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i don’t wanna love you | yoongi pt.1

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genre: fluff, angst, smut (in bold), college!au

pairing: yoongi x reader

word count: 10,410 (lol)

description: just because he had fallen out of love with you, didn’t mean you had with him.

warning: swearing, smut, things like that

You couldn’t remember when it started, you just remember that one day he started to hold your hand a little less tight and not as often. You remember the gummy smile that was impossible not to love would vanish when he looked at you and reappear when you disappeared. You ignored all the signs that were so clearly laid out in front of you for weeks, but that’s what love does. It makes you blind to the plain reality of things called real life and heartbreak. The last week was when you finally started to stop ignoring the signs - the signs he didn’t love you anymore. But once you stopped it was hard not to feel like everything was caving in. You began to work more hours to get rid of the thoughts but all you could do was stand there as you scanned item after item thinking about how you could have stopped him falling out of love with you. The boys didn’t text you as much (if at all), and they used to text you every day with funny things Yoongi had done that you could make fun of him for. That was when it really hit home, that was when you hid in the bathroom of your work and cried for an hour. You had to lie that you were sick but you weren’t. You weren’t sick but you were far from okay, your relationship was like a bomb - ticking away until it finally exploded. You felt like you were battling with it, trying to cut the wire that stopped the timer but you knew you couldn’t. Your relationship wasn’t an action film, but you wish it was so you could stop the inevitable pain that would take place.

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The Highway // Part 3

Simon x Reader

Request: @sidelux “AYE can i Simon imagine where you wake up in the middle of the night cause JJ and Harry got in a car accident and then you have to rush to hospital and simon’s really worried,,you can go from there my friend - thank you!!!” And to all of you who asked for an extension of The Highway 

Note: Not really like what I write typically, but hopefully it wasn’t too terrible lmao. 1313 words.

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I used to be a Kpop Fan ( sorry if it's too long )

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first discovered Kpop. It was between 5-6 years ago. At that time I was a high school student. 

I was at my best friend’s house stalking a cute tumblr famous Vietnamese hottie from New Jersey. He posted a link of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress.

I clicked the link and me and my friend instantly fell in love with Taeyang. His voice, his body, his face and cute Asian eyes. At that time my spark for yellow fever was just beginning.

After that day, my friend and I became Asian boy obsessed specifically Korean. We got into Kpop and Kdramas and everything else in between. 

I dreamed of the day that I would visit Korea and bump into G Dragon and experienced a love at first sight moment. 

But, I came to realize that would never happen. I lived in a very predominately Hispanic and African-American area. No Koreans here but, that all changed in college.

I attended a community college in my city. About a 45 minute drive from where I lived. There I shared my classes with cute Asians guys. Sadly none where Korean. They were Filipino,Vietnamese, Chinese,Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian. I at that moment decided that I would have to settle for any Asian guy but I so longed to be married to a Korean.

I joined Kakaotalk during my first year in community college in hopes to meet a Korean guy. Sadly, I did not . I did however met a whole bunch of unnies and dongsaengs who loved Kpop.

After that I deleted Kakaotalk a couple of times. In the summer of 2012 I downloaded Kakaotalk once again and Kakaostory as well. I could not believe how many Koreans used Kakaostory! I instantly became Kakao famous. All the Koreans pointed out my big eyes, small face and white skin. I was for once in my life famous. I felt beautiful.

Reality is that I am not. I am short, with big thighs and butt. I have dry hair, huge dark circles, acne prone skin and overweight.

I stared at my computer skin crying that even if I did ever visit Korea I will never be tall,thin and pretty like any of those Kpop girl groups.

In the winter of 2013 I met a guy through Kakaostory. He is not handsome. He looks far from a Korean boy group member but, overtime I fell in love. He asked me to be his gf and so I said yes.

At that time I was in a very confusing part of my life. Online relationships are hard. Not to mention he lived in the other side of the world! I am Latina and he is Korean. Nothing made sense at that time but for once I was happy. It felt like a dream. I don’t think a Korean guy will ever fall in love if he say me in real life. I am far from looking like a cute,innocent, long legged and straight eyebrows Korean girl. If anything, I am quite the opposite!


