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So this is the first Hamilton fic I’ve ever written so I apologize in advance for how bad it is. 

Language Barrier

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summery: Lin hits on reader and she pretends not to know English

Warning: None

A/N: So this is the first Hamilton fic I’ve ever written, so I apologize for how terrible this is. Also I don’t know French, so all of this is from Google translate. English translations are in parenthesis. 

You couldn’t ever remember being this stressed. You were sitting at your favorite coffee shop, drinking you third coffee of the day, and attempting to finish your essay that was due that night. When a man just strolled up to your table, tripped over his feet a little and said, “Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I scraped my knee falling for you.”

You didn’t even know what to say or do. You didn’t have time for this. I mean yes he was cute, but you had too much on your plate right now to even think about dealing with him. So you just did the first thing that popped into your head.

“Excusez-moi? Je regrette de ne pas parler anglais.” (Excuse me? I’m sorry I don’t speak English) French wasn’t your first language but you were still pretty decent at it. It was also an easy way to not deal with people when you didn’t want talk. By the look on his face it worked.

“Oh…I-I’m sorry…I don’t understand,” he stuttered out, looking even more flustered, and a slight blush appearing on his cheek. You had to admit he was attractive. He had a little scruff on his face, like he had forgotten to shave for the last couple of days. He had medium length hair that was slightly falling out of his ponytail, due to him messing with it nervously. His eyes were warm and had laugh lines around them. He really did seem sweet, but you shook yourself out of his trance.

“Je suis désolé. Je suis vraiment occupé en ce moment,” you replied to him, a wary smile on your face. You didn’t want to be mean, you just wanted to finish this paper. He smiled back at you. You wished you could just keep looking at his smile. Before you could think anything else to say, he stood up, still smiling at you.

“It was nice talking to you. Perhaps I’ll see you next time I’m here,” and with that he left, leaving you sitting there entirely confused. Why was this guy so confident, he couldn’t understand one word you had said, but somehow he wanted to see you again. You sat there for a minute thinking about him, until you remembered your looming deadline and continued working.




It was a couple weeks later when you found yourself back at the coffee shop. You actually had a moment to relax. And that’s all you wanted to do. You had your tea, a good book, and was in the middle of enjoying them when you heard the other chair at your table slide out. You glanced up from your book, and almost dropped your tea when you recognized the man. It was the man from last time, more neatly dressed, hair firmly in a ponytail, but the same warm eyes.

“Bonjour mon nom dans Lin. Qu’est-ce qui est à toi,” (Hello. My name in Lin. What’s yours?) he said easily, sliding into the chair in front of you. There was a smirk on his face that you absolutely loved. His French was shaky but understandable enough that you questioned whether he actually did understand you last time.

“Alors vous parlez français. Tu aurais dű le dire la derničre fois. Désolé, j’ai été si grossier. Mon nom est Y/N,” (So you do speak French. You should have said so last time.Sorry I was so rude. My name is Y/N)  you replied easily, setting your book on the table. As you looked back up at him and noticed that his smile had disappeared. He looked nervous again. He kept looking just past you, then back at you. He started running his fingers through his hair again, forcing some brown locks to fall around his face. He obviously didn’t know what you had said. 

“I don’t know what to say…Y/N was it? I-i don’t really speak French. I just learned some phrases…so that I could talk to you. You’re just so beautiful and I only wanted to ask you to dinner.” His words spilled from his lips. You couldn’t help but blush. This guy, Lin, thought you were beautiful? He learned French for you? You smiled at him, ready to tell him the truth. Before you could say anything another man appeared beside you. He was tall, with a neatly trimmed beard. His curly hair was pulled back, and you noticed the laugh lines that matched up with the slight smirk we wore. “Lafayette, please tell her.” Lin practically begged the man.

