remember when people used to do this shit all the time

11 p.m. is for single mothers
who cradle a glass of wine in their fingers
and wait for the sound of a child crying
they hope will never come—
it always does.

12 a.m. is for high school students
to do homework they didn’t have time to do
after lacrosse practice and dance rehearsal—
they yearn to rest their tired eyes
but cannot.

1 a.m. is for sneaking into your bedroom
on a school night at seventeen,
reminding yourself how tired
you will be in the morning,
convincing yourself it was worth it.

2 a.m. is for star-crossed lovers
rolling in bed sheets smelling of
alcohol and tragic dreams that
ironically lull them to sleep.

3 a.m. is for hopeless romantics
wishing under late-night skies
for someone to talk to,
for someone who gets it.

And all of those people think
they’ve got it bad, but
when 4 a.m. rolls around the corner,
the past sinks into your veins—

4 a.m. is too late for anyone to save you,
for when 4 a.m. tells you,
“You can’t do this anymore,”
you believe it.

—  4 a.m.


I was sitting in a mental health training when they did a segment on “how can you tell if your employee has depression?” and they listed all the things I do, and “how not to respond” was like a shitton of things shelter management has tried, and “how to help” was shit they’d never do, and I realized I was suddenly furious.

And then we got to a section on self-care and the Executive Director was like “Oh, our workplace knows these things, but we are not so good at doing them!  Everyone remember, your benefits package has a generous allowance for counselling, and things like massage and physiotherapy! I don’t use them, though I guess other people do.”

(this woman, remember, has denied me benefits three times on a technicality, even when I begged her for them)

And suddenly it was just so crystal clear: I need to quit. I need to quit now. I need to quit more than I need these paychecks.

So I emailed in my two weeks’ notice this evening after I talked it over with friends and family.  My last act for the shelter will be covering Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

To do tomorrow: Make doctor’s appointment to apply for medical EI so I have some baseline income during the next few months.


My meds save my life each and every day. I can remember what life was like before therapy and before meds, and I would never want to go back to how it was. Even when I was in therapy but not managing my meds well, I was in a bad place so much of the time. I have tried a number of things, but only since taking my meds regularly have I been consistently in an okay place and able to manage my breakdowns.

My meds saved my life and continue to save it. So fuck everyone who has ever told me that I just need more vitamin c or more sunlight or to try yoga or whatever. Exercise and diet are great, and definitely help, but none of that has brought me back from constant suicidality.

Meds aren’t for everyone, and some people do great without them, but stop shitting on those of us who rely on them to keep us okay. All paths to recovery can be good, and please do whatever helps YOU. Don’t tell people that they’re weak or taking the easy way out when they use meds. Don’t tell us that all we need is to start jogging or meditating and we won’t need to have a “dependency” on these “unnatural chemicals”. My meds are a supplement I use to help treat my chronic illness and that I use to be okay.

My meds save my life each and every day.

I don’t get when people on here try to roast people for being broke, asking for help, or posting a wishlist. Remember a few days ago there was one girl up in arms in my mutuals notes basically being like “I could buy all the items on your list and still have money left. Have fun panhandling on the Internet” or some wack shit like that? Like….you on just like us broke bitches but the difference between MY Tumblr experience and YOUR Tumblr experience is that you get absolutely nothing out of it….not even notes….this is an absolute waste of your time. You on here flexing on people for having hardship with like….6 followers and when No One asked.

I mean…good luck making your three note posts while some of us are actually kind and have fun and have earned the kindness of strangers I guess.

Ok, I know most of us talk about this movie...

And it’s complete disregard of racial boundaries..

Where it had two interracial relationships, and no one questioned it or gave a shit…

That being said, does anyone remember this movie….?

Yes, the disney adaption of Annie in 1999. It wasn’t a great movie, but it was good enough. But notice again, how Disney ignores racial boundaries….

This is basically how the movie ends. Yes, a rich and powerful white male, adopts a white girl, and gets engaged to an african american woman in damn 1933….