I am now married to that same Korean guy whom I met in Kakaostory.  I will soon turn 22 and I put my studies to a halt. I no longer listen to Kpop or fantasize about any Korean idols well because I am married now. I enjoy listening to EDM and Indie Rock now. Truth is that I have never been happier in my life! Kpop was making me feel worthless and depressed when I should never have! I don’t need to adhere to Korea’s ideals for a Korean guy to find me interesting. I just need to be me and so do you!

Anyways, Korea is nice country and the food is amazing! I had a huge culture shock during my stay! One thing I can’t get over is how nice people are ALWAYS dressed. How all girls are in full makeup and heels all the time. I know I can’t ever be like that but, that’s ok! Oh and not everyone looks like a Kpop idol. Not everyone is stick thin either! While most people are thin they are a few that are not. Koreans come in all shapes and sizes! 

I hope my post will make you realize that you don’t have to starve yourself or bleach your skin just to adhere to your idol’s ideals. I hope you realize that more than likely you will not marry him or her either. You will fall in love with someone completely different. Trust me! 

By the way , Korean music and dramas are not all there is to enjoy in the world!!! Don’t listen to Kpop for day and give something else a try! It’s okay to not like all the songs from your favorite bands and it’s okay if you don’t like all the members. What idols portray on TV is not 100% them. They are not innocent angels! Chances are they are no longer virgins, like to enjoy nights at the clubs and are dating a non celeb. 

I hope I made you appreciate yourself more and lighted up a spark in you to take Kpop a bit less seriously. Kpop is meant to enjoy not to add stress tp your life.

The Undertale Beta Patch: Reaching out into other worlds? [Part 1 of 2]

Okay, so, word of warning for you all. This theory is going to hit an entirely new level of meta. Like you would not believe. But I’m posting it anyway because I grabbed this thread of thought and pulled and… ended up with this. Make of it what you will.

So let’s start with the actual patch itself, and Toby Fox’s tweet about it. The original tweet seems to have been deleted, but here’s the image that was attached, with instructions on how to access the beta branch:

Two things about this stand out right away: 1) it’s in lower-case Comic Sans, and 2) the password is “legendaryfartmaster”, a reference to Sans’ triple-secret code phrase, “I am the legendary fartmaster”. So far, seems normal enough for how Toby is - the tweet prompted some people on Twitter to jokingly reply “Thanks, Sans!”, and we could have just left it at that.

But then the fans found THIS in the beta. In Sans’ secret lab, no less, which is accessed with the same code phrase referenced in the beta access password. And this isn’t the first time Sans has addressed the players of Undertale semi-directly; not only has there been an in-character post on the official Undertale tumblr, but Sans’s lines in a Genocide battle also show awareness of the player…

sounds strange, but before all this i was secretly hoping we could be friends. i always thought the anomaly was doing this cause they were unhappy. and when they got what they wanted, they would stop all this.[Attack #15]

and maybe all they needed was… i dunno. some good food, some bad laughs, some nice friends.
[Attack #16]

but that’s ridiculous, right? yeah, you’re the type of person who won’t EVER be happy.
[Attack #17]

…or at the very least, an intelligent and sentient “anomaly”. One that he recognizes is outside their world, and most notably, is able to affect their world. Which leads us to this part of the new content:

My theory is that this message isn’t for Sans, it’s for us. The players. The collective ‘anomaly’. Sans wanted to show us this, and he wants us to remember Gaster, because soon, he won’t be able to.

My reasoning for this is it’s already established in canon that Sans and Papyrus are weird compared to other monsters. They’re able to bend, if not outright break, the rules and restrictions of the game AKA their world. Papyrus disregards things like object placement and floor layout to make his dramatic exits, and Sans takes this to even further extremes, doing things like walking off the bottom of the screen only to drop down from the top, layering attacks OVER your battle HUD in Genocide, and taking ‘shortcuts’ to completely disconnected locations.