“Je suis désolé madame. Mon ami ici est juste très nerveux de vous parler.” (I’m so sorry ma’am. My friend here is just very nervous to talk to you) Lafayette said smoothly to you, motioning towards Lin as he spoke. You were a little shocked to hear such perfect French come from his mouth. You glanced over at Lin, whose face was scrunched up in an attempt to try and understand what his friend had said.

“Pourquoi serait-il nerveux de me parler?” (Why would he be nervous to talk to me?) you asked, looked down at your hands. Lin seemed like a such a sweet guy, and tried so hard just to speak with you. But you were nothing special, why would he go through all this trouble to ask you out?

Lafayette’s smirk turned into a soft smile, like he knew what you were thinking. “Il vient seulement dans cette boutique pour te voir. Il a parlé de vous pendant des semaines avant qu'il ne vienne vous parler. Il veut que je lui enseigne le français juste pour qu'il puisse être avec toi. Pour lui, vous êtes parfaite.” (He only comes to this shop to see you. He talked about you for weeks before he actually came to talk to you. He wants me to teach him French just so he can be with you. To him you are perfect.) You felt the heat of a blush creep up your neck. You looked back Lin, eyes wide in surprise. You were speechless. This adorable man wanted you. Thought you were perfect, and was willing to learn a whole new language for you. You had never had someone try so hard for you, and you hadn’t even gone one one date yet.

“Laf, what did she say? Will she go out with me? Will she even consider me? Laf you have to tell her how beautiful I think she is. That she’s all I can think about, and how I’d do anything just for one date with her,” Lin practically blurted out, pleading with Lafayette. You could tell he was beyond nervous. Most of his hair was falling out of his ponytail at this point. He was on the edge of his seat, and his eyes were begging you to understand what he was trying to say.

Before Lafayette could say anything you did. “Lin. He doesn’t have to tell me. You just did.” Both men went perfectly still. All of a sudden you were nervous. What if Lin was angry that you lied to him. That he put so much work into something that didn’t deserve it.”Lin..”

“Wait…so you spoke English this whole time?” Lin asked, cutting you off. You nodded slowly, looking for any sign of anger. The two men looked at each other, and then burst into a fit of laughter. “That’s so perfect. I can’t wait to tell Jon about this. He’s gonna absolutely love you.” Lin was smiling at you, his eyes becoming warmer as his smile grew. You couldn’t help but smile back him.

“Ok while you two are staring lovingly into each other, I’m going to go back inside and try not to throw up my breakfast.” Lafayette said as he walked away. Lin tried to smack him, while you felt another blush creep onto your face.

Nice to meet you. Taken.

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It’s already my third week away from home, away from Italy. I’ve moved out as I got accepted at a University in the U.K., University of Essex to be more specific. As I wanted to get used to the place and get a job before my studies start, I moved two months earlier. Gladly my parents have an old friend who owns a couple of hotels in London and he let me a room to stay until the university accommodation halls were open to move in.

To be fair, I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for my friend Savvas. Savvas is one of those friends you make during summer holidays as a kid that you lose contact when you are back home but then when social media happen you search their name and there they are? My dad is half Greek so we have been to Greece a lot of times for holidays. When I was eleven years old I met Savvas at the beach one day when my eighteen year old cousin completely ignored me while flirting with some guy. For the whole month I was there, all he was doing was bullying me about how horrible my greek sounded. Well okay to be fair that was not the only thing that he did. We always set a time to meet the next day at the beach, we would stay there until the sun was down or until our mums would come and kick our asses for sitting under the bright burning sun without any protection. Then I had to go back to Italy again. Three years ago I decided to look his name up on facebook and thats how it all started again. Endless conversations. He was the one who made me come to the UK. After he signed a contract with Arsenal he was forcing me to make applications for the universities there.

And here I am now. Having a part-time job, a small hotel room in north London and a great childhood friend by my side.

“I’m going to get the drinks, when you are done if I’m not here waiting for you then come and find me at the bar.” I nodded and made my way into a toilet. Today was the day we’ve been waiting for two years now. Drake’s concert.

