remember when she was sort of a blonde

unamedwatcher  asked:

Did you really convince little Steve Rogers that the fireworks on the fourth of July were for his birthday?

actually no. 

that was the handiwork of one mrs sara rogers, who used to take her little asthmatic arrhythmic tiny baby son on the roof to watch the fireworks on his birthday. (mostly so that they didnt have to be in the apartment with steves dad, who had shellshock which he medicated with waaaay too much alcohol, and he was always worse on the fourth, since it sounded like there were explosions going off everywhere. steves dad died when he was three, and my ma said once that mrs rogers might have missed him, but she didnt miss the bruises he left.)

 as it happened, that was how i first met steve–on the roof of the building when i was four and he was turning three. i actually remember it, which is pretty incredible considering how old i was and how swiss-cheese my brain is. but there was mrs sara, with her tiny little baby on her hip. i’d never seen anybody so fair-skinned and blonde as mrs sara and stevie, and the lights off the fireworks painted them all sorts of colors. most of the other little kids were crying and had to be brought inside because the noise scared them, but not baby stevie–he was reaching his little bitty baby hands up, trying to grab the sparkly fireworks. probably the noise didnt bother him because he was partially deaf, but mrs sara always insisted that it was just that he had more courage than could fit inside him. 

generally, she also mentioned that all that courage had taken up the space where his common sense was supposed to be. 

when steve was three, he said his favorite color was america–by which he meant red, white, and blue, because that was the colors for his birthday, and everyone always celebrated with him.

even after mrs sara died, us barneses kept up the fireworks story, and i passed it on to the howlies eventually. 

i dont know how old steve was when he figured out that the whole city wasnt just throwing him a huge birthday celebration, but im sure that if you asked him, he’d still insist the fireworks were for him.

whatever PR schmuck decided to name him captain america probably had no idea how accurate a name it was. 

The Adoption

Part One

Stepping off of a plane on London soil was always a comfort to me.  The tarmac of a London airport meant I was an hour or two from the embraces of my kids and the love of my life, Emily.  I had been gone for an extended period this time, longer than usual.  Updates from home had Lucy getting the highest marks in each class, Noah motoring around the house creating havoc wherever he went and Emily buying what had to be the sexiest piece of lingerie I’d ever seen.  I couldn’t wait to get home to hold my children and bury myself inside Em.

I handed the gentlemen who would be driving me home my bag after shaking his hand and thanking him for making the hour long drive to get me to my family.  He put my bag in the trunk and within a few minutes we were off.

I tapped Emily’s phone number on my phone screen and put the phone to my ear,

“Hello, My Love.”  I heard her honey sweet voice a few minutes later.

I let my head rest against the back of the car seat,


“You sound exhausted.”

“Just a long flight.”

“And how did you leave Africa?  Are they more in love with One Direction than ever?”

I laughed softly,

“Of course.”

My smile faded though.  Emily had no idea what had happened in Africa for the most part.  I wanted to get home and tell her, but I needed to gather my thoughts and my words so I could adequately give her the right information.  What I was going to ask her was big.  

Going back to Ghana with the boys was only supposed to be a few days to reconnect with the kids in the hospitals and orphanages we’d met before.  A sort up update on some of the kids to see where they were now for Red Nose Day.  I certainly didn’t expect what happened.

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Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 1

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” - Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

Y/N never believed in love at first sight.

But she did believe in “crush” at first sight, and the moment she saw the boy with dark brown hair, playing the cello in the music room Saturday afternoon, she was undeniably smitten and found herself pulled being like a magnet.

Maybe it was the way he held the instrument, almost like it was a part of him; Maybe it was his face. And what a beautiful face it was, she thought as she observed the way his eyes focused on the music sheet, his lips pressed together and his expression a mask of concentration as his fingers moved to play the instrument sheathed between his legs. Y/N couldn’t keep his eyes off of him. 

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James Sirius Potter x Reader - I Won't Say I Love You Part 2


Here you are! Sorry I didn’t saw it sooner!

Exiting from the train and stepping onto the crowded ‘station’, the (blonde, brunette etc.) female took a long breath of fresh evening air. She felt like smother if she stayed in that comparatment more. She smiled at the sight of familiar castle in  the distance. They have finally arrived at Hogwarts. Dominique snapped her out of her daydreaming by a simple tap on the shoulder. (Y/N) turned her head to look at the ginger. 
“Let’s go catch a carriage while we can.” (Y/N) nodded at Dominique. If they didn’t catch one, they would have to go by foot to the castle, and (Y/N) seriously didn’t want that. She didn’t really catch any sleep in the train and she wasn’t sure she would make it to the building.
“I know Molly left to find her friends. So, where the hell is Roxanne?” (Y/N) asked her best friend. They just spotted one empty carriage and headed towards it. Better to enter it before someone other does. After all, supplies of carriages are limited.
“Oh, she went to talk to Fred or something. I didn’t quite catch what she said.” Dominique replied and started rubbing the back of her neck. However, before they had a chance to get into carriage, someone rudely interrupted.
“Oi sis, where do ya think you’re going without me?” Sirius came in sight with that cocky smirk of his. He lazily hanged an arm around Dominique’s shoulder “Hello there love, long time no see.”
“Ew, get away from me.” Dominique yelled and strongly pushed him away. (Y/N) rolled her eyes. She went over to Sirius and picked him by his ear. 
“What did I say about flirting with my friends in front of me? I was actually doing pretty fine without you in sight.” The (blonde, brunette etc.) said and pulled the boy’s ear harder this time. Dominique sighed and jumped up in the carriage.
“Ow, ow, I get it!” Sirius slapped her hand away and rubbed his, now red, ear. (Y/N) joined Dominique up in the carriage and sat next to her.
“Ya coming in or what?” She asked her brother. Sirius simply jumped up and took a seat. A few moments passed in a complete silence, until they reached a little closer to the castle. 
“Why you’re not with James and Fred?” Dominique tried to make up a conversation. It wasn’t like the three didn’t hang out together alone, it was just that they were probably tired from the trip. (Y/N) leaned in her seat, tiredly looking at the gloving castle. Her mind wondered back to the train. Oh, how she would enjoy it if she actually broke Morgan’s nose before Molly stopped her intentions. She didn’t even have an idea how the hell that blonde was in Hufflepuff. Her appearence insulted the whole house if you asked her.
“I said I wanted to wait for you and (N/N). James, unsurprisingly, was glowing with happiness about (N/N), but Fred pulled him away to meet with Louis.” Sirius answered her. He tried to catch Dominique’s look, but she kept hers on the distance.
The rest of the ride to the castle was filled with a happy chat. (Y/N) stopped thinking about the train ride and enjoyed the moment. She was teasing both of them and in a return they would tease her about James. Soon the carriage reached its limits and they needed to jump off it.  Sirius jumped off first. He raised his hand in order to help Dominique down, which the ginger ignored. He faked a pout while the ginger female tried to hold back a chuckle.
“C’mon you two, the dinner will start soon.” (Y/N) said. She linked her arm with Dominique’s. The two girls headed to the Great Hall, Sirius shortly trailling behind them.

The Great Hall was filled with many happy students. Sitting at the Gryffindor table, (Y/N) looked around the big hall. She spotted Roxanne, a little further from her. Her little group was obviously exchanging the newest gossips. Dominique took a seat next to her. The ginger put her elbows on the table, resting her head at the palms of her hands.

“It feels like we didn’t even go on a summer break.” Dominique commented. (Y/N) nodded to her, continuing to look around the crowd. Sirius went to sit with James and Fred instead of them. They weren’t on their side of the table and (Y/N) thank Merlin for that. Otherwise she would have to listen to James for the whole dinner.

Dominique saw Daniel Wood with his group. He is a year older than her, which she didn’t mind at all. The boy was a Quidditch captain, just like his dad. He is also a keeper and would rarely miss a ball in the match. The ginger didn’t really have an idea in her mind how to cooly aproach him, so she wouldn’t make a fool out of herself. She was a rather a rebel, which got her a nice reputation here at Hogwarts. Yes, she talked to him, but only at Quidditch practises, where he would compliment her chaser skills.

(Y/N) saw her looking at him and momentary smirked. The two girls talked about possible situation for Dominique to ask him out. (Y/N) thought it would be best after a Quidditch match, where the Gryffindor wins of course. The (blonde, brunnette etc.) female also played chaser on the team, a rather good one. Where she would go, Sirius in most situations joined, so he is the team’s beater. He said it is a best position to protect his beloved sister, Dominique and that idiotic James from falling of his broom.

The Gryffindor team this year is full. They don’t need to hold a training for newbies and they could instantly start with practises. The chasers are (Y/N), Dominique and Michael. The boy is Wood’s friend and they entered the team together in their second year at Hogwarts. Sirius and Fred are beaters. They do their role well, in teamwork like Weasley twins did in their time. Wood is a keeper and James is a seeker. Harry and Ginny teached James a few basic things about Quidditch when he was a baby. He loves his role and is proud that his dad was once a seeker too!

“Hey Dom!” (Y/N) nudged Dominique with her elbow in the ribs “Quit daydreaming, the sorting is about to start.”

