remember when i was tumblr famous for a day

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dont forget your tumblr followers when you get famous :P theres not a day I dont see one of your poems on social media

I’d never forget you - you are the majority of the reason I write! Anyone who has followed me for 5 plus years will remember me saying I wouldn’t write a poetry book… I crack up just thinking about it. Also I have some HUGE news I can’t wait to share with everyone, I’m so excited but I’m not allowed to spill the beans just yet :) stay tuned 

There is a moment every morning–just before the Sun comes up–when I think of you. Right before the first rays reach out across the East; the light extending all the way to my house–through the gaping slats in my blinds.
I remember how you used to feel at this hour, when the sky was still dark and your head rested on my shoulder. There was a warmth in my chest I can’t get back. A tickle just above the heart.

Now I lay alone–waiting for the weak beams to chase away the shadows–in my heart, and in my room.

—  It’s 4 a.m and I just want to be in your arms again || Monica Lynn