remember when they were looking at each other like boyfriends

Im Jaebum smut (requested)

Wow sos send help my JB feels are through the roof right now I got a bit carried away. I hope it’s good enough for you anon ♡ (again guys, send requests in for any of the groups in my description, I love writing scenarios for you guys)

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Bad Religion.

There was nothing like being in love with someone who couldn’t quite hold those same feelings for you, not in the way you wanted. I had the naïve idea that this would be easier than it actually turned out to be. It wasn’t my intention to fall for Leo but there was something about him. His coy smile, his humble personality, his ability to find the littlest ways to smile, it all drew me in far more than it should have.

I was intoxicated by him and the joy he brought me but I couldn’t share my joy with anyone else. I remained mum on it all. I hadn’t even told my friends I had been secretly seeing him for the past few months, afraid that with one slip of the tongue they’d out me to someone else who’d tell someone else who’d give it to the media to pounce on. The last thing I wanted was to put Leo in the spotlight for something like this.

It was just hard. There were moments I wanted to run up to him when I saw him, lean into him and feel his breath on my lips but I was left admiring him from afar in those moments like we were strangers or trying to avoid his piercing gaze. There were moments I wanted to be the woman by his side at events but I was only stuck daydreaming of the thought while I sat at home watching it all unfold on my television.

Nothing could quite satisfy me but his touch but I was forced to deal with the insufferable fact we could not be together due to my position as a doctor with FC Barcelona and his as a player. There were strict rules prohibiting our union that would leave me jobless if I dared to break them and let someone find out.

Our relationship wasn’t new. We were familiar with each other through childhood, only growing up a few homes away from each other but I never thought destiny would bring us back together like it had. It was only too bad we couldn’t really be together.

“Y/N?” I nearly jumped out of my seat as I heard someone calling my name. I looked up to see Leo looking down at me with a somewhat concerned look on his face.

“I’m sorry. I was off in lala land. Do you need something?” It was rare for him to come into my office unless he needed treatment of some sort so I figured there was a reason aside from just seeing me that he was here.

He got comfortable and sat on the edge of my desk, glancing around to see if anyone was nearby or able to hear what he was about to say. “I just came to see you,” he spoke lowly. “We’re getting on the plane to leave in a few hours. I heard you’re not making the trip?”

I shook my head. I wouldn’t be able to make the next match due to my best friend’s wedding. That was one event I couldn’t miss as her maid of honor, not even for Barcelona. “I’m going to my best friend’s wedding, remember? We talked about it for a second the other day but you seemed distracted so…” I let my words trail off and lowered my head, looking down awkwardly at my lap. I hated to accuse him of not paying me enough attention but it was often he forgot some of our conversations. I just blamed it on him being busy. Most of our talks were through a quick text when he was alone or a quick call.

“Oh yeah. I remember. Are you excited? Do you like weddings?” I looked up at him as he searched my eyes, waiting for an answer. I didn’t know how to answer the question. Sure, I loved weddings and what they meant in the union of two people who loved each other but I didn’t want to be the woman attending them for the rest of my life with no husband of my own.

I’d leave that part out.

“They’re nice when you’re going with your boyfriend or a date,” I hinted. So many times I was asked who I would be attending the wedding with and the answer was simple: no one. It wasn’t like I could take Leo and I wasn’t going to use some other guy as a decoy.

“You have no clue how much I want to be there with you,” he uttered, his thumb reaching out to graze my cheek as he took in my features. It was something I had heard many times so it no longer made me blush like it used to. All it did was remind me that we could never be how I wanted. It was tiring to be in love with someone I couldn’t show my love for.

“If you want to be there so bad, come. It’s the day after the match. Take an early flight and come.” I knew I was daring him to do something I couldn’t even imagine him doing, one that would dramatically affect my life for the worst and the way he shook his head with a disappointed look on his face let me know the possibility of that happening was zero. “I can’t do that and you know it.”

I gave a weak smile and stood up from my seat, standing in front of him. “Yeah, I know,” I said meekly. “You better get going though. I have work I have to finish.”  My mood had plummeted thinking of the false hopes and I no longer wanted to entertain the conversation. Leo could tell I wasn’t in the mood as he gave a weak smile and simply headed out of the door.

Of course he didn’t attend the wedding and I was left to sit alone with a faux smile while everyone paraded around me happy as could be. Yes, I was happy for my friend and my mind wasn’t stuck on Leo the entire night but it was enough. When I got back home I was exhausted and just ready to fall asleep until my phone buzzed.


It was Leo. I huffed and climbed out of my bed and headed to my back door where he usually entered, trying not to catch the attention of my neighbors. I opened the door to see him standing with a weak smile on his face, a box of pizza in one hand and a soda in the other. “Hungry?” He held up the food as a peace offering until I stepped to the side and let him inside.

“I ate at the wedding,” I commented dully and shut the door behind him. I followed him into the kitchen while he placed the stuff in his hands down on the counter. “Well we can eat it in the morning,” he suggested, turning to me.

“Morning?” He had never stayed overnight at my place. It was usually a quick few hour visit and that was all so to hear he was suggesting he would be sleeping over, I was surprised.

“Yeah. I’m staying if you don’t mind.” How could I say no? No matter how “bad” my evening had went I couldn’t turn down the offer and the idea of waking up to him by my side was enticing. I just hoped one day it could become something that happened daily.

Watching The Sunrise with Jack Barakat

Could you make one with Jack Barakat?? When y/n is on holidays with besties but their boyfriends showed up and y/n is sitting alone in the bar and there’s Jack and maybe they end up watching sunrise? Fluffy pls


Finally. A night with the girls where they’re not hanging all over their boyfriends.

Tessa, Leila, and Olivia were all over each other, complimenting outfits and taking selfies. “Tess, that dress makes your ass look amazing.”

I groaned and put my head in my hands. It was nice to see the girls, but I don’t ever remember them acting like this.

“Chase!” Leila squealed. “What are you doing here?”

I looked up and groaned loudly. The girl’s fucking boyfriends were here, God damn it. Tessa and Olivia immediately jumped up and left with them.

“I’ll be back in a minute, babe.” Chase kissed her cheek and headed off towards the bathrooms.

“Olivia, I like Chase, I really do. But he’s a dick! A dirty dumb dick who likes to steal my friends!”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I know this was supposed to be a girls night but I love Chase. You’ll understand someday.” She said hugging me.

“You sound like your mother.”

“…shit, do I really? I promise we’ll hang out soon. Just the two of us, ‘kay? No boyfriends.”


“I promise.” She nodded, then turned around and left with Chase.

I shook my head and watched them leave. Of course I was left behind. I kind I expected it at this point.

Every single time we plan something, one of the boys shows up and ruins it.

Fuck my life.

I sat there at the bar for a while, barely sipping my drink. I got bored after a while and started spinning on the stool.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice sounded. I stopped spinning and looked up. It was Jack. We went to highschool together. We even dated for a while, but nothing too serious. I will admit, I’m quite impressed. He looked incredibly handsome in with his spiked up skunk hair, black skinny jeans and a t-shirt with BONER written across the front in bold red letters.

“Hi Jack.”

He sat down next to me. “It’s been what? Fucking…two years?”

“Four actually. But you were close.”

“Really? It’s been that long?” He raised his eyebrows, giving me a once over.


“You look different.”


“No! I mean…you were okay before, but now…fuck.”

I laughed. He hasn’t changed a bit. “Thanks Jack.”