“Pff! I wasn’t daydreaming!” The ginger argued back.

“No, you were just staring at him for five minutes.” (Y/N) winked at her.

“Since we are at staring, where are boys? I expected James to creepily aproach you by now.” Dominique snorted. (Y/N) angrily sighed, shaking her head. She took a look at professor Longbottom. He stepped up, holding a piece of parchment on which was a list of first years.

“Addams, Tina!” He read out loud. A little girl nervously came forward. She sat on the small stool, allowing the professor to put a hat on her head. After a couple of seconds and the sorting hat’s constant mumbling, she was sorted.

“I put you in…


The whole table loudly clapped, including (Y/N) and Dominique. The little girl was glowing with happiness, her green eyes sparkling every time when somebody congratulated her.

“Albert, Mary!”


“Bolton, Dean!”


“Brown, Hannah!”


“Chase, Tom!" 


A lot of other children were sorted too. The sorting ceremony got pretty boring when you get to watch it every single year. (Y/N) remembered how she was nervous. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be in the same house with Sirius. The boy got before her and was sorted into Gryffindor. The sorting hat told the (blonde, brunnette etc.) that she could be a brilliant Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor. It also told she was too ‘crazy on her own way’ for Hufflepuff. (Y/N) instantly choose Gryffindor, so she could be close to her brother.

She regreted the decision about the brother part, but not about choosing Gryffindor. She couldn’t imagine her life without Dominique as a best friend. (Y/N) doubted they would be this close if she was in a different house.

“Welcome students to another school year here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy!” The principal McGonagal started her, now usual, sheech at the beggining of the school year. (Y/N) turned her mind off, not listening to principal’s words. She will probably talk about things that are forbidden like usually. The female actually succeded to sneak a few times into the Forbidden Forest, but not alone of course. She and her companion would be very careful and no one ever noticed sometning suspicious. After all, she is a descendant of infamous prankester and playbog Sirius Black, so what do you expect?

McGonagal was never one for long speeches. She just said everything how it is, without going further into the subject. The plates full of food appeared before students. Today, the menu was very colorful.

Thinking about what she could choose, (Y/N) decided to eat a drumstick. She put it onto her table, looking for the lettuce on the crowded table. Dominique handed it to her, as she was closer to it than (Y/N) was. They both filled their cups with delicious pumpkin juices. 

“What could we do later?” The ginger asked. Her mouth were full of food, as she carelessly looked at her friend. The (blonde, brunnette etc.) thought for possibilities for a moment.

“Inviting boys is off the list, unless you want James to sneak into your bed.” Dominique snickered, seeing as she didn’t receive a response from (Y/N). The said girl looked at her with raised eyebrow.

“Of course it is. Also, I don’t think our roommates would enjoy their company too much.” The female replied. “You saw Rose anywhere?”

“No, actually I didn’t. Why?" 

"I didn’t get a chance to greet her today. Maybe tomorrow or later if I’m lucky!” The (h/c) haired girl replied. She started to poke the salad with her fork, finding it difficult to sting it. Giving up, she threw a fork onto her plate along with the knife, finishing her dinner. Dominique did the same. They decided to leave the Great Hall, as they didn’t have any smarter bussiness to do there anymore.

(Y/N) was first to stand up, her best friend following closely. The (blonde, brunnette etc.) played with a lock of her hair, waiting to the ginger to finish her drink. Sirius saw that his sister stood up and naturally he swallowed his last part of the meal quickly. Getting James’ attention, he pointed towards the two girls.

“What?” James dumbfoundly asked him. The boy was too focused on his food to pay attention to something else. Following Sirius’ finger, he momentary smirked.

“Oh, Dom and (N/N) already finished eating? Let’s go then!” He esclaimed. Fred got up with them as well, deciding it’s better to keep them company then to stay alone at the Great Hall.

In the middle of the long hallway, they catched up with the two girls. Slyly snaking his arms around (Y/N)’s waist form behind, James took his moment to smell her hair before the girl processed what actually happened.

“Mhm Finnigan, you smell like roses, just as I expected.” The male grinned. (Y/N) blushed madly, stepping on his foot. He yelped in surprise and lost his hold of her (waist size) waist. She took the oppornity to push the annoying male away. Near them, Dominique, Sirius and Fred laughed loudly. 

“Easy there Finnigan. He might end in the hospital wing if you continue like this!” Fred said. He rufled his curly brown locks, looking at (Y/N) in the process. The female got forward to him.

“Nice seeing you Weasley! How have ya been?” She asked lazily. Fred and her then did their usual handshake. It became a common thing for them, as she considered him as one of her best friends.

“Pretty good actually. Can’t wait for the Quidditch practises to start, thought.” The male answered. He grinned, pointing to the staircase that went to the famous Gryffindor tower.

“Shall we?” He asked. Fred let his arm out, in intention for (Y/N) to take it. The female happily linked her arm with his. The two started walking towards the tower, whispering something in the process. Fred turned his head once more, giving James a michevious wink of his.

James was standing there, speechless. He then crossed his arms, glaring angrily at Fred’s back. Dominique shook her head.

“Oh, Merlin. This won’t end well


(Requested by Anon) (Part 1 of this imagine here)

You ran through the trees, following your younger siblings and the two guards, Demetri and Felix. For once you were out of the castle, actually on a mission even though you technically part of the Volturi coven. Somehow your siblings convinced Aro to allow you out of the castle in order to tag along with them. You suspected they did it because they wanted to show off their skills. As all younger siblings, they loved to show off to you.

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I wrote a quick interaction of an AU in which she hadn’t died, but had been put to rot in Impel Down, Rosa reuniting with Dragon from Sabo’s perspective after being freed. I meant to turn it into a comic but i have no time lately :’<

She met his eyes and stared hard, disbelieving, up at the man who lead the Revolutionaries. 

“You left Luffy? You left our son?” she whispered. 

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The Amazing Adventures of Trashmouth of Gazebo Boy 

In every movie Richie had ever seen, when two people (usually some semi good looking white man and woman) who would wind up as “soul mates,” the first time they met was a Big Deal. Even years after the fact, the Man would be able to remember what the Woman was wearing, recall the way her purple blouse brought out her blue eyes and how her long blond hair had been braided neatly down her back.

And the Woman could remember that her beloved had been so preoccupied reading some lame book—and she knew what book it was too—that he’d almost stepped into traffic. The two could bring up every detail of that moment, when they’d first laid eyes on each other and the world had stopped, just for a second as their eyes met across the busy street. Fade to black, end of movie, the audience is sobbing and everyone is happy.

Richie had found that this sort of thing didn’t really happen in real life, ‘cause he couldn’t remember fuck all about the day he’d met Eddie. Although, in his defence, he’d had a pretty severe concussion.

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Home Part. VI


Word Count: 2800

Warnings: Mentions of blood, death and violence, also it kinda sucks.

(A/N): I’m gonna post the last chapter in a couple of hours, cause I’m going on vocation and won’t have WiFi there.

Part. I , Part. II , Part. III , Part. IV , Part. V

Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

As many times as you saved her life, you never actually thought she’d get shot.

You never actually thought you’d have to see the exact colour of her blood or feel it’s sticky texture on your skin.

You never thought you’d be the one to shoot her either, but then again, you didn’t like to think, there were too many things you’d rather avoid considering for you to like it.

So, you focus on her instead, let the initial shock wear down and the curses that you spout in your mind, in a language that would be foreign to her young ears fade into tense silence instead.

You’re disappointed. Not with her. Never with her. But with you, your blind believe that they wouldn´t catch on. That the plan would work out.

That you could save her.

That she could handle it, because clearly, now that she is lying on the cold ground, gasping for air, she couldn’t.


She´s shaking, but so are you, feeling her strength fade slowly as she reaches out to grasp at your hand.

You don´t let her, focusing your gaze back onto the frightened redheaded girl that stopped dead in her tracks upon hearing the bullet tear through the cold air.

You want to let her go, want to see her run, start a normal life. You want to see her live, but the programming doesn´t let you. And no matter how hard you attempt to break yourself out of the mess of blurry faces and strict commands, you can´t.

Her green eyes are glazed over with unshed tears, back hitting a tree, while you align the barrel of your gun with her head.

A gunshot rips the silence in tiny pieces, her tears finally falling, while numbness takes over you.

Strength leaves your body in a rush, your legs giving up under you and you fall, dropping down next to your blonde girl, while your partner in crime steps over your body with his saddened blue eyes.

The redheaded girl is running again, no longer hesitant, yet even more scared, while the soldier kneels to inspect the blonde on the floor.

You can only guess that his fingers encountered a pulseless neck, for the moment he touches the girl his eyes close and a shadow hardens his face into one of regret and guilt.

You do not snore. It’s an odd thing to notice but Natasha does so anyway. You sleep in absolute silence; not a mumble or a sigh. She wonders if it’s a habit that carried over from your childhood, assuming one could not afford to be loud in the Arena or even HYDRA to begin with, even in your sleep.

You also sleep on your side, now that she took to dangling her arm from the side of the bed so you could actually lie down, curled up in a ball.

