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You sat on the edge of the well, back against the wooden post, a book in your hand. Completely engrossed in the story, you didn’t notice a girl walk by and do a double take when she saw someone reading. She quietly approached, not wanting to bring you back to the current world, but wanting to meet the person who seemed to love books just as much as she did.

“Excuse me,” she said. 

With a start, you glanced up, immediately snapping the book shut and putting it behind your back in one fluid motion.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“It’s. It’s okay,” you stammered. “I was just enjoying the weather.”

“You were reading,” she said excitedly.

“Oh, no you must be mistaken,“ you started.

The girl laughed. 

“I am not. It’s not often you see someone reading, let alone a girl. I think it’s amazing”

You started at her, dumbstruck.

“You do?" 

"Oh yes,” she said passionately. “Books are what connects me to worlds beyond this one. When I’m reading a book, I feel as if I’ve left this world and joined that of the book.” She paused, looking back at you.

“Do you borrow your books from Père Robert?”

“Oh, um, no. I just recently moved here. This is a book someone gave me back in my other village. He taught me how to read, and when I went away he gave me my favorite book as a gift.” You glanced down at the book and smiled, remembering all the times you shared together. 

“Do your parents know you read?” she asked tentatively, sitting beside you. You smiled sadly.

“No. Father wouldn’t allow it. He thinks that reading is a waste of time.”

“So does everybody else in this town,” she replied shaking her head.

You glanced down, wishing that for once your father would understand.

“I’m Belle,” the girl said.


“I’ll tell you about my book if you tell me about yours,” she said lifting a book out of her basket. You nodded excitedly.

“Mine is about two lovers in fair Verona. After reading it I didn’t want to come back!” Belle started. You giggled, finding yourself completely content. You had just found your best friend.

And so it went. You sat for hours discussing your favorite books. She told you about Père Robert, and that once she talked to him he would definitely let you borrow some of his collection. She even offered to get it for you herself, so that you wouldn’t be seen with books in the village. Thus, a new friendship blossomed. Maybe together, you two could change the minds of the world. A new adventure began.

To all girls on this fandom, whether you are my follower or not: (even if it’s the March 9th on your country)

First of all, happy women’s day.

I just wanted you to know how special you’re. No matter if you are a girl of color, if you are 12, if you are a trans girl or if you are a part of the rest of letters on the LGBT+ community (they all are important, but I don’t like when people say trans girls are not girls so that’s why I emphasize). You are a girl, you are important and today is your day.

 Actually, forget that: every day is your day. Today we are just making it a little bit more special.

(I have a few things to say to you all if you want to read my little message for you, read under the cut.)

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The Accident

“We were in an accident. You almost didn’t make it.”

“I thought you were dead…”

Fandom: Riverdale

Ship: Jughead x Reader

Characters: Jughead, Archie, Fred (Archie’s Dad)

Warnings: car accident with minor details; mentions of self-harm (side note: if you have the urge to hurt yourself, please don’t do it. Someone out there loves you. I love you. Nothing is worth hurting yourself. If you ever need to talk to someone, my inbox is open.)

Part 2

Part 3

Italics means a memory/flashback.


“Why are you staying at Archie’s anyways?” Your best friend, Jughead Jones, asked you while he started the car.

“My dad is away on a business trip and he entrusted Archie’s dad with taking care of me for the week,” you rolled your eyes. Your mom had left when you were a toddler, and you couldn’t even remember her - but that was okay. It was just you and dad. “Which is completely stupid because I can very well manage myself,” you complained, even though you knew that leaving yourself alone wouldn’t be a good idea.

Jughead looked over to you and said, “You could have stayed with me at the Twilight,” he referenced his home. “There’s an extra bed there.” You shrugged and tugged your long sleeves down your wrists and bunched them in your hands, desperately trying to make sure he wouldn’t see the scarring on your forearms.

Soon enough, you two were parked at a red light in the town square, only a few corners away from Archie’s house. You stared at Jughead’s focused look, and as he turned to meet your eyes with a smirk, everything went black.

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Barnes’ Books - chapter 3

I’m enjoying this, but writing it this fast (I’m also being a mum today and so on obviously!) does I’m sure mean it’s all a load of tripe and full of errors too. Sorry! x

Barnes’ Books masterlist

I guess I’m expecting a phone call that night, or the next morning, so I’m on edge. After I left the message, I fed Steve, locked up and went home, but I couldn’t sleep well, kept waking up, thinking I’d heard the phone ring. It didn’t though, laying silent and useless.

The next morning I went back to the hospital, glad for the first time that I was out of work and could be there for James.  He looked pale against the hospital sheets, and the nurse told me he’d had a bad night with the pain. They planned to operate that afternoon, all being well. I held James’ hand, and told him that I’d called his grandson, and that I was sure he’d be here soon. He’d just been given another dose of pain meds and wasn’t really with it, so it was hard to judge if calling Jamie had been the right thing to do. I wittered on for a bit, telling him that I’d feed Steve, but I think he got a bit confused with all the drugs, started laughing and telling me that Steve had a big appetite, that I’d better cook extra spaghetti sauce. When he started to drift off again, I patted his hand, told him I’d look after the shop, and left.

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i am so afraid of what other people think of me that i let them judge right from wrong.

so when you packed your bags and left them tugging at the front door, i screamed for you, i cried, i let you put my feelings into a box, label me “obsessive” and “crazy,” let you make me into the bad guy for simply reacting.

and when i asked my therapist if feeling things so strongly was right or wrong, she asked me, “what do you think?”

and i don’t remember the last time someone asked me what i thought and when i said i think i was doing the right thing by feeling she said, “then you are.”

and now the times i’m grieving, i try to remember that my opinion means something. that i have to value it, value it more than anything. because once you value your own feelings, no one can invalidate them. you can’t tell me what makes me brave. i think feelings are supposed to be felt. you can no longer pressure me into shutting them out.

—  i’m not crazy just because you say i am

Day 45/100 of Productivity: 4 May 2017

May Study Challenge Day 4:

4 (Th). May is AP Exam season! What are your tips for studying for tests?

I don’t have a whole heap of experience with studying for exams, considering that I’m only in Year 9, but things i’ve learnt from experience are:

- start early, to avoid last minute cramming

- don’t go overboard with highlighting/colours as this can be distracting, and you only memorise what’s highlighted and not the other information which could be important -> only highlight key words, but colour coding can be helpful so that you can distinguish different topics/subjects

- refer to the syllabus when making your notes so that you can ensure that you’ve covered everything

- do past papers in exam conditions and mark them -> this can really help you understand what you need to work on, especially in math

- having a study session with your friends when you quiz each other is also really helpful as not only can you solidify your knowledge on topics, but you can learn stuff from them that you might not have known, and also figure out what topics you need to revise

- take breaks! studying for a long time isn’t fun, and i’ve found that it takes me more time to memorise something, because i’ve lost focus and it’s gotten boring. it’s important to give time to yourself so that you don’t get too stressed over your exams :)

but yea I think the most important thing is to keep a clear mind so that you don’t get too stressed. remember to sleep and eat!! (a couple of years ago, someone in my school fell asleep during exam, and the teacher’s were really confused why they left so many questions blank, so they asked him. when he said that they asleep, they found it to be hilarious)

wowza that was a long list

um these are some science notes. i got the syllabus a few days ago, and i’ve started cracking down on finishing these notes before sunday because my science half yearly is my first exam :(

it’s so weird to think that exams are coming up so soon

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What did the wolfboy do?

you see, the thing is, it goes back and forth, you know? and i wasn’t going to write about it but now i just might.

but you can’t say you love someone if you don’t love them unconditionally. i loved him. i didn’t love fighting with him, i didn’t love planning an impossible future, i didn’t love that he was always hours late with some shitty excuse, but i loved him. i loved laying in his bed after an argument and crying together and apologizing. i loved compromising plans. i loved seeing him, even if it was after hours of waiting on my front porch with a silent phone and a sore throat. it never occured to me that i was spending so much of my time just waiting on him. he will never admit fully that he wasn’t there for me. he will never admit fully that when i say i was miserable, it was because of that. i don’t need some sort of poisonous lense up to my eyes to realize i was made to feel so unimportant and insignificant for months. and perhaps it wasn’t intentional, but it can’t have been by accident if i told him how i felt. and i did. and nothing ever changed.