“Hey, do you maybe want to go wall somewhere?”


“Boner Land.” He said very seriously.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll go to Boner Land with you.” I smiled as he took my hand.

We walked for a while. There were quite a few people outside, especially since it was near the holidays. There were young couples running around and lauging and old couples watching from the benches wearing broad smiles.

I was surprised, not that there were old people out, just how late it was. It was almost midnight and there they sat.

“So how are Alex, Zach, and Rian?” I asked, looking up at Jack, pulling my jacket closer to my body.

“Good. Our band’s gotten pretty big, we’re in town for a few days.”

A few days.

“Only a few days?”

“Yeah. It fucking sucks though, I kinda miss it here. Wish we were here longer.”

Jack pulled me over to one of the very few empty benches. We talked about anything and everything. The band, highschool, whether or not there were sharks in outerspace and aliens in the ocean, argued over how many cats we thought Alan Ashby had…everything.

It only felt like a few minutes but when I looked up, the sky was slowly getting lighter. “Jack!”


“It’s morning!”

“Oh.” He said sadly, staring up at the sky.

“It’s pretty isn’t it?”

“Beautiful.” Jack answered quietly. When I turned to face him, he was already staring.


“Yeah?” He asked softly, moving closer.

“I missed you.”

“Me too.”

Jack placed on hand on my cheek, the other held my hand, lacing our fingers together. He slowly leaned foward and pressed his lips against mine. Yeah, we’ve kissed before but this was different. This wasn’t flirty and meaningless, this…this was real.

Maybe it’s a good thing my friends ditched me.


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Jack & David ~ Kings
↳ 8 caps per episode - “First Night”

Preference #6 - Break Up

**I haven’t written a break up preference before so lemme know what you guys think :)
ps I used Gabe’s girlfriend’s name as his ex’s name in the preference because it looked better than G/E/N (Gabe’s Ex’s Name) lol**


“Can we talk about this?”
You could hear your boyfriend’s voice starting to crack.
“Let me expl-”
“I don’t need an explanation Cole.”

You hung up before walking into your house. You were out with some friends earlier when you passed by a small restaurant and saw Cole sitting at a table. You were curious since he texted you saying he couldn’t hang out because has was going to be at the studio. You were about to walk in until you saw a girl walk out of the bathroom and sat down at the same table. Once she sat down Cole grabbed for her hand and they both started to laugh and smile. You saw him kiss her hand right before seeing his expression changed from noticing you through the window. He got up and started to make his way to the exit but you were already gone.

A few hours passed and you spent each second trying to get your mind off of Cole. But his constant texts and phone calls wasn’t helping at all. You were starting to doze off on your couch when your doorbell rang. You checked through the peephole and saw Cole standing there with his hands in his pocket. You weren’t going to answer so you started to walk away until you heard him through the door
“Y/N, I know you’re home…”
“What do you want Cole?”

You opened the door and leaned against the doorway with your arms crossed waiting for him to reply.

“I, um, couldn’t sleep so-”
“It’s almost midnight.”
“I know! I’m sorry. I know what you saw at the restaurant earlier and I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d come over and talk to you about it.”
“How long?”

You started to tear up knowing that you weren’t prepared for what was about to happen. You wiped a tear from your cheek and repeated yourself.

“How long have you been seeing her?”
You noticed Cole starting to tense up and getting nervous but he managed to answer your question.
“3 weeks..”

You slightly nodded your head and closed the door but Cole stopped you before it finally shut.
“Wait Y/N! Please just let me explain”
“No Cole! 3 weeks! You had 3 weeks to try and explain but it took me catching you for you to finally say something.”
Cole stood there speechless, looking down to the ground. You saw a tear fall down his cheek which made you do the same.

“Y/N, please… I’m sorry. I lo-”
“Don’t.. Don’t even dare to say that to me right now.”

It was quiet for a few seconds since the both of you couldn’t bare to say anything else. Cole, being an emotional wreck couldn’t put his thoughts into words. And you, being an emotional wreck as well but pissed at the same time. You gave out a deep sigh from being tired and looked at Cole.

“We’re over.”
He quickly looked up with his mouth open.
“Y/N wait!”
“3 weeks.”
You scoffed at him, and shook your head before finally shutting the door.


You were out with your boyfriend Gabe walking hand in hand downtown and soaking in the beauty of your city. Suddenly he let go of your hand, looked forward, and shouted.
“Oh my god, Alex!”

The two ran to each other and hugged for what felt like hours. When they finally departed from each other Gabe introduced the two of you.

“Alex, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Alex.”

The name was familiar to you when you remembered he talked about her before. It didn’t bother you whenever he mentioned one of his exes, but the rest of the “date” you guys were on started to get on your nerves. Gabe suggested that Alex tagged along with the two of you. When you guys went for ice cream, the arcade, and other stops it felt like Gabe was on a date with Alex instead of you. The whole time they spent catching up while you sat there feeling like a third wheel.

It was starting to get late so Alex left and went back to her car. As for you and Gabe, he drove you home after an eventful night.

“Man, I haven’t seen her in such a long time! I missed her.”

Gabe had just parked in your driveway and after hearing that you instantly got out of the car and made sure to slam it behind you.

“Woah, woah what’s with the slamming?”

You made sure that the two of you were in your house as to not bother your neighbors with the yelling that was about to happen. Gabe followed you inside and once he closed the front door you quickly turned around and faced him with a face full of tears.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”
“Do you know how I felt this whole day?! I felt embarrassed and pathetic!”

Gabe watched you with sympathy on his face as you continued to explain yourself.

“What do you mean? Why? I thought we had fun…”
“I didn’t! You had fun, with Alex! Not me. This whole ‘date’ I felt like I was third wheeling with you and her. For the first time in our relationship of almost a year I didn’t feel like I was your girlfriend.”

Gabe eyes widened when he heard you say this.

“Y/N… I’m sorry you felt that way but I just hadn’t seen her in a while.. I promise there’s nothing I feel about her.”

He walked towards you and started to rub your arms to calm you down but you stepped away from him.

“That’s a lie and you know that. After today, you know you feel something for her. You miss her, and I know, because you told me in the car.”

You struggled speaking in between gasps of breaths from crying. You noticed Gabe take your words into thought to remember if he did say that. Then you saw his face light up which let you know that he remembered what he said in the car.

“Y/N, I’m sorry..”

He tried to grab your hand but you walked away towards the door and opened it.

“Y/N, let’s just talk clear this up.”“
“You don’t need to because I understand clearly now. Leave”

Gabe didn’t wanna leave so it took him a while before he finally walked out the door. For the rest of the night you skyped with your best friend who listened to every little thing you had to say. Gabe, on the other hand, kept your phone constantly vibrating with a continuous stream of texts and voicemails of “I’m sorry… Let’s talk.. I love you”


After a long day of going around town and running errands, you decided to sit down at one of your favorite cafés and take a moment to read. You heard the door open but was too focused on a particular chapter to look up. But your focus was broken when someone pulled a chair and sat in front of you.

“Hey Y/N!”

You almost flew across the table just to wrap your arms around an old flame. David was your first real and longest relationship. The two of you were together for almost 3 years when things started to change and David said that feelings may not be mutual anymore. You were a complete wreck for months until you moved on.

“Oh my gosh! How are you? I thought you were out in LA?”
“I know, it’s been almost a year. But I am! But I come home occasionally. How are you? You look good. You look… Happy.”