“Yeah mum.. no mum.. yes mum.. okay mum.. I said I’m not drinking that much mum relax.. yes mum.. MUM GOODNIGHT!” I ended the call and walked closer to Savvas who was already there waiting for me with two cocktails and two guys that I’ve never seen before.

“Be more polite to your mum!”

“If you want to know she basically called you a rapist because she gave me the lecture of ‘don’t drink way to much tonight and don’t sleep at Savvas place’ so not only I defended you but you also lecture me too.” I said sarcastically as I gave him the most ironic smile ever.

“Yeah even if I was a rapist I wouldn’t have gone for you because if you will be taking as much time as you are taking in the toilet then no! I have been waiting here for like twenty minutes!” now his friends who he wasn’t polite enough to introduce me to, were barely holding their laughter.

“Sorry! My fault that there is queue in there longer that the queue to drake’s bed!”

“Whatever! Anyway. This are my friends Alex and Hector in case you don’t already know them and they invited us to their VIP box because they are all there.” I’m not sure what he meant by all but I turned around to face the two guys and gave them my hand to introduce myself.

“Elizabella.” I said and gave them a smile looking at them for the first time.

“Nice to meet you, we’ve heard a lot about you.” They both said smiled back at me.

“Well I’m not sure if it’s nice for me to meet you as if you are friends with Sav, you are just like him and that is not so nice. And please whatever he said about me, ignore it. It’s probably lies.”

“See! See! And then you ask me why I hate her!”

It has been one of the most beautiful nights I’ve had by far since I moved here. I don’t know if I’ve stopped dancing and singing with Alex at all. Basically, everyone in that VIP box was so cool and they were all party animals. They were almost all of them footballers of Arsenal but from the first team. Savvas is sometimes training with the first team so I guess that’s why he became friends with them. Sadly, the night had to come to an end there I was again in my lonely hotel room. I haven’t actually seen them again at all except from Alex and Rob who came out with Sav and me two more times.

A month passed and here we are to October where I am officially at my new room at the university halls. This weekend I’m staying over at that hotel room in London again as it’s Sav’s birthday and we are going to a greek club. I don’t really know why I agreed on that because I’m not really into greek music but yeah sometimes it’s cool. What confuses me more tho is that Alex, Hector, Rob and Carl have agreed to go to and they don’t even speak greek.

“The guys are coming, I’m going out to let them in.” Savvas shouted into my ear as he wore his jacket.

“Coming with you.” I just didn’t want to be left alone with any of his greek friends. I don’t even remember their names and most of them don’t seem to like me so staying there alone would have been more like hell to me. I grabbed his arm gently and followed him as he pushed through dancing bodies to get out of the club.

“It’s freezing how can you make it be out here with only a bra?”

“For the hundredth time, it’s not a bra! It is a bralette top !”

“Whatever! Still!”

“I would have been surprised if you weren’t fighting!” We both turned our heads and faced the guys laughing at our argument.

We had to wait again in a queue as Savvas obviously couldn’t let us in again without waiting. Hector was kind enough to pass me his jacket even if I rejected it at first. I have to admit he looks a little bit mysterious but in beautiful way. The way he looked into my eyes while placing it over my shoulders made the blood in my veins burn enough to make me warm but I didnt want to give back his jacket. The idea that it was previously touching his body and now it was covering me made me go crazy.

The whole night I’ve been dancing and drinking and dancing and drinking all over again. If I remember correctly I even got on stage when a band came on and danced along to one of my favorite greek songs. I remember savvas saying something something like “What’s left now? You are getting up there again to sing?” and that’s all I needed. I went closer to one of the securities and in a few moments, I was on stage again with a mic in my hands this time singing and not caring how many people were in there. I could spot hector in the crowd staring at me and I couldn’t break the eye contact. I loved the idea that he was all focused on me and I know he realized I stayed on stage just to give him more of me dancing and singing.

It was almost 5 am when we left the club and Alex was driving me, Savvas and hector back home as we were the last ones from the group that actually stayed until that late.

