remember when ian looked like that

I refuse to believe that Ian has thought about Mickey ‘a lot’. 

When Ian went to the army, we were clearly shown that Mickey missed him: he jerked off at his photo, asked around where the redheaded Gallager was, was telling he likes carrot tops when drunk. This leads the viewer to the thought that yes apparently he thinks about Ian and misses him. That is what I call good writing. 

Ian on the contrary remembered Mickey only when badmouthing him to his boyfriends. He once told Mandy that he missed Mickey but in the light of all the shit he said about him it’s highly unlikely. Can a person think about another person without talking about him or looking at his photo? Yes. Can a character? No, because he leaves in his screen time and if he does something beyond, something we know from his words only, he might as well be lying. If they wanted us to believe he did think about Mickey, they should have shown us. They didn’t. This is what I call bad writing. 

Ian doesn’t know what ‘health and sickness and all that shit’ means because he never supported Mickey in times of need. When Mickey got in trouble, when he got in prison, Ian turned away. Later he tells that it was hard to look at Mickey through that glass. Well, what an excuse. This is why I don’t accept the beautiful theory that Ian left Mickey for Mickey’s own good. He’s too selfish. In my eyes. 

When you get so emotionally attached to characters, it’s easy to lose the difference between what he actually does and what we think he would have done (especially when Cameron’s acting is so good). We may be right a thousand times. Or we may be not. Be it as it may, we don’t write this story. Ian could have been a good character but the writers fucked him up. They wrote a shitty canon, but it’s still a canon. That is why I detest him since long ago. That is why I’ll never accept any theory that justifies his behavior. There is no good canon Ian. Bye.


“I think he’s wonderful! I remember when I initially heard he was being considered I was so thrilled because I’m a real fan of his work and he seems to me so perfectly cast. He’s got the right amount of comic sensibility which Bilbo has. He’s a very eccentric, somewhat comedic character - especially in the younger version - and Martin looks so much like a young Ian Holm. I just thought he was perfect and what I’ve seen so far of what he’s done in the film is really wonderful - I’m so pleased for him.”

Elijah Wood praises Martin Freeman’s Bilbo


Remember that one interview like 2 years ago with Ian, Kat, Paul and Candice, and Caroline Dries?

Where they laughed at Ian throughout it

But remember when Ian said “Damon’s never really had a real relationship” and they looked at Kat?

They knew

they’ve known since that moment

Little Bit Beastly-Closed RP with akiller-astutterer-ryandjeremy

Ian had no idea WHAT happened. One second he was inside Foxy, like always, the next he was himself again, for the first time in he couldn’t remember when. Well, kind of. 

When Ian caught his reflection, he was surprised to see that he’d turned into some weird combination of boy and fox. He looked like how he had when he was alive, when he was HUMAN-except for the red fur and yellow eyes. Red fox ears stuck poked out from his hair, and a tail was coming from his pants. Well, at least he didn’t have Foxy’s eyepatch and hook anymore. That fact, at least, gave him a little bit of relief. But if HE was like this…

“Guys?” Ian called, looking around for the others. “Hope? M-Maria?”


Fic a Day in May - Day 2

Based on a prompt: The Gallagher’s and/or Ball’s walk in on Mickey trying to propose to Ian.

Mickey was acting weird, weirder than normal, and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Ian.

He watched him get flustered by every little thing and flit about the place like he couldn’t remember where he was going or what he was doing. If Ian didn’t find it completely adorable he might have pulled him over sooner, but Mickey’s red cheeks and his hair hanging down over his brow was a wonderful sight.

Ian sat on the couch, flicking through channels just trying to find anything half decent to watch when Mickey came and sat down next to him. He looked up and smiled before turning back to the TV and Mickey cleared his throat a little.

“I uh, I got somethin’ I wanna talk to you about,” he said awkwardly.

“So go on, I’m listening,” Ian said, eyes still on the screen.

“Can you turn that thing off for a sec?” he said.