He said this with a smirk but he sounded like he was about to choke on his words. You blushed a bit and smiled looking down. The two of you continued catching up at the coffee shop when David suggested to visit an old memory with you - the park by your house. When your relationship with David was still fresh, you’d sneak out at night and meet up with him at a park by your house. It was weird being back at a place from your past with David but what made it even more weird was that you two were there around the same time you’d leave to sneak out.

“You’re kidding?!”
“I’m not! Will and I actually did that!”
“Ohhh. Myyy. Gooosh! You two are unbelievable.”

The two of you were sitting on swings recovering from hardcore laughing then let out a sigh.

“Do you miss it?”

You were swaying back and forth on the swing and playing around in the sand with your foot when David asked a question.

“You know… Us.”

You stopped dragging your foot across the sand and gave David your attention.

“Um… I mean, I guess I think about it sometimes.”
“Oh. Well I do. I miss it. I don’t know how I ever started to lose feelings because being here with you right now feels so right.”
“Sometimes I feel like coming back here just to see if you’re still here. And if I can’t sometimes I feel like calling you to see if you’ll still pick up whenever. Sometimes I wish I could get a second chance..”

You knew David was hinting ideas to you but you also knew you couldn’t let this happen again.

“I can’t do that David. I can’t- I can’t put myself through that much pain and recovery again.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right…”

You could hear his voice starting to crack. The moment was interrupted when your phone vibrated in your pocket. It was a text from your mom reminding you that it was getting late. You got up from the swing and stood up in front of David.

“Um, I have to go. But it was nice to catch-”
“I’m sorry. And I’ll always be sorry. I wish I could get that second chance but I understand how you feel. Just know I’ll always be there for you.”

David stood up and interrupted you with a giant bear hug and heartfelt words.

“Me too David.”

You could feel the both of you starting to cry during the hug. Once you finally left and came home, you dived into your bed wondering if you just made the worst or best decision of your life.


Lately you and Will seemed to be distant. Conversations, dates, and overall time together grew shorter and less frequent. He was out with the boys while you stayed at home. It was getting late and you were starting to get worried especially since Will was one to really appreciate sleep. You were gonna text him when you heard the front door open.

“Hey, I was just about to text you. How was it?”

You expected Will to sit with you on the couch but instead he walked in the kitchen to get a drink. Although you guys grew distant you were still sensitive towards your relationship. You followed behind him hoping to know why he had an attitude.

“Okaaaay, so how was your day?”
“How are the boys?”
“Let me guess, ‘fine’?”

Will propped his hands on the counter and leaned against it with his head down and his back towards you. You stood behind him with your arms crossed already annoyed with his one worded answers.

“Um, hello? Will do you wanna talk about this?”
“I can’t do this anymore.”
“What are you talking about?”

You were scared of where this was going so you quickly got teary eyed while Will turned around and stared at the floor.

“We don’t talk anymore Y/N! And we’re not doing anything to fix this!”

You’ve never really experienced Will raise his voice. You weren’t scared of him, but you were genuinely worried.

“Will, we can try and fix this.”
“No. It’s… It just gets worse. I’m always traveling and away from you and it’s not gonna help this.”
“Don’t say that.”

You walked towards Will and wrapped his arms around his waist. You let go when he didn’t wrap his arms around you. Instead he just stood there, obviously trying to hold back his tears.

“I have to go.”
“Go?! You just came back!”

He walked out of the kitchen and towards the front door while you followed behind him.

“Will! Can you listen to me?! You’re just gonna walk away in the middle of this?”

He was obviously ignoring you on purpose so you grabbed his arm to get his attention.

“It’s too hard Y/N! I can’t do this anymore. I can’t stand being away from you and being distant anymore.
I’d rather us break up then having to live through this relationship that’s already crumbling!”

Your grip on Will’s arm got loose when you heard him say that. When he realized what he said he looked at you, noticing that your tears got more violent.

"I’m sorry Y/N..”

He looked down to the floor when a tear fell from down his face. And before you knew it, he was out the door.


You were at home going through Twitter when a certain tweet caught your eye. “Tonight with this cutie!”
It was a picture of Dana and an attractive girl. In one picture he had his arm wrapped around her waist while her arms wrapped his neck. In the other picture, Dana gave the girl a kiss on the cheek with his hands resting on her lower back. You were mean mugging this picture when Dana walked in, back home from the party.

“Hey gorgeous!”

He leaned down to give you a kiss but you dodged him and stood up.

“Okay, guess not.”

He plopped down on the couch before you threw him your phone with the picture opened. You crossed your arms and tried not to cry.

“What is this?”
“A picture. Dana. Who is she?”
“She’s just a friend, relaaaax.”

He stood up and handed you back your phone.

“Stop being so jealous all the time.”
“Excuse me?”
“You always get jealous over any little thing.”
“I’m sorry, but last time I checked I was your girlfriend. Obviously seeing pictures of you and other girls like this, especially like this, makes me jealous.”
“She asked for a kiss on the cheek it happens all the time.”
“Yeah I get that, and that’s fine. But the way you guys are in the picture is what gets me. The fact that you guys are so close together kinda makes me feel like I’m not even your girlfriend.”
“I just don’t get what you’re so jealous all the time.”

Dana started to walk away from you obviously tired from the party and from fighting with you.

“If it doesn’t make you feel like my girlfriend then why are you still here? Why are you still with me?”

He mumbled this under his breath. But you were able to hear every word. You scoffed at him letting him that you heard him loud and clear.

“Oh my god… Y/N wait!”

You ran down the stairs, grabbed your purse, and headed towards the front door. Dana followed behind you and grabbed your hand before you walked out.

“It slipped I swear Y/N, I didn’t mean it.”
“You wonder why I’m still with you and now so am I. So I’ll leave.”
“Y/N wait!”

You opened the door and headed out to your car ignoring everything Dana was saying when he followed you.
“Y/N I swear, please! Come back!”

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lol remember when the boys were doing that interview and they had to put toothpaste on their upper lip and zayns toothpaste looked like it was rubbed off in the same way that liams put his toothpaste on?(: i love science(:(:(:haha(:(:

Yes, I do!!! The infamous Ziam toothpaste kiss. 

How do you reckon this happened, boys? 

Look at them! Giving each other that knowing look. We see you, you ain’t slick!

Just awesome. Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel! (Gifs aren’t mine)

Only Her

Requested By: Anonymous

Request: Could you do a Felix one where Peter is very protective of you and one night he’s not there and all of the boys except for Felix went to sleep and you decide to teach Felix how to slow dance and he’s very wary about it because it’s obvious you both have feelings for each other but never acted on them so after he learns and you two are dancing you have a moment and he kisses you? I hope this makes sense, thank you so much! I love your writings so much!

“Don’t leave the camp, keep your dagger on you at all times, don’t go-”

“Peter, I got it.” I laughed. “I get this speech every time you leave.”

“Yes, but every time, I come back, and something’s happened to you.” He stressed.

“I’ll be fine, trust me.”

I hoped I’d convinced him. If not, his list of restrictions could go on for hours.

His eyes narrowed disbelievingly at me, and I rolled mine. He sighed.

“Okay,” he finally said in defeat. “Just be careful, please.”

“Always am.” I smiled.

He chuckled, rolling his eyes playfully and turning to the boys.

“Boys, Felix is in charge. Don’t do anything stupid.” He commanded quickly before he disappeared all together.

I’d never get used to that.

