remember when ian looked like that


Some screen caps from Chop Suey. Truth be told, though I knew about Ian Svenonius’ involvement back when I got the game, I’d forgotten about it over the years. (I mean, I hadn’t played the game or seen anything about it since, probably, ‘99?) But as I was playing it yesterday, two things stood out to me. Dooner–pictured in the third screen cap from the top–and the beatnik fireflies, pictured fifth from the top. Yesterday, I looked at Dooner and thought: “Oh wow, look at that retro sorta-mod hipster boy, he looks like he should be listening to The Make*Up or something.” (Side note: I totally had a vague sort-of crush on Dooner when I played the game at age 13-15, I remember thinking, god, I wanna meet a boy like that. Reader, I met many boys like that, and most of them were disappointing.) And then, as I clicked on the beatnik fireflies, I recognized the voice of the one who said crazy. I thought: “I am 99% certain that is none other than Ian F. Svenonius.” I remembered that Brendan Canty had done the music, and that Theresa Duncan had been part of the DC punk scene, so I thought it was certainly probable. And then, while watching the credits at the end of the game, I saw that Ian was the fucking illustrator! Like I said, I’d forgotten, and I laughed when I saw his name there. It’s kind of funny and awesome when I think about the fact that Ian S. and stuff he’s made or been part of making has been an important part of my life for well over two decades, now.

This Is Us -Chapter 9


Chapters 9 (and 10) will be short (and hopefully sweet)

As the spring warmed the air,  winter lost its grip and the days grew a little longer, they had been able to spend more time out of doors and she was such a busy little bee that even though it took twice as long to get anywhere, he loved rambling walks with Faith.

Today, in fact, the unusually warm weather was making it difficult to concentrate. Jamie’s eyes kept straying to the window. He’d not seen Faith for a couple of days and he missed her. Claire’s face flitted briefly across his mind as well, Jamie pretended not to notice. 

Suddenly, there she was; his cell phone was ringing.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Claire observed, “Fancy a walk home?”

Jamie was out the door like a shot. His office was located a short distance away.  The daycare itself was set in the administrative building that made up part of the hospital complex and it was located nearby on a quiet shade lined street. By the time he’d arrived, Faith had her backpack mounted and Claire was holding her hand.

Unselfconsciously, Jamie grabbed the other and they started out, the three of them lined up, and falling into an easy rhythm. Every ten paces or so he and Claire would tighten their grips and swing her for a “flying step” which thrilled her.

Faith spotted a dog tied up outside a post office and pulled at them to let go their hands, shrieking in delight. The dog’s ears barely twitched and he was a lab, so not much danger of an aggressive response. Jamie kept an eye on the interaction. After a bit, Faith tired of petting him and was ready to continue.

“And what’s he called, lass?” Jamie asked, playing their game to help her learn Gaelic.  

Cu!” She responded and laughed when a dog started to bark.

As they continued, they kept spotting objects and practicing.

Eun!” she said when he pointed at a bird in the sky.

It was Faith’s turn and she pointed to a flower wanting the Gaelic word.

Flur,” Jamie supplied and so it went a few more rounds.

 To test the waters Jamie pointed at himself but Faith just shrugged, not answering. Then she pointed to Claire.

Jamie was a little puzzled.

 “Ye ken verra well who yer Mama is.” He teased her.  

“Not your Mama!” Faith declared. Well, true enough.  

Jamie smiled, bioreannach, meaning woman was the correct answer.  But as he looked over a Claire he caught sight of her, her mind elsewhere, the sun hit her in an odd way and the combination struck him as rather ethereal.

He now knew Claire well enough to be able to see where Faith had inherited the delicate structure of her bones, the far away looks she had when daydreaming, and his relationship with Claire was such that when he caught these glimpses, they were precious to him. He wanted to savor and remember them always.

Having Jenny, Ian and Murtagh to turn to especially now made him acutely aware that Claire had no family of her own, a thought that made him feel responsible to safeguard her.

If, God forbid, something were to happen to Claire who would tell Faith what her mother had been like? That her quick thinking under pressure came from Claire or her beautiful eyes? So while she was distracted, he looked his fill to capture this moment in his mind forever.

Then he squeezed Faith’s hand in his, knowing they were both watching Claire.

“Aye, well yer mother is a Sassenach.” He said off hand.

“Sessen-” Faith repeated.

“Sassenach, lass” Jamie said firmly.

“What?” Claire’s attention now recaptured. “I’m a what?”

“’Tis the Gaelic for an Englishwoman in the Highlands.”  

“Hmmm. Makes me sound rather exotic.” Claire mused.

“Ye are at that, Sassenach.” He confirmed.


Ian McDiarmid in make up for Revenge of the Sith

“I did a sculpture of the make-up, but no matter how hard I tried, it [the bust] just didn’t look like the Emperor to me. There was something wrong; it wasn’t him, and when I was putting the make-up on Ian, I kept thinking ‘It doesn’t look like the Emperor at all! There’s something missing,’ and meanwhile, Ian was sitting there, passively watching this go on. So I asked him, 'Is there anything different, anything that’s not here that I should know about?’ and Ian said, 'Oh, it was a long time ago, I don’t remember, but it looks the same to me.’
I said, 'Well, I guess that’s the best I could ask for,’ so we kept going and finally finished, but I still couldn’t see the Emperor in it, and then Ian suddenly leaned forward in his chair, looked at himself in the mirror, and did that lightning hand pose that he does and went 'Aaaagghh!’ and suddenly it was there: the missing piece was Ian! He has a face that he pulls as the Emperor that he hadn’t done in the life cast or the make-up chair but as soon as he did it, he was there. So we were fine after that, but it was a very scary moment. It’s all to do with the way Ian holds his mouth as the Emperor.
I know everyone says how wonderful it was to work with everybody else on a film, and it’s the professional thing to say, but it really was wonderful working with Ian. He made it a beautiful job. It’s a delicious character.” - Dave Elsey, Creature Supervisor on Revenge of the Sith
(Taken from Star Wars Insider, 2006)

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Could you make gifs of some ianthony moments that are not so recognised? Like we have the obvious kiss, hug etc but maybe the ones not many people talk about? (Sorry if this is really vague xD) Thank you!

No, you’re alright! :D I actually love this request because it gives me a chance to bring back some classic Ianthony moments that the rest of the fandom has either forgotten about or just has never seen before! Since you asked for multiple moments, we’ll just turn this into a list! :) Most of these moments are from Lunchtimes and Smosh is Boreds because there are A LOT of gems in those older videos that are worth bringing up! Plus I need something to do while taking some time off work. xD


1. Ian’s deepthroating abilities.

This moment turned four years old on June 24 this year and it saddens me at how many people don’t know about Ian’s deep throating abilities. This man has a SUPER talented mouth and NO ONE talks about it. Ian probably wants us to forget that, but because of me, it’s back on your dash. You’re welcome. To all the fanfic writers that remain in our small fandom, PLEASE remember this video the next time you write something smutty! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


2. Anthony Caressing Ian’s Beard.

So, if some of you guys don’t remember, sometimes when Anthony would be answering Twitter questions during a lunchtime, he would sometimes “answer” ones that would require him to do various things to Ian. One of them is this one. I don’t care if a fan did request this one. Anthony didn’t HAVE to pick this question and has said multiple times throughout the series’ duration that he filtered through A LOT of shit questions before he found a actual good one. So, he could have easily skipped it, but he wanted to caress Ian’s beard. Bless you, random Twitter user… bless you.