And nobody gave a flying fuck, and nor did Disney. I certainly didn’t when I saw the movie for the first time. Now that’s all we do is fight over racial accuracy. For these films, Disney bent the rules and nobody cared, because they made it work. They succeeded in making at least two films racially diverse, and they were smash hits with kids. So that bullshit that black people can’t sell tickets is just that, bullshit. So when are the rest of the film studios around the world going to get that stick out of their asses?

Remember the time when Jelenators said that Abel would not appreciate Selena in the right way?

Remember when Jelenators was the first one to see that something was wrong since day 1?

Remember when Jelenators said that no one would love Selena like justin did and still  do?

Remember when Jelenators said that Abel and Selena have nothing in commom and that would end up bad for Selena?

Remember when Jelenators said that Abelena  was PR and  Abel would not take Selena serious because he’s a playboy?

Yeah.Remember ….And guess what ?Jelenators was right all the fucking time.But,yet people still have the nerve to call us crazy.

Congratulations Abelena stan,you played yourself.Your ship is shit,now feel free to start whining,bitch.

Safeword (Ashton Imagine)

Here it is, lmao. This shit is sending me straight to hell.

Warnings: Lots o’ smut. Daddy kink. Aftercare. Safeword use. 

Here are the others:





It was strange how it started.

For all the time you had known Ashton, he hated it when people called him ‘Daddy’. When the fans joked about him having a daddy kink, he had gone into a fit of rage trying to dispute it. It made him feel uncomfortable and guilty, and he absolutely hated it.

But then, a switch flipped.

You couldn’t remember the exact day, but it had something to do with Ashton being away from you for awhile. He had come back from a two month tour and you had been right in the heat of sex when he had begged you to call him daddy. You did, and since, it was a thing. You two didn’t talk about it too much, you just did it. You loved it.

And, as most kinky relationships tended to go, you and Ashton kept exploring, because what was the worst that could happen? Right?



“I don’t know…” You held back a giggle, holding the handcuffs up for inspection. “I mean, I know we are kinky but… this kinky?”

“We don’t have to,” Ashton quickly said, a light blush filming over his cheeks. “It was just a thought. If you want.”

You and Ashton had been upping your sex lives more and more recently, and finally you had gotten around to trying different toys. Each Friday night for the past month, Ash had surprised you with something new. Last week’s was using a bandanna as a blindfold, and you were sure you had never come so hard in your life.

“Would I wear the ballgag, too?” You asked, still grinning slightly at your boyfriend’s flushed state.

“And the bandanna, if it’s okay?”

You thought for a moment. Truthfully, it sounded wickedly kinky, and something about it turned you on. A lot.

“Okay,” you finally said, lips finding his immediately. He grinned against your mouth as the kiss deepened, the two of you not doing anything all week due to your hectic schedules. You missed his touch and love.

You also missed his dick.

But first, you focused on his tongue in your mouth. You sucked on it as you leaned back against the pillows, falling with his fit body on top of you, his hands already moving to unclasp your bra. You had spent the evening in your newest bra and panties, as Ashton only had boxers on. You knew what would ensue eventually anyway.

“So hard, baby, been hard all week,” Ashton groaned as your hand rubbed him through the thin material. His mouth moved down as he sucked on your left nipple, nibbling softly at the tender flesh.

“Missed you,” you moaned, running your fingers through his thick curls as he moved on to the other one. His hair was getting kind of long. You mentioned this and he hummed in agreement, reaching down and stripping you of your panties. You tugged at his boxers and he kicked them off, mouth greedily returning to your lips again. His left hand reached down and he immediately sunk a finger into your wet heat, pumping right away.

“Daddy…” You whined, squirming. You knew he loved it. And just as you had thought, his eyes flashed with something, him stifling a groan (and not very well) as his cock kicked out a spurt of precum.

“Shit, baby. M'not gonna last long if we keep this up.”

“Better start then,” you breathed as he lifted himself off the bed, retracting his digit. He moved to grab the metal cuffs and secured one around your wrist.

