remember when someone left me that in my ask

i am so afraid of what other people think of me that i let them judge right from wrong.

so when you packed your bags and left them tugging at the front door, i screamed for you, i cried, i let you put my feelings into a box, label me “obsessive” and “crazy,” let you make me into the bad guy for simply reacting.

and when i asked my therapist if feeling things so strongly was right or wrong, she asked me, “what do you think?”

and i don’t remember the last time someone asked me what i thought and when i said i think i was doing the right thing by feeling she said, “then you are.”

and now the times i’m grieving, i try to remember that my opinion means something. that i have to value it, value it more than anything. because once you value your own feelings, no one can invalidate them. you can’t tell me what makes me brave. i think feelings are supposed to be felt. you can no longer pressure me into shutting them out.

—  i’m not crazy just because you say i am

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I wonder if they'll suddenly show up wearing golden rings . Hahaha! That made me remember when, by the be if 2015 someone asked him if he was single and he answered "yes, there's no ring on my left hand", or something similar. And he also said he was the last of the mohicans.

Lol. Well I’m all for gold rings.


When I was in a dark time, There were 3 artists who brought me light.

@sai-shou, Your blog cheered me up every day and always made me smile. Remember that really old ask you answered? All of the kids at my school were bullying me and saying that nobody loved me, that my ex-girlfriend left me because I was too fat and didn’t even deserve pity. It may have been insignificant to you but it was one of the things that showed me people cared. You taught me to keep my head up and stay determined because someone cared about me. Thank you.

@shybie, Your asterisk blog was found by me much later, during an even darker time. My mother was going through a divorce to an abusive husband and going on your blog and looking at all of the amazing art you made gave me the idea to continue drawing and that everything would get better.

The last artist is @taxeycab. You were there during my really cringy drawing times and even though they were literally the worst things ever, you pressured me to continue drawing and though my art is still shit, I’d like to think I’ve gotten better.

These amazing people have taught me 3 things.

1. Never give up, even if it’s the hardest thing you’ve done, It will be worth it in the end.

2. There will be bad days, but we have to power through them to reach the good ones.

3. There will always be someone in this world that cares about you.

Did you forget about me yet?
—  The way I used to play your piano keys. Each note light and heavy, teardrops learning how to ripple through the sea. How I saw us. If the leaves could travel back in time, they’d go back to the start. Everything was new and we knew nothing about being with someone else. Do you think skin ever forgets? I wonder if your hands remember my fingers. Or if your lips miss mine. The way I left those petals in your heart, did you keep mine too? Do you think we can ever forget? The first sunset we shared was not red. It was the way you were in my arms. The first night we spent together was not dark. It was the way we felt no harm. When I asked you to forget me, I didn’t mean it. I wonder if the stars still knows our name because I think I’ll never forget about them. Don’t forget me even if I don’t remember myself. Even if I change. Even if we’re strangers. Even if we’re nothing to one another. Even if we die a little bit each time we hear each other’s names. Don’t forget about me.

So someone sent me an ask, inquiring if I collected anything, and since I was cleaning my keychain collection this weekend, I thought I’d photograph the horrible.

I’ve been collecting keychains for years.  Specifically, bad keychains.  Tacky keychains.  Keychains that kind of hurt a little when you’re forced to look at them for an extended period of time.  Keychains that the clerk eyes you dubiously when you put them on the counter with your money.


Here’s some of my collection.

The current ‘winner’ is that hunk of unnatural red orange plastic just left of center.  See it?  It’s from the Anchor Bar, the place that first sold Buffalo Chicken Wings, and it is, in fact, a plastic chicken drummette.  It’s an improbable shade and poorly molded, with rough seams EVERYWHERE.  It is fantastic.  Also, more difficult to see, but that grey thing at the top with the tag showing?  Is a plush manatee.  From Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.  A place that has never, ever, in its entire history, seen a manatee.

There’s also a freeze dried Alligator paw, a copule of hand carved fish, MULTIPLE bottle openers, and a bling encased coke bottle from the Coke museum in GA, I believe.

There are also really classy and really fun things that people have brought back from Vietnam, Thailand, Hawaii, Ghana, and Trinidad.  Some people have an aversion to buying ‘ugly, buck ugly, the ugliest thing you can find.’  These people have failed me.

I do, however, have three Eiffel Towers and six Golden Gate bridges, INCLUDING one where Hello Kitty is wearing the bridge like a bizarre hat.  Keepin’ it classy for the tourist trade.

I also collect pressed pennies.  I love them.

AAAAAAAND little lapel pins.  I used to have a larger collection of these, on an old hiking hat, but many of them got damaged, and I had to start over again.  This time, I’m using a bulletin board in my kitchen as a display area.  It’s going to take me a while to fill, which I like. 8)