I winced as the boys all at once crowded around Felix to ask what they were going to do for the rest of the day. He huffed in annoyance, but, in all fairness, he should have expected it with Peter being gone.

“Why don’t we tell some stories?” He asked, having to raise his voice to talk over the boys.

Everyone figured that would be his first suggestion considering it didn’t involve much effort on his part, but the boys nonetheless excitedly scattered around the fire to sit on the logs and hear stories.

“Alright,” Felix called once they were all settled down. “Who goes first?”

•                      •                       •                     •

We must’ve heard about eight of the same stories, just told from all the different boy’s point of views.

I glanced around the fire lit camp at the Lost Boys, all of them seemingly still impressed with the story. I huffed and rubbed at my tired eyes. Continuing to look around, my eyes fell on Felix, who seemed as uninterested as I did. I chuckled to myself. He was definitely regretting this story telling idea. His eyes shot up upon hearing my laugh and his beautifully grey eyes narrowed at me before a smirk crept onto his lips.

“Y/N!” He called, interrupting Curly mid-story. “You’ve been awfully quiet. Why don’t you tell us a story?” He requested while most likely praying I would tell a different story.

“Tell us a funny story!” One boy chimed in.

“No, a scary one!”

“I want to hear a love story!”

“Ew!” All of the other boys cringed at Hunter’s request.

I quickly raked through my memory for a story, any story that would somehow satisfy all of them, I didn’t know of a story that was funny, scary, and romantic all at once.

“Okay, okay, I’ll choose what the story is about!” I shouted over their loud requests.

They all huffed.

“This is the story of..” I continued to ponder before an old classic came to mind. “Cinderella.”

I knew for sure out of all the stories Peter has told them, Cinderella wasn’t one of them.

“Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella.”

I continued to tell the tale I knew by heart, as it used to be my favorite when I was a child. I could see the boys attempting to appear disinterested in the cliché love story, but I could tell they were holding onto every word I said eagerly.

“When Prince Charming saw her at the ball, out of all the beautiful women there, he could only see her.” I explained as my eyes danced around the camp once again to take in their reactions.

My eyes once again found Felix’s, and I almost forgot the rest of the story when I saw his eyes absentmindedly stuck on mine. His lips were tugged up in a faint smile, something rare to see on Felix.

I quickly looked away from him and rid my mind of all the cliché thoughts before returning to the story.

“So, Prince Charming asked her for a dance.” I continued, and the boys stared at me in confusion.  


“Like when we dance around the fire?”

I shook my head at their questions, reminding myself that they were used to Pan’s stories, which you’d never find a lick of romance in.

“No, like a slow dance. Something people do when they care about each other.” I informed, not knowing another way to explain it to them.

“Has a prince ever asked you to slow dance, Y/N?”

I blushed, looking down at my lap.

“Once before, but he certainly was not a prince.” I laughed, almost cringing as I remembered my very first boyfriend.

•                      •                     •                     •

The rest of the story she tried to rush through, wanting nothing more than to go to bed now.

“And they all lived happily ever after.” She ended in the typical, Disney movie type of way.

“That’s it?” One asked, and she quickly nodded as she hoped Felix would send them to bed now.

“Can you tell us another story, Y/N?”


“Alright, boys,” Felix quickly interrupted. “No more stories, it’s time for bed.”

Their simultaneous groans filled the camp, and Y/N couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t make me say it again.” He warned, and they immediately scurried off to their tents.

Her palms rubbed at my eyes that were screaming at her to close them. She stood from her uncomfortable seat on the log and began walking to her tent to call it a night.

“Y/N,” Felix’s hesitant voice called from behind her.

“Um, yeah, Felix?” She asked as she turned back around to face him.

He swallowed harshly, and his eyes seemed unable to meet her’s.

“Earlier in your story,” he began, taking slow steps closer to her. “You were talking about that dance.”

“The slow dancing?” She questioned.

Why did Felix care about slow dancing?

“Could you teach me?” The question slowly but surely fell from his lips, and she thought for sure she had heard him wrong.

“You want to learn how to slow dance?”

He nodded slowly, almost unsure. She was shocked.

Her fingers twisted the fabric of her shirt nervously as she thought about how this could turn out.

Felix. Felix was the type of boy you knew not to get involved with, but that mere fact only made you want him more. Felix was the guy you’d be scared to give your heart to due to how unpredictable he was. He would either crush it under his dirty boot or cherish it with his whole life, but you wouldn’t have a clue what he’d choose to do with it because of how guarded he was. Not until you gave it to him. He was a walking game of Russian Roulette.

“W-Well, we don’t have any music.” She excused, her face heating up at the mere thought of being so close to the boy.

“Do we really need it?” He pressed, and she sighed quietly, causing him to rethink his request. “Forget it, it’s fine.” He said, his voice returning to its usual dull tone.

“No, Felix, it’s okay.” She assured and stepped closer to him. “I can teach you.”

“Just don’t laugh at me.” He warned.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

She lead him to a clearer spot of the camp and pushed down any nerves that told her not to do this.

“G-Give me your hand.” She commanded softly.

He placed his large hand in her’s and looked down at her for further instruction. She lead his hand to her waist and place her hand on his shoulder. She then took his other hand, stepping closer to him.

He felt his breath hitch a bit, not used to being so close to anyone, let alone a girl. No, let alone Y/N.

“Now,” she whispered, setting her gaze at his chest in attempt to avoid the distraction of his grey eyes. “Look at my feet. Follow what I do.”

He did as he was told, and, if he was honest, it was awkward at first. Clumsy was never a word to describe him, but now as he fumbled with his steps and strived greatly to not step on her feet, he was the epitome of clumsy.

As they both became used to the closeness they were sharing, they were able to move with more ease. Although, Felix wished she would stop staring down and avoiding his gaze, that she would look up so he could stare into the eyes he found himself thinking of so often.

“Y/N,” he mumbled, and she finally tilted her head up to see him.

She waited to see what he would say, but not another word fell from his lips. Instead, he leaned down and softly kissed her, their gentle swaying ceasing for a moment. The exchange only lasted a few seconds before they pulled away from each other, both a bit awestruck, but neither showed it.

They continued to dance that night under the moonlight, and out of all the beautiful sights on Neverland, in that moment, Felix could only see her.

Break-Up Baby - Requested (Luke)

 Anon said - oh my gosh please do an imagine where you’re famous like in a girl group or something and you’re dating luke so you’re like the biggest couple in hollywood and stuff but you get in an argument and break up before you can tell him your pregnant and a few months later is all over the magazines and stuff i dont know i think itd be cool

I know it’s really long, I got carried away sorry, but still hope you like it x

 “So you’re here tonight?” You say into your phone.

“Yep, wouldn’t miss your show for the world.”

“I can’t believe we’re in the same place, together, for more than two days. That hasn’t happened in three months.” You say smiling.

“I know babe, can’t wait to hold you in my arms. But I have to go now, see you tonight. Love you.”

“Love you too Luke.” You say and hang up. This is amazing, you think. 4 years ago you met your girls online. Skylar and Milly became your best friends after the first time you hung out. When you started to sing together everything fell into place, 3 years ago you had your first break through single all over the world. You are living your dream with your two best friends by your side and you have been dating the most amazing boy for 10 months now.

“Oh somebody talked to their boyfriend.” Skylar comes into the dressing room and rolls her eyes at you.

You laugh. “Did I?”

“Yeah you have that goofy smile on your face again. You only get that when you’ve talked to Luke.”

