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When the war in Narnia ended, they honored the veterans. They honored those who fought for what they believed in. They were celebrated. They were war heroes. And for every single day, Lucy despised it. They honored those who had been better killers, or those who avoided the killing all together. People on the streets thanked them. Offered their gratitude. Said that without them no one would be alive. And Lucy met them. And she thanked them too. Because she knew they had fought for something she believed in. The fight wasn’t won by her brothers alone. Nor all the lieutenants. It was the citizens. The people of Narnia who had won. But in war no one wins. Everyone loses. The question is only about who lost more. Every day she met with widows. With kids that had lost both of their parents. With single fathers who had no idea how to raise their kids, and single mothers who knew as little as the single fathers. She met with grandmothers who were the sole survivors of their families. She felt the grief. and grieved with them. When the second Spring in Narnia rolled around she declared for anyone that would like to hear it.

“Today we honor those we have lost. Those who have family left that grieve every single day. We honor those who gave the highest price for all others freedom. We honor the fallen. We honor their family. For the memory of those lost will never be forgotten.”

Narnia celebrated that day ever since.

But why?

So…..I asked this question a long long time ago, back before I had followers, but I feel it’s relevant again and begs to be asked again. Why is it ok for Derek and Hayley to hide their relationship for 2 yrs and it’s written off as “being private? And then why is it when Val and Jenna are in the same position its that "Jenna is stupid” and Val is “disrespecting her”? I get that there is messy history and SM shade and blog posts. But something keeps pulling them back together and it can’t just be an easy hookup thing because they both have plenty of options. I’ll be honest, if I were Val and I saw how my so called fans treated the woman I choose to be with, I’d hide her too. And let’s remember, no one forced anyone to follow her on SM or read her blog.

Okay though I’d been thinking about this already but remembering the ARGUS thing now that I’m reading JLA Vibe, I’ve been wondering if they were going to incorporate any of Cindy’s comic backstory into her character maybe in season 4. Like the whole being locked up and used by the government thing. And I wouldn’t think so regularly, but I remember when she woke up in the pipeline in 3.14 she seemed really shaken about it, and I don’t know if it was hinting at something else or not. 

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Bellamy is going to look and feel different I think. That's why they didn't show him in the end there. I think he will contrast with Clarke. And even when they reunite it won't be like 2.05 no its gonna be a bit like 3.03. Bell's gonna need help remembering his heart again especially if like on the ring had forced him to mainly used his head.

I think Clarke got a light journey in the time jump. One full of sun and growth and life and potential, even as the world died around her, once she got past that and found a living spot of land, things were peaceful for her.

I am afraid that Bellamy’s journey in the time jump will be dark, full of the dark of the void, lack of resources, cold metal, absolute zero. He can watch parts of the earth come back, but he can’t touch them or go back down. We don’t know how they’re going to manage in this time and I find it worrisome.

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Hi! I know you believe that tfp and many parts of s4 are fake but if you are interested in doctor who at all you should really watch ''sleep no more'' written by mark, it's basically found camera footage with glitches and in the end it is revealed by the villain (who speaks on camera) that the whole thing is acting like an alibi, basically what we saw was a plan told as a story. The last time I watched this was when any remaining doubts I had were cleared

thanks but i don’t remember what doubting feels like

I’ve been thinking about something, and I know everyone will hate me, but this is what i’ve realized

I’m glad bellarke wasn’t romantically canon before their separation.

(For anyone that watched Doctor who and remember Ten/Rose you’ll probably understand this)

Thing is, if they were canon (and try to picture any couple you like in your head), this separation plot would feel so……. cheesy and cheap? Ask any other CW couple really.

Cause it wouldn’t really add to their story much, for one we’d know they love each other. But more than that, when it comes to story pacing and the feelings it evokes on the audience, it would work against their relationship. It would feel like a separation for the drama of it. Plot-wise, they’d have more working against them then for them. 