“I’m feeling like I am going to be sick.” I said and opened the car window to get some air.

“Well you should have drank less! How many drinks did you have actually? 15? 20?”

“Sav shut up seriously or I’m going to vomit on your ugly head.” Well this made this even worse. “Actually Alex please stop the car.” And with that I was out of the car nearly on my knees with hector behind me holdin my hair and rubbing my back.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I am good thanks, should have listened to my mum’s non drinking advices though.”

“You should.”

“Are you done?” Alex shouted from his seat and made us both get into the car. “You are all staying at my place, I’m too tired to drive you all at you places and for sure I am not letting this young lady over there all alone drunk in a hotel room.”

“I guess there is no space for a no as an answer here, is it?” he didn’t even bother to give me an answer so I just shut my mouth and closed my eyes.

I must have fallen asleep because when I re-opened my eyes I was in a bed with an oversized shirt on me and Alex leaving the room.

“Alex?” he turned around and looked at me. “I think I’m going to be sick again.” And with that he walked me to his bathroom and waited until I felt better. “I really don’t think it’s safe to go back to sleep in this condition.”

“I guess. I’ll stay up with you.”

We’ve spend the rest of the night/ early morning having deep talks about anything and everything. It was around 11 when we decided to go to the kitchen and make some breakfast for everyone. Basically Alex was the one making the breakfast while I was sitting on a chair leaning my head on the kitchen counter in just the oversized shirt and hector’s jacket. I looked like a mess. My hair was a mess. My face was a mess. Everything was a mess about me.

“Morning” A really sexy male morning voice made me pick my head up from the counter and look at another mess, Hector, who was just in his boxers and his shirt from last night.

“Good morning. Um.. Im sorry for wearing you jacket again but it’s cold in here and alex wouldnt turn on the heating as he claims its not cold.”

“It’s fine don’t apologize.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and placed my head on the counter again and looked at Alex while he was fighting to cook whatever it looked like pancakes.

I’ve spend the following hour just watching alex and hector fighting about their cooking skills and actually hector lecturing alex on how he should have been cooking and correcting him on whatever move he was trying to make. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

“Ain’t no way I am eating that!” Hector said as he picked a pancake from the plate and threw it again back in. That was it. Alex picked the same pancake and shoved it into Hector’s mouth. I swear he was choking for at least ten minutes and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Then you complain about me and Sav fighting! You are worse than us!” I said between my laughers.

The rest of the day went like that. The four of us bullying each other, laughing all the time. The first one to leave was savvas as he had to meet some other friends and then there was hector.

“Wait, Hector!” I said and made a move to remove his jacket off of me but his response made me stop right there.

“Keep it, until the next time.” And before I could even reply he was already gone.

“Hey, Alex, can i ask you something?”


“Is Hector single?”

“No, he is in a relationship i think for a year now? Why?”

“N-Nothing just a-asking.”


Hope you liked it! Let me know if you want a second part and if you want let me know what you think will happen next!

Let me know as well if you liked it.

Also if you are wondering who Savvas is, his name is Savvas Mourgos and he’s playing for Arsenal. (check him out)


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Open letter to Dan and Phil’s Fans Parents

Dear Mr. and Mrs.,

If you are reading this, It is probably because your daughter is begging you to buy her a certain book or taking her to see a certain show.

I wrote this letter to tell you not to worry. Your daughter is in the safest “fandom” (that’s what they call a group of fans on the internet) she could ever have joined.

But let me talk about myself first.

My name is Georgia, and i’m 29 years old. I promise you I’m a functional adult with a job and a family of my own, so I can completely relate to your worries about the matter. I am taking care of my 14 years old cousin, Rebecca, who is now living with me and my husband because of family issues. And she is a big fan of Dan and Phil’s.

Do you remember the huge range of emotion you felt when you were their age? Some little things were so incredibly important you felt they might have been worth dying for. Some stupid little things like a song, or some people on a poster could give you the strength to go through the hardest times. How convenient would it be if that still worked now?