“I can’t lie Sky, he just makes me really happy.”

“I know hun.” She smiles at you. “But focus, we have a show to do tonight.”


You run of stage, right into Luke’s arms. Your chest bumping against his, he picks you up and spins you around. His arms are tight around your waist. He puts you down and pulls you even closer to him, his lips now on yours. First they are moving slowly together, but quickly the kiss becomes more deep and rough. You feel Luke’s hunger for you with his hands trailing your body. You pull back a little, your lips barely touching.

“Can we please finish this at my hotel room?” Luke whispers onto your lips. You nod and let yourself out of is his arms.

“Let me just take my stuff and we can go.” You give him a peck  and rush off.


“Don’t go.” Luke is still lying in bed, but you’re already up and ready to go.

“Luke, I have to.”

“No, please stay. Just for a bit.” He begs.

“Let go Luke.” He has his hand around your wrist. You go and sit next to him on the bed. “We have a radio interview. I have to, you know how it is.” He lets go of your wrist.

“Come back later?” He pouts.

You kiss his pouting lips. “You can’t keep me away.” You kiss him a last time before leaving.


“Luke?” You’re back at his hotel, but he’s not in his room. So you go to the next one, Michael’s room. You knock and within seconds the door swings open.

“Here is our big popstar! Haven’t seen you in ages!” You laugh as Michael pulls you into a hug.

“I know, how are my rockstars?” You ask walking in and hugging Ashton and Calum.

“You know rockin.” Ashton answer with a giggle. You go over to Luke kissing him.

“Missed you.”

“Missed you more.” He whispers, but the guys hear.

“Aww” They all respond at the same time.

“Shut up.” Luke says pulling you on his laps and kissing your cheek. “How was the interview, babe?”

“Great! We talked about you guys.”

“What did you say?” Michael asks with raised eyebrows.

“Just how amazing you boys are of course.” You say smirking.

“Oh really?” Four pair of eyes are resting on you, not believing what you just said.

“I may have told a drunk story of you guys.”

They laugh, but Calum quickly stops. “You did not tell the one where I …”

“No! I’m not telling that one to anybody else! You know when I told Mil and Sky, they were even in shock for a minute.” Calum blushes. “I told the dance one.”

“Oh that one’s fine.” Calum immediately says.

You look at Luke. “They also asked about you.”

“They did?” He asks surprised.

“Of course they did, your idiot!” Ashton exclaims. “You two are the next Beyoncé and Jay-Z or like Kanye and Kim Kardashian!”

“Yeah that’s exactly us.” You laugh and put a kiss on Luke’s temple.

“Sounds right doesn’t it?” Luke jokes. “Hey babe, are you coming with us, cause we’re leaving in 15 minutes.”

You stop smiling. “We need to talk.” You say serious. “I can’t make it tonight.” You see the boys get up from the corners of your eyes and they leave the room.

“What do you mean you can’t make it?” You feel Luke’s arms loosen.

“We have rehearsals.”

“Come afterwards then.”

You look down at your hands. “I can’t, we’re going out, celebrating Maggie’s birthday.” You feel Luke pushing you of his lap.

“So you rather go out than be with me?!” You see his eyes darken as he is standing in front of you.

“No! But I have to go! She is our stylist. You know that the crew is like family.” His face softens a little. “Come too. You know that there is nobody else that I want to be more with then you.”

“Maybe.” He says still moping.

You take a step forward and put your arms around his waist. “Lukey, smile, please.”

“No, I’m not happy about it. I get that you have to go, but it feels like an excuse so you don’t have to see me.”

“No quit it! You know that’s not true!”

He shrugs his shoulders. “Maybe.”

You relocate your hands to the back of his neck. “I’m not doing this, I’m not having this argument with you. We don’t see each other enough to lose time arguing.” You pull him to you and put your lips on his. Kissing him with everything that you have.


You’re in Skylar’s hotel room about to leave for the party.

“Sky? Mills? I have to talk to you.” You say anxious. “I’m pregnant.” You burst out. You see two shocked faces silently looking at you, then at each other and then back to you.

“How did that happen?” Skylar asks trying to get what you just said.

“Really? Are you serious? Do I have to draw a picture for you?”

“I know how it works! But I mean, you don’t see him that much, when?”

“Remember, like a month ago, we were only an hour away from them. So I went to see them and I stayed there for the night. Well and if you don’t see your boyfriend much, things happen.” You feel that your blushing, thinking back to that night.

“Does he know already?”

“Not yet, I’m going to tell him tomorrow.”

“And are you happy?” Milly asks carefully.

“I think I am.” You say smiling.

“Congrats hunny!”

“We’re going to be aunts!”

Both girls running to you and pulling you in for a group hug.

“Now, let’s go and celebrate. But no drinking for you.” Skylar says winking at you.


You’re at the party, dancing a silly dance, face to face with Matt. When you turn around you see Luke. You smile and go greet him, but you see that his jaw is clenched.

“I had to come to see this?” He yells in your face. He immediately turns around and walks away to the exit. You rush after him, almost running to catch up with him. You follow him into a cab, when you close the door of his hotel room you start talking.

“What was that about?” It’s the first you spoke after him yelling at you, you hope that the cab ride calmed him down.

“I don’t see you in months and then when I see you, there is this guy all over you!” He calls out.

You laugh. “What Matt?”

“I don’t care what his name is! I don’t want my girlfriend out with other guys!”

“First, chill! Matt is gay. And you have nothing you worry about?”

“Don’t I? If this happens every time you are out, I do!” He snaps.

“Why don’t you trust me? I love you Luke!”

“Sometimes love is not enough.” He says calm.


“Nothing, it’s just hard to trust you when you’re away so much.”

“You are away too and you don’t see me doubting you!” You’re getting annoyed with Luke.

“I read stuff, I know how guys think about you.”

“Seriously?” You laugh. “You are kidding right? You are surrounded with girls 24/7, I read the same stuff about you and I still trust you.”

“It’s just hard! Okay! I get worried and I can’t stop thinking about it. It distracts me from what I need to do.” He’s falling apart in front of your eyes.

“Luke listen to me, I love you.” You take his hands into yours.

“I know and I love you too, but I can’t do this anymore. Every time you leave it kills me and my heart breaks.”

“Luke no! We can do this!” You’re eyes filling with tears.

“No, it hurts to much. We need to stop. It’s for the best, so we can focus on our dreams.” You see he is crying now.

“I need you, don’t do this.”

“Leave, please, leave.” He is gently pushing you to the door, his voice cracking.

“Luke!?” You cry out desperate.

He opens the door and pushes you out. Kissing you for the last time before closing the door.

You bang on the door, crying your eyes out, shouting: “Luke! I need to tell you something! Luke! I need you! Luke!” You feel two arms wrapping around you and pulling you away from the door. The hands turn you around and pull you against his chest.

“Let’s get you home.” You hear Ashton say.


“Okay don’t freak out.” Skylar and Milly just walked into your room.


“We thought you should know.” They throw a couple of newspapers and magazines on your bed. You see immediately what they are talking about. ‘(Y/N) expecting?’, ‘Biggest girl group of the moment getting fourth member?’, ‘Who is the father?’   

“How? What?” You ask more to yourself. “What is this: ‘Insider confirms: “Yes she is pregnant.”’, but nobody knows! Just you guys and the team.” You say desperate, almost crying. You feel the tears burning in your eyes. Milly wraps her arms around you and pulls you close to her. Tears are now streaming down your face. Skylar also wraps her arms around you. After a couple of minutes of them trying to comfort you, you take a deep breath and wipe your eyes dry. You take a magazine and look at the picture of you with an arrow pointing to your belly.