“How’s that baby?” He kissed up your arm as you tugged lightly, feeling the cold metal against your skin.

“Seems good.”

He raised your arms so they were above your head and cuffed your other wrist. When you gave an experimental tug, you realized he had hooked them around part of the headboard.

“Okay, baby,” He pressed a searing kiss to your lips, rocking his naked hips against yours. “Bandanna time?”

“Please daddy,” you whispered, already getting lost in his gentle caresses and soft words.

Fuck…” He took out one of the old bandannas he never used anymore and helped you lift your head. Tying it over your eyes, you watched your world go black, having to rely on only sound and his touch to help you locate your boyfriend.

“Good, baby?” He asked, rubbing your clit.

“Yeah, daddy,” you moaned, his lips pressing to yours once more before he got up one last time. Without your eyes, you felt completely alone until he sunk back onto the bed a moment later, rubbing your thigh.

“I’m gonna put the gag in now, okay?”

“Mmhm.” You let your mouth hang open as he lifted your head again, securing the gag in your mouth and gently massaging your jaw. 

“Fuck… I love Fridays,” Ashton groaned, rubbing his dick on your clit. “You’re so wet, baby. Don’t even need lube.”

You couldn’t see him but you knew he was ready to push in. He was right -you were soaked- but usually you still used lube anyway. At his entrance you tugged on the handcuffs and were surprised that they actually hurt. They hadn’t seemed that tight when Ashton had first put them on. Huh.

“I’m so in love with you,” Ashton moaned, pumping into you quickly and biting your neck. You tried to moan around the gag but for some reason it felt like it was blocking your whole mouth. Saliva was building in your mouth and you gagged as it dripped into your throat. You weren’t having fun anymore. With every push into you the cuffs rubbed your wrists wrong, and the pain was biting. 

“Ahhh,” you tried to get Ashton’s attention, at least so he could take the gag out and slow down, but something was happening. Your brain felt all fuzzy, and the bandanna over your eyes was damp with tears and it was getting hard to breathe and you felt so confused and suddenly Ashton wasn’t touching you anymore. 

And that made you the most terrified of all.


Ashton was perceptive of you, more than you even knew.

Throughout your Friday experiments, his goal was to make sure you were comfortable and having as much fun as he was. He didn’t like to admit it, but he paid attention to every little thing. 

Which was why, as soon as his eyes looked up and saw your heaving chest -and not the kind of heaving that perfect love breeds- he knew something was wrong. His gaze shifted farther up and he gasped as he saw your wrists which were raw and red, some drops of blood running down your forearm. “Shit, baby.” He immediately stopped, pulling out and jumping off the bed, searching for the key to the cuffs. 

“Fuck, it was right here,” he muttered, moving about half written songs on top of his dresser as he looked for the small silver key. What he didn’t know was that you couldn’t even hear him. While he thought that you knew he was looking for a key, you were laying on the bed still blindfolded and gagged, swimming through a black haze with absolutely no concept of where your boyfriend was. 

Finally!” Ashton said, quickly turning around and unlocking the handcuffs so he could toss them to the corner of the room. He didn’t know you were mid-subdrop. He didn’t know how scared you were. He didn’t know you were sobbing. 

He found out pretty quickly though when he took the blindfold off to see your swollen red eyes which were completely overrun by tears. 

“Baby?! Holy shit, Y/N.” He worked to get the gag out of your mouth which was wet with saliva. As soon as it was gone, a loud sob ripped from your lungs. 

“Donut!” You cried, grabbing his hand and clinging to it for dear life as you safeworded out. “I wanna stop! I-I wanna s-stop!”

“It’s okay, it’s fine, all done,” Ashton murmured frantically, using a fluffy blanket to wrap you up in and place in his lap. “I’m so sorry. Shit, I’m so sorry.”

He smoothed your hair back and grabbed a tissue from the box on the nightstand, wiping the saliva that had collected thanks to the gag. For several moments you just sat there in his lap, coddled in the softness of the blanket and the slow humming that you felt through his chest as his fingers ran over your snarled hair. He repeatedly pressed kisses to your hairline and asked if you were warm enough. He knew you were coming out of your subspace and wanted you to know he was there for you. 