some days i thought it would all be okay but eventually i realized i was so sad, all the time. my friends can vouch for me when i say it nearly killed me. i had to call them from his bathroom and beg them not to pick me up when i explained why i was so hysterical. when he left the first time, they had to call me to make sure i wasn’t dead, or blackout drunk and walking down dark pathways again. when he came back, he convinced me to let him all the way back in. convinced me he was staying. convinced me i was safe. meanwhile he was lying to my face, getting me to clear his name for awhile because all i could write about was how it felt to be dead. to decompose. he never planned on staying, just sticking around until it became inconvenient to him. love isn’t supposed to be convenient. the two weeks he said i was home were not love.

he’s probably reading this, he checks up on me constantly just to make sure he’s left his mark. he’ll deny it later but he’s never proven to me that it was for any other reason. maybe he’s reading this and laughing with his friends. back when i believed he still cared, i told him i’ve never felt so awful, so little, so scared and he did nothing. when he was sad around christmas, i left my best friend sick on the couch to sit in his car for half an hour while he asked about breakup sex and when i said no, he said he had to leave. when he told me he was seeing someone new, not two weeks after leaving me, he acted so concerned about how i handled it yet left me alone in my bedroom. he left me for dead. he doesn’t get to know what happened that night and i don’t care what his mind comes up with.

and tomorrow i’ll probably change my mind. some days i think he tried his best. but most days i remember all the breakfasts i made him and the days he complained that i didn’t make his bed the right way. all the days i just wanted him to play with my hair and he left me alone in his bedroom to watch a movie in his living room that he’s seen fifty times already. and maybe some nights i miss being with someone, but i mostly just remember how lonely i was. i finished all the tv shows we started together alone because he only ever wanted to watch his own shows rather than the ones we both liked.

ultimately, i’ve come to realize i deserve someone who genuinely loves me. who wants to make me soup when i’m sick. who wants to be there when i’m sad just as much as i do when they are. who genuinely cares about how my day went, even if something dramatic happened that i want to rant about. who wants to hear about my crazy family stories and contribute their own. and it just wasn’t him. he stopped doing all those things once he realized i wouldnt make him. it is a conscious choice to stay away. i was his back up girl, and my greatest accomplishment thus far is the fact that i can say that sentence in the past tense. i’ve learned not to settle for anything less than unconditional love. i’ve learned that i deserve exactly that.

We had a good run, even I have to admit.

It was four years ago this month that I started using this blog to share my collection of Patrick Stump. Now, 25,660+ posts on this blog and 15,260+ fobomatic posts later, I think it’s time to officially turn in my Certified Fall Out Boy Blogger card. I have loved my 8+ years in this fandom. I survived the hiatus, witnessed three marriages and the birth of four children, made great friends, and obliterated three hard drives with the more than 80,000 photo and video and audio files I’ve amassed of this band, which is much more than just a band to me. I still love these four dorks and their music. I’m sure I always will.

Months ago I promised that if I didn’t return I’d leave you with a gift. Today I’m making good on that promise. So here it is: weighing in at just under 10GB, here are the files I haven’t shared (more or less). I did my best to keep a record of this band and since these didn’t make their way onto my blog, I wanted to put them somewhere accessible to everyone. If there was a practical (free) way to share the 20 GB I have already posted to my blogs, I would include that as well, but unfortunately you will just have to make use of my tags and hope for the best.

A couple things:

  • There is a .txt file of all the old tour dates in case anyone is wondering what show a photo is from.
  • If you check the .xif file and see a url in the title line, that where I found the photos.  
  • As you’ll see, the files are somewhat organized and I’ve done my best to keep track of dates or guess dates, though mistakes have been made.
  • There are a couple folders that I honestly can’t remember what I was doing when I made them.
  • Sharing this is a lot like letting someone poke around in your bedroom closet so please excuse the mess and shoot me an email if you find I’ve left something in there that might mortify me.

I am honored to have been followed by so many of you and it’s been a pleasure sharing this band’s history as best I could. I won’t be answering any more asks, sadly (though I would still put my ability to date a photo of Patrick against anyone—even Pete), but the blogs and their content will remain here, tumblr willing. 💋✌🏻

Tuesday thoughts

Remember a few weeks ago when I went on that disaster of a date? Well, the truth is I had enough drinks to keep blacking out throughout the night and I got lucky because I managed to get home without a scratch on me (just some emotional scars). I still go back to that night and try to put the pieces together, but what I do know for sure is that guy left me at the train station, alone and black out drunk. I remember crying the next day because I kept thinking to myself: What if something had happened? What if I fell on the tracks or someone stole my bag or worse?

When I finally came to on the steps of the platform, I texted the guy to ask him, “What happened?” He wrote back, “I can’t talk right now. I’m with a friend.” I wanted to make sure nothing had happened, so I asked him again and his response was, “We had a great time, chaotic ending aside, like we were two people who had known each other for a long time. I hope we can talk after you come back from Barcelona.” Well, he texted me while I was in Barcelona, asking me if I had “made it back in one piece,” and I just ignored him. I think it was one of the first grownup things I had done in a long time.

The old me would have given him the benefit of the doubt. “What was I thinking? I shouldn’t have been drinking.” But that night? I don’t remember how I jumped from drink two to drink five or six. I have tried to remember, but I can’t. I was so ashamed (I still am), but in that moment he texted me and I deleted the message and wiped his number from my phone, I felt like I was in control again.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this now. I just saw that quote about a woman being unstoppable when she realizes she deserves better and that moment in Barcelona came to mind.


“Oh, you’ll get attention now. Lay across my thighs angel.” I state and Y/N eyes immediately shining with worry and disbelief. “No, daddy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do it. Daddy please don’t.”

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Words: 4000+

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Rating: R

[ I don’t know why but I was inspired by this post ]

Luke’s POV

The sun peaked through my black-out blinds in my room, as the dirt particles twinkled in the sun light like little fairies dancing. I rise my hands up to my face and rub my face in my hands, trying to wake myself up, but obviously rubbing my face in my hands doesn’t work because I hear a sound that nearly makes my ears bleed from next door.

I rise up and grab the string that pulls up my blinds, and look and seeing a moving truck settling down the ramp and workers unloading the heavy boxes and some carrying Tim Hortons in their hands.

“Mom!” I shout and jump up and out of my bed, quickly making my way out of my bedroom and downstairs into the kitchen where I smell bacon and eggs. “Yes Luke.”

“When did we get new neighbors?” I ask while leaning against the island counter in the middle of our kitchen.

“When are you gonna put a shirt on?” My mom says, completely avoiding the question that I’ve asked.

“I’ll put a shirt on when you answer my question.” I state while walking over to my mom and reaching over and grabbing a piece of bacon beside my mom. “They bought that house like a month ago Luke, and they’re moving in today. I don’t know what else to tell you about them? I don’t know anything other then that.”

“Thanks,” I say and kiss my mom on my cheek before grabbing a plate from the cracker coloured cabinet.

“No problem-Oh! I almost forgot, I’m gonna invite them over for dinner, you know, lets be nice and welcome them kindly to the neighborhood. So please, clean your room just in case their daughter goes upstairs with you, since you love to stay in that room of yours.”

“They have a daughter?” I ask and quickly make my way over to the small window that we have in the kitchen that my mom always leaves open when she cooks. “Mhm, now go clean your room please.” 

I only nod my hand in response while looking out the window, trying to find the new neighbors daughter, which only gets me a slap in the back of the head and a shout to hurry up and eat my breakfast and clean my room.

“Luke, please go get the door.” My mom says while rushing around and grapping forks and knives from the drawer and hurrying to place them in the dining room.

I let my feet carry me to the door and gently place my hand on the doorknob and twist it while pulling the door open, revealing two people.

I always thought that I would have to be remarkably handsome or even move to a different country to even see a supermodel in front of my eyes, but yet here I am, and I am standing in front of this beautiful girl with the most perfect eyes and cutest nose, and her lips are so pink that I think they’re pinker then cotton candy and strawberry milk combined. And her body, literally sculptured by God and all the arc angels. And her hair, it reaches to her hips. I am just completely memorized by this beautiful girl in front of me.

“Hello! Hello! Hello!” I hear my mother say from behind me, making me snap out of my daze. I gently shake my head and smile up at the man in his mid-30’s and his daughter that is right next to him. “Come on in! I bet it’s cold outside.”

“Uh-yeah-sorry, come in,” I say and peel the door open wider and letting the beautiful girl walk past me with her father right next to her.

“You guys came right on time, I just finished making dinner.” My mom says while leading the way into the dining room, where food is set out, waiting for us to dig in and fill our stomachs.

Once everyone is done sharing out their food, I see my mother and the man that came to the door with his remarkably beautiful daughter, making their way into the living room to watch whatever show that will catch their attention.