3. The San Francisco Vlog.

This video was, and continues to be, a FANTASTIC blessing to the fandom. You know what’s sad, though? NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT! I know I was supposed to be singling out specific moments here, but I CANNOT pass up the San Francisco road trip. Sponsored or not, they gave such beautiful moments like playful sword fighting, Ian suggesting that they should kiss, and even a Titanic-like shot AS SOON as the video starts. Seriously! It’s such a forgotten gem and needs to be remembered!


4. The “Slow” Dance.

Like number two on this list, this was also the result of a Twitter question. This time, they were asked to slow dance. They went through with it, but not the way we were expecting… -__- Teasing motherfucking bastards… It doesn’t really matter though. We got Anthony giving Ian a sweet look and we can easily just make a gif of it and take it out of context ;) You’re welcome.


5. The Staring Contest

Now, when I first came into the fandom three years ago, THIS was the moment that everyone remembered and recommended for me to watch. It was the moment that was plastered all over the Ianthony blogs, Wattpad book covers, Google image search, you name it. Then larger moments like the NEAR KISS and ACTUAL KISS came along and it overshadowed this once golden moment. Now, hardly anyone knows/talks about this moment and it’s a little sad. Granted, them kissing twice along with a HEAD KISS is bigger than a moment like this, but it was still a defining moment of the Ianthony fandom and it deserves some love because it is honestly a great moment! It is just a few months shy of SEVEN years old, but it’s still a cute moment that they shared and is DEFINITELY worth a comeback! <3

PS… This was also the result of a Twitter question.


6. Ian Calling Anthony “Babe” On Camera.

Yes, this actually happened…

PS: This is an older gif I made a few years ago. Why make a new one when i already had one, right?


7. Flirting With One Another While Playing an Immersive “Horror” Game.

Okay, so it’s not really a horror game, but you’ll know what I mean when you watch it! Back when “Gametime With S*osh” was a thing, we got cute little flirty moments all the time, but it was always one sided or short lived. THIS however, was different. It was the first time we saw the flirting reciprocated. It also lasted throughout HALF of the video and it was amazing. When it first aired, it was PLASTERED all over the tag, but now everyone has forgotten about it… FIX THAT! Watch these two love birds flirt with each other and bring back this amazing video!


Real talk, this took me NINE HOURS to finish. I’ve literally been working on this all day. I had intentions on making this 10 moments, but I’m totally drained and need some sleep. xD I hope this was enough to satisfy your request, Anon! :) 

Also, if you or anyone else would like to see another Ianthony moment revive post, please let me know. It was a lot of work, but I have A LOT of material to work with and that really helps! There are so many gems out there that has been lost to time and I would LOVE to bring more back for you guys to enjoy and so we can all appreciate these two dorks just a little more than we already do! :D

Lights Will Guide You Home

“…and ignite your bones”

Ian wakes up on morning, distraught over leaving Mickey, to find a stranger by his bed. Or was he a stranger at all?

Ian walks home from work filled with exhaustion in so many ways. The journey almost pitch black from the shitty street lights not working. He opens the door, the light from inside killing his eyes, and finds Lip and Fiona drinking on the couch.  

“Hey, man,” Lip greets him. “Wanna join?”

Ian offers a fake smile to his siblings. Not having a genuine since…  He things Since you broke up with the man you loved and did nothing as he got chased away with your gun toting half-sister…or was she your cousin. Who the fuck knows. It’s not like your siblings pay enough attention to you to realize your smile isn’t real.

“Nah,” Ian says. “Had a long day. Think I’ll just go to bed.”

“Aww,” Fiona groans, she already seems to be drunk. Drunk Fiona was always a lot of fun. Ian thinks before he shrugs lightly still smiling and heads to the stairs.

Ian’s face drops as soon as he’s out of sight. He gets to his bedroom, Lip’s old one, and starts taking off his clothes.

He sits on the edge and sighs. Another day end, another failed relationship that couldn’t fill the void that was left by-

Ian can’t say his name. Doesn’t want to. It’s left at the back of his throat and he swallows it down hard.

He lays his head on the pillow and welcomes the dreams that will let him escape this reality, at least for a little while.


The morning comes too quickly, the night was filled with tossing and turning and Ian wakes up as he usually does…still tired. His mind is full of regret, guilt, and whatever the hell else kept him up at night and haunted him in his slumber. He rubs his eyes, his body acting hungover despite him not having a drink last night. This is typical until he gets some caffeine in him. Though not even caffeine could hide the disgust and general hatred for himself he felt whenever he thought about…him… Mickey. He lets him think of his name. The man he loved and left again and again. He tried to bury everything he felt with man-hopping and his new job but it didn’t work and Ian knew it.

The bright sun blinds him as Ian looks towards the opened window.

He sighs and turns over to his side and notices a large lump by him on the bed. At first he thinks it’s a pillow but quickly realizes it’s a person. He quickly shifts all the way to the other side of the bed. It’s probably someone Frank let in for some cash or drugs. Won’t be the first time.

Ian leans back and extends his leg slowly pushing the person further and further off the bed until they get close enough to the edge and Ian kicks them off as forceful as he can.

A loud thump is heard and a groan soon after. Ian quickly jumps off the bed and grabs the bat he always has by his bed.

“Well that’s one fucking way to wake up.” The person says. It’s mumbled enough that Ian can’t quite make out if he knows them or not.

He comes over to the side of the bed the person fell out, his grip on the bat tightening. He can see now it’s a man though most of his body is still covered by the sheets that fell with him.

Ian holds up the bat higher and is about to shout at the man when the man’s arm escape his cover prison to rub his head and Ian sees his hand.

The bat slips out of Ian’s fingers and crashes down on the floor making a worse noise then the body that hit it a few minutes ago.

It can’t be he thinks but he sees it clearly.



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HOW YOU MEET: Ian Carter Imagine

this is my second how you meet, and my first Idubbbz imagine! Hope ya’ll enjoy! also, the overwhelming amount of support I get on this blog makes me so happy!! I love you all!~

- Lans


        You had never, in your life, your ‘miserable existence’ as you labeled it yourself, expected to be be at the edge of 80,000 subs. In all honesty, you had never expected to make a career out of youtube at all. You had come such a long way from 5 years prior, where the quality of your content was 480p, to 1080 HD. When the basis of your content was shitty makeup tutorials and reactions to outdated memes. 