Natasha silently and carefully sits upward, the bed dipping some at the movement. Your face is turned in her direction, back facing the window, the glow of the street lamps outside smoothening your features some.

She finds it rather strange. You had seemed far taller and a lot more imposing at first. Still do when awake and loudly complaining about the 5B or the world in general. But like this? You look terrifyingly small.

She watches you jerk, just a little and your eyes blink open.

She observes as your [E/C] eyes gaze blankly at the wall for a couple of seconds before fluttering shut once again.

That was one of the things the redhead learned about you.

You aren’t a peaceful sleeper. You´d sometimes seemingly wake up and fix her or anything in your line of sight with a steady, cold gaze before blinking back to sleep.

It had been rather creepy at first, but soon Natasha realized that you had no conscious memory of whatever you saw in those moments of wakefulness.

On rare occasions your eyes would wander, in obvious search for something, anything really it seemed, yet upon not finding whatever it is you’re seeking, you would fall back into peaceful slumber.

Only that it isn’t peaceful at all.

One more thing she managed to gather, from the small handful of quirks and mannerisms that you have absolutely no control over, is the fact there isn’t a night where you aren’t plagued by nightmares.

Though much unlike her, you never seemed to be able to wake up.

You would jerk once or twice or your eyes would open to survey the room, but other than that you remained chained to whatever it was that was haunting you.

You knew the Arena to be a gnarly place. Between the rumours about man-eating animals and the merciless wardens that pitted prisoners against each other and let them beat each other to death, no room remained for thoughts that could possibly contradict that fact.

All the more startling was the realization that the fearsome Arena was no Arena at all, merely a seemingly endless, sewer-like labyrinth, filled with cages barely big enough to contain humans and icy water that reached your ankles and soaked your boots.

The whole facility seemed to be flooded, the water both unpleasantly still and strangely coloured, reeking of blood and rotten meat.

What bits of floor you could make out underneath looked cracked and old, made from the same material the plain, grey walls consisted of.

You were jammed into a cage slightly larger than the rest, gaze falling and meeting a human like hand right beneath the metal bars on the floor.

“That’s Rick’s”

A voice rasps and you turn, meeting the gaze of a young, brown haired boy.

“They chopped it off yesterday”

There’s a bandage right around his right eye socket, soaked in blood and yellowish from the boy’s sweat. And you avoid your gaze to the strangely formed hand again.

“The water does that to you.”

You nod in understanding, quietly muttering your name in introduction before the boy answers with a disarray of nicknames that he earned from the wardens and his fellow prisoners.

“I don’t really remember my name anymore”

He admits after a while, then, as if suddenly realizing something, he grins, bringing his face closer to the bars.

“But don’t worry, you will forget yours after a while too. And then you’ll get cool nicknames like me!”

She watches your face scrunch and narrows her own pair of eyes in return, intrigued by the sudden display of emotions.

There’s something startlingly familiar in the way your nose wrinkles and the edges of your mouth curl down just slightly.

So, she remains watching, silently, waiting with bated breath for you to reveal something else.

Winter, that’s the nickname they stick with and you play along and let them address you as such, although you still have conscious memory of your very own name and the reason for your questionable stay here.

Same cannot be said for the rest of the prisoners, or even guards to begin with.

They have nicknames though, Cyclops for the brown haired boy, Griever for the woman who screeches all night long, her voice shrill and unbearable and loud enough to ring through the entire labyrinth, Hollow for the guard that picks a new victim each night, tears him out of his cage and beats him senseless for the fun of it, Rat for the youth across from you who’s swallowed one to many gulps of the water bellow and has gained some of the animals attributes, though the guards still stick to the affectionate term freak.

They don’t feed you. Not enough at least, half a bottle of water and some charred bread is all you´re given once a day.

And the fights, as you have discovered mere days after your arrival, are battle royals for a bag of food that the guards offer every three days.

They pick names on random, weapons to fight with too, and sometimes, when they feel especially merciless, the bag that you fought for so hard will wind up empty just because they desire so.

Your battles are quick and easy, you’re a trained killing machine, a lethal, fast, relentless person. And that without any sort of objective or weapon.

You aren’t known for showing mercy, so when you bash in the skull of a ten-year-old with the heel of your boot, they give you the name Winter. Because you’re just as cold and unforgiving.

Your lips set into a small sneer and she tilts her head, watching with childlike curiosity as you turn your head away from her ever so slightly.

Had you been awake, she muses, the look you would be sporting would be not unlike the one of disappointment. A look she received many times before.

Especially from the Madame after her attempted escape.

Yelena Belova

The girl’s name comes to mind as suddenly as the cold eyes of the Madame do, her blonde locks of hair and her piercing, wide, delusory blue eyes that always seemed to be sparkling with unspoken desire for insurgency.

She was one of a kind

And now, while she is gazing upon your sleeping form, she is unsure whether she means it as some sort of compliment or perhaps an insult after all.

She remembers the first and last time she saw the blonde.

The first, mere 24 hours before her attempted escape, was during a sparring match, a cover for the meeting between their handlers.

The last, during said escape, when the blonde was shot by her handler and bled out on the floor.

Her handler

You look alarmingly similar to the Soldier the Madame always seemed to be the proudest of, although she had absolutely nothing to do with neither the Soldier´s training nor skill- or mindset for that matter.

Still, that never stopped her from comparing the others to the seemingly mute tutor, raising standards that everyone had great trouble meeting and keeping expectations that no one in their right mind could ever fulfil.

Natasha forces herself to rethink the hasty escape and hazy day of training, trying to remember the face of the Soldier that attempted to help her and Yelena escape, and when she manages to make out a face and compares it to yours, they do look frighteningly alike.

The fighting style would match

Brute, lethal and quick, the almost completely faded bruises on her shoulder and chest were an attest to that.

Would explain the Arena, too

You did after all only manage to stall her escape, not stop it. They had your partner in crime, James, go back into Winter Soldier mode specifically for this task.

тварь и предатель

The disdain and the traitor, she lays back down and turns to face the ceiling, gently tearing her wrist from your hold to place her hand over her aching chest.

It certainly makes sense.

“You don’t look as surprised as I thought you´d be”

Your nonchalant confession makes her shrug in response, her green eyes focused still on the whipping rain outside.

“I thought you looked familiar, but I couldn´t quite figure out why until yesterday”

“While you were watching me sleep”

There´s a certain edge to your voice, one that borders amusement yet not quite crosses the line, given the circumstances.

“Pray do tell, ginger, what part of my sleeping face gave me away?”

She offers you another shrug and slowly settles on the windowsill, unfazed by your radiant pair of eyes as they follow her every ever so little move.

She can tell that you are curios, chained to the couch that you sit leaned against by surprise.

You expected a different reaction, so much she can tell.

And if she´s honest she expected something different too. She believed to be met with denial and laughter, not with calm acceptance and admission.

“What now?”

Your voice breaks the silence softly once more and yet again all she can do is shrug, simply because there´s nothing to say.

Nothing but a genuine and heartfelt “Thank you”

She watches your eyebrows as they rise in confusion and you sit up slightly straighter.

“For what? I was responsible for your capture, wasn´t I? I stalled your escape.”

“You tried to get me out, [Y/N]. That´s more than what most have done for me.”

You want to respond, tell her that she´s being ridiculous by thanking you, yet before you can do all that the doorbell rings and Natasha springs to her feet, opening the door for a drenched Maria and Clint with an amused quirk of her lips.

“We come bearing gifts!”

He grins at you both and reaches into his jacket’s pocket to retrieve a box of chocolates and a cramped manila folder, adding a no less excited “And a new mission on Monday!” while Maria simply smiles.

And as you chastise them for leaving a trail of water on your floor, you decide that while your apology may long since be overdue, you can, at the very least, make sure that all the suffering she went through will be redeemed in the end.

“I hate Mondays.” She groans, burying her head in her folded arms. “I could totally live without them.”

You chuckle softly from your spot at the stove, taking two cups from the cupboard to pour the two of you some coffee.

“But then Tuesdays would turn to Mondays.”

You butt in, turning and placing the cup in front of her.

“And Tuesdays are good. Better than Mondays, anyway.”

She hums in agreement and you smile, taking your first sip before turning to look outside the window.

It’s still raining, the raindrops loud but soothing as they pelt the glass and the drainpipe just outside.

You catch a glimpse of ginger scurrying outside, it’s quick, but the bright colour contrasts it’s grey surroundings beautifully and your smile only widens at that, [E/C] orbs trailing about the kitchen until they reach the silently eating redhead.

“So, I’ve noticed that the stray has taken a liking to you.”

You state bluntly, watching her green eyes leave the pancakes to face you instead.

“Wouldn’t be cause you’re feeding him, while I’m at HQ, would it?”

She shakes her head in denial, moving to take a sip of her steaming coffee, only to choke on it uncharacteristically instead when a cat’s meow resounds outside your front door.

You teasingly raise a brow at her and she sighs, nodding begrudgingly while wiping away some of the coffee that spilled on the table at her jolt.