When I was around 16 years old I lived in Milan, Italy, and my favorite band was a guest in some MTV show. I skipped school to wait outside the studio all day, and me and some other fans ran after their car through the traffic for 5 km. Thinking about it now, it all seems so stupid, and inconsiderate, and dangerous. Plus, I was grounded for skipping school for a very long time, but I didn’t care. It “gave me life” at the moment, when school was hard and my parents were divorcing, experiences like that one were what made life worth living to me. I am sure you have a similar story to tell. Everybody does. It doesn’t take anything away from being a responsible adult, on the contrary, it adds to your life’s experience.
My husband’s grandmother is the sternest lady I’ve ever seen, but when she was a teenager she literally ran away from home in 1965 to see the Beatles, and she even sew herself a mini skirt for the occasion!

Anyway, the point of this whole letter is: don’t look down on what your child loves. It hurts them, it makes them think you don’t and will never understand them, and that is bad for your relationship. That doesn’t mean to “become their friend”, it means to make them feel accepted as human beings. To feel you are living on the same planet.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t take her to the live show, the important thing is that you explain her why you can’t take her, and the reason can’t be “because it’s stupid”. That is plain laziness on your part. I am sure you raised a perfectly reasonable person and she will understand your reasons if you make the effort to understand hers.

Rebecca is walking the dog every morning, setting the table for dinner, keeping her good grades at school, keeping her room clean and doing her own laundry until august. If she manages to do that, I will take her to the show. If she can’t, I won’t have wasted my 100£ (tickets plus transportation), because I know she will have learned a lesson.

I am not telling you how to raise your child because I think you are already doing a great job. Your daughter is a fan of two wonderful boys who create great, positive, sometimes ironical contents on the internet about life and personal growth. Your daughter could be into drug dealing, but instead, when she feels down or lonely, she watches videos about a boy telling her about his life, making her feel he is her friend, who makes her feel better about herself. I don’t see anything bad about that.

We alI know there are more important things in life, but right now this is important to your daughter and i hope you can acknowledge it and make her feel like she can trust you, that you will make the effort to understand how she feels.

Because this is important, and I know you are a good parent because you took the time to read this :)



10 years of “HOT FUSS” | The album debut that launched the band to stardom leading major rankings and selling millions of copies worldwide it was first released in the UK on June 7, 2004. They did one of the most perfect and amazing debut albums of all time. This album has perfect melodies and beautiful lyrics like  “All These Things That I'e Done”, which is my favorite and the song i feel most identified or the beautiful melody of “Change Your Mind” which sounds like a Morrissey song and that makes everything more pretty. I can’t describe how important this album is for me. I still can remember the first time i heard “Mr. Brightside” on the radio and saying “What a great song, who they are?? i’m sure it’s a british band”. I was wrong and i was very surprised when i read they were from Vegas. In this album they’re like the best British band in America, and that’s pretty amazing. That song was love at first time. Since that moment i never stopped being a fan of them. I can’t really describe what they did to me, but it was very special and i never felt something like this with a band. Now looking back through these 10 years, i can say i’m very proud and happy of being a fan since the beginning. Because i knew it they weren’t “just another band”. They showed me they’re for big things, they’re a BIG BAND. Happy birthday, “Hot Fuss”!

Here’s Fall Out Boy’s Induction speech for Green Day:

Patrick Stump: So let me ask everybody a question — what is punk rock? Now that should seem like a simple enough question to answer, but kids and critics argue with fervor and furious devotion, religious sects and political parties…Star Wars fans…so, I guarantee you that someone, somewhere will be very pissed off when I say this, but what’s more punk rock than pissing people off? What I’m saying is that one of my all time favorite punk bands is Green Day.
So, I remember the first time I heard Green Day. Give you a little background…I was a little bit of a music snob when I was a kid. My dad was a Chicago folk singer and he was very psyched to see all the punk bands of the day. And he played a lot of fusion jazz when I was younger, so you can imagine I was pretty upset with my friends who were punk fans. So one day some friends got me to sneak out of class, and mostly we just went home and listened to this cassette tape that one of them had…it was Dookie. So the thing that struck me right off the bat was how musical it was. It was all the things that you’d expect from punk rock, it was angry, it was loud, it was fast, but there were these subtle overtones of awareness of music theory and music history that was wise beyond its years. Now, other kids had Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana and all those things later. 1994, none of that was good. This, this one I was like, “this is mine.”
After that, I was all over it. I tried to dress like them, I tried to play my dad’s music real low like Billie Joe did. I followed every interview, I watched every TV performance…and the more immersed into the world I got, the more I thought that this band was one of the greatest. You have to think to yourself, “Wow, how’d they get all these guys in one band together?” Now, the thing that kills me is sometimes you have that point in your life where you think, “Yeah, they should maybe be in the fall of fame but ah…maybe not everyone’s pulling their weight.” Maybe you see one guy and, “Ah, he’s cool but…maybe he just the maybe he just drove the van.” But with Green Day, every player, every sound that came out of these three guys was as important to the entire thing, including the one guy.
Billie Joe’s singing and strong, sarcastic lyrics that totally…those bright, open chord structures…the way he played guitar. Mike Dirnt! And those bass lines…up there with the lights of James Jamerson and Jaco Pastorius, identified the bass players in the history of his playing. Tré Cool…your drummer is Tré fucking Cool. That is the coolest thing ever. And there’s not a drummer under the age of 30 who didn’t spend their entire summer trying to learn…to play that rabid fire build at the beginning of “Basket Case” just like Tré. And guess what? No one can. The passion, he makes it look easy. It’s incredible.
Pete Wentz: Now, no one else can do anything the way Green Day does. I have this distinct memory of Billie Joe. He was interviewing at MTV somewhere around the album Nimrod, where he said something along the lines of, “I don’t want to be making punk rock the rest of my life.” Sorry man, you still are.
When you followed up Dookie with a single about methamphetamine, and another in two movements, that was pretty punk rock.
When conventional wisdom demanded another fast rock punk song and instead you put down a stripped down ballad single that became the go-to prom song for a decade, that was pretty punk rock.
When you put out three companion albums in a year — in an era of digital singles — that was pretty punk rock.
When you put out an acoustic folk album at a time when you were fooled by obviously Green Day-inspired pop-punk, that was pretty punk rock.
When in an era of basically no socially conscious discourse in pop music, you put out a scathingly political rock opera and somehow managed to make that career-redefining, that was insanely fucking punk rock. Not to mention you’re alleged involvement in side projects like the Network and Foxboro Hot Tubs.
Everything you guys do is punk rock in the sense that you’ve gone for the easy route…the obvious route, the safe route. You’ve never repeated yourselves, you’ve never done anything to please suites. Suites aren’t really pleased by changed, but a brief band plays a set of their hits, there should be a lot of change. Like Queen, the Who or the Clash, the best bands go to defy and define the labels they get savvy with…the best bands are legend on record and onstage.
Now I have to say, the impact that Green Day has had on pop culture…when we walk through an airport, about 80 percent of the time when someone takes a picture with us, we hear them walk off like, “Holy shit, I just got a picture with fucking Green Day!” That’s totally true. Now Fall Out Boy has never for Green Day, and honestly part of us kind of likes it that way. Because Green Day is honestly one of the best live bands on the planet right now. If you’ve ever opened for them, they put on a show that’s so epic and engaging, that the audience forgets about you by the way they’re halfway through the first chorus. If you’ve ever played after them…sorry.
This is a band that’s so in tune with their audience that let a random kid onstage and play in the band, in arenas literally filled who probably daydreamed every kid has playing onstage with their favorite band. That’s not image consultants, cleaver A&R, or media trainee, but by cutting your teeth in community halls and basements in post punk squats. So let some Red feed argue the definition of punk rock. Me, I already have my answer. It is our great honor to induct Green Day into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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It was early February, and I was counting down the days to see one of my favorite bands, Breathe Carolina. My date was February 7th! Knowing that Denver was also their hometown I knew that they were going to give us an amazing show. I went to go wait in line at around 1 pm, even though the show started at 7. All I had was a general admission ticket, no VIP. But after a few hours of waiting in line, Jake (@worstdudehiphop) went outside the venue and asked us if we wanted the VIP for the meet and greet. When I heard him say that I was extremely happy because it was my chance to finally meet my favorite band. I bought the VIP pass from him, and was then taken to a different line. A few hours passed by and they finally let us in. I remember that my legs were very shaky, not only because I was meeting my favorite band but the weather was really cold. I walked in and it was time to meet the band, they all gave me hugs and we posed for a picture. I had a small conversation with them, they made a few jokes and David even complimented me on my broncos beanie(: sweetest guys ever(: and it was a day I’ll never forget!
Shipper on Board (Ashton Irwin)