“I can listen to you and watch this it’s not big ― hey!” he shouted as Mickey snatched the remote from his hands and turned the TV off, throwing the remote over to the armchair. “Was that really necessary?”

“Can you shut the fuck up for a minute?” Mickey said and Ian rolled his eyes a little.

“Okay, you have my full attention, what is it?” he asked.

Mickey exhaled heavily, and Ian knew he had a stupid smile on his face because Mickey just looked so nervous.

“I wanna… I mean I know this kinda crap is important to you, so I want―” he started, getting cut off by Debbie as she walked down the stairs.

“Hey have either of you seen my sneakers? I swear I left them in my room but I can’t find them,” she said. “I need them for training.”

Mickey grumbled and gave her a glare but Ian just shrugged.

“Haven’t seen ‘em Debs,” he said. “You tried the back yard?”

“Yeah I’ll do that now, thanks,” she said, wandering out through the kitchen.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” Ian asked.

“I was just trying to say that I don’t… I mean you give a shit about a lot of things that never fuckin’ meant anything to me, and I don’t fucking get it, well I didn’t get it, not really… not until―” he was cut off again when the door burst open and Liam came running in, calling out Ian’s name over and over and climbing over the side of the couch to get to him.

“Ian! Ian! Ian!” he squealed and Ian just laughed as he lifted him up and gave him a squeeze.

“Hey little guy!” he grinned and this time Mickey’s grumbling and groaning was audible and Ian gave him a look.

“Hey!” Fiona said from the doorway. “Don’t mind him he’s had way too much sugar. Come on, let your brother get back to… not watching TV? Jesus, take it upstairs maybe…”

“We weren’t…” Ian shook his head a little. “We’re just talking.”

“Fucking trying to…” Mickey mumbled as Fiona made her way into the kitchen, tapping Liam on the shoulder as she did.

Ian kissed him on the head before letting him go and he ran off after Fiona.

“Alright go on,” he said.

“I’m trying to fucking say that you and me… we’ve been through some shit and―” he stopped when Liam ran in and threw himself over Mickey’s knees, giggling like mad.

Mickey raised an eyebrow and Ian just laughed.

“What’s he doing?” Mickey asked.

“Being a kid, I don’t know,” he replied.

“Liam!” Fiona called and he let out a giant sigh.

Okay,” he said, following her voice to the kitchen and dragging his arms behind him.

“Kids are fucking weird,” Mickey said. “Can we go outside or something, it’s like a fucking clown car in this place.”

Ian nodded and the two got up to head out to the backyard, passing Debbie who was holding up her shoes with a smile.

There were still a couple of lawn chairs set up on the grass that they sat down in and Ian just gave him a warm smile, kicking Mickey’s foot lightly.

“Is that better now?” he asked.

“You think it’s funny?” Mickey asked.

“Oh come on, wait what’s going on?” Ian said with worry lacing his voice.

“Am I allowed to wanna say something to you and not the whole fucking Brady Bunch?”

“Alright, so what do you want to say?”

“That I fucking love you and I don’t wanna fucking lose you!” he said and Ian was a little taken aback.

“I love you too,” he said quietly. “What does that have to do with―”

“I don’t wanna lose you,” he repeated. “And I don’t get why you had to make a big fucking deal when I got hitched but I don’t know, maybe I know what you were talkin’ about now.”

“Are you saying what I think you are?”

“I’m sayin’ I don’t wanna lose you but I ain’t good at this,” he said, looking up and into Ian’s eyes. “I don’t do big fucking gestures―”

“Oh yeah, doesn’t do big gestures,” Kev said as he came through the back with a duffel bag over his shoulder. “Coming from the dude who came out to a whole bunch of drunk assholes and trashed my bar.”

Mickey looked like he was about to snap as he turned slowly to Kev.

“Do you fucking mind?” he snapped.

“Well excuse me, am I interrupting a tea party or something?” he said.

“Actually I think you were interrupting a proposal,” Ian said quietly just as Fiona and Debbie came to the door to meet Kev.