“Maybe so…”

Another meow, this one slightly louder, and the sound of claws scratching at the front door drags a chuckle out of you, the light-hearted cackle accompanied by you gesturing towards the door with a knowing twitch of your lips.

“By all means, go ahead. I’d hate to keep him waiting.”

Your gaze follows her as she saunters towards the door, reaching for her jacket along the way to pull out a can of cat food and a couple of treats.

Any other day you would have at the very least raised a brow at that, but seeing as to Clint took it upon himself to spend more time with her, and the archer himself always carried at least two cans of cat and dog food with him at all times, the action didn’t surprise you as much as it probably should have.

Natasha, for her subtle part, already sat crouched at your door step, petting the cat that now lay purring on your doormat, the food that she offered momentary forgotten as he focused on her gentle ministrations.

“As immensely happy as I am to see you’ve found an at least somehow sane friend, you should get back inside, ginger.”

Both cat and female turn at the nickname and you laugh at that, genuinely amused at this turn of events, while Natasha merely huffs and watches the cat finish his meal before he struts away once more.

“Now that you have fed ginger, ginger. You should finish your own breakfast. We’ve got a mission in a couple of hours and I’d be best if you didn’t take it on an empty stomach.”

She looks like she might object, but you beat her to it with a mockingly stern face and a wiggle of your finger.

“Don’t even think about talking back, young lady. I’m the elder in this house and I know best.”

Her snort strikes you as highly amused, even though her face hardly strays from its usual blank expression.

The silence that overtakes you after that brief exchange is comfortable, lacking the tenseness and poise that could be found lingering mere days ago.

It’s nice, you muse, smiling wider when the doorbell rings and Natasha stands to her feet to open the door for a fully dressed and to the bone soaked Clint.

“Pancakes before the mission, sweet.”

And in a moment of strange content, the trail of water puddles that he leaves behind on your clean marble floor doesn’t even bother you.

Tour Guide

The first day of school was always broken lockers, kids running late to class, and a chorus of groans that echoed through the hall as students got their schedules for the semester. Nothing ever changed and Annabeth hated it. When she walked into the school that morning she wasn’t surprised at all when she found her best friend sitting in the courtyard, it was the place they met in freshman year and Piper Mclean was determined to sit there everyday until they left that godforsaken place. 

“You’re late!” Piper yelled the moment Annabeth stepped out of the building. She only rolled her eyes as she sat down, not caring for the glare Piper was giving her from across the table.

Looking around the courtyard, Annabeth couldn’t help but sigh. The place was  a dump, all of the school’s money went to their acclaimed sports teams leaving none to care for the actual school grounds. The only reason she let Piper drag her out there everyday was because it was quiet unlike the halls of the school and even if there were windows lining every wall, it was as much privacy as they were going to get since no one else seemed to hang out outside.

“Hey, Annabeth, attention over here, sweetie,” Piper said snapping her fingers in front of her eyes. She didn’t need to pay attention, she knew exactly what Piper was about to say. 

“Jason made captain of the soccer team and as captain of the cheerleading team it is my duty to hook up with him this year,” they both said at the same time.

Piper scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest. Since she moved to town she had her eyes set on the blonde star athlete, every girl who’d ever seen him did. However, Piper was convinced she was the only one who’d have any sort of shot with him. She was right but Annabeth would never tell her. Annabeth had known Jason since forever, they’d lived across from each other for as long as they could remember and he tended to tell her everything.

“Anyway, I texted him earlier asking him to join us for lunch-”

“You know, if we were part of a movie we wouldn’t pass the Bechdel test?” Annabeth asked and smiled when Piper rolled her eyes.

“But he said he got stuck showing this new kid around because he doesn’t have enough volunteer hours to graduate-”

“No, really, I’d hate a movie that stared us. It would be a terrible influence on young girls,” she continued, as much as she loved her, sh was starting to get tired of Piper’s hypothetical love life. Continuing to ramble about their theoretical movie deal, she smirked as Piper got more and more frustrated. Piper could get anyone she ever wanted but she had spent the last four years pining over a guy who she could easily have gotten if she just talked to him. Annabeth on the other hand, only had a limited choices, most people thought she was too smart for them or that she just wasn’t smart enough.

They both talked over each other, getting louder and louder until Annabeth finally needed a breath and Piper stood up.

“So I told him you’d do it and that you wouldn’t mind signing off the hours in his name!” 

Annabeth stopped talking abruptly, Piper wouldn’t dare drag her into this mess too. Before she could say anything the bell rang and her former best friend turned on her heel to walk back inside. The moment she swung open the door Annabeth winced at the sudden flood of noise coming in.

“Be at the front doors by noon!” Was the last thing Annabeth heard before she was left alone. 


Annabeth was going to kill Piper. 

She was fine when Piper signed them both up for cheerleading, she was cool when Piper made her join the dance committee, and she was actually ecstatic when Piper wrote her name down next to hers for the school redecoration project. Forcing her to show some kid around the school while she chatted up the love of her life was where Annabeth drew the line.

“Mrs. Chase, Jason told me you’d be filling in for him,” Mr. Nestor said from behind her. Annabeth fought the urge to roll her eyes, of course the star athlete was on a first name bases with the principal. Instead, she smiled at him when he stood next to her. “I was warned about his tardiness, I was hoping he’d change his ways for a new school.” 

“Maybe he got the dates mixed up, it’s better that way then Jason can be here to greet-” but the sound of a loud engine cut her off. The principal’s usual cheery face faulted a bit when they caught sight of the source of the noise.

It looked like it had been built by hand from every piece of scrap metal found in a junkyard, it wasn’t ugly, just not something you’d see everyday. Annabeth let herself admire the handiwork it must have taken to build it. She also let herself admire the rider, she couldn’t see his face due to his helmet but something about him just made her not want to look away.

“A mobile death trap, just what we need at a school,” Nestor mumbled under his breath, but despite his words he walked down the steps to meet him. 

Annabeth stayed planted in front of the door, not sure if she should follow or wait to be introduced. She decided the latter would be the better option, it gave her enough time to determine what kind of person this guy was and how the tour will go.

The first thing she noticed about him was his height. Mr. Nestor was a tall man himself, playing basketball in his golden years at this very school but when the rider stepped away from his bike, he easily dwarfed the principal, and Annabeth couldn’t help but be impressed. 

“Percy Jackson?” 

It was a strange name, probably short for Percival, though he didn’t look like a Percival. The rider only nodded, not saying a word as he dropped the stand for the bike. He wasn’t giving Annabeth the impression that he was a friendly person. Maybe she’d get lucky and he’d blow off the tour all together. 

“I hope you don’t keep up this habit of being late, Mr. Jackson.” 

From what she could tell, Percy was staring at the principal, probably rolling his eyes under his visor. She wouldn’t blame him, she’d be doing the same if that was the first thing her new school principal said to her. 

The next thing she noticed about him were his eyes. When he finally let up his visor she was shocked she couldn’t see the colour through it. His eyes were so bright, greener than anything she’d ever seen before. Nestor seemed to go a bit uneasy as well when he saw them, he started shifting his weight back and forth on each leg, Annabeth could understand why. Percy had a certain look to his eyes that screamed ‘don’t look too hard, something bad might happen if you do’.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Nestor, it won’t happen again,” Percy finally said as he took off his helmet. 

Annabeth felt herself heating up at the sight of him, never in her life had she seen someone who looked like him. She found herself transfixed on the way his fingers carded through his black hair, trying to tame what damage the helmet left. He was smiling, as if only from one side of his mouth, the smile of someone who would be in detention by the end of the day, she was sure. However, she didn’t stay lingering on it too long, she was already drawn back up to his eyes. Which to her luck, were staring right at her. Her own eyes widened but he looked away faster than she could.

“I’m not in the mood for any sarcasm,” Nestor said. Percy looked confused for a second but didn’t say anything. “Follow me, I have the same lunch break as the rest of the school and I have a turkey sandwich waiting for me in my office.” 

Annabeth quickly straightened herself, keeping her eyes trained on Nestor, refusing to get caught looking at Percy again. The next hour was going to be the longest of her life, she knew it. 

Louise the Party Crasher

Louise the Party Crasher:  (Based off the vlog Parties and Panels Sprinkleofchatter)

Summary: Based on Louise’s vlog when she found Dan and Phil hiding in the back room of the Playlist party. What if they were doing some not so innocent things? Contains Phan, humor, pre-smut, and general adorableness.

Louise liked parties, don’t get her wrong. Sometimes, however, they just got too overwhelming. By now a lot of her friends had gotten into the punch and were all a bit crazy. Zoe clung close to Alfie as they danced rather wildly, as did many of her other friends. Louise looked around for anybody to hang out with who wasn’t too trashed.

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Whiskey & Trouble

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Square Filled: Bartender!Dean
Ship: Dean Winchester/Michael
Rating: Mature
Tags: Mafia AU, Bartender!Dean, Mobster!Michael, mention of murder, cheesy flirting, swearing
Summary: Dean’s bar is not in the best part of town, and sometimes there are shady people among his patrons.
Word Count: 2.237
Written for @spnaubingo

Thanks to my beta reader @coplins

It’s a busy night at the Winchester’s – Bar and Karaoke, and behind the counter Dean is pouring one drink after the other, barely even making a show out of mixing cocktails, because there isn’t time for fancy shit like that. That’s probably why he doesn’t notice the small group that sits at the corner table close to the bar right away. He should’ve, because they look like trouble.