        You remembered the day you first posted your video about being self aware of shitty content creation, calling out yourself and a few other youtubers, like Leafyishere and GradeAUnderA. 

      You hadn’t expected to get much other than a couple angry preteens shoving torches down your throat because their daddy was calvin, but you had actually contracted several people watching and agreeing with your statements. 

Now? You were going to your first VidCon. 

       You theorized in your head about you wouldn’t surprised if you were cordially invited just so that the people you had called out could gang you, but dismissed the idea as a joke you’d address in your vlog. Yes, you had planned to vlog some of the adventure. 

      When you first entered the conference hall, you were surrounded immediately by people who you had only seen on screens, people you had watched and even subscribed too. You had a lanyard on, with a card attached that said;



       Maybe it didn’t say VIP, but it meant it. Whatever it said, you were damn proud to be wearing it. Quickly enough you found a party like setting and decided to settle there, feeling slightly anxious and very socially awkward. You admittedly were not the best in social settings, and provided you were probably in the same room as people you pretty much put on blast- you had a reason to be nervous. 

       You were about to go and get something to drink when someone tapped your shoulder, you automatically recognized the face as idubbztv. The sort of heart shaped head, thick rim glasses, and hair just now trying to grow itself back. You had visited his channel several times. You were a little starstruck as well, you had to admit, because he had actually addressed your video in the form of a tweet. 

@(Your Twitter Name) 

couldn’t of said it better myself.

**link to your video 

      You knew deep down that it was a simple tweet, but it still had a greater purpose in your self esteem, because you also agreed with alot of his content and opinions and knowing you two had shared opinions so alike made you happy. 

You were thinking about it too much, to the point where you hadn’t said anything in real-time response to him. You blinked. 

“Hey, sorry, must’ve scared you. I’m Ian.” He said, the neutral, monotone voice of his almost hinting sarcasm but only being his genuine tone. You shook your head.

 “Sorry about that, must be the lights in here.” You practically had to yell over the incredibly shit remix of some Akon song. 

“I’m (y/n)!” You said, your volume steady on that borderline shout level. His voice was at the same level. 

       “I’ve seen alot of your videos, besides AFCOYT.” AFCOYT was the acronym your call out video, standing for ‘ANGRY FEMINIST CALLS OUT YOUTUBERS’. You were quite shook he remembered.

 “The series where you were cracking on conspiracy theorists is brilliant!” He continued. The lights didn’t allow him to see how flustered you were. 

        “Thanks! It just bothers me when they other think EVERYTHING, y’know?” You said, leaning against the arm of the sofa you had been sitting on. 

       “Your kick-starter crap videos? Never stop, I have to look them up myself to see if they’re actually legit sometimes. I like it when someone can make a claim talking shit about something-” You began.

“And have the information to back it up.” Ian and you said that part in unison.

         He chuckled a little bit when you both realized you had said the exact same thing, causing a small moment of content silence. 

“Do you wanna… get a drink?” Ian asked you, you were quick to oblige. “I’d love too.” You stated. 

Neither of you knew where this would lead, but you were happy to find out.

TVD 2x02 Review

1. I really like Paternal Stefan, I wish he and Jeremy had more screen time.

2. I mean they SEEM like a family. “Well today we have a distraction courtesy of the slave driver, Elena. Hello, Elena!” I could see him saying this to his son. I’ve finished watching This Is Us, which I liked for various and really disliked for others but Jack and Rebecca, I could see them being Stelena.

3. “Is Elena worried too? I bet I’m your every conversation” yeah Damon, because you killed her brother.

4. I also like how they’re saying he’s worried he’s going to explode as if killing Jeremy wasn’t an explosion.

5. I forgot that Bonnie was vibing on Carter and he was vibing on Bonnie before he is brutally killed like essentially every black man on this show and all of her love interests.

6. What other show is Carter in?

7. So remember that time Damon killed Jeremy and then remember that time he went to the carnival and put Jeremy in a chokehold because Jeremy was rightfully upset? And remember that time the show treated this as a mild annoyance and made Elena look like a terrible sister and human being for being with the man who did this to her brother?

8. I really like when Paul and Ian stand next to each other because the contrast, like Paul is fucking sculpted its insane, that collarbone?

9. “There is no such thing as combat turtles” “It’s Ninja turtles actually” love Stefan.

10. Ian STOP with the eyebrows, we GET it. He didn’t waggle his eyebrows as Boone right? He just tries to give Damon a thing.

11. I remember I used to love when Caroline pushed Damon down the hell but that is wildly underwhelming considering everything he’s done to her. At least break a kneecap. Or push him so hard, he slams into a wall.

12. Also I like how Damon is the one who sets up this experiment with Carter and Tyler but doesn’t even stick around to see it through? Stefan has to be the one to make sure everything doesn’t end in bloodshed?

13. Also I forget how exactly would Katherine know that Damon gave Caroline vampire blood?

14. “Because Katherine is a manipulative nasty little slut” so are we just not going to talk about Damon’s misogyny? Also, why are we acting like Caroline being turned is the worst thing ever when literally last episode Damon killed Jeremy? And last season Damon tried to kill Caroline and abused and raped her? AND he turned Vicki and sent her over to Elena’s house for fun? And he literally just compelled a guy to keep going at Tyler just to see what happens. Like Katherine is actually pretty low-key compared to Damon’s shit, guys.

15. Wasn’t there a school carnival the night you staked Vicki? No, it was a Halloween party. Already the writers are forgetting their own canon.

16. Bonnie going around being a sounding board to everyone’s problems and no one has asked her anything about herself. Cool. 

17. I also kind of love how both Stefan and Elena protect Caroline, like Elena has her front and he has her back. Seriously, Mom and Dad of the group.

18. Stefan helping Caroline in the bathroom is still one of the sweetest scenes in the series.

19. “Bonnie, it wasn’t his fault” no but like basically everything else is, he deserves to die, fam.

20. Totally glad that Damon nearly got burned alive.

21. “I have a doppelganger who is hellbent on destroying all of us.” HOW? Katherine turned Caroline, shitty, yes, but like that’s kind of she’s all done right now. She just went to the wake and pretended to be Elena fo five minutes, calm down.

22. “But killing you, what’s it going to do?” Jeremy, if you had just killed Damon then Tyler wouldn’t have died, Aaron wouldn’t have died, nameless innocents wouldn’t have died, the world would’ve been a much better place if Jeremy or Bonnie just killed him.

23. Damon and Jeremy “bonding” because their fathers hated vampires makes literally no sense. They don’t even SAY anything.

24. Still think it’s totally cute that Stefan wakes Elena up by kissing her and she’s jut like “oh hey, what time is it?”