“You what?” Fiona said and Debbie was just looking from one to another with wide eyes.

“Jesus, can’t anyone get a little privacy around here?” Mickey yelled, standing up and throwing his hands in the air.

The three of them on the porch seemed to look a little sheepish and Fiona waved Kev inside, shooting Ian a little smile before dragging Debbie along with them.

“That was what you were doing, right?” Ian asked, looking back at Mickey. “I mean I don’t want to assume anything but, that is what you were doing?”

He sighed.


Ian’s lips pulled even tighter as the smile spread over his face.

“All of that, ‘I don’t wanna lose you’, ‘I didn’t understand it’, ‘I love you’,” he said, the cockiness creeping onto his features. “That was all your way of asking me to marry you?”

Mickey narrowed his eyes at him. “Well I don’t have a fucking ring.”

“Why not?”

“Because I ain’t getting’ down on one knee.”

“Well what kind of proposal is this?”

“It’s the fucking good and bad, sickness and health kind of bullshit that you always fucking wanted! Is that okay? That enough for you or you want a ring on your fat fucking―”

Ian silenced Mickey’s nervous ranting with his lips, lunging in and catching them with his own, hands cupping the sides of his face.

His lips parted and Mickey’s along in time, a pattern that they’d long since perfected. Mickey closed his eyes and reached around to pull Ian’s hips into him. His fingers slid gently across the thin material on his back and dipped under it until they were caressing his skin and Ian’s fingers were moving into his hair.

He tightened his grip a little, pulling Mickey back and making him let out an annoyed grunt.

“That was a yes, in case you were wondering,” he said. “And my fingers aren’t fat so you can quit being lazy and go steal us a set of rings.”

Mickey huffed out noisily but smiled. “Oh that was your yes, huh?”

“What, not good enough for you?” Ian asked.

“Wanna go to my place? Probably less people to invade our fucking privacy,” Mickey grinned.

“Let’s go,” he said and they disentangled themselves from one another, at least until they made it to the Milkovich house.

What’s truly sad about Sammi’s character is all the potential being squandered in favour of having her fill Frank’s shoes in the Gallagher household. There are moments, so far and few between that they’re difficult to remember amidst all the more annoying scenes she’s been in, where Sammi is actually almost likable.

Although it was rushed (what else is new) I feel like the reason Ian felt so betrayed by Sammi is because she actually paid attention to him without judgement or looking at him like he’s a ticking time bomb. She noticed when he hurt his hand and insisted she help him look after it. He made a comment in passing about his time in the army, something his siblings probably would have just overlooked, but Sammi actually listened. And sure, it probably wasn’t out of the goodness of her heart by the time he was done because she used that information against him in the end, but it didn’t have to be that way.

And when Ian and Mickey walk into the house and Sammi stops them and talks about what a great person Ian is and about how it’s going to be hard for him, the look on Ian’s face is so vulnerable and surprised because nobody has ever said that to him. Ian is so often overlooked in this family that he doesn’t know how to react when he’s not just slipping under the radar. What Sammi said to him was honestly so important and something he needed to hear, but the importance of that is completely overshadowed by her turning him in. The writers seem torn between wanting her to be Frank and wanting her to be Fiona, so they keep going back and forth between the two, but the Sammi we saw last season listening to Debbie and painting her nails? That’s who she really is, if the writers would just let her. Unfortunately, there’s no going back from what she did and now we’re stuck with her filling in as an antagonistic character.