While now, with this plot, we have a confirmation of how huge their love is for each other, and the whole “soulmate” feel of their story. Then, we’d be worried they’d move on from each other or all the drama it would create for their relationship

(i mean, it could work even if they were canon tbh. It could work WELL. But i think it works even better like this *shrugs*)

{ barriers to trans-dimensional travels: fallen angel!sam } 

he remembers he’s heard the voices before– long before september 18th. he’s always been different, his mother used to say. a quiet child, their precious miracle. she loved him dearly. his father did, too. born in a blessed day. they didn’t worry about the voices when he tried to tell them– angels, they said. you can hear the angels. you’re special, son. it’s a gift from god. you’ve been chosen to do great, good things.

sometimes it was hard to believe it was a gift, but he endured. the voices were soft, familiar. nostalgic even. but one day they were gone, as if they’ve never been there. he didn’t really miss them, and then he’s forgotten about them altogether, and his life was simple and good.

everything changed at september 18th.

the voices– the angels came back at full force. they sang and rejoiced over ‘the righteous man’. they talked about how the man would save the world from the darkness. something was different this time, though. he could feel something in the back of his mind, twisting and tugging and pushing as if trying to reach something that wasn’t there anymore– something that should be there.

the psychiatric ward accepted him without too many questions.

maybe he’s just exhausted from work and life and everything else. everyone was prone to have a breakdown once or twice in their lives, why should he be different? he’s just a normal guy, after all. there’s nothing special about him, no matter what his parents say. but the medicines didn’t help, didn’t work even once.

the angels kept talking in hushed whispers, praying and singing.

he knew who the righteous man were long before a strange trio invaded his room. he could feel it, somehow– he could see the man’s soul, damaged and bleeding and broken beyond repair. yet, the thing kept shining brighter than a star, kept trying to fight against the darkness sweeping between the cracks and wounds.

it was beautifully tragic, and sam always had a strange affinity to the beautiful and the dreadful.

the righteous man guided him through a confusing, almost corrupting path, but in the end it was worth it.

with the man’s help, sam found that part of himself he’s always missed but had never noticed until now.

the moment the grace filled his body and crushed the human soul resting inside, forcing the memories back into his mind, was the moment everything became crystal clear and for the first time in his life, he knew exactly what he needed to do.

he is special. he’s been born to do great things indeed.

they will stop lucifer.

no matter the cost.

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Unadulterated Crack part 2

pairings: Thorin x reader

warnings: None? 

word count: 6,000+

Author’s note: uhh, I wrote this around thanksgiving and christmas so you’re gonna have to deal with holiday feels in May. Also I made the quest start in fall so yeah.

After insisting they get an extra pony for Bilbo, everyone had a pony, and their supplies were on their horses, despite you assuring them they wouldn’t need half of them with you there, you set off. When the dwarves were making their bets about whether Bilbo would show or not, you said, “I bet you that he shows up. I also bet you he quickly realized he forgot his handkerchief and insists we turn back to get it.”

Kili said, “I bet you he remembers it! He’s practically attached at the hip to that thing.”

When Bilbo showed up, you turned to Thorin and quirked an eyebrow at him as he said, “Give him a pony.” After Bilbo was on said pony, and everyone tossed around the betting gold, Bilbo did indeed realize he forgot his handkerchief and demanded everyone stop. You looked at Kili, held out your hand, and said, “Pony up bitch.”

Kili smirked at you, and handed you a single coin, you glared at him. Before you could growl at him, he said, “You need to be specific with what you want before agreeing to something. Otherwise people will take advantage of you.” then looked like he was bracing himself for a scolding. But instead, you simply threw back your head and laughed, “Right you are! You are very clever Kili, and you presented it with wit, and tact might I add. You’ve got spunk kid, and I love spunk. Here have this as a reward.” putting the coin he gave you in the bag with the coins Dwalin and Nori gave you, and tossed it to him.

Fili cried, “Hey! Why does he get free money he didn’t earn?" 

 You smirked at him and chuckled, "Oh he earned it, I was not expecting that at all. If you remember what I said before, your world provides me very little mental stimulation. So I’ll take it where I can get it, and reward them for it. Plus because I wanted to give it to him, and it was mine to give. If you were smart, you would have kept your mouth shut and tested to see if I’d give more out  in return for making me laugh, or enjoy something.”

Kili piped up, “Yeah, what she said.” as his older brother pouted.