He only sees them, when Kevin hands him a note with their orders and points at the table. He notices the woman first, because beautiful women just tend to catch his eyes, and she has ebony skin and high cheekbones and looks like fucking royalty. So does the white dude with black hair in her company, if Dean’s honest. He’s as least as beautiful as her, too. The other two – less so. A blond guy with piercing blue eyes seems more rugged, but spells out danger with every movement. And then there’s the smallest of the bunch, leaning back with a happy smile, lollipop in his mouth. But if you can be that much at ease in company like that, you have to have some aces up your sleeve.

“They’re trouble,” Kevin whispers nervously. “Judging by the way they stopped talking when I came near. And the blond one gives me the creeps.”

“Want me to bring them their drinks?” Dean asks.

Kevin nods relieved. “I can take over the bar for a moment.”

“No problem, kid.” That’s the policy here. Someone scares the waiters or is rude to them, Dean takes over. Most people aren’t rude to him for long.

He hurries to get their drinks ready – one fruity cocktail, one glass of very expensive dry red wine, whiskey for the rest of them – puts them on Kevin’s tray and head towards the corner table.

They do stop talking, before he gets close enough to overhear anything. It’s a bit eery. Only the blond guy looks at him, though. Dean feels like he’s judged and categorized, before he even reaches to table.

The smallest one pops the lollipop out of his mouth. “Did we scare off the guy who took our order?”

“Probably shouldn’t have flirted with him, Gabriel,” the woman says.

“It’s called smiling and being friendly, Raphe. You should try it some time. Even Mike can do it, if he wants to. Even Luci can. In theory. I’ve seen him do it once.”

“Wasn’t worth the effort, though,” the blond guy chimes in.

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@meaninglessprose it´s finally done!!

I think the hardest part of this request was designing the 16 kids and sorting them into the four houses. Some were easy (Fingon and his siblings, Maglor and Finrod), others were almost sorted randomly (like the twins). I didn´t write the age gaps because all of them wouldn´t find in Hogwarts at once anyways :”)

I wrote a little bit about every kid under the cut. they are to many!

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So, here is my #ChoiceCreates submission

Sunset of Our Lives: #ChoiceCreates30

Chris x MC

“Alright everyone, step off the bus..make sure to grab that hand rail!” The tour guide happily yelled over the crowd of senior citizens coming off of the bus, continuing, “And welcome to the 60th class reunion of Hartfeld University!” Izzie  tapped her walker against the concrete, eyes squinting into the sun. It was so long ago since she had last been here. She had married Zig, had babies..and then her babies had babies. They had lived a long and peaceful life together. It was a story of happiness that one could only dream of. Izzie pulled a worn photo out of her purse: it was a picture of Zig in his football jersey that she had taken for a newspaper assignment, but loved it so much that she had it framed and set next to her bed. In the photo was everything she loved about him: the fiery passion in his eyes, his strength and happiness at finally being exactly where he needed to be. Her wrinkled thumb ran over the photos surface, and her other hand flicked a tear away. Softly, she said to herself and the picture, as if Zig was close by, “I know they wish you could have been here too. I know I do. This place just isn’t the same without you around.”

The tour group started to move forward, with the friendly tour guide talking, but Lizzie only vaguely listening. She heard about the new student union building, but the tour guide talked a bit too fast for her liking and Lizzie was just a bit too far in the back. It didn’t matter though, since there was only one place she really wanted to see: where it all began, with five other friends, on a rooftop. If the tour wouldn’t take her there, then she would need to find a map and get there herself. She had an idea and raised her hand, “Miss!” The tour guide peered over the masses towards her. “Yes, Mrs. Ortega, what can we do for you?” “Sorry to interrupt, but, uh, is there a restroom nearby? I need to take my medicine.” “Of course, is there anyone else who could use a bathroom break?” A sea of elderly folk nodded enthusiastically. “Wonderful! Let’s stop up here!” The tour guide replied. Izzie had hoped there was some sort of kiosk or directory nearby, and slowly made her way towards the locus of the huddled mass. It was then that her breathing stopped for a second, not because of ailment, but because she saw him.

She remembered those kind blue eyes, and saw just a splash of blonde in his graying hair. Izzie would have known her first love, Chris, anywhere. He sat on a bench outside of the restroom with a younger woman, which would have aroused jealousies, except she was showing off a doll. Clearly a granddaughter of sorts. And yet, in that moment, time seemed to fade away and Izzie felt young again and saw that same athletic build in front of her. “What will the guys think when they find out I got tackled by a pretty girl?” he said at their first meeting…saying I love you for the first time on the boat….and his tears the night she knew they could no longer be together. The memories washed over her as she took each step closer to him, her heart beating with anxiety knowing that they were finally meeting again, sixty years later. Chris noticed his granddaughter staring up and taking notice of someone, so he looked up towards the general direction and met Izzie’s eyes.

Chris smiled and remarked, “Boy, am I glad I came today! I didn’t know that such beautiful ladies would be here!” Izzie noticed the granddaughter roll her eyes, but she had to chuckle. Chris was still as flirty as ever. A tinge of tears started to well up around the edges of her eyes, but with a smile in front of him she greeted him, “hello, Chris.” A look of confusion was plastered on him, which gave way towards fear…until a look of recognition illuminated his face. “Grandpa? Who is she?” the young girl asked suspiciously. Izzie was about to introduce herself, when she noticed a mixture of emotions that took her off guard: regret and love. “That, my girl, was the one that got away”, he remarked. Izzie rushed to fill in the space before awkwardness could kick in: “I’m Izzie. Your grandfather and I dated.” They waved and made introductions as a slightly older woman, his daughter came out of the bathroom and exclaimed “You know Dad, this is a really nice school. I can’t believe-oh!” She noticed they were in the middle of something. “Hey Delilah, this is Izzie, my college girlfriend. She is hear for the weekend too.” “Hi.” “Hi, nice to meet you.” The introductions went around again.

“Well, it is lovely to see you brought your family with, Chris.” “Yeah, figured it was time to come back here and show the girls that Pop wasn’t always this old!” he beamed, “Is Zig with you, too? Where is he?” Chris tried to find him in the crowd. Izzie smiled sadly, “No, he is gone. He passed last summer. It was Chris’s turn to look downcast. “Oh, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean..” “Don’t be sorry, Chris. He would have loved to have been here and say thank you for all you did to help get into college. It meant everything to him.” They both shared an appreciative smile. The world around them began to disappear and his family started to feel left out, his daughter clearing her throat to get his attention. “Uh, Dad? I think the group is leaving now. Are you ready?” “Oh!” He was shocked back towards reality, but got his bearings..she was back in his life, and he did not want to separate so fast. “Let’s not join them just yet. We can catch up later on. Here, how about you gals go get an ice cream? I’ll be fine with the walker and there are people close by. I’m just going to catch up with Izzie here.” “Dad–” Delilah protested. “Look, I have a phone if you need me, okay?” Chris persisted. Delilah sighed, “Fine, a half hour.”

Izzie and Chris saw the two walk away, and he offered Izzie his arm, “Care for a walk? I know of a great place down the street.” His eyes twinkled with mischievousness. He wanted to take her to the old place. “Of course, you read my mind.” The two old friends slowly walked up towards the ramp and went up the newly renovated elevator to the old rooftop. Once they reached it, they took a few labored breaths and sat on a bench. The rooftop was now a community garden, but still just as lovely and nostalgic. “Sure not as in great shape as I was back then.” Izzie chuckled. They got comfortable, looking off towards the distance as a heavy reality weighed on them. There was an elephant in the room after all these years, there always was after their last night, but they never acknowledged it. They just went on as friends pretending nothing ever happened. But now, the beast was fed and coming up to the surface. Eyes darted back and forth, as each party avoided shooting the gun, until at last Chris folded: “Oh hell!!” Izzie sighed with relief.

“You know Izzie, my brain is starting to go. I forget keys…forget pills to take.” Chris waved off with some annoyance, but Lizzie took notice when she heard his voice crack a bit, “But I never forgot you.”


“Not a single day. I always replay what could have been. If I had just not been so busy. If I had taken you seriously.” It was Izzies turn to swallow back some tears and place a hand on his arm, “Chris, you don’t have to–”

“Damn it, Izzie! I need to say this!” His forwardness shocked her.

“I let a lot of things control me. I didn’t know where I was going or who I was..except with you. I took you for granted, I always thought you would be there because I wanted to believe that our love was big enough to just…swallow us whole.” He continued quieter, “I made myself believe that, because then I would have an excuse for pushing you aside. I dove into being in football and the President because I wanted to be someone. I wanted to be a man who could stand with you…you were so self assured and confident.”

He stared into the distance, breathing as he groped for thoughts, closing his eyes in rest. A few seconds passed, and as he opened them he stated: “but what I didn’t realize until later was that being the man next to you was enough.” Tears rolled down Izzie’s cheek. “I was complete with you, but it just wasn’t enough.”