“Can I bring you to the bathroom?” Ashton asked softly, nuzzling your cheek. 

“I… I guess, yeah,” you said, willing your heart to chill out. You knew you were fine but your wrists still hurt like a bitch and you felt completely exhausted and rundown. Way more than usual. 

Ashton picked you up and carried you into your shared bath, setting you on the counter. The blanket was still around you and you waited a moment as he pulled on a pair of athletic shorts and then reached under the sink, pulling out antiseptic. 

“Can I see your wrists?” He asked. Upon your approval, he gently took your tender wrists and ran them both under warm water from the sink. They weren’t really cut up too badly but they still hurt. On the few cuts there were, Ashton rubbed the antiseptic on them, kissing both before setting them back in your lap. He filled up a glass with water and handed it to you, watching as you greedily drank it, realizing how parched you were. 

“Do you feel better?” He whispered once you set the glass down. 

“Yeah,” you sighed, really wanting to go to sleep. 

“I’m sorry. I’m not sure the combo of cuffs, bandanna, and gag is so great.” You gave him the driest look you could conjure up. 

“Really?” You sassed, wrapping your arms around his nude torso as a hint to take you back to bed. He got the jist. 

“Yeah,” he smiled softly, knowing the mood was lightening up now. “It didn’t seem like you were digging it.”

“No, it was great,” you drawled sarcastically, albeit tiredly, as he set you on the bed, passing you a shirt of his and a pair of leggings to slip on. “I especially liked the part where I couldn’t breathe and choked on my own drool.”

“I’m sorry,” he said again, all seriousness. “I don’t like the gag either. It scared me when I realized you weren’t able to safeword out.”

“It’s okay,” you muttered, snuggling against him as he wrapped his arms around you. “It also kinda ruins the concept of a daddy kink if I can’t even call you daddy. I liked the concept of the handcuffs but they hurt.”

“I know,” Ashton said. “There were fluffy pink ones but I thought you would hate them but I think we should have gone with those instead.”

“Oh god,” you groaned at the thought. “There’s fluffy black ones on amazon. I’d rather have those.”

Ashton pulled back a bit to look at you, a smirk slowly creeping onto his face. “You were looking at sex toys on amazon?”

“Shut up,” you grumbled, closing your eyes and getting comfortable as he laid back down. There was complete silence for a moment before he spoke again.

“You ordered the fluffy black ones the other day, didn’t you?”


“I know you are kinky but… that kinky?”

You glared at him in fake-offense. “Okay. Daddy.”

You smirked at his sharp intake of breath, settling down and pretending to fall asleep immediately. He grumbled and slung his arm over your waist, tucking you close to his side.

“Cheap shot.”


Should I do Luke or nah?

anonymous asked:

How often do you talk with your brothers? Are y'all close. Did you guys fight growing up? Why don't they smash in the YT like you?

I talk with them on email every week or so. They watch my shit now and then.

We get along better than ever now.

I used to have full on brawls with Julian when we were teenagers and living together for a short time. I remember in 94 he wore my brand new air 180′s on his motorbike and got them a bit dirty. I was furious (back then I cared about meaningless shit like clean Nikes) and I started punching him, then he kicked me in the mouth and I chipped a few teeth. I didnt fuck with him after that and he also didnt wear my stuff without asking me first.

Most people find they get on better with their family after they move out haha. I do.

I was sharing at work today my experience when I lived for a month in the US back in 2010, and how half of that time was like one of the worse in my life

I went to my old emails and found one I had sent to someone who could do something to help me and I started tearing up at work, remembering how hard those days were and how desperate I was, all alone in a country that wasn’t mine, being humiliated in a home by a family that wasn’t mine, and I didn’t know anybody. I used to cry everyday, I was living a dream that turned into a nightmare, but that experience contributed for my maturity and the person I am today

and then some assholes here on tumblr think they have the right to give me shit about how I decide to live my life lol

you people know nothing, when you live somewhere where you’re told over and over how unwanted and what a waste of space you are, in ANOTHER COUNTRY, and you have to run away from that house to another city you have no idea where’s at, when you get inside a train that leads you god knows where, when it’s only you and your suitcase…. then you talk to me.