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2017/05/29 Blog post by Keiko 『巨大な力』

『Enormous power』

Good evening ♪ This is Keiko ♪

Last night I came home with fever and heat lingering in my body from the lives of the past two days; slowly but surely I was able to cool down. Finally I can write a blog post about it (^ ^) Sometimes there will be moments when I want to write something in an excited state but then I get overwhelmed by all those things I wanna say and I fail to put them into words … or something like that *laughs*

Once again I’d like to thank everyone who came to see us at 『MUSIC THEATER 2017』 held at Saitama Super Arena on the 27th and 28th!!
Those two days were filled with enormous energy …
During this time I remembered various things and I reflected upon them (´ω`)
So far we have been able to take part in various “anime events” and we have had the chance to experience the special feel and colour of these events ♪
Kalafina were able to debut due to the animated series “Garden of Sinners” so the fact that we are asked to perform at various anime events makes me very happy…
However on the other hand I always wonder how to best convey our music to fit the atmosphere of an anime event…what is the right way? What does the audience want?… Even while worrying about all those things, we were always supported by kind fans; that is probably the reason why we are able to perform at such events up until this day.
Coming together like this time and time again resulted in a connection between us and the audience, we may not be able to look each other in the eye but due to the heated atmosphere of the venue and the dialogue between us and the fans, I definitely felt a strong link.

I think I may have talked about this before …
I wanna treasure this feeling of 「I love you」 deep within my heart.
My love for you gives me more power than I could have ever imagined, it has become my source of energy to live on.
No matter what anyone says my love for you will remain the same, it will never change ♪ Holding on to this feeling and creating a performance together with the audience made for a TRULY AMAZING experience. I was overwhelmed by 120% of love for you ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Holding on to this feeling of 「I love you」 I wanna keep on fighting even when times are rough!

Also, the awesomeness and heat of all the performing artists… stimulated and motivated me beyond words.
Just like that, I was full of energy too (^ ^)
The artists were conveying all of their thoughts and heartfelt music to the fans, I feel like various forms of love were created during the individual performances ♪
It was a great honor having been able to be together with these amazing artists!
This is the great appeal of events like this, being able to interact with all kinds of artists in such a way! I am truly grateful for the incredibly fulfilling time I was allowed to spend during these past two days ♪

Here’s a picture with these two cuties ♪
Ayano Mashiro-chan and Runa-Lunaaa ♪ (Haruna Luna-sama)
Both of them are so cute (/▽\)♪ And yet, their singing voices are super powerful, truly amazing!!!! I am looking forward to the day when we can perform together again.

Well, since the weather is so nice I’ll do some training and refresh my body ヽ(´ー`)ノ
Switching over to 「9 + ONE」 mode ♪ And switch ♪

Awww, I love it so much when Keiko reflects on things like this. This post is truly heartfelt, I can literally feel her love seeping through the lines (´・` )♡

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Why do you think Isak never told anybody about what Sara was saying or at least warned them that she wasn't a good person?

Hey my love <3

okay so do you remember s1 Isak? s2 Isak? and s3 Isak? they were all so different to the Isak we have now. We have been so lucky to watch his beautiful development into this amazing, caring, wise, considerate and respectful angel

but let us not forget

at the time when Sara sent those things to Isak, he was terrified and he was fake. He hated who he was and that he seemed to be different to others, he was dating Sara because he so desperately wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. 

he was a scared 15 year old in the closet and pretending to be like everyone else. 

he even snaked Jonas and Eva, his closest friends because he was so lost and confused and deep into self hate. He wasn’t in a good state of mind then…and he wouldn’t be until the end of s3. 

so yeah I can’t see him warning anyone about Sara, I can’t see him making it his issue or caring at the time, he was too in his head about his own mountain of pain :( oh and also this was happening when his family life crashed and burned too

baby had more things going on then girl drama


JK: *walks in on jimin and tae wrapping gifts*

JK: Tae and Jimin are you doing things with out me? I agreed to this relationship to be an equal share, but obviously not because I’m always excluded. You know what? F**k you guys I’m done, bye Felicia - peace out Girl Scout - outta here 😴🖕🏼✌🏽you’ll miss me when I’m gone

Tae: Baby, we were just going out shopping for you, remember? It’s your birthday tomorrow

JM: awww is my little prince mad, baby you know me and tae both love you , come here baby

JK: I was just kidding hyungs 👀 I wuv you

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thoughts on meenah??

probably best described as “Vriska but better at repressing her emotional issues”

in more detail i find her to be the least irritating of all the dancestors – not necessarily my favorite, but definitely the most enjoyable to read. although she can be caustic in person, that’s (obviously) not much of a deal-breaker for me, and once you learn the kind of people she spent her session with, being an asshole makes sense. i’d be an asshole too, if those were the people i was stuck with. she gives her friends the shit they deserve but isn’t genuinely malicious towards them. 