[A/N]: The idea came to me and it refused to leave. Also it’s quite image heavy.

I reblogged another song, carefully keeping an eye on my post limit. Now I knew why our fans were so addicted to this site.

“Are you still on that?” asked my younger sister Lauren.

I nod. I had spent the past three days holed up in my room exploring the world that is tumblr. I would like to think I spent enough time in the wilderness to justify never leaving the house again.

Lauren rolled her eyes. “I swear you have no life. Did you at least find any cool blogs to follow?”

“Just a couple photography blogs, some humour blogs, and I reblogged some posts about marriage equality.”

Lauren gave a nod of approval at my choice. “Did you follow [Y/N]’s blog?”

I nearly fell off my bed. “Wait I didn’t know [Y/N] was on tumblr.” She never talks about it.

“I didn’t either but she forgot to log out of her account the last time she borrowed my laptop.” Lauren takes my laptop off my lap and quickly types in [Y/N]’s URL.

“Woah” I say as I watch the content of [Y/N]’s blog load.

“Have fun.” Lauren says, leaving me alone. I was so distracted I forgot to ask her where she was going. It was probably her plan all along.

I remember when I was younger the guys in my class would plan to crash the sleepovers the girls were having to find out what they talked about when we weren’t around. This was like ten times better. This was [Y/N] the sweetest, funniest, coolest girl I knew. And her blog was exactly like being in her mind.

I spent the next hour going through reading the text posts providing anecdotes about her life, the audio posts with all her favorite songs as well as her reblogs. She mostly reblogged funny GIFs from her favorite shows but occasionally my band would slip in. There were masterposts of Luke and his ‘broad shoulders’, old photos of Calum he probably wished he burned when he got the chance, a Vine of Mikey licking his lips,  and a GIF set of me distributing jellybeans to fans. She also spoke quite frequently to her followers, answering asks about boys, insecurities, and school.

I found her ask page, my heart racing with every character I typed and before I hit 'send’ I made sure to triple check that I selected the anon box.

I browsed her 'face’ page as I anxiously waited for her to reply. In the tag there were a ton of photos I had never seen before. There were photos of her getting ready for a night out with her girl friends and a ton of selfies and outfit of the day pictures. I guess she was more comfortable on here than on Instagram. Especially considering how cruel some of our fans had been to her on Instagram when they saw her hanging out with the band. Of course looking on her tumblr, you would have no idea that she knew us in real life. Maybe that worked to her advantage.

I clicked on her blog title and refreshed her blog. I smiled when I saw her reply to my question at the top of the page.

I quickly sent her another ask.

I frowned at her response. She can’t possibly like us all the same. I’m pretty sure even my mom has a favorite, and it’s Luke. I just needed to dig a little.

I guess, [Y/N] was an arm girl. I could work with that. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to spend half an hour trying to straighten my hair again. I wanted to send her another ask but a window popped up telling me I hit my ask limit for the day.