“Hey, do you want to eat upstairs in my room. I mean, I don’t want to sit down and eat food while listening to some home renovation guy talk about dry wall for a good five minutes, but if you want to go ahead,” I laugh and she does the same and I feel my heart pound against my chest and butterflies swimming in my stomach.

“Yeah, sure.” She says and then we grab our plates and begin to make our way up into my bedroom. “My name is Luke, by the way.”

“Y/N,” She says and her voice is so soft and gentle, and if her voice were to ever become an object, I think a cloud would perfectly represent it.

“So what is your favourite subject in school?”

“How do you even understand this stuff?” I ask while rubbing the back of my head. And Y/N laughs and I smile and it’s been like this forever, Y/N coming over and trying to make me understand what I’m doing in all my subjects because I don’t understand half of this stuff that my teachers teach me and surprisingly I am passing.

“I don’t know. I just do.” Y/N smiles before bending over and looking at the Math question and explaining it to me, which only makes me let out a sigh and thanking Y/N for moving right next to me, which only makes her let out a laugh, making my heart pound against my chest.

“Please teach me your ways,” I sigh while writing down my last question and trying to figure out the answer before resorting to the back of the book. “I was just born with it.”

“Mm, maybe it’s the continuous episodes of Sailor Moon that you watch. Oh! Maybe because you drink strawberry milk. You put steroids in your strawberry milk, that’s it!” I nearly shout and Y/N lets out a hearty laugh before slapping me in my chest gently.

“I don’t put steroids in my strawberry milk, Luke. That doesn’t even make any sense. And I’m pretty sure Sailor Moon didn’t make me smart.” Y/N says and I shake my head.

“You’re telling me that Sailor Mercury didn’t teach you anything?” I ask and Y/N rises her left eyebrow while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I thought you didn’t pay attention when we watch Sailor Moon?” Y/N ask and I feel my cheeks begin to heat up and I let out a low grunt before peeling my eyes away from Y/N’s and looking everywhere but at her.

“I don’t. I just remember some characters, you know.” I state and Y/N nods her head.

“Yeah. I know.”

"Luke! Luke!” I hear someone shout from behind me, I quickly turn around and I am met with Y/N’s face completely red face from running to catch up with me. “Yes.”

“Come over tonight?” Y/N ask and I begin to shake my head while continuing to walk, Y/N following behind me.

“Why not? We can watch Sailor Moon and drink strawberry milk together! How about I dress you up again! It’ll be fun!” Y/N exclaims with a happy tone and if Y/N was in an anime I could only imagine this scene to look like a happy and preppy girl bothering the boy that doesn’t want to do anything with her.

“Unlike you Y/N, I actually have to study for my test,” I laugh and Y/N pouts.

“I study for my test.” Y/N says with a sad tone and I let out a laugh before swinging my arm around Y/N’s naked shoulder and smile down at her when I see a blush begin to heat up her cheeks. “I’m sure you do.”

“Okay, maybe I don’t, but at least come over for strawberry milk and one episode of Sailor Moon?” Y/N pleads and her bottom lip juts out, and her eyes begin to shine with water. I let out a sigh before smiling down at Y/N.

“It wouldn’t hurt to watch one? Now would it.”

And I was totally wrong, because after watching one episode of Sailor Moon only lead Y/N to put in another one, and another one. I finally look up at the clock on Y/N’s desk and see that’s 12:53. I let out a yawn before rising up and off the bed.

"Y/N I should be heading home now.” I state and I feel Y/N grasp my wrist in her hand and gently tug me back onto the bed. “No, sleepover. Please.”

I let out a little sigh and Y/N lets out a smile before tugging me onto the bed and excusing herself to go get ready for bed and grabbing me a toothbrush.

“Here.” Y/N says once she is back and wow. She looks so beautiful and she is in a big white shirt and she looks so beautiful with clothes that don’t fit tightly against her body because, right now she just looks like an actual angel.

“Here’s your toothbrush,” Y/N says once again, knocking me out of my state and I grab the toothbrush out of her hand before thanking her and making my way into Y/N’s conjoined bathroom.

I let out a sigh once I walk into the bathroom, it would actually be a miracle if I don’t get a hard while I sleep over with Y/N. See there has been many incidents where I have gotten hard while just being with Y/N, many times was from just the way she talks, sometimes even her laughter gets me so hard. I don’t know why, but it just does.

Once I’m finish brushing my teeth I make my way back into the bedroom and see Y/N laying on the bed with her phone in her face. I let out a shaky breath before walking over to the bed and laying down right next to Y/N and see what she is looking at, which ends up being a picture of a cute white cat.

“Luke?” Y/N ask me once she is finish done liking a post on Instagram and setting her phone down beside her bed and looking at me with curious eyes. I hum in acknowledgment and Y/N turns around, laying on her side and staring me up and down while biting on her bottom lip, and I’m pretty sure I’m hard and maybe sleeping over Y/N’s house is a bad idea.

“What are your kinks?” Y/N ask and I feel my eyebrows nearly leave my head and my eyes nearly pop out of its sockets. “I-Um-I”

“I mean you don’t have to tell me if you’re uncomfortable with it,” Y/N says nonchalant, like what she just asked was normal. Like it is normal for someone to ask about your sexual desires.

“I just-I um-What’s yours?” I ask, trying to get the attention off of me and I see Y/N’s eyes twinkle bright with excitement before sitting up on the bed while staring down at me.

“I have a daddy kink.”

 And just with those words my life spun out of control. Every time she touched me or even spoke to me I would just think of her doing something remarkably attractive that I would immediately get hard about. And it got worse, and when I mean worse, I meant it got to the point were whenever I would look down at Y/N I would just imagine her down on her knees and taking me into her mouth and her pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock just doing the most delicious swirls with her tongue that she does around her strawberry coloured lollipops that she has in her room.

"Luke!” I hear Y/N shout from beside me and I quickly move my gaze away from the blank white wall that I am looking at in Y/N’s room and to Y/N bright Y/C/E eyes. “Yes.”

“Why are you always dozing off all of a sudden. I mean, ever since I told you about my kink you’ve gotten quieter and you always doze off now? Are you okay?” Y/N ask and I look at Y/N and then I look at the TV that is playing a Sailor Moon episode.

“I want to be your daddy.” I say and I didn’t mean for it to come out like that- I’m totally lying, I really did mean for it to come out like that and I can’t imagine Y/N having someone pour her strawberry milk or watch Sailor Moon with her, I can only see myself doing it and I don’t even know what I’m getting myself into but I think it’s gonna be okay if I have Y/N by my side.

“Really? I didn’t think of you having a daddy kink,” Y/N says and I shrug my shoulders. “I mean every since I you told me about your kink I-I-I just started dozing off and day dreaming about like-you know,”

"No Luke, I don’t know. Do tell,” Y/N says with a slight smirk on her lips and I watch as Y/N begins to climb up my body and I feel my face begin to turn red and my cock begin to get hard.

“Like-I-I-I would imagine your lips wrapped around my cock,” I say and Y/N smirk widens before dragging her hand up my leg and then running it over my growing member.

“Mm, sounds great.” Y/N says while licking her bottom lip and applying pressure to my cock, making a moan slip past my lips.

“Can I suck your cock, daddy?” Y/N says in the most innocent voice and I let out a moan before grabbing Y/N’s face and crashing my lips against hers, and God does it feel so good. So fucking good. And she tastes like strawberry milk and cotton candy, so sweet and addicting that I don’t even want to pull away from Y/N’s lips, I just want to swirl my tongue against Y/N’s for the rest of my life if I could, but suddenly Y/N peels away from the kiss and begins pressing kisses down my neck and rubbing her palm against my member.

“Mm, lift your shirt up,” Y/N says and I do what she says, lifting my shirt up and over my head and tossing it across the room. Just as Y/N continues to press kisses down my body. I let a moan slip past my lips as I feel Y/N press small pecks against my hip bones before undoing my belt and gently tugging my pants off.

“Daddy, you’re so hard,” Y/N breathes against my member while licking me over my black boxers, making my hips buck up and letting a moan slip past my lips.

"Stop playing around angel,” I say and I see Y/N’s eyes twinkle with excitement before pressing one last kiss on my boxer covered cock and then peeling my boxers off, making my cock slap up and against my stomach.

“Daddy you’re so big.” Y/N states while licking her lips and then looking up at me as she presses small pecks along my cock before sucking my head into her mouth, making my head fall back while Y/N runs her tongue along my slit gently before running her tongue up and down my cock.