“I’m not even showing yet.” You put the magazine back down. “I’m only three months far, who gave them the right to put it out like that?!” You yell. “What am I supposed to do now? I didn’t even told my mum yet.” You feel getting weak again.

“And Luke?” Milly asks softly.

You feel the tears welling up again. You shake no. “I’ve tried.” You sob. “I’ve tried so hard, you know that. I’ve tried to contact him after we broke up, but he didn’t want to talk to me.” You feel your heart shatter in a thousand pieces. You tried everything to get him to talk to you, but every time he didn’t, the rejection hit you harder. After a month you had to stop, because your heart couldn’t take it anymore. Tears are flowing down your face. “I’ve never had the chance to tell him.” 


Part 2


Remember at the prison when we would sneak out of our cells at night to stargaze, but all I could look at was you?  Then Woodbury happened, and we didn’t do it anymore.  You got a boyfriend, and I got fertilizer and a litter of sick pigs.  Then the prison was gone.  So were you.  A lot of people died; I didn’t think of you as often.  

When my dad went to go save you from that hospital in Atlanta, I thought maybe it could be like before— not exactly, but –you know: looking at the stars sometimes, watching out for each other and stuff.  I thought—

But there is no you anymore.  

I still wish I could believe in heaven.  You know, I actually looked up tonight?  But there was still no you.  There’ll never be anything but stars.

For imorca.  Dialog from this deleted scene.  

Happiness Can Come In A Box

Fic Request: so it’s Valentines day or aniversary or, smth and Stiles gives Lydia a box as big as her birthday present from him other day. Lydia is like ‘No Stiles not again’ and he’s like ‘This time its different, open it’…*

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Established Relationship

Author: phangarbageprincess

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Erasure is a complicated subject.

I was born onto a bed of privilege.  I’m of white European descent, and my immigrant ancestors came over the ocean long enough ago that my parents could speak without any trace of dialect to the teachers at my well-funded suburban public school.  They both had graduate degrees, and our home was full of books.  I was encouraged towards intellectual pursuits.

My dad ran his own company when I was growing up. We weren’t super rich, but we never went hungry. By virtue of that business, I played with computers from an early age, and learned the basics of strategy and sales as far back as I can remember.

I wasn’t abused or disabled. In fact, for an extremely nerdy kid, I didn’t even get picked on all that much.

On top of that, I’m cismale and straight.

I knew that I was a straight boy, because I liked girls.  A lot.  Boy, oh, boy, girls were great.

My TV education on human sexuality was clear.  There are 5 sharply defined categories. Lesbians, straight girls, girls who liked to fool around with other girls sometimes but are actually straight (aka “bi” or “AWESOME”), gay men, and straight men.  Straight men go with women, and gay men don’t.  So obviously, I was straight.

And just as obvious as my straightness, I knew that some of our culture’s beliefs about straight people were off base.  Straight men are also attracted to men.  As a straight guy, any argument to the contrary was obviously wrong, because I knew from my own experience.  I’d had full-on crushes on male friends of mine, which was clearly a normal thing for normal straight people to do, as evidenced by me, a normal straight person doing it.

They said in vicious teasing that boys who liked boys were gay, but I knew that I wasn’t gay, because gay boys don’t like girls.  Therefore straight boys also like boys sometimes, and the people doing the teasing are just misguided or something. But I feared the teasing, so I didn’t point out their error.

I always felt like it would be an easy thing to “switch teams”, and be gay if I wanted to.  The fascination with the “born this way” meme in queer activism never made sense to me.  Of course we have a choice in the gender we pursue, doesn’t everyone?  Isn’t choice great?

I never did switch, because I didn’t want to be gay. That would mean I’d have to give up dating women, which I enjoyed.

Heterosexuality carries the privilege of not having to explain why I’m inviting someone out on a date. You’re a woman, I’m a man, we just follow the script that society has handed us.

It’s easy to remain only partly visible.

It took an embarrassingly long time to stop erasing, and become ok with calling myself “bisexual”, even in my own mind.

The realization didn’t come in High School when my crush on another boy had me following him around like a weird giddy puppy. Or in college, when I first kissed a boy. Or the second or third time that boy and I made out.

The scales started to lift from my eyes when I had a conversation with a good friend about the movie “Troy”, well into my 20’s.

He said, “That movie was kind of boring.”

I was shocked, and then I realized he was talking about the plot.

“Well… I didn’t really pay attention to the plot, tbh.  That movie’s just lots of Brad Pitt being gorgeous and half-naked.”

“You’re not as straight as you think you are.”

“Yeah, like you’re not attracted to guys sometimes.”


“Not ever?”

“Not ever.”

“Not even Brad Pitt?”

“Not even a little.  You’re bi, dude.”


I figured he was fucking with me.  But a lot of things did start to make sense.

My life since then has been significantly more interesting.

I tried on the label like a new pair of shoes, awkward, and uncertain.

Like a good nerd, I dove into the research, but found it surprisingly lacking.  Bi Men Coming Out Every Which Way was a great read.  I learned about how pervasive the erasure of male bisexuality is, even among academic studies of LGBT culture.  It’s as if the B isn’t there.  A man who has sex with men is gay.  If he then has sex with a woman, he’s “closeted”.

But how can it be a closet if you go into it and out of it repeatedly, with lovers and families on both sides?  That’s not a closet, it’s a room with a revolving door.

The idea that bisexuality might exist is news worthy of the New York Times, even.

Privilege is hard to give up.  I can’t overstate how easy it is being straight in public, just letting people think whatever they want. But in the years since I’ve come out to myself, this bugs me more and more.

When meeting a new person, I try to say “partner” rather than “girlfriend”, and sometimes even “they” rather than “she”.  The shape of my lover’s body is no business of theirs, after all.

But when I slip, and drop her name, or use female pronouns (which, to be fair, she does use, female as she is), I can’t help but wonder if they’re relieved to find out that I’m not gay, or perhaps just relieved to know which mold I fit into.

I find myself resenting being cast in a mold at all.  Even if I say “partner”, and they assume I’m gay, part of me feels so put upon by that idea.  And then here I am making assumptions about what assumptions someone else might be making. It’s a vicious cycle, and there is no escape from the hypocrisy.

I’ve tried since then not to make assumptions about others’ sexual preferences.  Yet despite my best intentions, I consistently find myself mentally putting people in the “straight” or “gay” buckets once I find out the gender of their significant other.

The habit of bi erasure is silent and pervasive.

The first time I kissed a boy was almost a dare. In a dorm room, sitting around drinking, as you do. The two girls, roommates, said to the 5 of us boys that they’d both wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl. But, they said, they’re not lesbians, so they wanted to do it in front of people, so that it wouldn’t get too serious, or go too far.

You can imagine the reaction.


Afterwards, one of them remarked, “See, that’s why women are better. Guys would never be secure enough to do something like that.”

He and I both replied, “Bullshit,” and before I knew it, sparks were flying. The other 3 boys in the room were shocked, making the socially required homophobic anguish sounds. I barely remember them being there. I’d been looking all day for an excuse to touch him. It ended too fast, but endures in my mind to this day.

What a shock it was when I learned, 14 years later, that he has a boyfriend now!  I don’t know why it should’ve been a surprise. Back then, making out just seemed like a thing straight friends did with each other once in a while.