Guess I shouldn’t have sent so many asks to those photography bloggers asking for camera recommendations. I should sleep now. Or whatever it was that i did during my spare time before tumblr.

The Next Day

Michael was throwing a barbecue to celebrate completing his man cave. Not really sure how we were celebrating a man cave if we were going to be outside most of the time.

“I’m telling you, Michael. This discovery could change everything.” I tell him, helping him carry chairs into his parents’ backyard. “On tumblr, they actually tell you what you want instead of playing all those mind games.”

Calum chimes in from his cushy spot on a lawn chair. “[Y/N] and all the other girls on that site are only telling you that because they don’t know you’re you.”

“Don’t you feel bad about lying to [Y/N]?” Luke asks. I don’t know why the two of them even decided to come early if they weren’t going to help out.

I actually thought tumblr could help the guys out but apparently that’s not how they see it. “It’s not like I’m Catfishing her.”

Michael cracks open a beer. “Does [Y/N] write any fan fiction? Smut?”

“Seriously Mi-” I stop talking when I hear the Cliffords’ fence open and [Y/N] walk into the yard.

“Hey boys.” She greets us giving everyone hugs and handing Michael something he can display in his man cave.

“Hi [Y/N]” I run my fingers through my hair, subtly flexing my left arm. I wore my best muscle tee to add to the effect.

It looks like it’s working because [Y/N] blushes and shyly looks at the ground. “Hey.” [Y/N] looks like she has more to add but someone calls for her from the other side of the lawn.

I get out my phone and send another message to [Y/N]. I watch as she excuses herself from a conversation to check her phone. After her eyes scan the message she glances up at me and blushes when she sees me looking back.

I pursed my lips, took another sip of my beer, and sent her another ask.

I was about to tell her that yeah she had her flaws but if I thought she was a terrible person we wouldn’t be hanging out together like we do.

“Hey Ash!” Luke giggled when he saw me drop my phone.

“Oh my fucking god Luke. What the hell?” My anger only seemed to amuse. He picks up my phone still giggling but he is full on laughing when he sees what is my phone’s screen. [Y/N]’s blog has been refreshed with two new anonymous messages at the top.

Fuck my life.

Luke can barely speak because he’s laughing so hard. “If it makes you feel better her followers don’t ship her with me either. Let’s show Cal and Mikey.”

“Um, let’s not” I snatch it the phone out of Luke’s hand. The blog refreshes again a cryptic message appears on the page.

Maybe you guys see something I don’t

I look around for [Y/N] but she’s nowhere to be seen. “So Ashton…” I look behind me and there’s [Y/N], her phone safely in her pocket. “A little birdy told me you joined tumblr.”

“I’m going to kill the three of them.” I mutter under my breath. "Yeah, yeah I am.“

She smiles. "You know I have a blog on there.”

“I know” I tell her biting my lip.

[Y/N] furrows her brow. “How do you-”

“I-I’m the one who told you I ship the two of us.” I admit feeling my cheeks heat up.

[Y/N] looks taken aback. I guess the guys didn’t tell her anything after all. Anything important anyway. “Oh, well I think we should test your theory.”

Despite my shock that this is actually happening, I manage to string together a reply.“We definitely should.”

[Y/N] stands on the tips of her toes and I put my hands on her waist to pull her closer towards me. Our lips touch and our movements starts off softly before getting more intense. Soon our hands start to wander. [Y/N]’s hands wrap around my neck and gently tug on the hair at the base of my neck. My hands are slowly rubbing all over the sides of [Y/N]’s torso, from the top of her ribcage to her hipbones. [Y/N] pulls away reluctantly before things can get anymore heated.

We stare at eachother for a while and trying to catch our breath. [Y/N] speaks first. “You know what Ashton? I kind of ship us too.”

“Get a room!” Michael shouts at us from across the room.

[Y/N] giggles, used to the guitarist’s outspokenness. “Mind if we use yours?!” She shouts back.