remember when i was tumblr famous for a day

I know how you feel when you’re alone, lying on your bed, looking at your phone as if it’s meant to bring you peace from all the demons tugging at your head. You ask yourself; who in the hell will love me? And you should always remember no one will, unless you love yourself.
—  Talking to the moon

anonymous asked:

How do you start off as an artist on social media? I recently made a tumblr blog so I could receive criticism and feedback, and just overall see how people feel about my art. The thing is that I've uploaded 4 different pieces by now, and no one has liked or reblogged them. If it's just that no one likes what I do; that's fine..but I think that people haven't seen it. How do I get my art out there, how do I gain some visibility? I really like what you do, and the new look for you blog is amazing!

The start is always very hard and frustrating. I remember posting some stuff before even posting the comic on this website, but no one was watching them so I just shrugged and let this tumblr go. Then when I started the comic, I came back to it. But I still had not views on my art. But this time, I did not care that much, it was mostly for me. So I kept going on with the comic and one day, a “tumblr famous” reblogged me. Bim, 120 followers in one days. Then, as long as you post, people keep coming. More and more, faster and faster.

If you want to have some visibily on tumblr, the master key is tags. Tags will lead you to people who enjoy to see the kind of artwork you offer. And one day, a tumblr with influence will reblog your art, leading you to even more visibility.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s WAY harder if you don’t tag fandom stuff. I’m into the fanart all the way, so tumblr is pretty great for what I do. But if you do your own art, maybe facebook or Deviantart is better to start. If you do something more personnal, more about you, instagram seems a nice choice.

But don’t worry if you still have no visibility with 4 pieces of art :)
Even if they are astonishing, you can’t gain visibility with only 4 artworks, you have to do way way more ! The more you do, the more you have tags, the more you have visibility ! ^^

All my poems have a theme,
buzz words that just won’t leave me.

and even the ones that don’t read your name,
taste like you,
because I only write sad poetry,
and you were my saddest poem of all.

Plus all my most famous poems are about you,
because everyone has loved someone toxic,
and everyone has felt what its like to hate remembering.

Every poet writes their story about two kids in love,
even when we all know the broken one was them,
but I’ll plaster your name in

My theme is you,
because one day you’ll find my poetry,

and I want you to see
I’m no longer afraid.

—  I’ll lock the back door//kayla
I used to be a Kpop Fan ( sorry if it's too long )

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first discovered Kpop. It was between 5-6 years ago. At that time I was a high school student. 

I was at my best friend’s house stalking a cute tumblr famous Vietnamese hottie from New Jersey. He posted a link of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress.

I clicked the link and me and my friend instantly fell in love with Taeyang. His voice, his body, his face and cute Asian eyes. At that time my spark for yellow fever was just beginning.

After that day, my friend and I became Asian boy obsessed specifically Korean. We got into Kpop and Kdramas and everything else in between. 

I dreamed of the day that I would visit Korea and bump into G Dragon and experienced a love at first sight moment. 

But, I came to realize that would never happen. I lived in a very predominately Hispanic and African-American area. No Koreans here but, that all changed in college.

I attended a community college in my city. About a 45 minute drive from where I lived. There I shared my classes with cute Asians guys. Sadly none where Korean. They were Filipino,Vietnamese, Chinese,Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian. I at that moment decided that I would have to settle for any Asian guy but I so longed to be married to a Korean.

I joined Kakaotalk during my first year in community college in hopes to meet a Korean guy. Sadly, I did not . I did however met a whole bunch of unnies and dongsaengs who loved Kpop.

After that I deleted Kakaotalk a couple of times. In the summer of 2012 I downloaded Kakaotalk once again and Kakaostory as well. I could not believe how many Koreans used Kakaostory! I instantly became Kakao famous. All the Koreans pointed out my big eyes, small face and white skin. I was for once in my life famous. I felt beautiful.

Reality is that I am not. I am short, with big thighs and butt. I have dry hair, huge dark circles, acne prone skin and overweight.