she also isn’t as power-hungry as either of the Serkets, which is one of the things i find least appealing about both of them, so it lends her a lot of likability. she’s aware of her own failings and takes steps to avoid them – remember her hugging john when he promises not to let her steal the ring? that was a great scene. her moments of self-doubt do wonders to flesh out her character, and distinguish her from her post-scratch counterpart.

at heart, Meenah is a foil to Aranea – short-tempered, abrasive, and possessed of irritating mannerisms, but ultimately a decent person who works to solve her issues. she was given a huge amount of responsibility at a young age as a result of Beforus’ monarchy (one example of how much good backstory helps to flesh out character and increase sympathy) and reacted as any teenager would. she’s just a kid. of all the “antiheroes” of homestuck, i’d say she’s the one who most deserves a redemption arc, not in the least because the story ends when she’s right in the middle of one. she leaves the afterlife, apologizes to (Vriska) for hurting her, and tries to do something heroic, but how does it end up? like a lot of characters short-shafted by the ending, Meenah exists in a quantum state of character development; if the fight against Lord English kills her, then her arc concludes without resolving any of her issues related to guilt for abdicating and killing her friends. if she survives, then she spends the rest of her days drifting around in the black-hole-dream-bubble-shards-limbo, and the redemptive quality of going to fight the Big Bad loses weight. if that epilogue ever comes around, i’d love to find out what happened to her.

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how long into the relationship did you begin talking about spending your future together? when did you meet sun's parents? im so happy to see you having a great time with his family. you and sun seem like such great people

Thank you so much!

I can’t really remember when Sun and I started talking about the future but I think after we had been together a little more than a year we were like making statements about being together long term and always choosing to stay together no matter how hard things got. I think from the beginning we were both pretty serious people who wanted to be in a stable long term relationship but those conversations didn’t come until way later like maybe a year and a half or more?

I didn’t meet his parents until last November. We had been together two years when we decided that I should meet them and then I didn’t meet them again for a few months after that first meeting.

It’s been really great to get to know his family. They’ve been kinder and more enjoyable to hang out with than I could have ever imagined. I think I got really lucky and any time that I talk about his parents to other people who are in relationships with Koreans, they always tell me how lucky I am since their own relationships with their parents in law or mother in law are pretty tense. Sun’s mom is especially a source of comfort for me. She always takes care of me and tries to talk to me and teach me things and she’s just an overall comfortable person to talk to. It’s amazing.

Anyway, I’m gonna stop gushing. Thank you for your question and sweet comment!


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say our goodbyes to our dear friend America, who died recently after a brief, intense battle with fascism and a long, slow battle with carbs. Thank you all for coming out to help say farewell. It’s not easy. But at least America died doing what it loved most: deep-frying Halloween candy while white men tried to explain to women what jazz is.

America was sick for a really long time. In the early stages, I think we were all in denial. You could tell that America was unwell—public displays of brutality, deeply internalized prejudice, “Entourage”—but it seemed curable. Just a case of plain old electile dysfunction. We thought that we’d caught the fascism early, but, as we now know, it had metastasized. America was more Florida than country by the end.

America was born right here, in America, and lived here its entire life. America was always about family. It is survived by its similarly ill father, Britain, and its large brood of children: baseball, Google, fireworks, losing your fingers to fireworks, giving your Uber driver only four stars because he talked to you, thinking granola is healthy, Chicago (the place), “Chicago” (the musical), “Chicago” (the movie adaptation of the musical), Chicago (the band), “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Justice,” “Chicago ‘Chicago’ ” (a show about the Chicago production of the musical “Chicago,” coming to NBC this fall), and a bunch of wars.

I’d personally be nowhere without America. America was there when I was born, when I got married, when I saw Janet Jackson’s nipple at the Super Bowl. Remember that? After that happened, none of us slept for days, because we had never seen the pointy part of a boob on our TVs before, and it really upset us. America was really cool that way. It would always get mad when you’d see the pointy part of a boob on a TV. I’m gonna miss that.

However, we should not dwell on the loss of our dear country, friend, and place where all the Cheesecake Factories and Lids stores are. Today, let’s celebrate America’s life, and remember all of the remarkable things it accomplished and how many actors playing Spider-Man who keep getting cuter and younger were inside of it. America gave us so much. And, boy, did it look good for its age. America was two hundred and forty-one years old when it died, but it didn’t look a day over a hundred and sixty-four! It looked so young, it could’ve been the very same America that put its own citizens in internment camps!