Not tagged but found it from @mc-cooltunes and want to know more about the following

▪️Are you named after anyone? Nah
▪️When was the last time you cried? Dont remember, I wasn’t coherent thats for sure
▪️Do you have kids? No and dont want any
▪️If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Yeah I would actually. From the outside sure I have aot of redeeming qualities, Living within the shit… ehh
▪️Do you use sarcasm a lot? Nope… I just scowl
▪️Will you ever Bungee Jump? Given the opportunity
▪️What’s your favorite cereal? Cinnamon toast crunch! 
▪️What’s the first thing you notice about people?  The eyes. They’re just a shapeless mass until I make eye contact. Then its either..yeah you’re still a shapeless mass or yeah you momentarily have my attention.
▪️What is your eye color? Brown
▪️Scary movie or happy endings?  Oh scary all the way.. 
▪️Favorite smells? Wood burning, lilac, laundry, the smell of certain lipstick
▪️Summer or winter? Fall
▪️Computer or television? Computer definitely. Cant remember the last time I watched television…. Not being pretentious, I cant really remember, Its all youtube or netflix…if anything
▪️What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Where I am now….
▪️Do you have any special talents? Im double jointed?
▪️Where were you born? U.S.A
▪️What are your hobbies? Are a luxury… I  dunno yoga, anything physical that gets me out of my head. ( dont be nasty)
▪️Do you have any pets? Nope
▪️Favorite movie? Ohhh man. I havent seen anything new recently… 
▪️Do you have any siblings? No only half siblings


It’s not often that I block people.  I can’t even remember the last time I used the block button.  I even went back and unblocked a few people recently.

But I did decide to block getapoas, not because he was horning in on my posts with shitty comments, not even because he was a borderline misogynist douchecanoe.  He amused me, in a horrifying sort of way.  I engaged him only when I saw fit to humiliate him and ignored him otherwise, and I was quite content with this arrangement.

Then I see this comment on one of his recent posts.

UHHHH actually Germany is worse now than it was fucking Nazi Germany. Being a German is shit now. I can’t wait for the brown dragon of Islam to wipe out their inferior culture.

Refusing to acknowledge the universal right to nonaggression is the fastest way to get on my shit list. Nothing at all to do with borders, preserving a particular race or culture, nothing like that.  He simply endorsed mass aggression against nonaggressors and innocents.

He therefore has lost the privilege of my permissiveness of his following me and however loose an association that created between us.

There can be no tolerance.

i hate all the let’s players defending pdp???? like, their current argument is “but he apologized! besides, you guys calling him names is equally shitty”

Do you remember being a kid? Have you had siblings? Have you ever fought? Remember back when you got in a fight with another kid, and your parents made you apologize, and you gave the fakest, most half-assed, worst possible apology ever, just so you could get your parents to shut up??? THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT PDP DID

PDP did extremely racist shit, just like how in the past he’s made extremely sexist, racist, and homophobic jokes. EVERY SINGLE TIME, he has made THE WORSE APOLOGIES OF ALL TIME. COMPLETELY FAKE apologies so people just forget about it and move on. He doesn’t really care!!! He is famous and makes millions of dollars and he is NOT going to change!

Worst of all, these other youtubers i mentioned are using their fame to attack people calling him out, and get THEIR fans to attack the people calling them out. Among these people are OTHER youtubers who (unsurprisingly!) have been called out before for making antisemitic and transphobic jokes. Most of them have also resisted apologizing when called out too, thinking they did nothing wrong when the hurt groups explained exactly why they were wrong. (who exeactly? oh, the USUAL OFFENDERS, UNSURPRISINGLY)

And that’s not even touching on the “name calling” argument. That’s the kinda thing racists, transphobes, homophobes, and etc bigots do, when people of colour, jewish people, trans people, and gay people call them out? 

