remember when i went to the premiere

I was at the premiere. And I could cry about it right now because I saw all of these young girls dressed up as Wonder Woman and they were so excited, and I remember when I was younger and ‘Kill Bill’ came out and I went to the theatre with a plastic samurai sword because I was so excited there was a female action movie. This is on a totally different level because it’s directed by a woman and it’s about a female superhero.
—  Troian on ‘Wonder Woman’
A Very Good Thing (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2423

Warnings: Alcohol mentioned, fluff, general father daughter cuteness

Summary: Y/N Rannells is her father’s date to the Tony’s, and despite having met plenty of celebrities, one manages to leave her particularly starstruck.

A/N: In honour of the Tony nominations, here’s an imagine about two of my favourite nominees (featuring a new paragraphing system thing done ever so kindly by @musiclover1072 )

“You want to take me to the Tony’s with you?” I said in disbelief, looking at my dad with wide eyes.

“Of course. Your dad’s out of town, and you’re my favourite and only daughter. If I win, I want you to be there with me!” He said, punching my shoulder lightly.

“My friends are totally going to freak out when they hear that I went to the Tony’s. You’re the best, dad.” I said, pulling my uncle into a tight hug. He chuckled and reciprocated the hug, pulling me tight against him.

“You’re a Rannells, Y/N. You’re my only daughter, and I love you.” He said, ruffling my hair slightly.

“I remember when you took me to the premiere of The Book of Mormon. Dad got so mad, but it was the best night.” I recounted, letting go of him. Dad laughed, a smile blooming on his face.

“You were 13. It shouldn’t have been anything new.” He said, the smile quickly morphing into a smirk.

“Back to the Tony’s. I’m going to need a dress, right?” I said and dad nodded, sitting down at the breakfast bar.

“Of course. You and your aunt can go get that. I’m not going to deprive her of that experience.” He said, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Cool. There’s going to be so many celebrities there, oh my god.” I said and dad gave me a weird look.

“You’ve grown up with celebrities, Y/N. Your godfather is Josh Gad, for crying out loud.” Dad said and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Uncle Josh is cool, but the celebrity factor has rubbed off a little for him. There are so many people I haven’t met who are going to be there.” I gasped a little and looked at dad enthusiastically. “I can meet Ben Platt. And Mike Faist. Oh my god.” I said and dad shook his head, rolling his eyes affectionately.

“Let’s not focus on Patti LuPone, or Bette Midler, for example.” Dad muttered, a small smile on his face.

“Dad, you introduced me to Patti LuPone at Broadwaycon last year.” I said and dad’s eyes widened slightly. He shrugged his shoulders apologetically and I laughed.

“Seriously dad, I’m so excited about the Tony’s. Talk about the ultimate father daughter night out.” I said and dad snorted, running a hand through his hair.

“It’ll be perfect, Y/N. Absolutely perfect.”

“Ok. Don’t freak out Y/N.” I muttered to myself in the limo, fiddling with the skirt of my dress. I was wearing a black and gold dress that fit perfectly, but my perfect outer appearance did not reflect my mental situation.

“Y/N, honey, you’ll be fine. It’s just like opening night.” Dad said and I gave him an unimpressed look.

“Except this is being broadcast on live television, and there’s a lot more people.” I said and dad reached out and grabbed my hand.

“Hey. I love you, and you’re my daughter. You were practically raised in the limelight.” Dad said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Then let’s do this.” I said and dad smiled, kissing the top of my forehead.

“By the way, you look beautiful.” Dad added as we exited the car, looping his arm through mine. I smiled widely, despite the flashes from the cameras hurting my eyes.

“Andrew, can we have a quick interview?” A reporter shouted and dad nodded, walking over towards them.

“Hi!” Dad said enthusiastically, waving at the reporter.

“Hi. How are you this evening?” The interviewer asked and dad responded the way he always does. With over the top enthusiasm.

“And who is this lovely lady?” The interviewer asked, gesturing towards me. Dad’s smile widened, and so did mine.

“This is my daughter, Y/N. She’s my date this evening.” Dad said, beaming down at me.

“And who are you wearing, Y/N?” The interviewer asked and my face screwed up a little.

“I have no idea. It’s from Bloomingdales, so.” I said and dad laughed, as did the interviewer.

“Thanks Y/N. Well, good luck tonight Andrew.” The interviewer said, and we waved at him as we walked away.

“He was nice.” I said and dad chuckled as we made our way into the theatre.

“Hey, I’m gonna go find our seats, and maybe grab us a drink.” Dad said, winking at me. Dad was pretty chill about me drinking, seeing as I’m 19, and he was drinking at 19.

“Awesome. I’m just gonna go meet some of the people.” I said and dad nodded, but there was a nervous look in his eyes. “Call me when you’ve found our seats, and lemme know where it is, ok?” I said and dad nodded, looking considerably less worried.

“Have fun sweetie.” Dad said, kissing the top of my head. I waved goodbye and walked off, taking in a deep breath. There were so many people in the theatre, yet somehow I knew most of them.

“Y/N Rannells, is that you?” I heard a voice say and I turned around to see a familiar face.

“Uncle Christian!” I said, tackling him in a hug.

“Hey Y/N. I didn’t think you’d be here. Where’s your dad?” He said and I shrugged my shoulders.

“He’s finding our seats. Seeing as dad’s out of town, he decided he’d take me as his date. Ultimate father daughter night out.” I said and Christian chuckled, patting my shoulder.

“Fair enough. If you see your dad, tell him I said hi. And good luck.” He said and I nodded, giving him one last hug before walking away. I walked around in wonder, realising how many people would die if they met Christian Borle, let alone Andrew Rannells. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t register the person walking right towards me, and I only noticed them when we collided.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” I heard an incredibly familiar voice say.

“No, it’s fine. Honestly.” I said, looking right into the eyes of Ben Platt.

“I take it you’re not a nominee.” Ben said and I chuckled, shaking my head.

“Unfortunately not. I am, however, the escort of one.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened.

“So whose the lucky guy? Or girl. It doesn’t matter.” Ben said and I smiled, laughing lightly.

“My father, actually.” I said and Ben’s jaw dropped slightly.

“I’ve just realised we haven’t been introduced. Ben Platt.” He said, sticking his hand out. “

"I know.” I said and Ben chuckled to himself.

“If that’s a Dear Evan Hansen reference, consider me impressed.” Ben said as I shook his hand.

“It works as a reference and a statement in its own right. Y/N Rannells.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.

“You… your dad is Andrew Rannells? The Andrew Rannells?” Ben asked, gaping at me.

“The one and only. Unless you know another Broadway legend called Andrew Rannells who’s from Nebraska.” I said and Ben laughed, the sound beautiful.

“Unfortunately I do not. Can I just say, I think you look beautiful Y/N.” Ben said and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Thanks Ben. You don’t look too bad yourself.” I said and Ben waved a hand in my direction.

“You’re going to make me blush.” Ben said and I chuckled, smoothing down my dress. My phone rang and I shot Ben and apologetic look.

“It’s my dad.” I mouthed and Ben nodded, giving me a thumbs up.

“Hey dad. You found our seats?” I said, still glancing over at Ben.

“That’s why I’m calling. We’re in seats 13 A and B. Where are you?” Dad said and I paused, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Um, towards the back of the theatre, near the front of the bar. I ran into Uncle Christian before. He said hello and good luck.” I said and dad chuckled to himself.