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Hey. Can you make a gif of Anthony unbuttoning his shirt because he was trying to make Ian laugh? I can't find the video.. but I remember it was some sort of a try not to laugh challenge and they had water in their mouths..( also I feel like this is another Ianthony moment that people don't talk about much..)

Hiya, sweetie! :D Ah, yes. I remember this video well. Such a blessing to our little fandom, it was! Not only did Anthony start to sexily unbutton his shirt while looking STRAIGHT into Ian’s eyes, but he also tickled him earlier in the video! Yes, you heard me right! He TICKLED him. I made some gifs when this came out, but they’re quite old and was made when I was still trying to figure out Photoshop. You can still check them out if you’d like by CLICKING HERE. :)

I’ll tell ya, though. Nothing else gets my imagination going like this gif does!


7x10 review: “Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan in: Try To Retcon THIS, Motherfucker”.

*Takes a deep breath*

Okay. I can do this. 

*Deep sigh*

I can do this. 

Last night’s adrenaline left me somewhat in shock, so sorry if this review’s gonna be different from the others. I think there’s gonna be less humor, because my mood is swinging from anxious to hype twenty times in a minute.

You’re probably wondering what’s up with the title. What is up is that last night, an epic battle began. That’s right. I don’t know if Noel and Cam were aware of what they were going into, I don’t know if it was intentional, or instinctual. All I know is that I saw two forces fight against one another last night on screen: the power or love and the power of manipulation. 

Allow me to explain. This is gonna be hard, guys, but stay with me. Fight with me. 

If you read through all of this, you are officially promoted to Gallavich Knights. Or somethin’.

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At this time 2 years ago I found myself  backstage after what would be my last Motorhead concert. Sitting at a table watching people walk by and talk, seeing Biff Byford of Saxon walk past me and Mikkey Dee coming out the bathroom in a towel XD. Not knowing quite sure what to do and not being able to gain the courage to ask someone if I could meet the band. Than my mom asked a lady guarding  the hallway to all the dressing rooms if there was a chance I could meet Lemmy. A guy walked past us as they were talking and the guard told my mom to ask him. He turned out to be Lemmys personal assistant Ian. My mom  talked with him and he said he wouldnt make any promises but will see if I could. As we waited Mikkey came back out after getting into some clothes XD and he was talking and signing autographs for some fans. Again my nervousness got the best of me and my mom went over to ask him for a picture. We took the picture and in the photo  (in my opinion) I look pretty creepy because I was so nervous XD He than asked if we enjoyed the show and if I wore any earplugs and was surprised when I said I hadn’t :’) I remember him telling me, a few times actually, to “rock on girl” He was so nice and sweet.

As we continued to wait for Lemmy my legs were shaking like crazy. It was one of the most nerve-racking moments in my life. I could see Ian at Lemmys dressing room door peeping in and than looking at me (probably saying to Lemmy, “yeah she’s really weird looking but she really seems to want to meet you" XD JK)

But anyways he eventually said that we could come in and meet him but only for a brief time. I remember walking in, and seeing the back of his head and almost having a heart attack XD. We shook hands and took a picture, I tried to show him my tattoo but was too nervous so I don’t think he saw it right. I just remember looking into these puppy dog sort of eyes (and yeah I know thats a weird description of Lemmy but of course he wasnt well at the time) but its what I remember. I thanked him for the concert and than Ian lead us out. After we left we had to find  a hotel as we missed our last train home. I remember feeling so strangely, I defiantly was in shock. I remember my mom trying to say something to me and I was like “I cant talk right now” XD

Anyways it was one of the most awesome and surreal moments in my life. Getting to meet Mikkey and Lemmy, so special to me, especially now knowing what would happen 4 months later :( But I am so grateful for the following people that made this happen

George, a web admin for the Motorhead site who got me the backstage passes in the first place because I had submitted something to the site mentioning the blog.

Ian Gainer, Lemmys personal assistant  for actually letting meet one of my heroes.

My mom for helping me ask around for help

And to all of you guys for supporting and loving the blog. If it weren’t for the blog I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. I  know I have slowed down in postings but I still hope to continue to post as much as I can in the future.  Thank you guys! MotorheadForLife!

anonymous asked:

Oh yeah I remembered how Ian reacted when Mickey was getting married to Svet - he tried to play off the rape and then tried to get Mickey back but Mickey was traumatised - then acted out after being prompted by Ian and ended up hitting him making Mickey look like the bad guy. Mickey had every right to be scared and upset and Ian tho he didn't fully well know what was happening still pushed and for selfish reasons.

mickey shouldn’t have hit him, but everything surrounding his rape was flipped to make the viewers feel bad for ian while still making mickey out to be the villain which was messy as hell

remember that one time in the sword thief when they were in the cave and the bats fly over them and ian’s like “hey look amy bats. bats amy. in a cave that previously seemed to have been blocked off for centuries. living bats. I WONDER WHAT THAT’S ABOUT HUH?”

essentially telling her there was another way out

and people characterize him as a ruthless killer

Have a Gallavich Christmas

Title: Merry Fucking Christmas To Me, Then
Rating: M
(there’s more fluff than sex though)
Genre: Domestic Fluffy Gallavich. Should I say more?
Set in: A generic date of Season 2 before Frank finds them. It’s in july, more or less. 
Warnings: No warnings come to mind. 
Summary: “Write about what would have happened if Ian walked in on Mickey as he played the guitar” - tried to follow this prompt. Ian doesn’t exactly walk in on Mickey, but there’s music involved. And more kinky stuff.  
Notes: It’s just a little something something to wish to all my Shameless followers a Merry Christmas! Couldn’t go to sleep until I finished it. Also, it’s a request I’ve received from an anon, and I hope the anon will appreciate. 
The song Mickey plays on the guitar is this one. Specifically this version. I find the difficulty level to be just the right level. 

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The Sand In Your Shoe (p13) - NSFW.

Mickey doesn’t want to move but he also doesn’t want Mandy or Juan or a hapless early customer to walk in and find them naked and spooning on the floor.

“Time to shift it, Gallagher.”

Ian kisses the back of his neck in response and tightens his arms around Mickey’s chest, strumming the firm bud of his nipple with the pad of his thumb. Mickey has no idea how such a small touch can make him feel so damn good but he finds himself grinning into the crook of Ian’s arm, practically giddy with happiness.

“C’mon. If you let me up, I’ll get you a sandwich.”

“You a nineteen sixties housewife now?”

“Fuck you!”

Mickey lightly swats the hairy thigh slung across his hip, laughing, a sweet sound that stirs parts of Ian that are still throbbing from their last effort.

“I’m a modern man and I can feel your belly rumbling through my back, but fuck it, get your own damn food or starve, see if I care.”

“I got all I need.”

Ian smiles sleepily and blithely bites Mickey’s shoulder, pulling the flesh slightly with his teeth before letting go and pressing a kiss to the same spot.