“God,” I moan once Y/N takes me in her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the tip of my cock while her mouth continues to suck me into her mouth. I let my hands gently wrap my hands around hair, making a makeshift ponytail as she begins to bob her head around my cock.

“You look so pretty, baby. My little angel,” I moan as Y/N eyes look up at me before taking me all the way into her mouth, her nose pressing against my pelvic bone as she swallows around me and swear words are slipping out of my mouth from left to right because, fuck does this feel amazing.

“Ahh fuck baby, I’m gonna come,” I moan as Y/N keeps on deep throating me. I tightly grip Y/N’s hair in my hand and begin to make Y/N bob her head more frequently then before but at slower paste making me nearly come when I feel Y/N’s tongue running up and down my slit once again.

“Y/N- Holy shit- Fuck,” I moan when I see Y/N stare up at me, her eyes twinkling as I feel my self spilling into her mouth. “Mm, you taste so good daddy.”

“God, you’re gonna be the death of me, come here angel,” I say breathless and Y/N does just that, moving her body up from between my legs to rest in my lap, her thighs pressing against my hips while her lips meet mine.

“God you’re so wet, I can feel you dripping through your panties angel.” I state, making Y/N moan when she feels my finger run against her clothed slit. “Daddy.”

“Mm, don’t worry, daddy is gonna make you feel good angel, don’t worry.” I state while pushing Y/N’s panties aside and running my fingers along Y/N’s slit, making Y/N suck in a breath while dropping her head onto my shoulders.

“Fuck baby, I didn’t even touch you and you’re fucking soaking,” I say while slipping a finger into Y/N’s warm tight heat, making Y/N grip my shoulders tightly in her hands. “Fuck daddy.”

I continue to thrust my index finger into Y/N’s soaking core while making my thumb run fast figure eights on her clit. Once I feel Y/N begin to clench around my finger I decide to add a second one, making Y/N nearly scream, and I gently grip Y/N’s hip in my hand, making her ride my fingers while her white tennis skirt bounces with her hips.

“Fuck, daddy, I’m gonna come,” Y/N moans while picking up her paste, I let a moan slip past my lips as I let go of Y/N’s hip, I grab Y/N’s pink tank top in my hand pulling it down, making her perking nipples spill out of her tank, and I quickly use my other hand and grasp a nipple in my finger and gently pinch and tug on it while my mouth pays attention to the other one.

“Ahh, fuck!” Y/N shouts, her legs shaking against my hips and her hips stuttering against mine while Y/N continues to let moans slip past her lips.

“God that was amazing. I’m glad you’re my daddy.”

“No, no, everything is good down here, don’t worry mom, just enjoy yourself.” I say into the phone while I feel Y/N tugging on the sleeve of my black and red flannel. “Y/N stop, I’m talking to my mom right now.”

“No it’s nobody mom, continue.” I say into the phone while I see Y/N whine and pout her bottom lip. I let a sigh slip through my lips before I slump into the couch more with my eyes shut and continue to listen to what my mom is saying about heating the casserole in the fridge properly.

“No I’m not hungry right now. Listen mom-Shit,” I moan out when I feel Y/N rub her hand over my cock. I let my eyes pop open and I stare at Y/N with a dangerous glare. “No, I dropped something by accident, continue.”

“Daddy I want your cock,” Y/N whispers in my ear before shoving her hands down my jogging pants and into my boxers. I let a moan slip past my lips when I feel Y/N’s cold palm against my now growing cock.

“Y/N you better stop or you’ll get punished.” I state, moving my phone away from my ear as I watch Y/N just shrug her shoulders before peeling my jogging pants and boxers down to my ankles and running her tongue alongside my cock.

“Uh yeah, yeah, I’m listening. You said to not put it in the microwave,” I breathe out with a shaky breath.

“Mm, I love how hard you get daddy.” Y/N states before taking me all the way into her mouth, her nose brushing against my pelvic bone as she deep throats me. My mouth letting a moan slip past my lips.

“I-I just stubbed my toe mom. Listen I need to go now. Yeah I’m getting pretty tired, okay, love you too, bye.” I say with a shaky breath before hanging up the phone and gripping Y/N from her hair and pulling her off of my cock.

“Do you think that was a good idea angel?” I ask Y/N and she lets out shrug before starring at me with her doe eyes.

“I’m horny daddy. I wanted your cock and you weren’t paying me any attention,” Y/N says with an innocent tone while playing with the ends of her white tennis skirt.

“Oh, you’ll get attention now. Lay across my thighs angel.” I state and Y/N eyes immediately shining with worry and disbelief. “No, daddy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do it. Daddy please don’t.”

“Oh no angel, do you think you can back out now?”


“So lay across my thighs.” I state and Y/N lets out a whimper before bending over and laying across my thighs. I peel Y/N’s skirt up to see her not wearing any panties, her naked backside in my face.

“You’re so wet and I didn’t even do anything to you.” I state while running my finger along Y/N’s wet soaking slit. I hear Y/N suck in a breath before grasping onto my calf tightly.

“I want you to count for me, okay?” I ask and all I see Y/N do is bob her head.

"I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, what was that?”

“Yes, daddy.” Y/N says and from there I begin to lay my hands upon her perky backside, her ass cheeks jiggling around as I continuously lay my hands upon her now crimson ass cheeks. After every smack on Y/N’s cheeks, I feel her grip tighten around my calf.

“Twenty.” Y/N whimpers out before she gently turns around in my lap and rises up and presses a kiss on my lips.

“You still want daddy’s cock?” I mumble against Y/N’s lips while she continues to place light and gentle pecks against my lips. “Mhm, please.”

“So ride me angel,” I say while watching Y/N tug her white halter top over her head and pulling her skirt off also. After she peels her skirt down her legs, she sets her self on my hips once again, and I see a smirk written on her strawberry coloured lips before she reaches behind herself and grips my aching cock in her soft tiny hands and slips my cock in her tight wet heat.

“Fuck,” Y/N and I moan in unison as soon as she begins to move her hips against mine, her hips moving in a delicious way that it makes my eyes roll to the back of my head and my mouth fall open, leaving me speechless. 

“Fuck, daddy, your cock is so huge,” Y/N moans as she increases her pace, making my eyes roll to the back of my head as I feel Y/N’s tight walls wrap around my cock in the most sinful way.

“Fuck Luke,” Y/N moans as I begin to thrust up into Y/N her hips continuing to move sinfully against mine. I let my eyes fall on Y/N’s face as she continues to ride me.

“Spank me Luke, please,” Y/N whimpers while placing her hands against my chest as she begins to ride me.

“I thought you didn’t like to get spanked?” I ask in a questioning tone while smacking my hand against her ass, Y/N’s body jolting up and a moan slipping past her lips as her eyes fly open.

“God I love getting spanked, spank me more, please!” Y/N moans and I let a chuckle slip past my lips before placing five more slaps against Y/N’s ass and thrusting my hips up into hers. “Fuck I’m gonna come.”

“Me too,” I moan as I feel Y/N’s walls begin to clench and unclench against my cock. I release my hand from Y/N’s ass and place my thumb on her clit as I begin to rub slobby figure eights on her clit, and after that Y/N and I are totally gone. Her body withering against mine as I feel her come, and I let my arms wrap around Y/N’s waist as I come with her.

“God that was amazing,” Y/N sighs while running her hands down my arms and pressing a kiss against my forehead.

“It’s always amazing with you, angel.”