This could also be applied to Gaster and Sans’ apparent memories of him - by remembering something that was erased entirely from their world, he’s breaking that world’s rules. He’s doing something that should, by all accounts, be impossible. And maybe - now that the game is being patched, and things that should be impossible (like finishing the game on Pacifist despite gaining EXP) are being removed - his memories shouldn’t exist, and are being patched out. If SAVE, LOAD and even RESET, all technical features of the game, are considered canon, and Gaster being ‘dummied out’ by the developer had a profound effect on their world… who’s to say that what’s happening now isn’t canon also?

To add more fuel to this; word of Toby has already sort of established that the machine in Sans’ lab is A) related to Gaster and B) cannot be fixed:

No-one can fix the machine. No-one can bring Gaster back. Or at least no-one in their world can.

But who is aware of the existence of something outside their world? Something intelligent? Something that can get upset, or angry, and choose to destroy everything if they so desired, or even save the world? Something that can edit reality itself, that can affect their world in ways its residents couldn’t possibly dream of?

Sans is.

So maybe this message - which Toby has kind of denied adding, as he’s expressed again and again that he doesn’t intend to add new content - is the last-ditch effort of Sans. A cry for help from within the game. Sans’ world is changing beyond his control, and now he’s reaching out to ours.

Don’t Forget. Remember Gaster. Find a way to save him.

It also just dawned on me that perhaps the reason there’s a picture that the narrator (Chara?) seems confused at is because Sans isn’t sure what we’ll be able to see. He knows we’re aware of their world somehow, but he isn’t sure if we can speak their language, so he drew a picture for us in case we recognized someone in it. Again, this is a far reach, but it’s interesting to consider? I mean, he wouldn’t understand the restrictions of something like a text box…


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could you write a fanfic that incorporates this.. soofdope(.)tumblr(.)com/post/101079732035/what-this-tells-us-perry-appears-to-be-wearing -- pretty pretty please!! and also the part where it looks like carmilla is touching laura's hand on the bed!!! all the feeelllsss!!

You’ve slept in worse places, you figure, and Laura’s been camping and to sleepovers, but she should still have the bed. Or at least that’s the reasoning you give her, and she sort of smiles softly and doesn’t try to argue—she allows you your small, quiet and frustrated gestures of kindness patiently.

And then you wake up frantically after a few hours of fitful sleep, because there’s something hard underneath your back and it’s dark, but then you hear Perry talking and there’s light from Laura’s computer screen, and some sunlight is seeping in through the curtains, and Laura’s breath is steady above you.

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Caroline’s Feels – A Masterpost

This is a full list of everything I have felt/thought since 9:58 last night. Get ready.

The Initial Reaction

  • What. The. Actual. Fuck.
  • No.
  • This is gonna be like Breaking Dawn Part 2, right? It’s all just a dream. It’s just a dream…

  • Mother (who told me all this week before Beth was going to die) is sitting here mocking me, saying “Are you devastated? Are you gonna cry?” “I’m sorry!” I mean really?

  • I can’t move. I feel numb. I might throw up.
  • My girlfriends watching message me these words of encouragement:

  • Daryl carrying Beth out of the fucking hospital, instantly dreading seeing the parallel posts. Ugh.
  • Dear Norman: Crying on an apple box didn’t fucking work for you. You balled. We balled. I hate this.
  • *Emily nowhere to be seen on TTD* Ok, something’s seriously up here.
  • Emily finally coming out and she apologizes for crying!
  • As soon as it ends I go upstairs and to bed.
  • My mom soon comes upstairs and says “I just wanted to make sure my baby was alright!” while she tries to hug me. I don’t reciprocate the hug.
  • Tries to find something on Netflix to make me forget, but literally everything reminds me of Bethyl.
  • Before this I never understood peoples’ dependence upon alcohol to drown sorrows. I now understand this, and for the first time ever in my life, I wish I actually had some.
  • Keeps forgetting she’s actually gone.
  • When I remember it hits me like an angry redneck has thrown a bunch of dead squirrels at my face.

The Broken Battlefield of Tumblr

  • Did they really just waste this arc and this character?

  • Finding out how they’ve treated Emily. Assholes.

  • August was her birthday month you pricks!