It was Izzie’s turn to speak: “I really did love you, Chris. I don’t regret us for a second.” She softly took his hand in hers. He was pleasantly surprised, and took in her warmth. Chris gave her a questioning look: “Did you ever wish things were different?” Izzie gave an apologetic glance, “No, Zig was my fate. He was where I was supposed to be.” She rushed to respond when she saw the crestfallen demeanor through the wrinkles, “but there was always a sense of love in the background. I never stopped loving you.” She rubbed his hands and he smiled.

An air of peaceful comfort and resolution seeped into the air. It felt like hours, but was only mere minutes until Chris cut the silence: “maybe some loves are too great, too timeless for us to handle at certain times. Maybe we weren’t ready or it wasn’t what we needed.” They smiled, as he gripped her hand, continuing, “but I know I need you now before I start to go. I want one last good memory before the sunset of my life.”

Izzie’s eyes filled with water as her hand reached up softly to Chris’s cheek, caressing it. The skin was loose and soft, with tired eyes staring into her soul, searching to read a lifetime of living, to know her as she was. But there was still that undeniable energy residing between the two of them. He was searching for hope..anything to prove that they were still there in the fight. She whispered, “I love you. Maybe it’s time to bring back a light to the darkness.” With a finger slowly grazing his lips, she leaned forward, hand in his, to give him a soft kiss. Chris slowly pulled away with a smile, and then a worried expression, “I’m really here, right? This isn’t a delusion?”

Izzie laughed, “No, this is real” before growing silent, “it always was real.”


Winchester Tradition

OMG I loved your last imagine so much!!!! I’m honestly worried about Mary coming back because I write myself into the show as Sam and Dean’s younger sister and I’m hoping I can still do it with Mary (or mom) back. Yes… I’m that weird. Anyway, if your still doing requests, I was wondering if you could do one similar one where your Sam and deans little sister who’s 16 and meets Mary, her mom, for the first time? So that Mary died in her nursery instead of Sam’s. Thank you so much!
Weird? I ahve aN ENTIRE BLOG dedicated to it xD. Thanks for requesting and I hope you don’t mind I chnged it to a written as I got a tad carried away whoops

A/N: Just a heads up that in this Sam didn’t get “shot” and that weird English lady (remember her?) doesn’t exist.

The drive back to the bunker was silent. Not awkward, though. A comforting silence broken just by Baby’s low hum. You stared out of the window, it was dark out and that somehow made everything so much more unreal. Amara. Chuck. …Dean…Even Cas was with you both. 

Sam drove, focusing on the road and no doubt thinking as much as you were. Cas was in the back with you, maybe out of respect. You appreciated it either way. 

When you arrived back you got out and headed to the front, not waiting up for anyone. You walked down the steps and slumped your backpack on the floor before Sam or Cas had made it in the building and headed off to your room. Sat on your bed, staring at nothing, you heard what must have been Sam’s footsteps as he neared your room. He paused outside for a bit before opening the door. You didn’t look up but you did feel a dip in the bed when he sat down next to you.He then wrapped his arms around you and brought you in close. You hugged him back, closing your eyes in attempt to fight back tears but it didn’t do much. Crying, you felt him hug you tighter and he pressed a kiss to your head. 

After along time of silence you spoke up. “Where’s Cas?”

“I don’t know…he said something about a matter of importance and just went…”
“He’s coming back, right?” You looked up at Sam for the first time. Your wide eyes needing someone to tell you someone was gonna stick around. He’d been crying too. “Course.” 

Almost five days had gone by and you hadn’t seen Cas since. You were reading one of your favourite books. You’d been busying yourself more lately, wanting something to take your mind off things. You smiled when you thought about how Dean would tease you for reading. 

You’d been in your room for the last four days and only now had you ventured into the library, You were sat on one of the comfy chairs, your legs hanging off the arm rest. You hadn’t even noticed Sam come in but he got up to go get his laptop charger. You looked up from the pages and he shot you a smile as he walked across the room.“Sam. Y/N.” A gruff voice made you both turn your heads to see Cas. Only, he was covered in blood. Hopefully not his.

“Cas, where the hell have you been?” Sam sounded more concerned than angry.
“It’s Dean.”
You stood up.
“He’s alive. And that’s not all-”
“How? How did he survive that?” You ask.
“Because it never happened. My Father and Amara sorted themselves out.”
“So why hasn’t he called?”
“He’s been in Hospital. Look I need to tell you something else.”
“What is it?” Sam gave up on hovering in the door way and came to stand next to you.

“Your Mum’s back as well. She’s with Dean.”
You stared wide eyed at Cas. Your Mum had died when you were three years old on your nursery ceiling. You’d always blamed yourself for this and sometimes you wondered if your Dad did too. But this was…no…this was insane.

You and Sam sat impatiently in the waiting room. Sam was bouncing his leg up and down and you didn’t have the energy to tell him to stop. 
A Doctor walked out and nodded at you two, managing a “He’ll be fine…” as you both hurried past him and raced off to Ward 25.

You almost fell into the room when your eyes didn’t know where to look first. Your big brother was strapped up to so many machines it was terrifying. One blip in the system and his life could go down with them. He had tubes aiding his breathing and he looked strangely peaceful for being in such a dangerous state.

You then saw Cas, he was talking to…”Mum?” Sam sounded so taken back to be saying it again.Your Mum stood up, her blonde hair neatly sitting round her shoulders and her heartmelting smile making you want to cry with relief and confusion. Only at this point, the questions could wait. 

Sam raced over and hugged his Mum. You watched and couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward. You couldn’t remember her at all. After all, you were only three when she died. And it was sort of your fault. You’d never had the chance to say ‘Mum’ to her and now it felt…wrong.Y

ou walked over to Dean and watched his heart monitor. He was still out cold but the Doctor said he’d be okay. You focused on the beeps it made, not wanting to make things awkward when your Mum’s kind voice broke the steady rhythm. “Y/N?” She sounded so hopeful you wanted to apologise for being such a mess but before you could even turn to look at her she embraced you in a hug. You stood frozen for a few seconds before hugging back.
“Look at you.” She whispered to herself in amazement.
She broke apart and tilted her head “You hunt too right? I’m not down for my kids growing up to be hunters but if the boys are gonna do it we need a girl to keep em in their place.” She smirked.

Sam laughs and you nod “Yeah I do.”

“Good.” She smiled.

You sat in Ward 25. Perched on the end of the bed as you stared into the steady monitor. You couldn’t look away, it was as though your stare was controlling it. If you stopped maybe his heart would too.

You knew it was stupid. But you still went with it.

Sam had gone back to the bunker with your Mum to get her settled in. He came over with Cas sometimes to make sur eyou and Dean were okay. You stayed however, the Doctors had put out a bed for you but you didn’t really sleep. 

You had a hot chocolate from the machine, Cas had been watching over you for Sam and insisted you drank something.
Your gaze on the monitor was broken by slight movement in the corner of your eye. You glanced down at your older brother and his hand twitched again.
“Dean?” You whispered, watching his eyes.

Slowly but surely, they blinked open and you sighed with relief, letting out a breath. “Dean!” You grinned.

He frowned, pulling the tubes away from him and sitting up slightly before grinning back. “Hey, Kiddo.”
You hugged him and he hugged back. You didn’t want to let go. You and Sam had convinced yourself he was gone for good this time.

Winchester tradition.

“Where’s Sammy? And Cas?..And-” He paused as though considering whether to drop the ‘Mum’ word.

“Mum?” You finished for him, smirking. “They’re at the bunker. Cas is normally here with me. Sam comes sometimes but Mum needed a proper bed to sleep in. After all she’s been dead for a few years or so.” 

“So everyone’s okay?” He sounded amazed at that.

You nod.

“And you stayed? Y/N…”

“I wanted to.”

“You’re adorable.” He chuckled before ruffling your hair. 

“Dean, I’m sixteen not four.” You roll your eyes.

“You’re still my little sister…Come on then squirt,, let’s get out of here.”

“Y/N! Dinner’s ready!” Dean called.

“Okay!” You shout, pausing the game. You stand up and stretch, not realising how tiring it was lying around all day.

The moment you open the door you smell the familiar takeaway aroma. You slip your phone out and swipe through your notifications as you ambled over to the table.

You put it back into your pocket when Dean lightheartedly hit your head, shot him a pout and sat down opposite Sam, Dean next to Sam and your Mum came and sat next to you.

You dug in, you and your brothers filling your Mum in on how you managed to start the apocalypse, free lucifer, become somewhat allies with the king of hell, and die about four or five times each.

She listened in amazement, laughing as you and Dean did your usual sass-off with each other. 

“John raised you three right.” She smiled and you said nothing, sharing a glance with Sam.
You hadn’t taken in the fact she’d lost someone too.

“He sure did.” Dean nodded.

A/N: The ending isn’t John hate. It’s just some writing. Not my opinion.

