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Delphine Got Married Ch10

Despite my feelings towards the show, the muse demands I continue writing and the muse gets really mad when ignored so… 

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The knock that came was softer than it needed to be, unnecessarily gentle as her mother’s head peeked in. She was no doubt surprised to see her daughter sitting up on the bed, hugging her knees with her one good arm, dark circles around her eyes.

“Ma chère fille.” Mrs. Cormier moved to the side of her bed, pushing blonde curls to the side. “What’s wrong?”

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surprise marriage!

Last night had been quite a blast, he thought, but he didn’t remember much, just a small part. He got up and sat there in his bad, still feeling the effect of last night’s excessive drinking. Now, Souji wasn’t the type to go overboard, but he wasn’t the type to hold his alcohol too much either. He could swear that he didn’t abuse it, but even if he couldn’t remember, he quickly got drunk, even from a little sake and then went on the black screen road. Which led him back to his apartment somehow, now with a major headache. 

He looked around and when to support one hand on the bed, he bumped into something…or rather someone. When he looked down beside him, he noticed that there was a young, blonde girl sleeping next to him. Even if his face didn’t show it, his heart started beating faster, in a sort of panic, wondering who she was and what exactly happened last night.

Souji decided not to disturb her for now, and let her wake up on her own. Meanwhile, he got up and went in the kitchen to make some coffee. Running a hand through his hair, he noticed that he felt something on it. Looking at his hand, he was wearing a ring. A ring that looked a lot like the ones married couples wear. He had a feeling though, that this wasn’t just coincidence. Looking again at the girl, he noticed that she had one too. NOW, he was starting to panic visibly, as he frowned. What in the world did he do last night with this girl. 

Seeing that both were a bit stripped of clothes, seems they hadn’t got too far, before probably falling asleep like this. In a way, it was a relief. But he was certain that when the girl would wake up, she would start to scream and panic, if she didn’t remember much either and woke up to a complete stranger, in his own house.

He had to figure it out how to calm her down and explain that somehow, the two of them, had got not only into a relationship last night, but they went as far as getting married, despite last night being the first time the two have met. 

Getting married to a person you don’t know…what was he thinking? Well, the fact was fullfilled. Now they could either break up and go their own ways, or just try to know eachother first before doing that. Maybe they would get along and things weren’t as bad. Afterall, he married the girl, as drunk as he was. There was no way he would do that if the girl wasn’t worth it, as black out as he’d be. 

But that was just his line of thought. The other might just think opposite to him. Regardless, when she would wake up, he hoped they could settle this and talk, maybe one of them would remember, or at least try put things together… 


After waking up without his memory following an explosion in the garage he worked at and being reintroduced to everyone, it had taken him less than a week to chase after Lila and turn her into his new girlfriend. He’d been told more than once that his previous partner was not the pale blonde but in fact a woman named Vera, but even after meeting face to face with the tanned beauty he failed to recognize her as anything other than another stranger in a sea of unknown faces. A pretty one, sure, but a stranger none the less. He did not remember all the time he spent tracking her down, obsessively plotting her demise and then ultimately falling for her all over again after murdering her ex-husband in cold blood. His immediate attraction was reserved for Lila, whose affections proved easy to obtain once he sent her flowers and took her out on a couple of dates. He went about charming her just as he would have before he ever went to prison – the gentlemanly approach had always worked in his favor and this time was no exception.

Fast forward two weeks and here he was, lying in bed with the lovely blonde bombshell curled up beside him and the taste of her lipstick still in his mouth. According to the medical professionals from the hospital he would likely never regain his memory, leaving him a carefree individual with a clear conscience. After all, he didn’t remember killing Vera’s husband, nor did he recall the time he spent behind bars. All his mind was focused on now was his new piece of arm candy and spending the evening feeling up all the sweet spots on her body. He wasn’t expecting company, hence his surprise when the sound of the doorbell interrupted their lewd bedroom activities. He was the one who got out of bed and quickly threw on a pair of pants to go open the door, only to be greeted with the same beautiful face his memory couldn’t place anymore. “Vera?”



Marilyn’s formal education was piecemeal to say the least. During her itinerant childhood she attended no less than nine different schools before dropping out of tenth grade to marry first husband James Dougherty.

While she was in school, academic achievement was not on top of her list of priorities. She once told photographer Jock Carroll, “I remember in mathematics I used to write down figures, just any figures, instead of trying to do the questions. I used to think it was a waste of my brain, using it up with mathematics, when I could be imagining all sorts of wonderful things.”

Marilyn was embarrassed about her lack of formal education. She felt ashamed of making elementary spelling and punctuation mistakes, knowing that legions of reporters and detractors would be only too happy to conclude that she was no more than the dumb blonde of her screen image.

Yet Marilyn was actually very smart and curious. She had a real turn of wit, and throughout her adult life she voraciously pursued knowledge, following an eclectic path outlined by her various benefactors, drama coaches, and by the intellectuals she was drawn to, starting with Arthur Miller. Natasha Lytess described Marilyn as “a mental beachcomber, picking the minds of others and scooping up knowledge and opinions.”

Gloria Steinem paints this quest in a more desperate light: “Her searches after knowledge were arbitrary and without context. It was as if she was shining a small flashlight of curiosity into the dark room of the world.”

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.