Again and again, I catch myself being surprised like that.  I try to remember that, in fact, a significant portion of men are bisexual, perhaps even a majority, depending on how we decide to define things.  I try to yank my thinking out of the mold, but it frequently slips back.

You don’t notice erasure until you stop doing it.
And then you don’t notice when you start again.

I’ve been told by people in the LGBT community that “bisexual isn’t a real thing”, that I’m “actually straight” because I’m with a woman, or even, “men aren’t bisexual, just closeted.” Bi-curious is code for “about to leave the closet”. “Bi now, gay later.”

I have taken to referring to gay and straight people as “monosexuals”.  I respond by explaining that they’re just going through a phase.  Once they meet the right person not of their stated preferred gender, they’ll grow out of it and realize that they’re actually bi.

But I know, that old “everyone’s bi” story is just another way to push us into the background. If we’re not nonexistent, we’re unremarkable. Either way, nothing to see here. Move along. 

Or worse, if we are visible, we’re sex objects. Dating gay men confirmed every awful thing I’ve heard (and, let’s be honest, perpetuated) about how straight men treat bi women. Qv the “bi for male pleasure” meme implicit in my first gay kiss experience. They’re happy to fuck the SAG, but anything more than sex is off the table. We can’t be trusted, after all. We’re tourists. Unicorns. We don’t exist.


Maybe the strangest part about growing up a closeted bisexual is that I’ve been practicing dating girls since puberty. I’m very good at it. Confident. Respectful. Sensitive. Witty. Hungry and giving. It’s not talent or PUA bullshit, and there isn’t any one weird trick. It’s the result of many years of conscientious practice, with loving patient teachers who were learning from me as well; the occasional broken heart that didn’t kill me, even when I felt like it was trying to.

But my experience with men is still so elementary. Men and women are different! Turns. Out.  I am 13 all over again, confused and stumbling, sending the wrong signals, and reading every situation backwards. And they are grown men with adult expectations who very reasonably want a peer, not an apprentice. So that’s been tricky.

I don’t have it nearly so rough as the newly-out “baby gays”, celibate well into adulthood. At least I’ve had some relationships, enough to learn that the emotional bruises heal. My heart goes out to them.

At first, I was very careful about who I told. I didn’t want to draw scandal or trolling to my online communities. I didn’t want the drama. I still fear the schoolyard teasing.

Mostly, I didn’t want anyone else telling me how to feel about something I was only beginning to accept myself.

Eventually, I’ve come to see my queerness less as a “thing” to be disclosed, and more as just another part of my private life.  Something that friends probably know, and strangers probably don’t, no more scandalous or secret than my address or my allergy to shellfish.

I envy kids growing up today, as the sharp lines between straight and gay finally begin to blur in the cultural consciousness. Straight boys in love today might explore that feeling, without suffering an identity crisis. I wish those lines would blur faster. I wish it was a big deal because love is awesome, instead of being a big deal because of the genders and stated identities of the actors.

My home is technology.  This is My Culture, rotten though it can be at times. As a privileged and visible person in it, I feel obligated to try to make it a little better in the ways I can.  That’s why I’ve decided to publicly tell this story, so that my presence can add weight to the claim that bisexual men exist.

Maybe this can also be a reminder of the multitude of other things we casually erase from the people around us. There are so many ways we make our friends invisible, unwittingly nudging them into a corner that denies important parts of their identities, by perpetuating memes we don’t even notice.

Erasure isn’t healthy. And we are all unaware that we do it.

You Jealous?~ Mark Tuan

« Can I request a scenario where you and Mark are a couple but he spends more time with his really pretty girl bestfriend and you are jealous? Thank you :) »

     < Aha, jealousy is such a crazy emotion, but jealousy shows how much you care for someone. :) >

“Hey Mark, do you want to hang out together later?” you said smiling while texting him Not even a minute a later he texts you back.

“Sorry, I have to do a project with Alex today.” 

“Do you have to do it today?” You were really hoping you could spend some alone time together.

“I really can’t today, this counts for like 30% of my grade” 

It’s not like you were upset he had a project to do but who he was doing it with. Alex was friends with Mark way before you and he even met. They were the best of friends and you were jealous that she knew more about Mark than you did. Alex was one of the “popular girls” at school. She was not only smart but also pretty. She could definitely get any guy she wanted. You were surprised to know that Mark never liked or dated her. 

You trusted Mark, he was a good boyfriend and all but your self-esteem got the best of you. 

“Kay, do whatever you want Mark.” You typed furiously.

“Okay…I love you?”

You decided not to reply. You laid there in your bedroom just looking at the ceiling. 

You started to remember when you and Mark first started dating. You guys would spend every day at each other’s house to do homework just to end up cuddling. You missed those times where your worlds just revolved around each other. You were his and he was yours. 

An hour and a half passed by and you heard the doorbell ring. You got up thinking it was your bestfriend Jackson.

“Uhh, hey?” Mark said nervously.

“Oh hey, I thought you were with your bff Alex right now?” you said trying to sound intimidating. 

“Well I finished my part of the project so I told her that she can finish it on her own.” Mark stepped inside your house and sat down in the living room.

You soon followed behind and sat across from him.

“So what are you doing here?” clearly you were still upset but you tried to stay calm. 

“Obviously I’m here to spend time with you.” He said trying to warm up to you

“Oh really? You should’ve just stayed with Alex if I was being a problem to you.” You turned away from him

“You’re not being a problem. Where is this coming from? And why do you keep bring up Alex?” he went over and sat next to you.

“Oh my gosh Mark, can we just stop talking about her?” you laid back into the couch feeling the tears come in. 

Mark stayed quiet for a couple of minutes thinking about what he did wrong, and when he did he started laughing. “Babe, are you really jealous of Alex right now?” 

“No I’m not so leave me alone.”

“I think you are!” you grabbed one of your hands and kissed the top of it. While his other hand found its way to your face wiping the tears away. “I don’t see why you’re so jealous. Alex and I are just friends and only friends. Sure she’s pretty but you’re beautiful. Sure she’s popular but I don’t need other guys trying to take you away from me.”

You turned around to face him. “Do you really think so?” 

“Definitely.” He pulled you in for a hug 

“Thanks for loving me even though I’m like this” you kissed him on the cheek. 

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

An Angel’s ‘Birthday’

“I didn’t even think angels had birthdays.” Dean grumbled under his breath as he sulked by another store in the shopping mall in a town they were researching for a hunt. “I mean… they were created before time, right?”

“Dean.” Sam sent his brother a bitch face but didn’t slow his stroll. “Cas wants to be more human. And that includes having a birthday. He picked August 20th for whatever reason so we are just gonna go with it. Stop whining like a bitch.”

“That’s my line.” The older brother stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets and glared at the ground. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to celebrate his boyfriend’s ‘birthday’… it’s just that he didn’t know what in the world to get him. Dean had never been a great gift-giver and he didn’t want to ruin what he has with his angel.