“this person is a racist, they made extremely offensive comments about my race” “um, well, sweetie? you calling me a racist hurt my feelings. that’s equally bad”

“this person is transphobic. they physically attacked a trans person and later made fun of them.” “calling people transphobic is so mean”

“pdp is antisemitic because he constantly makes antisemitic jokes” “but he apologized? calling him antisemitic is just immature”

I’m as guilty as every other adult of calling teenagers dumb. Mostly I do it because I just love giving people shit for no reason, but other times I look at them and genuinely think, “How could you possibly not understand a concept this fucking simple? I can’t believe you dumbasses are going to be running this count- holy Jesus crotch, I just became own grandfather.” But if I were to pull my head out of my ass for ten seconds and sincerely try to remember what it was like when I was a kid, I’d realize that the reason many teens don’t understand a concept that seems like second nature to adults is because they haven’t fucking learned it yet, you ignorant twat.

We fall into this trap all the time when we look at other peoples’ success and then wonder what we’re doing wrong ourselves. That’s one of the driving forces in keeping us active and pushing for a better life, but in comparing ourselves to others in that manner, it’s extremely easy to think of ourselves as stupid or inadequate. Trust me, you’re not. Well, most of you aren’t. Some of you are genuinely dumb, in pretty much the same percentage as found in adult social circles. If you’re one of those people, feel free to skip this point and move on to the next one.

5 Pieces of Advice Every Adult Wishes They Got as a Teenager 

ok so heres a bit of talk about games. do you guys remember when amnesia the dark descent came out? sure it wasnt perfect and it had a boring story but it broke some ground, namely that it was pretty scary using only limited effects: lighting, mouse-controlled world interaction and great sound design. there was like 5 people on that games team and they worked around their constraints by using simple sound and screen effects to lull you into the feeling of danger. but it also had a bunch of other unwieldly shit, like it pretty much brought the despicable Find Glowing Boring Lore Pages mechanic into the world

idk what happened to horror games after that but for some reason they all copied amnesia but literally all the worst parts of it: voiceover cutscenes, a monster chases you and hits you a few times and it makes your screen bloody, and more goddamn Find Pages gameplay. big studios were all like ‘lets take this popular pewdie pie game and give it really good graphics and make you encounter scary monsters ten times as much that will make it way better’

in my new horror game. you go to Satan Chthulu Nightmare Cathedral (also asylum for some reason (never mind i know the reason you fucking bastards)), you get chased by a naked guy through a sewer, you collect lore pages about an experiment and dont read any of them. 100/10-overwelmingly positive-steam

one day.

One day
steven universe will be trending
and all you will see is orange
The top post will be the one screenshot that changes every Jasper fan’s emotional state.
One day we will look back and think, ‘haha remember when jasper was the “bad guy” and people thought she died in the crack?’.
one day.
just keep in mind that rebecca sugar has done some unexpected shit.
like bringing back jasper only to make her fall in the crack.
a pretty random thing to do, eh??
its not random, it was for a reason.
you cant bring back both of the components of malachite, the most toxic relationship, at the same time.
“but like, why did they have lapis get redeemed first?? its because jaspers a large muscular female pronoun using figure, isnt it.”
no. its not. steven universe is ALL about body positivity. and lapis had a really short arc compared to peridot, btw….
peridots arc was important as fuck. if it wasnt because of her, we nor the gems wouldve ever known about the cluster or homeworlds plans.
so i think jaspers arc is being delayed because HERS has a huge impact on the show, too. the show needs episodes to lead to jasper’s arc. episodes that include questions about her from steven, episodes that focus on finding her and discovering shit along the way, until the episode in which they find her finally commences the Jasper Arc.
also, about that jaspers corruption leak,
i was talking with my friend (i forgot her url i am so sorry) and she brought up a point:
jasper being corrupted could mean her mind being corrupted.
by homeworld.
the marathon title mentioned before could be her backstory, how she was taught homeworld’s ways and her reasons for fighting against the rebels. how homeworld corrupted the quartz that couldve been as joking and laid back as amethyst.
idk just my thoughts.