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Bellarke long distance au please




I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Clarke, one of Octavia’s high school friends.  Sorry if this is weird, but she told me it would be okay to email you.  I’m going to Rome next semester and she said you’ve been there all year.  I’m sort of freaking out about being in a strange city on my own for so long and I do best with a lot of information in front of me, so what are your tips for living in Rome?






Clarke?  Blonde, braids, and braces?  I think that rings a bell.  (Do you really think I would forget you?  I spilled soda on your bio notecards when you were fourteen and I’ve never been more terrified in my life, and I was in college.)

So yeah.  I remember you.

What will you be doing in Rome?  Exchange program?  Living in the dorms, or with a family?  I can help, but I’ll need a better idea of what you’re doing.




Art school, so there’s a program and they’re putting me up in a studio apartment just north of Vatican City.  I’ve been taking Italian, but the whole course is in Italian and I’m kind of intimidated.

And in my defense, I worked really hard on those notecards.  You deserved it.


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How do you do it

Qrow blinked at the kid staring at him. He raised a brow in question.

“Waddya mean, kid? You’ll have to clarify.” He answered, squinting at the younger male. Wasn’t he the blonde kids brother? He vaguely remembered seeing that small tuft of hair during a video chat he happened to glance at. And he did over hear once when Jaune was telling his nieces about his family.

“Well….my friend Gwen she’s sort of like you, but not quite. How can you be so…strong for my brothers team? You’re so put together while Gwen and I…..”

Ah. So he is Jaune’s brother. Though from how puppy-like this guy was, he’d expect him to be related to Nora. They were both red heads too. Then again, half siblings didn’t neccessarily have to look alike. Qrow of all people would know.

He placed a hand on the lanky man’s shoulders. “Kid, normally, I would say fake it ‘till you make it, but that’s a load of horse dung. Don’t fake it. It’s perfectly fine to have doubts and fears, but instead of letting them consume you, let the fear drive you to protect. Not sure what else this dusty old crow can teach ya, just know thatas long as people know you’re fighting for them, it doesn’t matter how strong you are as a person. What counts is the cause and the reason you’re fighting for. Does that answer your question?”

“Erm, kind of. I’d better go check on Jaune, but thank you for the advice!” He cheered as he went to go find team RNJR.

Qrow crossed his arms as Jaune’s brother scurried off. He reminded him too much of a certain brother in law.

“Don’t be like us kid.” Qrow tilted his head to the sky. “Brothers, please don’t be like us.”

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Hi, I wanted to take a moment to say that I absolutely love your writing and it's a pleasure to read anytime, SWAS is a particular favorite of mine but I like them all. Also I know requests are open & if it's not too much I have an idea: Astrid strikes me as someone who'd laugh at the idea of being a mom, with her wanting to be right in the action and adventure like hiccup, but would love the thought after having to look after a baby who really likes her. What do you think. Workable scene maybe?

A/N: Okay, first–this is insanely late. I’m so sorry that I haven’t fulfilled this request until now.

And second of all–I put a little spin on it and placed her in the situation of caring for more of just, like, a little kid! On the other hand, I do have some snippets of interaction between Astrid and an actual baby saved in my drafts, but they felt a little not-as-good-as-they-could-be. I’ll get them out eventually!! :’)

From his place in the forge, he could easily see Astrid sitting a short distance away from the workshop.

She was seated in the grass with a young girl of five years sitting in front of her–a girl who Hiccup recognized to be Ragneid, the only child of the Haugen family. The two were stationed near a patch of small wildflowers; while Astrid skillfully twisted the child’s light brown locks into an intricate set of braids, the young girl babbled happily and weaved flowers into strands.

Hiccup couldn’t help but stop his work to watch the two bond.

It was a rare sight, after all.

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Burned to Ashes

Day 6: Incinerate

My last entry for angst week, then I’ll readily update Beyond the Field ~

“Congratulations Mr. Dragneel and Miss Heartfilia, you are now the proud renters of one of my apartments!” The landlord announce, obviously being proud of renting out yet another apartment.

“You make it sounds like we bought a mansion or something…” Lucy muttered under her breath, taking the key from the enthusiastic man.

“I always get excited when another apartment of mine is rented, I am a businessman after all.” He straightened up his tie, looking at the young couple. “A major rule of mine though is no pets, and I repeat. No pets.”

“We don’t like animals anyway.” Natsu lied, wanting to leave this guy so he could have Lucy all to himself in their new apartment.

“Very well, another thing. Remember that you have neighbors. So when you two are having some ‘fun time’ remember to be considerate-”

“We don’t do that!” It was Lucy who spoke this time. The man in front of her looked indifferent while her boyfriend rolled his eyes, knowing she was lying.

They totally did that sort of stuff.

“Right.” The landlord spoke, not believing the blonde for a second. “If believe thats all. So, I shall be going. Enjoy your apartment!” He walked away not sparing another glance to the teens. Natsu looked to his petite girlfriend, giving her an amused look.

“You don’t like people to knowing about our nightly adventures-”

“S-Shut up!” Lucy’s face was now the color of Natsu’s hair. “I-Its not t-that…” He chuckled at her shyness, wrapping an arm around her slender shoulders.

“I know, I’m just messing around Luce.” He kissed her temple trying to ease her nerves. “Lets get our stuff inside and enjoy the night together.” He slipped his hand down her arm and intertwined their fingers together. Lucy smiled his suggestion.

“That sounds wonderful, Natsu.”


Lucy couldn’t sleep, not being use to the change of scenery just yet. She had been in her old apartment for five years. But after three years of dating Natsu, Lucy deemed her small apartment to small for them since Natsu insisted on staying with her rather than his own home. Since she had to pay her own way for her apartment, the only one she could afford was only spacious enough for one person to live.

“Luce?” Lucy was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her boyfriend’s concerned voice and his muscular arm tightening around her tiny waist. “You okay?”

Lucy smiled and turned in his arms to see his voice matched his expression. “Yeah I’m fine, just not use to sleeping somewhere else.” He pulled her closer until their naked chests touched.

“Well you better get use to it. We’re gonna be here for a long time.” He gave her a suggestive smile, making the blonde laugh a little. “Mostly in this bed though.” He snuggled his face in the crook of her neck, giving it a light nibble.

“With your raging hormones, you’re going to end up getting me pregnant in this place.”

“We’re gonna have kids together someday anyway, why not start now?”

“Natsu!” She gripped his pick locks tightly as he began to suck on her pulse point. “Y-You know what I-”

“Yeah I know you wanna be married before we have kids.” He pulled back, male pride filling him as he seen the darkened skin on her neck. “And thats gonna happen whenever I can afford the perfect ring for you.”

“Nothing to exquisite Natsu, just a simple ring will make me happy.” She leaned forward, connecting their lips together. She pulled apart, just enough to where she could speak. “As long as you’re the one who gives it to me.”

He smirked, turning her over so she lied on her back. He straddled her hips, lips centimeters from hers. “I can assure you that I will be the one to marry you, Lucy.” He smashed his lips back on hers, ready to continue their frenzied activity.


“Natsu!” Lucy shouted through their apartment, when she heard her boyfriends grunt from the next room she walked over seeing him sitting on the couch playing the latest video game he purchased. “Why is their blue fur all over your clothes?” She seen him stiffen, making her raise an eyebrow.

“No reason.”

“There is a reason Natsu.”

“Uh…” She stood in front of him, arms crossing at her chest waiting for an explanation. After seeing his girlfriends searing stare, he knew he couldn’t keep it from her. He sighed in defeat. “Fine. Theres been this cat hanging around the firehouse lately, hes really cool! He has blue fur Luce!” Seeing how his girlfriend still wasn’t pleased, he decided to keep on going with his story. “He was really skinny, so I doubt hes been eating. So I, uh kind of brought him back here a few times and fed him leftovers…”

“Natsu you idiot!” She scolded. “Once you feed a cat, they won’t leave you alone!”

“I know that now!” He said trying to reason with the angered blonde. “He follows me home everyday now.”

“Wheres it at right now?”

“…The kitchen most likely.”

“MY KITCHEN?!” She shouted angrily. She stormed to the kitchen, her boyfriend hot in pursuit. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a cat with blue fur sleeping on the counter next to the coffee pot. Her eye twitched out of anger turning over to Natsu. He felt her gaze and nervously turned to look back, being met with a switch slap to the back of the head.

“You idiot!”

“You already called me that!”

“Do you know we could get kicked out for that thing?!”

“Well duh.” He remarked, walking over to the now yawning animal. “But look at him Lucy! He has blue fur! How many animals do you know with blue fur?”

Lucy sighed. “Natsu I know what you’re trying to do. And the answer is no.”

“But Lucy!”

“No.” She firmly stated. Her serious face started to falter though when her boyfriend’s eyes grew big, lips forming into a pout. It didn’t help the now awake feline rubbing its face against Natsu’s, looking at the blonde with wide eyes. “Natsu…”

“I’ll take of him Luce, promise! The landlord won’t find out ‘bout him either!” Lucy’s mind went a thousand directions. She didn’t really want a pet, she had a hard time cleaning up after Natsu in the first place. “It’s either that or he sleeps out in the streets where he could very well get hit by a car and-”

“Alright fine you can keep it!” She said in defeat, not feeling like arguing with him about the matter. “But you better make sure it doesn’t make a mess.”

