remember when they were looking at each other like boyfriends

Im Jaebum smut (requested)

A/N: wow sos send help my JB feels are through the roof right now I got a bit carried away. I hope it’s good enough for you anon ♡ (again guys, send requests in for any of the groups in my description, I love writing scenarios for you guys)

You slowly opened your eyes to the light blue light shining dully through your curtains around your bedroom. Looking in front of you, you saw your boyfriend Jaebum laying in the same position he was in when you feel asleep last night, except his grip around your waist was a little tighter than it was before. You smiled to yourself remembering all that happened last night, you and Jaebum were at it for hours, going round after round. It’s like you couldn’t get enough of each other. Jaebum didn’t care where in the house you were, he was bending you over the kitchen bench, dining table, taking you on the couch, in the shower, even on the floor. He’d been like this for the whole week, you don’t know what had got into him but you weren’t complaining. You had both fallen asleep naked because you were going at it until you were both so exhausted that you collapsed and fell asleep. Jaebum sighed and opened his eyes to see you smiling at him. He smiled at you and bit his lip.

“Ah, jagiya, last night was so good,” he said in his deep, croaky morning voice “ the way you felt around me, the way your nails scratched down my back, the way you moaned in my ear…” Jaebum started moving his hand from your hip to your crotch. He was biting his lip a lot harder now and looking you straight in the eye. It was crazy how just looking at Jaebum could make you soaking wet so fast. Jaebum’s eyes went dark as he softly scraped his fingers over your folds, playing with them. You whimpered as he teased you, him smirking as he knew what he was doing to you.

“Jaebum, stop teasing, please” You whined softly. Jaebum chuckled as you squirmed, desperate for him to touch you.

“What’s the magic words?” He said, parting your folds.

“Daddy, please” You breathed. With that, Jaebum finally dipped a finger inside of you, your back arching as he entered. His thumb starting rubbing circles on your clit, making you moan. Watching you moan like this and feeling your wetness was making Jaebum extremely hard, but he wanted to make you cum more than once. Jaebum entered a second finger, pumping them in and out and curling them right up to your g-spot, making you scream. His thumb was keeping a perfect rhythm, circling hard on your clit. You were already a panting, moaning mess as Jaebum entered the third finger, making you scream his name, you could feel that familiar build up in your stomach already. Jaebum sensed this as he saw your toes start to curl up, so he removed his fingers and thumb and replaced them with his tongue, licking a straight line up from your entrance to your clit. Then he dipped his tongue in, flicking it in and out as you moaned his name. You reached down and entangled your fingers in his hair as you were so close to your climax.

“Daddy, I’m so close” You cried, pulling on his hair, bringing him in closer to your entrance.

“I know baby girl, cum hard for daddy”, hearing JB say this never got old, it still sent shivers through your body. It brought you to the edge, grinding your hips against his face as you finally rode out your high. You were panting as Jaebum brought his face up to yours, kissing you hard, letting you taste yourself.

“Are you ready baby girl?” He winked as he put your leg up on his shoulder. You nodded, almost pleading as he positioned himself in front of your entrance. He slowly slid in, groaning as he finally felt your walls around him, then pulled out fully and slammed back in, beginning to thrust. He wasn’t waiting as he started to thrust hard and fast into you. He had one hand on the headboard of the bed and the other on your hip, holding it down as he fucked you. You hand your hands on his shoulders, making fresh scratches down his back to match the many red ones already there. You were moaning and cursing, overwhelmed by the pleasure. He had his head in the crook of your neck, groaning and panting. He grabbed your other leg, placing it over his shoulders with the other one, giving him more room to thrust into you. Your climax was creeping up incredibly fast, your pussy still soaking from the last orgasm. Jaebum’s thrusts were becoming sloppier, but you knew he wouldn’t cum until you did, as he believed in ‘ladies first’. Jaebum reached down and started rubbing your clit again, trying to bring your climax faster. It worked because before you knew it you were seeing white, screaming Jaebum’s name over and over until you came back down. Jaebum started getting even faster and harder as he prepared for his own release. You felt him twitch inside of you as he began to groan your name, thrusts getting slower as he spilt inside of you. He thrusted inside of you a few more times before pulling out and collapsing beside you, pulling you onto his chest. You were both panting, sweaty and exhausted after going another round and even though you were both extremely tired, you were probably going to go another 3 rounds later. You didn’t know what had got into you or Jaebum, but neither of you were complaining.