  • I Read Norman’s ‘my girl’ tweet:

  • And become conflicted between my happiness that Norman called Emily his girl, and the depression that comes with the reason he posted it in the first place.
  • People are giffing. How are they giffing? Why on earth are they giffing? I don’t want to see this.
  • Rest In Peace Posts. Just stop.
  • Emotional interviews popping up like Whack-a-Moles. Where’s my hammer?
  • I’m comforted by the fact that the cast is upset too. Especially Norman.

  • The actors were lied to. We were lied to. Everyone was lied to.
  • Whenever people used to say that the writing on the Walking Dead was getting worse and worse, I defended TPTB. Never again will I make that mistake.
  • The logic in Coda made absolutely no sense. You all know what I’m taking about. 
  • Upon being hit in the face by reality, I come to realize that all of my Bethyl Imagines will have to stay imaginary.

  • Periodically gets some more notes on my Normily on the TTD 2.0 post.
  • *Cries some more at the realization that that will never happen either*
  • But nonetheless ships Normily ∞x stronger
  • Creates the following insane head cannon:
  • Norman stormed to Emily’s trailer the day he got the script and they held each other for an hour. He was pissed about how they were treating her and wanted to go fight Gimple in her honor but Em calmed him down and told him it was alright. And when she got worried about selling her apartment, he offered to let her stay with him. This was the day they realized how much they love each other.
  • To be honest, if we get official Normily out of this, I think I could come to accept the end of Bethyl.
  • I open up Spotify to listen to Expired Love hoping it will make me feel better. I can’t make myself press play.
  • Keeps forgetting she’s actually gone.
  • When I remember it hits me like an angry redneck has thrown a bunch of dead squirrels at my face.

The Morning After

  • It wasn’t a dream.
  • It actually happened.
  • I don’t want to go to school today.

  • I wear a yellow shirt and cowboy boots to honor her beautiful memory.
  • One of my guy friends, a fellow TWD fan, asks me how I’m doing, and says he will no longer watch. This makes me feel less alone.
  • I see/post to Tumblr the Instagram pic of Em’s set chair. I can no longer focus on Calculus.
  • Calculus finally ends and I can’t do this anymore.
  • I tell my mom I feel sick (not that far from the truth), and she lets me go home.
  • When I go to the office to check out, the office lady that helps me is named Beth.
  • Upon getting home I see the quote about the boob grabbing. I smile and remember this:

  • I sleep for a couple hours only to wake up yet again and realize it wasn’t a dream.
  • I finally get up and start to compose this.
  • My best friend who doesn’t watch TWD texts me and tells me she’s sorry for my loss, and asks if I still want Bethyl merch for Christmas. I tell her to just get me Emily related things.

  • Keeps forgetting she’s actually gone.
  • When I remember it hits me like an angry redneck has thrown a bunch of dead squirrels at my face.

In Conclusion

  • Are you ready?

  • This blog is about to change.
  • Normily > Bethyl from here until this mistake is fixed.
  • Unfollow me if you don’t want their beautiful relationship on your dash. IDGAF
  • Normily Imagines will still be a thing.
  • The amount of fanfiction I’m going to produce for both ships will be great.
  • My fanfiction will be a series of super strong band aids to help the fandom’s wounds heal.  
  • I will learn to accept, but I will not forgive. And I will not forget.
  • There’s a strong part of me that wants to think there’s something more to this. I feel like we don’t know everything yet.
  • I’m still holding on to the fact that Scott Pimple expected us to ‘dig’ this storyline. It may just hurt  more in the end, but I still have faith. Beth taught me to always have faith.
  • I’m waiting for the day when we look back at this and laugh at how ridiculous we’re all being. Because we in the end did ‘dig’ it because Beth was actually okay and her and Daryl now have a sweet little family of their own in Alexandria.
  • Although I’m from now on going to be a casual viewer, I still want to see what they do from here.
  • That said I honestly don’t care what happens now.
  • Is it weird I feel like this is a Finnick/Annie situation where they’re punishing the girl for the boy loving her, while making him play along? Like they’re punishing Norman and Emily for their behavior at SDCC? If this is the case TPTB can go die in a hole.
  • I will never stop loving Beth.
  • I will never stop loving Daryl.
  • I will never stop shipping Bethyl.
  • I will never stop shipping Normily.
  • I will never stop loving Norman.
  • And most importantly of all:
  • I leave you with this little piece of hope to keep you all going. I love you all. Don’t give up on this.


anonymous asked:

Hi shady, could you please translate into English what you wrote to a anon just now...just looking at the gif it looks so interesting i would love to understand ?