“That sounds like Christian. You run into anyone else yet? Anyone on your bucket list?” Dad said and I snorted slightly.

“Dad, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do. I do not have a people bucket list.” I said and dad snorted loudly, most likely drawing the attention of people nearby.

“That’s my girl, but I’m serious. Have you met anyone exciting, aside from Uncle Christian.” Dad said and I looked at Ben, shooting him a smile.

“Ben Platt is currently standing in front of me, very awkwardly may I add.” I said and Ben immediately straightened up, fixing his hair. Dad chuckled softly and I imagined he was smiling.

“Tell him I said hi and good luck. Also, tell him that if Mike Faist beats me for the Tony I won’t be disappointed.” Dad said and I smiled, nodding despite being on the phone.

“Got it. See you soon. Love you.” I said, hanging up my phone.

“Dad says hi and good luck.” I said immediately and Ben chuckled, running a hand through his hair.

“Thanks. I should probably go to my seat, but it was wonderful meeting you.” Ben said and I nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.

“The same goes for you. I hope you win tonight. You deserve it.” I said, walking off to my seat and not noticing the blush that covered his cheeks.

The opening number was incredible, and I was already on the edge of my seat. The first awards were called, and I found myself clapping and cheering loudly, earning a few strange looks from others. “And now, the nominees for best supporting actor in a musical.” The announcer said and I was immediately alert.

The announcer read the names out, and I crossed my fingers. “And the Tony goes to… Andrew Rannells.” The announcer called and I looked over at dad, who was in disbelief.

“You did it dad! You did it!” I whispered eagerly, pulling him into a tight hug. Dad hugged me back quickly and made his way up onto the stage, beaming our at the audience.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me over my career. My wonderful partner Michael, who is unfortunately not with me tonight, and my beautiful daughter Y/N, who is here tonight.” Dad said, gesturing to me.

The camera turned and my beaming face was projected on the screens. “I love you dad!” I mouthed, earning a few chuckles from people nearby.

“ I remember only a few weeks after we adopted Y/N, I took her to opening night of The Book of Mormon. Michael wasn’t exactly pleased, but it is one of my greatest memories with her, and may tonight be another one of them. I love you Y/N.” Dad said, and I felt the tears well in my eyes. I let out a loud whoop as he walked off the stage, Tony clutched in his hand and tears in his eyes.

“You deserve that so much.” I said, pulling dad into the tightest hug I could muster once he returned to his seat.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me, Y/N.” Dad said, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

“Congratulations.” I heard a voice say and I turned my head to see Ben Platt standing there.

“Thank you very much Ben. I do wish you the best of luck. I’m sure my daughter desperately wants you to win.” Dad said, winking at me as my cheeks flushed pink.

Ben chuckled awkwardly and I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “Dad.” I said sternly, giving him a look of warning.

“She’s quite the Dear Evan Hansen fan, my Y/N/N, and quite a fan of yours, might I add.” Dad continued, shooting Ben a smile. I was fairly certain my cheeks were a crimson red, but that didn’t stop my dad from embarrassing me further. “She wouldn’t stop gushing about how good you were in Dear Evan Hansen. She was actually hoping to meet you tonight, and clearly she got her wish.” Dad said, looking at me with an almost evil smirk on his face.

Ben awkwardly cleared his throat, his cheeks the same colour as mine. “Well, uh, unless she’d like to go to the afterparty with you, I, um, wouldn’t mind her accompanying me to it.” Ben stammered, suddenly looking and sounding very much in character.

“Y/N.” Dad said, raising his eyebrows slightly.

“I’d love to.” I said, smiling brightly at Ben. He returned the smile, and dad suddenly looked very smug.

“Wonderful. Call me when you want to leave the afterparty, sweetie.” Dad said, taking his seat once more.

“I, uh, I’ll meet you after the ceremony.” Ben said, awkwardly shoving his hand in his suit pockets.

“I look forward to it. Quick question, you got a pen?” I said and Ben nodded, a half smile forming on his face. He pulled a sharpie out of his pocket, and he passed it to me. I took it and gently rolled up the sleeve of his suit. I uncapped the sharpie and wrote a series of numbers on his arm. My phone number. “Call me, ok?” I said and Ben’s cheeks flushed, the smile on his face growing wider.

“I’ll make sure to.” Ben said and I took in a deep breath, pressing a kiss to his lips. His lips were soft and warm, and tasted faintly of champagne. I pulled away slowly, Ben’s lips tinted a peachy colour from my lipstick.

“I, uh, um, I’ll see you later.” Ben squeaked out, blushing darkly.

“Ditto.” I muttered, waving him off slowly.

“You’re welcome.” Dad said, making me jump a little.

“Jesus Christ, dad.” I said, pressing a hand to my chest.

“Like I said, you’re welcome. You two never would’ve gone anywhere if you kept dancing around the ‘problem’.” Dad said, putting quotation marks around problem.

“I, uh, um.” I stammered, trying and failing to form a response. Dad chuckled and patted my shoulder, trying to console me.

“It’s all good Y/N/N. You and Ben will be adorable together, I can just see it. He’s pretty easy on the eyes after all.” He said and I scoffed, playfully hitting his shoulder.

“My dad hitting on the guy I’m interested in. This sounds like some messed up soap opera episode.” I said and dad chuckled, nodding his head as the next award was called.

“Our life is nothing normal, Y/N. And that’s a good thing.” He said meaningfully, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. “A very good thing indeed.”

Underdog to History Maker; The Story of Katsuki Yuuri

An Interview between figure skating legend and home grown hero, Katsuki Yuuri and Anchor Morooka Hisashi.  

[ A piece inspired by this artwork by @kriscynical ]

MH: Katsuki Yuuri has been a household name for years. Since he skated into our hearts during his first junior performance inspired by Toy Story to his final gold medal winning performance at the World Championships this past March. After such a life full of twists, turns, successes, and failures, one must wonder how you sum it up…So Yuuri, how do you sum that up?“

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FanWorks Wednesdays -bohoartist

by Keva Andersen

Hope you had a great summer, Philes! We’re back with our Fan Author series. This week’s author is no stranger to fandom, and recently co-authored a project that stretches the boundaries of the usual fanfic experience. Meet bohoartist! If you haven’t read “Two Agents Missing, Presumed Dead” head over there, scroll to the bottom, and read. I’ll wait. @bohoartist and co-author @piecesofscully used Tumblr to lay out their story piece by piece, with images, e-mails, and news articles. It’s a great read and fun to put the pieces together as you go.

If you like short, sweet, and a kick in the feels, try “The Healing Power of Touch.” Scully is trying to comfort Mulder after losing his mom in Sein Und Zeit and the glimpse of her thoughts after doing Teena Mulder’s autopsy sticks with you. If you’re looking for something a little more “adult,” then this hits the, er, spot. I’ll let you infer from the title what “Three Times Mulder and Scully Got Caught and One Time They Didn’t Care” is about! 

We talked with bohoartist about, writing, inspiration, and of course, The X-Files.

How long have you been a Phile?

Since June 19th, 1998, the day “Fight the Future” came out. I had not seen a single episode. In fact, I had avoided it as I was getting sick of all the alien sci-fi stuff that had been coming out seemingly one on top of the other. I had a friend who was a Phile though, and she was always pushing me to watch it. Well, that Friday evening, my parents came home from work and announced that we were going to go see a movie and I got to choose! So I picked up the newspaper (remember perusing newspapers for movie options?!) and I see “The X-Files: Fight the Future” and then I see that it’s rated PG-13 for, and I quote, “violence, horror, and gore.” Excellent. So we went and I was hooked.