[ I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes!!! ]

anonymous asked:

Have you ever had someone to scratch your back? Not like "I can't reach that spot" but like scratch and pat your back up and down, left and right, all over your back for hours..? It's such a nice feeling??? Maybe allos love sex the way I love it when someone scratches my back. I remember when I was little and I would sit next to my grandma on the couch, straighten my back and say "Please make 'scratch scratch' to me" 😂😂😂

Yes, it really is a nice feeling! That and someone running their hands through your hair is super comforting


Can I ask you something? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can I have a Peter Parker imagine where peter proposes to the reader and then fast forwards to the wedding? lots of fluff pls, You’re writing is amazing btw (:

‘’I can’t believe school is over’’ you say as you walk down the street, Peter’s arm around your shoulders. ‘’It feels so weird. All these years, finally over. I remember you asking me out on 10th grade. You were so nervous.’’
Your graduation was yesterday, both Peter and you now free from high-school, ready for college.
‘’Yeah, it feels strange’’ he mutters. He sounds nervous, but you don’t give it much thought as you step inside his building, walking to his apartment, knowing May is out of the city.  
He opens the door softly with his key, letting you in before him, and closes it behind him. You take off your shoes and leave your jacket on the sofa, walking to the kitchen and getting yourself some water -after dating for so long, and being friends before that, his house is like a second home to you.
‘’Can you believe it’s been over ten years since we met?’’ you ask, taking a sip of water. Peter laughs and shakes his head, sitting on the couch. He pats the spot beside him, gesturing you to sit there while he turns on the TV. ‘’We’ve put up with so much, don’t you think? Not only Spiderman related, but everything. It-God, I’m getting emotional’’ you say, laughing.
He wraps his arm around your shoulder again, your head resting comfortably in the crook of his neck.
‘’Do you want to stay the night?’’ he mutters against your hair. You nod your head softly and wrap your arms around him -he has not been talkative today, and that is strange. ‘’Can I ask you something?’’
‘’You know you always can, Pete’’ you say, a small smile on your lips.
He unwraps your arms from around him and gets up from the couch, your eyes following him as you furrow your brows. He goes to his room and comes back with something in his hand, but you don’t know what it is.
He walks up to you, and gets down on one knee in front of you. You think you know what’s going on, but you don’t feel as if it was real.
‘’[Y/N], we have been friends for so long, and even if I haven’t been there for you sometimes, you have never left my side. When we started dating I didn’t think we would last -I thought, and still do, that you deserve someone way better than me; but for some reason you have decided to stick around and love me back. You know I’m not really a words person and that I suck at remembering things, so I’m just gonna go and not tell any anecdotes and ask you, will you marry me?’’ Peter says, softly opening the box he had been carrying, his eyes fixated into yours.
You don’t answer, your lips slightly parted and your head spinning. You know the answer you want to give him, but you are just too shocked to say it, so you take his face in your hands and kiss him, smiling into the kiss.
‘’Yes. Yes, you dork. I obviously want to marry you’’ you whisper, your breaths tingling, both of you smiling like fools.

‘’I think I am going to throw up’’ you tell your mother as you clean your sweaty hands with a towel.
‘’Hey, [Y/N], relax’’ she says, a smile on her lips. ‘’It’s all going to be the same. You are just going to be married to the man you love.’’
You walk around the room, trying to remember your vows. Just as you hear the music start to play, you take your father’s arm and try to remember how to walk in heels, the doors open and you have to walk down the aisle. Catching your breath and almost not letting it go, you walk up to Peter, standing at the end with a huge grin plastered on his face, his aunt taking photos a few feet away.
You almost don’t pay attention to what the priest is saying, only focusing on how Peter is playing with his hands, and how he can’t erase the smile on his face no matter how hard he tries to.
‘’[Y/N],’’ Peter says, starting his vow ‘’you have been by my side since we met, and there hasn’t been a single time in which I have questioned myself if I had stopped loving you. I knew from the moment we met that I would like to spend my life with you, and even if it took me more than 7 years to tell you, I never stopped. Now I’m here and I’ll have the chance to call you my wife if you say yes -which I hope you will,’’ he said, earning a laugh from everyone ‘’and I just want to tell you how happy that makes me. Thank you for being here with me all along and for always helping me stand on my feet, no matter the situation. I love you.’’
You feel the tears welling up in your eyes, and you start your vow, trying not to cry.
‘’Peter, if I didn’t have you, I don’t even know where I’d be’’ you start, taking his hands. ‘’You have helped me discover who I am and you have been there for me through my darkest moments, always offering me a hand. I promise that I will always love you and have you in my heart, no matter the situation, and I will never fail you, because I love you. Thank you for being the light in my life and for being the prince I always dreamed of when I was a child. I love you.’’
When the priest finally tells you to kiss, you can’t help the sob escaping your lips before Peter kisses you, a smile on his lips, your arms finding their way around his neck. And in that exact moment, you know that is what you had always been waiting for.

I don’t remember much.
But I remember it rained the night you left me.

I was standing there on my porch as the rain fell, and the skies screamed with an intensity that made the entire house shake, as you walked down the sidewalk and to your car. 

I do remember screaming, crying,  begging you to stay. My hand reached for yours, but your touch felt foreign in my own. And I asked you right then and there to try to recall what it was like when we were in love, back in the beginning. When things were simpler and easier to grasp onto. 

But you didn’t.

Instead you shrugged your hand out of my grasp and continued to walk away from me like it was the easiest thing that you’d ever done.

And I remember that you didn’t turn around to face me as you left, not once. Like instead of the girl you said you loved, I was someone who had broken your heart. Someone you felt disgusted with by just looking at. Someone you couldn’t stand being around for a moment longer. 

So instead, you rushed to get away quicker. 

And whether it was because of the increasing downpour or the need to get away from me sinking through your skin and making home in your bones, I do not know, nor ever will.

And I remember, as I watched you climb into that vehicle and drive away, thinking to myself:

“Is this what it feels like when love dies?" 

But looking back now, I sincerely doubt it. Because in order for love to die, it has to be there in the first place. It has to live. Has to breathe.

And after months of thinking over things, replaying every word, and reliving that night more times than I can count, trying to pinpoint the exact moment you changed your mind, where things went wrong — I’m not even sure you loved me to begin with.

And I was foolish to believe that in a universe that constantly breaks hearts, dishes out handfuls of unrequited love, and  leaves people with unexplained goodbye’s, that I would be an exception.

That I could find happiness. 

And I should have seen it coming.

Fuck, should I have seen it coming.

Because boys like you aren’t supposed to fall for girls like me. 

They never were.

P.S. I don’t like the rain anymore. It reminds me of unspoken words and the way the tail lights of your car blurred as you drove further away.

 — I don’t write poetry, but for you, I made an exception. 

Arranger Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 7.

Word Count: 2928

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 ongoing…

Originally posted by sehunijjang

It didn’t seem like it would, but like any other morning, sun rose up this time too. It didn’t seem like bright rays of sunlight would pour inside the room to illuminate it. It felt impossible for Oh Sehun to wake up and continue living, but he did it anyway. 

With a slight flutter of eyelashes, he turned on his side in his bed. Because of his weird dreams, everything around him felt strange and unfamiliar. By the way, he couldn’t even remember what he had dreamed about. Only one face was clear in his mind. Maybe because she was sleeping next to him?

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everytime i try explaining to people why i left you i just keep repeating the same thing, that i didn’t want you, that we weren’t going anywhere, that i was tired of kissing and fucking you. but holy fuck i lie through my teeth, i left you because i’ve never loved someone like i love you, it’s not a sick obsession, i dont stop my world to love you, i dont cry every night but when im doing something i imagine you being there doing it with me or when im scared i think of what you would say to me if i called you but i never pick up the phone or when i have good news it almost seems useless because i cant share it with you. i left you because i was too scared to tell you that everytime i said you’re my best friend i really meant i love you and everytime i got mad or jealous was because i wanted you to be mine but i guess i felt like you’d never be mine because why would someone as perfect as you ever want me. i wanted to give you the world but i felt like even if i did you still would never love me and she would still be prettier and i’d still just be your best friend. i didnt fuck you i made love to you and maybe for you i was just another number but to me you made me feel important like i was different and somehow better. every single time someone called me fat i remember how you loved every single roll on my body and everytime someone called me hot i remember how you’d call me beautiful with that fucking smile on your face fuck what im trying to say is when you say i left you, i didnt leave you i was just tired of falling asleep crying because i wanted you next to me and i was tired of having to pretend i never loved you. i cover up everything with my 15 year old boyfriend because it’s easier that way, since i met you i forgot what he even looks like. people ask me how i got over him and i say it took time but honestly it was that night we were coming home from our first night at that motel and i remember when we were driving back and i looked out the window and for the first time i felt love for someone and thats how i knew id probably love you forever but i was never going to let you kill me like he did, i was not going to be weak enough for you to take control of me so i put up a wall just incase you decided to leave so i wouldnt be as hurt as the first time around. i left you for the simple reason that i love you and i didnt want to tell you because i was scared of how you’d react and fuck i didnt want to hear you say you didnt love me back or maybe you did but you didnt want to tell me i dont fucking know. just know i never left you i was trying to say i love you so fucking much in the most fucked up way. i was scared i was so fucking scared of losing you and getting hurt that i left because when i knew how much love i had for you i didnt want to lose you so i thought if you lost me it wouldnt hurt as much. but im the one who lost the most i lost the one guy i’ll probably always love.
—  one year ago today

Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request. I hope you’ll like it.

Lori sends you to collect Shane’s laundry from his tent. When suddenly Shane tries to force himself upon you, pressing his lips against yours, Daryl comes to your rescue.

word count: 1203

tw: rape

I’m not sure if this needs a trigger warning, but it does include Shane forcing himself upon the reader implying that it might lead to rape if it weren’t for Daryl to step in.

