remember when they were my first otp

Yes, I am mad there wasn’t a kiss, but it makes sense in a way to me. What Stiles said- the precious memories he shared with Lydia- was far more important. He was about to be erased, and he wanted Lydia to remember him with memories they shared that he found important-the first things that came to mind when he realized what it meant for him not to exist anymore. Lydia being the first girl he danced with, him having a crush on her all of highschool, Lydia saving his life, Stiles saying he loves her- these are what Stiles wants Lydia to remember. He wants her to remember her impact on him and place in his heart, not his kiss. When he thinks about what it means to be erased- gone from the lives of the people he cares about the most- Stiles doesn’t think that something physical like a kiss is what should stay. He wants his love for Lydia to be permanent. When he is gone and no one remembers him, Lydia will feel Stiles’ love, and he will come back.

Just think…

When Mass Effect came out I was unhappy and bored and had really not played a video game since the N64. The idea of playing a badass woman who explored space and took down the baddies was pretty cool.

When I played Mass effect 2 I was super closeted and in an abusive relationship. I remember being urged to rob him blind when I picked up my shit and he wasn’t there. I thought about, then decided not to let my anger or fear compromise who I was.

When I played Mass Effect 3 I was newly out and Shepard and Traynor were my OTP even before I had a first girlfriend.

Now I’m 27, sitting in an Internet cafe in Japan, and preloading Andromeda. I’ve traveled across half the world as a member of the Navy and I may not always love my job but I’m grateful for the opportunity. I never thought a video game would be able to measure my personal growth. But here we are and I’m ready for a new protagonist.

i just remembered when my cousin told me about how his teacher and his teachers first wife would fight because they would yell at each other in their own language, he is american and was living in russia for a few years and his wife was russian, and because she didnt know english very well and he didnt know russian well either they had a russian-english dictionary and would pass it back and forth between themselves so they could keep screaming at each other and after a certain amount of time they finally realized that what they were doing was ridiculous and laughed about it in the end and idk i thought imagine your otp doing that


I remember when my otp first showed up on my dash.
They were so cute.
I contacted a many of people…
My best friend of many years was like
“That shows on netflix, watch it”
And I did.
I then went to tumblr.
(After binge watching EVERY EPISODE ON ONE NIGHT)
And there it was…
The glory of my otp.
I found
Fan art and fan fics
Aus and Alt. Personalities
Gender queer characters
Gay as hell characters
A lot of use of the word “hella”
The fluff,
The angst
And the smutt
Oh god the smutt

And in my head swear to god and my otp,
I could hear it…

Everyday I look for new fics and art
Listening to my head now sing
“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home”


And now I have a serious problem and I should really seek help.
I will…..

After I finish this last chapter.


“Remember my first summer in D.C.? You and I just started hanging out a lot and this one night we met for a beer.
Well, I had gotten a job offer in San Francisco but we were having such a good time that I decided to wait to tell you I was moving until after our drink.
And when we finally got to your door I started to tell you about my job but you were distracted looking for your keys.”


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-11: a scene/part you keep rereading

(Addicted After All chapter 21: throwback to Lily and Lo’s first “wedding”)

“Do you remember the Cayman Islands trip?” Lily asks, staring at the water in reverence.

My heart pounds, an added beat, happy it’s her. Here. With me. “When we were seven?” I think hard, trying to wash away the blurry haze of our childhood.

She nods. “Our dads had a business trip for the week, and they brought us on this yacht.”

It starts coming back. We were carted around to most of their meetings instead of being kept in daycare. Just us two and a ton of older cigar-smoking men. “We built a fort in the bow with couch cushions,” I recall. I smile at the image of her thin build and big eyes. She was quiet and shy and when the stewards came around to ask us if we’d like any drinks, she’d whisper her order in my ear.

I also can’t remember a night where we didn’t sleep in the same bed. Innocent sleepovers. At first they all were, and somewhere along the way, we changed. I fell in love with her.

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for the fandom ask thing. Thank u for the ask. I love doing them. >w<

C. Personally I don’t think I’ll ever like Honey x Jyugo

G. I have many otps. I can’t remember my first one. The earliest one I can remember is Rudy x Penny from Chalkzone when I was a smol bean before I knew what otps were.