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au where right

like au where taekey are dating and theyre in an open relationship and everything so they can flirt with other cute boys and go on dates with them also and whatnot

and one day taem comes home talking about this cute tall boy he met at the gym ((minho)) and kibum is talking about this absolute sweetheart he met at the dog park ((also minho))

and they just keep going on dates with him on their own and its like a whole month of it and they like literally tell each other about the dates and how nice they were

but its not until taems tryna find the gamestop with minho and his other boyfriend ((jonghyun)) and kibum is just chilling at the mall with a different boyfriend ((jinki)) that kibum sees them

and he recognizes minho first bc he is tall as fuck so he just !!! and excuses himself from his cute date to go say hi rly quick and he just uwu hugs minho like “hey did u get my texts??”

and taems like “:0 hey kibummie” nd kibums like “:0 you know minho also??” and taems like “yeah hes the one i told you about like a month ago remember” and kibums like “… but… hes the one… that i told you about a month ago too… …. .. ….…..”

and thats when they realize that they never mentioned minhos name when they were talking to each other about him

and minho is looking just so amused and exasperated but somehow not at all surprised by his two new boyfriends and taekey are just so embarrassed like holy shit

but then kibum figures like hey since theyre already all here why not and gets jinki to come over so they can have a lil five way date

and its cute uwu

also speaking of cute poly aus have you seen polyquest yet  (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

Old Friends

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In which you and Sehun were childhood/high school best friends, only to lose touch.

Some relationships don’t last forever, but that doesn’t make them any less special. Sehun was your person. He was the one who made you cry of laughter… the kind that makes your stomach hurt in the best way possible. He was the one who laughed at you when you tripped on everything and nothing, but never without offering a hand to help you up. He was your rock when everything was just too much. He’d get you to dance with him so you forgot about all of your worries, even if it was just for a few minutes.

But that Sehun became a memory. The Sehun you see now is on billboards and commercials, on music shows and radio channels. You watched him throw his heart and body onto the stage and you couldn’t be more proud of your best friend. Over time, you taught yourself to accept that that is enough. 

That is why you stared at him for a full ten seconds before being able to squeak out a simple “hey,” back. He was taller, and more muscular… And even more handsome. His voice, though slightly deeper, still held that same characteristic lisp that you loved. And even though you two had spent countless days together in the past, you couldn’t feel more disconnected from anyone than you did at that moment. 

You were expecting a, “nice to see you,” or a “how are you?” But instead you got the scrape of a chair as he plopped himself down in front of you at the cafe and hurt eyes as he whispered out, “Why did you just give up on us? I thought we were best friends." 

You held a small smile on your face as you smiled slightly. "I was your best friend Sehun… God, you know I loved you so much. From the moment I met you, I knew you were going to be a star. I wasn’t going to be the one to hold you back." 

 A flash of incredulousness appeared on Sehun’s face. Then anger. Then confusion. "Hold me back?!” His voice was starting to raise, “Hold me back?! Are you absolutely stu-" 

 "Hey babe, sorry I’m late. Who’s this?” Your boyfriend gave you a kiss on the forehead before turning to Sehun. He gave Sehun a warm smile, one of the reasons you fell in love with him. 

 "This is Sehun, an old friend.“ 

 "Nice to meet you! If you guys want, I can totally leave you two to catch up! It’s not often you get to meet up with old friends,” your boyfriend looked at you endearingly. 

You were about to accept that offer before Sehun stiffly said, “I actually have to be somewhere in a few minutes so it’s alright. Enjoy your date." 

His parting smile didn’t quite reach his eyes and soon all you could see was his back walking further and further away. Your boyfriend looked at you worriedly.. "Ah so that’s Sehun?”  You simply nodded in response. 

“Pabo, don’t let him leave like that. Fix things with him. He was there for you like no one else was when you were younger. You can’t let this be how you remember the last time you see each other to be. Just don’t fall in love with him or anything like that,” your boyfriend teased. 

So all of a sudden you found yourself running fast after Sehun… Gah you forgot how much you sucked at running. Eventually he heard the footsteps coming towards him and turned, expecting crazy fans, but instead he saw a heaving, sweaty you. 

 "Why’d you leave sehun-ah? I could tell you were lying about having somewhere to go.“ 

 "I felt like I was intruding." 

 "Funny, that’s how I felt when you were debuting." 

 "I miss you." 

 "I miss you too,” you replied sincerely. 

You missed your friend, your amazingly talented, hard-working, goofy and bratty friend. “These past few years I’ve been telling myself that maybe our friendship just wasn’t meant to last, but seeing you today makes me think differently." 

"Pabo, our friendship was fated to last forever. Remember that promise we made to each other in elementary?" 

You laughed at the memory of a four foot tall Sehun, holding out a hand that he just spit into. "If you spit in your hand and shake my hand, we have to be friends forever." 

You looked at him in disgust at the time, but the little seven year old you felt like you owed him for pushing you out of the way of some mean eighth graders on bikes. Besides, his lisp was cute. 

Now you find yourself looking at him slyly before you spit in your hand. "You’re right, we did promise,” as you held out your hand expectedly. Sehun’s deep booming laughter rang out into the open air before he shook his head slightly and spit in his as well. As your hands met, you two couldn’t help but cry of laughter at the disgusting sensation. 

“I missed this especially,” he admitted, “just being with you. And laughing at stupid things." 

"We should go out for some drinks sometime… You can bring the Exo boys and I’ll bring some of my college friends and my boyfriend. It’ll be nice to catch up." 

"Yeah, here’s my number and don’t hesitate to call me. I really have to go now because for your information I actually do have a schedule today,” he stuck out his tongue at you. 

“You haven’t changed Oh Sehun." 

 He smiled at you, a genuine smile. 

"I’ll see you later ___." 

 And that was a promise he kept. 

There will be kisses, and they will not always be good, they will not always be memorable. Your first, 8 years old, will taste like chocolate and soda pop. He will have a smudge of dirt on his nose, it will transfer to your cheek, your mother will wipe it off when you get home. You will not remember his name but it’s okay because you’ll remember that you played in the mud afterwards. He was your boyfriend for a single day. It was fine. You were more preoccupied with being the fastest runner.

Your second will look like a sticky summer afternoon, you are 14 years old and your entire body is a goose-bump, he does not know how to hold your face properly, you bump teeth and he says ‘sorry’ and you blush so hard that you feel faint. When he tries to kiss you again you both lean forward at the same time and leave forehead bruises on each other for an entire week. He mouths ‘sorry sorry’ every time he looks at you. Your hands shake when you write his name in your diary.

The third, fourth, fifth. You are 18 years old and they are drunken car crashes in the dark. Each ghosted breath against your mouth smells like beer and teenage desperation. They will put their hands on your body and you will try to wriggle your way into their skin. You wish one of them would ask you on a date. None of them do. In the morning they only know that you were beautiful and that your mouth tasted like ashes.

When you are 19 you will be kissed and you will not want it. There will be bruises on your jaw, and your upper arms. You will not be able to look at a man for months without shrinking inwards. He will not say sorry. He will not look at you after. Instead he’ll take his guilt home and feed it to himself. When his mother asks what is wrong, he won’t be able to meet her gaze.

It’s at 22 when you are kissed properly, when you are kissed into romance novels. There will be a man and he will cradle your jaw between his hands, he will cup your scalp and bend you backwards. You will cling desperately and you will eat at each others mouths like you were starving. He will only touch your face, but somehow your entire body is on fire. Even the air is flushing deeply. You will forget your name, he will forget his. The entire summer is pressing itself against the places where your bodies meet. It is tongue and teeth and lust. It is what your mouth was made for.

This is the kiss that you are looking for, do not accept any others. These are the ones you will remember when you are lying naked at night and the light wears you like a dress and the other side of the bed is empty. These are the kisses that touch you only on the lips and turn all of you into flames.