remember when she posted this with the same caption

Although I Do Thoroughly Enjoy the Twincer Theories...

I truly think that the writers are just trying to make us think that it is Spencer that has a twin to distract us from the obvious choice–Alison. Alison had a twin in the books, and Marlene says that everything is going to come full circle. What can be more full circle than coming back to what lead to the start of the show in the first place?–the books! Isn’t it strange that Charles begins with a C like both Charlotte and COURTNEY do?? I think Marlene wants to pay homage to Sara Shepard and the story that started it all. I really believe Alison/Her twin will be A.D. I mean, isn’t it strange how Marlene chose the letters “A.D.” To refer to Uber A??? What’s the best way to confuse your audience?–MAKE IT OBVIOUS SO THAT THEY THINK IT CANT POSSIBLY BE THAT SIMPLE. A.D. has to stand for Alison Dilaurentis. Yes, it’s a little too obvious for this kind of show, but that’s the point. Reverse psychology. A.D. Says that they “hide in plain sight”–Ummm can you say Alison? Now, some might think: why the fuck would Alison do all that she has done to herself (impregnate herself with em’s eggs, send herself to a baby store, etc.)?? The answer could honestly be as simple as this– the Alison we see now is not Alison but her twin, OR the Alison we see today IS Alison, and A.D. is her twin who is taking on Alison’s old persona in order to torture her and her friends.

So then the question is: Who is Alison’s twin? I really think it could be Charles. I think Charles could be Alison’s twin brother that transitioned into a female version nearly identical to his sister. Maybe we can call her post-transition name Courtney? Or maybe Bethany? Regardless, I do believe that Charlotte’s story was stolen from the real Charles and THAT’S what got her killed. Anyone else remember that picture Marlene posted of Sasha Pieterse (Alison) with short hair like a boy? And the caption read “Remember this. There will come a day”. I think this was foreshadowing of the twin! In that same picture she posted, there was a black Radley car in the background! When else did we see this black Radley car before?–In the story about the twins and when Aria says she feels like something bad happened in that house! I think Charles is the ultimate twist, and I think he is either the “Alison” we see now and the real Alison is A.D. or vice versa! Some interesting clues from this past episode that also help my theory: as Alison unpacks her things, we see that she has two ballerina lamps! (Clue of twins!) We have also seen Alison with a ballerina music box previously on several accounts. And we saw Mary argue over whose necklace was the ballerina necklace–hers or jessicas? Not to mention Spencer remembers seeing a little girl in the children’s Ward in Radley (played by Maddie Ziegler). This little girl specifically dances! That’s all that Spencer can really remember about her! And that’s where Spencer finds the slippers with the initials C.D. on them! Could this be a clue that The little girl dancing could have been Courtney/Charles Dilaurentis? Maybe Spencer remembers seeing her/him as a young girl when she was taken to see her birth mother, Mary, in Radley?–something which probably stopped after multiple attempts of Mary trying to take Spencer back as her own?