J. Tumblr made me aware of the Sherlock fandom.

M. I’d like to have Mabel Pines as a friend. She is so cute and sweet, she’d be like my little sister.

O. Song- Into you for jyugo x uno *it was the first thing that popped up in my mind*

P. Gem au for nanbaka *hides in corner*

T. Yes. I have several headcanons that will remain with me even to the grave.

W. I know I have some but I can’t really think of any, maybe the trope where person a loses their individulaity once they enter a relationsip…idk how to word it…

X. I am always a sucker for the tough guy with a secret soft side and bad ass cute girl trope.

Z. Agh. I’m so nervous…gosh I just like love Qi so much. Like my friend laughed at me because I called him papi without thinking but like Qi is just so lovely and beautiful and I love him so much. He cares about his cell mates so much. And he’s so handsome…and agh!! I’m not the best at these sort of things when I’m typing I’m sorry. But I can ramble on and on for hours in person. But yeah I would die for Qi. *cries*

remember the first time Jem Carstairs met his future wife Tessa Gray and the first words he spoke to her were “Will? Will, is that you?”

remember when the love of Will Herondale’s life Tessa Gray told him she was engaged to Jem and his first response was “Jem. My Jem?”

My TOP 5 Ships

I was tagged by @dreamersdaredarling, and gosh I hate superlatives I am the most indecisive person ever this will be a mess sorry

1) Phoebe & Cole (Charmed)

I know. I KNOW. Not ideal, not endgame, problematic and toxic at times. As it is in real life. I will forever be bitter about what the writers have done to them. I truly do resent them. They were my first ever OTP before I knew what an otp even is. They will remain the most sore spot in my memory of fictional romances. It is what it is.

*Moment I shipped them: Pretty much from early on but I do remember feeling giddy myself when Prue, whilst being an empath physically FELT Cole’s, that is HALF DEMON’s actual real literal romantic feelings for Phoebe; GAHHH (I just made a photoset join in my pain)

2) Mía & Miguel (Rebelde)

Oh god. I had to include these two. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s a teen Mexican telenovela, a remake of the famous Argentine series Rebelde Way. I won’t go into details, check it out if you like such stuff :)

*Moment I shipped them: they are the typical enemies to lovers couple and it’s just endearing to watch I can’t single out one particular moment. Also, endgame :)

3) Peyton & Lucas (One Tree Hill)

Ugh. Again, I seem to pick the messiest relationships. Each time I rewatch OTH I see a new side to these two, Lucas mostly being the fuckboy here but of course that one catches my eye. One thing that is always constant however is Peyton and her feelings for him. I truly am so happy they got their happy ending.

*Moment I shipped them:  1x12 when they went together on an overnight trip
“We got carried away, it didn’t mean anything”
“It didn’t?”
“Course it did”- Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott after almost having sex 

4) Lane & Dave (Gilmore Girls)

Gosh darn it The O.C. You had to take Lane’s Dave away :( although I do love Seth Cohen he can never compare to the only worthy TV boyfriend EVER. Seriously Dave was unreal. Lane deserved that so much and even though I grew to sort of even like Zack, he was no Dave Rygalski (no one is, except the real Dave Rygalski of course)

*Moment I shipped them:  Lane talking to Rory about him and calling him ‘my Dave’ .The most epic first kiss ever with Nirvana’s The Man Who Sold the World playing in the background. So. Much. Puppy. Love.

5) Lexie & Mark (Grey’s Anatomy)