What was your first episode?

My first episode was “Squeeze,” and I actually watched it the same night I saw the movie. When we came home from the theater, FX was playing a marathon and I dove in from Squeeze on. I was able to rent a VHS of the Pilot and “Deep Throat” from Blockbuster and by the time Season 6 premiered, I was fully caught up.

How long have you been writing fic?

I’ve been writing and posting fic since November of 2015.

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Pynch at the Movies

*This is a Pride prompt for @ravensandthings118 who requested Pynch + At the Movies. I hope you like it! ;)

“Ronan, you can not bring Chainsaw to the movies. I am positive that they have a no pet policy.”

Adam, Chainsaw is not a pet! She is my child!” Ronan had one hand on the steering wheel, the other clutching the gearshift. Adam was, against his wishes, holding Chainsaw. She was no longer a small raven, but a glorious full grown adult. She was nearly two feet long and weighed about two and a half pounds. Her wingspan was daunting, nearly 45 inches across. Adam winced as Chainsaw accidentally buried the sharp ends of her feet into Adam’s leg. She seemed to sense his discomfort and eased up, tapping his knuckles with her beak.

Adam scratched behind her head, ruffling her feathers. “It’s not that I don’t want you to go, Chainsaw,” Adam explained. “But this is a date.” He glared at Ronan. “And I thought it was just Ronan, I mean Kerah, and I going out.”

Ronan laughed. He had his head tilted back against the driver seat’s headrest, showing off his magnificent jaw line. Adam really couldn’t stay mad, though he couldn’t fathom how Ronan planned to smuggle Chainsaw into the theater.

“So, why exactly is Chainsaw going with us?” Adam asked. “She’s old enough to stay home alone.”

Chainsaw made some noises like water falling on rocks. Ronan interpreted. “You remember when we watched the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie?” Adam nodded. “Chainsaw loves Rocket. Like she has a total crush on the talking raccoon.”

Kerah!” Chainsaw cawed. It sounded like agreement to Adam.

“I’ll be,” Adam murmured.


The parking lot at the theater was mostly empty. They were catching a weekday matinee several weeks after the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie had premiered. Ronan put Chainsaw on his shoulder and whispered, “Pirate mode.” Chainsaw went as still as a stuffed parrot. Adam trailed behind Ronan as he walked boldly towards the ticket window.

“Can I help you?” The girl at the counter looked about fifteen and she appeared equal parts amazed and intimidated by Ronan, tall, gorgeous Ronan wearing his standard badass attire and a damn raven like an accessory.

“Two tickets for Guardians,” Ronan said. Adam sidled up beside him and gave the girl a small smile to offset Ronan’s perpetual scowl.

“That’ll be ten dollars,” the girl answered. Her nametag said Cynthia. Ronan handed over his card and she processed the transaction and gave them their tickets. “Uh, mister, I have to ask, is that bird real?”

“Of course she’s real!” Ronan said. He bent down until Chainsaw was about eyelevel with Cynthia. “Do ya want to pet her?” Cynthia shook her head frantically. “Okay, then.”

Ronan held the door open for Adam, making him duck under Ronan’s arm. They got popcorn and an extremely large Coke slushie. The employees kept giving Chainsaw the side-eye but she stayed perfectly still.

The theater was empty and Ronan sent up a loud whoop and charged to the very back of the theater, plopping down in the middle seat and putting his boots up on the seat in front of him. Adam followed, gingerly climbing the stairs, careful not to spill any popcorn. Chainsaw had flown up into the rafters to, as Ronan explained, give them some alone time. Adam laughed and sat next to Ronan. That wasn’t good enough for Ronan, though. He pushed the armrest up and hauled Adam over until Adam was practically lying on top of him.

“Ronan,” Adam gasped, “I get that you’re very excited about a movie date but I actually do want to watch the movie.”

Ronan grumbled but let Adam sit up. As a compromise Adam sat with his back against the other armrest and draped his legs over Ronan’s lap. While the previews played they amused themselves by throwing popcorn at each other and trying to catch it in their mouths. Chainsaw swooped by a few times to pluck the kernels out of the air, showing off aerial tricks while she did so. There were plenty of times when both Adam and Ronan went for popcorn at the same moment, hands bumping, fingers twining briefly. Ronan tried to shove a handful of popcorn in Adam’s mouth. They were being too loud and making a mess but it was kind of wonderful.

When the movie started Adam had to clap a hand over Ronan’s mouth to get him to shut up. Adam could count on one hand the number of times he had been to a movie. His parents never took him and he had neither the time nor money to go on his own. He had been treated a few times as a kid but yeah, this was a big deal. As the movie went on he leaned into Ronan’s arms, enjoying the warmth of his body compared to the frigid theater temperature. He also liked the way Ronan’s body moved when he laughed, and Ronan laughed a lot. As well he should because the movie was hilarious. Adam found himself laughing more than he had in ages.

Sometime during the movie Ronan started running his fingers through Adam’s hair, his cheek resting against the top of Adam’s head, arm wrapped around his back. It was unbelievably cozy. Adam took a drink from the halfway melted slushy, holding it up for Ronan to take a drink, too. The poor straw was mangled from Ronan chewing on it. Chainsaw had settled in somewhere; they heard her occasionally mumbling to herself, getting quite vocal whenever Rocket had an exciting scene.

By the end of the movie both Adam and Ronan were pretty emotional. It had been a wild ride. They waited around for the after credit clips. This time Adam did slide onto Ronan’s lap, his knees pressing down into the seat. Ronan shifted under him, his hands resting lightly on Adam’s lower back.

“Is this what the kids do these days?” Adam asked, his lips against Ronan’s ear.

Ronan laughed, the vibrations settling into Adam’s chest. “Yes, Parrish, I believe this is what the kids do.”

“Oh, good. This is good. Very nice.” He kissed Ronan’s jaw, nipping a little. “Five stars.”

Ronan groaned. “I’ll give you five stars…” He twisted his head to the side and captured Adam’s lips. They kissed until the next clip came up. All told they got in several minutes of good makeout time before the movie was well and truly over. Adam got up, bracing himself on Ronan’s shoulder for a moment because he was feeling pretty unsteady. Ronan pulled him in for a hug, a real hug. Adam rested his forehead against Ronan’s chest, his fingers clutching at the belt loops on Ronan’s jeans. Ronan rubbed his back and sighed.

“I’m gonna miss you,” he murmured.

Adam tugged at his jeans. “I’m not gone yet.”


Chainsaw dove in and landed on Ronan’s shoulder, pecking at his collarbone. She croaked twice.

“Chainsaw says that we should come see Wonder Woman.”

“Does she?” Adam grinned.

“Yes. She fancies the Amazons.”

“Well,” Adam nuzzled Ronan’s neck. “She’s not the only one.”

Ronan laughed. “Easy there, Parrish. You’re gonna make me jealous.”

Before they left the three of them cleaned up the popcorn mess and then strolled out of the theater. The sun was going down and the Henrietta summer was balmy. Ronan and Adam passed the slushie back and forth, driving down the familiar road to the Barns.