“Yeah? Well cannibalism has drawbacks so …”

Mickey rolls over so that his forehead rests lightly against Ian’s own and runs the back of his hand from Ian’s shoulder to hip and back again, lingering slightly on the convex swell of his ribcage.

“… Get your ass up.”

Mickey pats the object in question affectionately, kisses Ian’s forehead and sits up. He finally has the presence of mind to lock the door to the bar and then pads out to the kitchen, not bothering with his clothes and realises with a start that he is humming.

“Well that ain’t fuckin’ happening.”

Mickey frowns, berating himself quietly as he pulls bread, chicken, mayo and various salad bits out of the fridge. He loves the bar, restoring and transforming the battered old dive into ‘Galagers’ is most definitely the best work Mickey has ever done, but perhaps his favourite thing, besides the beach location, is the kitchen.

He keeps it stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables and there is always good quality meat in the fridge. Mandy asked him if he had a Martha Stewart fetish when she first opened the fridge, expecting to find not much beside beer and candy. Mickey had played it gruff but the truth was that whilst he was in prison, he had access to candy and bitter grog that passed for a sort of hellishly strong beer; what he didn’t have was any sort of vegetable that crunched.

The beans were always cooked to a dull greenish slop, the carrots fell apart on his fork and the one time Mickey managed to get an apple, it was like biting into sponge. Meal times turned his stomach in jail and decent food is almost sacred to Mickey now.

Warm arms encircle Mickey as he is slicing tomatoes and hands that are warmer and bigger than Mickey would have thought possible, cup his genitals, shielding them protectively.

“Be careful with that knife.”

Ian grins, resting his chin on Mickey’s shoulder, watching him work and pressing his chest flush to Mickey’s back. He begins to sway slowly back and forth and Mickey sways with him, a little less sleek than Ian but radiating blissful contentment all the same.

Ian starts to hum a low tune, something Mickey knows but can’t quite place. He stops worrying about it as Ian’s dick slips between his cheeks, hard and slick.


“I like a man who’s good with his hands.”

Ian catches Mickey’s earlobe between his teeth and suckles it, moving his tongue against the sweet curve of skin, feeling Mickey’s cock stiffen and thicken in his cupped hands.

Mickey makes a soft ‘Mmm’, humming it out between his lips and Ian has to squeeze the base of his dick hard and fast to stop himself cumming right then. Ian used to wake up in the middle of the night, sweaty and sticky, the mere memory of that happy little hum buzzing in his head enough to bring him to the edge. Hearing it again for real is more wonderful than he can describe.

“Mick? Please?”

Ian’s voice sounds whiny even to his own ears and he makes a mental note to man the fuck up just as soon as Mickey gets off of him in what Ian guesses will be approximately two and a half minutes time.

“Does it seem like I’d say no?”

Mickey twitches in Ian’s hand, grinning as he turns and pushes him backwards. Ian’s thighs bump against the short dining table and he cocks a slender red eyebrow at Mickey in question. Mickey has his bottom lip twisted in that way which tells Ian this is going to be over quickly and nods

“Lie down.”

Ian lays himself back and Mickey straddles him, already slick from their earlier frolic. Ian dips his fingers into him, curling them until Mickey gasps and rounds his shoulders as if blocking an invisible assailant.

Ian removes his hand and as Mickey slides onto his cock in one smooth movement, Ian slides his hands down the front of Mickey’s thighs, digging his heels into the floor and contorting his face in ecstasy.

Mickey rides him slowly, one hand braced on Ian’s chest, his head tipped upwards to the ceiling.

“Look at me, Mickey.”

Ian urges and slowly, like the sun coming out from behind a lazy summer cloud, Mickey’s eyes meet with Ian’s and hold. This time neither gives voice to the words that thrum in the air between them and the silence is filled only with the sound of mingled breath, each listening for the hitch or catch that will signal their lover is near. Ian gasps first and props himself up on one elbow, his free hand working Mickey with expert precision. They linger for the space of two or three more heartbeats and then the universe tilts on its axis and scatters them both into perfect nothingness.


By the time Ian comes back from the customer bathroom drying his hands on a paper towel, Mickey is washed up and back with the tomatoes. Ian peers over his shoulder, arms once again coming round Mickey’s middle, higher this time but no less insistent. He knows he is being clingy but he can’t seem to help it and Mickey clearly doesn’t mind. One of Ian’s favourite things about Mickey has always been that he leaves you with no doubt when he minds something.

“That looks like a really healthy sandwich. I remember when you used to just chuck a poptart at me.”

“Yeah and that was only if you fuckin’ earned it.”

Mickey smirks and lifts a slice of the red fruit from the chopping board, quietly touching it to Ian’s lips without looking at him.

“Mmm. Damn! Is that some sort of Mexican super tomato?”

Ian licks his lower lip and glances down at the rest of the slices hungrily.

“Sun grown, makes them sweet. You know I like ‘em sweet, Firecrotch.”

Mickey lays the slices across the top of each sandwich, the pride in his voice unmistakable even through the teasing tone.

“Did you grow them?”

Ian nuzzles his nose into the hollow of Mickey’s collarbone and feels the reluctant nod his lover gives. Mickey’s shoulder twitches beneath his cheek and Ian fights back a grin. Mickey always gets squirrely when he is caught in something harmless but contrary to his image of himself.

“Yeah, no, I mean, there were a couple stringy plants left in the upstairs bathroom, they seem to like the light or whatever and I accidently fuckin’ sprayed ‘em with the showerhead thingy a couple times … anyway next thing I know, there’s fuckin’ tomatoes sprouting everywhere. It’s not like I tend a fuckin’ garden or any shit like that.”

Mickey can feel the vibration of Ian’s suppressed laughter and turns his head slightly to give him a mock-stern look, eyebrows arched.

“You laughin’ at me, Gallagher?”

“No … Yes.”

Ian snorts and gives in to the fit of giggles, letting go of Mickey and stepping away, hands raised defensively

“I was just picturing you … with one of those purple, wide-brimmed hats old ladies wear to do their ro…roses …”

He is gasping for breath, backing away from Mickey as quickly as he can whilst the brunette stalks after him, nodding along with a sardonic little smile at the corner of his own mouth, fighting back his own amusement for all he is worth.

“… standing … in the shower w…w…with your tomatoes all scandalised …”

“So you know you’re fuckin’ dead, right? Like, I’m gonna kick your ass.”

Mickey raises his hands in a gesture of inevitability as Ian ducks behind the stumpy little kitchen table. He is not really even close to annoyed but he knows Ian enjoys teasing him and Mickey enjoys seeing Ian flushed with laughter, so they are both happy.

“I’m sorry …”

“Nah, it’s too late for that, man.”

Mickey feigns to the left and then chases to the right, but Ian is quicker.

“Really Mick, I’m sorry! … I’m sure you look fucking adora..!”