Watching The Sunrise with Jack Barakat

Could you make one with Jack Barakat?? When y/n is on holidays with besties but their boyfriends showed up and y/n is sitting alone in the bar and there’s Jack and maybe they end up watching sunrise? Fluffy pls


Finally. A night with the girls where they’re not hanging all over their boyfriends.

Tessa, Leila, and Olivia were all over each other, complimenting outfits and taking selfies. “Tess, that dress makes your ass look amazing.”

I groaned and put my head in my hands. It was nice to see the girls, but I don’t ever remember them acting like this.

“Chase!” Leila squealed. “What are you doing here?”

I looked up and groaned loudly. The girl’s fucking boyfriends were here, God damn it. Tessa and Olivia immediately jumped up and left with them.

“I’ll be back in a minute, babe.” Chase kissed her cheek and headed off towards the bathrooms.

“Olivia, I like Chase, I really do. But he’s a dick! A dirty dumb dick who likes to steal my friends!”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I know this was supposed to be a girls night but I love Chase. You’ll understand someday.” She said hugging me.

“You sound like your mother.”

“…shit, do I really? I promise we’ll hang out soon. Just the two of us, ‘kay? No boyfriends.”


“I promise.” She nodded, then turned around and left with Chase.

I shook my head and watched them leave. Of course I was left behind. I kind I expected it at this point.

Every single time we plan something, one of the boys shows up and ruins it.

Fuck my life.

I sat there at the bar for a while, barely sipping my drink. I got bored after a while and started spinning on the stool.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice sounded. I stopped spinning and looked up. It was Jack. We went to highschool together. We even dated for a while, but nothing too serious. I will admit, I’m quite impressed. He looked incredibly handsome in with his spiked up skunk hair, black skinny jeans and a t-shirt with BONER written across the front in bold red letters.

“Hi Jack.”

He sat down next to me. “It’s been what? Fucking…two years?”

“Four actually. But you were close.”

“Really? It’s been that long?” He raised his eyebrows, giving me a once over.


“You look different.”


“No! I mean…you were okay before, but now…fuck.”

I laughed. He hasn’t changed a bit. “Thanks Jack.”

“Hey, do you maybe want to go wall somewhere?”


“Boner Land.” He said very seriously.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll go to Boner Land with you.” I smiled as he took my hand.

We walked for a while. There were quite a few people outside, especially since it was near the holidays. There were young couples running around and lauging and old couples watching from the benches wearing broad smiles.

I was surprised, not that there were old people out, just how late it was. It was almost midnight and there they sat.

“So how are Alex, Zach, and Rian?” I asked, looking up at Jack, pulling my jacket closer to my body.

“Good. Our band’s gotten pretty big, we’re in town for a few days.”

A few days.

“Only a few days?”

“Yeah. It fucking sucks though, I kinda miss it here. Wish we were here longer.”

Jack pulled me over to one of the very few empty benches. We talked about anything and everything. The band, highschool, whether or not there were sharks in outerspace and aliens in the ocean, argued over how many cats we thought Alan Ashby had…everything.

It only felt like a few minutes but when I looked up, the sky was slowly getting lighter. “Jack!”


“It’s morning!”

“Oh.” He said sadly, staring up at the sky.

“It’s pretty isn’t it?”

“Beautiful.” Jack answered quietly. When I turned to face him, he was already staring.


“Yeah?” He asked softly, moving closer.

“I missed you.”

“Me too.”

Jack placed on hand on my cheek, the other held my hand, lacing our fingers together. He slowly leaned foward and pressed his lips against mine. Yeah, we’ve kissed before but this was different. This wasn’t flirty and meaningless, this…this was real.

Maybe it’s a good thing my friends ditched me.


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Hello friend! I saw your post about wanting sunshine line fics and felt it resonate strongly within me. Because I really want to write something about Vmin being boyfriends since the dawn of time when all of a sudden Hoseok shows up and Tae is all like "well shit." And when he tells Jimin that he may or may not have a tiny crush on Hobi, Jimin is all like "Wait, you too???" So from then on, whenever Hoseok does something remotely cute/sexy they just look at each other like *internal screaming*.

This kinda fits into a thing that @2seokcessful and I were laughing about not too long ago. Although I can’t remember if it was sunshine line or if it involved Yoongi….

Anyway that idea is super flipping cute and hashtag accurate tbh. Plus bonus points for their crush not destroying their relationship.