“Hey sweetheart”, I heard a voice from behind calling me. Lori was sitting on an old tree stump doing laundry.
„Hi Lori“, I waved back at her.
“Can you come here for a second? I gotta ask you a favor”, Lori gestured me to come closer and I did as I was told.
“Sure, what is it?”, I asked standing only a few inches away from her.
“Shane asked me to do his laundry too since he’s really busy teaching everyone how to shoot, but he hadn’t brought it over yet. Could you go and ask him for me?”, she explained raising her hands to demonstrate how busy she was herself.
“I don’t have anything else to do anyway, so yeah, I’ll ask him”, I replied with a smile. I didn’t really like Shane but I didn’t see why I shouldn’t walk over to his tent quickly and get his laundry. I walked past a lot of tents before Shane’s even came in sight. It stood even further away than the last time I had to visit him.
“Where are you heading towards?”, Dale asked peaking down from his van.
“Shane’s”, I replied”, but I didn’t remember it being so far away. When did he move out to…you know…the furthest spot he could find?!”
“Since he feels rejected and patronized by everyone.”
“His paranoia is really getting out of hands lately. Someone should talk to him.”
“Sure..sure…”, Dale said looking down. “Well, I gotta… go back to watch now.” Dale turned around and left me.

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Learn To Show Your Love

This is for @dreamcatchersdaughter, because it’s her birthday today. She is an amazing person, utterly sweet and a very dear friend of mine and you all should head over and show her some love. She wanted some WinterIron who was all horrible and snarky at each other in front of others and all mushy and in love when alone.

Molly, Happy Birhtday to you, I hope you have an awesome day and that this is something you enjoy

(Watch out for the cut)

„I just wish you would get along better,“ Steve said after he had stopped Tony in the hallway and Tony stared at him. There wasn’t any context necessary, this could only be about Bucky and him, but still.

“What?” he asked because those words sure as hell didn’t make any sense. Especially not at this hour of the day.

“I hoped you two would, you know, be friends or something.”

“Yeah, or something,” Tony snorted and Steve flinched. Like it was honestly that bad that Tony and Bucky were together.

Steve hadn’t been all that supportive to begin with, but Tony had never thought that he would spin this around and now make Tony feel like he did something wrong with this relationship.

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The Son next door - Part 3


Originally posted by sandm1827


I checked the calendar and did the math. I was late. I should have noticed it before. I was never late, but I had been so deep in my own misery that I just forgot about it. I didn’t take any birth control pills, I didn’t have a sexual life. Juice had used a condom, but obviously, something was wrong. Oh God! I couldn’t believe I had got pregnant in one night stand. I mean, it happens, I just hadn’t thought it would ever happen to me. I picked up my phone and called the doctor for an appointment.


“Almost six weeks”, the doctor smiled at me, but all I could do was stare at her. I would be a mother, “Y/N, are you okay?”

“It’s a shock”, I mumbled and she gave me a comprehensive look.

“I understand”, she calmly said, “I’ll prescribe some vitamins you must start to take okay?”

I nodded and listened all her recommendations, repeating them so she know I had understood. “I’m here if you ever need to talk”, the doctor hugged me and I left her room. I slowly waked through the hallway, feeling my legs getting weak. I let myself fall on a chair at the waiting room. I leaned back and closed my eyes for a moment. It didn’t take long for someone to check up on me.

“Are you okay?”, someone touched my arm. I opened my eyes and saw a doctor close to me, “You look pale”

“Yeah, I’m fine”, I swallowed, feeling my mouth so dry. She creased her eyebrow and sat by my side.

“Are you waiting for a doctor or exam?”, she asked and I shook my head, feeling a lump on my throat, “Are you visiting someone?”

“I’m pregnant”, I blurted, surprising myself, “I just got the news”. The doctor raised her eyebrows for a second and then held out her hand for me.

“I’m doctor Tara Knowles”, she said as I weakly shook her hand, “I was just going to my office to take a break. Do you wanna come with me? We could eat something and talk”

“Are you a shrink?”, I grimaced. Last thing I needed that moment was therapy.

“No”, Tara smiled, “I’m a pediatrician”

“It’s really nice of you Tara, really”, I tried to smile, already getting up, “Thank you. I should go home now. Get some rest”

“Wait…”, she held my wrist, “What is your name?”

“Y/N”, I said, a little suspicious, “You’re being really nice doctor, but as I said, I should go home”

“Let me walk you to the door then”, Tara got up and started to walk. I shrugged and followed her in silence. We were almost at the exit when a blond guy crossed our path, calling her name. He had a leather kutte and I froze for a second.

“Hi babe”, he said and kissed Tara’s forehead before look at me.

“This is Y/N, a patient”, she introduced me to the blond man, “This is my husband, Jax”, Tara said and turned back to him, “Could you wait for me at my office? I’ll be there in a minute”

Jax nodded and walked away while I stared at his kutte. Sons of Anarchy. “Your husband is a Son”, it wasn’t a question, but Tara confirmed anyway.

“Yes”, she was raising an eyebrow, suspicious.

“Sorry”, I shook my head, “I’ve heard about them, I’m just surprised… Nice to meet you Tara”

I rushed out of the hospital before she could say something else.

Juice’s POV

The apartment was empty and Juice was sleeping at the clubhouse again. He liked his brothers, but being at the club again wasn’t what he really wanted. Juice didn’t miss the apartment, he missed Y/N. Weeks had passed, but he hadn’t forgotten her. Everybody had noticed something was going on and they thought it was a girl, asking hundred questions about her. Juice ignored the comments and they eventually stopped.

He was preparing a smoothie that afternoon when Gemma walked in the kitchen. Abel was following her, waiting for his sandwich.

“Hi Juice”, she smirked, opening the fridge.

“Hi Gemma”, he answered, shaking the bottle on his hand.

“I heard the boys teasing you about a girl”, Gemma started to make a sandwich, glancing at Juice, “Do I know her?”

“No”, he muttered and she raised an eyebrow, he hadn’t admitted to anyone that there was a girl

“So they are right, there is a girl”, Gemma gave Abel his plate and told him to sit close to Chuck outside,” And what is wrong about it?”

“She doesn’t want me”, Juice sighed, “She is afraid”

“Afraid of what?”, Gemma scoffed, “Afraid of being with a sweetheart like you?”

“The club”, he said and her expression hardened.

“Let her go”, Gemma just said, already turning to leave. Tara walked in, blocking her way, “Hi sweetheart”

“Hi Gemma”, the doctor greeted her mother-in-law and then noticed Juice, “Hi Juice”

“Hi doc”, he rushed to leave the kitchen, but froze outside listening what Tara was saying.

“Gemma, do you know any Y/N Y/L/N?”, Tara asked, “Y/H/C hair and Y/E/C eyes”

Y/N, Juice thought. How did Tara know her?

“Sorry, it doesn’t ring a bell”, Gemma sounded worried and curious, “Why?”

“I saw her at the hospital today, seemed pretty shaken after the news she had got”, Tara answered, “But what it’s odd was her reaction when Jax showed up. She went pale and asked me if my husband was a Son, then left in a hurry. I checked with the nurses and got her last name. I thought that she might be someone Jax knew”

“No, I would remember her”, Gemma scoffed, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m sure it’s nothing, just another person shocked a doctor is married to a Son”

“Probably”, Tara said,sounding skeptical.

“What news she had got by the way”, Juice heard Gemma ask, “A relative?”

“No”, Tara sighed, “She is pregnant”

To be continued…

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Quickly and Quietly part 7

A/N: Here it is! The seventh part. Things should start to pick up after this!

Word Count: 3770

Warnings: None

Part 6

“Could I talk to you?” Pietro asks, sliding his hand down my arm to capture my hand. Everywhere his hand touches leaves a trail of goosebumps prickling along behind it.

“Uh, yeah,” I say, looking back over my should I see Bucky comfortably walking and talking with Steve. Satisfied, I return my focus to Pietro. “Sure, what’s up?”

“Earlier you were saying that you are ugly, but you are definitely not.” He says quietly. “You know that, right?”

“I do now…” I respond, my voice even quieter than his. “Thank you, Pietro.”

“Of course,” He nods. “If anyone deserves to know they are beautiful, it is you.”

“Speaking of things people deserve to know, what was that kiss all about earlier?” I ask, lifting one eyebrow.