Dries Drama

I was on vacation so I miss all the Caroline Dries drama, I just went and looked at her interviews and what not. I’m actually more surprise that the Bamon fandom still takes this woman seriously, I’ll pay attention to spoilers from Ian, Kat and Julie and that’s all never Dries. This is the same one who ‘shut down’ steroline last season, this the same woman who stans so hard for a ship yet it is so clear that she doesn’t like neither Elena or Damon, especially Damon (Dries might hate Ian on the down low tbh) because she cannot write for either characters individually. I remember when Caroline the week of the season 6 finale said that Damon would be making a huge decision that would effect Elena and Bonnie’s life, then after the finale airs and we clearly see Damon make the choice to save Bonnie and leave Elena sleeping, an interview from Caroline comes out and she’s saying Elena sacrifice herself for Bonnie, as if Elena has a choice. For months that has been Dries and the DE fandom thing “Elena gave Bonnie life” even though we all saw Damon take matters in his own hands. Now Caroline is saying again that Damon was the one to make the choice to save Bonnie over Elena, like what is the truth for you Caroline???

This bitch is just too much, honestly her episodes sucks rewatch season 6 watch her episodes verses the other writers, she sucks. When she promotes anything it her episodes she’s pumping up not Julie’s, def not Brian Young or the other writers. Plec, Young, and Melinda Hsu Taylor, all write good Bamon episodes. I will gladly skip Dries episodes at least the ones that Kat won’t be in. She’s an awful writer, and I’m actually glad that Brian Young is the co executive producer of this show and hopefully he can get Julie to veto some of Dries bad ideas.

As for the fandom, stop listening to Caroline, I know ya’ll want proper spoilers on Damon, Bonnie and Bamon, we’ll get those next month from Kat, Ian and Julie stop paying attention to Dries nonsense.

Unpopular opinion: I actually liked they had Ian play Damon instead of a random teenager.

First off, a random teenager would be weird coz, well, at 18, people already look like, well, themselves, so they’d need to find somebody REALLY like Ian. 

Secondly (and more importantly), those scenes reminded us of something we don’t focus on enough. Stefan is not just Damon’s brother, he’s Damon’s little brother. With quite a big age difference. Damon remembers him since his birth. Damon watched him grow up. Damon was already somewhat grown up when Stefan was still a little kid. Damon probably helped his mom take care of Stefan and was excited about getting a little brother or something. That’s something we forget about when we watch the show, because both of them are adults now.

Another Alison clue?

So I’m pretty much going to stick with Alison killing Charlotte and edit a few things along the way. After re-watching some scenes and episodes i just realized, who else is good at pushing people off thing in church and then making it look like a suicide? Alison.

Remember when Alison told her story to the girls about how she was the one who ‘‘saved’‘ Spencer?

Although she claimed that she didn’t know who took Ian’s body or who made it look like a suicide do we really believe her?

Anyone else starting to see the pattern? Just like Charlotte.

She was killed and the pushed from the roof making it at time seem like a suicide attempt.

Study Break {Ian + Ravi}

Reaching out to grab one of the cookies from the box he had brought with him and was now placed in the middle of the table, his eyes wandered once again over the notes he had taken down, brows furrowing slightly as he spotted something that didn’t exactly make sense. With the cookie between his teeth he reached out for the book again, flicked a few pages back to re-read the paragraph only to strike the words in his notes and replace them with something different.

Sometimes he did wonder what actually kept him motivated to study with Ian when he himself didn’t even take any of his subjects; but then he would remember that he was still looking for classes to possibly pick up, was up to date with all of his own, and just liked learning. Surprisingly enough, Ian had gotten quite a bit better at actually studying as well and that made Ravi weirdly proud, even if he did realize it was barely because of him. Really, all he ever did was make him sit down to actually do something once in a while, the rest was all Ian himself.

Drumming the end of his pen against his paper while finishing his cookie, he looked up and over at his friend who was busy reading through whatever it was he was reading - a little too busy, for Ravi’s taste so he threw his pen over at him to hit his shoulder and fall to the ground. “Hey, there’s this thing I don’t get,” he said and gave the other a moment to give him all of his attention. It wasn’t like he truly needed any help, it was merely the fact that it had been quiet between them for a while now and a little break never hurt anyone, right? So he leaned a little forward, turned his book for his friend to see and pointed to a random spot on the opened page.

“Here, see? That.. doesn’t make sense.”