell was happening. 

Mortified, you dove on top of the laptop and hid your face in the covers, hugging the laptop to your chest so Dean couldn’t open it. 

Dean watched you with an eyebrow raised, trying to hold back his laughter at your reaction. 

Carefully he sat down on the bed next to you and put a hand on your back.

“Y/N?” He asked, and you could hear the smile in his voice, but you didn’t dare look up, scared that he would see the blush on your face and ask what you were looking at. So instead, you mumbled a reply into the covers, hoping that he would just leave, but he was interested now and instead did what you were dreading and asked you what you were looking at. 

You prayed that the earth would swallow you up, but it didn’t, so you lifted your head and looked at your boyfriend, who was grinning down at you. 

“Nothing…” You mumbled, but Dean was having none of it and held his hand out, hoping that you would hand the laptop over, but you furiously shook your head. 

“Not today, Princess. Go away!” 

Dean laughed at you, moving his hand and gently tickling your sides, making your eyes go wide in panic. 

“No! Dean don’t! I’m serious!” 

You were so ticklish, it wasn’t even funny. A fact you had managed to hide from him so far, but you could tell by the way his eyes lit up that he knew, so naturally he move closer and quickly started tickling you, making you laugh, much as you tried not to, and threatened him with his life. 

“WINCHESTER, GET… OFF… ME! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” You shrieked, even as you laughed, but it was contagious and Dean was laughing too, not afraid of your threats. 

You had turned onto your back and Dean had pinned you, your arms above your head, smiling as he waited for you to calm down. 

When you could breathe again, you smiled up at him, trying to get your arms free, but he had ahold of you and wasn’t letting you go just yet. 

“Give up yet, Y/N?” He asked, and you grinned and shook your head. 

“Never, Princess!” 

Dean smiled and held both of your hands in one of his as he started tickling you again, making you scream again, so he stopped and grinned. 

“You sure?” 

This time you gave up, not sure you could deal with any more tickling, so Dean leant down and kissed you, letting go of your hands, which you brought up to his head, holding him close. 

You hadn’t realised that he was reaching for the forgotten laptop until it was too late and he grinned and jumped away, opening the lid. 

You knew you couldn’t get it off him before he saw something, so you blushed and accepted that he was going to see it. 

As soon as he realised what he was seeing, his eyes went wide and he looked between you and the laptop and you facepalmed. 

After a very awkward moment, you suddenly started laughing and Dean shot you an amused look before raising his eyebrows and scrolled down a little, getting past the picture that had been drawn of you and him. 

You explained that you were bored as Charlie wouldn’t let you read spoilers from your own story, so she’d set you up with the next best thing. 

About to explain to Dean what Fanfiction was, you paused when you saw the look on his face. The same look you had harbored after reading the Sam and you story. 

He was scarred. 

He had read some before. 

 You gasped and poked his arm accusingly. 

“You’ve read some before!” 

Dean looked at you and nodded, looking like he’d just remembered something unpleasant, and he shook his head, trying to clear the thoughts. 

“When we first found Chuck. Except it wasn’t about you and me… It was about…” He stopped, looking too freaked out to even continue, but you glared at him and he carried on. 

“It was about me and Sammy…” 

You frowned, not seeing where the problem was, but as you opened your mouth to say so, Dean continued. 

“As in, me with Sammy. Like together!” 

You had not been expecting that and you pulled a face. 

“Ewwww! They do know you’re brothers right?” 

Dean threw his hands up in an exactly gesture, and you laughed, still cringing at the thought. You thought you and Sam was bad…. 

It turned out that Dean wasn’t as weirded out about you reading fanfic as you had imagined, and he even sat with you for a while, leaving you to read while he played with your hair. 

You were just about to close the laptop and call it a day when something caught your eye, making you sit up and scroll down so you could see more of it. 

When you realised it was what you thought it was, you felt the cold hand of fear close around your chest, and you kicked the laptop away from you, not caring as it flew off the bed and crashed on the floor. 