“Oh, yes that.” He says, scratching the back of his head. “I may have been a little jealous of the time you were spending with Mr. Barnes this morning and last night. It wanted you to pay attention to me instead. I figured either you would like it, or you would slap me. I couldn’t tell how you felt about it from your reaction so I just like of , eh, ran away.”

“Oh. Oh.” I say, grinning like a little kid. “We’re just friends, P. He and I were in the same line of work during our respective times in Hydra. We’ve got a lot in common.”

“Oh,” He says, his tone flat.

“Yeah,” I chuckle. “The next time you want attention from me, please just tell me instead of acting like a three year old.”

“Alright.” he says, smiling brightly at me. “I must ask though. How did you feel about me kissing you?”

“Mostly surprised, I think. It was our first kiss and I didn’t get to participate in it much because of the circumstances. But,” I kiss his hand before letting it go and winking at him. “Maybe we could talk about this more over dinner tomorrow at six?”

“(Y/N), are you asking me out?” He asks, mock surprise colouring his voice.

“Just a little bit, speedy, just a little.” I grin at him before leaving to do some other shopping.

I had half expected him to follow me, but he didn’t so I just stay in the mens department. After wandering around for a short while I find a couple of cardigans. I choose one that is steely gray for myself and other that is deep crimson for Pietro. Pietro hasn’t got any sweaters, much less one in his sister’s favorite color, and I’m sick of people staring at me.

As I’m about to head to the registers another item catches my eye. It’s a deep, almost chocolate brown leather jacket. It’s somewhere between a bikers jacket and a bomber jacket in design. It immediately reminds me of Bucky. He could use another jacket aside from the one he arrived in.

Upon closer inspection I find that it is, miraculously, about Bucky’s size. I desperately want to get it for him. Call it a “Welcome to the tower” gift. Hesitantly, I check the price tag, only to find that the once $200 jacket has been marked out 75% and is now $50.

I lift the jacket, on its hanger, off the rack. I examine it more closely, rubbing the soft leather between my fingers. I spin around, grinning, in a little dance to celebrate the sheer luck that the universe has graced me with. I notice a few people have stopped to stare at me and I freeze under their gazes, shrinking back to try and hide amongst the racks of clothing, my cheeks heating up. After hiding for a moment I rush off to pay for my findings and then to meet up with the guys.

When I catch up with the three men they’re all standing around in the perfume department. Pietro looks exasperated, but Steve is standing beside Bucky looking somewhat teary eyed. Bucky is holding a bottle of perfume, his facial expression is filled with concentration.

Before Joining them, I take the steel gray cardigan from the bag, remove the tag and slide it over my arms. I come to stand by Pietro’s side, watching Steve and Bucky.

“What’s happened?” I ask, tugging at the collar of my sweater.

“The new guy seems to have remembered something.” Pietro answers, looking at me briefly before turning back to the scene. “And we were so close to leaving too.” A whine mixes with his words near the end.

I sigh and stroll over to Steve and Bucky, gently and silently snaking my arm around Steve’s waist. In turn he pulls me into his side, his arm around my shoulders.

“That’s the perfume my mom used to wear when my dad would take her out.” Steve whispers. “They always asked Bucky to stay over when they could actually make time to go.”

Bucky turns to Steve and I, a single tear rolling down his cheek. I set down the bag I’ve been holding and reach out to him, wiping away the tear with my right thumb.

“There’s so many emotions.” Bucky says. His voice sounds like it’s on the verge of breaking. “I just feel so much, (Y/N).”

“I know.” I whisper.

“I remember…” Bucky starts, turning to Steve. “I remember that night, in February, when your parents went out. Your father stood by the door and I remember him just smiling so brightly at your mother…” When he pauses I can feel Steve’s breath hitch and his arm around my shoulders pulls me tighter to him. “They were so kind to me… Why?”

“Because you were a good kid,” Steve answers. “A good man. You were like a son to them.”

Bucky replaces the perfume and stands there silently, staring at the floor, deep in thought.

I can practically feel the impatience radiating off of Pietro in waves so I carefully take the keys from Steve’s back pocket and toss them to him. He manages to catch them and after doing so shoots me a puzzled look.

“Get the car started. We’ll meet you out there.” I whisper, handing him my bag. “The cardigan in there is for you. The red one.”

His eyes glint with a little excitement and he nods at me before walking off in the general direction of the car.

Once he’s disappeared in the crowd I turn back to Steve and Bucky. As I turn to face him, Bucky seems to surge forward, wrapping an arm around Steve and  another around me, pulling us to his chest. Steve and I are startled at his sudden embrace but, slowly, we respond in kind. Steve wraps his left arm around Bucky’s shoulders protectively. I snake my arm around his midsection and pull myself tighter to his chest. When his shoulders begin to shake I ball up a fistfull of the fabric of his top at the small of his back. He buries his face in the crook of my neck in response. Steve rests his free hand on my shoulder before he starts to rub slow, reassuring circles between Bucky’s shoulder blades.

After a short while he’s calmed down and pulls himself away from Steve and I. Taking deep breaths, he wipes the wetness away from his eyes,

“That was a little, um…” Bucky pauses, trying to find his words. “Overwhelming.”

“Do you think you’re ready to head back now?” Steve asks, sympathy and worry etched into his features.

Bucky nods and Steve squeezes his shoulder reassuringly in response. As we turn to go, Bucky runs his left hand down my right arm to grasp my hand. He runs his thumb over the back and, surprisingly, I can feel it. I guess Tony’s genius knows no bounds.

We walk to the car in a sort of horizontal formation with me on the far left, Steve on the far left and Bucky in the middle.  As we make our way to the car Bucky’s thumb keeps drawing slow circles on my hand sending surprising goosebumps prickling up my human arm and my neck, making me shiver a little.

“So, getting your memory back is kind of intense.” Bucky intones, his voice quiet.

“You’re tellin’ me, Buck.”

“What?” Steve asks.

“What?” I repeat.

“What’s this about you getting memories back?” He asks, his tone stern.

“Damn, I forgot you had super hearing too.” I say, running a hand over my face. “Well, I-”

“She was just sympathizing with me.” Bucky cuts me off. I look up at him, eyes wide, and he just looks down at me, smiles, and shoots me a wink before turning back to Steve.

“Oh really?” Steve sounds unconvinced.

“Really.” Bucky nods in affirmation.

“So there’s nothing you’re not telling me?”

“If you needed to know she would tell you, right?” Bucky says smoothly, using my words in my defence.

“I suppose so.” Steve shakes his head, shrugs and finally drops the topic.

Thanks, I mouth to Bucky.

“No problem. You’re my friend.”

At that I feel my heartbeat quicken slightly, and smile makes it’s way onto my features.

We walk the rest of the way in relative silence with the occasional captain america fan stopping Steve in the middle of the mall for a chat and to try and get a picture. Once we’re out of the massive building, all three of us nearly run for the car. We all climb into our previously assigned seats and heave a collective sigh of relief to be out the crowded public space.

“So,” Pietro says, somewhat mockingly. “How did it go?”

“It went great, Pietro.” I retort, smacking hard on the shoulder to try to tell him to shut up.

“Great!” He says happily. “So we can leave now, right?”

“Yes, Maximoff, we can leave now.” Steve says, exasperation leaking into his voice.

I scoot over into the middle seat and buckle in next to Bucky. I remember how important it

was for me to have someone near me when I first started getting my memories back. Even if that’s not what he needs, I can still lend silent support.

As Steve pulls out of the parking lot, Bucky scoots closer to me, at least, as close as the seat belt will allow. He links his right pinky with my left. In return I squeeze his pinky with mine.

“You okay?” I ask quietly.

Steve seems to sense that this is a private conversation and turns on the radio, almost instantly starting up a conversation with Pietro to distract him. I thank him silently and turn my attention back to Bucky.

“I think I will be.” He sighs quietly. “I think I’m just a little shaken up.”

“That’s understandable.” I nod. “It was a lot all at once, from a long time ago and in an unfamiliar environment.”

“I guess.”

“How old were you guys? In your memory, I mean.”

“I’m not sure. Maybe 16 or 17?”

“Whoa.” I breathe.


“Your brain is really taking you back to the beginning.” I muse.

“Is that not how it went for you?” He asks.

“No, not really. I was just all over my personal timeline. One memory from when I was three, another from when I had just been taken to the sandbox. It’s probably because I can be scatterbrained at times.” I answer. “Maybe your brain works in a more chronological way and that’s why you’re starting so close to your beginning.”

“Maybe…” He trails off, his expression pensive.

“Like I said earlier, don’t worry about trying to remember everything at once. Your only job right now is learning how to relax again. Besides, you’ll just give yourself a headache, believe me.”