Hey Anon,

sure! So my Anon was asking about how to stay positive even if PR only spoke positively about CS, so I made a few points to try and make them feel better.

Do you remember this conversation between Emma and Mary Margaret?

Emma: He has a very active imagination, which is the point. I can’t talk him out of his beliefs, so we need to show him. Play along, do what he says and maybe, just maybe.
MMB: He’ll see that fairy tales are just that. That there’s no such thing as love at first sight or first kiss. He’ll see reality.
Emma: Something like that.
MMB: Well, sadly this plan is rather genius. We get him to the truth without hurting him.

We talk about the showing versus telling on Once Upon a Time a lot and I feel like this scene introduced us to that concept and that it is a conscious story telling choice. They’re not telling us it’s a bad relationship, they’re showing us. It’s a lot like real life. It’s not spelled out for you when someone’s wrong. There’s not background track that tells you something bad is going on. All you have generally is that feeling that’s something is off. I think in a way other dramas make it so obvious that you wonder why they stay together at all. In reality it’s not like that. Nobody is a monster all of the time and you hang on to hope that it will get better. You see the good in them and you have to decide where to draw the line. When do you give up on someone? It’s generally just you and your thoughts. So I can imagine a story told like this, without the judgement that comes from a story that is obvious, it may help people in other ways. Once you find yourself in a relationship like that and you remember it even happened to a character like Emma Swan… it becomes a powerful thing. Now, I know this is all up for debate, but that is a way in which I can make sense of it. 

The problem is that it was so obvious to us from the beginning, that it’s taking far too long. I think part of the reason for it taking so long is that he does symbolize different things and his story needs to play out on all layers.

There are plenty of other reasons to have hope, though.

They explicitly showed us that the person Emma trusts most in terms of judgement is Regina. This was in a life or death situation and it was Emma’s life. She not only cares about what Regina thinks, she trusts it to be the closest thing to what she would do.

After establishing that they allow Regina to say that she think Emma is not good enough for Hook. Regina isn’t angry here, she is still supportive, she’s not coming from a bad place and she goes on to help Emma on how to patch things up with Hook regardless. 

This isn’t subtext, this is text. These are both scenes that were put there for the entire audience to see. The interpretation of these scenes can’t be chalked up to shipping preferences. It was text and what the writers wanted everyone to see. That should tell you a little something about how they see the relationship.

Another thing we’ve been saying forever in this end of the fandom is that Emma has lost herself as she was trying to be the perfect Savior, trying to be the person everybody else needed her to be. The sneak peek with Jafar and Aladdin confirms this will finally be addressed and that it was their intent all along for Emma’s story.

The most obvious and most personal for Emma was someone making her his happy ending. That scene where he told her was made ambiguous on purpose. On the surface you can interpret it as Emma being speechless and her crying about being chosen by someone. 

But if you look closer you can read it as shock and fear. It didn’t give her a choice as the person responsible to bring back the happy endings. His declaration of love was her cage. She doesn’t respond, but she kisses him instead. She never cracks a smile and the tears may as well be because she’s effectively been put in a cage.

If you can write a story like Emma & Regina’s evolution - and that of Snow and Charming - and you can write one like Rumple and Belle, who are dysfunctional, but they’re still more careful about the lines they have them cross. Then why wouldn’t you use those skills to write a similar story for your main character’s love story? They know how to write them and they know they’re writing a bad relationship. Both can’t be true at the same time. They either know how to write them or they don’t.