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Luke Evans - Be My Beauty

Request By: @fandomgirl9193 

Request/Summary:  Hi can I request a luke evans imagine where the reader and him are dating and they arrive at the beauty and beast premier? You can do whatever from there I just can’t wait to read it and if it’s not too much trouble please make it romantic and really fluffy 😍💗

Luke Evans - Be My Beauty 

Chapter 1

Reader’s POV

“Love.” Luke said knocking on the bathroom door. “Are you almost ready? We’re going to be late.”

“Almost babe.” I said, as I kept looking at myself in the mirror. “I just want to make sure I look perfect.”

“But you always look perfect my love.” Luke said as I open the bathroom door and stepping out. “(Y/N) you look..” He smile as he looked up and down. He looked back at me, I can see his eyes soft. “You are absolutely breathtaking.”

“Thank you Luke.” I said, blushing a bit. “But you sure this doesn’t seem tacky?” I did a small spin, before I turn back to him. “I am in a golden dress and going to a Beauty And The Beast premiere.”

“Nonsense my love, you can never be tacky.” Luke said, smiling at me. “I think the dress suits you quite nicely in matter a fact. After all, Belle is your favorite Disney character. But… I’m afraid you are missing something.” 

“What could I be missing?” I said, turning around and looking at the closet mirror. “I have everything.”

“Not everything love.” Luke said. He walked over to me as I turn back to him. “I believe theses are yours.” He opened a box, revealing a red rose necklace and earrings. “Can’t be Belle without your red rose my love.”

“Oh Luke, their beautiful. Thank you so much for this.” I said, smiling as I put the earrings on. 

“I told you before (Y/N), you don’t need to thank me for anything. It’s my job to take care of you.” Luke said, picking up the necklace “Here, let me help you with your necklace.”

I moved my hair and he place the necklace around my neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kiss my neck gently. I let out a soft sigh as I lean against his chest. He held me tight as we sway back and forth. I smiled as I heard him start to hum. He was humming the song that was playing when we first met at a small cafe. 

“Baby.” Luke sang as he spun me around and dance with me. “I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray. Ooh. The more I get of you. The stranger it feels, yeah. And now that your rose is in bloom. A light hits the gloom on the gray.”

“We’re going to be late Luke.” I said as he started kissing my neck as he kept humming. “Luke.” He started kissing up my neck, making me giggle. “Babe.”

“It’s alright love, we can be be late.” Luke said, smiling as he kiss my lips gently. 

Every kiss, felt like the first time he kiss me. The kiss became more intense with every passing second. Then we heard honking, causing us to break the kiss as we laugh. 

“Will I guess we can’t be late.” Luke said, taking my hand in his. “Ready my love?”


Chapter 2

Luke’s POV

“Alright, everything is set and we should be ready to go.” I said, to the camera crew as they followed me around. “I just hope thing goes as plan or,” I stop and smile. “I’ll be making a total ass out of myself.”

The camera crew just laugh.

“Your laughing mate, but I’m nervous than I ever been.” I said as I started walking around again. “Okay, knowing (Y/N) she’ll be talking to Emma. She absolutely adores Emma.” I walked through the crowd and I spotted (Y/N), right were I thought she would be at. “Look, she’s right over there talking to Emma.” I pointed over at them. “Let’s see if we can get closer without (Y/N) knowing.”

I started moving around the crowd again, trying to get close enough to (y/n). I wanted to hear her answer, when Emma asked her a question for me. I stood behind her a bit and looked at Emma. I nodded my head to her and she nodded back.

“So (Y/N), Luke’s told me you’re a huge Disney fan. I bet you were excited about him getting to be about of this.” Emma said, smiling.

“A course. Soon as he told me he had a part, I told him he better take it or I was going to beat him up.” She said and they laugh.

“You know, they do weddings at Disney World. Would you do one if Luke ever ask you?” Emma said, looking over her shoulder and at me.

“Oh my god yes.” She said, nodding her head. “But to be honest… Me and Luke haven’t talked about marriage. I’ve been too scared to talk to him about it.”

“Why’s that sweetie?” Emma asked.

“Will, he’s Luke Evans for one.” She said and they laugh. “Two, soon as your mention the M word guys take off running.”

“Some do, but I don’t think Luke is like most guys.” Emma said, smiling. “So, if he asked you, would you?”

“In a heartbeat.” She said, nodding her head.

I did a small dance behind her as Emma tried not to laugh. I gave her the thumbs up and a nod before I took off again. I could hear Emma suggesting to (Y/N) to take a walk with her. I slipped into a room, so she couldn’t see me as she took off walking with Emma.

“Okay, time to get this show on the road.” I said, rubbing my hands together. 

Chapter 3 Reader’s POV

“Babe?” I said, stepping outside and looking around. “Luke?” I went down the steps and went over to the garden. “Why did he tell me to meet him outside if he’s not even here yet?” I looked around some more when lights came on, catching my attention. “Luke?”

I went over to where the lights were at, hoping to find Luke. But what I found was a pathway lit up by lights. I stepped closer and saw a single red rose on the ground with a note. I picked it up and I saw the note had my name on it. 

 I turn it over and saw a single sentence on it. “Follow the dancing lights.”

“I swear he better not try to scare the crap out of me like he did last time.” I said as I walked down the pathway of lights. “Luke?”

I kept calling for him as I walked down the pathway. On the way, I kept finding roses, all of them with notes. Each one was saying “You’re getting warmer.”

I finally got to the end of the pathway, that lead me to pinch black area of the garden. I looked down as I saw another rose with another note. I picked it up and it read. “You’re on fire.”

I looked up as lights slowing started to light up. My eyes lit up when I saw chandeliers hanging from the trees above a table, set for two. 

I went over and took a seat when I started hearing footsteps from the pathway. I looked over to see Luke carrying a tray with had a cover on it.

“Hello my love.” Luke said, as he walked over to the table. “I bet you were thinking I was going to scare you again, huh?”

“Actually yes.” I said, as we both smile. “So all this because of your premier?”

“Love, I’m quite ashamed of you if you don’t remember what today is.” Luke said seating the tray down. “Hopefully this reminds you.”

He removed the cover, revealing a plate of food that you would order for breakfast. French toast, berries, sausages, power sugar, orange juice and tea.

“It’s…it’s the same thing we both order that day we met at the cafe.” I said, looking up at him. “You remember?”

“A course my love, why wouldn’t I?” Luke said, taking a seat. “After all, when I heard that heavenly voice of your’s for the first time ordering it was like music to my hears. Then when I heard you order the same at me, my face lit up that you like the same things I do. Your voice, was the first thing that draw me to you my love.”

“Oh, Luke.” I said, looking down blushing

“That right there.” Luke said as I looked back up. “Is the same thing you did when I asked you, if I could join you. If I’m right my exact words were..”

“Excuses me miss, my name is Luke. I don’t mean to bother you while you’re trying to eat but I notice you were alone. And I don’t think a lovely woman such as yourself should ever eat alone. Is it alright if I company you this morning?” I said smiling at him. 

Oh, you do remember.” Luke said, smiling at me as we started to eat. “I have to say, I’m really glad you allow me to seat with you.”

“Why wouldn’t I? After all, your Luke Evans” I said, giving him a wink making him chuckle. “You always have a way with words. And you were really sweet and nice. You’re quite the gentlemen, will, you still are.”

“I’ll always be a gentleman for you my love. A course, in the bedroom that’s a different story, as you know.” Luke said, giving me a wink and making me blush. “I’m sorry, I’m quite greedy with you when it comes to that.”

“You believe me I know.” I said, smirking at him. “You’re always wanting more.”