You were already on your feet and heading for the door, your fear being replaced with anger as you charged through the bunker. 

Dean was hot on your tail, asking what was wrong, but you were too angry to speak, so you kept moving, and when you found yourself in the library, you saw that Chuck was on his feet, already facing you. He had known you were coming. 

He tried to say something to you, but before he even managed to get one word out, your fist had collided with his jaw, sending him sprawling to the floor. 

Sam jumped in between you and Dean  grabbed you to stop you from hitting him again, but you were done. 

 Chuck stared up at you from the ground, looking fairly sorry already. You were shaking with anger as you looked down at him. 

“How dare you?!” You seethed, your hands balling into fists. 

Sam and Dean were trying to ask you what he had done, but you blocked them out and stared down at Chuck. 

“How dare you write about that? My life is not yours to share with the world! It’s not got anything to do with you, or anyone else but me! But you’ve gone and published my private history for everyone to read! You make me sick.” 

Pulling free of Dean’s grip, you stepped over the fallen Chuck and headed for the door, Dean moving to follow you, but Charlie put a hand on his chest and shook her head. 

You needed to be alone. 

When you’d ran off, you had headed for the garage, grabbing the keys to your baby and climbing in. 

It had been too long since you’d been out for a drive in her, so you found some comfort in the sound of her purring to life. 

You only made it a few miles when you had to pull over. The tears in your eyes were making it too hard to drive, so you turned the engine off and sat in the dark, tears falling down your face. 

You hugged your knees to your chest and thought about what Chuck had written. 

Jack Frost. 

Those two words had been what had sent your world crashing down around you once more. 

You’d been only 12 years old when you first heard that name. 15 when it had killed your mother, and 18 when he found you and your sister. 

You’d only just escaped with your life, and after that, your sister had said enough. She wanted something better for you. 

She wanted to you to go to school. To have a normal life and start over, but you couldn’t just stop hunting. 

You were helping people, and your mom had wanted it for you. 

Then she left. Your older sister left, saying goodbye like it was the last time, and telling you to never look for her. She was done with hunting, and she was done with you. 

She might have been, but Jack Frost wasn’t, and he had been hunting you ever since. Which was why you were always scared to stop for too long, in case he found you again, but then you had met Sam and Dean, and you’d felt safe for the first time since before your older sister had left you. 

 He hadn’t found you, and you were pretty sure that you’d lost him, so you let your guard down, but then one stupid story would bring the thought of him back again, along with the realisation. 

You would never escape your past. 

It was always lurking, waiting for you to let your guard down. 

Sighing and drying your eyes, you started the engine again and drove slowly back to the bunker. You felt bad for how you had reacted, and so the first person you tried to find was Chuck. 

He was still in the library, this time alone, so you walked over to him quietly and then gently touched his shoulder so he would turn around. 

You flinched when you saw the bruise already blooming on his jaw, but he offered you a smile and stood up. 

Your shoes were suddenly very interesting to you, but then you looked up and met his gaze. 

“I’m sorry.” That was all you could manage, but the two words had been said with such raw sincerity that they were enough, and Chuck just smiled and put his hand on your shoulder, letting you know that you were forgiven. 

Just as you turned to leave, he warned you that Charlie had told Sam and Dean everything about Jack Frost, and why you had freaked out so much at the mention of him. 

With that, you left, heading for the kitchen so that you could get some food before bed, but you bumped into the chest of your tallest friend and stepped back, mumbling an apology. Sam didn’t say anything and when you looked up at him, you saw that he had a pained expression on his face. Charlie had explained what had happened, and now Sam felt guilty. 

He pulled you into a hug and you hugged him back, not knowing you needed it until it was happening. 

“I’m sorry about what’s happened to you, but you’re safe now. Me and Dean aren’t going to let anything happen to you,” he promised, squeezing you a little more before letting you go again. You thanked him and he smiled before pointing at the fridge. 

“Dean made you a burger and he put it in the fridge for when you got home.”

You gave a small smile as you headed for the fridge. He knew you too well.