The last word is cut off with a squeak as Mickey lunges after him, they’re both laughing now, though Mickey’s eyes are large and dark with arousal and that more than the laughter is making Ian’s knees go weak.

“Was that girly little squeak you or have I got rats?”

“I did not …”

“You fuckin’ did!”

Mickey finally catches him and uses his body to box Ian into the corner, placing his hands on the wall on either side of Ian’s grinning face.

“You gonna show me who’s boss?”

He asks, running his hands lightly down Mickey’s forearms and linking them around the back of his head.

“Do I fuckin’ need to? Cause I don’t think I do, bitch.”

Ian had almost forgotten just how much that soft, arrogant, Southside drawl turned him on when Mickey used it like this. Hot and teasing and so damn sexy it was unreal.

It reminds him of the teenage menace who fought dirty and half-smothered Ian in his bedsheets and came within seconds of breaking his face before they fucked for the first time. There isn’t much similarity between that boy and the man Ian sees before him now, but the memory still gives him shivers and he kisses Mickey deeply, suddenly desperate to be closer.

“You OK?”

Mickey pulls back from Ian after a minute and gives him a lopsided smile

“Yeah, I was just … I was remembering the way you used to be when we were kids.”

Ian whispers and twitches his nose a couple of times, lifting glazed eyes to the ceiling. Mickey lets go and backs off immediately, misreading Ian’s sudden mood swing as fear.

“Woah … Ian, I know I was an asshole back then but …”

Ian’s head snaps back down and he seizes Mickey’s upper arms in a grip that he knows will leave bruises tomorrow but neither of them seems to really notice.

“You were not an asshole! You were just a kid dealing with more than anyone should have to and I am so fucking sorry I didn’t see it. I was so wrapped up in my own shit … everything that went down with my illness and before … the stuff with Sve…”

“No, shhh. Not now.”

Mickey’s surprised expression morphs into one of unshakable authority as he cuts across Ian, pressing a hand firmly over his mouth for good measure. He holds Ian’s gaze, keeping him steady with a look

“I know we have some things to talk through and later, I will hear out whatever you want to tell me, I promise I will. But just let us have this,”

Mickey gestures around them; their naked bodies, the playful chasing, the sandwiches waiting to be eaten at the hastily cleaned table.

“for a little bit longer, okay? I have missed the shit out of you, Gallagher. Please?”

Ian nods and Mickey removes his hand, rubbing Ian’s shoulder instead.

“You want your sandwich?”


Ian nods and Mickey smiles encouragingly at him, patting his face and gripping his chin lightly.

“Get dressed, you ain’t eaten a post-cum snack til you’ve eaten it on a sandy beach with the wind in your hair.”

Ian feels the jealousy bite back at him but nudges it aside with a little more ease than last time. They’ve both lived their lives the best they could in the years apart, and he also knows that Mickey might just be talking about jacking off, or at least that is what Ian tells himself.

For Mickey’s part he casts a concerned glance at Ian’s back and rubs his upper lip, wondering if Ian is really alright. He doesn’t want to ask about the medication, he does’t want to ask about Ian’s condition at all until Ian brings it up but Mickey knows that this is all a Hell of a lot to take in and that dealing with emotions can be beyond draining for Ian.


Mickey thinks. They will deal with whatever they have to deal with later. Grabbing his plate he follows him out, hastily tugging on his clothes and waiting for Ian to catch up before throwing the front door wide open and gesturing at the pristine beach before them.

“Welcome to fuckin’ paradise, Firecrotch!”


Anonymous asked you: i feel like ian would own a three wolf moon t shirt 100% unironically


charcoalfeathers asked you:What did Ian and Donovan look like when they were kids?

Anonymous asked you: what would ian do if a store opened up nearby that sold cigarettes & alchohol & knives, all in one place?

i think there are already stores like that?? and ian has survived so far so i have faith in him

Anonymous asked you: what ever happened to rich shaved head girl? (sorry I forgot her name.)

she’s still here!! (it’s ok i’m just impressed you remember her)

katieugh asked you: what would Donovan do/play in the burlesque band? I’d guess vocals…?

Anonymous asked you: Donovan can play trumpet


Anonymous asked you: headcannon sometimes ian will completely space during a conversation and sort of just zone out, jules is the only one that runs with it and shares the silence

Anonymous asked you: ian is one of those guys who would go outside in -20 degree weather in shorts and a t-shirt and stand in an alcove outside a liquor store just so he could smoke. he couldnt find his jacket and didn’t care enough to look. he needed his smoke. eheh

Getting closer to Christmas….

and closer to letting you know who I am!  

Special shout out to Coach Gotham for this chapter.  She’s a true gem who’s always up for a brainstorm, and manages to give exactly what is needed.  

Enjoy WTT!


“The picture stays Janet!  Ye won’t change one fucking thing on that label.”

“I dinna care a whit about the picture, Brother, although I canna for the life o’ me figure out what in hell it is.  But no one names a wine, Jamie!”

Willie, Laoghaire, Rupert, Murtagh, Dougal, and Ian sat still as stones around the conference table. Laoghaire didn’t know whether to take notes on this part of the meeting or not.  She leaned over to Rupert and whispered her question.

“Nay, lass,” he told her. “Dinna take notes when they use the f-word.”

She’d never seen the Fraser siblings this angry with each other.  She’d never seen Jamie like this before.  His eyes were dead, and he was definitely thinner. He seemed constantly on edge.  Even a ‘good morning’ seemed to piss him off.  

Dougal piped up.  “I ken exactly what it is, and it’s bloody clever, Jamie.”  He turned the wine towards the others and used his index finger to point out the undulating lines, “Look at it one way, and it’s the Scottish mountains in the distance wi’ what seems like a burn right here.  But, here’s the clever bit.” Dougal grinned at his audience.  “If ye look right here, it’s the curve of a woman lying on her side.  And the burn becomes a tendril of her curly, dark hair.”

Laoghaire gasped.  Willie grinned.  Rupert laughed.  Jenny screamed. Murtagh scowled.  And Ian sat straight up and twisted in his chair to stare at Jamie.  

“Sassenach.”  Ian said.  “You named the Merlot ‘Sassenach’.”  

“No.  Absolutely not.”  Jenny was livid.  “Ye call it Merlot.  Ye don’t name them with names, for God’s sake.  And look at the Shiraz?  It’s called Mo Neighean Donn!  Who is going to know what that even means, Jamie?  Honestly, the Fraser name will be a laughing stock.”  

Jamie had had enough.  He slammed his hands down on the conference table and hauled himself to his feet, leaning across the table into Jenny’s face. “I’m the CEO of this company, and I don’t have to discuss the running of it wi’ my sister!” he roared.  

Jenny rose up now, too. “Oh,” she said, voice dripping with sarcasm.  “Beggin’ yer pardon, Laird –“

“Dinna say it, Janet,” Jamie growled.

