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I'm late but it's still 2016 somewhere... I already sent you a sappy message, but you deserve another one. You are fabulous, really one of the very very best. You're kind and smart and funny, and you put up with my whining. I'm glad I got to know you before you discovered colourpop though- I would have been wayyyy too intimidated to talk to someone who was already so beautiful AND had such fierce lip colour on top of that (too cool for me to talk to). The combo is almost too much 😘😘 💕💕 x

omg ellie. i don’t even have the words to respond to this. Thank you for being one of my biggest cheerleaders. For being a person I can go to and know you’ll always have a kind word or a pep talk to tell me I’m going to do something great. I DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW YOU HAVE SO MUCH FAITH IN ME. <33333 I love you so much. 


when ur 103 yr old great grandma remembers that she’s at breakfast and should stop napping

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Who are your top three favourite characters from SKAM and why? :)

1) Noora Amalie Sætre

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Noora is my favorite character on Skam, and one of my all time favorite characters. I love that she’s a strong, intelligent, kickass woman (seriously, I cry every time she tells William he’s “a fucking cliche”) but she’s super cute and fashionable too. She’s also great friend (remember when she literally brought Vilde lunch every day and told her she was beautiful? Remember when she tried to cheer Eva up by playing Baby and singing along? … And I’m crying again). She’s a wonderful feminist role model, and I just love her so much! 

2) Eskild Tryggvason

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Eskild is an absolute sweetheart. He’s such a goofball and probably the funniest character on the show (”You need dick, Noora. Dick!” … I’m still dying). What I love most about Eskild though, is how great of a friend he is. He’s always there for Noora (covering for her when she went on a date with William, telling her she’s not alone in 2x10, letting her know how much he cares for her after she comes back from London), and he’s there for Isak too (letting him live in the basement and giving him advice on Even). Basically Eskild is the best, and I hope to see lots more of him in season 4! 

3) William Magnusson/Sana Bakkoush (because I can’t choose between these two!)

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(on a purely shallow note, can we talk about how good he looks?) I mean … William checks off all my trope boxes. “Bad” boy with a heart of gold? Check. The main character hates him at first? Check. Tragic backstory? Check. In all seriousness though, I really like that William grows as a character over the season, and I love the way he treats Noora. He’s kind and respectful and he acknowledges his mistakes, and how can I not love someone who loves Noora so much?

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Sana starts off a little harsh in the beginning of Season 1, but I love that she also grows as a character. She’s strong, sassy, sarcastic, and hilarious but I love that beneath all that she cares a lot, especially about her friends. I love that she’s such a good friend to Vilde (like when she threw water on that girl for saying Vilde was a slut), to Noora (she helped Noora get back together William), and Isak. Sana is amazing, and remember, her hijab will protect you! 

Thanks for the ask! 

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but listen this is great character development for Roxy because remember when she didn’t know what her role was??

and how she underestimated her abilities ??

and how she was so indecisive and hesitant to play the game??

but now she’s fire up and ready to fight. She’s gained confidence in herself and her abilities, she’s accepted her role as a rogue of void and she knows exactly what she wants and what needs to get done and I am just so so proud of Roxy Lalonde. 

i feel like no matter how much affection Lucas shows Maya; how many times he tells her he loves her; how many times he looks at her as if she’s the most beautiful thing in the entire world– she’ll always have a little bit of doubt in her mind. 

Sure, she’ll act confident on the outside, and make it seem like it’s no big deal. They’re just boyfriend and girlfriend. Why make a big deal of it? She should feel happy. But deep down, Maya will feel unsure of herself. Or, more so, unsure of Lucas.

Does he really like me? What if it’s all an act? I don’t deserve him. He deserves someone better. I don’t want to hurt him.

 I feel like Maya will always feel like she doesn’t deserve his love. Because why should she be worthy of something so amazing when she’s so used to being let down?

How are there 10,000 people following this blog? How is that a thing? Lol. Thank you all so much for putting up with me. I’ll probably make some gifs or something later today. Maybe write a one-shot to celebrate lol. This is crazy but also awesome ;) 

remember in the walking dead when beth died (rip she was a great character) and there were/are so many people convinced she’s still alive… like she got shot in the head and her limp body was carried out of the building… i liked her a lot too but like come on now

Given what I just wrote about Peggy having to be angry before she shows her feelings…

Has Daniel completely figured this out (consciously) and that’s why he baits her?  Or does he just do it because he enjoys doing it (because he’s a sassy little shit)?  He seems surprised when she kisses him.  Remember, he’s not great at reading people… I feel like if anything it’s subconscious.

Tell me, trashcan.

do you guys remember in “operation broken feather” when jake told amy what a great detective she was before he found out she wasn’t taking the job with the vulture and he was super embarrassed by what he had said

and then here’s flustered and nervous jake trying to ask his partner out and he shows his admiration through complimenting her, “you are so consistent”, which you know is a really kind thing for amy to hear