I stared at my computer skin crying that even if I did ever visit Korea I will never be tall,thin and pretty like any of those Kpop girl groups.

In the winter of 2013 I met a guy through Kakaostory. He is not handsome. He looks far from a Korean boy group member but, overtime I fell in love. He asked me to be his gf and so I said yes.

At that time I was in a very confusing part of my life. Online relationships are hard. Not to mention he lived in the other side of the world! I am Latina and he is Korean. Nothing made sense at that time but for once I was happy. It felt like a dream. I don’t think a Korean guy will ever fall in love if he say me in real life. I am far from looking like a cute,innocent, long legged and straight eyebrows Korean girl. If anything, I am quite the opposite!


I am now married to that same Korean guy whom I met in Kakaostory.  I will soon turn 22 and I put my studies to a halt. I no longer listen to Kpop or fantasize about any Korean idols well because I am married now. I enjoy listening to EDM and Indie Rock now. Truth is that I have never been happier in my life! Kpop was making me feel worthless and depressed when I should never have! I don’t need to adhere to Korea’s ideals for a Korean guy to find me interesting. I just need to be me and so do you!

Anyways, Korea is nice country and the food is amazing! I had a huge culture shock during my stay! One thing I can’t get over is how nice people are ALWAYS dressed. How all girls are in full makeup and heels all the time. I know I can’t ever be like that but, that’s ok! Oh and not everyone looks like a Kpop idol. Not everyone is stick thin either! While most people are thin they are a few that are not. Koreans come in all shapes and sizes! 

I hope my post will make you realize that you don’t have to starve yourself or bleach your skin just to adhere to your idol’s ideals. I hope you realize that more than likely you will not marry him or her either. You will fall in love with someone completely different. Trust me! 

By the way , Korean music and dramas are not all there is to enjoy in the world!!! Don’t listen to Kpop for day and give something else a try! It’s okay to not like all the songs from your favorite bands and it’s okay if you don’t like all the members. What idols portray on TV is not 100% them. They are not innocent angels! Chances are they are no longer virgins, like to enjoy nights at the clubs and are dating a non celeb. 

I hope I made you appreciate yourself more and lighted up a spark in you to take Kpop a bit less seriously. Kpop is meant to enjoy not to add stress tp your life.

The best thing..

I know not many of you followers are active, or pay attention to me anymore now that I’m not on Tumblr anymore, but I’d like to share with you the best thing to have ever happened to me.

I hope some of you long time followers remember me from way back when. Just another Tumblr kid hoping to be “Tumblr famous”, of which I was on a fast track to if I hadn’t quit. Anyways - everyone knew I was absolutely in love with a girl you all know as littlefinch. We lived together, we were best friends, and I couldn’t imagine a day without her in my life. It was no secret, she knew, you knew, everyone knew. It was a point in my life where I felt low for about a year or two. 

But one day everything changed. She had fallen in love with me too. It was since that day that the happiest I’ve ever been had begun. We went places, had fun, and never once second thought each other. True love like most people dream of, we were inseparable best friends and she meant the world to me.

It was for her that I joined the United States Army. It was for her that I went to college to get enough education to enlist, and if it wasn’t for her I probably would have been a high school drop out with no job by now. She completely changed my life and set me on a path I never thought I’d be, for the better. The support her parents and herself have given me has been invaluable and I can’t thank them enough for it.

Last Saturday, March 22nd, 2014, I proposed to her. She left the room, and I quickly wrapped the ring around one of our pet rats with a pink ribbon, and let me tell you it was adorable. She came in, eye’s beaming, and jumped in excitement. Now, Allie being Allie, she snapped a few quick pictures of it, and then I got on one knee and asked her to marry me.

She said yes.

I honestly can’t wait to spend the rest of my days with her. She is my everything. With that, I’ll leave you a picture of the ring, and a message of advice:

Don’t ever give up. No matter how hopeless things become, how upside down a situation gets, follow your heart and trust what it tells you. You never know where it can lead you. Always have hope.