“-Broch Tuarach!” she finished

“Ifrinn, Jenny!”  Jamie pounded the table again.  “Dinna throw that ancient title at me!”

Laoghaire looked at Rupert, pen poised.  “How do I spell that?”

Rupert shook his head, “Nay, Lass. ‘Tis Jenny mockin’ her brother. Just….just put yer pen down, aye?”

Blessed St. Michael, Jamie thought.  His head hurt.  He hadn’t slept in days. And his heart ached.  Physically ached inside his chest.  At times he couldn’t catch his breath when the grief rose up to meet him.  The labels and the names had come to him during those four days with Claire.  She was his muse, his inspiration.  Each label was drawn by hand and sent to the printer.  He hadn’t shown anyone.  He knew they were beautiful.  Just like Claire, they were unique.  Some of his best work.  And he knew you didn’t name wines.  Naming them brought her closer.  Laughing stock.  That’s fine, he thought.  For I am truly a fool.  

Dougal stood up and placed a hand each on his niece and nephew.  “Come on now, you two.  Sit down. It’s no’ as bad as all that.  In fact, I can tell ye right now where I’m going to sell this wine.”  

Jamie sat heavily and rubbed at his temples.  Jenny huffed, crossed her arms and legs and flopped back in her chair.    

Dougal continued. “Wi’ names like these, I’m going to all of the resorts in the Highlands first.  Places that cater to weddings and such.  Can ye imagine a bride and her groom planning a wedding?  Havin’ a tasting paired with a white wine titled “Mo graidh”?  Huh?”  He looked around the table and rubbed his hands together.  “A wine called “My Love”!  Mary, Michael and Bride, it’ll practically sell itself!”  

Everyone looked around the table that was rife with tension.  Jenny spoke first, skepticism evident in her voice.  “If ye think so, Uncle.  No’ that it matters. The deed is done.”  

Jenny looked at Jamie, “For the record, I dinna like it.  Not one bit. But, if Dougal says it’ll sell, I believe him.”  She stood up, and turned to leave, mumbling, “That man could sell potatoes to the Irish.” Jenny’s exit broke the mood.  The rest followed suit, but no one dared say a word to Jamie.  

Dougal clapped his nephew on the back, and leaned down close to his ear. “It’s brilliant, Jamie.  Pay no mind to Jenny.  I see what you did.  Subliminal. Genius.”  And with that, Jamie found himself alone.  

Back in his office he looked again at the wines lined up on his desk.  The labels were beautiful.  And he hated each and every one of them right now.  Hated the memories they dredged up.  Hated the loneliness they made him feel.

Jamie looked at his calendar. Twelve days.  Twelve days until Christmas.  He never felt less festive in his life.  He always went to Lallybroch for Christmas. Lallybroch was their family estate, and the home of Jenny and Ian and their children.  Mrs. Crook was still their housekeeper.  Jamie couldn’t remember a time when she wasn’t part of their family.  He always looked forward to Christmas there. Cutting the tree from the woods around the estate and dragging it back.  Playing with his nephew and nieces.  Maybe he’d stay in town this year.  Right.  Despite her anger, Jenny, nor Ian for that matter, would let him do that.  Well, he had twelve days to find some holiday cheer.

Jamie sat bolt upright in his chair.  Twelve days. For the first time in weeks he felt like smiling.  Twelve days! He scrolled through his contacts and made two calls.  Then he called down to the art department and told them what he needed and to have it ready in ten minutes.  Closing his computer, he packed it up in his bag, told Willie he was heading home for the day and headed down two flights.  Jamie, lad, Dougal said ye were a genius. Now ye need to prove it. Prove ye can fix this massive misunderstanding with a wee subliminal message.  

Claire arrived home from her shift around 8:30 p.m.  She’d done two day shifts for Mary, and was now off for the next two days.  She planned to do laundry, sleep, and clean. In that order.  

Claire unlocked her door, dropped her bag and stopped.  Normally the room was pitch black.  She’d taken to drawing the blinds on her window because the sight of the fire escape made her heart hurt.  But the blinds were open.  And the glow from the street lamps made eerie shadows in her lounge.  She flicked on a light and gasped.  

Spotless.  Her flat was spotless.  Her kitchen was free of the dishes she’d left there this morning.  And she could faintly smell the solution that was used to wash her floor.  But what really rendered her speechless was the huge Christmas tree in the corner by the window.  The smell of pine was heavy in the room aided along by the natural garland that lay over her mantle.  Jamie. He must have found the key she’d misplaced in his flat. She hadn’t the heart to return the one he gave her.  It could only be him.  Oh, Jamie.  There was also a huge floral arrangement on her kitchen island. Flowers in reds and golds and white, dripping with cedar greens.  She couldn’t help the tears that sprang to her eyes, spilled over onto her cheeks, and dripped from her chin. She closed her eyes, buried her nose in the bouquet, and wept.  

She pulled herself together enough to grab a shower, and padding back into her kitchen in flannel pajamas, she opened the fridge to make something to eat.  The tears rose again.  She should have guessed.  He’d stocked the fridge with ready to go meals from one of those gourmet delivery places.  

Why, Jamie?  Why now?  

She sifted through the labels and found a pasta option to heat up.  As it cooked she thought about what it all might mean.  Was this his way of saying sorry? That was all well and good, but to be honest she would rather he actually say the words to her.  

Maybe he was trying to say he understood?  But understood what, exactly? That she would need this type of support while she went back to school?  That he could make things easy for her?  He can throw all his money into cleaning services and pre-cooked meals. That’s not the support I need. Or want.  It was all so confusing.  

As she sat at the counter eating, she spied something else.  A small white box was under the tree.  Damn you, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser. Damn you for surprising me AGAIN! 

 She got up and brought the white box back to her seat.  It was clearly a pastry box, tied with brown string.  But the artwork on top was breathtaking.  An origami partridge.  She carefully lifted it off the top of the box.  It was about the size of her hand, and folded in such a way that it stood on its own two feet. The markings were clearly drawn in ink. Jamie.  His name reverberated through her.  Setting aside the paper bird, she opened the box and smiled.  A danish pastry.  Not just any danish, but a pear danish.  A partridge in pear tree.  And Claire laughed for the first time in weeks.  

With only laundry and sleep to focus on, Claire woke up the next morning in better spirits than she had in a while.  Maybe she would get some shopping done for her friends. 

Heading out after lunch she opened the door and froze.  There on the threshold was another white box, but also dangling in front of her face were two origami doves.  One looked to be landing on an invisible branch, and the other seemed to already be perched.  Their wings were cut to show the finest of feathers.  The workmanship was so exquisite it was almost surgical in its precision. Jamie, love, these must have taken hours.  Claire grabbed a chair to remove the tape that hung them from her door frame.  Carefully she carried them inside and stood still, thinking of where to keep them. When it came to her, she didn’t hesitate.  She hung the turtle doves and went back to the door to retrieve the second package. Another pastry box, but this time it was a gorgeous pear tart, and another beautifully crafted partridge.  She placed the partridge on a branch of her Christmas tree along with the first one, and before she could change her mind, or dwell on what was happening, she headed out to the shops.  