America got a bunch of things really right. Mostly how to put food inside other food. Anyone can just eat a chicken. But in a duck?! In a turkey?! In a gun?! No one is going to forget the Turduckenun any time soon. America was so inventive that way. And, I mean, everyone does silly stuff when they’re young. America was beautiful, too. Sure, it was a little lumpy, and you could always see its Florida through its pants, but it just got hotter with age. So hot. It was so, so hot by the time it died. Almost too hot to live in.

If there’s anything we should take away from this tragedy, it’s that you should always check yourself for fascism, especially around your midsection. It’s easy enough to do in the shower. If you catch it early, it can be cleared up with a rigorous regimen of local elections and books and yoga. But America was cocky. Nothing bad had ever happened to it before! It assumed this fascism would pass, just like the Second World War and “Entourage” had.

What a shame. America was just the best damn country in the whole U.S.A. I’m sorry that I’m getting choked up. I get really emotional when I think of America, and also I took too big of a bite of Turduckenun and it got lodged in my windpipe. We will all miss America greatly. Every time I see an American flag or a gun, I’ll think of America. But we can all rest easy knowing America is in a better place now: Russia.

After some thinking, I want to politely point out a few things to those of you saying Touka and Kaneki’s sex scene was rushed and meaningless.

Did kaneki and touka rush into having sex? Yes. But that’s entirely the point - in no way does that make it meaningless or perverted.

Kaneki and Touka have seen all of this happen before. Their hideout has been found. Their faces have been unmasked. Kaneki is the most wanted ghoul in Japan, and this is pretty much the beginnings of war for them. People are going to die. And they both know it can be either one of them at any time. Neither of them were going to wait for the “perfect moment, ” not when there’s a good chance that neither of them will live to see it.

What you’ve got to remember is that people don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to sex. More often than not, people get caught up in the moment and do it before they should do. This rushed nature is actually quite realistic. Even with Yorirko’s life hanging, Touka is keeping cool because she knows jumping to conclusions and being rash will do no good - she’s seen this before with Hinami’s mother.

Touka has experienced enough loss to know that she has to live for the living, and do whatever she can to keep those people alive. Sure, she’ll fight to protect kaneki, but that isn’t always what it’s about; with kaneki being suicidal in the past, she’s trying her best to give him an incentive to live. She’s letting Kaneki know that he’s loved even though she struggles to express anything other than her primal emotions. Kaneki needs to know that he’s loved right now. If there was anything more about Hide right now, it would be a bad turn for kaneki since he’d be living for the dead. It’s so important that he learns other people than Hide care for him that I’m shocked that people actually want Hide related stuff instead of this. Even though Touken wasn’t my favourite ship, I’m so happy because this is such an important hurdle for Kaneki’s character being overcome.

So yes, they rushed into having sex. However, I honestly feel this was a perfectly natural action for two broken people under pressure. They weren’t going to wait when there is a good chance there wasn’t going to be any other time for them. They both wanted to do it. Even if this is a sort of humorous thing to add remember they were virgins in their twenties as well; touka has done enough waiting on Kaneki, haha.

Please stop saying that their relationship is meaningless compared to his and Hide’s because it just isn’t true. The only other time Kaneki cried during a happy time was their first visit to :Re when he was so relieved to see Touka alive and he thought about what a beautiful person she was. After this, Haise gazed at her the same way Kaneki gazed at Rize - which Kaneki didn’t deny. If this doesn’t show how much Kaneki loves touka then I don’t know what will.

I’m honestly so proud of Touka for being so bold and collected here. She’s developed in so many ways. Sometimes, when written well, sex can really bond characters in books. While it remains to be seen, I’m really excited to see their relationship change and, hopefully, kaneki opening up to her by learning that people other than Hide love him. This is a good turn of events for both of them.

I like to hear all your stories being told, not once, not twice but many times. Not because I don’t remember what you said but because I enjoy hearing about who you were before you met me. I like to see the little sparkle in your eye when you tell me about the memories you are most fond of. I love learning new things about you, I love seeing how shy you get when your mum talks about childhood stories of you. You don’t need to feel embarrassed at all about anything, you interest me in every way and I love you for you.