“I’ll always want more, specially since it’s you that I want.” Luke said, smirking right back at me. I shook my head and smile as I reach for the power sugar. Right as I did, Luke’s reach out of it and our hands met. “Now would you look at this, just like the first time. But if I’m right, there was a certain song playing when this happened.” Then a soft melody started to play. Seal, Kiss From A Rose. He took my hand as he stood up and went to my side. “Care for a dance my love?”

“I’ll love to.” I said as he helped me up.

He lead my hand to a small clearing as the music got a bit louder. Luke smiled as we wrapped out arms around each other and started to sway. We looked deep into each other’s eyes as he started to sing along with our song.

There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea.
You became the light on the dark side of me.
Love remained a drug that’s the high and not the pill.

But did you know,
That when it snows,
My eyes become large and
The light that you shine can be seen.

I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
The more I get of you,
The stranger it feels, yeah.
And now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

There is so much a man can tell you,
So much he can say.
You remain,
My power, my pleasure, my pain, baby
To me you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny.
Won’t you tell me is that healthy, baby?

But did you know,
That when it snows,
My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen.

I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
Ooh, the more I get of you
The stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

He kiss me gently as the music continued to play. He broke the kiss as press his forehead against mine.

I’ve been kissed by a rose on the gray,
I’ve been kissed by a rose
I’ve been kissed by a rose on the gray,
…And if I should fall along the way
I’ve been kissed by a rose
…been kissed by a rose on the gray.

There is so much a man can tell you,
So much he can say.
You remain
My power, my pleasure, my pain.
To me you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny, yeah
Won’t you tell me is that healthy, baby.

But did you know,
That when it snows,
My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen.

I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
Ooh, the more I get of you
The stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom,
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

Yes I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray
Ooh, the more I get of you
The stranger it feels, yeah
And now that your rose is in bloom
A light hits the gloom on the gray
Now that your rose is in bloom,
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

Luke spun me around so my back was to his chest as we sway. He kiss my neck, making me get lost in his touch. I close my eyes as I kept humming our song. Then he took my left hand, spinning slightly away from him. As I turn back to him, he got down on one knee.

“Luke?” I said, looking down at him in disbelief.

“(Y/N), the first time I heard your voice I knew you were different, that you were special . I wasn’t lying when I said it was heavenly. You sounded like a angel, even till this day you still do. When I first got a glimpse of you, my heart skipped a beat. I never seen such beauty before in my life. When I touch your hand that day, I felt a jolt through my body. It’s like new life was breathed into me. I was reborn with new purpose. That purpose was to love and care for you with every fiber of my being.” Luke said, reaching into his pocket and pulling something out. “When I first kiss your ruby lips, I knew, I found the woman I was met to be with for the rest of my life. (Y/N), would you do me the greatest honor a woman can give a man like me, by becoming my wife?”

He showed me a beautiful ring, with a red rose on it. 

“Yes.” I said, nodding my head as I started to cry. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

He place the ring on my finger and kiss my hand before standing up. Luke took me into his arms once more and kiss me passionately. If felt just like the first time he kiss me. The first time he told me he loved me. The first time he made love to me. It’s always like the first time with Luke.

We a few minutes longer, till we slowing broke the kiss. We smile at each other as we press our foreheads together.

“I guess we have to start planning our wedding huh?” I said,  touching his face gently as his smile got bigger.

“I already started planning our wedding. In matter of fact,” Luke said, as wrapped his arm around my waist and we started sway. “ I already booked a place for it and set a date.”

“Oh really now? And what place and what date would that be babe?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“It will be on our anniversary and in Disney World.” Luke said, chuckling a bit when my jaw drop.

“Shut up. Really?” I said, smacking his arm.

“Yes really.” Luke said, laughing a bit more. 

“Is that why Emma was asking me all those questions?” I asked and he nodded his head. “And what if I said no?”

“Then I would hope I could get my deposit back.” Luke said and we both laugh “But I’m glad you said yes.” Our face became serious as we lean in closer. “I love you Ms Evans and I’ll always will.”

“And I love you Mr Evans.” I said, we kiss for a moment as it broke, I smiled at him. “And I’ll always will.”

The End

I hope you enjoy this request by @fandomgirl9193 and I hope you enjoy it hun. 

Gifs were created by giphy and ezgif. Some were found, so props to markers. P.S forgot to put this part in earlier. One of many amazing videos on instrgram by isastillcurious, helped inspired me with ideas/song for this wonderful request.

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Imagine Chris taking you around your new home.

A/N: Part 5 is here, y'all. I have to admit, even I got a little choked up writing this. 😅 I might have a wedding for you guys, but we’ll see. Enjoy 💕 (Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4)

You stood in the front yard of your dream house with the man of your dreams; the smile on your face was yet to be wiped off. Chris smiled seeing how happy you were and silently commended himself on such a wonderful job. He walked over to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind. “What do you think?” He spoke softly into your hair. “Do you like it?” You turned around in his arms and chuckled when you caught his gaze. “What?” He raised a brow as he dropped his arms.

“You’re insane, you know that?” You quizzed rhetorically, caressing his bearded face with one hand. He chuckled, turning so he could kiss your palm. “I mean-” you dropped your hand and glanced back at the house before turning back to Chris. “You are literally the perfect man.” He laughed. “This whole day has been unreal. You see things like this in the movies, you don’t ever expect…” You trailed off, your hand reaching to touch the small plane pendant resting between your collarbone; Chris smiled. “Who does this in real life?”

“Me,” he smiled and slipped his hand into yours, entwining your fingers. “And it’s not over yet.” You chuckled with a shake of your head. “Yes, I can do this all day.” He smirked when he quoted Captain America’s famous line. “C'mon,” he tugged on your hand and pulled you with him towards the house. “There’s a lot I want to show you.”

“Your letter said you were going to drop to your knee upon seeing me.” You reminded him teasingly, playfully poking his side. “It’s been ten minutes and my finger’s still pretty bare,” you said and he chuckled when you wiggled your left hand for him to see.

“Looks like someone is eager to be my fiancée,” he teased and you rolled your eyes with a smile. “Relax, okay? You’ll definitely have a ring on your finger before the end of the day, I just want to show you around the house first. Do you have your key?” He asked when you reached the front door.

“Of course I do,” you pulled out the key your dad has passed to you earlier. “The keychain was a very nice touch, Captain,” you complimented as you poked the key into the keyhole. You knew it was his way of reminding you how the two of you met.

“I thought so too.”

The door opened and the two of you stepped in; an immediate feeling of home was felt. Chris watched you as your eyes scanned the vicinity, smiling when you smiled. Upon entering the two story stonewall house, a long hallway greeted you; its plain white walls were decorated with photo frames filled with years and years of memories. On your left was the staircase leading upstairs to your three bedrooms and two bathrooms; on your right was the archway entrance to your cozy living room; and straight ahead, you’d find your kitchen/dining area with the breakfast bar, marble benches, and sun nook you’ve always wanted.

“Oh my God,” you breathed as your eyes welled with tears. “Chris-” you turned to him and he chuckled, wrapping you into a hug. “I love you,” you told him, wrapping your arms around him. “You’re amazing and this house is amazing and-” You tried hard to hold back your tears. “I’m so lucky,” you mumbled into his chest.

“So am I,” he kissed the top of your head. “Think you can hold it together until we finish the tour?” He asked, looking down at you as you looked up at him. “You’re more than welcomed to cry when I propose ‘cause I’m going to and I’d like the company.”