A Plea That I Am Sure Every Retail Worker Will Agree With: Please Don’t Go To a Store To Fuck Around.

Please don’t go to a store to fuck around.

Please don’t go to a store to make a mess.

Please don’t go to a store to harass the workers.

Please don’t bounce those balls in the store (aside from making a potentials mess, if you hit someone; we can and will be held liable for any injuries, and you will most likely get banned for life.

Please don’t make us follow you around because we have other things to do besides being your babysit you.

Please don’t ride bikes around the store.

Please don’t play marco polo in the store.

Please don’t play tag in the store.

If you have nothing else to do, either do that shit in your own homes, or just come and chill.

We don’t mind you just walking around chit chatting. People do it all the fucking time.

But know this, when groups of 3 or more teenagers come into a 24 hr store, late at night; you will be followed, and we will be annoyed.


Because, while not all of your counterparts make our lives a living hell, enough of them do to make us wary of you

This is not chuck e. cheez. This is not play around fun town. This is a business. We are not fucking around. Please don’t make our jobs harder.

Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful summer.

For everyone to read:

The people calling them Zigi, which I refuse to say: how do you not see how transparent this shit is? She has a VS show to promote, he has an entire fucking career to stay relevant for. Without his face causing headlines, he has nothing released, nothing to be talked about for. She has a Vogue cover coming out, he’s got a single on the horizon. She’s tied to all those attention seeking cunts (Taylor and her crew), which in return is gonna be controversial because it ties back to Harry (who is also being a cunt to zayn). Remember when they wanted us to believe that Zerrie was real? He ain’t neverrrrr took that bitch out with all this face time, EVER and we knew that shit was fake as fuck. This just SCREAMS PR for all parties, I feel like Oprah should be following them around, “YOU GET SOME PROMO, PROMO FOR ALL”

Open your fucking eyes people.

Blocking List

I remember back during my time in the naruto fandom before the last chapters were coming out. Just how horrible it got between the fans, there were so many antis form all ships. But something I remember being helpful was one of the shippers went through the tag and blocked as many people as she could then shared it with rest of us. It really helped out clear the tag and remind people to take control of their experience and to protect themselves. People will be cruel no matter how many times one tries talking to them. 

So I have decide to do the same here. This is just a list of people who have crossed tagged. As well as some people who have shit talked reylo/shippers when I was trying to enjoy other ships such as stormpilot. 

I also want to remind people while I am at it, to not engage with antis. There is no point in it, all you do is give them satisfaction in your reaction. Block people you disagree with and those who cross tag. If someone sends you hate off of anon flag them. 

Bullying should not be tolerated. 

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i don’t know if anyone remembers that semester when i kept liveblogging my ridiculous professor but i have him again this semester and for the most part he has been focused on financial equations and shit but today he is at it again taking time to tell us all about how capitalism is great and wall street is full of well-meaning people just doing their best


My Moleskine , 2010 - 2015 //
more post of my moleskine : un(click) deux(click)

I was sad but now i just want to be the warm like the sun, i was kinda shock to see how sad and negative i was…. (it’s so easy to found journals like “i wanna die”/ “I wish i could end this shit right now so that i won’t be anyone’s burden”)
I have no idea how do I become so joyful and full of energy… I think most of the time when I draw, I’m actually very lonesome, and somehow I use that lonesome to create, like I have to be in this moment and own it. I promise myself I don’t wanna let people suffer from what we suffering all the time, remembering my own pain and make sure no one will feel like that anymore, turn them into drawings, into something more than drawings , more like comfort from far away but close enough to reach you. I hope someday when I die in this world, people don’t have to remember me or know who I am, I just wish all my drawings can at least be remembered by someone who have hurt and healed by that.

(if you gonna reblog this, please don’t delete this credits and please try to understand what is “respect” for someone, thank you !)