I don’t want to tell anyone what to believe or hope for, this is simply what I see. PR isn’t all that relevant and it shouldn’t really put us off too much. They’ve said Robin and Regina were True Love. Many people have called us delusional for even suggesting that maybe they weren’t meant to stay together, that it wasn’t romantic to be set up with someone because of fairy dust and a tattoo. Especially for a woman who was manipulated her entire life. They never told us it wasn’t a good relationship, but they showed us and they ended it.

As for the rest, there are so many theory posts about Swan Queen that are still relevant - completely - or in part - so if you want to feel better, you can dive a little deeper into Tumblr and read some old theories. Should generally make you feel better…

So, that was a liberal translation of my very first long Spanish theory reply. Very liberal translation.

The RENT reunion panel at BroadwayCon was amazing for a million reasons that I’m sure everyone else was posting about, but as I was listening to the original cast recording while on the subway home tonight, I recalled one thing in particular. 

Cynthia O’Neal, the co-founder of Friends In Deed had a lot of fantastic stories to tell about Jonathan Larson spending time at the Friends In Deed space in the early 90s and how he tried to share the early versions of RENT songs with her. She never listened to the demo tapes he gave her, but when she eventually did see the show, she said she was touched by his inclusion of actual quotes by HIV+ individuals from the Friends In Deed support groups Jonathan had attended. In particular, she remembered a man saying, “I’m not afraid to die, but I am afraid I’ll lose my dignity.” That of course turned into the song, “Will I?” 

I hadn’t listened to RENT in a quite a while so when that song came on while I was commuting home tonight, I first recalled this anecdote from Cynthia O’Neal, but was soon flooded with my own memories – the kinds of vivid memories that can only be unlocked when you listen to certain songs after a long time. I remembered how I use to listen to that song and replace the true meaning with my own gender dysphoria. I would listen to the song and it expressed so much of what I felt – my fear of losing all respect if I ever told people was I was feeling, my huge desire to wake from the nightmare of being transgender. 

The third phrase from the song, “Will someone care?” brought back another, lighter memory: my high school boyfriend. Back in high school, I had these RENT lyric magnets (like poetry word magnets, but with RENT lyrics - @sunflowerexistence‘s mom had won them in a radio contest the week the RENT movie came out for knowing a super obscure lyric). My boyfriend was over one night and saw the magnets that spelled “will someone care?” Not being familiar with RENT and possibly thinking I had arranged them that way in a bout of emo loneliness, he swapped them around to read, “someone will care.” It was cheesy, but sweet I guess. 

He died a few years ago. A lot of things have different meanings to me in the wake of his death. I cry when I hear “500 Luftballons.” I was able to relate to Hazel’s eulogy in the TFIOS movie far more than I would like to admit. And the “I’ll Cover You” reprise no longer makes me sad for the general heartbreak of the show and of the world, but sobers me with the reality of loss.

Remembering all of that tonight reminded me of how much has changed since I used to play “One Song Glory” on my walkman down by the lake behind my parent’s house, chain smoking stolen cigarettes in an attempt to feel something other than desperate and frustrating confusion. I’m older and slightly less confused now; mature and secure enough to have come out and transitioned, at least - something I never could have imagined the possibility of back then. I actually live in the city where the musical came to life and tonight the man behind the character I was always cast as when my friends and I sung along to RENT greeted me by name when he spotted me from behind.

But there have been a lot of rough patches too. Jon is dead. So many other friends are dead. I’ve faced hardships I never would’ve envisioned and ones I anticipated, but never could’ve known how hard they would actually be. 

So as all of that washed over me while listening to that two and half minute song on the R train tonight, I thought about the main message the cast and creators stressed in the panel tonight. Almost all of them talked about how they nearly didn’t do RENT, how their auditions were laughably bad and the pay was worse. So many crucial elements almost didn’t happen. And then there were each of their stories about the most crucial element of them all: Jonathan Larson, and the last time they saw him. 

So much of the origin story of the musical seems predestined. Yet, the strongest message it sends and the one everyone on stage tonight was adamant to make was that you really never know what’s going to happen. You can’t guess if something will take off, how you’ll feel about something, or if you’ll even be around to do it. It was the message Jonathan was trying to get across through his lyrics before his own death upstaged their debut and tragically made his point for him: there really is no day but today.