“Okay,” you chuckled softly.

He took your hand and showed you around downstairs first. The entire place was fully furnished with all your favorite designers: Kathy Kuo, Vivian Durant, APT2B, Global. The color schemes included all your favorites; Tiffany&Co teal being the most repeated color. The walls held frames that contained- not only photographs, certificates, and awards- but watercolors, prints, and quotes from your favorite Disney movies.

In the living room was a huge flatscreen with surround sound, though you loved watching TV- you knew that was more for Chris and his football games than you. Above the stone fireplace was an enlarged copy of the photograph you both loved from your first Christmas with Chris in Boston; you were kissing by the Christmas tree under the mistletoe when Scott snapped a candid photo, it encapsulated one of the best Christmases of your life in one shot. You smiled and pecked Chris on the cheek when you saw it; he smiled in response.

The two of you moved onto the kitchen where everything was as you’d always dreamed of. You were an actress by trade but if you weren’t, you would have become a pastry chef. You loved baking and having a kitchen like this was your one lifelong wish. The beige marble benches, the hardwood floor, the breakfast bar, the sun nook- it was as though Chris entered your mind to create what you’d been envisioning since you were fourteen.

“I nailed it, didn’t I?” Chris smiled at your smile.

“You did more than just nail it,” you nodded, smiling at him.

“Over there,” Chris grabbed you by the shoulders and turned you towards the grand piano in the corner of the room, “is where I’ll be when you’re working away in the kitchen. I know you’ve always wanted a live band playing whatever song you wanted, whenever you wanted.” You chuckled softly; the ideas you had as a kid. “As much as I want to hire a band to live with us so you can have that, I don’t think it’s realistic.”

“Neither,” you giggled with a shake of your head.

“That’s where I come in,” he smiled. “We’re lucky ‘cause I can play your two of your favorite instruments. The saxophone is still a work in progress, I’ll-” You cut him off, pressing your lips against his. “What was that for?” He asked when you pulled away.

“Everything,” you smiled. “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve someone like you, Chris. With each passing second, you’re becoming more and more perfect. It’s getting to a point that I don’t think I can live up to you. How am I meant to top this? What am I going to do for your next birthday or our next anniversary or Christmas? Nothing I do will ever, ever come close to what you’ve done for me.”

“Are you serious?” He laughed when you nodded. “Y/N, shall I remind you of the amazing things you’ve done for me? When I was filming ‘Before We Go’ and you were on break, you gave up your downtime to come help me in New York pulling all nighters than you didn’t have to pull.”

“Yeah, but-”

“Do you remember when you took me to Disney World for my birthday? I don’t know how but you got the entire park to make it all about me that day, every show we went to- every ride we took, all the cast members and attendants wished me a happy birthday.”

“Well, it wasn’t-”

“You’ve never once missed an award show or premiere of mine, even if you’re working- you ask for time off to fly to wherever it is so you can be with me. You know I get nervous at those things and you don’t want me to be alone, even if that means risking your own career.” You smiled, no longer trying to minimize the importance of your actions because you knew Chris would just cut you off again. “You are always there for me when I need you to be, Y/N. No matter what, no matter when. Even if you can’t be physically there for me, you still make your love and support known. You love me unconditionally and- that is something not many people are capable of. So if you ask me, this is nothing compared to everything you’ve done and everything you do for me.”

“You’re making it really hard to hold it together,” you told him, wiping a tear away with your finger. He chuckled softly and pressed a kiss against your forehead before taking you upstairs to continue with the tour, saying he wanted to leave the backyard for last.

He took you to the master bedroom first where the two of you would sleep. Both the bedroom and the ensuite was simple and elegant, just the way you liked it. He then led you into the walk-in wardrobe with a small area specifically for you to do your hair and makeup. Like everything else, it was beautiful and perfect and tear-jerking because he just knew you all too well. The other two rooms he showed you, a bedroom for Olive and a nursery for your future child, reminded you why you fell in-love with him in the first place; his kindness, sweetness, gentleness, generosity, and paternal instincts. Before him, the only kid you loved was your sister; after him, you could add Ethan, Miles, and Stella to the list. Before him, the thought of being a mom scared you to death; after him, you wanted nothing more than to be the mother of his children.

“It’s perfect, Chris.”

“You should see the backyard,” he said and led you back downstairs.

Chris’ heart started to pound against his chest because the backyard was where everything was set up and where he was meant to propose. He was both nervous and excited because he was about to start a brand new life with the love of his life. He reached into his pocket to check the text that buzzed in his pocket five minutes ago. They were all ready, it was up to him now.

“Wait-” Chris stepped in front of you, stopping you before you moved the curtains blocking the sliding door that led to the backyard. “I just- I need you to close your eyes.” You chuckled and did as you were told, letting him take your hands. “Okay,” he moved the curtain aside and opened the door. “It’s a step here,” he told you and carefully led you. “It’s four steps here.” He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at everyone; both your friends and families that had flown in specially for the engagement. “Now open,” he said after giving Olive a thumbs up.

The song that you both loved, 'Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur came on as Chris descended to one knee in front of you. Tears welled in your eyes as you smiled at him before looking around to take in the vicinity. You’d started the day with the sun still bright in the sky and now it was slowly setting in the horizon. Fairy lights and candles lit the backyard up; rose petals scattered on the trimmed lawn; floating lanterns in the pool, all did its part to romanticize the situation. All your friends and families carried a single rose- ready to pass to you to make a bouquet- and a glass of champagne- ready to toast your new engagement.

“There are a million things I can tell you while I’m down on one knee,” Chris began and you returned your teary gaze to him; you tried not to cry at the sight of his glistening blue eyes. “But I don’t think I need to say anymore. You know better than anyone how much I love you and how ready I am to spend the rest of my life with you. So,” he took a deep breath and smiled as he lifted the lid of the box to reveal your ideal engagement ring, “Y/N Y/L/N. Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” you nodded.

The crowd behind the two of you cheered and clapped as Chris slipped the ring onto your finger. You helped him to his feet and threw your arms around him as you kissed him; he smiled against your lips. You both broke the kiss when fireworks went off, Chris laughed when you shook your head at him. He wrapped an arm around you and you leaned into him, pressing your left hand on his chest. Olive who was grinning happily at both of you, earned a smile from you and a wink from Chris. She gave both of you a thumbs up before running to join Ethan, Miles, and Stella.