Later that night, Claire lay in bed looking up at the two doves hanging from her ceiling.  For the first time in days, she dared to hope.  

anonymous asked:

Who is actually Tommy Turtle? I heard very negative things about him but I never really care about reading the comics when he was relevant, I only remember reading one of the very first issues when Ian Flynn become the main writer where Tommy got some kind of Super form with armor and wings and then got killed. I like the idea of a turtle Sonic character but the very little I see about him didn't really get my attention and I don't really look forward to look by myself based on what I hear.

Pre-reboot Archie character who was inserted into Sonic’s backstory during a vain attempt to give the latter dimension. Was believed to have been killed whilst saving Sonic from Robotnik except not really. Brought back for no good reason despite being the epitome of blandness and had loads of gimmicks foist onto him in a failed attempt to make the fans fall in love with him.

Mercifully killed-off very early on during Flynn’s tenure due to being a huge scrappy amongst the fandom.

AN: So I’m exhausted and was supposed to be asleep like two hours ago but I couldn’t stand not getting this out as soon as possible so here.

It’s probably filled with errors. Bear with me.
And I got the request a while ago so it’s techniquely set after 5x04, I think.

And yeah, it’s freaking long. Be excited about that.

Prompt: Alison makes Spencer jealous in regards to Toby. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my story.

Spencer’s entire life seemed to be a series of very delicate life lessons sometimes. From her mom, she’d learned to never show weakness, that it was never alright to cower in the face of a struggle, no matter how large or much she wanted to and to never expect to be coddled. Her father had taught her, through example, that appearance is always first priority, what others think of you matters more than what you think of yourself and pretty lies are always better than ugly truths. From her sister, she learned that winning means more than loving and happiness is how many awards you’ve received, how many plaques have your name on them and who is bragged about at the club.

She had learned a long time ago that she would never be the Golden Child. She’d never measure up, no matter how many pills she popped, no matter how many extra hours she worked, no matter what smile she plastered onto her blemish-less complexion, no matter how much she wanted and dreamed and craved to be perfect, she’d learned that it wasn’t her and it would be never be her.

Alison had taught Spencer a long time ago that she’d always be in someone’s shadow. She would never be anyone’s number one.

Except Toby’s. Always would she be his first priority, his love, his life, his family. He was the silver lining, the one decent thing in a black cloud of a life, the only treasure she’d ever captured, the only good thing in her world.

But Spencer had learned a long time ago, that the good in life will never last.

Whatever you choose to lean on will fall under your weight.

This concept was never as crystal clear as it was inside The Hastings’ Lake-house one night with the girls. It was stormy, it was cold and it was scary. Earlier that day the girls had decided to take a break from chasing -A for five minutes to come out here, to the Hastings’ private residence, to relax and remember why exactly they’d all become friends in the first place. As the day wore on, the storm began to hit, slowly at first then all at once and not one of the girls wanted to rough a drive back to Rosewood or risk one of their loved ones driving on the slippery pavements to get them.

So the five girls continued their bonding inside the lake-house.

“You go next, Aria,” Emily urged, as the girls hit their third round in the game of Truth. Truth, an ironic game for these girls to be playing, was alternate version of a Truth or Dare, without the latter. The girls hadn’t played it since before Ali went missing, when it became crystal clear what truth she had not been telling.

The game, though seemingly harmless, did have some hurtful qualities.

“Alright, Spence,” Aria directed, apparently already given her question some thought beforehand. “Who is one person who you wished you could have met?”

The question, though simple enough, brought out an answer none of the girls expected. They all thought she’d say something like Cleopatra, George Washington, Mary, Queen of Scotts, or someone else that you’d probably only hear about in a history class. The answer none anticipated was, “Toby’s mom, Marion Cavanaugh.”

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on your post about natural chemistry & professional chemistry.. what exactly do you mean by "professional" chemistry? please explain thoroughly!

OK so to me, professional chemistry is when two people just don’t look awkward together onscreen. It’s not a disaster watching them but it’s not something that elevates a scene either, for instance and I’m using this example even with all of the Bamon fans after me, the reason why there is such an intensity around Bamon is because Kat and Ian have natural chemistry that surpasses what the scene is actually supposed to be, like here:

Even if the gif isn’t slowed down, this moment, I remember watching it and feeling like there was so much sexual tension between these two people and that’s not this scene is about, Bonnie is legit just supposed to be irritated and Damon is supposed to be getting on her nerves because he’s irritated too but it just looks like they’re both sexually frustrated but that’s their chemistry, it’s not the narrative.

And they feed of off each other’s energy and there’s a rapport there and nothing needs to be in slow motions and there doesn’t need to be any close ups or camera tricks because their chemistry is natural and all it needs is to just be presented:

And they look like they’re genuinely having a good time:

And it was the same thing with Bonkai:

And it’s the same thing with Stelena because Nina’s eyes shine, Paul sighs and when they stare at each other there’s that rapport, that energy

And Klaroline, Candice and Joseph, everything feels charged and intense and on a hundred every time they’re in a scene together because Candice and Joseph have a natural chemistry that allows for the scene to be that charged and Candice has this tendency with Joseph where it almost likes she always catches her breath or holds her breath when Klaus approaches Caroline and that’s not something you can fake, that’s just a natural dynamic that happens when two people are in a scene together and have that natural chemistry:

And professional chemistry:

is … OK. It’s fine. I just know that the scene calls for them to act this way and so they are, it’s clearly manufactured to me, which isn’t to say that people with professional chemistry can’t have great moments, they can, there are times when I will be like yeah, that’s a cute Bonenzo scene, yeah, that’s a cute Steroline scene but it won’t ever compare in my book to the natural chemistry of the other pairings.

And also I don’t restrict chemistry to romance, I also mean between actors in general, like Paul and Joseph have great chemistry, they play off of each other really well so do Nina and Kat.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could help me out with the style of steven universe, I keep trying to make gemsonas but I feel like they aren't close enough to the style of it or that they look too similar to other gemsonas :(

I’ve had similar difficulties anon! What you need to keep in mind is how lines and shapes are used in Steven Universe.

Simplistic shapes and line shape / size are the most important things to consider when trying to emulate the Steven Universe style. (I remember Ian JQ did a mini tutorial on how the crew used lines as emphasis but I’m afraid I can’t find it right now).

What I’ve found most helpful is studying the SU Distance Models. Try sticking to only 3-4 colors and break your gemsona down into shapes! See what you can exaggerate, what details are most important, and emphasize those. 

What it really boils down to after that is practice! Keep drawing anon.