“You’re the best Lucy!” He ran over to her, picking her up and swinging her around in a circle to show his excitement. “It’s a boy by the way, not an it.”

“I don’t care what he is.” Natsu unwrapped his arms around her waist. “I’m going to do laundry now that I figured out the blue hair crisis.” Natsu flinched at the vicious stomping his girlfriend did.

He figured out that Lucy wasn’t a cat person.


“So, if you didn’t want Happy… why did you get a dog too?” Natsu questioned, very amused by Lucy’s actions. She huffed a breath, scratching the top of the dogs head.

“Well, we’ve had Happy in secret for about four months now and with us working so much I thought the little guy could use some company.”

“Since when did you care about Happy?”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “It shouldn’t be ‘when did I start caring about Happy’ it should be ‘Lucy I’m so glad you warmed up to Happy.’” As if to emphasize her point, she started to rub the now chucky feline’s stomach. “Plus, Plue and Happy get along quite well. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“I guess.” Natsu’s eyes narrowed at his blue cat whose head was sleeping on the blonde’s large chest. “I think you got comfortable because he lays on your boobs all the time.” Natsu said, somewhat jealous. “Whenever I want to lay on your chest you get pissed but when the animals do its okay? Not fair Luce, not fair.”

“You’re such a baby sometimes.”

“Yeah, your baby.”

Lucy couldn’t help but agree with him.


“I can’t believe you!” Lucy shouted, tears of frustration running down her cheeks. “How could you miss it?!”

“It’s not like I wanted to miss it!” He screamed back, just as angry as she was. “I had a double shift at the firehouse, I don’t know what else you want to hear from me Lucy!”

“Don’t give me that bullshit! Your dads the chief, he knew how important tonight was to me! He would’ve let you off for it if you just asked.”

“Do you not know how close my pops is to retiring and me becoming chief?! I need all the experience I can get!”

“You have everyday of the rest of your life to work Natsu, I wanted you there whenever I gave my speech to keep the public library open! I really wanted you there…” Her tears were now rushing from her eyes to the point she couldn’t see straight. Natsu sighed.

“Look Lucy, I know you wanted me there. It just didn’t work out and I’m sorry.” He pulled out his phone and checked the time. “I have to go back to the station now.” She looked up, an incredulous look on her face.

“You’re going back there right now? After a fight?”

Natsu blinked. “Well yeah?”


“Why wouldn’t I? We’ve been fighting a lot lately, maybe because of all the time we’re spending together.”

“…We live in the same house Natsu.”

“Lucy you know thats not what I meant. We all need our space, and right now you need some alone time. I’ll be back in the morning.”

“So, you’re just going to leave me when I’m like this…?” Natsu ran a hand through his hair at her stubborness.

“Lucy, get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Natsu, don’t leave me alone tonight…” He heard what she said, but chose to ignore it and walked out the door. Thinking giving her some space would be the best medicine for her.


The sound of the fire alarms rang throughout the building. Dozens of men jumped up and put on their protective suits. Natsu was no exception. Once his gear was on, he jumped in the fire truck that was ready to take off.

Speeding down the street, he thought about his fight with Lucy. Was it a mistake to leave her when she asked him not too? When they usually got into a fight, Lucy told him just to give her space and he thought this time was no exception. She told him not to leave this time though, and he did anyway. He put his hand in his pocket, fiddling with the box that contained a ring.
The perfect ring to propose to Lucy with.
That was the real reason he worked that double shift and missed her speech. He felt bad about missing it, he truly did but Lucy wanted to marry him as soon as possible. So for the past few weeks he pulled double shifts until he was able to afford the ring of Lucy’s dreams.

And he was going to propose to her tomorrow night.

He had it all planned out. They would go out to Lucy’s favorite restaurant and take a walk in the park. Natsu would have a little area set up with a perfect view of the stars in the sky. He would say some cheesy thing like how she was more beautiful than any star in the sky and go with the flow from there.

He just couldn’t wait to have Lucy’s last name change to Dragneel.

He was so lost in his thoughts of his future wife, he failed to notice the destination they arrived at. When he looked at the familiar apartment complex his heart dropped.

It was his and Lucy’s apartment complex.

He jumped out of the vehicle, about to run to the burning building when a strong hand stopped him in his tracks.

“What the hell Igneel?! Lucy’s in there!” The older male looked down to his adoptive son.

“I am very aware of that Natsu. I have a rescue team in there, you are to stay out here and help water down the fire. You can’t let your feelings for Lucy get in the way of others safety.”

“Others safety?! What the hell are you talking about-” The crackling of the fire got louder, as well as a sound of creaking boards. Natsu felt numb as he watched the building crumble to the ground instantly.

“LUCY!” Natsu pushed past his grief struck superior and made his way to the rubble. He noticed most parts were on fire, he gritted his teeth at the thought that he would have to wait until it was out to look for his girlfriend. Half an hour of waiting anxiously and running around the burning rubble to sign of Lucy, the fire was out.

Natsu acted immediately. Climbing on the soot filled pile and pushing away the debris, but still no sign of his blonde haired lover. He seen as his allies rescued others from the rubble, but not his Lucy.

“Hey, we found a body over here!” Natsu’s heart sank. Out of curiosity he ran over to where his friend had shouted.

His heart almost stopped.

It was Lucy. Her skin was covered in ash, as well as her hair. He noticed that she was on top of their animals.

Their now dead animals.

He didn’t see them struggling to get free of her grip like animals usually did during this situation. He couldn’t breathe. He didn’t know what to do. He barely felt the hand on his shoulder and the “I’m so sorry” his comrade offered him. Natsu couldn’t look at his now dead girlfriend, or the now dead animals they’ve been raising in secret for the past year they’ve lived at the complex. He stepped off the pile and started walking away from the scene. He glanced when they carried the girl on a stretcher, the two animals still in her clutch. He seen something else clasped in her hand. He didn’t waste any time in going over and seeing what it was.

When he looked at it, Natsu wished he could’ve died right there and now.

It was a pregnancy test. On the screen was a little plus, indicating that she was pregnant.

Lucy was pregnant.

Is that why she was so upset tonight? Or why she’s been so hormonal for the past few weeks? He just stared at the little test in his hands. Still not believing it. He started to shake, tears starting to run from his eyes. His mind repeating her last words.

“Natsu, don’t leave me alone tonight…”

He finally dropped down to his knees, his cries heard by everyone. He didn’t care though. He had lost everything he held dear to him all in one night.

His home.

His pets.

His other half.

…And his child.

Long awaited second part to this post!

Cloud blankly stared ahead, blue eyes only blinking when a figure entered the room he was sitting in, the door slamming open roughly, harsh steps moving closer, getting louder. His head was gently lifted by gloved hands, an intense and worried look meeting his gaze. Familiar black spikes filled his view and something rang in his head. His sight blurred, and the blond tried to pull away, but the other was stubborn, not letting go until after Cloud stopped.

“I heard from Tifa what happened,” Cloud tilted his head in response, feeling that it was probably more of an ‘I pestered Tifa until she finally spilled the beans’, which he found much easier to believe, oddly enough. “You just gotta keep getting yourself into these sorts of situations, don’t you?”

The tall man raked his fingers through his hair, radiating frustration with every movement he made. Cloud couldn’t help but feel that he had gone through this before. Not the falling into Lifestream part, but the half awake, half fuzzy, barely able to move, part. It was on the tip of his still trembling tongue. When he tried to remember, all he saw was white, red, green, and more red.

“This isn’t fair,” The blond was practically confined to the wheelchair that Tifa had procured, but he practiced moving his toes while the other mumbled to himself. One toe, two toes, and three… When he was sure they still worked, he started to work on his foot, trying to swing it back and forward, not caring that the other man (who was he, again?) had turned his back on him and was doing some relentless pacing, “Why’s everything gotta happen to you, Cloud?”

The man spun quickly on booted feet, making his way back to Cloud, who had stopped moving in surprise. The same gloved hand cradled his right cheek, almost wistfully. A sigh, some more mumbles. The hand left eventually, and Cloud found he missed it. He was soon met with the sight of that same back and Cloud lurched forward on unsteady feet, glad that Tifa hadn’t thought to buckle him in. His arms draped ungracefully on broad shoulders and his breathing was getting harsh.

His past. Zack’s back. Leaving, leaving, gone. Dead.

“No,” His voice was small and rough, deeper than usual, “Zack, don’t go.” Memories of blood and rain filled his vision, causing him to tighten his grip, “You can’t beat them all. You’ll die. Please don’t die.”

As soon as that last syllable left his lips, he could sense his legs fall on him, muscles weak and shaking after his exertion. Strong arms caught him and he looked up instinctively, eyes wide, the beginning of tears starting up from the sheer power of previously lost memories.

“You remember?” Zack’s tone was full of wonder and that frown that had marked his face just before was gone, replaced with a wide smile. Cloud had missed his smile. It was comparable to an angel’s; though he couldn’t help feeling he had called someone else like an angel as well, “Holy shit, Cloud. You remember me.”