“I love you,” Chris whispered into your ear.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you smiled and kissed him again.

don’t want to say i miss you | | [ tom holland ]

a/n: i certainly can but please note that this is my first time writing tom holland and dylan o’brien, i’m very sorry if they seem inaccurate ‘cause i’m only going by interviews and such for their personality but they feel like nice and decent people. Aaso you get to pick the movie that you starred in because I had no ideas for a fake movie title which is M/N and I hope you like the character name I gave you but you can of course change it in your head. I hope you enjoy this nevertheless and feel free to tell me if you guys want to see more outfits of what you wear during imagines. I don’t write for dylan o’brien usually but I did for the sake of the request so please don’t ask for anything dealing with dylan. Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

@imaginesyes requested: hey I dumped by my boyfriend of 3 years for another girl and I really need a tom holland imagine if you could. Can reader be a well known actress? tom and reader dated for few months but they broke up in good terms? after few months tom saw reader and her new boyfriend dylan o'brien at the premier of after party he attended and he gets jelous? If you would write it I would be really happy thank you love <3

Originally posted by fendirumi

                   Relationship(s): Dylan O'Brien/Reader (dating), Tom Holland & Reader (exes; friendship)


You smiled as you waved to the fans at your latest movie premiere called, M/N where you played as Penny Bardwell as you had your occupied arm latched with your boyfriend, Dylan. It would be a lie if you weren’t hesitant about interviews, not that you were afraid of talking about the movie and your lovely co-stars since you have done that since you were about ten years old when you starred in your first blockbuster. Many people were curious about you and Tom Holland’s spilt a few months ago, there was so many rumors surrounding the situation even though you and the British star have both claim you were still on good terms and friends. But it happened to get worse with them when you started to date Dylan O’brien but you kept denying it and tried not to let the fame get the best of you and your mental health. Today you were going to focus on M/N premiere and the people who came to support it as you took pictures and some autographs to your loyal fans, the one thing that made you kept going when you were miles away from home. You always counted on them and they meant the world to you since you have said that you wouldn’t be here without them so it was pretty easy that you are one of the few very loved celebrities.

“Excuse me, Ms. Y/N L/N? Mind if we do a interview?” A young female reporter in a powder blue peplum dress asks you as she was by a cameraman as you nod as Dylan let you do it, giving you a kiss on the cheek before you walked over. “Wow, your outfit is very adorable. It works well for such a casual summertime flare.” She comments as she peers at your assemble with your sunflower skirt that was just below your knees and a denim vest, your hair being in the usual way and natural makeup applied to your face.

“Thanks, I wanted to keep it that way since it is a more summer like.” You smile at her after taking a quick glance down at your outfit, you didn’t want to dress up too much since it was a more casual movie premiere plus it was one of your favorite outfits in your closet. You began answering questions about how filming went and about some of your co-stars. “They were a lot of fun to be around, so it was very fun to film everyday with them.” You say with a slight giggle as you talk about how your castmates once pranked the director but the director laughed along with your prank. You froze slightly at the question about Tom, you shouldn’t be surprised since your movies are coming to theaters pretty close to each other. “Like I have said in other interviews, we are in good terms. He was a good boyfriend to me and I hope he felt the same with me, we just broke it off due to so many conflicts and thought it would be best to be friends for now.” You answer as you finish off with the next questions before walking away with your publicist to go to the movie and after party.

Dylan greeted you back as you smile while you wrap your arms around him since he came along to support you which made you feel better about the whole Tom situation. “How are you holding up, Y/N?” He asks as you say that you could’ve been better if it wasn’t for more questions about your ex. The other just hugged you by your side as you leaned in for a quick kiss while not noticing yet of Tom.

Tom wasn’t sour about talking about you, he was a pretty decent guy you know and talked about how talented you were and how he remembers seeing you in some movies when you were a kid. In fact, you are one of the few people that he was inspired by and did his best to talk positively about you even though some reporters tried to trash talk you because of your break up while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming. He came to the premiere to support you as your friend and to surprise you but he hadn’t expected you to be in the arms with someone else as he went over to say hello to you as he waves at you and Dylan awkwardly. “Uh, hey Y/N. I see you are doing good. M/N was as good as the critics have said about it.” He says as he wasn’t shocked about that as you smile. He felt jealous inside but decide to hide it because of how happy you looked after and he didn’t want to spoil that.

“Thank you Tom, oh! Tom this is Dylan O’brien my boyfriend. Dylan, this is my well ex but good friend Tom who is the newest Spider-Man,” You say as you fiddle with your tucked in white shirt that said, ‘Rock ‘N Roll Stole My Soul’ while watching the two shake hands.

“Well, I’m happy that things are going well for you, Y/N. I wish you nothing but the best of course. .” Tom says sadly as he turns away from you two while you and Dylan looked at each other confused.

You scrunch your nose in confusion, “That doesn’t usually sound like him. I’m sorry that he was like that Dylan.” You say as the dark haired male just shrugs it off like it was nothing to him.

“Let’s just enjoy the rest of party Y/N, after all we are celebrating this for you and your co-stars. Not Tom.”  

I was at the premiere [of Wonder Woman]. And I could cry about it right now because I saw all of these young girls dressed up as Wonder Woman and they were so excited, and I remember when I was younger and ‘Kill Bill’ came out and I went to the theater with a plastic samurai sword because I was so excited there was a female action movie. This is on a totally different level because it’s directed by a woman and it’s about a female superhero.

I need to get out of the feels.

I’ve joined the fan-base in 2008, just before The Next Doctor Christmas Special and the announcement Matt Smith will be replacing David Tennant. I have really enjoyed the show back then and was crashed that my favourite Doctor is soon to be gone. I remember when the Waters of Mars premiered and it was the first time when the show went really, really dark and people were proclaiming 10th was insane now. But I loved it! I love when the Doctor/Doctor Who goes dark/wrong, does some shady stuff. Cool.

Wasn’t that much of a fan in case of 11th Doctor and it wasn’t until Clara when I started to warm up a bit to this incarnation. But at the end 1) I didn’t shitpost on him 2) warmed up to Matt Smith a bit and liked his relationship with Clara 3) was really looking forward to 12th and Peter Capaldi. I know that 11th is well received amongst fans, but still the vibe of his era just didn’t click with me and Moffat wasn’t as good as he is now.

But from my perspective none of the too above received as much criticism as Peter Capaldi and it’s just ridiculous. I get that his era is the darkest up to date, but also Capaldi has much more outstanding episodes then 10th & 11th combined. I have never felt this show so dear to me before. Yet PCap is the most criticised Doctor overall (in new who at least). I regularly see him being dismissed because of some ageism bullshit (he is old so he can’t act apparently), people not giving him enough love he deserves, shitposting that this is Moffat so it must be bad (despite of not watching a single episode), claiming Jodie Whittaker is already better and skipping entire 12th run. It just saddens me, because PCap deserves so much better both from fans and from BBC, but now it just feels that he will be overshadowed by the 13th Doctor.

And I am just tired of this. I really want to enjoy 13th, but still celebrate my beloved 12th, but I am so bloody tired of this ongoing hatred towards him everywhere I go.

Cameo ~Taron Egerton Imagine~

Summary: You go and visit Taron on set while he films Kingsmen 2. When his director sees you visiting, he asks if you want to do a cameo. 

Author’s Note: I love Taron. He’s an amazing actor. 

Originally posted by blind-visual-thinker

You walked inside Taron’s trailer, waiting for him to come back. You went on your phone in the mean time. Once the door opened, you stood up as Taron walked inside. 

“Y/N?” He asked.

“Hi, Taron,” You smiled. He walked over quickly before engulfing you into a large hug. 

“I miss you so much,” He said. 

“I missed you too.”

“What are you even doing here?” He asked.

“For my Dunkirk premiere remember?” You reminded him.

“Oh right. I’m sorry. I completely forgot,” He said.

“It’s fine. How’s filming?” you ask him. 

“Good. Good. I just came here to rest a little,” Taron said. You both sat on his couch. You cuddled close to him. Taron wrapped his arm around you as you smiled.

“I’m going to be here for a while before having to go back to California,” You tell him.

“That’s good. Means we can spend some time together while you’re here,” He said.

“I was also wondering if you’d be my date for the Dunkirk premiere,” You said.

“I’d love to,” Taron said giving you a small kiss. There was a knock on the door making you look over. 

“Taron, we need you back for a scene,” They said. 