*Moment I shipped them:
“teach me” :))))))))))

~~~honorable mentions: Dean x Jo (shut up I still cry), John x Mary *SALEM*, CHERIK (mhmmm), Babette and Morey Y’ALL, Castle x Beckett, Buffy x Angel *:(*, dare I say it, Stelena, Hannah x Caleb, Aria x Ezra, oH MY GOD NICK AND JESS HOW COULD I FORGET, Scully x Mulder duh, and oh so many more~~~

I tag @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse, @helvarmatthias, @dobrevclarke, @maradshaw, and whoever wants to give it a go :) 

The Immortals Quartet by Tamora Pierce

  • As far as plot goes, I did and still do prefer this to the Alanna quartet. Give me a dose of politics and a war or two with my fantasy/scifi any day.
  • Numair. You’re great. A lovely nerd. But you’re also thirty fucking years old. Please do not canoodle your sixteen-year-old student. She’s half your age. You met her when she was thirteen.
  • That said, this was pretty much the height of romance to me at age nine. They were elementary school me’s first OTP, really, as far as I remember. I have no idea how many times I reread the canoodling scene when I was little, but it must have been a bunch, because the moment I saw the word “canoodle” the entire passage came flooding back to me. Did I remember the plot of any of the books? Heck no. Did I remember canoodling? Yep.
  • When you’re nine, sixteen just seems sufficiently grown up, I guess. But now that I’m no longer a teenager, sixteen-year-olds freak me out a bit, tbh. (No offense meant if you’re reading this and happen to be sixteen. My sister’s turning sixteen in a month, and she’s very nice usually. Grumpy, though.) The mere idea of making out with sixteen-year-olds when thirty is kind of horrifying.
  • At least there weren’t any sex scenes. I’m not sure I could’ve taken that.
  • It’s weird what you remember after over a decade of not reading a book. All these years I remembered Daine’s little friends as “darklings,” but apparently it’s “darkings.” (I still think darkling is cuter, though. And a real word, which is probably why I remembered it that way.)
  • And some bits it’s not so much remembering as just knowing exactly what’s going to happen next, to the point where I’m not sure if it’s remembering, foreshadowing, or obvious plot points.
  • I was going to say I wanted to know more about Numair’s past, but apparently there’s going to be a series about exactly that in a year or two, so hey, I’m ready.
  • And the gods are all douchebags.

oh god, i just remembered. 

(you don’t have to know anything about the show or pairing to understand this)

when i was at the torchwood convention, me and my friend were doing a janto photoshoot (the canon gay ship that was my first OTP) and he was sitting on the floor and i was lying across his lap because we were re-enacting the death scene when it goes deadly silent, and i look up and who the fuck is there?

gareth david lloyd is staring at me while we are taking pictures of his character’s death scene.

i was just staring at him, like omg wtf do i do?

and he just goes:

“aww did i miss it?”

me: yeah you did

gareth: you should send me the footage

me: *nearly chokes on own tongue*

Gareth: Oh, and don’t forget him, he’s not just a blip in time.

Queue me dying. Those are quotes from the show. kjhgfhjbkljhgfh YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND OMG/


otp meme: [1] the moment they became your otp


#the truth is that I loved these babes together from the start #I thought #hey, they’d make really great couple #and when I saw that still of their first kiss #I really freaked out #lol I remember screaming and running around the house #thank god I was alone at home at that moment #but #THIS exact moment turned everything for me #they’ve become not just my favs but my otp so I learned what that means by having a real example haha #I mean these looks (gosh kill me) and this entire scene #made me believe that they were definitely endgame #so from then I didn’t just think they’d end up together #I KNEW it #god bless captain swan *happy sigh*

Inuyasha and Kagome were one of my childhood OTPs! They were insufferable as protagonists due to their adolescence―to the point that I remember skipping around the majority of the first seasons because of their immature and sometimes mean spirited moments―but when they had their lovey-dovey moments in the final arc and in the movies, even I cracked a smile. (But I still, to this day, am iffy about the Beads of Subjugation. As one Youtube critic of the Inuyasha franchise once said, because of its negative implications it doesn’t really make for a healthy relationship. In an ideal world, she eventually takes it off of him by the time they married or decided to have children of their own.)

The good thing is, for the sake of the story I’m writing, for research purposes I rewatched all the InuYasha seasons, from start to finish, including the Final Act. Verdict? …It was a lot better than I remembered. And less…bitchy and less annoying than I was expecting (especially with all the Kagome fanfics I read, where they fluctuate from making her a sweetheart to a cool teenage ice queen to bashing her entirely). I thought these two characters’ romance was kind of endearing, actually, and I did NOT get at all frustrated with the love triangle/square.

Honestly though, I still boggle over the final artistic decision to make the Inu brothers have black eyebrows. Or is it just me? Grah.

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