Dean was in bed already, so when you were done, you figured you might as well try and get some sleep, so you headed to bed, collapsing onto it in one of Dean’s band shirts that you had stolen and a pair of sleep shorts. 


“Dean!” You screamed, frantically searching for him in the snow covered woods. 

Jack Frost had found you again, but Dean wasn’t with you, you were alone and you were going to die. 

Rushing towards the sound of running water, you heard Dean calling your name and you turned around to see him step out from behind a tree. 

You breathed a sigh of relief, but too soon. 

Something was in front of Dean, and before you could so much as shout a warning, it had reached into his chest, clutching his heart between his icy fingers. 

“No!” You rushed forward, but it was too late. 

Dean dropped to the floor, his skin and hair the same colour as the snow, but his beautiful green eyes were no more. 

Now they were a ghostly, glowing blue, the same as the monster who now stood before you. 

Whimpering, you backed up a step, but he was still reaching for you, his hand finding your neck, so you opened your mouth and screamed.


Sitting bolt upright in bed, you choked as you tried to claw the hands off your neck, but there was nothing there. 

It had been a dream. 

You couldn’t calm down though. 

You were gasping in your breath, and your heart was hammering in your chest, making it ache more than it already was. 

You started to panic and fell off the bed, scrambling for the door. 

Stumbling down the hall in the dark, you headed for the only place you could think of and fell into Dean’s room. 

When the door had banged open, Dean had acted on reflex and years of living in dodgy motels, grabbing the gun beneath his pillow and pointing it at the intruder. 

When he had saw you though, he quickly got out of bed and rushed to kneel next to you on the ground, his hand gently finding your back. 

“I…Can’t…Breathe!” You gasped between breaths, and without another word, Dean scooped you up into his arms and carried you over to the bed, turning on his lamp and trying to help you. 

“Y/N, come on baby, you can get though this. I’m right here for you,” he promised, gently rubbing your back and holding your hand. 

He remained calm throughout it, and after a second he put your hand on his bare chest, above his heart. 

“Breathe with me. Come on, in… and out.” 

You tried to match your breathing with Dean’s and the feel of his calm heartbeat helped to calm your own, so after a few attempts, you were breathing normally again, and the tightness in your chest had loosened up.

You both stayed that way for some time, just breathing with each other, until you finally let your hand drop from Dean’s chest. 

It didn’t take a mind reader to figure out what had caused this, so when you crawled over to Dean and hid in his chest, he wrapped his arms around you and held you close, whispering softly. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” You didn’t answer. 

You did want to talk, but saying it out loud sometimes made it feel more real, so you reached over and turned off the lamp, leaving the pair of you in complete darkness. 

After a moment, you spoke, telling Dean what had happened. 

“He got you. He killed you right in front of me, and it was just like my mom all over again. And then he came for me, and I could feel his icy fingers on my throat, and I thought he was going to kill me…” 

You trailed off, the memory of Dean’s body in the snow haunting your thoughts. 

Dean stroked your hair and kissed your forehead, comforting you with small gestures. 

“I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere and I’m sure as Hell not going to let anything happen to you. Not while I’m still breathing,” he swore, holding you even closer. 

“How did you know what to do?” You asked as you both lay down.

He shrugged and took a deep breath.

“Sammy used to have terrible nightmares and go through the same thing when we were kids, and it always worked for him…”

You nodded and kissed his chest before settling back into his side.

You stayed that way for a while, and eventually you were able to fall asleep again, this time any nightmares far from your mind with Dean’s arms wrapped around you protectively. 

He couldn’t sleep though. Not after what Charlie had told him. 

The secret she had been hiding from you in the books. Dean may have promised you that he wouldn’t let anything happen to you, but his failure was already in writing. 

Jack was coming, and Dean had to be ready if he was going to save you.


Part Four

remember the first time Jem Carstairs met his future wife Tessa Gray and the first words he spoke to her were “Will? Will, is that you?”

remember when the love of Will Herondale’s life Tessa Gray told him she was engaged to Jem and his first response was “Jem. My Jem?”