“I’m on my way.”

You both walked to the stage and you stood with the crew. 

“Y/N? Y/N L/N, it’s good to see you,” Taron’s director said. 

“Hello, Matthew. How are you?” You asked, hugging him. You were in his film, X-Men First Class, playing Wolverine’s niece.

“Great. What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I’m here for the Dunkirk premiere,” You tell him.

“Congratulations on that. Do you want to do a small cameo in the movie?” He asked. 

“Sure. what would you like me to do?” You asked.

“We can have Taron’s character, just talking to you until he has to leaves. You can give him a fake phone number if you like,” He said. 

“Let’s do it,” You said. Matthew told Taron before you sat on the seat. A makeup artist fixed some of your makeup while a hair artist, just touched up your hair. 

“Quiet on set please,” Matthew said after the crew was off.

“And action.”

You drank the water in your cup before your boyfriend walked over to you.

“I’ve never seen you around.”

“I’m new,” You tell him.

“I see no man is around you,” He said.

“I’m single if that’s what you’re asking,” You winked. 

“Well then, if you’re-”

“Eggsy, we have to go,” Colin said, stopping Taron.

“Right. I have to go, I hope to see you sometime,” Taron said. You wrote down a fake number on a napkin before handing it to him.

“Call me,” You winked. 

“I will.”

Taron started to leave you until Matthew called it.

“It’s great to see you, Y/N,” Colin said, giving you a hug. 

“It’s great to see you too, Colin,” you smile.

“You were good,” Taron said, walking over to you. You wrapped your arms around his waist.

“So were you,” You said giving him a kiss.

“Alright, let’s do the next scene,” Matthew said. You give Taron another quick kiss before walking off. 


Hey guys!

So, I’d promised to give you a little review of the movie “Radius” after I went to the world premiere, and OMG!  Where do I even start?

First, as you can see, yes, I had the incredible pleasure and great privilege of meeting with Diego  Klattenhoff.  Actually, I had not been expecting how ridiculously relaxed the whole premiere would be.

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fans when a new season start

new fans: i’m excited to watch my team play :)

old fans: i have returned to hell :)

Downey’s Daughter

“Did you see the llama?”

“What?” Chris asked, the furrow in his brow said he didn’t believe it.

“Out back,” Sebastian insisted, tossing the M&Ms in his palm into his mouth. He elbowed Anthony beside him to back him up and he chewed.

“There’s a llama,” Mackie agreed, his brow pulled high to emphasize the truth. “There’s a llama in the backyard. You can feed it alfalfa and shit.”

“There’s not a-” Chris stopped himself, considering who the were talking about. “Is there?”

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A Night That Changed It All

Sebastian Stan x Reader 

Summary : During your weekend at comic con, your best friend decided to put your name down for a chance to win a date with Sebastian Stan during the red carpet premiere for Civil War. But who would’ve thought that night your life would forever be changed? 


A/N : I have been struck by the Bucky feels and I can’t get enough of this man!! Why must he be so adorable? Anyways, hope you all enjoy. 

Warning: Language, and lots of fluff

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It’s funny how things can change so fast in such a short time frame. Especially when it’s something you would have never thought would happen in your life. 

“Y/N!” Jessie, your best friend barged into your dorm, almost giving you a heart attack. 

“Dude! You scared the shit out of me.” You exclaimed, clutching your chest. 

She ignored your statement and proceeded with her excitement. Her lips curving more and more as she walked over to you. Something was definitely up with her. 

“What?” You asked, furrowing your brows. 

“So I kind of did something when we were at comic con.” She smirked. 

You plopped down into your chair, gazing at her with curiosity. Maybe she met someone? 

“Okay, well remember when you went to find the Walking Dead panel, and we kind of lost each other for a moment?” 

You only nodded, waiting for the big news. 

“I kind of signed you up for this contest and I just got the email–” Jessie swallowed hard, a chuckle falling from her lips. “AND YOU WON!” She cheered.

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anonymous asked:

do u know if bella and ella have ever met? i remember when melodrama came out bella posted about it on her insta story saying like "yes ella!!!"

Yes, they meet at least once when Bella went to the SNL premiere last year.

So I met Chris Pine the other day

First of all, sorry for the delay! I was drowned in my projects in the las couple of days and couldn’t get the time to write this. And I wrote quite a lot of words, so be warned! :)


I knew the cast would come to China weeks before and as soon as I knew they would go to Guangzhou, I bought the fly tickets. Of course, I wanted to go to Beijing but it would take too long on the plane and I would have to skip four days of school so I passed on that.

Anyway, I woke up at 2:30 AM and went to the airport for the plane to Guangzhou. I was so nervous. After I arrived at the airport, I waited for yoyo @soyiyoyo and we went to the premiere place together. We had lunch with a group of fans who all love Chris and at the lunch, someone from Paramount called us and told me there’s fan event they wanted me to attend. So, of course, I said yes but I didn’t know what the event is at that moment.

After lunch, we went to the red carpet and waited for them. There’re a lot of fans who dressed up in blue and gold dresses. They were all lovely.
There’re 10 of us waited on the corner of the red carpet for us were the winners that got chosen and had the chance to meet them alone and take photos.
We didn’t wait too long for the cast to come in. As soon as I saw Chris came to the red carpet, my heart almost stopped. Jesus, he’s so gorgeous. Like, we all know he’s pretty in the photos and videos. But man, he looked stunning in real life. STUNNING. 

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I Bet My Life

Prompt: Hello I was wondering if you could write an angsty/fluffy jackson x reader imagine based on the song I bet my life by imagine dragons. Thank you so much. ☺ – ANON

Author’s Note: So this song is kind of hard to make angsty AND fluffy, so most of this is angst I think, but I tried to work in fluff where I could, and then the end is more fluff than angst. I hope that’s okay.

**small spoiler: I mention a couple times about Derek teaching Jackson, I want you to remember that, on the show in the season 3 premier, Lydia mentioned that Scott or Derek (I can’t remember which one so I went with Derek since he is the one that turned him) taught him all about being a werewolf. I didn’t go into details about this in the story though, but it is mentioned a couple of times.**

Sorry it took so long to write. As you can see, I got a little carried away (I tend to do that when writing to lyrics). Also, tragedy struck my hometown, so I was more focused on the news than writing. Hope the story makes up for the time it took.

Thanks for your request!


I Bet My Life.

Fourth Grade.

A young girl with sandy blonde hair, green eyes, and tan, freckled skin sat on the beach next to a young boy with light brown hair, blue eyes, and dimples. They were the only two kids on the private beach, both of their parents keeping an eye on them from the deck of Jackson’s parent’s beach house. It was the perfect summer day; the sun was shining, the sky was clear, and it wasn’t too hot. The only thing that made it more perfect was that it was the Fourth of July.

The two best friends were building a sand castle as they waited for the sun to set and fireworks to start. “Do you think we’ll be best friends forever, Jackson?” (Y/N)’s tiny voice asked as she put more sand into her pale.

“Forever and ever and ever, (Y/N).” Jackson answered as he added another portion to their growing castle.

“Good, so do I.” She said and planted the next part of the sand castle. “Through good stuff and bad stuff?” She asked after a couple minutes of putting sea shells on the castle.

Jackson stopped digging the moat and looked at her for a minute, his eyes squinting due to the sun. “Pinky swear.” He said and held up his little pinky. A smile instantly formed on her freckled face as she hooked her pinky with his.

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