Bucky chuckles in response and nudges my shoulder with his. I smile and nudge him back. After that we sit in silence for the rest of the ride. Somewhere between the time we left and the time we arrive at the tower I begin to feel drowsy. I end up closing my eyes, resting my head on Bucky’s shoulder and falling asleep. It feels like it’s been only five minutes when someone is shaking me awake.

I shake my head to try and clear away the grogginess and run a hand over my face in an attempt to rub away the sleep. I look around, trying to get my bearings. I slowly realize that I’m still in the car and it was Bucky who woke me up.

“We’re back.” He says quietly.

I nod absentmindedly and stretch, the plates of my arm shift and make popping noises before settling back into their normal and respective places. I slowly get out of the car and grab my bag out of the back of the car before heading towards the staircase with Bucky.

“I didn’t drool on you, did I?” I ask. He laughs in response.

“No, not really.” He shakes his head.

“Not really?! So I definitely drooled on you then.”

“Well, I mean, a little yeah.” His soft laughter echoes through the stairwell as we ascend to the living quarters.

“I am so sorry, that is one of the grossest things I could have ever done.”

“No, don’t apologize, it wasn’t that bad. It was just a couple drops.” He says, shrugging as we exit the stairwell and enter the hallway.

“Alright, if you insist.” I follow him out and am almost immediately met with the broad chest of Steve. I look up at him, eyebrows raised questioningly.

“Could I speak to you?” He asks, his tone scarily serious. “Alone?”

“Uh, sure,” I say, looking from Steve to Bucky and then back again. “I guess.”

He gently, but firmly grabs me by the arm and steers me to my room, closing the door. After flipping on the lights he turns to face me, arms folded across his chest, his expression stern. I can feel the blood drain from my face as he takes a few steps closer to me, stopping to stand only inches from my face, immediately making me drop my shopping bag.

“So, what’s this about you getting memories back?” He asks.

“Steve, I need you to back up a little bit.” I sat quietly. I can feel my heartbeat start to quicken along with my breath. I back away from him, but he follows me.

“No, not until you answer my question.” He presses.

“Steve, please.” I plead, my voice shakes and my back is now up against the wall. I can feel an anxiety attack building up, and if I don’t get some space soon I’m going to start another fire. “I can’t keep control if you don’t. I don’t want to burn anything.”

“O-oh, I’m sorry (Y/N). I didn’t realize…” He quickly moves back a few paces, giving me the space I need to breathe and calm down.

“No,  it’s fine, there was no way you could have known.” I run my hands through my hair and slide my back down the wall.

“I still need to know,  (Y/N).” He crouches down to be on my eye level. “You were wiped, weren’t you.”

“Yes, “ I breathe deeply, trying to keep myself from crying. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t even know I was wiped, Steve. I didn’t have anyone from my past to tell me who I was or where I was from. When everything started coming back I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t think I could talk to anyone about it.” I sigh, trying to calm myself. “It’s not like I didn’t want to tell you, believe me I did, I just didn’t know how to do it.”

“Do you not trust me?” He sounds hurt somehow.

“No! I trust you completely!” I cry, looking at him pleadingly. “I didn’t want you think I was a hinderance to the team. I wanted to belong somewhere safe for once. You don’t know what it’s like to not know who you are, Steve. Existentially, maybe, but mentally or physically? It was mortifying to remember the things I did when I was in Hydra. I remembered every person I killed. How I did it, how it felt when they died in my arms, how I didn’t feel anything when they did.”

“I had no idea.” He sits down next to me on the wall, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“That was the point. You weren’t supposed to know.” I cover my eyes when I feel tears start to fall onto my cheeks. “I’m not the same person I was two months ago and I don’t even want to remember who that monster was. She wasn’t me. There may have been small parts of me in her, but I’m not her.”

“You definitely aren’t the person we found in that transport two months ago,” He pulls me closer to his side, rubbing my left arm with his hand in an attempt to comfort me. “But I would never have expected you to be whole after having been in Hydra for so long, none of us would.”

“I know…”

“Have you told anyone else?”

“Only Bucky,” I pause for a moment deciding if I should continue. “But Tony knows too.”

“What? How did Stark know before I did?” He asks, sounding a little upset.

“Hey, it’s not my fault! The man’s got a shit load of cameras all over the tower and apparently they’ve got mics too. I was talking to Bucky in the gym earlier, telling him about getting my own memories back before I had to go up for a diagnostics check on my arm.” I move my hands around, illustrating the order in which things happened. “I went to the lab and Tony commented on how comfortable Bucky was around me and I said that I thought that I might have known him, and then Tony told me he knew. So. Yeah.”

“He’s got cameras all over the tower?” He asks, his eyes widening. “Just how many are we talking here?”

“You might want to search your room. Thoroughly.”

“That man is a pervert.” Steve sighs.

“You’re telling me. I found five cameras in my room. Five. And two of them were in my bathroom.”


“They didn’t work, so that’s okay, but still. Gross, Tony.”

Sorry, sweetheart. Tony’s voice floats over the intercom.

“I thought I told you no more spying on us!”

And I told you, my tower, my rules. And cap, wearing your own merch? Really? Even I don’t do that.

I look to see Steve blushing profusely and trying to hide it with his hands.

He’s blushing right?


Nice. Stark out.

And with that Tony’s voice ceases to come through the intercom and Steve sighs. I just laugh.

“So. You wear your own merchandise, huh?” I say, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Maybe.” He rests his head back on the wall.

“Don’t worry, I do too. As pyjamas.” I wiggle my eyebrows at him. “So what do you wear? The t-shirts? The sweat pants? The boxers?” He turns his head to look at me, clearly all kinds of embarrassed. “No. Steve. You can’t. You just can’t.”

“Come on, they’re comfortable!” He whines.

“It’s one thing if it’s sweats, but underwear? Have you no shame, man?” I flail my arms for emphasis and Steve grabs me around my middle, pulling me onto his lap and tickles my sides. “STEVE, NO!”

“I’ll stop if you promise to never tell anyone about what you heard learned today.” He says, resting his hands on my sides.

“I can’t make any promises.” He sighs and starts tickling me again and my hands fly to his forearms, trying to get him to stop. “”Alright, ALRIGHT! I promise! I won’t tell anyone.” Steve stops tickling me.

“Good.” He smiles.

“But you have to promise me something.”


“You can’t tell anyone about my memory.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

“Thank you.” I haul myself off his lap and offer Steve a hand up in turn. He nods and heads towards the door.

“You said you might have known Bucky,” He says before leaving. “Does that mean-”

“That I haven’t got everything back yet?” He nods. “Yeah. That’s exactly what it means.”

Steve just nods before disappearing through the doorway. After he’s gone I strip what little bedding is left off of my bed and toss it into a corner of the room. After quickly replacing it with the new bedding I flop down on my back to relax for a second. I don’t get to be alone for long because the door opens and closes again. I prop myself up on my elbows to find Bucky making his way over to the bed. He sits down on the edge for a second before laying down beside me.

“Hey, Buck.” I say quietly.

“So what did Steve want?” He asks.

“He got me to tell him about my memory.”

“Oh.” He intones.

“Eh, he would have found out sooner or later. Besides, I totally got some dirt on him.”


“Yeah. I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone.” I smile slyly.

“Lay it on me.” He chuckles lightly.

“He wears his own merchandise.”

“What?” Bucky says, sitting up and looking down at me. “Really?”

“Uh-huh. And that’s not even the best part.” I try to suppress my laughter. “He wears the Captain America underwear.”

Bucky snorts and falls back onto the bed, breaking out into laughter. His laugh is loud and booming, and genuinely happy. It’s magnificent.

“Seriously?” He asks, gasping for air.

“Mhmm.” I snort and chuckle to myself. “Oh hey, there’s something for you in that shopping bag over there.”

“Really?” He asks, getting up to investigate. When he pulls the leather jacket out of the bag he looks up at me with wide eyes. “(Y/N)…”

“Do you like it?” I ask, sitting up and swinging my legs over the side of the bed. I rise from the bed and approach him.

“I-I love it! But how could you ever afford something like this?” He slips the jacket on, running his hands over the leather of the sleeves. It fits perfectly.

“Stark gives me an allowance like a five year old. Not that I’m complaining!” I add, just in case Tony is listening. “And it was on sale, so don’t worry about it too much.”

“Thank you.” He says, rushing forward and wrapping his arms around my shoulders in a hug. I respond in kind, circling my arms around his waist.

“Welcome to the tower, James.”


Part 8

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